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Ship Fish
(2013-04-01 - 2013-04-01)
After the insanity involving Tortuga Zke and Ariel have a quiet moment on ship.
Zeke Well. After all that insanity with Tortuga, the harbor falling apart, having ot tend to wounded, Zeke reuniting with his family and hatnot the Good Captain has been pretty scarce. Ariel's had leave to stay in his quarters as she wished for the duration of the stay partially because of her newly revealed condition possibly needing privecy belowdecks won't give, but mostly to give her space to sort out what's happened.

Of course it's been a long and tiring day(s). Time gets kindof funny between fighting for your lives, helping people out of the drink, salvage, and dropping other folk off. It was dark and most of the crew was either asleep or belowdecks. Zeke however was at the bow of the ship watching the waves while playing an accoustic guitar. There was a lot on /his/ mind what with something trying to posess him and a lady he was interested in turning out to be a mermaid alongside his parents being safe and for the moment sleeping.
Ariel Ariel has just come up from below deck to look around. She hears the sound of the guitar and steps forward... tentatively. Her pirate skirt is nice and dried out by now, at least, and she's looking put together. She's yet to find a replacement for her lost hat, but that will come in time.

She lurks a little in the shadow behind Zeke, wondering if he notices her. She's a little concerned.
Zeke Zeke continued playing soft music but straightened slightly. "Miss Ariel." There was tiredness in his voice, but also a small bit of happiness there. After a moment or three longer he stopped playing and turned to look at the proverbial and litteral fish out of water showing he was just as tired as he sounded. "Have you had any problems with the crew? I'd spoken with them before but-" There was a pause before he sighed and ran a hand thorugh his hair. "No. I'd wager if anyone gave you problems you'd set the matter right on your own." It was one of the reasons he liked her. Very pro-active young woman.
Ariel "Oh, no problems at all," says Ariel. She's a little hesitant, but still keeping her chin up. "...How about you? You got... taken over by that demon thing, didn't you?"

She walks up and finds a seat next to him.
Zeke Zeke nodded slow and blew onto his hands. "Aye. It appears to have left no lasting harm but when we get back t'land I aim t'make sure it didn't leave anythin nasty upstairs." He tapped the side of his head before setting his guitar down.

"And you?" He looked first from the lady's legs then to her face and smiled weakly. "I imagine that was something you had hoped wouldn't have gotten out yes?"
Ariel Ariel looks out over the water.

She clenches her throat a little bit, because she's about to lie. "I don't know what happened."
Zeke Zeke snorted sharp. "I don't mean to push too hard but it's the best explaination for everything else i know." Tenetively he moved to put a hand on the mermaid princess's shoulder. It was a very light touch, almost as if he expected to get smacked away. "Between yer crab friend speaking of King Triton an yer newness to everything as if y'never seen even th'common objects o life..."


"If y'need help or advice ask." There was firmness to his words and if one were to look a sincerity in his eyes. "You came to my aid with no questions. I'd be a poor friend to repay that sort of kindness by isolating you."
Ariel Ariel shivers at the touch, but... she doesn't knock Zeke away.

She doesn't look at him, either. "So... how do humans treat mermaids in your world?"
Zeke "I've only heard story lass." Zeke's words were apologetic, "But our worlds generally dunna converge. an when it does it not be pleasent." There were mad stories, legends and ravings from the mad explorers that would occasionally come from florida. "Mad ravings about a fountain that grants life tied to merfolk. Others that live off an island that eat the flesh of men to stay forever young." The tone of his voice and set of his body seemed to incline disbelief in that one. "Others tell of etherial music..."

And love that could heal anything.

Then he brushed the lady's shoulder lightly. "And what of your home? What stories of us land-folk are there?"
Ariel "My father told me never to talk to humans," Ariel says, plainly. If this is really what they're going to talk about, then... she may as well be honest. "And that goes double for pirates. He... said humans only want to kill and hurt us. I've never believed that, though."
Zeke Zeke nodded and looked down at his hands. "Sounds like a man wanting to protect his daughter more than anythin else." There was a small headshake before he let go and sat there still. "I've said I can understand why merfolk seem angered at us and I spoke true. We fish their waters, go to and fro as we please acting as if we're lords of Everything." Beat. "Then there's those two louts that were on my ship a few weeks back thinking to make sport of one they thought they'd sighted."

He spat before adding. "Threatened t'throw 'em overboard stark naked an leave 'em if they wished t'continue that discussion. I've caught one in my nets once. Years ago..." Memory made his eyes grow distaint. "Lovely thing but she was so tangled in the nets. Jake wasn't willin t'lose our catch. I made the call an' we went home empty handed an me with a black eye." THen his focus turned back to the hear and now as he looked to the lady beside him. "I couldn't do anything diffrent. She said only one word. 'Please' she asked..." A tear rolled down the corner of his eye at the remembered turmoil. "I've never told anyone 'bout that though I be sure I'd have made a fortune off sellin th'location."
Ariel Ariel is quiet for a moment, thinking about it. The story really troubles her. "I'm so glad that you helped her," she says. "...One thing's different, in my world, merfolk don't become human easily. It takes a strong magic."
Zeke Zeke seemed thoughtful at this revelation. "Then a thing of the portals nature I suppose." That made him looke first down then away. "If the portals can give you legs the ncould they give me fins?" At that question he turned to face Ariel more fully. "I had found out no world can connect to traverse unless there are heartless about. Yer father need be warned if he dunna knew already an I aim t'go with y'lass."
Ariel "I guess that would make sense," Ariel says, thinking about her homeworld. "The portal I found was pretty deep under water."

She looks... sad, at his comment. "I guess that means I should find it and go back there."
Zeke Zeke reached over to grab one of Ariel's hands and give it a squeeze. "Whatever troubles you ran from. What ever happens you won't face it alone."
Ariel Ariel is having a small, quiet moment... but, hastily takes back her hand when Negetta interrupts. She is... such a strange one, huh, she doesn't seem to be bothered by the tail she has at all, Ariel thinks. "We were just talking about my homeworld. About how I might have to go back. I guess I'm not eager to. Is your homeworld underwater too?"
Zeke Zeke quickly straightened at Nagetta showing up. Wait what was he looking abashed about? "I do hope you've had time enough to look thorugh a few of the books i left in cabin Ariel. Modist collection I know, but interesting."

Then he cleared his throat and just kinda leaned back, taking his guitar and busying himself by looking it over.
Ariel Ariel pushes some hair out of her eyes. "Uh, well, sort of. There's people that are various ... halves of things, I guess, is a good way to put it." She looks down at the water again.

Then back at Zeke. "I saw the books. Thank you. They're very interesting... the mermaid story is a bit scary, isn't it?"
Zeke Zeke nodded slow, knowing which one she meant as there was only one there. "I think it was meant more as a cautionay story to look before you leap and weigh possible costs against rewards." Then again the mermaid in story was risking the rest of her long life for the one thing humans had she didn't; a soul.

"Speaking of. I'd made a compact with Miss Rosemarie. Knew enough beforehand to make... stipulations on what could not be bargained or bartered. I trust her to keep to her word but when making deals with amgical folk it is best ot be specific." Beat. "And have whitnesses."
Ariel Ariel nods. Maybe it's just cautionary. She doesn't like what it implies, though. "Rosemarie does make bargians sometimes. She's been fair with me, though. I don't suppose she'll try anything too funny..."

She glances over at Nagetta again. "So, is your world all people like you?"
Zeke "A fair woman and she's given me no personal reason to be distrustful." Zeke admitted when Ariel brought up bargaining with the lady elf. "However the few times i've entered into contracts trusting on good will I've gotten walked all over." There was a dismissive snort. "And it isn't like I don't trust her at all else i wouldn't have bothered. Shes a good person. Least s'far as I've been able t'tell."
Ariel "Oh." Ariel wants to ask more, but... has a feeling it's a sore spot.

So, instead, she looks at Zeke, and... she has to poke another sore spot. "So, if, you... don't mind me asking... can we stop talking about me, so I can ask what exactly happened to you?" She wrings her hands a little.
Zeke Zeke closed his eyes and took a deep breath. This... was what he dreaded. "That thing. The thing that'd made the face and then turned the harbor into itself." He was trying to remember so wasn't looking at either woman in particular. "Instead he was just trying ot figure out what exactly happened. "I'd say it took the first target it could after my little show woke it up but I don't know. I'd already planned on confronting Tom... so maybe it felt that and jfound a hook it could sink into enough to drive me past reasonability."
Ariel Ariel sniffs just a little, taking in the familiar smell of salty sea air. "... And Tom, I guess you have a history there?"
Zeke Nor did it really make much sense ot Zeke either. "Maybe the sound and magic show had woke it up." There wasn't much willingness to believe himself there. "I'm going to go get looked at when we get back to traverse. Promise." He... didn't want to hurt anyone. Least of all these two.

At the mention of Tom Zeke's eyes and manner went ridged and hard. "He was as good as a brother to me. We took him in when his own family tossed him on the streets. Gave him a home, gave him work. He talked of joining the navy, seeing the world in service of King and Country." THere was a small laugh. "My elder brother taking da's boat. Me taking the merchant route and Tom taking to the life of a soldier. We laughed at that and thought the sea would keep us together."

Then the joy, ghostly as it was, vanished. "But instead he crews a ship tha kidnaps me parents an dozens of others and... and.." He couldn't say it. He could barely THINK of it. "He had them /use/ these people."
Ariel Ariel's eyes darken, like a storm rolling over them. "...Use them?"
Zeke "Aye..." Zeke sounded about as cheerful as a thunderstorm. "I dunna wish t'elaborate lass but forcin anyone t'do anythin." Especially what uses these men had put their 'guests' to. "An this man had people as good as family treated as such. Can y'blaim me for getting twisted int'acti na bit daft?" Daft... As in trying ot flat out murder someone on sight.
Ariel "No. I ... guess I can't. Anyway..." Ariel looks over the water again. "I guess when we make port, I'll head out and explore some other worlds again. Try to find my way home like Sebastian wants."
Zeke "Mayhap." Zeke's voice cracked. "I wouldn't mind traveling with you as my obligations allow lass. Help you through the small details yer friends sadly don't have a particularly good grasp on." Again he reached over to try taking Ariel's hand. "Even if that is not a good possibility I'd ask you keep in touch."
Ariel Ariel allows the hand-taking this time, and she looks at Zeke with a nod.

Her eyes drift back over to Nagetta, and she frowns. "Does it... make you sad, is your home gone?"
Zeke "Aye. Miss Nagetta if ygive word I'll give what support i can." Zeke's words were solom as he sat there with Ariel's hand in his. "Ye risked yerself fer my sake."

Then he looked from Nagetta to Ariel and grinned. "NOw then Miss Ariel. I have an eight foor tall cyclopse, a werewolf, a gaggle of imps, thee goblins, a couple things I dunna have any idea what they are, an I treat all of them as i would any other person. What call would i have fer treatin you any diffrent an' I did before on account of your condition? Ye be a good person with a good heart. That is all that matters t'me."

Well that and she was rather lovely and had an enchanting singing voice... but that is neither here nor there.
Ariel Ariel smiles, brightly, at Zeke when he says what he does. "Oh. Well, thank you so much. But please don't go around telling everyone... okay? I don't want people to think different about me."

She nods to Nagetta: "And, if you're not worried about it, then, okay. But I hope you can find happiness in other worlds."
Zeke "Y've my word miss Ariel an I be sure t'let my crew know yer wishes on th'matter." Zeke let go of Ariel's hand to pick up a hat that had tumbled their way and stuck it on her head. Then, after inspecting the mermaid's new look, he nodded once. "The winds and seas carry us where they will bot while each port and island holds risks there be a fortune t'be made by the sweat of our brows and quickness of wit." There was joy there. Why not? The seas had brought him much in his life. "It cares not what sation or creed ye follow either. That's the best part of it. It be a wild and unpredictable thing, but it plays all fairly."
Ariel Ariel stands up, and nods to both of them. "I'm... going to head down under the deck for a bit, and get my things before we make port. Thanks for being so understanding."
Zeke Zeke nodded as Ariel got to her feet. "What's to understand? You're a young lady wishing to find out what is out there in the wid world and y've managed to show the world you're not some defenseless mewling babe blindly wanting and hoping for rescue." His attention turned to Nagetta. "And you yourself have shown the sort of courage and fortitude ot try in the face of Everyone and Everything telling you to go away... or try hunting you that my ship will always have a place for you if you wish.."
Zeke Zeke slowly got to his feet and toused Nagetta's hair. "Frank seems to like you, or at least he seems curious enough to want to get to know you." Zekelaughed softly. "Funny man that. Comes off a breakup and gets back in for more. Mind you any rumors about him are liable to be exadurated. Got the most mild temper of anyone I've ever met and he's only ripped the arms off of ONE guy."
Zeke Zeke nodded and squeezed one of Nagetta's shoulders. "If nothing else we're all friends here miss. Go get some shuteye. We're due in port tomorrow. From there your business be your own but I do plan on spending most of th'week gettin my family settled in traverse."
Zeke Zeke nodded. "Hrm." He hadn't really thought about the woman's eyesight. "Might be for the best. Doubt we're gonna have trouble but..." He pointed and started asking questions, jabbering about this and that.

The night wears on uneventful save for captain and snakey deckhand getting aquainted.

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