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(2013-04-01 - Now)
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Evja The big 'mission' was over and Evja had certainly had a rather rough time with it. Way too much exposure to Mist, losing control of himself, ultimately coming back from the mission with the rest of the group empty-handed save perhaps that Shard that Gabranth had taken and, overall, feeling a failure.
Sometimes Bunny simply needed a break.

Not to mention that he had heard... a rumor about the Church the moment he started to step out of Archades.


Oh well. He /had/ offered Maira a chance to come and relax away from the world here in Archades for a bit if she had desired on this day, and had mentioned she could find him at the top of one of the shops he frequently enjoyed sitting on. There was a normal stairway one could use to get up to the top of course. For the time being Evja was actually wearing nothing more than a normal outfit. A male outfit, actually. This place was really the only land he could feel at ease about other Viera being around. They didn't come here. Archades just wasn't very welcoming to Viera, as he knew quite well. And thus Evja laid out atop the roof of the shop while watching the sky - simple tunic and pair of loose-fitting pants on. In fact, it was all very loose and poofy. Why bother wearing constricting things when one doesn't have to?
Maira Maira had seen a lot of places by now, but Archades was still a surprise. It was /gigantic/! It was /gorgeous!/ Maira simply could not even imagine growing up in a city like this! This was the capitol of the empire that had conquered many--the land Angan hated deeply. It was beautiful though. Maira knew by now that just because a thing was beautiful did not mean that it was good.

Maira had gotten terribly lost when she arrived, but eventually she found someone who was willing to take her to the shop where she was meeting Evja. This time, she recognized the viera right away. She lifts a hand to wave, smiling brightly. Maira is dressed pretty casually in jeans and a t-shirt--thus, here, she stands out ridiculously, and not exactly in a good way.

"Hey Evja!" she greets, climbing the stairs. She'd left her chocobo in the stables when she'd entered the city. Mao didn't like being left behind.
Evja When he heard the sound of Maira's voice, Evja didn't immediately do anything. His ears did twitch a little however. As she stepped closer Evja shifted a bit and raised to a normal sitting position before standing to turn to look at her. "Hey there. I am happy to see you could make it." Despite it all and her having already seen his face, Evja did look a little nervous even still. Just a bit.
More in the subtle habit like reaching up to rub at his chin as if checking to see if something were there. Of course, there was no veil to tug and upon realizing he did such Evja quickly dropped the hand back down to his side, into his pocket infact.

"I hope you are well today, and did not receive too much trouble?"
Maira Maira reaches up to try to smooth down her hair, also self-consciously, laughing lightly. "Oh, I'm alright! I got incredibly lost, but luckily there were people to give me directions!" she replies, tilting her head slightly, curiously. "Evja are you alright? You look kind of....I don't Have you been getting into trouble again? she asks. This is generally a safe assumption.
Evja The question does cause Evja to cock his head.

"Alright? I am, yes. A bit sore from having to protect someone from a crystalized magicite basilisk last night with only my arms, and having been inundated with enough mist to drive a Viera insane with rage, but other than such I am fine." A hand comes up to idly rub at the back of one ear.
"Nothing at the moment though I assure you. This place, as you might can tell, is full of magical residue. To those of my kind it is not the most pleasant feeling and really I am the only Viera here because of it. I put up with it so I can have a bit of peace and quiet." Evja turns here and takes a seat again with his legs outstretched, carrot pulled from a paper bag and chewed on idly. "Would you like one?" he offers, fresh carrot grabbed and held above his head.
Maira Maira never turns down food. Not ever. She takes the carrot with a smile. "Sure, thanks!" she says, then takes a bite.

"Oh, only all that huh?" she comments wryly, narrowing her eyes slightly and pursing her lips. "That sounds like an awful lot of adventure," she comments.

Maira looks over the city again, nodding. "Mmhmm, yeah I can feel it. Why is that? Was this place built with magic or something?"
Evja Someone who enjoys carrots as well? That's a plus! "Something like that. Magicite, crystalised Magic of sorts, is used to power most of the city itself. It is also natural here I believe in helping this city float. Viera do not do well naturally around artificially twisted magic. It feels wrong to us. Thus, really no Viera would choose to be around this land."

Expect him. Scratchscratch on the back of one ear.

"Also, about the other day at Serendipity. I wanted to apologize." a pause, "For not having the courage to go back on that ride you enjoyed I mean. I can always take you back whenever you like, because Senra enjoys his races there and wins often enough."
Maira Maira munches the carrot. Not her favorite food, but Maira will eat just about anything--as long as its food.

"Apologize? Why? It's alright! It isn't your fault you didn't like it! I guess its not for everyone," she replies. Really, if he wants to apologize for something he should maybe do so for /kissing her/ and embarrassing her so utterly!

" this the shop?" she asks, tuning to look toward it.

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