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Arkham Fisher This week's mission was definitely a failure, Arkham has decided. She stumbles down the gangway from the Archadean liner, hefting her pack as though she could feel the absence of fully two thirds of her pay, evaporated into airfare and restoratives. And she /still/ has a cough. "Not signing on for one of those again. No."

Before she gets flattened by traffic, she edges off to the side, looking for a free bench to collapse onto. No such luck, though; she's not too proud for the sidewalk, though. She plops down against the corner of a building and fiddles with a pearl sewn into her collar. "Ser Senra? Reporting."
Faruja Senra The musty smell of tomes fills Faruja's nostrils as he sits at a wooden table, stacks of books surrounding him. With a heavy sigh, he slams the cover. "Useless." Mutters the Templar, as he gathers up the various tomes, starting ot put them back properly with a wince. Those broken ribs still sting! As the last of the books is set back, a voice filters into his ear through his linkshell. With a bit of effort, he manages a half-jog out of the library of the city, one of the librarians yelling behind him to not run indoors!

"Mmm? Ahh, Sister Fisher! Lord bless, M'Lady! Where are you, I shall meet you presently."
Emi Dennou Emi and a totally different Dennou who happens to be wearing Umi's exact hairstyle have come along with Arkie, perhaps to troll--or maybe it's a totally same Dennou? HOW CAN ONE EVEN TELL? Well it helps that 'Umi' is wearing a placard across her chest that says 'Temp-Umi'.

Emi and 'Umi' stare ahead vacantly while they wait.
Cressida Mmm, the library. Perhaps she would find what she is searching here! The young Valkyrie had only recently entered Fluorgis city, quite entranced by the pretty flowers and general naturesque theme of the city..But of course, she had primarily come here to search for information that might potentially help her current...Condition.

And so she nearly runs into the Nezumi on his way out of the library, as she heads towards it. Normally, she might find the sight of a giant mouse rather..Unusual, but she had heard of This particular Templar Knight by reputation alone. She offers him a reserved yet polite smile and nod. "Templar Knight, Ser Faruja, I presume?"
Arkham Fisher Dennous: how do they work. Arkham is pretty sure they're twins, which is mildly interesting, and she's been a bit preoccupied to wonder why Umi is now wearing a 'Temp-Umi' badge. It was... provisionally nice to have some company on her trip, even such strange company as The Network. They're okay. Everyone's strange.

"The docks, S--" She interrupts herself with a coughing fit. "Beg, beg pardon. The docks. All is well?"
Faruja Senra Squeak! Faruja very nearly runs into Cressidia, the Templar stepping aside. He's about to launch into apologies and bows, before the woman beats him to it! His eye widens slightly, and the ratling offers a warm smile in return as well as a bow.

"Why, it seems my reputation precedes me. The very same, M'Lady, Lord's blessings to you! Ahh, you have me at a disadvantage however. Whom have I the honor of meeting upon this most auspicious day?"

One ear perks, and the rat whispers a response to the Sister! "My, my, my, I do believe I should be asking thyself the same. 'Tis a rather harsh cough. Well enough, aside from my ribs. Healing, however, I shan't be fighting for a few days more methinks. I am on my way."

Turning back to Cressidia, he motions for her to follow him. "Care to walk and speak, M'Lady? I go to meet an associate, and company would be welcomed."
Emi Dennou Temp-Umi shifts weight from her left leg to her right and then back again. It's practically a standby mode. They continue to be quiet for a while until, well, they are provided a question. Temp-Umi raises both eyebrows, claps her hands twice, and then, with great effort and concentration--

--produces a shrug.

Emi opens her mouth to make a comment but Temp-Umi speaks up first.

"Are you feeling any better? The Network inquires with an appreciable amount of concern." Emi looks to Temp-Umi and then adds,

"The docks?"
Cressida Cressida had gracefully stepped aside to avoid running into Faruja, and she straightens now as she regards him thoughtfully. Hmm, he's smaller than his reputation would suggest. But then again, so is she. "Templar Knight Cressida Merune. I..Am a new recruit.." She sweeps the cape around her shoulders, her ribbon - wrapped tail and ears both carefully hidden in her attire.

When Faruja speaks of his ribs, Cressida arches a curious brow and indeed there is probably something about his movements that might suggest he had been recently wounded. She is also aware of one of those sisters coughing and she frowns softly, but has nothing more to add to what Faru already said.

Instead, she nods to Faruja's apparent companions, sizing each of them up in that cool gaze of hers. "Friends of yours, ser knight? Indeed, it would be an honor to join all of you." Another curious glance towards Faruja as he mentions his wounded ribs. "Been working too hard, hmm?"
Faruja Senra Off goes the Templar, leading the woman through the city and down to the docks! Along the way, he's quite happy to talk. "Ahh, well then, 'tis an honor Dame Merune. Doubly so. Thy name hath crossed my table rather recently. Though I shan't speak of it upon these streets and its ears, I must say you have rendered the Church quite the service already."

Once they're at the docks, Faruja smiles. "Indeed. Sister Fisher, my physician and our mutual Faithful. Ahh, what is this? Lady Emi, Lady..." Pause. The rat squints at the nametag. "Lady Umi. May the Lord guide thee both, my friends! Honorable and valiant siblings, we have worked together in the past. Sister, Ladies Dennou, this is Temple Knight Cressida Merune." Explains the Templar, motioning to the woman he brings along!

A frown briefly creases his muzzle, and his voice drops as he whispers to his fellow Shrine KNight. "Mmm. I trust, dear Dame, you have heard of the Heretic Ramza Beoulve's recent incursion into our lands? An...interloper injured me during the battle."
Arkham Fisher Arkham draws herself to attention as Faruja approaches. "...Light upon, upon you, Sers," she answers, bowing slightly. Clearly and genuinely, she's happy to see her commander. Happy to see him up and about, you know. Those with much familiarity with Templar Senra will understand how momentous that is. "We return from an expedition with, with Archades."

Arkie indicates her Legionary companions, betraying no surprise that Faruja is familiar with them; they'd said as much themselves. "I can, I can recommend that you skip the next one," she adds, sourly.

"Does the Church send, send you, or are we all here by accident?" She addresses herself to the unfamiliar Templar.
Cressida Cressida glances briefly at the library, seemingly hesitating for a moment, before she shrugs and follows after Faruja and the others. She can check out the library some other time perhaps. When Faruja speaks of recent events, she simply nods with a cool smile. "Indeed..Perhaps we can discuss that in further detail, later? However, I am happy to be of service." Indeed, she did have..Questions.

A glance towards Sister Fisher and another nod. "Aah, I see. You are a priestess then. Tis always good to have someone around with your abilities.." Cool gaze sweeps between Sister Fisher, towards Umi and her sister. Hmm, they almost look like..Twins or something, although it's not enough to catch her interest for too long.

She nods again at Faruja, frowning softly at the mention of Ramza. "Indeed. I have heard the rumours. I am in fact looking forward to meeting him in person.." For whatever her own reasons are. Curiosity, to test his mettle or something else?

A glance towards Arkham again as she asks a question, and she merely smirks. "I came of my own will to this land, however, given what I have just been told, I suppose it is a good thing we are all here.."
Emi Dennou Lady 'Umi' nods to Faruja, and even Emi does too, though both are pretty subdued. 'Umi' actually shifts a bit behind Emi at Faruja's appearance, glancing away for a moment. "We have... The Network admits."

They're a bit more subdued than normal too, really, even for Dennous--but ultimately they seem okay with being here, but--just okay, right now.

Emi looks towards Cressida as the subject of Ramza comes up. This is something she's curious about hearing. It's hard to imagine what she has learned on this subject even now, but she can't just assume it's true.

"Who harmed you, Faruja?" Emi asks, looking to Arkie for a moment before adding to Faruja, "It could have gone better, but we all made it out."
Faruja Senra "Archades, is it?" Faruja mutters as he glances at the four women, though for the moment concentrating on the Dennous and Arkie. That muzzle of his frowns again for a moment.

"No doubt 'twas a harrowing mission. May I ask to what end? To speak it plainly, Archades reminds me far too much of the ambitions of Alexandria, if it's history is any indication. Wariness is wisdom, when faced with such nations." Asks the Templar of the trio.

"No lasting injuries, Ladies, Sister? Not to discount thy own skills in healing, however, I would be more than happy to render thee aid." Concern replaces distrust of Archadia as he squints at the three. When 'Umi' moves behind, the rat starts to smile however. His nose wiggles as she seems to hide. Now /who/ does that seem like?

Then, there's the subject of Ramza. He breaches it to the group, since it's relevant. "An impromptu ally of one Heretic Ramza Beoulve, an anarchist and poisoner of good men and women's mind against our most Holy institution! I...unfortunately cannot offer a name at the moment publicly, as the assailant's actions are under review by my superiors. The Beoulve was so bold enough to pass by Holy Mullonde itself, no doubt with the intention of infiltraiting our very walls, and filling the words of the faithful with his bile." The rat practically spits out the noble's name.

Finally focusing on his fellow Shrine Knight, the rat nods to their own personal matter. "Nay, 'tis not orders. Well, directly so, at any rate. I come here upon my own initiative, researching a few things, as well as to check upon my associates at the Shard Seekers. As for our mutual enemy, well...that will be inevitable, for no doubt he shall attempt to hinder the Church at every turn."
Arkham Fisher Itinerant that she is, Arkham has heard a bit of Ramza's exploits. She clearly has some opinions of him, although it's hard to tell just what from the expression that passes over her. She chooses not to address it, for now, though. "Investigating some kind, kind of ruin. They put a mercenary squad together, for, for some reason; wanted medics. I was i--"

A brief coughing fit interrupts her. "Sorry. Mist was all we got. Do you need, need anything?" You can trust she's already done as much for herself as she can; she unhooks the shortsword and buckler from her bag and starts fishing for a potion.
Emi Dennou "We're getting paid, with bonus." Emi says. Because they damn well better. "Or at least paid. The Network will not take kindly to getting bilked." Emi is at least a little bit greedy. Or more accurately, she doesn't believe in not getting paid for her work, generally speaking. And she does keep track of her finances in a way one might refer to as 'religious'.

Emi does not mention that she has Omi keeping an eye on Ramza and set to help him should he really really super need to.

"We have heard a bit about him." Emi says. "But if I may ask, why is Ramza doing these things? One does not make an enemy of such a large institution without reason, I would imagine. Do you have any idea why?"

She hmms. There's no way Reize would work with the Church to hunt Ramza. That's just not in the nature of the Shard Seekers at large.
Faruja Senra Mist! Frown. Faruja resists the urge to pat the poor medic on the back. "I shall be alright, Sister Fisher. 'Tis rest and mayhap the occasional reminder to not do anything foolish from certain field medics is all that I need while my ribs heal. If it shall comfort you, however, I shall have thee see to my wounds later." He could always use a re-bandaging of those ribs, after all.

"Do rest as well. Mist exposure, for those unused to it, can change a person for ill. It plays upon the mind, and at times, worse."

Smirk. "Ahh, never would I desire to risk the wrath of thyself and thy dear sisters should the Church hire thee! /We/ would not 'bilk' you, unlike mayhap certain ravenous nations." Comments the Templar, before shaking his head.

"Insanity? Some perceived slight upon his 'noble' House by the Church? I shan't repeat the horrific things he would accuse us of, for to do so would only spread that horrid serpent's poison! Personally, I believe him to be a Godless anarchist, no doubt seeking to topple holy Mullonde and the Church for the sake of power. 'Twould so be like a noble, why /else/ would he attack our very foundation!?" Noticably, the rat's voice rises, anger and righteousness filling him.

With a squeaked snarl, he stares at Emi gravely. "Should you come across him, flee immediately. The face of a boy, and though his words are of honey, they disguise the fangs and venom within! Stay far, far away, Emi, the man is evil incarnate! The very picture of insidiousness within a shell of culture and purity! I beg thee and thy sisters, he shall cause naught but misery should you come upon him! I shan't see those I care for /twisted/ by that damned knave!" The rat's plea is in ernest...and oddly enough, his voice may almost sound desperate, a rare thing for the often fiery rat.
Cressida "Hmmm..." She frowns deeply at mention of Archades, having experienced a bit of it when she first escaped from..A certain other place. "So, you think those places pose a threat to the church in general? Power tends to breed war, and war chaos. Still, t'would be a good thing to try and encourage them to change their ways."

The mention of some kind of ruin does catch her attention however. "Ruins, you say?" But it seems they ended up empty handed and she sighs. Another dead end. "I see..What a pity. In either case, it might be good if we all remain in this city a little longer. If this is where we can find Ramza and his party.."

She peers curiously at the sisters, trying to figure them out still. They dont seem to be with the church, however. "Hmm? who do you work for, then? As for Ramza.." She shrugs, "I suppose some people simply desire power. I do not know his own motives, save for that he murdered a cardinal in cold blood. Ivalice was wracked in war. i suppose he is just another power hungry individual who decided the church was in the way of his goals for power."

She doesnt seem worried about meeting Ramza however. Afterall, it has been a while since Cressida enjoyed the glories of a good fight. Perhaps if she were to capture this heretic, it might be enough to lift the curse..
Emi Dennou Emi looks towards Cressida as she asks a reasonable question. Emi provides a reasonable answer. "The Network work for the Twilight Detective Agency. We are admittedly interested in understanding Ramza Beoulve's goals. In order to stop someone, you have to understand what they are after, but besides which, sniffing out the truth of an endeavour is what detectives do. If his motives are so dire, I cannot leave him be." Among other things, but she relies on the more technical definition today.

"However, regarding bilking, we meant the Archades Empire whom we were working with." Emi clarifies.

She does bristle a bit at being told to flee. Much like many young girls, she has little interest in being treated like one. And really, they have a fair variety of life experience. And death experience for that matter.

"Of course, sometimes the reason for murder is not always grand. Sometimes it's not about grandoise schemes, but a moment of jealousy, an act of passion. In truth, I would find that more understandable than a grab for power. After all, striking down a Cardinal is a terrible way to endeer you to those in power. Perhaps his whole heretical campaign is simply a manner to protect himself from prosecution. Certainly, he may be hunted, but by drawing likeminded individuals to him--he is still far safer than if he had been alone and not waging this crusade against the Church."

"But." She adds to Faruja. "If I may warn you, the Church is truly powerful...but not every world knows of your Church. If you are not cautious, you might end up hurting your own cause more than Beoulve. This is why most churches where I am from use words, acts of charity, education--to spread their will more than judgement."
Arkham Fisher Well, he was called a noble, that's a black mark against him already in Arkham's book; he was involved in putting another set of holes in Faruja, too. She is miles beyond tired of that. Still, she can't /quite/ bear to stand by while he's called the devil. "I'm sure that he, he loves his mother," is the entirety of her comment on the matter.

She'll get to the point, though. "You have lodgings about, don't, don't you, Ser? You must, you're hurt." Arkie never could sleep well on airships. "I should hear, I should hear the whole story, I think, and see about that dressing."
Faruja Senra Faruja sighs, looking Emi in the eyes. "Just be careful, please. He is dangerous, and such a course may yet draw thyself into his web! 'Tis a matter for Inquisitors and Templar, 'tis why we exist."

Considering the Dennou's words, the rat slowly nods. "That may very well be the case. Indeed...Emi, thy insights are keen as always. 'Twould be within his power, given his honeyed tongue, to concoct lies enough for the deed."

A short nod, and a smile from the rat. "And so we do. Indeed, 'tis an activity I would much rather see our resources go towards. However, men such as he must be fought, and others protected from the misdeeds of such Heretics. Regardless, charity and education is one of our goals, particularly towards those whom are most needy. One would be surprised how many governments are...resistant to such offers of help for their own people."

To Cress, the Burmecian frowns. "Yes...not an active one, mind thee. So far, they have been peacable. They may even serve as an ally against more aggressive powers. However, Arcadia is a militant nation, and such places change their friends as oft as their nightsheets. One must keep a wary eye upon them, M'Lady."

As Arkie speaks up, the ratling winces as his ribs protest his continuing lack of laying down. "Speak thee truly, Sister. Come then, I shall explain on the way, I've accomodations with the Shard Seekers. An...interesting bunch, but good souls. Mostly. Brave. 'Twould be not a problem to put thyself up as well, they have a habit of picking up 'strays'. Lady Dennou(s), Dame Cressidia, Lord bless! By thy leave!" A bow to the ladies, and the rat is off to Headquarters!
Cressida "Twilight detective agency, hmm? Interesting..." She'll store that away for future use, should it prove helpful. "Well, whatever his reasons, he committed murder and must answer to it. It seems he is also trying to bring down the church, and that cannot be tolerated."

She peers back at Emi, nodding, "Of course, that is always the church's primary objective. To reach out a helping hand to others, and to protects others from those who might do them harm. But of course in such a violent world we need to be protected ourselves."

When Arkie speaks of him loving his mother, she just smirks, "Perhaps, perhaps not. There are plenty of heretics who would slit their mama's throats for the right price." However, one who is a wealthy noble like Ramza might be less likely to be spurred by money.

To Faruja she nods, "Yes, let us get you to an inn to recover. You may need your strength soon.." to the others she bows her head. "I bid thee farewell.."

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