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Monkeying Around
(2013-03-31 - 2013-03-31)
Serah Farron runs into Ron Stoppable (or the other way around) and there's a whole lot of monkeying around that happens afterwards.
Serah Farron Its only been a few days since she got here. Well, in this world. Or more precisely this multi-world of some kind. Its so different than where she comes from, she still wonders hwo much time passed and what happened during the time she was asleep. She sighs a bit, walking along the road in the middle of the plains. She took a boat that got her here, and then hitched a ride in a caravan, until they said she should get off because they were going somewhere she couldn't go to. She's not sure what's that all about, but here she is, middle of a plain that is windswept constantly.

And what about those monsters, those heartless? She's never had to deal with those before. It would seem several of them are currently hiding just out of view, ready to pounce on the girl.

That sound can only belong to one person and one person alone: Ron Stoppable. He is currently running for what is probably his life as he's on his way from some random direction that makes no sense. His hands are above his blond head and they are flailing like there's only one thing he can do with them at the moment: Flail. He's not looking where he's going at all, because his eyes are closed. He's even running at a speed that probably shouldn't be possible for someone as lazy as he is. But, it is what it is.

Hanging onto a strap of his Ron's backpack, clinging with all of his little might, is the naked mole rat known as Rufus. His little body bounces and swings with each step that Ron takes in a gratuitous escape attempt.

Not that it is even clear what in the heck he's running from.
Serah Farron Its pretty silent on the plains... Then she hears something in the distance. Is it a car? A plane? Or some other contraption from this world?


No, its a man, wailing as he's running toward her. She leans a bit to the side, trying to see what might be chasing him. But she sees nothing.

She scratches her cheek a bit. The man is still approaching. Why isn't he slowing down? Wait, why isn't he trying to AVOID her either!?

She doesn't have much time to react to that before POW, she gets knocked to the side of the road on her rear, with a surprised "OOF" coming out of her. Figures that she's miles away from anything and Ron would find an obstacle somewhere.

Ron barely even registers the fact that he just knocked somebody over. It doesn't hit him until he comes to a bit of a stop, after bumping into someone and realizing that there was an OOF sound. He kind of skids to a halt, turning on his heels and finally opening his eyes. This causes Rufus to come slinging towards him and land on his shoulder, where he proceeds to starting climbing up on and getting a bit more comfortable. Whew.

"Uhhhh." Ron looks from the girl he knocked over to where he was running from and back to her, before realizing that he probably left whatever it is in the dust a long time ago and coughs. "Yeah! And that's how I made those evil things run from me!" Ron raises a finger to the sky as if he was talking to Rufus the entire thing. "They were totally not ready for The Ronster." He cracks a grin and looks back to Serah as if he had just noticed her for the first time. "Well helloooooo." comes the horribly not suave at all but still pretending to be as smooth as silk tone from Ron Stoppable and he spins on his heels to bow and offer her a gloved hand up.

"You have just been rescued by Ron Stoppable. Lucky you." What is he even talking about? "Don't worry, no need to thank me! I'm just doing my duty."
Serah Farron Serah Farron doesn't think Ron could be suave even if he tried. She's not that easily taken either way. She sighs a bit "Rescued from what? There was nothing behind." SHe states simply as she gets up, dusting herself up a bit. She's wearing white clothes, so if there's any grass stains on her...

"What were you running away from anyway?" Whatever it was, it was long gone, which she finds fortunate enough on its own.
Ron Stoppable "Ron Stoppable doesn't run from anything. He is the runnor, not the runnee." Ron does take a moment to look back off in the direction that he was running from, just to make sure that there wasn't anything coming to make him a liar. He tends to have bad luck that way. "Yup. All clear." is muttered as he has immediately forgotten that he just said he wasn't running from anything. "Welp! Glad you're okay! I must've scared away whatever was going to attack you anyway. It's kinda' my thing. Yeah, I have a lot of things." Ron pulls out a pair of shades and slides them onto his face. "I'm cool like that."

Rufus facepalms.
Serah Farron Serah Farron scratches her cheek a bit pensively "... I wasn't in any danger either." She answers simply. What kind of weird guy was this? He was clearly a few years younger than she is.

Well she wasn't in any danger at least, but there's still some looming heartless nearby hiding around her. As if she was attracting them, but they were waiting for a chance to attack.

"Uhm, anyway, where were you going like that?" Maybe he knows where they are better than she does at least.
Ron Stoppable "Ummmmmmmmmm." Ron looks around as if he's not exactly sure where he is. Which is pretty much obvious and true, considering the tapping of his chin that he's doing and the inability of him to even remember the direction in which he was running in the first place. He's definitely not good at directions. "Would you believe I'm just a lone wolf, wandering the world, looking for his chance at adventure and fame?"

Rufus facepalms. Again.
Serah Farron Serah Farron starts to notice the critter's reactions too. She goes a bit flat-eyed at his antics now. She's starting to get the idea that he likes showing off but really isn't all that good at it either. She shakes her head "Well if you can't help me..." She's a kind girl normally, but he doesn't seem in any trouble either, at least. Its not like she's pushing him into a hole or something, right?

The heartless seem to be getting more agitated, hiding just off the road.
Ron Stoppable Ron Stoppable blinks upon hearing these words and reaches up to pull his shades down. "Help you? Of course, I can help you! That is, after all, what I live to do. Well, actually, I live for Bueno Nacho and Pro Wrestling. But! A close second is helping those in need! And you happen to be in need right now! And that's right up my alley!" Ron gives himself a thumbs up and plants his hands heroically on his hips. "Now then, damsel in distress, what assistance may I happenstance upon your person at this time?"

Rufus doesn't even facepalm this time. He just shakes his head.
Serah Farron Serah Farron is already walking away, a few steps ahead, in the direction she was heading. She doesn't know what's over there of course, but beats standing around an empty field. She heard that there was a castle over there, not too far away, so she intended to get there before nightfall at least. "I just don't know where I am, that's all. But you don't know either, so you can't re-"

And that's where she's cut off. Maybe you were looking away, or maybe they are just that fast, but she didn't have time to make a sound when a trio of heartless monkeys suddenly jumped her and unceremonously gagged her with one of their tails, latching around her like a trap, as they carry her off! They are pretty fast too.
Ron Stoppable Ron Stoppable is not exactly in the business of knowing where he is or where anything is. "Hold on. I think I have a map in here somewhere." Spinning his backpack off his back, he's practically head first into that thing when all kinds of Heartless Monkey attacks happen and he is completely oblivious. "It's in here somewhere! I promise!" He's still digging when Rufus catches sight of the altercation and immediately starts trying to get Ron's attention.

Ron, for the most part, is oblivious to the squeaking and pointing of Rufus. Until, of course, the Naked Mole Rat comes running up his leg and grabs his ear, pulling and tugging until, "Ow! Hey! Come on, buddy! I'm trying to find some--" Rufus POINTS. "--uhhhhh is she floating?" Rufus smacks Ron in the face and POINTS again.

Blink. Blink. Eye Narrow. "AHHHHH! HEARTLESS MONKEYS!"

Ron's hands go up and he turns to run in the other direction, feet moving with great vigor and speed... but he's not going anywhere. Why? Because Rufus is on the ground and holding onto Ron by the shirt. Pulling him in the direction of the Heartless Monkeys and their latest trophy.

They are moving much slower than those Heartless Monkeys, likely due to Ron trying to NOT go after them. His constant movement and fighting against the Rufus insistent dragging is not quiet at all. What Stealth Mode?
Serah Farron Meanwhile, Serah is being carried away! She's struggling, but the three heartless over her are not giving her much chance there either. She doesn't get to see if Ron is trying anything to help either, but since she heard him scream... maybe not. Not that she has time to make any deductions in her predicament!

The monkeys meanwhile are rushing away with their prize... toward a whole group of the same monkey heartless, apparently all waiting on the 'feast'. Of course, heartless want to get hearts from living people, and they've been waiting for the chance to get at Serah apparently. She's dumped in the middle of the circle of monkeys, only giving her time to stare around her sloooooooooooowly... Monkeys are looming, ready to pounce and grab that yummy, shining heart.
Ron Stoppable "Not cool. Not cool at all." This would be Ron Stoppable on the ground, trying to hide behind what would be a plant or something, looking through some binoculars. He can see the Heartless Monkeys and their target of feasting and he's frowning. Rufus, of course, is next to him like he's making sure that Ron goes through with this. Which is why when Ron looks to him with a look of: 'I have to do this, don't I?' Rufus just nods and POINTS once again.

"You're right, little buddy. If anyone's going to save the girl, it's going to be me! Ron Stoppable!" He stands up tall and out of his horrible hiding place, finger raised with dramatic flair! Rufus yanks him back down, hopefully, before the Heartless Monkeys caught sight of him. "Oh right. The element of surprise. Good idea." Ron goes into his backpack and comes out with his grapple gun. He stands and takes aim, firing the hook off into the distance, where it latches onto a branch. "Here I come to save the--" Yoink! And it yanks him right up, faster than he wanted. "DAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!"

Ron goes sailing through the air, pulled along by the grapple gun, not letting go and swinging right in the direction of the Heartless Monkey Pile! "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" His screaming can be considered a battle cry of sorts, though, he does seem to get the hang of things by about mid-swing. "Oh hey, this isn't so bad. I can totally see why KP does this all the t--" WHAM! Ron smacks right into a tree and goes falling down to land right in the center of the circle with Serah. "Oof... owwwwwwwww." He lifts his head up and looks around.

"Ah-heh-heh. Any chance you guys uh... know the quickest way to beat you? I'm open to suggestions here." He then looks over to Serah and whispers, "I have no idea what I'm doing. Just go with it."
Serah Farron At least he came. That's what she's trying to convince herself... but look at the little tarzan show followed by the pratfall off the tree... She's wondering who's going to be saving who there.

Oh, if only she was as strong as her sister, really... She'd know what to do. But she's only a student!

All of the monkeys are getting dangerously close. Well, they might not be as interested in Ron's heart, but a heart is a heart, so they might as well harvest it at the same time!

And that's when the pouncing starts. Every monkey just throw themselves at the two, making a large pile of darkness, ready to swallow them. For a moment, its like time came to a stop. Everything is still and quiet. And then, its like something is trying to pry out your heart with a crowbar. Its not physical, its deeper than that. Like tugging at your soul.

And its within that moment that a mechanical defense is sprung open. Its like it all happened in the same second, from the moment they jumped to the sudden light that surrounds the girl, as the entire pile of monkeys is send back as if an explosion just happened, leaving Serah with an outstretched hand... and the slightest fog around her hand as if the air was amazing cold around it. Many of the monkeys fall around her frozen.
Ron Stoppable Ron Stoppable is caught in mid-cower. "AHHHHHHHHNOOOOO!" can still be heard even as the initial threat is gone for the moment, at least. He's curled up on himself, hands over his head and legs outstretched in a strange way, as if that were going to keep the Heartless Monkeys at bay. He doesn't even know he should be peeking out of his arms until he's not feeling the tug of doom at his heart anymore. He actually just kind of tapers off his screaming and pokes his head between his arms to look around.

"... Huh." He then immediately casts a quick glance at Serah and unfolds himself, popping up and into a standing position, throwing his fists up. "Yeah! And that's right! Don't you ever try that again, Stupid Heartless Monkeys!" He may or may not actually be noticing that there's some fog around Serah's hand and such. "That's right! Uh huh! Who's bad?! Ron's bad! That's me!" Already doing a victory dance, Ron also has not noticed that there may be a second wave of monkeys coming that didn't get frozen.
Serah Farron Oh there definitely is. And Ron might want to use some actual defensive moves, as the heartless gather for another attack. Heartless don't have any social feeling, so losing their brothers don't even slow them for a second. The only thing that matters is the result, not who gets the prize. Numbers are only a means to an end for them.

Serah msotly ignores Ron's actics at that point, too preoccupied by what just happened, staring at her own hand, panting, and sweating, as if she had the biggest scare of her life. And she pretty much did too, even if not a sound came out of her at the time, and the defensive action just happened on its own.

As the monkeys get ready to attack again, time slows for Serah again. She feels a warmth at her arm, and there's even a faint glow visible through it. That's right. She's a l'Cie. Her sister became a l'Cie, she saw it in her dreams. She became stronger, and started to use magic too. Does that mean... she can be strong too? Like Lightning?

And then time starts again, and that outstretched hand, that hasn't moved since then, this time flings out a fireball otu of nowhere, not even a second of preparing or a chanting of a spell. It just comes out and roasts several of the monkeys. But there's plenty more of them, and that was only those in front of her.

Then its like she snaps out of her sudden stupor entirely "Ron! If you can do anything except talking now would be a good time to do it!"
Ron Stoppable Ron, of course, is in the middle of shaking his bootay with his victory dance when he realizes that there are "AHHH! HEARTLESS MONKEYS! STILL!" surrounding them. There are just so many and he's not even sure he's going to be able to do something. His fear is pretty much taking over, because there are sooooo many of them. "I-I-I..." His stuttering is causing him to cower and his cowering is taking him backwards and away from the ones that are in front of him and Serah. He's actually walking backwards and steps on the tail of one Heartless Monkey! Which causes a yelp which causes a scream from Ron as he jumps into the air and flails. "AHHH! Get it off me! Get it off me!"

Ron's flailing all the way until he lands back down on the ground, tripping on his grapple gun, which fires another line off towards a tree, pulling him by his leg, "WHOOOOOOAAAAA!" with it. His flailing arms are sent into the skulls of Heartless Monkeys, knocking them around and in various directions, as his body is yanked this way and that way by the cord of the grapple line that he's attached to.

It's not as epic and stylish as Serah's abilities, but it's the only thing that Ron can do. Fail.

"HIYAH!" comes the little squeakish sound of Rufus as he drops from above into a small circle of monkeys and immediately begins to layeth the mole rat down on them with some choice Monkey Kung Fu moves. There's a tail whip, a kick, a couple of punches and a headbutt that knock those Heartless Monkeys for a bit of a loop!
Serah Farron Even monkeys never seen this kind of monkey-fu, and most of them can't do much more than chasing after Ron as he grapples up and then falls down, only to get knocked by his flailing limbs one after another. Many of them vanish in a dark mist as they fall over, the numbers already diminished by the earlier blasts of spells at point blank range.

And Serah certainly never seen anyone fight like Ron before either, but she's a tad too busy on her own. She managed to get up, and evading at best she can the lunges of the monkeys, she manages to set up several more bursts of spells, alternating between Fire, Ice and Thunder spells it seems, creating a rainbow of lights around her with every one of them shooting out. She'll have time later to think about this newfound ability, right now she just wants to get out of here alive. Her heart were scant milimeters of being yanked out after all. "That's it Ron, keep going!"
Ron Stoppable The grapple line eventually runs out and there goes Ron falling from above to land on a pile of Heartless Monkeys. "AHHHH!" He immediately rolls off and back up to his feet, dusting his hands and turning around to pose dramatically. "I meant to do everything I just did right there." And then he hears the sound of Heartless Monkeys behind him and turns around slowly. "Ah-heh-heh. Just Kidding?" is offered with a nervous smile before Ron takes off running. And the Heartless Monkeys give chase!

Ron's running, though, is an attempt of escape in a zig zag manner that has him juking Heartless Monkeys here and there, not to mention leading them in and out of spells that are being blasted by Serah, or around the area of Rufus and his Monkey Kung Fu skills. Ron doesn't even know what he's doing except trying to stay alive. Which, of course, is the most important thing ever when dealing with MONKEYS!
Serah Farron Between Rufus' fighting skills, which apparently surpasses Ron's own prowesses, and Serah's spell flinging, the few heartless monkeys decide to flee to return another day. The advantage of numbers was drastically cut down after all. Ron will soon realize there's no more monkeys chasing him either. How long will that take though? Your guess is as good as ours.

Serah stands there for a moment, arm stretched out, as the last monkey disapears out of sight... and then her eyes roll back, and she slumps to the side, landing quite moisily into the dirt and sand of the small monkey camp, passed out. Maybe the spellcasting was a bit too much on the girl.

Ron Stoppable is still going strong for at least a cool minute after the Heartless Monkeys are no more. He finally takes a second to look behind him and realizes that there are no more there and he trots himself into a stop. He doesn't even seem out of breath, which is strange considering how long he was running around. "See that? They totally didn't want none of The Ronster." Ron cracks a smile as he heads over to Serah.

Rufus is there already and he charades up a 'she passed out' to Ron. "Uh. Well. This isn't good. We can't leave her here. Those vile monkeys may come back." Rufus thumbs up at Ron. "Alright, let's uh, take her with us! A little Bueno Nacho will fix her right up!" Rufus is all aboard this idea simply for the mention of Bueno Nacho.

And that's when Ron makes a move to try and pick up Serah into his weakling arms. "Oh... Oh god... this was a bad idea." This is going to take them forever to get there.

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