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The Rat and the Warlord
(2013-03-31 - 2013-03-31)
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Faruja Senra The medical ward, after the recent battle, has seen more than its fair share of patients. White walls, white sheets, and gold crosses adorn the room, amidst various cabinets and containers for all of the herbs and potions, and other things needed to run an Ivalician healer's abode. Laid out neatly in one of those beds, robes covering his bandaged chest, his breath comes slow and often pained. Though the more humiliating strike proved little more than a cause for bruising and an icepack thanks to his armor, the busted ribs are a far more serious thing. From the way things look, Faruja isn't going to be fighting any time soon.

Well awake, he occasionally sips a glass of water at a side table, while thumbing through an Ajoran holy tract. This ward is mostly empty aside from an occasional healer who walks in or out. No sign of Faruja's personal physician today, however.
Louis LeBlue "But sir! You'll open the wound!" A flustered white mage girl walks through the medican center's door from behind one of the operating rooms. Following her not long after is a man who could be described as a 'perfect specimen' by some. That kind of beefcake look that one might find in the Manhattanite books. Or perhaps, more to Faruja's taste, a man who looks the ideal from the 300 movie. The only difference is that he has the long hair expected from your average good looking final fantasy villain.

Coming from one of the wounds on his chest is a small trickle of blood, and the man simply pulls out an arrow out of a second one. "I will be fine." He answers, using his full hand to push the girl aside. "Please step away, there is someone I must speak to." He's wearing little more than a set of pants with a scabbard around the belt, carrying his sword. It is like this that he ends up coming to a halt besides Faruja's bed, looking down at the Burmecian.

"Sir Senra." He speaks his name, hoping to gain his attention.
Faruja Senra The mere sight of a shirtless Louis brings to mind much scrawnier peoples, and pits. Ahh, if only the Heretic could have so easily been dealt with! The cry of 'This is Mullonde' would have been a glorious thing indeed.

"Ser LeBlue, good morn. Lord bless, how fare thy wounds?" Glancing over the man, the Paladin-Dragoon gets that look of someone inspecting the health of another. And unlike the White Mage, the rat's not as easily flustered. The man's presence, however, /is/ a reminder of the ill fated battle. His fluffy tail-tip lashes a touch as he remembers the defeat, so very close to Mullonde's walls!
Louis LeBlue "My wounds will heal soon, but I am not so certain about my pride." Louis answers Faruja with a dire look on his face. "There were many factors on that battlefield for which I feel I was unprepared. That will not happen again." The man moves all the way to the wall against which Faruja's bed is pushed against, and leans back against it while crossing his arms. He looks rather stoic like that.

"Filthy heretics, using magic in a battle of warriors. And to think that the Viera dared step in on a battle between me and /those two/." It sounds like he didn't even count most of Ramza's troops as 'existing' in that battle. If Faruja recalls - Louis had not been stopped by any physical weapons, he'd been /frozen in place/ by magic.

"But far more importantly right now, I wish to make sure that the Heretics' lies have not poisoned your mind. Especially as it seemed like you and that Viera know eachother..." His tone suggests that he believes the Viera a Heretic.
Faruja Senra "Quite, the emergence of so many others, and a /second/ airship? 'Tis high time I would say that our Order as a whole makes an effort to revise its tactics. With so many new threats, each one must be assessed and safeguarded against." More than anything, Mullonde's lack of airpower disturbes the rat.

Politely setting down the book, Faruja shakes his head. "Magic is a gift from the Lord. That they twist and mock its divine purpose in their hands...'tis truly disgusting." He doesn't comment about the use of magic in a fight, getting the inkling by now of his fellow Templar's disdain for magery.

Ahh, the Viera. The rat shakes his head, looking utterly grieved. "Damn her foolishness." Mutters the rat, even as an indignant rant rises up. His fur stands on end, muzzle curling in what would be a snarl, before he calms himself. Vigilance is the Church's shield against Heresy. Hardly can he blame the man.

"By all means, I have naught to hide before the eyes of the Lord's servants. Judge Magister Evja, of Jylland if I rightly recall, a resident of Fluorgis. Not one of the Archadian Judges, mind you. Supposedly, their Order exists to protect the members of local guilds, Clans as they are called, from being slain so long as they follow their laws." He seems as though he's still not quite believing on that one, and certainly doesn't approve.

"She would profess a cause of neutrality, of never taking lives, acting oft as a lawkeeper. However, well...we have both seen the path it has led her down." A clawed hand runs through his own hair.
Louis LeBlue "Perhaps it is time we go looking into some of the lost treasures of Ivalice, Faruja." Louis answers the rat. "I am certain there must be something to deal with our aerial foes. And what's more, perhaps we can make a permanent ally out of the first airship that showed up." He's not too good with strategizing or getting people to join their cause however. That is a gift that others have - not him.

He's glad to hear the ratling to be so vehement about their enemies. "Indeed, I've heard of her. Rumors of having betrayed someone and having been in line with a so called Lord of Death. Allied with a /false God/, Ser Senra." Louis points out. "I believe there can be only one fate for one such as that. They don't walk the path of neutrality. And we both know that there is no Neutrality before the Lord's gaze. They are a Heretic, and I believe it is time we outed them as one."

The man then leans away from the wall again. "Faruja, I have two tasks of you, and something to ensure you are told..."

Louis raises his head and places his hands behind his back. "My sister is a disturbed individual. The woman in blue. But she's also a swordsman /almost/ on parallel to me. Beware about engaging her. She killed our father, and has convinced the Heretic leader Ramza that I was the one to perform this deed. This lie cannot be allowed to ripple out into the populace. The Glabados Church must not be filthied by the false reputation that liars speak of it. If you see her... commit to the final solution."

"As for the other two. I require you seek out the old ruins of Ivalice on this world to seek a weapon or shield to protect us against Airships." Like a Paling. "And to contact the airship commander who assisted us and pull him into the fold."
Faruja Senra The Templar nods, before wincing as he takes in too sharp a breath. Damn ribs! Damn rabbit! The thought of the Viera branded a Heretic...some small part of him weeps, despite the betrayal of his beloved wolf and all that she had done to assist Ramza.

"...I had such hope for her, Ser. Such strength, and even bravery at times when the cowardly ways of her Order did not interfere. ' truly so? Bluntly, I thought her a friend."

A long, low sigh, and the Burmecian speaks. "Frankly, Ser LeBlue, I fear my emotions cloud my judgement, and therefore I must hold my own insight into the matter until I may reason clearly."

The Templar nods slowly to the explaination. "How vile. Indeed, her continued freedom is a risk. However, what of the opportunities capture brings? Intelligence, and a chance to lure the Beoulve and his allies to a time and place of our choosing. Or mayhap I underestimate the woman's danger?" Counters the Burmecian. Indeed, almost any one of Ramza's band could be particularly useful.

A pair of nods in acceptance, and the ratling flicks his tail. "We are far too short on allies and technology both. 'Tis fortuitous, then, one of my very own from my homeland is much adept at engineering. Should I be able to pry her from her works, she may be of much assistance. As for our wayward airship pilot, I shall see to it. Hath our eyes and ears any information about the man?"
Louis LeBlue Louis shakes his head. "Don't, Faruja. Unless you believe you can best me, and capture me alive - you can't do the same to that woman either. Death is the only good you can do her, much as is the same for that disgusting Beoulve." He points out, walking around the Burmecian's bed and ending at the bottom of it, touching one of the towering edges.

"And no, I do not know where the airship pilot went off to. It is inevitable that he will contact us to get paid for his assistance however." Louis taps his finger patiently on the wooden edge of Faruja's bed. "As for your insight. Do not dally. I will be reporting her for what she has done. So unless you can convince me by that day... she will be outed for what she has done."

The man proceeds to tilts his head and look up at one of the stained-glass windows. "As for your engineering friend... I hope she has the resources. Though we certainly would not say no to an airship either."
Faruja Senra "I shall prepare a report upon all that I know of her, and her actions. I would like to think her simply a fool. However, my blade and honor to Lord and Church, I shall do what must be done. Mayhap she has indeed sunk below even that, a victim to cowards and hissing serpentine nobles." Comments the Templar, with an almost resigned look to his features.

Siiip. "No doubt, few do things out of faith alone, these days. Pitiable. We must fan the flames of true Faith, and dislodge these heathen religions that would lead so many astray. I fear greatly for the worlds, Ser LeBlue, that such corruption gnaws at its heart."

Slowly, the rat smiles. "Lady Katey is adept, 'twould be a true test of her skills. First, however, it seems I am far overdue a visit to our libraries, and those of Rabanastre's should I be able to access them. No better a place to hunt for Ivalician knowledge and technology than Ivalice."
Louis LeBlue "Then I wish you luck, Faruja. Contact me if you wish to change my mind. You have a day." And with that, Louis pulls away from the bed and crunches the arrow he'd pulled from his chest earlier underneath his boot. "And good luck on your missions, ser Senra."

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