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(2013-03-30 - Now)
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Vespa The rumors appearace of a axe weilding maid in Agrabah are pretty credibile and after asking some peddelers the maid in question was talking about heading west into the desert to check out somewhich were in a canyon jotting out of the desert which you were now appoaching..
Avira Rumors about axe-wielding maids are ridiculously easy to follow up on. Someone that unusual stands out like a sore thumb so it isn't hard for the likes of VALKYRI to follow up on them, provided the right questions were asked. Their search had lead them at first to Agrabah. But by the time they got there, rumors had it that this axe-maid was leaving town. Already.

Which leads everyone to the canyon. Avira has come on chocobo, which she has rented, since it's much faster to cross desert on one rather than foot.
Maira Rumors about axe-wielding maids are ridiculously easy to follow up on. Someone that unusual stands out like a sore thumb so it isn't hard for the likes of VALKYRI to follow up on them, provided the right questions were asked. Their search had lead them at first to Agrabah. But by the time they got there, rumors had it that this axe-maid was leaving town. Already.

Which leads everyone to the canyon. Avira has come on chocobo, which she has rented, since it's much faster to cross desert on one rather than foot.
Minerva Minerva has found ths desert to be a strange place it was not quite what she was used to though her choice in dress has at least left her not dying of the heat at the very least. AS she follows fter Avira likewise on a chooobo keeping pce.

"So what do you think is going on with this turn of events?"
TRON TRON barely knows what a chocobo is! And yet, here he is, doing his best to not look foolish or fall out of the saddle of his rented chocobo. Or something equally bad.

As it is, at least he looks somewhat 'normal', wearing his World of Ruin armor with his battered cloak wrapped around his shoulders and covering his helmed head. "Desert, ocean, forest--it's all strange to me," he comments back towards Maira with a self-depreciating joke. "I just wish I knew why she decided to come here..."
Vespa The tempature drops a bit as you enter the canyon the area procted from the sun and the wind. There are traces of chocobo tracks, they go deeper into the canyon, someone was here recently.
Avira "I'm not sure, Minerva. To tell the truth, Vespa's usually kept to herself." Avira looks troubled as she handles the chocobo easily enough. They were less tempermental than horses! "I can name a number of less-than-great things I've done that may have disgusted someone enough to leave a group chaired by me but..."

She slows to look at the chocobo tracks, then peers deeper down into the canyon. "That way. But I don't know what's going through Vespa's mind right now. We'll have to find out."
Maira Maira looks toward Avira, giving her a glare of a friendly sort. "Oh stop, I'm sure it didn't have anything to do with that! She probably just..." Maira looks off around the canyon, looking pensive..."Oh...oh hey maybe it has something to do with her curse?" she offers.

"Or...maybe she wanted to build the world's biggest sand castle..." okay probably not that one.
Minerva Minerva says "I have not got to know her too well and I been part od this group for some time." She girmaces a little bit. "Agreed, we need to find out just what is weighting upon her. I wonder though what would bring her out here there's not much save that one city...
Vespa As you follow the tracks going further into the canyon you can see a tent set up in the distance, near to that there entrance of a building worn down from expsoure from the elements, built into the rockface, time has worn it down. Someone has forcefully made there way in, large rocks scattered around the entrace.
Avira "Treasure maybe? I've heard that there's a place called the Cave of Wonders that's just filled with treasure." Avira mentioned, following the tracks ahead. Her eyes narrow as she spies a tent. "We may have found her."

A quick look around reveals this not to be the case. Instead, their quarry seems more likely in that other recently entered building.

Avira shrugs at the faux-glare. "Maybe. You know, I was hoping we could break it someday. It must be humiliating."
Minerva Minerva pause as she reaches the cave and hops off her bird, she flexes her hand for a moment before looking to the rest of the group. "Nothing ventured nothing gained I'll take point on this." With that she's going to head in, keeping on her guard as she goes.
Maira "Well, I bet she's either looking for something, or hiding from something," Maira replies to Minerva, hopping off her chocobo as they reach the weird building. Should she out maybe....?

Maira looks to Avira, blinks. "I don't know I think the dress is cute..." says the girl who is almost practically wearing a pink tutu with matching boots--really she looks like she fell out of a magical girl anime.
Vespa Someone defintly has entered this cave torches line the cave walls, it get wider the deeper it goes. There also a set of footprints going down into the cave.
Avira Avira pauses for a few moments to flash back to the Baron incident. With Morrighan. Where Avira was forced to get up. She shudders. "HUmiliating." hshe repeats, opping off her chocobo and tying it up outside. She seems to be following the footprints.
Minerva Minerva heads in with Avira and she thinks back for a moment "Humiliating?" Shge tilts her head at Avira for a moment and she keeps moving ahead. Just wha tis in here? She wonders about Maira's words for a moment "Not everyone likes them prehaps it was an experiance to wear one at the cafe."
Maira Grumbles "I think you looked cute at the maid cafe..."

But she's following! "Do you think we should call out or something? I mean...we don't want to surprise her...she's kind of god a giant axe and stuff...."
TRON TRON had fallen silent while they had chased the trail, at least up to the point of the cave entrance. The chocobo was docile enough, so there are no , but the Program is not used to a mode of transportation that has a mind of its own. But out here? Never mind memories back on The Grid, Light Cycles kinda stand out and he doesn't know what sand will do to the data once it rezzes or derezzes.

Cue a mental image of TRON holding a baton perpendicular to the ground with a cap missing off of the lower end and sand pouring out of it to a foot-high pile on the ground.

TRON ties the reins of his own chocobo next to Avira's, pulling his staff free from his back and using it as a walking stick as he cautiously follows the VALKYRI leader's lead. "I'm sure we are making enough noise and conversation she will know we are coming regardless," he comments back over to Maira with a half-grin.
Vespa As you travel down deeper into the cave you can hear a female voice echoing off the cave walls, and soon you enter a large open area, could have been a temple or living quarters dust covers everything and at the far end the are is someone in a maid outfit with a large axe talking to herself.

"What you think Al? Open up this door to? Well okay!", she swing her axe a crack appear in the stone door. Looks like she didn't expect anyone out here..
Avira A light cycle in the desert, for the record, would have been awesome.

"...that maid cafe thing was embarassing too. I mostly agreed to it for the purposes of being a good sport. If there as some way around it...

A few moments of following footsteps finally gets them somewhere. She hears the voice then sees the girl. There's no hesitation, she takes herself acrtoss the room to this girl. "Vespa. Hey, Vespa."
Maira Light cycles....<3 She wants one...but she wouldn't want Mao to be jealous! Still she wonders which goes faster...

"OH! HEY! VESPA!" she says, jumping and waving. "Wait--Vespa!" then follows Avira. What /is/ she doing?
TRON A Light-Cycle may be nessisary later. One can only wait and see--and perhaps hope.

TRON picks up his pace as Vespa's voice echoes back through the corridor, his grip on his staff shifting to a readied hold. "What is this place...?" He murmurs, looking around and noting what is where. A temple? Living quarters? Dust and neglect mars an immediate answer by sight alone.
Vespa Vespa turns around. "huh? Avira?? Maira, TRON and Minvera too? What are you all doing out here?",she pauses. "How did you find me? Did you follow me? I-I don't understand? Why?", she looks quite confused seeing them all here..
Minerva Minerva says "I do think you caught Mercade's attention in that."

TRON speaks up and that gets her attention. "You have a point TRON. We do make quite the clamor don't we?"

"I have no idea Tron, but it would be wise not to touch many things."

She looks about and looks at Vespa. "You left a trail we were concerned about you."
Avira "You're pretty distinctive too. There aren't many people dressed as maids packing such...heat." Avira bobs her head to indicate Vespa's enormous axe Al. "As for why, you are one of us yet left so abruptly!" We had to know why, Vespa."
TRON TRON pulls his hood down from over his helm and headtilts questioningly. "Why, you ask?" He stops next to the others, leaning slightly against his staff planted in the ground. "You're a member of VALKYRI and a friend. Why would we not be concerned about you when you suddenly disappear without a word?" And no, the note on the door doesn't count as 'a word'.
Maira "We were worried! We...wanted to know why you left! I mean if you really want to leave I guess there is nothing I could say to stop you but we want you in VALKYRI and if its something else and you don't think you can talk to us about it you can so you should talk to us before you go do whatever it is you are going to do okay?"

Needless to say, Maira says then all in one breath.
Vespa "Oh that very true..", she laughs neverously.. "Mabye I should have changed my outfit.. I'm One of you? I'm not....", . She blinks in surpise at Maira speech. "Take breath Maira please??", she starts to mumble to herself about losing freinds and something about getting hurt again..

The crack in the door behind her gets larger and the enterace way crumbles, and something starts to come out, it appears to to be a heartless dressed in knight styled armor wielding a large sword.

"ooh that why this place was all closed up..",it swings it sword at Vepsa knocking her way into a wall. She is out!
Avira "You -are- one of us." Avira insists, leaning in forward, trying to catch what Vespa was grumbling about. Something about lost friends? What? About to question her about this, everyone's promptly interrupted by slamming sounds from the other side of the door.

In a flash, Avira has her weapon out, "Vespa, get back-" oops, too late. She continues her charge, magic shooting up the core of her blade.
Maira Well, Maira would like to think that was totally not expected but really, this kind of seems like the place you would find a random Heartless!

"Vespa!" she exclaims, rushing forward to grab Vespa and haul her bodily away from the Heartless before she gets hurt anymore. She quickly checks her vitals, determines that she'll be okay for now, then grumbles and casts a protective barrier around the friends that are going to fight this thing. "Stay safe everyone!"
TRON TRON hears the mutterings. Losing friends... getting hurt again... Wasn't he just talking about that concerning himself? How strange.

He has no time to focus on that, however. A Heartless bursts through the door Vespa was standing in front of and swats her off to the side, knocking her out cold. "Vespa!" He snaps to a defensive stance, dropping his staff and removing his Discs from their docking spindle.

He unlocks his Discs from each other and activates the black Chakram-like one first, shifting his stance to block Maira and Vespa from the Heartless' path. "Here!" He calls, leaning back slightly before throwing his black Disc above them. A burst of light would emit from its empty core, granting energy to power one's offense.
Minerva Oh look that's one huge Heartless to be sure.

"Something was sealed in here. Then we best slay it."

That's one big Heartless really and thanks to Maira's magic and whatever Tron runs on. She's not sure what the Man is still and her head kinda hurts at the concept of the level of technology that created him but? She can get he's a preron and a comrade and prehaps that's enough as she throws herself at the beast in a series of rapid punches!
Vespa The ice attacks does some damage to the heartless the armor turning up slighty at the edges the punches just defelect of it's amror appearing not to have done anything at all! It bring it sword up it covered with a dark black aura swing it shooting black waves at enery at our heroes!
Avira "Get behind me!" Avira shouts, already up close enough to take the brunt of the first attack from the Heartless, which she does. Maira was a distance fighter after all! Of course, the attack is enough to knock her back onto her back and she lies there for a second, trying to regain her wits.

Since the others are here, she has no doubt that she can.
TRON TRON has not yet learned how to deflect ranged Darkness attacks, so the best he can do is crouch and brace as wave upon wave of Darkness washes over him. His armor holds easily, but his exposed black body-suit cracks in the exposed areas, leaving a few generalized glowing spiderwebs in their wake.

He catches his returning Chakram Disc and shifts his stance, staring balefully at the Heartless. "I've already had enough of this." He spins on his toes, throwing his silver Disc first on an upwards arc, then grabbing his staff and charging forwards as Avira pulls back. He leaps into the air and attempts to slam his staff into the Heartless' armor, then lands and throws his black Disc up at the Heartless' center of gravity.
Minerva Minerva is going to keep this quite simple she's going to attempt to set this creature on fire she punches it and heer first bursts into flames with each strike as she seems pretty intent on just beating the holy hell out of it. "Beast you shall meet your end!"
Vespa Tron's disk pings off it amror denting it in a few places knocking it into the air. Minevera punches start to dent it armor! It doesn't seem to show any reaction to the damage it taking. It again swings it blade at the attackers..
Avira Avira is knocked back down as soon as she picks herself back up onto her feet. A scowl of frustration escapes her and she switches her stance, the magic of her sword growing brighter, the temperature dropping even more.

With three mighty swings, she sends an equal number of blasts flying at the Heartless.
TRON The blade strikes true, tearing through leather and metal alike to leave behind a deep gash across TRON's chest, a slice that weeps Darkness in the weapon's wake. TRON staggers backwards, arms rising to clutch at his chest, and his Discs soar past him to bury themselves halfway into the ground.

This time, it is he who pulls back from the Heartless, snatching up his Discs and reattaching them to his back before he closes his eyes to focus. Protocols spin up as what few Program lines visible glow weakly, attempting to not only repair code damaged by the Darkness, but also to syncronize his systems and raise his combat efficiency.
Minerva Minerva is just getting teh stuffuing hit out of her and she's looking at Tron with some concern. She's not sure what she can do this thing is taking everuything they are throwing at it and it's still not enough her fists freeze and she strikes with the power of ince.
Vespa Again the ice is starting to break down the heartless defences it attemps to avoid Tron's and Minvera attack but it just too slow thought it armor seem to absorb most of the damage. The heartless widley swings it sword trying to strike everyone.
Avira This time, Avira is ready. This time, Avira ducks in beneath the sword, bending backwards as she slides beneath it. Getting in close as she does so, she strikes upwards with her sword, leaping as she does so. As she descends, she makes a much stronger downwards blow as well, bringing her full weight against the Heartless with the Spine.
TRON TRON sinks to one knee, covering his rent armor and exposed unarmored black body-suit as the sword swings wildly and slams into him with the flat of the blade. He is sent into the wall, leaving a nasty-looking dent and a pretty solid impression as he falls out of the new hole and back to the ground. His staff is lying on the ground where he had been earlier, and his systems are already trying to throw all sorts of errors.

Luckily, he doesn't need it.

He slowly rises to his feet, voxels falling from his form as he unlocks his Discs from his back and from each other. "Enough." He sinks as his arms extend, then spins as he throws both Discs at once. The Discs swarm, striking upwards, circling around and pinging off of armor seeking the Darkness within, before one final strike as they rebound back to the Program.
Minerva Minerva ponders the state of the temple for but a moment and doesn't think she's going to care too much about it compared to the lives of her friends and her owns. She lets out a war cry and slams her fists together and she punche them togethe causing the ground under to crack and a huge shockwave to rush towards the heartless.
Vespa The heartless armor looks worn down now and cracks are starting to appear on it from everyone attack. The heartless brings it sword up it glow a bit darker now seeming gathering the darnkess around it. It bring it down the darnkess extending down in large blade trying to strike everyone!
Avira Avira makes a mental note to stick to magical attacks in regards to this particular Heartless. Unlike last time, this time she slips in the way of the sword, using the buckler shield on her back to absorb the hit so nobody else takes one too hard. From the looks of it, the strike actually hurt a lot more than she was expecting.

It was strange, she really didn't feel on top of her game lately. Manhattan is likely the cause. But hey, at least it existed again.

She moves backwards now to gather her wits and look for a good weakspot to strike.
TRON TRON ducks, the shadowy blade slamming against the side of his helm and knocking it clear off his head, but causing little damage other than one heck of a headache. Avira's block seemed to have taken the brunt of it. But as the helm bounces away on dusty ground, the Program charges and lets his Discs fly once more as he spins on the balls of his feet.

The black Disc soars, arcing upwards in a circle. The Silver Disc follows, arcing in reverse to knock the Heartless back down. TRON snatches his black Disc out of the air and charges, fist raised and Disc held like brass knuckles before he levels an uppercut directly at the Heartless' center-mass.
Minerva Minerva sees TRON fight she has to say his use of his disc is quite curious. She needs to focus on destroying this thing and she follows all of her allies after this. As Avira strieks her hand burst into holy flames and she leaps at the thing aiming to grab what passes for it's head. It's like It's Heaven's wish to destroy all minds as after a moment? There's a holy explosion where she struck the beast.
Vespa The heartless armor cracks from the renetless pound from Tron's and Minvera attacks. It's armors cracks more opening up then falling in peices onto the ground the body of it destoryed and whatever magic was holding it together fading away.. The still the matter of the unconous maid..
Avira Avira exhales a long sigh of relief as the armored Heartless is dispatched. After a careful glance around the room for further ones, she returns the Spine to its sheath. "This is a bad spot for a heartfelt conversation. Let's grab Vespa and get out of here." she suggests, heading over to the unconscious former VALKYRI.

Between picking up Vespa and picking up the axe, Avira goes for Vespa, thinking she might be easier for her to handle.
TRON TRON hesitates for just a moment, catching the Discs as they return to him and relocking them back into place on his back. "Agreed." He peers back down the broken-down door from where the Heartless had emerged from. "Before more show up."

He retrieves his helm and his staff, slipping both back onto their proper places, and goes to grab the axe while Avira helps Maira with Vespa. Hopefully the Axe won't mind someone else carrying it around for a little while.

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