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(2013-03-30 - Now)
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Morrighan Alazne Everything looks to be running as normal in Traverse Town. Daylight is not a thing that exists as usual and people can be seen browsing the various shops as usual. Among the people strolling about is an odd sight; a dark elf adorned in a rather fancy dress. Her hair was extremely long and done up in some manner of ponytail that reached down to her leg level regardless. And on her face was a rather sour look, red eyes narrowed in irritation, fatigue, and just general anger and disappointment at everything around her.

She must have been through quite a bit.

It didn't look like this particular elven woman had any sort of specific destination in mind, her eyes wandering the various storefronts with no sort of interest whatsoever. Eventually though, she wound up passing by a store that looked rather out of the way. Staring up at the sign. "...Magical Assistance and Consulting." What an odd manner of business. In fact, she could not say what exactly their primary function would be.

Normally, the elf would have just turned away and went about her merry way,, what was there to lose? This was her time to be using as she pleased. She was not under anyone's microscope. And thus, the dark elf wordlessly moved forward, entering the shop. As she did so, she took the time to look about. Left and right at all the potions, ingredients, and other random trinkets and knick knacks scattered about. "Hmn..."
Rosemarie Rosemarie takes a moment to appear, having busied herself elsewhere in the premises while there was a lull in visiting customers. The bell on the door exists for a reason, however, and before long Rosemarie surfaces from the back with a warm and healthy greeting.

"Hello and welcome to Madame Rosemarie's Magical Assistance and Consulting! Is there something I can do for you Miss--" Rosemarie trails off for a moment, blinking behind her spectacles (for reading paperwork, clearly). She seems a little caught off-guard by another dark elf, at first, but composes herself swiftly enough. "Miss. Is there anything that's caught your eye? Questions maybe?" Rose smiles pleasantly. "If you need anything, I'll be right here, hun."
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan was far too engrossed in staring at the random assortment of items the store seemed to offer, wondering just what the logic behind it all was, when the owner of the store finally appeared. Not that she was really looking to speak with anyone, but alas. "I have not come here with any specific purpose in mind." She replied, not actually turning to look until after she finished speaking.

"I was simply passing by and then..." Pause. Who was this? Morrighan wound up lingering idly for a moment as her eyes met Rosemarie's. It was like looking in a mirror. Almost anyway. "...Erm." A shake of the head to dash away such thoughts and then the mage continued her previous statement. "...I was merely curious as to the function of this establishment. I do not believe that I have come across such a place before."
Rosemarie "To provide whatever your heart desires," Rosemarie winks, setting her glasses down behind the counter and producing a hand fan from seemingly nowhere. She flips it open, using it provide herself with a little more mystery.

"More specifically I provide an assortment of goods and services--most of them arcane or mystical in nature--for paying clients. More often than not I help folks looking for a little more in life find their happiness when more mundane methods fall short." Rosemarie grins, perhaps a little deviously, but there's a certain playfulness to it that keeps it from being entirely sinister. The accent helps a little bit.

"And of course you haven't come across an establishment like this one, sugarplum! Madame Rosemarie's is one of a kind!" Rose winks. "I take pride in offering only the best to all my customers." She snaps the fan closed. "So is there something I can help you with, dearie?"
Morrighan Alazne "Whatever my heart desires..."

That just sounded highly implausible. Whatever her heart desired? Hah! Morrighan wanted to laugh, but...she held it in and just nodded a bit, stepping forward after. A bit closer to the counter. "So in short, you sell magical items, perform services of the magical nature, and provide advice. ...How strange."

Strange in that those three services were never usually lumped together into one place! But hey, perhaps that did make this place unique. She sighed afterward though, taking another glance about the establishment before answering. "...Something you can help me with? not sure. There are a lot of problems to deal with. Where would I even begin now?"

It sounded almost as if she were joking, but the look on her face suggested that there was some truth laced in there.
Rosemarie "Well, crumbcake, it seems like maybe we ought to talk a bit about what's troubling you. Do you like tea? Coffee maybe?" Rose smiles. "Why don't we go set a place at the table and I'll put something on to boil."

Rose leads the way toward the back, stepping through the doorway there. It leads into a sizeable dining room with comfortable chairs, the largest one--presumedly to seat Rose--is sitting at the head. The dark elf takes a look at it, cocks her head slightly, and then taps it three times. The table suddenly collapses on itself, shortening to something much more reasonably sized for two people to converse over. The chairs seem to simply flip back and vanish into thin air.

"You can go ahead and sit down, honey, and I'll be back in a moment. Would you like anything to eat?"
Morrighan Alazne The nicknames.

...The nicknames.

They made her eyebrow twitch in irritation. Seriously, she was not so young that those sorts of names were applicable! But at the end of the day, those were the least of her worries, and so Morrighan just moved to follow. It was not as if she had any other plans for the day. Wandering Traverse Town was pretty much it. So there was time to be wasted. Even if it was in some weird shop about nothing! ...Okay, maybe nothing was a bit harsh.

Either way, they made their way into the back and into some sort of dining room? The table was a bit large for just sitting down and talking, wasn't it? Morrighan watched as Rose caused the table and chairs to essentially reshape and rearrange themselves, raising an eyebrow. Such enchantments were not unknown to her, but seeing them in action was still somewhat entertaining. If only a bit.

Twitching again at 'honey', she moved forward, smoothing out her dress a bit before having a seat as offered. "I am not particularly hungry, no. ...Thank you regardless, I suppose." Surveying the room for a moment, she then asked. "You live here as well as work?"
Rosemarie "That's right," Rosemarie says from the kitchen, swiftly brewing up both a kettle of tea /and/ a pot of coffee since her guest didn't make a request on which she would rather have. Rosemarie returns to the table with them, setting them out and offering to pour Morrighan a cup. "I live here as do a few of my helpers. I occasionally rent out to boarders as well, as the need arises." Rosemarie pauses, getting this look of realization.

"How rude of me! I didn't even properly introduce myself. As you probably guessed, I'm Rosemarie, the proprietor. My help's out running errands at the moment, otherwise I'd introduce them as well. I don't believe I got your name either, Miss...?"
Morrighan Alazne "Interesting."

Not really, but okay. Morrighan just nodded numbly, staring down at the empty cup before inclining her head towards the tea. She didn't partiuclarly want any, but it would have been rude to refuse that much. "Thank you." She said lightly, taking the cup of tea and just holding it for warmth for now.

So there was someone else here as well. Or rather, someone else that lived here, but was out at the moment. Morrighan was not particularly interested in meeting them though. This was just a spur of the moment visit off of sheer curiosity. Once introductions were made though, her attention was turned back to Rosemarie. "I am Morrighan Lachesis Alazne. But most just call me Morrighan. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance I suppose."

That said, the dark elf took a tentative sip of the tea before setting the cup down. "......" Silence reigned then as she thought to herself, wondering if it was a good idea to come in here after all.
Rosemarie Rosemarie takes a seat. She seems to have a designated chair for a very clear reason. That aside, the tea is quite good and does not contain any funny business. Rosemarie takes her own tea and adds quite a bit of sugar and cream to it before taking a sip herself. Once she sets it back on the saucer she speaks up again.

"A pleasure, Ms. Alazne. Such a lovely name. Would you prefer Morrighan?" Rose sips her tea again. "Hmm. I should have brought the scones." she muses, quietly, before speaking up again. "Ah, pardon me. You were saying you had some troubles? Would you like to talk about them? I'm nothing if not a good listener."
Morrighan Alazne Letting the silence linger for a bit longer, Morrighan eventually shook her head and spoke up. "No, it is fine. I do not mind whatever name you decide to call me by." ...As long as it is not sugarplum, cupcake, honey, sweetie, or anything remotely similar! But of course that went unsaid in lieu of sipping tea. Meanwhile she thought about just what to say and where to start. Her problems were plentiful, and pinpointing an origin was rather difficult.

"Erm...I am not sure where to start, but...perhaps the most recent would be best." nodding to herself then, she began to recount. "Quite some time ago, I met a man. Another dark elf, but a different species from you and I. He was stuck in some sort of trap. ...I should have simply left him to die, but...I decided to help him out." She sighed at the memories before continued. "That would turn out to be the beginning of the largest headache currently present in my life. This man, known as Count Valos. He is obsessed with being professional. He cannot understand complex human mannerisms. ...Or perhaps it is more accurate to say that he chooses not to. I am not sure. And he does not express much emotion."

Morrighan took a pause then, looking clearly irritated as she took a moment to take a deep breath. "At first I thought of him as an amusement. His actions and mannerisms were not like others. They were entertaining in that way. But...Eventually he revealed to me that he was attracted to me. From that moment onwards, his behavior has become completely incomprehensible. He presumes to try and analyaze me on some sort of mental level. Picking me apart as if I were some sort of test subject. He seems to express disappointment that I do not understand exactly what is is that he is trying to do all the while and...I am just fed up. He continually makes assumptions about me. Thinking that he has my entire life figured out and I have had it up to here with it! I have lived far too long to have someone waltzing in and assuming that they understand everything!"

Having a bit of an outburst there, Morrighan had thrown her hands into the air angrily. Only realizing after, her face turned a bit red and she recomposed herself. "Erm...I seem to have gone off track for a bit there..."
Rosemarie "Oh, it's quite alright Ms. Morrighan. You have good reason to be upset," Rosemarie says, sipping from her tea again. "He sounds dreadful," Rosemarie continues, "and that's having had my own assortment of gentleman callers at one time or another. None of them like that, however. Or really like us. I was not very popular among my own people back home."

"But enough about that. We're talking about your struggles. So this Valos fellow," Rose says, "sounds very controlling. Does he try to lead you in certain directions as fitting his plans or does he simply make assumptions?" Rosemarie rubs her chin with her long, claw-like fingernails.
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan nodded slowly. She could relate somewhat. People of other races hardly understood her, only being drawn to appearances. It was...bothersome. And people could hardly be trusted already. "But despite what I have said, he is not the biggest problem. Only an effect of something much deeper. ...Or maybe he is the origin. I cannot be sure any more."

She then shook her head and sighed, mulling over the question. "The truth of the matter is that I have no idea what it is he is trying to do at all. His plans make no sense to me, yet he is disappointed that I do not exercise my brain attempting to decipher his nonsense. All I do know for sure is that he would love to partake in...well /me/, but exercises caution not to. He has been avoided me for some time before this recently began happening because of that. And I only just recently came to understand this."

Another sigh and then she took a sip of her tea. Taking the moment to rest. "...Let me recount something that he had said to me in his own words. I warn you now, it may be rather long winded." Taking a deep breath then, Morrighan exhaled in exasperation before speaking up again, proceeding to repeat his words.

"I take sight of someone who needs help but who is too proud to ask for any of it. I see someone who does not know who she can turn to, yet she meanders around, forming and breaking alliances in the hopes of finding some force in which she can feel secure, and safe- she is looking for a confidante. I see someone who is lost and wants to find her place; someone who wants to belong somewhere, but simultaneously, someone who is losing hope as the days go by, causing her to become bitter, and jaded. But who could blame you for not having loyalties, when I gather scant in quantity are those who've been loyal to you, else those that were, have been so indolent that they weren't reliable enough to've warranted the acquisition of your trust?"

Once finished, the elven woman let out yet another sigh. "...Sometimes to do curse my brain for remembering such rants as these. But...that is what he said."
Rosemarie "Hmm," Rosemarie listens carefully, nodding as a appropriate. Once Morrighan stops Rose takes a moment to mull over what's been said. It is quite a situation. She sips on her tea silently, pausing a moment to add in just a wee bit more sugar. She likes a little tea in her sugar.

"That was rather eloquent," Rosemarie says, "if a bit pretentious. Do you think he's accurate with it? I hate to invade your privacy, Ms. Morrighan, but if you /are/ looking for a confidante--" Rosemarie gestures, slightly, at herself.

"You can trust that I won't spill your secrets. I'm sure it sounds odd, coming from a businesswoman, but I put a great deal of professional pride in making sure anyone who comes into my shop is well-taken-care-of." Rosemarie rubs her chin. "But that, of course, is at your disgression. How do you feel about this fellow, Count Valos? Would you rather avoid him and his games? I can certainly help there."
Morrighan Alazne "...Between you and I? ...He is not entirely incorrect. But his pretentiousness and his pride in his assumptions and percieved intelligence drive me up the wall! I want nothing to do with him." Finding herself growing angry again, Morrighan took a couple breathes to calm herself down before having another sip of her tea. "Hmph...!"

Another huff of anger and then he crossed her arms. ".....Miss Rosemarie. I have not met anyone else like me out there. It is rather refreshing to have run into you in that respect." A nod of acknowledge there and the dark elf managed to smile just a bit. "...If I do need to confide in someone, perhaps it will be you."

And then her smile drops at the mention of Valos. "I believe he will leave me alone of his own accord, but nevetheless, I think I would rather avoid his games entirely, should he choose to involve me again."
Rosemarie Rosemarie nods. "I won't tell," she says affably. "That must be dreadful though." She thinks about about the comment about dark elves and seems to consider this for a long moment. "Well I am glad to have been a pleasant surprise for you," she says, "Dark elves in my world were a little less pleasant than you and I."

"Well it's nice when problems solve themselves," Rosemarie nods, sipping from her tea again. If you have any further trouble though, perhaps I could be of assistance. It would not be the first time I've helped someone avoid a troublesome follower."
Morrighan Alazne "Is that so? I....never met those from my world." Morrighan admitted, staring at her own reflection within the teacup. "I was raised among light elves rather. ...I imagine you can figure how well that turned out." But it would explain her disposition. Some of it in any case. When Valos was called a follower, the dark elf paused.

"Erm...I am not sure that I would call him a follower. He seems to do the opposite rather. But when he does seek me out, it has been nothing but trouble. Especially recently..." Sigh. "How will you go about this though? ...And what do you require as payment? Rather, how much?"
Rosemarie "Ah, well, poor word choice on my part," Rosemarie admits, sipping on her tea again. She refills the cup and goes about adding more sugar and cream again. "I wouldn't say that I was raised by them either, save for the bare essentials. I was apprenticed very early. But enough about that."

"So more of a leader, I suppose? Either way. I have a wide assortment of polymorphs available which can be easily tailored to your needs and likings. Of course, that's the easiest option if a little extreme. Quite a few people are quite happy with who they are. Besides those I have several illusion enchantments, and the old-fashioned method of simply giving you a place to stay from time to time." Rosemarie chuckles a little.

"Now in terms of payment, well, that certainly depends on your needs and your resources. I charge reasonably monetary rates, but I offer an assortment of other types of payments that I'll negotiate. Like favors."
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan shook her head again. "A leader? Pah! Hardly, he is much an errand boy in the grand scheme of the organization we have found ourselves a part of. But no more about him. Any further thought only serves to irritate me." Morrighan rolled her eyes at that and had another sip of her tea as she pondered the options laid out before her. Verbally at least.

"Hrmn...I do not require a...polymorph. Illusions...may be rather entertaining. I doubt that he would be able to ascertain their authenticity...But no." The dark elf mulled over her options a bit more, tapping her cheek in thought. "...Miss Rosemarie, if I may veer off subject a bit, let me ask a question."

Setting her arm into her lap, the elven woman turned her attention completely to the other dark elf, expression somewhat somber. "...How does one find happiness?"
Rosemarie Rosemarie pauses mid-sip. "What a curious question to ask, Miss Morrighan." Rosemarie says, setting her cup down on the saucer. "And a difficult one, as well. I suppose if anyone should know, however, it would be someone like me who specializes in 'happy endings'." Rose grins a little bit.

"From what I've found, the first step is deciding what you want in life. For some people, that is love or romance. For others it is wealth--though I've found that those who desire money only want more of it. Still others want knowledge, or power, or any number of things. Some people don't really want anything, they just have to learn to appreciate what they have."

Rosemarie seems to be lost in her own thoughts for a moment.
Morrighan Alazne "Is it really that curious...?" Morrighan mumbled, raising her head to look at Rosemarie, listening as she gave her own opinion and insight onto the matter. Deciding what it is she wanted in life. What DID she want out of life? Hmn... "I only ask because...many people have told me that 'they just want me to be happy'. But...I am not sure how to even go about such a thing. ...I feel lost, and I have no idea where to even begin on the matter of 'being happy'..."

Folding her arms into her lap, the dark elf stared downwards, lost in thought as well for a bit. "They all make it sound so easy. So simple to just go and 'be happy', but..." She shook her head. "...I just can not see how it can be so."
Rosemarie "It's very easy to say, but I find that it's difficult for most people to do," Rosemarie says, "After all, if it was easy I wouldn't have as many clients as I do," the dark elf jokes, sipping from her tea again. She comes back to attention from whereever her mind had wandered for a moment.

"My recommendation on where to start, Ms. Morrighan, is to think about what you enjoy. Are there ever moments when you are so content with what you have that you wouldn't change your circumstances?"
Morrighan Alazne Considering the question, Morrighan took a sip of her tea, nearly finished with it now. "Hmn...What do I enjoy..." There was a long, long moment of silence. And that moment extended as an answer continued to go unprovided. It looked like she really had no idea after all. Had she ever had any moments where she was so content that being where she was, was satisfactory?

...Eventually Morrighan just shook her head silently. Not a word was spoken, but it was more than enough of an answer.
Rosemarie "Oh dear," Rosemarie says, "that won't do at all! I'm certain we can figure out something you enjoy. Perhaps you haven't done enough yet." Rose considers for a moment, looking into her tea. "What is it that you do, Ms. Morrighan? Maybe that's a good place to start."
Morrighan Alazne "Ah...Well..." Morrighan sighed and looked upwards as she started speaking. "I mostly just work as a healer, or a mage in various organizations. Providing healing to people or assistance with magic rituals and such. Inevitably, such positions seem to carry with them the threat of combat. It is a rather tiresome thing really..." She took a moment to finish her team, setting the cup back down after before adding onto her statement. "Generally, I come and go when the situation and the atmosphere of the organization I happen to be working with becomes unfavorable."
Rosemarie "Ahh. Well that's certainly a useful set of skills. It's no wonder you've been able to find work traveling around," Rosemarie says. "Though such traveling tells me that you haven't found an organization that you're satisfied with, either. Hmm." Rosemarie stirs her tea idly. After a few moments she leaves the spoon be, which continues to stir without her doing so.

"Though you clearly aren't afraid of combat, so what makes these places unfavorable?"
Morrighan Alazne "You are correct in that I am not afraid of combat, but...I would really rather not be hurt now." She grumbled, watching Rose's spoon stir itself without her actually doing so. An amusing distraction. After a moment of watching, she just shook her head and turned her attention back to the other dark elf.

% "What makes those places unfavorable...It is almost always the people associated with them. The people, their situations, and their machinations." Morrighan idly began to look around, studying the walls and whatever else happened to be in the room as she explained. "But above all else, I would have to say that it is the people who I have to listen to. The people I must work with, the people that work against them. All of it always turns out to be nothing but trouble and irritation."
Rosemarie "Understandable, I try to avoid conflict where I can. It's bad for business, besides being unpleasant." Rose smiles, removing the spoon and setting it aside. She sips from her tea again. "Regardless, it sounds like you move with what's tolerable rather than what you find enjoyable. That might be part of the trouble. Mm."

"But now you've got my interest, Ms. Morrighan. I do enjoying helping people find their bliss. Perhaps I could help you as well, if you're interested."
Morrighan Alazne "It has been so long, that I am not sure what is even enjoyable anymore..." Morrighan admitted, sighing after. Going quiet for a bit, she then turned her attention back to Rose. "Do you really think I can be helped? Most everyone else has either given up or in certain other people's cases, have attempted to analyze me as if I were some sort of broken object."

That last statement ended with a fair bit of irritation. She was not an object to be analyzed after all. Not some sort of research subject. Or an oddity to be gazed at under a looking glass. "Hmph..." Oh wonderful, now her mood was rapidly going south as she continued thinking about it.
Rosemarie "Everyone can be helped," Rosemarie says with confidence. "It's simply a matter of having the patience and the means." She smiles pleasantly. "And please, if you catch me putting you 'under the microscope', as you said, let me know. I'll try to avoid it. I've experienced my unfair share of nosyness as well."
Morrighan Alazne "Is that so..." Morrighan just nodded rather numbly after, in response to putting her under the microscope. "You have my gratitude. I suppose I should actually make some sort of decision now actually, should I not?" She chuckled lightly at that, they had gone quite a bit off course from their original goals and subject.

Or maybe it was more accurate to say that it evolved...?

Regardless, Morrighan looked up in thought for a moment before nodding. "I am unfortumately employed with the Church of Glabados at the moment. And I have a residence in Mullonde. As troublesome as it is, I will need to be there in order to perform my job. After all, it is not as if I can simply leave a stand in there while I do other things, yes?"

There was a pause, and then she added. "That would be rather convenient however..."
Rosemarie Rosemarie strokes her chin thoughfully. "A stand-in? Hmm. I would have to know a little more about what your responsible for before I could arrange anything, but perhaps it wouldn't be unreasonable. Mmhmm." The Church of Glabados. She's heard of it before--specifically when one Inquisitor Senja visited her shop. Rosemarie considers this carefully before answering.

"Maybe we can arrange something. It might take a little work and a little bit of time...and of course, a little more information. Let's stay in touch and work on it, shall we, Ms. Morrighan?"
Morrighan Alazne Waving her hands a bit to try to deflect it Morrighan spoke up again. "Oh, no no. I was not being completely serious there. A stand in would be...well, far too complicated and quite a bit of work. If anything...I think that just having an alternative place to disappear to would do just fine. It is much simpler, and I do not require anything too complex."

Setting her hands back into her lap, her tone evened out a bit as she continued. "And on that matter, payment still has not been worked out. I have enough money I suppose, but if favors are also applicable, what sort of things would I have to do?" Heaving a sigh, Morrighan nodded to Rosemarie, responding to her question. "...Yes, I staying in touch is logical."
Rosemarie "I am always interested in learning new things, and healing magics are not something which I'm terribly familiar with." Rosemarie says with a smile. "And besides that, I could use some talented help with some of potions brewing. My current assistants have their own skills, but--" Rosemarie shrugs. "Assisting me in the kitchen is not really one of them."
Morrighan Alazne "Is that so...I figure you would have been. But then again, the various fields of magic are as diverse as the ocean itself. One cannot expect to know them all." Nodding to her own conclusion, she went on. "If it is like that, then I would not have a problem assisting you in those tasks. I am familiar with them in any case." Yes, even if she looked and acted like a spoiled princess, and then additionally rarely made use of her domestic skills; she was capable and competent at it.

"This seems like an agreeable manner of compensation then. I can offer some instruction and insight on the matter of healing magic as well as assist you with your magical and domestic tasks. If you require monetary compensation as well, I can provide it too"
Rosemarie "Wonderful!" Rosemarie says cheerily. "Then it's settled. It will be lovely to have a new face around here for a while, even if your visits are spread out by necessity. It will take me a bit to set up your room though, if you'd like to stay here while you're visiting."
Morrighan Alazne "We are agreed then." Morrighan said in kind. "If it is not too much trouble, I would not be opposed to staying about when I visit. I imagine it would be a nice change of pace from Mullonde." And away from the annoying templars, likely corrupt clergymen, annoying elves who thought they knew her, and relicious zealots. That was also a plus. A big plus in this case.

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