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(2013-03-30 - 2013-04-16)
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Ramza Beoulve The sun had not even risen above the eastern horizon when Artemis and Ramza rose from their reverie. The final watch had been relieved, and the camp became animated with activity as the company began to set about their morning tasks.

Gared and Sheryl were having a discussion about /nothing/ really, as Sheryl busied herself with the morning cooking.

After their morning tea, which had become a ritual between Artemis and Ramza, he might have suprised her with the suggestion that they begin their morning exercises early.

Part of the motive, which he hadn't yet related to her is that Sheryl was the worst cook in the company.

And so it wasn't long before the two were alone a good distance away from the camp, and Ramza had begun to stretch, as per her earlier recommendations.

When he spoke to her, he intended to mean it as a sort of idle conversation, though the concern in his voice indicated the question meant that he suspected her sleep was restless. "Did you sleep well?"
Artemis Eurus Artemis had slept somewhat restlessly, but it wasn't actually Ramza's fault. No no, it had everything to do with Louis.

Still, she was up before dawn, making them tea, then heading out for her morning training with Ramza. She sits in the grass, her legs stretched out in front of her as she leans over to her toes. "I slept well enough, and yourself Ramza? It is good to be outside again, I must say."
Evja After that large fight, at the que to escape, Evja had turned to run and nearly fell. Perhaps it was thankful that her Chocobo had been watching nervously from nearby, because just as she fell, the large yellow bird ran out and flung Evja onto his back before following after Ramza and the rest, mostly since it did understand some phrases like 'come' and Artemis had given such!

The wound on the Viera's chest was actually quite bad, though, and thankfully amongst Ramza's bunch there were those who had White Mage training. Thus, finally coming around, Evja - bandaged up and treated as best one can these such things, stumbles carefully out of the tent where she had been placed with her cloak wrapped tightly around her and feeling just a bit... well, exposed. Her armor had been removed of course and bandages applied, so at least someone here knew her gender! Hopefully it was just a hume mage who didn't have the sense to know about Viera gender issues.

In fact, Evja did look just a bit out of it still, looking around just outside the tent as if trying to figure out where she was. Senra wasn't to far off, grazing on some grass.
Ramza Beoulve He answered honestly, to his credit, "Not as well as I would have liked."

He tried to deflect the reason for such away from the conversation from last night as the reason for his restlessness, focusing entirely on the other reason. "I'd spoke with several among us, in an attempt to ascertain exactly what my failing was. How did we run headlong into an army like that?"

He actually chuckles, though it had a sort of bitter edge to it. "....Curse me for a fool, I've been ambushed too many times for my liking, but never like /that/. Perhaps I'd been naive enough to believe the Church would remain as set in its ways. We'll have to obtain some new technology to keep up with them."

He unstrapped his greaves from his trousers, and took off his breastplate sitting down, and stretching out his legs, one arm to a toe, then both arms. Then to the other leg, then straight down the middle. He'd then sit Indian style, and stretched forward yet again.

Spying the Viera, he'd wave to her, motioning for her to join us. "Good morning Madame, how are your injuries? Faring better I trust?"

As to whether anyone knew /her/ gender, Sheryl was a very circumspect and modest individual that didn't tend to invade anyone's privacy, so all of the company save her were blissfully unaware.
Artemis Eurus Artemis frowns gently, giving Ramza a look that she hopes is reassuring. Whatever happened, she doesn't want him to worry about it. They have enough to worry about. She'd still kick his butt per usual!

Art sighs, shaking her head. "You are not a fool," at least in this... "the Church has become more aggressive as of late. We will have to be extra careful. I have a few suggestions of course...for one, we should keep moving. Never stay in one place too long. Secondly, we need a way to communicate. There are...radios...and means of communication we could secure for ourselves so that we can communicate between each other more privately and over long distances. Thirdly...if possible...I would suggest we attempt to plant someone in the Church as spy. Not a good position for anyone, but valuable."

Artemis continues stretching, looking over towards Evja. "Ah, Judge," she says, standing, bowing some in greeting. "Thank you for you assistance yesterday. It was quite valuable. Indeed..." she glances toward Ramza. "I will owe you a debt."
Evja "...I suppose they are."

Looking down, Evja seemed just a bit uneasy, hand fiddling with something beneath the cloak before looking back up, this time to Artemis. She paused and nodded just a little before tugging the long cloak just a little tighter. "It is well enough. I did not do it because of any hatred towards the Church, or... love of you, whoever you may be. It is not within who I am to allow any to act as they were doing. I could not bear witness to a hunt such as that and not act."

While she spoke Evja's chocobo wandered up from behind her to bump her on the back of the head. Laughing slightly Evja straighened up and slipped one arm out of her cloak to reach up and pat him on the side of the head. "So you owe me naught. Though I would ask... where are we?"
Ramza Beoulve Ramza would grin to Artemis. "Then its a good thing that /someone/ in the company had more forethought than myself."

He takes out a small earpiece from one of his pockets, tossing it over to her. "As for planting someone as a spy. I'm already working on it, though I would prefer..."

A short pause. "I'd prefer that someone willingly volunteer, its not something I wish to pressure anyone to do. Its an abominable position they'd be in, as we wouldn't be able to support them very easily."

As he glances towards Evja, he'd actually chuckle. "That you did it because it was the right thing to do, makes you more of a kindred spirit to us than you know. And nevertheless, I still feel that I owe you repayment in some way."

He'd finally stand once his stretching was complete, sweeping a hand about the area. "From what I'm told, this is France. I know little else about it, except that its very similar to Ivalice, the land Artemis and I hail from."
Artemis Eurus Artemis catches the earpiece and places it in, smiling widely toward Ramza. "Very nice," she comments, placing it in. She has seen similar things before.

She will let Ramza answer the majority of Evja's questions, moving a bit away to begin her training forms.
Evja "France. Right." She had no idea at all where that was and felt just a little lost, actually. Not that it mattered much at the moment. Taking a moment to look at the sky, Evja finally asked, "Why was the Church looking to hunt you down and kill you? I... had to fight away someone I once thought myself a friend with and until whenever it happened, I was on good terms with. I might have severed that association forever, but still... I would like to know what I did sever it for - or, rather, who."

Senra wandered off to eat again as Evja stepped closer and sat down next to Ramza, hand likely idly rubbing over the mark beneath her cloak as she did given there was a slight movement about her even after sitting dow.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza arched an eyebrow. He found it rather peculiar that a Judge had no idea whom he was, given that the Church had literally littered the land with wanted posters and handbills with his face upon it but he decided to indulge his curiosity. "I'm wanted for heresy and murder. The charge of murder is a false one, against a Cardinal of the Church named Delacroix. The man was possessed by an Archdemon, and attacked us. I was forced to slay him in self-defense. The charge of heresy was initially a false one as well, a mark placed upon me by the leadership of the Church for defying them. Now, it is actually true in a literal sense, since I have evidence which prove the teachings of the Church false. I don't consider heresy in the defense of the truth to be a crime, personally."

The young man shrugs his shoulders. "Either way, if I were captured, I'd be put to death by the office of the Inquisition in short order, to cover up the secrets of the Church's leadership."

He'd take a few steps over to the other side of the hill, admiring the view with a smile. "The fact of the matter is, that most of the Church's clergy and Templars are good men, who minister to the souls of the faithful and are blissfully ignorant of what sort of men they have in power. When I told Ser Senra that I meant him no harm, I truly meant it. He's a good man, and I despise the Church all the more for using him as their pawn."
Evja "Do not despise the church for Faruja. He is... a blind fool, one who cannot think for himself. There is a difference between him and I, despite that we will both never question our orders, or not follow them. I... follow them because that is my duty, and job, even if I do not like them. He... believes them, and convinces himself they are just, because he has not the conscience to do something because it is his job rather than right or wrong. Though I do have hope that perhaps he will get a bit of sense finally one day."

But to hear this charge... it sounds familiar. Evja had heard of him before, or so she thought. "Still, I do not think I shall make an enemy of the church, nor an ally of them. Not this day at least." And with that Evja stands, "I... I should depart, though. Tomorrow I have something to d--" then she pauses, and looks towards Ramza, "The... the scuffle was today, yes?" she sounded /entirely/ too nervous. Please don't have been yesterday please don't have been yesterday ple--
Artemis Eurus Artemis, mid form with her sword, answers. "It was yesterday," she replies quietly. She's been silent, but she had been listening and taking in what was said. Evja seemed the sort she could understand. Perhaps they would meet again and have a chance to speak further.

"The man in command is my brother. Watch out for him...he is very dangerous," she comments then, giving Evja fair warning. Not that he hadn't already noticed, Artemis was sure.
Ramza Beoulve The young man was still looking away, his voice puzzled. "I don't despise them for Faruja. I despise them all the more for it. He's a good man, despite his zealotry. You don't know much of Ivalice, where I came from, so I won't bore you with details that would mean little to you. The Church is led by a council of Archdemons known as Lucavi, this is not known to most of Ivalice as a whole. In their possession are Zodiac Stones, Auracite which most of Ivalice believes are holy relics. In truth, they are conduits to the Netherworld, and allow the Lucavi to tempt and possess individuals who lust for power. They were the masterminds behind a conspiracy to remake Ivalice in their image, with the Church as the rulers of a puppet state. Many innocent lives would have been crushed, had they been allowed to follow through..."

He'd cross his arms behind his back, folding his hands together. "It doesn't matter. They know who you are, don't they? Ser Senra might have been willing to forgive your actions, but the rest of the Church, that man, Louis.."

His tone suddenly became grim. "...he will not. I would not be suprised if they had already charged you with heresy as well."

When he spoke about what day it was, he'd give the woman a strange look. "Madame. Its barely past dawn. The battle was yesterday."
Evja O.O;

Evja's face looks a moment of shock towards the end. Not because of the thought of heresy but... "IT WAS YESTERDAY?!" Nearly squawking in panic Evja turns and begins to run towards the tent she was in only to wince and lean forward, chest hurting a fair bit. Stupid injury. Still, she does dart into the tent for some reason, likely to get her armor or something.
Ramza Beoulve The puzzlement continues. "Was there somewhere that you needed to be Madame?"

He'd glance to Artemis briefly, then back to Evja. "We could perhaps aid in expediting your trip, depending on where you needed to be, and the reason for it."
Artemis Eurus Artemis looks toward Evja, tilting her head slightly. "Alright...ah, Farewell then," she says, then approaches Ramza, giving him a look and a shrug. "Be careful of the Church, they will brand you heretic easily and make your life very difficult."
Evja Squeak.

"I am late! Late! For a very important thing! No time to talk, no time to stay, I am late, late, late! Or soon to be! Oh dear me..." Mumbling to herself that last bit, the rest of it was half shouted before she poked her head out of the tent, "Archadia! A flight from Fluorgis! Or somewhere else to get there, that is where I need to go!"
Ramza Beoulve The young man would shrug at Artemis. "I'm not certain that she has her expectations entirely grounded in reality, Artemis, but she can take care of herself. She proved that much, so when reality comes crashing down on her.. I think she'll survive."

Ramza would gesture vaguely in an easterly direction. "That way. It'll take you to the Crossroads, which will lead you to Luca. A quick airship jaunt should have you there in a few short hours."

After a moment, he'd pick up the wooden training sword that Artemis had procured for them, holding it at a low guard. "So, you'll have to teach me how you... Well, teleport. That's what Sheryl calls it at least, but when she does it, its by magic."
Artemis Eurus Artemis takes up her practice sword and faces Ramza, frowning with thought. "I am not entirely sure I can teach you that all honesty, I am not entirely sure how I do it. It is of those things I am able to do? I discovered it training and meditating. I simply....I don't not know. I call it 'parting the veil'. It seems to go along with this," she says, then throws her hand out toward Ramza, hitting him with a light telekinetic blast.

"That I discovered when I was a child. Something frightened me...I was playing in the forest and ran into a bear. Then I sort of...threw it and ran away," she replies with a shrug.
Ramza Beoulve He stumbles backwards as he's hit by the blast of force, nearly falling over. He definitely didn't expect that.

He actually laughs goodnaturedly. "I see, well, if its not something you can teach, then its not something you can teach!"

He'd tilt his head to the side, grinning. "And now your legend grows. You were throwing bears as a child. My my, what exactly did I get myself into recruiting you?"
Evja About this point Evja finally steps out of the tent while wearing the rended armor, not quite happy about the shape it was in but there is nothing she can do. "Crossroads? Mm... I know where that is. Thank you!" And then she was gone atop Senra as soon as she whistled him over and crawled atop him(carefully).
Artemis Eurus Artemis waves farewell to Evja, then turns back toward Ramza, throwing out a few light strikes with her sword she is sure he will block and parry, just warming up.

She laughs then. "I can try Ramza, it is useful, but I will have to actually figure out how to teach it first I suppose...the other thing, I know not," she offers with a shrug. "We all must have our tricks I suppose."
Ramza Beoulve He'd chuckle at that, allowing her to push him as he only moved to defend against her strikes. "Tricks? I suppose that's one way of putting it. I think I made your brother wroth using my own. You see.."

Ramza would issue forth a feint after a time with a horizontal chop, then try to go on the offensive, with a few diagonal strikes. "...I'm actually not that skilled a mage. I have to use mundane little tricks to make my magic more effective. For the spell I used on the Dark Knight, and your Brother? Normally I can't cast it /at all/. Its only when my foe is particularly vile that the spell works. I can't really explain it. Everything else, I use oil to aid in fire magic, and water to aid with frost. Lightning spells.. I'm usually able to manage those without assistance, though I prefer to set those up in advance. I can pick up new spells easily enough, but they're not.. particularly powerful."
Artemis Eurus Artemis nods some, frowning. "Louis has never had a respectful view of magic. I am unsure why. Perhaps because he is completely inept with it--really, I am the same. The spells you do I could likely not manage. I can imbue my blade with fire or coldness...that is just about the extent of it. The...teleporting...and the other thing, I do not know if those are magic. I have not seen its like in our world, but I have seen similar since," she says, moving in to feint low then, then high, then finally actually strike his knees, her movements quick and smooth.
Ramza Beoulve He'd try parry the first two strikes, but she manages to tap his knees, he'd only started to react by jumping backwards when it happens. He'd grin at her sheepishly. "We all have our talents. And you're a master of your own. Myself? I'd call myself a dabbler in everything."

Ramza would stop for a time, smiling. "It allows me to think on my feet in a battle, but.. against someone like yourself, and Louis in a duel? I'd be sorely pressed. Thankfully, I don't ascribe to the notion that my honor demands that I /duel/ anyone."

After a time, he'd start to go through the routine with her, circling her again before advancing. He'd feint with a horizontal strike, then an upward slash, trying to drive her sword high in anticipation of an overhand strike. If she does fall for it, he'd drop his sword midswing and try to clasp his hands to either side of it.
Artemis Eurus Artemis smiles some, bowing her head slightly at the compliment. "You honor me," she replies to Ramza. "I have worked hard."

Artemis reads his intentions in his body language, countering even as he begins to execute his feint. She brings her sword down hard on his to knock it downward, lashing out with her foot in a high side kick toward the face--which she fully expects her will at least partially dodge

"It is not a bad thing to be a be balanced," she replies.
Ramza Beoulve "There's so much about you that I could honor, for insta..." /WHAM/ kick to the face. Nope, doesn't partially dodge at all, he lands flat on his arse, while rubbing his his cheek, chuckling all the while. "Except..when that happens.."

That would /really/ be sore later. Luckily he rarely let pain hinder him from trying again.

After a while he'd get back up, pick up the training sword, and circle her, trying yet again to search for an opening. This time he appeared a great deal more wary in his approach, and patient, as he'd wait for an opening that didn't look like a trick.
Artemis Eurus Artemis actually feels a little bad as her foot connects rather solidly with his face.

"You know...I thought you would dodge that," she comments, a smile forming. "Much about me you could honor hmm? Trying to get back into my good graces?" she asks.
Ramza Beoulve The cheek was already starting to swell. Feh. If he didn't care so much about the perception others had of him, he'd probably heal it right now. He'd still give her a wry smile, his voice teasing. "Mayhaps. Or mayhaps I'm just trying to avoid getting trounced so completely..."
Artemis Eurus Artemis laughs softly, shaking her head. "You are a good fighter Ramza. You have excellent instincts and you learn...very quickly," she replies. "...How old are you? I don't believe I have asked," she says then, moving in with a quick jab followed by a downward diagonal slash.
Ramza Beoulve He'd step to the side of the first strike, parry the blade on the second slash, then try a shallow feint horizontally, before slashing vertically and up "Not as adept as I'd like. Sometimes I wonder if I don't dedicate myself enough to it. My Father... he managed feats that seemed legendary to me as a child, and now that I'm adult, I'm still in /awe/ of what the man could accomplish."

He'd actually manage a sad smile. "There is so much that I wish that I'd learned from him before he passed..."

As she asks his age, he'd chuckle in bemusement. "Sevent..." A pause, as he considers the matter. "...eighteen now. I had a birthday not long ago now that I think about it."

And he hadn't really thought about it. It hadn't been celebrated, or even called to the attention of most with him.
Artemis Eurus Artemis shakes her head, parrying the strike, though it comes very close to scraping her. She will try to throw his sword wide, stepping inside his guard to throw a vertical punch to the solar plexus--which she does about as gently as Artemis can manage as she's not actually trying to knock the breath out of him. She's already feeling a little badly about the face...which is swelling...

"There is much to be said for being well balanced Ramza. Perhaps the day will come when there is peace...and you will be ready for it. You will adjust," she says. "Me? I am a warrior in my heart. When there is peace I will be placed on a shelf. I will gather dust, for I know nothing else."

Artemis stops then, blinking. "Eighteen? Tch...Odin's eye, you are even younger than I thought you were!" she says, feeling just slightly creepy now. Tch! She is seven years his elder!
Ramza Beoulve His sword was thrown out wide, but this time he seemed to anticipate her followup, as while the punch grazed him when he stepped out, his left hand snaked out to try and grasp her wrist in a similar way to how she grasped his the other day. Except she'd notice that he wasn't twisting her wrist just enough to actually put her at his mercy. It seemed more like he was just, experimenting with it.

This would of course leave him open to a brutal counterattack since he wasn't doing it properly, whether intentionally or not.

He'd reply to her in a calm voice. "Mayhaps. Sometimes I wonder if this is all that I know. Peace is all I desire, for an oppurtunity to lay down my sword, and yet I wonder how I'd acclimate to it?" He'd smile at her. "I wish I knew. Best not to dwell on that, with so much left to do."

His expression became one of faint amusement. "I was fifteen when I started my first command. I suppose I've had to mature faster than expected, out of necessity."

While he might have been curious about her age, he didn't ask. Perhaps he was told that it was /never/ polite to ask a Lady their age.
Artemis Eurus Artemis smiles with amusement as he grabs her wrist, reacting immediately by twisting so she can grab his wrist in turn and counter his attempt by twisting his wrist inward, a small motion that would put his whole body off balance. She would press the advantage and drop her practice sword to enter a grapple, snaking her front leg around to trip him then bring him to the ground, at which point she would still be holding him by the wrist while she would bring her hand down in a knife hand strike to this throat--or what would be, if she were trying to crush his wind-pipe.

Instead, she would simply sit on him, letting his wrist go to signal they were done. "I'm twenty five," she informs him. Even though he didn't ask, she could see the question in his eye. Practically an old maid! Not that Artemis gave a crap.

"I have to do something about your face Ramza. Come, there is a stream nearby. We'll look for leeches and clean up."
Ramza Beoulve Reversal! His wrist was grasped in a counterattack, his leg was swept, and then he was on the ground, with her sitting on top of him. And he was, laughing? He really did have a healthy attitude towards defeat by his allies. When she informs him of his age, after his laughter had stopped, he'd just look at her. "Twenty five? So young, to be so adept. I'd be fortunate if I had half your skill by that age."

The young man had a visible grimace for half a second, before his expression became stoic again. "Leeches?" She intended to leech him? Why wasn't he healing his own face out of pride again?
Artemis Eurus Artemis laughs too. It isn't as though she has never been trounced in a spar before--though it had certainly been a while since she had.

At his response to her age, her mask shifts shifts slightly as her eyebrows rise. "Heh...young? You flatter. By the standards of our society I should be married with several children, yes?"

Artemis stands then, extending a hand toward him to help him to his feet, a friendly gesture. "If you do this every morning with me, you will improve quickly," she says, beginning to lead the way down to the stream if he hadn't been there yet.

"I think you will adapt better than I shall to peace...but who knows when that will be, or if we will even life to see it. Unlikely," she comments with a shrug.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza arches an eyebrow. "Hardly. Well..." A thin smile touches his expression. "...only if you wished to. My father wanted as much for my sister. But there were so many officers and infantry in Ivalice that were Ladies that I can't say I have the same expectations."

He took her hand, letting her help him to his feet, and followed her down to the stream. "So you say. It certainly doesn't feel like it right now, but I enjoy the company enough that I shan't give up."

As they make it to the stream, he'd nod. "I'd prefer to be an optimist on that matter at least. What would you do if you found peace, after all of your oaths were fulfilled?"
Artemis Eurus The blonde smiles, moving through the forest easily and quietly until she reaches the stream. The company was enjoyable, should would admit. It is nice to have someone to train with again. She jogs down to the water and bends down to scoop some water into her hands, splashing her face with it. It is shockingly cool in early spring, just the thing after a morning of training.

At Ramza's question, Artemis frowns pensively as she reaches back to begin unwinding her braid. "I...would grow tea," she answers after a time. A secret dream that seemed further away every day. She couldn't let herself plan for a time that likely would never come. "I would grow it, process it, sell it...all day my skin would smell of tea leaves and the roasting fire," she continues, shrugging slightly. Maybe she's settle down with someone. There would be no family.

Artemis looks to Ramza then. "And yourself? What would you do?"
Ramza Beoulve The young man wades into the flowing waters of the stream. Washing off his face, and tilting his head to look at his cheek in the warped reflection the stream showed him. He had to admit, it was just what he needed. While he was mostly focusing on his cheek and face, he would eventually do the same for his hair.

When she relates her dream to him, he'd stop his impromptu bathing, and listen intently, after a time he'd smile. "I think that's a dream worth fighting for. You do make /excellent/ tea."

And then the question comes to him, and he finds himself staring into his reflection in the stream, a hand bending down to dip his fingers in his image, marring it. "I.. don't know. Not long ago a vile individual named the Mirror Master showed me what my life might have been like with a few small differences. It was a thing of perfection, a dream such that I think it'd be selfish for me to long for it..."

And then he looks up at her, frowning. "And then he showed me what my life might have been like had I made other choices. I don't really wish to speak of that vision, except to say that I became everything that I despise."
Artemis Eurus Artemis nods slowly, looking off into the woods across from the stream. "Yes...that is the way of it, isn't it," she replies quietly. Something is prickling at the back of her mind, like the shadow of a memory. A creeping sense of foreboding. It nearly makes her shiver.

She had made choices. She would make some still. Who would be effected by those choices? The number had rapidly grown.

Artemis rises slowly to her feet, unfolding to her full height, a good six feet. "You know I have sworn to see you through this. Perhaps I will live to see what you make of yourself when this is all done," she comments, then begins to take off her shoes.

Then she takes off her shirt.

Yup, she's going in. Because she's crazy.
Artyom W. Valodjn Well, this is an awkward moment to enter into.

He had been crouching at the other side of the stream for a little while now, obscured by a massive hunk of stone that he calls a sword. In his hands, there is a little tin plate, stirring water and stone about in tight circles. A keen eye might note that this is a common technique for many gold prospectors, though most gold prospectors are not also colossal men born of a primordial mountain.

Most gold prospectors are not also equipped with a kit of strange, glowing crystals that roll about in their gold-pans to pick up the presence of any trace precious metals.

Most gold prospectors do not bring colossal stone swords with them in their travels. Nor do they have names like 'Artyom W. Valodjn.'

Incidentally, this gold propsector casts his gaze past his stone sword just in time to see... Well, something very interesting. He peers, eyes narrowing slightly, before clearing his throat rather pointedly. "Excuse me," Artyom rumbles, "Is this really the proper place for such... Behavior?"
Ramza Beoulve "It always is..." And then he'd be staring at his reflection again, introspectively.

He was still staring at it when she responded again. "Oh I prefer to think optimistically but.." And then he looked up, and he was looking away from her, his cheeks instantly flushing to beet red.

Thankfully Artyom provided a decent distraction, as he hailed him. "Well met, Ser."

He decided to let Artemis respond to whether it was appropriate behavior or not. Personally he didn't care about what behavior is /proper/. She could do as she pleased. He'd just try his best not to watch.

He'd give the man an appraising look, he certainly didn't seem like a native of this /France/. Not like those that he'd encountered in passing. "Fain forgive my manners. I don't believe we've yet been introduced..."

Artemis would probably kill him, but he saw no reason to conceal his identity out here. He intended to move them in rather short order anyhow. "...My name is Ramza Beoulve. Might I have the pleasure of your acquaintance?"
Artemis Eurus Artemis hadn't detached her sword yet, and thus when she heard the voice of Artyom, she reached to place her hand on her blade rather than rush to put her shirt back on. /That/ she didn't care about it. "Since when is a stream not the proper place for bathing?" she calls. "I am sorry if you are offended, but perhaps you should have announced your presence earlier," she says, just...standing there topless with her hand on her blade, waiting to see if she would need to draw it. It does not seem likely, but she keeps it nearby all the same.

Which she is mighty glad of since Ramza just basically shouts his name to the gigantic newcomer. Artemis' shoulder slump as she looks toward Ramza and gives him withering glare. Expect another lecture later, damn it.

Well, since it would be rude not to introduce herself now, Artemis bows (yup) in greeting. "Artemis Eurus. Now, if you will excuse me a moment..." she says, turning from them both in oder to lean down to splash the cold water over her top half to rinse the sweat from her skin. As her back is turned, one might notice she has several impressive scars. She's not going to stop what she's doing just because someone else happened to show up. Tch.
Artyom W. Valodjn Ramza Beoulve. He knows that name. It's a name that has been plastered liberally wherever the Church of Glabados happens to hold sway. It's the name of a heretic and an enemy of the church. If he were to bring the young man in, he would probably be rewarded for it- richly.

But Artyom was hired to hunt monsters, not heretics. He has no special loyalty to the faith itself- only to its newest High Inquisitor.

Hunting heretics is, quite simply, not his job.

"I am Artyom." Artyom replies evenly. He swishes soil, water and quartz around in his pan a bit more, before plucking the gem from the filth and dumping the rest back into the river. "It is not that the stream is an improper place for bathing, only that I didn't exactly expect for a lady to reveal herself in broad daylight."

Not that he particularly minds, honestly.

"What brings you here, Ramza Beoulve? Your name is pretty famous, you know. I've heard it frequently in my wanderings." The Titanic rests himself against his monolithic blade, crossing his arms over his chest. "Spoken in different tones by different people, of course."
Ramza Beoulve Ramza wouldn't even notice her withering glare, he's trying /not/ to look at her after all. And so there he stood, wading knee deep in the stream, with his trousers and boots soaked, and his simple tunic heading that way as his face and head dripped dry. The man might notice that his right cheek is swollen. "A pleasure, Ser."

He'd put a hand to the back of his neck, smiling awkwardly. He'd note that Ramza was still blushing though. "She's no shy maid, Ser. What she chooses to do is her business."

And then the blunt question. "Famous? Tck. I'm nothing special, Ser. My reputation is ill-deserved, as the Church speaks false in its accusations. I witnessed something that they'd prefer be kept buried, and declared me a heretic to conceal their sordid secrets."
Artemis Eurus "Well, I didn't expect you would be here--and as I am Ser Ramza's bodyguard he had best get used to me needing to bathe," she replies, striding back to shore now to retrieve her shirt. That's some bloody cold water! Artemis slips her shirt back on then moves back into the water, bending down to dig through the mud a bit before finally pulling out what she was looking for. A nice little black leech. Artemis then approaches Ramza and reaches up to take his face in one hand and turn it toward her, sticking the leech on his cheek. "Don't squirm," she informs him.

Artemis looks toward Artyom them, blinking, a smile curving her lips. "Really? Heh....well, a pleasure to meet you Artyom," she replies, though it has likely been more of a pleasure for him. Artemis then gives him a look over. By Odin, he was gigantic! "From where do you hail?" she asks.
Artyom W. Valodjn "Well, I never mentioned anything about the Church," Artyom's expression shifts into an easy smile. "Though you sound like you've quite a story to tell. Interesting- it's all too often the case that hearing one side of the tale is a sure way of losing sight of the truth. If your business is private, I won't pry."

"Don't worry," Artyom chuckles, "Bringing in heretics is not exactly in my job description, Beoulve."

He glances towards the woman, specifically the bits that wouldn't be too scandalous for him to be looking at. A man must respect a lady's privacy, even if she doesn't care to keep it, herself! "I am from Titan, a great mountain that has since been lost to me. And I'd hazard that Ramza is from Ivalice? And you, ma'am--"


"Leeches? Really? By the First Earth, people still use unsanitized leeches? You might as well stick a bag of parasites and microbes to a wound and call it a day." Artyom frowns, "I'll fix those wounds, for a small price."
Ramza Beoulve While he was /technically/ a noble, and knew about leeching, he'd never been leeched before. His humours were balanced to his liking, thank you very much! He half-suspected this was actually some test or tease of Artemis' even as she applied it to his cheek.

He raised a hand to the man sort of to wave him off out of gratitude. "Thank you for the offer, Ser. But I'm fully capable of healing the wound on my own if I chose to do so."

The man would shrug his shoulders. "Our business isn't all that private Ser, and if you know who I am, then I suspect that you'd know the Church of Glabados is involved. The Church sent an army to run us down in the Sabil Mountain Pass, we've been on the run ever since. As for what occurred... the short version is that in my world, Ivalice, the highest ranking clergy and Templars of the Church were in a conspiracy to remake the world in their own image. Several members of their leadership have in their possession artifacts known as the Zodiac Stones. While our legends say they are holy artifacts, they're in fact conduits to Archdemons of the Netherworld known as Lucavi. These Lucavi possess the souls of those who desire naught but power, corrupting them. The man the Church accuses me of murdering became one of these Lucavi, and tried to kill me when I confronted him to rescue a virtuous Lady."

A pause as he describes where he's from. "Titan? Would you happen to be a classmate of Jidro, Annia, Myla, and Kamon then? They're fine folk that I've become acquainted with in my travels. Ser Gerrison spoke of Titan, from his world."
Artemis Eurus Artemis looks toward Artyom, tilting her head slightly. "Unsanitized? I am unfamiliar with the word. It is simply to make the swelling go down," Artemis comments. Once the leech has drained some of the blood and is good and fat, Artemis will pluck it off and discard it. This isn't a test. This is simply what is done when you don't have healing magic and your charge is bloody stubborn.

Artemis looks up at Ramza, shaking her head. "Why not tell him your life story Ramza," she says sarcastically, shaking her head. This is the hardest job ever.
Artyom W. Valodjn Artyom gives the half-naked woman a sympathetic look. It's okay, he understands. Having a boss who makes your life difficult is approximately the hardest thing someone could have to deal with. After all, you can always dismiss everyone else. But your employer, or your liege- that situation is significantly more delicate.

"It means 'unclean,' or in other words, that something hasn't been prepared for proper medical use, yet." Artyom shrugs, "Be careful to make sure that wound does not grow infected. It will only cause the swelling to worsen."

He turns his attention to the blone knight. A low 'hrm' rumbles out of his chest. "I see. Well, that is certainly an interesting tale. Though I've not heard of any 'Lucavi' in the past. Maybe I aught to look into things myself." That old man might want to hear of it, at the very least. "They sound like Chaos Demons- or similar to them. Corrupt the hearts of men with promises of power, wealth and greatness, so on and so forth. Impressive job, killing one."

"You've met the others, then," the Titanic chuckles, "I see. Good. Yes, I am of their world. Jidro is a close friend of mine, in fact. We're fortunate that so many of us escaped the fall of our home, but..."

"Perhaps fortunate is not the best word? A dying world is not exactly good luck."
Ramza Beoulve The young man looks towards Artemis with a smile. "Why? What's the harm? Is the Church going to aver further crimes of heresy against me for telling him what they already know?"

Once the leech has been removed, Ramza would put a hand to his cheek and speak an incantation. "Life's refreshing breeze...blow with energy."

Artemis would feel a cool breeze blow through the area, bringing vigor and renewal. Once he removed his hand from his cheek, there were barely any signs that he was wounded in the first place.

When the man compliments them for killing the demon, Ramza would actually wave him off with a gesture. "They are powerful, but not invulnerable. Still, I had very little part in it as my friends, the Braves, did most of the work. Noone could ask for more gallant companions than they."

The young man would chuckle lightheartedly when he speaks of the others from his world. "Jidro is a fine young man, but I don't know what to think of his fiance. She is quite brutal to him, and the two seem ill-suited to each other. I hope he knows what he is doing by holding her to that engagement..."

And on the dying world, he'd nod. "It is a common tale, I'm sad to say. What little of Ivalice that is left is in the hands of the Church, and Shinra."
Artemis Eurus Artemis thinks over Artyom's words, nodding some. "I see...well, I will look into a way to sanitize leeches then, or other ways to achieve the same results," she comments. Her mother had sworn by leeches! Oh well, she was open to new methods.

Then Ramza casts his spell and she rolls her eyes at him. "Oh, now you'll heal it," she says, stalking back to shore to replace her boots. She would like to warm by a fire now, but she didn't exactly want to lead this man back to their camp--not that he didn't now know pretty much everything he could need to turn them in to the Church....sigh.

"Well Ramza, why don't we invite our new friend back to camp so we might warm up and have another pot of tea, hmm?" she asks, lacing up her boots.
Artyom W. Valodjn "Powerful, but not invulnerable, hmn?" Artyom frowns, hoisting his massive, monolithic weapon back onto his shoulder. He carries its weight as if it were nothing more than your average greatsword. "Well, the problem with some Chaos Demons- even if you end their physical existance, they may later return, having survived spiritually."

"Or in other words, unless slain properly, killing the host will kill only the host. I hope your monsters aren't nearly so... Persistant."

The Titan steps into the river. It comes up to his knees, not quite penetrating his thick travelling leathers. "Perhaps we should speak more at this camp of yours? I can't imagine that speaking across a river is very--"

Artyom pauses.

Artyom stares at Ramza.

"...Fiance? I- do you mean Annia? Oh, oh no. They're quite fond of each other, I think! Fondness often hides behind harshness, you know." He frowns, "I think."
Ramza Beoulve The young man is given pause by his words, as he stares across the stream at him. "I don't know. I've only slain one. I held its stone for several fortnights after its death, and it remained silent. Mayhaps they fall into dormancy for a time when their physical avatar is destroyed. I can only speculate."

When Artemis speaks of him healing the wound and coming back to camp, the young man would grin. "And if not for your leech, it wouldn't have healed quite so cleanly. You have my gratitude."

A pause, as he taps his chin as a sort of exaggerated pantomime. "Ah, yes. You're welcome to come back to our camp for tea. There you can meet all of the Braves. If you'd like, I'll give you a list of all of our capabilities and vulnerabilities, our watch schedule for the next fortnight, and a map that will show you the way to our next few intended campsites."

And then Annia again, as he looks back over his shoulder and stares at Artyom. "She knocked him over a fence and into Boco. If fondness hides behind harshness, then she's a master of subtlety... through brutality."
Artemis Eurus Artemis looks toward Ramza, eyebrows rising beneath her mask. Oh, developing a bit of smart assery are we now?

Artemis throws her head back and just laughs. "Shall I invite him to your tent tonight as well Ramza?" she asks, standing up and gathering her things. She reaches up to run her hand through her hair, then motions for Artyom and Ramza to follow. "Lets go then, I need my second pot of tea," she comments, then would lead the way once they were ready
Artyom W. Valodjn "Indeed, and then perhaps while we have tea, you will offer me the title deed to your ancestral home. Maybe your cousin's hand in marriage while you're at it?" Artyom chuckles a bit, shaking his head, "Perhaps we'd best not offer what we can't provide? I'm sure your bodyguard would appreciate the benefits to her blood pressure."

Not that these people... Know what that is. Artyom isn't quite used to this whole Medievalness thing yet.

He scales the slope up from the riverside in a few, broad strides, turning his gaze back over his shoulder after cresting the hill. "Well," Artyom explains, "She likes to project a... Veneer. We're pretty sure she cares for him. Or at least, I am. Relatively certain, that is."

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