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Wolf Logic
(2013-03-29 - 2013-03-31)
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Katyna Katyna had been anxious to leave Fluorgis after spending too much time in the gritty, sandy desert city. Although Ramza seemed pretty relaxed about Valos' recent warning regarding churchies in the area, Kat was a little anxious about her sudden affiliation with the heretics.

The others had already started to leave, waiting anxiously for Ramza and herself to join them, however Katyna had insisted on making one tiny pitstop at the Shard Seekers' hq to bid Reize good bye. After their little heart to heart in the cave in the middle of a sandstorm a few days ago, Kat knew it might be a while before she'd see him again, annd...

Curses, why'd he have to look so much like dear Razan?

At any rate, here she is, sneaking around the hq like a thief in the night. At least Reize and Faruja trusted her here, but what of the other shard seekers? She had yet to run into any of them..
Skoll Ulfang The other Shard Seekers probably couldn't care less about her presence. But the more interesting thing as she enters that room is that just as she does, something occurs. Normally, one might expect Skoll to be cooking bacon or something. But instead, in the garden, there's suddenly a wave of darkness that precedes the creation of a Portal of Darkness. Not long there-after is when Skoll finally steps from the portal himself, and makes his way into the livingroom.

The werewolf has actually been doing well for himself, and the whole creating of portals and controlling of heartless has become harder to do. But as long as he has that collar around his neck, he remains in danger. He remains to be fed darkness. It'll be strange when he one day no longer carries that collar, nad loses those abilities. After all, someone with a heart of light could never hope to summon the powers of darkness.

As he rounds said corner, he notices Katyna and raises his hand awkwardly. "Hey Katyna. How's Hati?"
Katyna Wow, this place is really awesome! IT kinda reminds her of VALKYRI hq, which makes her feel sad..While no one's aroud, she decides to take a look 'round. Maybe there's a treasure chest somewhere, or cool weapons to play with (she had too much fun the last time), or, or......

Suddenly a wave of darkness fills the area, and she grits her teeth, heart pumping rapidly. Yegads, they came for her! The Shadow Lords are finally gonna kill her! "No!" She reaches for her sword, which bursts to life seconds later, pointing it at the would-be intruder, only to find Skoll, standing there.

"What the....Heey! Whaddaya think you're doin? You nearly scared me half to death!!" But that reminds her of her recent run-in with the dark knight, and what he'd said about the darkness within her.

She relaxes a bit though, glad that at least it's not that crazy Angantyr. "How's Hati?" She says almost at the exact same time, then makes a face. "What, you dont know?" Well darn..This sucks..If she's still in Traverse Town, then Kat might not see her for a long time.
Skoll Ulfang "Well, last I recall, she's better and doing well. But I figured - you being her friend - may have seen her more recently than me." Skoll shrugs his shoulders while walking towards Katyna and putting his fingers against her blade to 'nudge it to the side'. "Now stop pointing that at people will you? There's no enemies here. Or are we being guilty about something?" He jokes and walks past her to take a seat at his workbench, emptying his pockets to drop some chains onto the desk.

"How about you then - how are you doing? I hear that you and the Valkyri had some trouble. Not that I can blame them with dragging Avira down into the underworld and all that." Skoll shrugs his shoulders. In truth, he's not too happy with Katyna about that one at all. But things had worked out in the end.
Katyna Katyna blinks as he nudges her sword aside. "Oh! This! Right...Sorry about that.." well, he's certainly not Ang, and so she doesnt feel too threatenned by him. At least she'd seen his gentler side from time to time, even if he was pretty...Scary..As a giant angry werewolf.

She resheathes the sword, eyeing his pockets a little greedily for munny or other valuables. But all he produces are chains? What the heck!?


She sighs and shakes her head again, "I kinda..Left Traverse after that whole..Incident. I mean, that was VALKYRI territory, so I guess I wouldn't be very welcome there anymore. And of course I've stopped using dark portals, cuz...You know..Dont want 'em to track me down or anything."

Naturally he mentions Avira and her frown deepens a bit. "No, I dont blame them for feeling angry, especially Avira, of course." She sighs, "I just wish I knew how to make it up to them, how to gain their trust. I nearly did a terrible thing, and I was just lucky that I was able to help rescue Avira, but that wasn't enough, was it?"

She seems really sad at least, far more than the usually chipper Kat usually is at least.
Skoll Ulfang "From what I understand, you'll probably stop being able to use them the more good you do." Katyna probably sees enough darkness and scariness in Skoll - so plenty of reason for him to still be using them. The werewolf takes out some of his tools from the desk and begins to work on the chains rather casually, showing dexterity and ability to work metals like this. "Of course that's not enough." Skoll then adds.

"You could try to make it up to her in other ways. Bring her a box of chocolates or something. Tell her you're sorry a few times more. Meet her on her grounds." Her grounds. Traverse Town. "It'll be a while for her to forgive you. But it's not just her you have to appologize for. You have to appologize to Maira as well - for worrying her so much. To the entire group of VALKYRI in fact."

The werewolf grows quiet for a moment to concentrate on the chains.
Katyna Katyna...Stares at Skoll as he talks of boxes of chocolates and starts doing something weird with the chains on the table...What the heck, this guy is sooooo weird! Is he even for real?

"What? Are you serious? A box of chocolates? I totally dont think that's gonna work, but...." She peers intently at his collar, getting an idea. "Skoll..How long have you had that collar round your neck now? It was the Gaudium Lords, right? Are..Are they the ones who taught you how to use the darkness?"

She remembers Hati mentionning something about that before, how their situations were similar somehow..And yet he had not acquired those abilities from the Shadow Lords.

"I dont get it...You're this really nice, cheerful guy, but you use these dark powers like the Shadow Lords, but now it's like you're trying to run away from those guys. Why are they after you, exactly?"
Skoll Ulfang "Yeah, it was the Gaudium Lords that imbued in me the ability to control the heartless and use those portals. They're after me for... well... personal reasons I guess. Mostly because I've stopped working for them. They didn't take too kindly to that." He reaches for that collar around his neck. "They track me using this, forcing darkness on me - I guess in hope that I'll do something stupid and return to them like some loyal dog."

The wolf lets out a sigh. "Also a shock-collar. Can't take it off." Soon enough he's made a little keychain that he puts a little gem at the end off.
Katyna "Wait, you worked for them?" She blinks in surprise, a bit more confused as she watches him work on that keychain...Cool..."So, were you once a bad guy too, then? Or did they force you to work for them?" She peers intently at the collar, coming nearer to get a better look. "Heey, is there a keyhole or anything? Maybe I can pick it. I was once a professional thief, y'know!" An idea is starting to form, if she can help Skoll, maybe it'd prove to Avira she's serious about this goody stuff.
Skoll Ulfang Skoll shakes his head. "Afraid it has no keyhole. It is magic of some sort." He point out. Still, he lets hr have a good look at the one-piece collar. "But yea, I worked for the gaudium lords. Warped my memories."
Katyna "Ooh, so they just used you..Just like the Shadow Lords used me. But.." She frowns, "No keyhole, huh? That's annoying. But if it's dark magic, I wonder if Faru's holy spear wont cancel it out? Otherwise.." She sighs, "Too bad I cant just ask Seith anymore..But hey! I'll bet one of those books in Hollow Bastion's library would have some helpful info on it! I dont know much about dark magic, but I know enough to know what sorts of books to look for.." Of course it'd be really risky but..What better way to prove herself?
Skoll Ulfang "Don't." Skoll tells Katyna. He can tell exactly what she is thinking before she even mentions knowing the books to look for. "I have stayed my way from the Gaudium Lords, and have been better off for it I think. I don't suggest you return. If they want you in some way or another... they might trap you there." The werewolf reminds her.

"As for the collar, it's arcane magic of some sorts I guess. I don't really know, but from what Zia has told me, she's found a solution.
Katyna Katyna frowns a bit. "I guess you're right, I mean, it'd totally suck if they stuck a collar on me or worse.." Ooh, there's a lot worse things they could do to her..Hades scared the <GOOSEHONK> out of her, and Seith..Well who knew what he was thinking half the time?

"But I'm sure they'd just want to see me dead for my treachery. I suppose there's nothing left for me there anymore anyway...Afterall, Lord Fessner's probably dead right now.."

She seems sad about that, though relieved when wolfboi says Zia has found a cure. Wow, that girl must be crazy about him to go to such great lengths for his sake..And to put up with his obvious affections for Avira!

A part of her feels a little guilty about her own affections towards Reize, especially after learning for the first time recently, that he is engaged to someone else...Grr, why'd he have to be the spitting image of dear Razan? It made things so confusing for Kat!

"Hmm, then I guess you'll just have to sit tight til she returns with that cure then, huh? But, is it really safe to be using those dark powers still? I mean, sure it's convenient and stuff but..I dunno, the more you use 'em, the harder it'll be to hide from the Gaudium Lords, the Shadow Lords..Or the heartless. But, I guess I'm also trying to wean off those powers. I wonder if they'll always be a part of me too? That's what that dark knight seemed to suggest. He was real creepy.."
Skoll Ulfang "I don't know. Depends on just how important you were to them." Skoll answers Katyna, leaning back on his seat and balancing it on its hind legs while he raises the chain-jewelry up to the air in order to inspect it, then proceeds to polish the chain and charm with cloth and some sorts of oil.

"I'm sorry things went wrong for you like that. But in a ways, you make your own history and future." Not that he's really one to speak. But from what he understands, Katyna wasn't controlled by them. "I'll be helping her. I believe Avira wants to help too." The youth points out in regards to th e'cure'. "As for the whole using these powers... I dunno. I guess I am still somewhat in tune with darkness no matter what. So I will use them while I can." No, he's not actually aware that they are /bad/ to use.
Katyna Katyna hmms. "Well hey, if you need help, I'm happy to help! At least..I'm glad you didnt judge me as harshly as some people did. It's really hard, having the courage to stand up against a dangerous group like the Shadow Lords and betray them, knowing your life will forever be forfeit by them. Not a lot of people seem to understand that they did manipulate me and use me too. I might've acted tough, but underneath it all, I only worked for them because the alternative was death. And yeah, I talked to Maira after what happened. I think she's one of the few people who understands..."

She sighs, "Even so, I'll try real hard to make a new future for myself. I dunno if I'll ever be accepted into VALKYRI again, but..." But there was Ramza and his merry troupe..Of course that was a whole new can of worms, but at least he understood and seemed to be trying to do good things too!

"Well, I dunno about the darkness thing. Riku once showed me something, if I continued to pursue the darkness. He showed me a cold and empty, painful place. It was something that I'd never want to see again. And like Mama Odie said, you always need a balance, right? I think..Since I started tapping less into that darkness lately, I'm not feeling quite as greedy and power hungry as I once did. It's kind of liberating, in a way."

But Ramza is probably growing impatient waiting for her right now, and so she turns towards the door to leave, but pauses for a moment. "Heh, those keychains are pretty cool. Maybe someday you can make one for me, hey? Also, I'd be wary if a dark knight dressed a little like Angantyr ever approaches you. He seems to be particularly interested in those possessing incredible light and those possessing a lot of darkness."
Skoll Ulfang "Angantyr doesn't interest me." Skoll answers Katyna and then throws the item he was making towards her in an underhanded arc. It's a simple silver keychain that ends in a red gem. "Have it, it's yours. I'm just trying to keep my skill sharp." The werewolf points out, before adding; "I don't know your past, or why you did the things you did. I trust you, simply because my sister trusts you. I hope you will never betray that trust, Katyna." Skoll notes.

"But Riku is right though. I've seen it, parts of that place. That cold and empty place. That was me for a while, before you ever even met me. I don't know about this balance thing though." He shrugs his shoulders. "I think, the light may simply be a better place. It's far warmer than the darkness has ever been to me."
Katyna "Huh?" She blinks as he tosses it towards her, and she catches it easily, turning it around to inspect it. "Cool! Thanks!" she grins and winks, before fastenning it to the end of her sword. "Hmm, not Angantyr, just someone who looks a bit like him in dark armour. Anyways..." She nods, "Well thanks, I appreciate it. And I wont let you down either. I wont let anyone else down anymore. In the end, it's just not worth it."

Mention of Riku has her frowning a bit. "I...Wonder how he's doing? I havent seen him in a long while, but it's like he was going through some of the same things that I was. He didnt belong with the Shadow Lords anymore than I did. But I guess he was right to try and push me away from that kind of life.."

As for the light, she shakes her head slowly. "I think, too much light will blind you, just as too much darkness with. Maira is the most pure hearted individual I know, but...That light makes her naieve and trusting too. No, you need the darkness just as much, y'know? The trick is finding a good balance..." Kat sighs, remembering something.

"I had a dream about that once, you know? I dreamt I was a phoenix, rising from the ashes. I tried to reach the sun but it blinded me and was burning. When I moved into the dark of night, it also blinded me and felt cold. No, you need a good balance of both. But then I guess it's easier said than done." She can already hear Ramza yelling on her earpiece and she smirks, "Well I gotta go! Heey, say hi to Hati for me, 'k? Maybe some day I'll work up the guts to return to Traverse Town..Eventually.."

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