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Follow That Ship!
(2013-03-29 - 2013-03-30)
After the events of Pirate Radio Zeke and his merry crew must hunt down and stop a ship full of kidnapped people all without getting eaten by a demon that's built a body for itself out of all the debris that used to be Tortuga's harbor.
As far as plans went what Zeke had in mind was actually pretty good. Keep most everyone around the ship he wanted taken over occupied and hopefully bag the 'captain' of said vessal in the process as well as introduce the locals to a little something known as rock and roll. Unfortunately the 'plan' kindof fell apart along with a good chunk of Tortuga's harbor thanks in no small part to a demon that had been woke either by the loud music or by Zeke or... Something.

Point is Their target was casting off and Zeke's own crew and ship were too busy pulling people out of the drink to be of immediate aid. On the plus side Zeke had gotten the ship's captain on /his/ ship and under guard. Still didn't make up for nearly becoming a demon's pupet, massive property damage, Ariel turning out ot be a mermaid and having to get hauled out of the water so she wouldn't get left behind when they started chasing.

However Faruja and with any luck at all Sparrow if he's decided to put an appearance in, were on a ship full of people in chains right as it was casting away from the rapidly deterriorating scene.

Rosemarie, Zeke, and a few others were on his ship. Myla and Nagetta were in the water with no clear direction.

Zeke looked about the chaotic mess just as the magi Faruja had loaned him made their own way on his ship. "Anyone who thinks i shoudl be releaved of command you have about five seconds to speak your minds because our quarry is escaping." There was no anger or fire in his voice, just a bone weary tiredness. Given he'd, with the help of friends and associates, had to shake off posession, get free of a tangled mess that threatened to drownd him, and found out the young maid he was interested in was part fish it was a lot for his head to take in.

As Ariel was lifted out of the water her tail turned back to legs whch thankfully for the censors and director were still in the skirt she'd worn to this shindig. Yay for modesty preservation.

"Anyone at all?" Zeke asked. "If there be no objections then I want that ship. Any gunfightin breaks out aim for the rigging.."

The ship herself was actually fairly quiet. The crew had been enjoying a drink and the 'interesting' music that they could hear coming from the port. At least it had been all quiet and smiles (save for the prisoner/slaves i nthe hold) til all hell broke loose. Nobody knows who gave the order to cast off but cast off the ship did eve nas dozens of people were making a mad dash to get away from the sudden instability of the harbor itself. Ah well, crowds are easier for sneaking than alone as was panic. Yet Given the demonic face in the clouds and whatnot Faruja might get lumped in with other 'unnatural' doings if he wasn't careful.
Ariel Ariel's skirt is pretty wet, but... not worse for the wear. Of course everyone saw she turned into a mermaid, and she's not entirely sure why in this one specific instance, but she's so glad that there's so much going on that she doesn't bother having to explain. She's just wringing out her skirt a bit as she starts to put herself back together again. "Are you going to be okay, Zeke?" She's not worried about herself.
Jack Sparrow


Jack lays in a sodden mass of transient self pity in the 'bedroom' he has leased at usurious rates beneath the staircase of Rosemarie. "Blood and thunder... the Sandwich islands filled with... with /teenagers/.


An abandoned purse sits near the side of a gunwaling. It flops over, strangely enough, out of synch with the motion of the ship on the waves. A clasp pops open.

Jack Sparrow is abruptly disgorged, wrapped in a slightly whimsical cat-pattern bedsheet which is available at reasonable prices at many fine retailers in a half-dozen world. He slides across the deck, not noticing it in the slightest as the fabric is torn like some mass-market caul, doubtless increasing his rental payment substantially, even if this may be the dark will of a certain woman. Jack rolls over himself several times, finally slamming up on the opposite deck of the ship.

"Don't hog them, l," Jack Sparrow begins to say, before his eyes open.

Rolling onto his back, then pulling himself upwards, he gazes up at the demonaic face in the clouds. Adjusting his hat, Jack says to himself, "It must be Friday."
Faruja Senra It had been ridiculously easy to get on board the ship, thanks to dark clouds, and general chaos. Having the ability to leap into the air to ridiculous heights certainly helped, when one has to flee a crumbling harbor in the process!

Sneaking isn't exactly Faruja's strong point. But panicked crowds are something he can work with. Most on board the ship ignore the strange being, but one or two on board notice the Templar. One pirate jibbers about 'walking vermin', while the other draws his knife. Faruja is quick to grab the knife-wielder's arm. One twist and shove later, the man's overboard. Glaring at the other pirate, he watches as he joins the panicking pirats. Onwards goes the Templar, in search of the ship's hold and Zeke's Mother!
Zeke "For the moment." Zeke shook his head to try making the tired go away. He didn't have time for tired! "Sorry for hauling you up like that but we're havin' t'give chase. dunno how fast you swim." There was a glance at her suddenly having legs again. "Glad we don't have t'do anything undignified t'keep ye on board either. We get closer y'think y'd be up for a swim in case people need fishin out of th'drink?" Y'know since people might take the who'e 'posessed captain shooting at them' thing a bit badly. Especially given what he knew his guns were capible of.

The skeletal face in the sky was being fired at. Canon fire from random ships, costal 'defenses'... such as they were at Tortuga 'proper' and random people firing muskets, pistols, or just plain chucking random things while shouting into the wind. All this activity, this directed opposition to it existing caused the mist bourn creature. Yet even then it tried to hold together by manipulated wind and foulness in the air causing the clouds to reform.

As Faruja tossed one man overboard two more grabbed at him what with the whole obviously not human thing overhead. "Quick! That thing's spawning minions!"

One of the other men grumbled. "Naw he's merely posessed. We drive the demon from hsi body he'll turn normal 'gain. Like that time on"


There was a bolt of lightning that struck just off the bow of the ship causing the whole thing to rock. There was screaming overhead. Inhuman wailing as the demon tried finding something suitible. It's current form could not hold and yet it's former, albeit brief, host was closed to it. It had tried to touch Faruja's heart and recoiled in pain. No posessing the rat for you!

"Oi!" Someone spotted Jack stumbling about. "Get ye below man canna ye see we're busy?" Rough hands tried grabbing at the distoriented and possibly drunk 'captain'.
Ariel Ariel gives Zeke a sort of wary look. She looks down at her skirt, and up at him again. "...I... I could, yeah. You aren't..." Mad? Well, why would he be? "... um, I guess I we can talk about that later, right? Anyway, I swim pretty fast, I guess."

Ariel tries to summon some wind magic to blow the evil clouds away. A little tornado forms in her hands which she throws toward it.
Jack Sparrow
Jack blinks a few times as someone yells at him. He takes in the world at a glance, at a sniff, even.

Sweat. Not friendly sweat either. Many people, Jack thinks, nearby. He can smell iron, mixed with sweat, mix with seawater. He stands alone, without even his cutlass, and hearing some kind of a scuffle down the deck. When a man reaches out to touch him, he slaps the wrist.

And then he raises his voice. "Avast with your hands, you lubbers! Is this how you treat a representative of his oceanic majesty, Neptunus Rex?"

Jack hops up onto a nearby piece of nautical furniture, putting one arm across his belly and looking down his nose towards him. "And here I thought ye trusty shellbacks, good citizens of his Imperial Majesty's kingdom! And lo! I see ye've fallen into disarrears, with a mere reordering of the world at that! Know ye, men, that the rule of the waves remains intact, and Queen Amphrite's benevolent gaze still is the only hope thou might have for a safe passage over the Line that now wanders across all seas!"

He snaps his two fingers and points towards Faruja. "And you bedevil our chosen representative, the Sea-rat! Make your apologies and bear him forth so we may conduct our duties - for you and all the swabs below have crossed his majesty's line, and if you would not doom yourself to an eternity of Pollywogdom, you know what must be done. Assemble!"
Faruja Senra Being grabbed by dirty pirates wasn't on the plan, but just about everything has gone to hell as it was. Faruja doesn't struggle for the moment, an incantation instead on his lips. Before he can put whatever plan he has in motion, however, something seeks out his very being...only to recoil from the fire within his soul! A clap of thunder, and the rat is forced to try to keep his sea legs. Hopefull it allows him enough room to get away from his would-be captors!

Jack to the rescue! Inwardly, the rat /laughs/ at the utterly insane bit of acting. Thank Faram he's a lover of plays. "Indeed, how /DARE/ you miscreants lay thy hands upon me! The dear Queen shan't allow passage to those whom would treat her servants so rudely! 'Tis as though you lot hath not set eyes upon the noble sea rats before!" The Templar hmph's, turning up his nose like some noble diplomat, and makes to pull away from the two men. A mental note is made to buy Jack a drink after all of this.
Myla Mason Myla Mason has managed to reach the ship and scramble aboad the strange lady's clothing is clearly made for water use as it's already drying off even as she gets on deck with some help from the crew itself. She's happy to be alive and now is just catching her breath while tyrinf to get the situation and she looks up at tjust eveyrthing that's going on. Oh It's a hell of a mess nd the demon face has left her on edge to put it mildy.
Zeke "Miss Ariel." Zeke's voice was steady as he looked her way. "You are who you are that hasn't changed. We'll talk later if that's what you like."

Deep breath and he straightened his waterlogged coat before shouting orders for the cannons to be readied. "I want all guns aimed high!" His voice was clear as were his eyes. He had a job to do and no amount of magical juju would keep him from seeing it finished. "I want two guns aimed at yon ship's rigging. The rest at Peaches up there." Point at the cloudline.

"Assemble!" There was, against all hope of making sense of Why, people bustling to follow Jack's orders. Then again he sounded like he knew what was going on, even if the titles were bunk and nobody actually knew what was going on. That's the important part about being captain. Act like you ave a clue and be able to present a bit of certainty to those on your command.

"Wait.." One man whispered to another as dozens got up on deck. "What's the propper course o'action here Bill?"

The other man, Bill, shrugged. "Beats me Dave."

Then somewhere in the crowd a shrill voice. "To th'hold with that one!" Sudden dawning comprehension. Hey someone knew what was going on! let's all do that!

Dozens and dozens of people grabbing and trying to pin Faruja down so they could dump him below with the other 'cargo'.

"Wait! Wait!" Another voice called out. "What if 'e's right an he's an envoy?"

"Somoene smacked the speaker roughly. "We be pirates ya git! We dunna care 'bout no envoy!"

Again with the grubby hands and attempt at bum rushing.

While Pirates were squabbling with the sudden intrusion of Holy Rodents the clouds started to break. The wailing died down. Was it over? There were cheers from the other ships.

Myla might feel something wrong with the waters. A sense of Something there as the debris begain slowly floating against the waves and towards a central point. Most people wouldn't notice it at first but she would. Something's Happening and it's not going to be pretty or likely fun.

Then the junk and debris started to form into a humanoid shape. It's as if the same demon had draped the leavings and castoffs of the harbor about itself and was chest deep in the water.

There was a ship embedded in it's chest. Canons in it's arms and when it screamed.... It screamed a gale laced with rum and refuse and a foul sulfuric oder all mixed together.
Ariel Ariel has a pretty good idea of what to do, now, so...she starts climbing up the rigging a bit, wet skirt and all. If someone DOES fall overboard, she'll jump out no problem, but while she's high and dry, she's going to shoot a wave of lightning at that cloud creature. Her hands charge up, and, she keeps one holding onto the ropes as she fires some more thunder magic at that spiraling cloud.

She gets the shot off, but then the demon disappears and emerges in a new form. The suddenness causes her to almost tumble off the rig, and she catches herself at the last second to see it out on the water. She tries another lightning blast at it. It may catch its attention at least.
Faruja Senra As the gambit fails, Faruja holds in the urge to start laying about with a spear. The mention of the hold has him holding back a smirk. Perfect! Letting one of the pirates grab him, he gives a short and indignant little struggle. "Knaves! Roundabouts! The Queen shall hear of this! I demand reasonable accomodations as befitting an envoy!" Otherwise? He lets himself be led along, hopefully without chains involved.

Casting his gaze out to sea, Faruja peers at the strange monstrosity. "...Lord save them."
Jack Sparrow
"BEHOLD," Jack bellows, sweeping an arm out towards the demonic entity. "Behold what yer wickedness and perfidious ways have wrought! Come, good sea-rat, we shall have to address this -" He drops character to say, "Hauling him belowdecks, I can't believe --"

His nostrils tickle then.

Back in character. He extends a hand towards one of the nearby swabs. "Your cutlass, or I swear by the seven seas your tattoos shall be filled with fire!" Slightly lower, "I shall return it presently."
Myla Mason Myla Mason she's on deck she's nopw well staring at Jack, the man's proven to have well the fortunde of several generations behind him with that stunt he just pulled. She does feel something issn't eright with the waters and she does not like it, it makes her on edge and she's proven right shortly after the thing forms she looks at it and she gets her pistols out and well she's brought some more Dakka as she opens up on it without much fan fair.
Zeke To answer Rosemarie's request of a Gun Zeke pointed to one of the forward weapons being loaded. Contrary to weapons of the pirod this one was breech loaded and currently had a shell being inserted, something more ninteenth century than seventeenth. Strange but Zeke seems to have not been shy of modernizing. The Demon thing took Ariel's lightningbolt to the face and started lumbering towards Zeke's ship. Great you've got it's attention. NOW WHAT?!

"Right. New plan." Zeke swallowed hard. MIss Crowley!" His voice was loud, since he had to be heard over the rush and noise and... Gods the smell was a hammerblow to the senses. When a slender dark skinned woman seemed to appear out of thin air on deck he pointed to the ship that made up the thing's chest and handed her his spyglass. "Is that one of your bombs lass?"

"It is." The woman grinned and nodded. "And I think we're still in range-"

Anything she might have said got drownd out by the sudden burst of fire from dozens of ships at the harbor monster. Chunks and bits of this and that were blasted away. Yet it still stood tall and countered by pointing at one of the ships and all the guns on that arm fired. Thirty or so guns all firing whatever happened to be inside. Sure the boat wasn't blown apart but not pretty.

Yet what else do you do when faced with a junkmonster demon? You fight! Especially if ye be pirates accustomed to ruffling feathers by having the nerve to not be good little boys.After the initial volly from the demon it seemed distracted both by having to figure out where to shoot next and by the fact Everything else in the water was trying to kill it.

Well the whole 'everything's shooting at it, and more than a few people had the bright idea of pulling it apart with their hands..

"Dunna worry friend." Bill clamped Jack on the back. "We'll sort yer friend out never fear." Nevermind Bill had no way of knowing Faruja's 'condition' was natural and wholly unrelated to the dongs here.

Faruja was 'escorted' with only a minimum of roughness and as soon as he was belowdecks the majority of the men made for topside. After all they still had to decide whether to run or fight.

So Faruja was stuck with only a trio of men 'escorting' him to where the others were kept. Three on one, should be no contest.

"Run or fight man?" This was the gist of what several people were clammering for Jack's say so on. Run or fight? And yet a cutless was pressed in Jack's hands. Anything to make yon Demon go away.

So? Who has more dakka? Pirates or Demons?
Ariel Ariel's attention-getting worked! Good... wait, not good! She looks panicked for a moment, but runs to the edge of the ship. She practically leans over the side to get a better shot at the creature, but she's not ready to tumble overboard yet. "Is it... really made of water?" She gathers up and fires another lightning bolt at it. From her experience, water and lightning don't mix very well. But her magic isn't the most powerful there is yet.
Faruja Senra Faruja squeezes a wink Jack's way as he's led down into the hold. Not exactly having a head for ships, he's content to allow the two to lead him through the bowels of the ship for a time. Such a pity, really, to see a fine vessel under the command of a bunch of pirates and outlaws. Once the knight has judged they're relatively near where prisoners are kept, he pauses.

"Much obliged, Sers. Much obliged. However..." The small Burmecian spins about in the grip of one man, laying a gauntleted fist across his jaw. Bone snaps beneath, and several rotted teeth go flying as the man is caught cold. Now free of immediate hands, a short spear slips from within his robes and into his hand. Slavers weren't people on his list of those he spares often, but the pure ambiguity of their guilt is enough for the resulting blows to the startled men's skulls are done with the blunt of his weapon rather than the tip. One is clonked out neatly, but the other goes for a cutlass. Lashing out at the suddenly armed rat, the pair exchange a trio of lightning quick blows and parries, to no effect on either. Faruja finds himself smiling.

"...A shame, you've some skill. Take this day as a lesson to ye, Ser, and may God turn thy blade to a righteous course." Disengaging from his opponent, the rat leaps back in that floating manner only a dragoon can produce. Thrust!

"Life is short. Bury! Stasis Sword!"

The resulting column of falling ice would be enough to encase the man, but not outright slay him. He'll thaw out in a few hours. Turning to leave, the rat heads deeper into the ship.

"Now, to find our missing Lady."
Jack Sparrow
Jack accepts the cutlass with a curt nod.

When Faruja erupts into a whirlwind of face-punches and Stasis Swords, Jack spreads his arms as if to communicate with his very body language, nay, his very /soul/, a simple and pure concept to Faruja: 'party foul!'

"Well," Jack addresses the piratical sorts around him, "I see that he's taken some offense, but remember! No rat will stay on a sinking ship, savvy? And so, obviously, we are destined to be quite successful in this engagement!" He grins, showing most of his remaining teeth.

Then he sweeps the cutlass forwards. "Return fire upon that hell-born thing, lads! Heave your chattels overboard - take off their chains, so the sharks of Neptune's court can have their fair sport!"
Zeke Faruja didn't have to search all that hard to figure out where the screaming was coming from. It wasn't just one woman screaming. It was dozen's of people of diffrent nations, ages, these pirates weren't that discrimnating in who they took. All that kept the door held fast was an oak bar. Given one needed to be on Faruja's side of the door it seemed good enough to keep Inside from getting Outside. Yet as he neared those inside were fearful since what they saw was a, albeit short, human sized rat. What fresh madness had come 'pon them? Was it related to outside?

Then came a rush of a half dozen men with keys and cutters to make with the proposed sacrifice of flesh to placate the beast outside. It was a narrow corridor and really only room enough to get two side by side so Faruja wouldn't have that much trouble purloining those keys.

Outside were sounds of Cannon fire from all corners at the monster. Even with the two or three ships now in flames it was increasingly clear that the demon-beast of junk wasn't able to keep pace. For ever ydirection it turned it's opponents swarmed at it's flanks much like a Scorpion verses a colony of ants.

Crowly pointed a device that looked very much like a fifties era toy raygun at the junk monster and squeezed the trigger Before Zeke or anyone else could ask what happened the hull of the ship that made up the monster's chest exploded leaving a gaping hole that it could only look down at before another volly of canon shot tore into it's left shoulder, then another tore apart it's right. Then Rosemarie's 'Special' magically crafted napalm shell loged into the thing's head before exploding and sending what wreckage was left into flame.

With as much damage as was taken the monster could not hold together and so started to fall apart. Was it finally over? Was it done? Myla couldn't sense any darkness not even within the debris itself.
Ariel Ariel is preparing a lightning bolt, but lowers her hand. "Did... did we stop it?" She looks around for injured pirates, preparing potions to offer the men by grabbing nearby bottles of rum or grog. She's willing to work with whatever is at hand.
Faruja Senra Seeing the poor people packed within, a vast majority of the Templar's sympathy goes right out the window. The sounds of yet more pirates charging after him hits his ears amidst the wailing and general discontent. Faruja sighs.

"In the name of the Lord, HOLD THY TONGUES! I am here to free you all! And I am not a demon, I am a /Burmecian/! As much a Child of the Lord as you all! Now, tell me, is there a Lady Fawkes within, mother of Ezekiel Fawkes?" Questions the rat, before he turns his attention to the on-rushing pirates. A stab of his weapon has the bar falling, and the prisoner hold open.

"...Keeping others as slaves. May Faram have mercy upon thy souls."

Claws, and the sharp end of his spear ends the pirates in the narrow corridors, the rat's mercy at its end. Grim work done, he sighs, turning to collect his prize! He ignores the newly gained wounds from the recent fight.
Myla Mason Myla Mason is now quite concerned at this point she's looking at the thing and realises her pistols will not do very much to it. Nay she's got to well use the resource thats all around her the water. Thank fully she'd only been channeling her spell but it sems the others are more than enough she lets go of the wate rbut it feels clean there's nothing there. It's just gone.

"I don't like this, it's gone, all gone...Not a trace of it."

"Slavery was something that was done away with a long time ago on my world."

Now they had Wage slaves but that's another tale for another time.
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow -

Is represented on the slave ship by a dotted outline in the shape of Jack Sparrow.

because he just VAULTED onto the deck of the other ship, letting go of a swinging line and landing near Ariel. "Ah, just the thing, lass," he tells the redhaired girl, taking the bottle and upending it. When he returns it the level is visibly lower.
Ariel Ariel is happy to offer a rum potion to Jack. She may be blushing a little as he snags it. She looks a little shocked at how much lower the level is when he returns it. "Oh.... glad you're okay!"
Zeke With the monster apparently gone there still was the 'small' matter of the harbor itself ruined, people injured and in the water, ships all about in flames and no a bunch of pirates with no common goal binding them. Ah well most of the ships just sailed on reveling and debauching as they saw fit at the victory. Others fled because there was no sure way of knowing if the demon was truely gone.

Zeke Declined healings as he continued looking about. "When we have time we'll need to aid in cleanup." His voice was steady as he surveyed the mess. "My fault it got this way after all." No. Not his fault a demon chose a giant gathering of Happy Cheerful Revelry to try making it's comeback. No fault of his at all. "But for now." He turned attention ot the Merry Rose. "That ship. Bring us closer to it.

He nodded thanks to Rosemarie before issuing moreo rders to make ready to board. Arm and prepare for hostilities. Miri shed her human guise whiel growing an extra foot and gaining lupin features. Frank hefted a couple spare cannons after making sure they were loaded with grape shot. Zeke went to get Tom from where he'd been stowed and pressed a megaphone into his hands. "Order your ship to stand ready to be boarded." There was an initial roughness to his voice. Then he closed his eyes and asked. "Tom. You will never make up for what you've done in my eyes, but this can end here. Let me get my parents."

The other man sighed and after a brief moment of confusion then being shown how to work the thing breathed deep. "The battle's ended. Release the prisoners and prepare to be boarded. Offer no resistance." Zeke whispered something in Tom's ear after he'd spotted Sparrow standing around. "SParrow is now in command. I say again offer no quarrel and none of us will be harmed. Release the prisoners."

Belowdecks Faruja could hear that proclaimation. Apparently Zeke had managed to get the man he was after to speak sense. Stand down and.. Wait. Sparrow was given command of the ship? Oh Lord Farem help us all.

Those that were chained soon grw quiet. An older woman, hair shot through with grey blinked and looked to Faruja. "Ser..." There was a pause as she tried pronouncing the word slow, "Burmecian. That'd be me." She gestured to a man held across the way. "My husban be over there." After the initial shock wore off she showed a degree of calmness. "Ezekiel you say?" She dared not hope. She Dared not want to think he'd survived. "My son?" The shiv she'd had hidden wouldn't need to be used after all it seemed. Then after a moment another thought occored to the woman. "What of the rest?" Surely Ezekiel wouldn't want just this person and that let go then the others left in chains. For that matter the churcch would have a dim view of such selectivness themselves. "Where will we be taken. Port Royal?"

Let's see. What else was going on? Jon, a few of the rescued sailors, dock workers, and other assorted washed up sorts on Zeke's ship were fishing out debris, people, and were amassing a pile of refugees all their own alongside swords, clothes... at lest one locked chest of considerable weight, several sealed bottles and barrels of drink, food, and possibly other such things.

Thing about hte bottle Jack was drinking from? While it had lowered when he got done drinking it just as clearly was in the process of refilling itself as soon as he stopped drinking. It wasn't Ariel's magic at work here. Nor was it Rosemarie's. What witch-craft was this? If it was, as it appeared to be, a bottomless bottle of rum. IT WAS THE BEST WITCHCRAFT EVER!
Ariel Ariel watches the bottle refill, and looks back at Jack. "Oh. I guess that you're the captain now? I'll get to..." cleaning up? Maybe she should just get out of the way. Of course, if he didn't see her turn into a mermaid, it's less of a problem. "...swabbing, the, bilgerat," She is no good at pirate terminology.
Jack Sparrow
Jack quietly reclaims the bottle he'd been swigging from, even as he gives Ariel a companionable pat on the back. "Don't worry - Ariel! It was Ariel, wasn't it," he continues, before kissing his fingers towards Rosemarie. "I'd adore the pleasure of you comely ladies upon my newfound, apparently, ship, albeit," and here a raising of the index finger, "not, I may add, a substitute for what has been taken me, but rather a token in kind and for now."

He does advise Ariel, "I'd stay on deck for the while. Accomodations below deck are decidedly..." His lips push to the side. "Well, it's no place for a young lady at any rate."
Faruja Senra "Well done, Ser Fawkes. Well done." Mutters Faruja, before turning back to the rather large group. His tail yoinks the keys, spinning them with his appendage idly as it becomes clear the battle is over.

A low bow is given first to the older woman, then towards the group at large. Chains are already being unlocked by the Templar as he answers her questions.

"The very same. Such a pious, brave soul, easily swallowed by fell darkness? Surely you jest, Madame! Alive and well, the very architect of thy rescue. As for these poor unfortunate souls...I cannot say were we are to land at this moment, the plan has...well, taken a far different course. However, to put it bluntly, you are all free to go as you desire."

A pause. The Burmecian smiles. "However, if no more fitting a place can be found, the cathedrals and spires of Holy Mullonde would open its arms wide to any in need."
Zeke "Lady Ariel." Zeke tipped his hat to the red-headed lass. Yer assistance with the wounded is greatly appreciated as was your help in bringing me back to myself." Granted it was Rosemarie's potion that gave the opening but Ariel had given him the jolt needed to realize something was wrong. "If ye need more space t'work with th'wounded my quarters be at yer disposal." He then passed by Rosemarie. "I promised Captain Sparrow first pick of any material goods we come across but all's the same if ye see anythin that takes yer fancy I've no objections t'takin yer share."

As for Tom? Tom was being shoved belowdecks again. No beatings were given but Zeke was still cross with the man and Miri had little love for slavers anyway. Once he was locked away she leaned against the door to his room and stayed there since. Well. Who's going to be stupid enough to try fighting a werewolf in a confined space?

As the prisoners were free and made a surprisingly orderly line for topside those less injured helped those less fortunate up the steps and into the sulit surface. Dozens of people black, white, rich and poor they were all in sad shape, but now they were all free. And Zeke made a fair approximation of Jack's dotted outline shape trick as he found himself on the slaver's vessel in search of his family. And yet when they reunited what were the mother's first words to her wayward son? "I TOLD you that boy had something wrong with him!" She grabbed his ear and pulled. "Didn't I tell you?"Then she hugged him close. "Don't ever scare me like that boy. I thought we lost you."

He hugged back just as fiercely. "I'm here mom." In that moment Zeke wasn't captain of a successful traiding ship or even leader in a prison break. He was a boy that'd found his parents after the world itself had gone to hell.

After all that trouble anything else was going to be mere technicalities and trivialities that were of little immediate concern to him.
Myla Mason Myla Mason just is leaning back at this point she was only a minor player in this play really. She doesn't mind at least something is going right in this scattered up messed up world. She was content top just sit back and watch. Okay that's a lie she's get a photo from her cell's camera of the whole affair. She may even blog about this if she's honest.
Ariel "...Above deck? Well, that's all right. Most of the wounded are here." Ariel doesn't realize just how bad conditions might get - she's a bit naive like that. She nods to Zeke, but, alas, she lost her own hat to the sea. She'll have to get a new one. She hopes she gets a pick or two of material goods too, but... just for her collections. She won't beg. For now she gets back to making rum potions.

She tries a sip of the stuff herself, but... it's got a surprising kick that makes her wince.
Faruja Senra With the family reunion in process, Faruja can't help a brief jealous look towards Zeke. It vanishes quickly, however. So much as he would like to see his own family reunited, he knows well the chances of that being possible are nearly non existant. A crossing of his chest, and he's off towards Ariel and the recently freed slaves.

Unlike the poor maiden, the ratling has managed to obtain some rum, and is swiftly both sipping it at regular intervals, and using it to clean wounds before his curative magics are laid heavily upon those needing it.

"There we are, orderly now! Mind not the sting, 'tis the Lord's way of letting you know there is life yet in thy body! Excellent work upon these potions, Lady Ariel! You've the makings of a Chemist!"
Jack Sparrow
Jack takes hefty nips from his bottle of rum while gesticulating with the cutlass. When finally asked for it back, he says, with astonishment, "What?!"

Then, "Right. Yes!" A twist around and a tip of the hat, followed by a flip upwards of a piece of eight.

After this he retires to the wheelhouse (probably not actually much of a house). Last reports indicate he is steering with one foot.

This scene contained 33 poses. The players who were present were: Zeke, Faruja Senra, Ariel, Jack Sparrow, Myla Mason