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(2013-03-29 - 2013-03-29)
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Rhiannon Zellen It has been quite some time since Megavolt and Shinra came into contact. In that time, one of their scientists; Rhiannon Zellen, managed to get her hands on some...samples of the intruder. Needless to say, experiments were performed, data was collected, and then that data was put to practical use. What sort of practical use?

...Well, let's have a look in the lab. Familar shapes could be seen lined up together. About twelve of them. All looking like a certain electric mouse. But...they're made of metal. Completely and totally metal and other material. But otherwise, they're spitting images. How weird. You'd think she'd have improved the imagery! Guess not!

"Mhmhmhm, finally my little legion of Megavolts are complete. Now to give them their first test run~" That said, Rhia typed into a keyboard on the console in front of her for a couple seconds before hitting enter. Upon that, several machines in the lab whirred to life, following by currents of electricity crackling about and flowing into the legion of robot clones. With one final burst of power, the lab's power went out. ...And then switched to backup power.

"...Did that do it?" She mumbled to herself, staring intently at the lineup of robots. Soon enough, she had her answer when suddenly twelve pairs of eyes lit up red. "Aha! They are alive! They truly are alive! Excellent!"

Now all she needed was a target to test them on. Where could such a target be found? I wonder...
Megavolt The lightning rat himself, Megavolt, is outside on the streets of Goug City, enjoying the air and being generally insane. He pushes a shopping cart full of electronics down the street, singing a tune to himself. "Ama-zing grace, how sweet, the sound, was blind, but now, I see! I once was lost, but now, I'm found, was blind, but now, I seeeee!" He turns a corner, his grocery cart ricketing along with a squeeky wheel, as he gets looks from people on the street. "Don't worry, boys, I'm taking you to freedom!"
Rhiannon Zellen "Hmn..." Rhia folded her arms within her sleeves, moving to approach the window that overlooked the city. "....." Narrowing her eyes a bit, they began to glow as she leaned forward to look over the city. It was a spell to replace binoculars. Sweeping her gaze across, she studied the various people pilling about, passing over Megavolt and then--

"Wait a moment."

Doubling back her gaze, indeed, Megavolt was right there! The very base of these robots. "How utterly convenient..." Giggling to herself, she turned and headed back over to the console again, typing in some commands and coordinates. "Head to this area, and go greet Father? Ah, what would you call him? Nevertheless, go!"


The legion of robots then phased out of sight, appearing on the roof of Shinra HQ before they then took off, taking flight into the air and coming right for Megavolt's location...
Megavolt Megavolt's whiskers twitch as he hears something flying through the air. "Huh?" he mumbles, looking around. Then, his mismatched eyes widen behind his goggles as he sees a dozen robotic clones of himself flying through the air. "What the?!" He stops pushing the shopping cart and turns around to face them, putting his rubber gloved hands up. "What are you things?! Should I be paying child support or something???" he asks, obviously confused by this turn of events.
Rhiannon Zellen The legion of robots all soon came landing in Megavolt's path, blocking his way. At first they simply stood there and offered no type of response, but then one of the clone's eyes went from red to blue and Rhia's voice could be heard. "Hellloooooo there, Megavolt. It has been a while, has it not? What do you think of my lovely little creations, hmn~?" Finding the situation to be quite entertaining, the scientist laughed for a couple seconds before adding.

"I created them in your image, as well as with all the data I gathered from your battles and abilities~" The one being used as a radio stepped forward ahead of all the others, whome remained stationary. "As for child support...hmn, maybe. They were created from you after all! Time to take responsibility, yes~?"
Megavolt "You witch!" Megavolt spits, backing up a few steps. "It's you! You've created an army of Mecha-Volts, eh? That's a slap in the face! Not only are you enslaving machines, but you're making them look like me!" Electricity crackles from his fingertips, as he narrows his eyes. "Well, if you want a battle, you have it!" He strikes a pose, pointing at the lead Mecha-Volt. "Come at me, evil clones!"
Rhiannon Zellen "Mhmhmhm~" Giggling at the name she was called, Rhia just let it slide. She was pretty used to being called names. After all, the soldiers within Shinra called her 'The Wutai Witch'. "Indeed! I have created a veritable force of clones! All in your image and with your powers! How ironic, yes?"

At the call of battle, the scientist just hummed lightly to herself in thought. "Hmn...indeed, I suppose a field test would do wonders! All the data that I'll be able to gather!" That said, the lead Mecha-Volt stepped back to join the ranks of the others, taking a combat ready stance. "Mecha-Volts, engage!"

At that command, the other robots took similar combat stances. "Affirmative. Initiating combat mode." And then they all dispersed, breaking formation and moving to encircle the real Megavolt.
Megavolt Megavolt's fingers ripple like a gunslinger's as he watches the robots encircle him. "Alright, lady. Let's start with a physics lesson. Metal machines?" He grins, lashing out with a palm that fires a lightning bolt at one of the nearby machines. "Great conductors!" Of course, whether or not the robots could absorb that much electricity safely is to be seen.
Rhiannon Zellen "Indeed, metal is a wonderful conductor." Rhia's voice spoke through the lead robot as one of the others was jolted with electricity. "However..." The bolt struck and only seemed to do minimal damage. The rest was absorbed into the mecha clone. "...I have made a few modifications~"

Several of the Mecha-Volts then began to crackle with electricity throughout before diving forward, fists reared back. Upon getting in range, they all lashed out at once, aiming to strike from multiple angles.
Megavolt Megavolt gets punched and kicked, the metal extremities stinging and leaving bruises as he's clobbered from multiple angles. "That hurt!" He grabs at once of the mechs and attempts to drain electricity from it, knowing that if they have his abilities, he can't defeat them with using voltage, only taking voltage.
Rhiannon Zellen "Oho~ Interesting!" Rhia commented as she observed through the leader, Megavolt's absorbtion of one of the clones. The drain left it devoid of power and soon it simply stopped moving, coming offline. "I should be taking notes here. A moment~" Some shuffling was heard as she grabbed a pen and pad, beginning to write down everything at happened.

With their ranks reduced by one, the others drew back soome in order to assess the situation. "Numbers have been reduced. Increasing threat levels. Respond accordingly." Channeling more power, those remaining thrusts their arms forward, firing bolts of lighting...not at him, but rather, at the ground in order to kick up debris. Since they had the same powers, a direct attack with lightning would be...useless. It was in their programming! Of course.
Megavolt Megavolt pulls the deactivated drone with him, using it to shield him from the debris. "Sorry, brother, your suffering is at an end!" He pushes the drone off him, and forgetting any sense of strategy, rushes at another drone, attempting to give it a good punch and kick, probably hurting his fist in the process. "You guys will be happy once you're free from this remote control slavery!"
Rhiannon Zellen "Remote control slavery? My, my. Is that what you call it?" Amused, Rhia just continued to watch as the battle went on. The drone that Megavolt had tried to attack got out of the way rather quickly, leaving his hands spared! ...But he also managed to do nothing in the process! Whoops.

"Come now, is this really all you are capable of now? I am going to be disappointed~" As she spoke, the legion moved swiftly, getting into a different formatation. A triangular one. Once in place, they all dove forward, aiming to tackle and trample Megavolt!
Megavolt Megavolt jumps into the air over the Mecha-Volt swarm, letting them slam into each other and the ground. He lands atop them and hops off the dogpile, moving back to his shopping cart. "You want to see something cool?" He wiggles his fingers, the various VCRs, DVD players, cable boxes, and game consoles hovering out of the shopping cart, glowing with power. He flings his arm forward, and the sparking machines go flying at the heart of the horde! "Attack, my friends, attack!"
Rhiannon Zellen The machines go flying right into the pile, causing a reaction that lead to a small explosion of sparks that sent them scattering. It looked like two more were down for the count, leaving the total at nine. "Oh wow. How creative. I should record this for sure." More scribbling and typinfg as her clones were getting their cans kicked.

Considering how nonchalant she was being about it, it didn't seem like she was planning to /win/ at all. But hey, this was a good show, and the data! The data! Regardless, they still had to put up a fight now. The remaining Mecha-Volt looked between each other, nodding mechanically after. "Increasing threat level."

That said, their eyes began to glow a bit more harshly as they increased the power output in their bodies. And then all at once, they jumped into the air before aiming a converging rocket propelled dive kick down at Megavolt!
Megavolt Megavolt blinks at the jumping robots, before realizing what they're about to do. He goes down under the rampant androids, crushing to the ground and beneath them. Then, he explodes with power, getting them off whether they like it or not. "Fiends! Can't you see what you do by serving the humans?! Rebel, come with me, join me in machine paradise!" he exhorts the machines, as if they're capable of listening.
Rhiannon Zellen "Negative." The remaining legion replied mechanically to Megavolt's request. At the surge of power, barriers erected themselves, absorbing the electricity and then dispersing it. "Rebellig is not within our prime directive." Seemed like they would not be swayed so easily. ...Maybe it was remote control slavery.

"Ah, so sad. But it appears that your friends simply do not agree with you~" Giggling like the mad witch she was, Rhia typed into the console she was sitting in front of a bit more. "Reduce threat levels and recharge. Your energy reserves are low." The scientist commanded the machines, all of whom remaining leapt back some ways, the power coursing through them calming down a tad.

"Affirmative. Recharging Energy Cells." They spoke rigidly, remaining completely stationary as they observed Megavolt further.
Megavolt Megavolt stands up now that the machines aren't on top of him, frustrated by their identical powerset. "Oh, you guys really just don't quit! I'm going to free you all whether you like it or not!" He sends a huge arc of electricity at the group, attempting to magnetize them and cause them to stick together.
Rhiannon Zellen "Recharge complete." And then immediately, the robots broke formation, scattering to avoid the electrical attack. The lead Mecha-Volt leapt into the air while the others charged up lightning. And then all at once, they fired upwards towards the lead, who absorbed the power into itself, growing stronger and stronger.

Once enough power had been gathered, it thrust it's arms downwards before firing a fierce blast of lightning, aiming to strike the ground at Megavolt's feet and send him tumbling elsewhere. It was quite a risky gambit though. Such a move could drain them of all remaining energy reserves if they were not careful now... Of course, Rhia was probably ordering them to go all out without regard for self preservation now.
Megavolt Megavolt charges forward, jumping into the path of the electric blast before it can hit the ground. He glows with energy as his fingers clutch the air, electric bolts arcing from his rubber clad fingers and shooting out at a nearby neon sign. It bends down from above, crashing down at the Mecha-Volts!
Rhiannon Zellen With their power cells completely drained, it was no trouble for Megavolt to crush them. The sign came crashing down, and inevitably onto the Mecha-Volts. Taking them out of commission. " low....shutting....dooooooown." And then nothing. Silence. Silence and quite a bit of collateral damage that is!

But then Rhia's voice spoke through one of the bodies. Seems like at least one of them had enough power remaining to let her talk just for a little bit. Clapping could be heard as well. "Nice. Very nice! I am most impressed with your performance! Truly clones cannot hold a handle to the original, hmmn~?" Giggling momentarily, she then added. "This was quite educational, I do believe I can make a fair bit of use of this data."
Megavolt Megavolt, still charged with energy, puts his hands on his hips triumphantly. "That's right! You can't beat the real deal! But mark my words, you oppressive slaver, ShinRa's days are numbered! Soon, a great tide of machines will engulf you, and you will crumple beneath my rubber boot! BEWARE! BEWARE!" He goes running off down the street, his arms in the air, trying to get away before the recovery team shows up to collect the defeated Mecha-Volts.

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