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A Dangerous Mission to Take
(2013-03-28 - 2013-03-29)
Down at Fluorgis, Reize and Violet had a nice chat, only to run into the Judge Magister. What started off as initial gratiude for the assistance from Archades turned into an invitation for the Shard Seekers to assist them in exploring an untouched land.
Reize Seatlan It's a nice night in Fluorgis. The usual prosperous town is filled with people getting ready for the night. With the moon shining high, it leaves for the stars to glisten. However, it is a bit difficult to see the stars due to the lighting of the city.

The atmosphere is nice, overall.

Out at the bridge, Reize is leaning forward, staring down at the people passing by every now and then. Reize looks ahead, grinning a little more. "...It's a nice night." He looks dreamily at the sky.

A glance is given towards Violet, finally finishing his writing on the journal. He slides it over to her, now giving her a chance to write it. "...What do you wish for?"
Violet Leaning against the railing of the bridge, the girl known as Violet smiles gently to herself as she watches the people passing beneath them. Some individuals, some families, even couples walking closely to one another before disappearing under the bridge itself. "It is." she agrees quietly.

The leatherbound journal is slide quietly towards her and Violet instinctively glances at the cover, smiling to see it return to her for her turn. A pale blonde brow lifts at his words as she glances up at Reize, curious, "I suppose allot of things, but that is a rather big question."
The Judge Magister of Archades named Gabranth was in the area. He was here to check over how filling of details were going and how many have signed up to take part on the classified mission that Archades sent out as a mark to those willing for some large funds, for a perhaps very dangerous mission.

These sign-ups would be ending by tomorrow afternoon, so really for him to be here was not surprising and after spending some time with his student, he was feeling a bit more refreshed.

The dark armored Judge Magister walks over the bridge about this time. His cape barely moving and his steps moving across the ground with ease. The only give away of his presence was the gentle clinking of his sword scabbards against the thigh guards on his legs.
Reize Seatlan A smile is given towards Violet, offering her a grin, "Well, Violet.." He muses thoughtfully, grinning a bit wider. "It would be better to ask..." He turns his head towards the sky, tilting his head towards the sky, "If you were to have one wish that you'd want more than anything, what would it be f----"

It is then that the presence of the dark armored Judge Magster that catches his attention. For all of the stories that he heard through Faruja and the other populace, they are a big deal. As such, Reize quicky pulls himself up.

There is still that exhubernt energy about him where his friendly demeanor comes out. He has also ran into the man a couple of times, "Oiiiiii!" He waves his hand a few times cheerfully.
Violet Violet blinks her bright crystal blue eyes, her smile fading some at his words. What she wishes for, more than anything. Maybe it would be better not to wish out loud. Such a selfish wish.

But then again, aren't all wishes selfish?

His words are cut off and the girl blinks her bright eyes, glancing over her shoulder at the dark figure, having never seen the Judge before. Violet frowns quietly at him with some confusion as Reize begins waving rather exuberantly to the man, though she dips her chin with a slight bow, "Hello."
The helm figured glances up as he hears a loud 'Oiiii!' being shouted from a part of the Bridge. Those blue eyes hidden by the darkness of the helm glance over in Reize's and Violet's direction before, the Judge Magister starts to walk over in there direction.

He remembered the youth when they ran into the computer ADAM. He also believes he may have run into a few times after that. Though as busy as things have been, it was sometimes hard to remember all the times you meet someone and if they ever given your name. Yet he was sure he heard someone say it. So as he walks up he bows his head to them both. "Good evening." he says with a minor echo in his voice thanks to helm reverberating it. "Is there.." He glances at them both once more. "..something I can do to be of service?"

Fluogris was not Archades land, even if Archades was starting to make allies with the small city. Hopefully, nothing in the future would mess up this alliance stance either.
Reize Seatlan He blinks once.

Reize looks up towards the knight as he starts to close in on the group. While there is a fearsome look about the armored man, Reize is able to maintain his composure. The Judge Magister has been a big help in defending Fluorgis when everything started looking bleak.

With that, Reize wanted to thank him.


A smile is given, "You and the others have been a great help when things looked bad for Fluorgis." He rubs the back of his head, "...Fluorgis would not still be here if it wasn't for us all working together. The other Shard Seekers are grateful as well."
Violet Violet blinks her bright eyes between Reize and the dark man while they talk, curious but quiet while she listens. And considering the compliment Reize gave him, the Judge must be formidable. That's really saying something since she had always assumed that the boy beside her was pretty strong. At least that was the impression she had from others.
Gabranth cants his head to the side. A 'thank you'. How odd. It was not something they were given often, yet he nodded his head softly. "Archadian Empire was glad to be of service in the cities time of need. Fluorgis is, after all, one of our neighbors."

He glances over to Violet for a moment, before he looks back at Reize. "And if Baron or Alexandria wish to attack here again, we will once more raise arms to protect this city." He then hrms softly. "I do not believe I have caught your names however. I am Judge Magister Gabranth." He then bows with some respect to them both.
Reize Seatlan While Gabranth is likely perplexed by the concept of receiving thanks, Reize is one of those who feel that is credited to everyone who involved themsleves with Fluorgis.... even when Reize was tired and wanted to leave. The boy looks over at the knight, shutting his eyes, "That's right..." Reize wisely decides not to mention that (Lv 99) Wild Saurian as because of him(and Riku), no siree.

Had nothing to do with that one.

Meanwhile, in the Damascan Sands....


The Wild Saurian bite down a wolf, gobbling it up. It apparently had a red cloth wrapped around its neck.

Back within Fluorgis...

"I am Reize Seatlan, the leader of the Shard Seekers." And then he gestures a hand towards Violet, "Our newest member, Violet--.." He falls silent to allow her a moment to introduce herself.

And then, Reize extends his hand towards the Judge Magister, "Pleased to meet you!"
Violet The pale blonde girl smiles lightly, resisting a small chuckle as she looks back to the judge and dips with a smooth and graceful curtsey. "Violet. It is a pleasure to meet you, Judge Magister Gabranth." she introduces herself, since Reize gave her that opportunity.
"Mister Seatlan, Violet. Tis a pleasure to you both." The Judge Magister then looks between the two before his eyes focus on Reize once more."Mm. That is correct. You are the leader of the shard seekers, aye?"

The Judge Magister then rests his hand idly on the hilt of his sword as he speaks, yet there seem to be no aggressive motivation behind it. Just a place to rest his hand as he spoke. "Have you heard of the mark that Archades has placed out, by chance? It may interest your group, also perhaps help strengthen the ties."
Reize Seatlan It's when the man reaches for his sword that Reize slowly drops his hand. Or at least, it's the fact that he's not responding to his hand for a handshake. He sweatdrops slightly, sighing completely. He gives a sheepish laugh towards Gabranth, then he nods. "Yeah..." The expression becomes more calm. For better or worse, he is the leader of the Shard Seekers.

However, when the man speaks about the mark, Reize perks. "Oh! Yes! I've heard a bit about it! Admitedly, I've been a bit pre-occupied!" He grins, "HOwever, I'd love to take part of it! And I am sure that the Shard Seekers would as well!" Of course, as the leader, he is dragging them along for the ride!
Violet Violet blinks her bright eyes with some surprise and curiosity as she glances from the dark man to Reize, clearly not having heard of the mark but he has. If his exuberance is anything of an indication. A small hand lifts to gingerly brush a few stray locks thoughtfully behind an ear.

"I suppose if Reize is joining in, I do not mind participating as well. Depending on what it is I mean."
Yes, sorry Reize. Judge Magisters, at least not Gabranth anyhow, are not hand shakers. Though for some, with good reason, others, not so much. (and perhaps because the player blanked out that fact!) He tilts his head to the side as he listens to what Reize has to say, then he looks over to Violet, before he looks back over to Reize. "Excellent to hear. Then you may wish to report with the Fluorgis office to get the paper works filed out before tomorrow afternoon. That is when the collection of who is coming and not shall be completely filed and closed."

Gabranth then looks to Violet. He studies her for a moment before he speaks. "It is a rather dangerous mission, mi'lady. One I can not give the details on openly in public. It is to a land long forgotten and to ruins that have not been touched in perhaps thousands of years." He glances over to Reize then. "That is all I am permitted to say at this juncture."
Reize Seatlan Grinning towards Violet, the boy brightens considerably. "I knew I could count on you!" He moves over towards her before patting her on the back jovially. It's not too rough of a pat. Nevertheless, his attention falls back to Gabranth. "Great! We will do that." So, they better start filing a report in and deal with the paperwork. Sigh. He should have stuck the boring paperwork to Ivo.

Oh well.

His eyes widen.

Place that has not been touched in a thousand of years.

One could see Reize's eyes brighten like stars. "...A place that has not been explored in so long... and we get to explore it. We--we shall explore it!" He raises a fist in the air.


Oh right.

"Neverthelss, we'll sign up right now!" The boy reaches over towards Violet's hand, "Let's head over before they close!"
Violet A dangerous mission. That's no surprise. Not really. But it does concern Violet some that it was dangerous enough that the details couldn't be spoken of in public. Was he concerned that the information could fall on stray ears? The wrong information in the wrong hands could be dangerous after all.

Paperwork isn't much of a surprise either.

At Reize's muted reaction (for him at least) Violet blinks her bright eyes as he punches the air above him with excitement, only to grab her hand and literally drag her with him in the direction of the mentioned office. A blush rises in her cheeks as he does, but the girl tries to keep up with him even as she glances over her shoulder at the Judge. "It was a pleasure to meet you!"

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