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(2013-03-28 - 2013-03-29)
Zeke has asked, begged, bartered, and hired a group of people to help rescue family from being sold into slavery. To do that though a diversion has to be created. This is that story.
Zeke Tortuga, port city of Pirates, Theves, Refugees, and anyone in the caribbean it seems that had no place in 'propper' society. Zeke's men, those he had sent ahead days ago, had reported via one of those wonder devices he picked up in his travels (Radio actually but even understanding the concept is Science rather than Magic it's still something memorable to a man of the era of High Piracy.) So Zeke turned to those who had answered his requests for aid.

First his attention focused on Ariel, who he had done as best as he could in finding clothes that would both let her blend in a little better than what she had worn before, but not call too much attention to her being a rather lovely woman. The results... were good on the former, but there was no hiding the lady for what she was. "Miss Ariel. We're due in port soon. If you do not think ye be up to th'task it's no shame to back out. These be rougher sorts than ye be used to an even if ye wish t'sit out I can still use yer eyes."

Then to Rosemarie his attention turned. "Lady elf. I do hope your concoctions be ready and potent. Yer efforts and aid i do appreciate but... This be a hard course ahead. It is good you came t'oversee this affair. Make sure there's no last minute snags."

To Nagetta and Myla then his attention turned. "Both of ye, I thank you." There was a hitch in his voice when he spoke as theirs was the one task that he Ariel and Rosemarie's tasks were intended co cover. Well their efforts as well as that of the strike team waiting for their signal. He didn't know how these c4 charges worked other than 'stick to what you want blown up. hit button and they go boom... and it all supposedly works underwater too. "Just plant the charges and fall back. If these gizmoes work as intended we can push a button while away from th'harbor an." He made a 'poof' gesture with his hands, fingers expanding out as they moved away to imply an explosion. "Wait until Ariel has their attention. If yer task be done before time t'go I want eyes waiting in case things go amiss and my men need bailing out. Simple idea really.

"Oi!" A lank man put a hand on Miri's shoulder. "Wot be that thar?" He pointed to a cluster of squarish things connected by wires and cables to eachother with more leading off and away.

"Don't worry friend." Miri wore her human face. Light skin, dark hair, a wicked gleam in her eyes. "Merely setting up for entertainment due any time now.." She gestured to a bucket of ice, which on it's own would have raised eyebrows but it also contained bottles of cold (!) beer. "Have a drink. Rest. Call your friends over.

"Oh Aye.." The man, after getting shown how to open one of the bottles took a slow sip, swished and took another drink. "This be a wonder all it's own." He looked from Miri to the chilled beverage. "What be th'catch lass?"

"No Catch Ser Sailor." Miri's smile was genuine and her words held an honest tone to them. "These are dark times and this port filled with people driven hard. Me and my friends offer song and sustainance. After all the Lord himself came down not to mingle with the lords and Nobles but the poor and downcast. Free admission." She held u panother bottle. "Bring your friends. Bring everyone you can."

Meanwhile others were busy setting up the stage itself... More a cleared section of dock that happened to have enough space for insturments, amps, speakers, and whatnot to be prepared. To the cultured eye it looked like an absurde blend of eighteenth century port city and twentieth century rock concert.

All thorugh it all stood five men in preastly robes chanting soft prayers to Farem and looking on at nothing in particular. They were, mostly, taken as either insane or missionaries and left to their own devices, which was just as well really.
Ariel "I'm up to the task!" Ariel says, a little insulted perhaps that Zeke might still think otherwise. But, she does pause. "Now, we're supposed to be a distraction, so, it's okay to use magic...?" That seems to be pretty attention-getting.
Nagetta Of course Nagetta didn't really have any idea how the explosive worked either. Just that you pushed a button and things blew up. Hopefully, she wouldn't draw too much attention to herself. There's no telling what reaction she might get from the pirates.

Her attention turned towards the stage equipment not really being familiar with it either. Where had Zeke came across such technology? She's not sure about all of this, but she was a bit quiet with all the strangers present.
Margaux Fleury Margaux de Fleury was not a part of the main plan. The Death Corps member only became involved in this caper in the eleventh hour. Thankfully, the redheaded fencer was well-equipped to help out thanks to her former trade of being a dancer. Her objective was simple, she was going to hide in plain sight and keep an eye open in case things took a turn for the worst.

Her outfit consists of a white peasant blouse that leads into purple, yellow, red, and blue skirt that is held to her body with a bright green sash. The dancer's garb is complemented by a multitude of jewelry that jostles and clunks together everytime she moves. The purpose of her outfit was simple, she was to if need be draw attention to her and away from the others if everything went pear-shaped.

And if -that- plan didn't work, Margaux had hid a rapier near to the stage being set up. It always pays to have a backup plan to the backup plan.
Myla Mason Myla Mason hd met the strangest captain some time ago. Zeke was certainly a man of the sea but he wasn't one of her people. He wasn't tied to the water like she was. Still he'd needed help and she'd been willing to hear him out. She'd not expected to encounter the Lamia Dragoon again but such is Fate isn't it? She listens to the plan and nots it semed solid enough. She had to wonder though just what would they be facing at this point?
Rosemarie Rosemarie was contracted for a very specific task to aid in Zeke's plan. It would not be too much of a stretch to assume that Rosemarie helping directly is an oddity (it is), but sometimes the only person qualified for the job is Rose herself. Other times her employees are too occupied or too incapacitated to be sent out. Whatever the case she's on board the ship with the others as they're heading in to port. "Oh of course, sugarplum. I always make certain things come together splendidly for a steady customer," she smiles before corking a bottle and placing it alongside several others in her bag.

Once they're in Tartuga Rosemarie is nowhere to be found. At least, not immediately. Zeke, Ariel, and anyone else whose seen her regularly may notice that one of the hostesses tending to refreshments looks oddly familar. She's a raven-haired, dark skinned girl dressed in a white blouse and red skirt with a purple sash around the waist. At present, she's checking the food and distributing drinks to the early arrivals.
Zeke "What new devilment be this?" Bob, the sailor that Miri had introduced to the wonder of Cold Beer, had indeed gone to show his friends. This one, Tom, and yes that was the man Zeke was here to find, simply felt of the bottles. It was warm out. Given this was the caribbean Warm wasn't a surprise. IT was the fact the drink was cold as the middle of winter that was cause for amazement. "And this lass said something of entertainment and refreshments?" There was doubt in his voice. There had to be a catch.

"I know man it's daft innit?" Bob sounded enthusiastic in spite of himself. "Seen several barrels like this set up, and there's word tell of more on the way."

"Hmmm..." Tom had brushes enough with sorcerous and eldritch doings in the past months. "Be this a chance for a trap?"

"by who? Brits and Spanish both be tied up defendin themselves. I say we all show." The third voice belonged to an elderly chap, bearded and having a peg leg. "If it be some new witchcraft I want as many there t'fight as possible.

"Aye!" All in the bar sounded agreement at that before going out ot gather more of their friends. Nevermind the caution. There was beer to be had!

"I am sorry Ariel. You've been practicing hard but for now let's start wit hsong." Zek's voice was soft as he spoke, trying to discourage such... Drastic means yet. I have Faruja's magi working effects. Your magic I want in Song unless things go horrible. Then you're there to watch my back. That I know you're up to lass." He did the best he could to project confidence.

Then he spun to turn to Nagetta and the guitar she had brushed against. On picking the insturment up he stroked it's ocean blue paint and smiled while strumming a little. As it wasn't plugged in only muted sounds were made. "Miss Nagetta. Miss Myla. I have faith in both of you." Then his attention turned to everyone, those going on shore and everyone on ship. "My faith is with all of you. Friends, Followers, People hoping for a quick bit of coin. You're here because I thought you were the best," That he could get at a moment's notice. "You do your jobs no matter what strangeness be seen out there. It be mere illusion and theatrics. Twists of Magic and Mania to dazzle and confuse. If luck be with us I'll have tom down in th'hold affore this day's done an my family freed." He had sent word to Jack that he would give the man a ship for his aid, but given how.... unpredictable that man was he couldn't say for sure where, how, or even if he'd show.

"Yer alright lass?" Jon looked Margaux over carefully. Sure she seemed competent in her own way but he'd never seen the woman in action. "They're mostly refugees. Mostly bound to scatter or stare rather than fight." The big man had hoped to provide comfort. "It's not an army thank God." He sat behind a drum set as he spoke, waiting for their lead and vocals to show.

Meanwhile a diminuative woman, dark of skin and dressed strangely for the period was busy touching diffrent bits and bobs connected to oen of the boxes mumbling this that and eight other things in technical gibberish. At each touch there was a small blue-white spark from her hands to diffrent things which caused needles on a device in her other hand to move this way and that. Satisfied, apparently, she got up and moved on. There were surprises in these black boxes beyond being able to make Noise. Unexpected and hopefully delightful in their own way. She hoped that there would be someone out in the crowds that might appreciate what gifts eh would leave.


"Land Ho!" came the cry from the crow's nest. "Land Ho!"

Zeke snapped to life as did his crew making ready to dock. Last minute bustle and noise was about even after they had been tied off and Things, likely of Rosemarie's design, were being carted from the holds.

Zeke gave Ariel's shoulder a squeeze. "You'll start us off then? I'll play the way. do not hesitate if any get too close for comfort's sake." With that he was away, his guitar plugged into an apperatus worn under his great coat so when he started playing it was a jangly tune that carried not only about his immediate person but was picked up and played by ever yspeaker cluster through port and stage. This sudden burst of noise prompted Zeke's 'band', in reality members of his crew that had shown aptitude for the task, to join in on what he hoped to be a bombastic enterance.

The Magi had joined in by weaving a spell that, apparently, caused the clouds to part, sea breezes to blow away the stench and noise of town in favor of the foods and melody this ship brought. Even though they were of religious bend and Godfearing mentality even they nodded approvingly at the music that now played. It was energizing. It was uplifting and merry. It was... This world's first taste of the Glories of Metal.

Mostly the crowd just stared slack jawed not sure what to make of this new sound and yet... and yet there were a great many that started gathering at the stage, involentarily forming a clear path for Zeke and his crew in the process so they progressed unimpeeded. This was something New. It was Bright. It was... Fun. It seemed to capture the spirit of the town quite nicely.
Ariel Ariel laughs a little at Zeke's comment. She's not disappointed at all. Singing is kind of her favorite thing, and so she's sure she can happily contribute to that as well.

It takes her a moment to catch up with the blaring of the band. But when she does, she starts singing along, wordlessly at first, to match their tune. Even wordless, her voice does draw distracting attention. There's something about it. But only other pirates have probably heard the like.
Nagetta All the noise from the music makes Nagetta cringe. It's not that she hates it, it was just a bit hard on her ears. She knows it was necessary for their plan. Besides, she would be underwater and unable to hear it soon enough. Of course, there's no telling what might be waiting down below for her. She would have to rely on her spear and magic, jumping wouldn't be a good idea after all.
Margaux Fleury Margaux may have picked up the sword in recent times, but she is still quite a talented dancer. She was an a learned practicer of the bewitching dances that Ivalice and Ordalia were known for. Many people underestimated the power of a dancer can hold over a crowd. But it looks like such a thing would not even be needed by the elaborate plan that Zeke has dreamed up.

The strange equipment that was being fiddled with by a...stagehand...causes Margaux to look over distractedly. What -was- all of that equipment anyways? Her blue eyes seek out the person who addressed her and she flashes a demure smile in response. "One can never be too careful in a place like this," replies Margaux in Ordalian accent which might end up sounding much more like a French accent to those present from this world. She shrugs her shoulders and motions around herself vaguely. "But if there is no trouble, then at least we will have a great positon to watch the show from, no?"

Finally, it was the strange music that is countered with some beautiful singing was sign enough that everything was so far going to plan. The magical breeze that cleared out the certain colorful stink of the port was much appreciated as well. It was now Margaux's turn to get into positon so to speak. She gathers up her skirts an parks herself in front of the stage. While it takes a moment for Margaux to adjust to this sort of music, she picks up the beat soon enough. It was time to dance and hopefully influence some others to do so as well. The more Pirates dancing and being merry, the less they were watching over the rest of Zeke's merry band when the next phase of this little operation went into effect.
Myla Mason Myla Mason has been prepared as best she can she ponders about the remains of both countties it seems this world got off better than her's at least one city made it through even if it was a den of pirates, that's something right?

"I been called a Sea Witch."

She seems rather amused at this bit she looks over to Ariel for a moment then before she turns hert attention backt o Zeke she's a bit distraction, not that anyone would know she's trying to get a feel for the water.

"Shock and Awe, I get the concept. Should work hopefully."
Rosemarie Not-Rose continues to pour drinks and serve food. She handles plates and trays gracefully, balancing several at a time as she gets tables set. When she's not doing it herself she takes to managing the other staff so that any guests that have arrived are accounted for. That is, until Ariel starts singing.

"Oh, she's splendid," Not-Rose observes, possibly making a mental note to ask her about it later. In the meantime, she starts handling the tables closest to the stage, even if she finds herself covering her ears a bit due to the accompaniment.
Zeke As Ariel Sung Zeke's music changed. It was difficult to find a transition point that satisfied him but even he was not immune to Ariel's voice. Those that had never heard her? The gathering of men and women alike when she joined made Zeke's efforts pail in comparison. Yet even with the grandness of technology and talent overshadowed by a simple woman's voice Zeke powered on moving into something more familiar. Still happy, ut at the same time thoughtful as the song described a man's voyage into the unknown chasing after dreams.

"See mate?" Bob clamped Tom across the back. "Wha'd i tell ya. Innit worth any doubts y'might've had?"

Tom for his part felt uneasy. Something about the man on the guitar. Something familiar and disturbing but there wasn't enough there to jog his mind clear.

Elsewhere Ships that Zeke had singled out as well as the one ship that was to be boarded and, if possible, taken over, could be found easily. The guards, more or less people each captain had wanted to watch their ship, had started to grow distracted by the sudden den of noise but just as alluring as the enchanted song was the promise of food. Many of these men had been on shift for hours with only hard-tac or jerked meat as sustanance. "Scrum?" A man had tried to stop one of his fellows. "Scrum whatcha doin man?"

"What's it look like I'm havin a right propper meal y'<HOOONK>" Scrum blinked and looked about before throwing a piece of cast-off at a goose that'd somehow gotten free and was wandering the docks. "G'wan you!" He made shooing motions til the offending bird waddled off indignently.

Beneath the waves were no men and apparently only a few critters. If first looks were to be believed an easy enough in and out job. Yet something felt wrong. Both Myla and Nagetta wold feel something in the water. Not a Creature or Beast but a preasence that seemed to be on the waves watching. Waiting...

As Zeke played and Pirates were Entertained Tom took a drink from Not-Rose and tried to stop her. "Lass. Who be that there?" He pointed to the stage. "What ship did he come on and why? There be no profit made from all of this."
Ariel Ariel grabs a loose pirate, and dances a bit, during the instrumental bit that intros the song. She has finally learned a little bit about how to make dancing work, since it was one of her Top things to learn to do while she was visiting the land. Right now, there's not much that could bring her down. The last few weeks have felt like a weird dream, though she knows she'll someday have to wake up...

When the words begin, she sings them along well - she's learned the songs for the set prior to the show. But she's trying not to think about the sadness in them as she transmits that to the audience.
Margaux Fleury The Dancer known as Margaux de Fleury just keeps on dancing. As she dances both by herself and with the random party-goer, Margaux does her best to keep an eye on the others. Hmm. It's that girl from before! Margaux would think it strange that they both seemed to be dancing every time they met, but what else would you expect when you keep running into each other at party like events.

Regardless, Margaux will keep a protective eye out on Ariel when she dances with some of the pirates. Redheads have to stick together, afterall.
Nagetta Nagetta indeed feels something strange in the water as she swims. It awfully quiet, shouldn't there be more sea life around here? Of course she does have to surface once in a while for air, but she does her best to not get noticed. Of course the snake tail made that easier said then done.
Rosemarie Not-Rose does indeed stop, if briefly, when called to. "Beggin' your pardon, guv'nah, but I've been so busy in the kitchen I 'aven't 'eard 'is name. Chap says 'e's tryin' to share the wealth of a good haul." Not Rose pours Tom a bit more to drink.

"Methinks 'is generosity'll get the better of 'im, but ooh am I to judge? Good friends is more valuable than any gold they says."
Zeke Zeke laughed deep and loud to cover the gap between songs. "Enough of this! Enough of Meloncolly and Storm! Away with dread and morass. Why?" He punctuated the beat with a quick strum of his guitar. "Because. YOU ARE A PIRATE!" For the next few minutes, if nothing else, all was merry and proud revelry in the fact all here were in their own ways outside of the law. Even he was caught up in the mood. There were many bands across many worlds that reveled in the outlaw image and what better outlaw than a crowd of pirates?

Beneath the waves an inky blackness gathered. It had no form on it's own until summoned but sommoned it had been and was being drawn by the thunderous noise and roar from above. It saw Lamia and Sea Witch alike and reached for them. Too thick shadows that didn't belong could be seen for a moment before it receeded. There was a better target. One who's heart lay bare by the rush and roar and exaultation.

Zeke continued on with a jaunty tune about a ghost of a man recounting his debauched life and priding himself on making the same of it given a second chance when he saw Tom. His hands faultered for a moment and he was thankful to God that he was not having to sing. But....

His hands started playing. It wasn't the next tune in line. The Magi knew this as their cue though no matter if it was moved up from the plan. While Zeke played alone the wind picked up gathering clouds and slowly swirling at the waters.

He sang of what happened. The fall of his world. Of a man seeing the oncomming storm and gathering what he could unto ship and setting sail.

Tom looked about. "How...?" His voice was a whisper as the song went from contemplative to an all out rage filled account of the man's ship getting boarded, overun, captured. It was a spot on account of what he had done. "God's name how?"

Clouds gathered and turned from white to grey as the winds picked up.

Thunder rolled somewhere in the distaince and there was a bell tolling.

Something was diffrent about Zeke.

Rosemarie might have spotted some shadow. Some... Thing that wasn't meant to be there. She might have even sensed it's malicious intent as it snaked from here to there and finally struck unseen by even his crew at the 'good' captain.

Zeke laughed again. This time an unhealthy maddened laugh that seemed to reverberate around and through. "Thomas. Son of Benjamin and Ann." He abandoned the guitar as he slowly advanced to the edge of the stage with something very much approximating hate and or murder in his eyes. He made no move for either sword or gun but Tom stood there for all the world like he faced Judgement Almighty. "Do. You. Fear. Death?"
Ariel Ariel sings merrily along with the happier song. People are definitely watching her, when she sings, it's captivating in a way that probably ties to her natural magic. But there is something that stops her... and gets everyone else's attention, when shadows begin to form.

She doesn't know the words to Zeke's new song. It wasn't on her list. "...What's happening?" she asks, looking for Rosemarie. "Is it the Heartless?"
Myla Mason Myla Mason is suprised at the music she shifts back a bit to listen to the song to enjoy it without getting too distracted herself bu the music. She doesn't focus too hard on it as she's well as the song starts a Pirate? She almost cna't help but trying to not laugh she looks at Zeke as he contiunes she's not much musically inclinded cept she knows what she like meanwhile she contiunes to work. She's got charges to plant things to do right? The distraction is in full swing, so plkanting the demo charges is what she's doing. It should make a heck of an impression once they are all set.
Margaux Fleury It seems that Margaux should have been keeping an eye on Zeke and not Ariel. The sudden change in his behavior and in the weather was troublesome to put it lightly. For the first time that day, Margaux frowns and not-so-politely excuses herself from the person that she was dancing with so that she can gravitate closer to where she hid her sword.

Somethings just never seem to go to plan, but who could have predicted -this-?
Rosemarie Not-Rose raises an eyebrow when things start to get dark. Shadows gather and the sea roils. It is troubling. Ariel asks her what's going on and Rose's face takes a strange expression. As if something just dawned upon her. She moves closer to Ariel, trying to lead her farther away from Zeke.

"I can't answer that one, sugarplum, but I think it's best if you and I get to higher-ground.
Nagetta Nagetta feels something nearly grab her, but watches as it suddenly leaves. She knows it's trouble, but getting the demo charges in place was more important. If they weren't in place the plan would be a failure. She just hopes that the others can deal with whatever that was.
Zeke "Faram..." One of the magi tried to snare Zeke but their magic just slid away as Zeke pushed both dancers aside.

"You stand accused of taking what is mine."

Bob as well as a few others were boken from the trance of music only to look on in a mix of facination and orror. Was this part of the show? Why wer ethe pretty skies gone? Why were the clouds dark? Was that a demon's skull grinning at them from on high?

Tom was flung onto the stage, whether by Zeke's hand or some invisible force could be debated over and over agai nas people saw a bit of both and no two accounts would line up. He backed away from the now enraged and possibly posessed Captain. "Ezekiel?" He finally put a name to the face, but it was the coat that was the give-away. "I didn't know man I didn't-"

Zeke grabbed him by the throat and lifted him. "It shouldn't have mattered." Lift. His other hand supported the man so he wouldn't strangle. "You were raised as good as my brother. Come hell or high water we swore we'd watch for eachother." His eyes were clouded, dull. Some might see Things swarming from him to the clouds above, mists that neither budged nor seemed ot have a discernable source. "When both came you Ran." He flung Tom down to his back. "You showed your colors and you Watched as my mother was Beaten." Step. "Tortured." Another step. "And abused as only Pirates are wont to do." His sword was in his hand. "And I've come to collect that which is mine."

"God... Zeke please." Tom got his sword out just in time t odeflect a hammerblow. "You have to understand. Please!"

"What's there to understand?" Zeke's assault lacked his usual flare. His usual finesse and rythem. "You are not the man I called family."

"And you are not yourself!" Tom rammed Zeke, sending him off his feet before punching him, wailing on him really but could one blame the man? "Look at you! This isn't you!"

Zeke shoved his attacker, the man that was the center of everything, away. "You're no man to call high ground on me."

The magi tried to summon wind to blow the clouds back and holy prayers to undo whatever this Thing was doing. Yet the clouds remained unmoved and skeletal hands joined the daemonic face. Boney fingers puppeted strings of mist that had coiled 'round the young man's heart as the two fought and rolled 'round on the stage.

There's no telling what started it. Whether it was some charge gone wrong, which was unlikely as none were placed on the docks themselves, or some twist of cruel and dark magic but there was a loud Snap-BANG.

Only then did the audiance break from their stupor. The docks were breaking! The Plan was gone! Flee you idiots!
Ariel Ariel nods, and grabs Rose's hand, but... she looks back at Zeke. That's her friend, too, and she really wishes she could help! "Zeke!" she shouts, but then the dock itself is breaking.

Now Ariel is not afraid of the water, but... she's not entirely sure she knows how to swim, with legs and everything. She nearly drowned the last time. So, she bolts away, as the dock starts to crumble.

She looks back, and up in the sky, sees the demon creature. She screws up her courage, and, now, throws a bolt of lightning at it from her hands. Maybe she can distract it. But she doesn't notice the ground below her about to give way.
Nagetta Well, at least it was easier for Nagetta to see with the dark skies. Then she notices the trouble over in the distance. She knows this isn't part of the plan. Something had gone horribly wrong. She forgets the charges and begins to swim quickly back to the docks. This was more important and besides they couldn't carry things out like this anyways.
Rosemarie Rosemarie keeps her focus on keeping Ariel intact, placing--for better or worse--Zeke's safety as a secondary. Still, Rosemarie has an investment here. Her ability to let that go is poor. When Ariel stops to drop a lightning bolt, that only makes it even more necessary for Rose to act.

She produces a vial from somewhere and uncorks it, a faint smoke pouring out the mouth of it when she does. The vial is tossed, overhand and with quite a bit of practice, out toward Zeke and Tom. It shatters in a cloud of light blue smoke, spreading around in a fashion not unlike a Sleep spell. Rose, however, does not wait to see if it helps sedate whatever it is that has a hold on a Zeke before she tugs Ariel along.

"Come on, sweetheart, we'd best be going," Rose's expression sours. "The dock'll collapse any minute and--" She looks up at the sky. "I don't think we want to be in the sea at this rate."
Margaux Fleury My, my. It looks like it is time to exit stage left.

Gathering her skirts up with one hand and grabbing her sheathed blade with the other, Margaux dashes away from the docks as fast as she can. The dancer has to weave her way through the fleeing crowd, but her agility seems to be paying off despite being hampered by her current attire.

And Margaux suddenly remembers why she does not accept work from strangers she did not know. There was a too great of a chance that it would end in skull clouds and dark magic these days.
Myla Mason Myla Mason is just keeping the heck to her job she's got the charges place she's done shes' going to get the hell out she's not wantin to be here if and when they go off. Either way she's turning to book it even as things start to go bad? The Plan's gone, it's time to get the Diablos out of here rreally and that's what she's doing.
Zeke Splash! Ariel's in the drink along with a bunch of random debris that would make swimming... Problimatic at most. Thing of it is once she hit sea water she had her tail again. Actually it wasn't quite the same but close enough that all her old experiance would work. Close enough.

The demonface flinched and Zeke screamed as if he were the one struck, or maybe it was from the fact Tom was a dirty fighter and wanted despirately to live. Someone screamed his name just before the pain and there was something else. Something strangely scented combined with that woman's voice that punched through the fog and the drums. Who? He tried to think and there was a flicker of something in his eyes. Then just as realization something was amiss he got punched in the face. So the fight continued a moment longer before both men realized where they were fighting wouldn't be there much longer. Yet before Tom could run off Zeke grabbed him by the leg. "No cully jim. No.... You're coming with me." THen he added in a less vengeful tone. "My ship be closer too. Straight thataway." Point for emphasis. "That way. Run. Now." SHove.

He would've 'escorted' the man himself except in the scufffle his leg's d gotten bound and he had the problem of a voice screaming in his head."Get out!"

<No.> There were no words from the skullface in the sky but it's 'voice' reverberated in Zeke's head. <You have woken that which lay eternal and I have named you my vassel on this earth.>

Horse laughter even as the dock broke apart and men were diving for the ocean. Zeke's crew would have aided but they had troubles of their own fighting free of the stampeeding crowd and in more than a couple cases getting tangled in debris themselves.

"I renounce you." He reached for where his sword had fallen. "God as My shelter and provider I renounce you Daemon."

<Then go mortal man. Go to the sea and see what mercy it shows.>

Given he was tangled and wouldn't be free before going under. About the only mercy he could expect would be if something knocked him out before the thrashing was over.
Ariel Ariel screams as the dock underneath her tumbles apart. She grabs for Rosemarie's hand - but, in the confusion, when Rose is throwing a potion, she loses her grip and tumbles off the dock.

She's in the water, and worried. She has no idea how humans do it, being unable to breathe down here...

But after a few gasps, and glubs, she realizes she's breathing just fine... her lungs expelling air and filling with water without any problems.

Then she looks down.

She has a mild moment of panic. She lost her thingamagiggers... er, her boots, and that's the first thing she ntotices, but it only registers a moment before she she realizes she has no legs anymore, at which point, she just starts flailing as if that'd be the best way to escape herself.
Nagetta As Nagetta moves closer she's noticed at the docks collapsed, that wasn't part of the plan at all! Of course the sunking debris making a bit difficult for her to get too close but she tries to swim around it. She doesn't see Zeke or Ariel, hopefully they weren't getting pulled underwater.
Rosemarie It takes her a moment longer than Ariel, but Rosemarie goes under. When she resurfaces she looks like her normal self again, save for she's much messier than usual and soaked with seawater. She treads water for a moment before muttering something to herself, after which she blows a bubble. It's small, at first, but before long it's bigger than her head. There's an awkward moment where she has to work her face through it, but afteward she seems significantly less worried about drowning.

In fact, the dark elf dives back under in search of Ariel, Zeke, and the others. It's rough swimming, but she seems to be doing well enough.
Myla Mason Myla Mason has to make her wy to escape she's running as fast as she can the feeling od the Daemon has set the water a bit well on edge fart as she can tell she knows the thing is a horror that should not be. AS for her she's sprinting through the port making for hte harbour if she's got to swim it she'll do so at this rate.
Zeke <That's it.> THe demon not-voice crooned. <Rest. Struggle no more...> It was a seductive idea. What more did Zeke have to give? Also he was hallucinating since apparently he saw Ariel with a fish tail. Wierd. It was actually kindof nice down here except the whole burning lung thing. Wait... Oh right Drownding.

<Jack that and you. I plan on LIVING!> Zeke wriggled free and started swimming for the flaily mermaid under the idea he wasn't hallucinating and she was in trouble all her own. Nevermind getting elbowed or punched he grabbed her by the back of her shirt and shoved her towards where all the bubbles were goin.. which is kindof the direction he wanted to try swimming too.

AIR! He breathed deep before almost getting clonked in the noggen by a speaker. Thankfully it was only a near miss which for some reason eh found funny.

And something was screaming overhead. Oooh right 'mister sunshine demon face' He reached past the camera's view to make a gesture at the clouds before trying to figure out where Ariel was. "Ariel!" Dive. Look around. Surface for air. "Ariel! We have to get to the ship!" For the moment at least he didn't give any outward sign of seeing her fins.

Indeed his crew had either already made it safe and were fishing anyone up they could or were in similar 'trying to get out' situations.

Tom was on ship busy pulling anyone and everyone he could out of the drink.

All while this was going on the face in the clouds made clawing motions with it's hands while the magi threw lightning and fire it's way to keep the daemonic whatsit distracted.

Zeke caught sight of Rosemarie and actually didn't seem that phased by the bubble. "Where's Ariel?" There was an edge of panic in his voice. He wouldn't have noticed her if she was right behind him at that moment.

Then again kindof hard to hear anything going on unless it's right next to you thanks to all the screaming, and stuff floating around. Was that cannon shot?

Yes. Yes that was. Most of the ships in the harbor it seems were shooting at the sky. Seems everyone had the brilliant deduction that whatever was up there caused the mess down here. At least they seemed to have their priorities straight? A few of them could even be heard, if one actually could bother to listen, 'You Are A Pirate!'. A merry lot most of them. Could be the song more than the shot was doing damage.
Ariel Ariel nods, and tries to get to the ship. Yes, she's... a really good swimmer, though the skirt she's got on tangles her up a bit as it takes on water. She has no difficulty at all adapting to her old form. In the waves, she loses her pretty hat, which she definitely is going to regret later. Though... maybe not as much as letting her friends see her with a fin. That's kind of hard to explain. "Zeke, are you okay?!"
Nagetta Nagetta's a bit surprised to see Ariel with a fin, but she's not upset or anything. Instead she's more concerned, as she makes her way back to the ship. She does her best to try and help them as well. It looks like they're going to have to try again some other time, getting out of here was more important right now.
Zeke "Later later! Go!" Zeke swam surprisingly well given all the debris in the water. He even at one point managed to pass Ariel and patted her on the shoulder. "We'll talk later. Want them to try carrying you on board?" He wasn't surewhat to do about her new condition. He really wasn't.
Rosemarie Rosemarie quirks a brow at the fin, but refrains from comment. If she spoke up about every bit of strangeness she encountered she would never stop talking. This is just a fact of her life. She seems anxious to get on the boat, whatever the case, because she does not like being wet.

The bubble is still there. "Good to see you're back with us, sugarplum." she says to Zeke as she climbs aboard. And then there's the issue of Ariel. She seems to be considering how to best tackle that one.
Ariel Ariel isn't sure what to do about it either. But, she does appear to be a mermaid, under the condition where she hits the water, at any rate. She'll need to be drug up onto the ship.

And then, she looks horrified. Maybe it will... go away on its own.

She remembers the portal worked before... "If we get out of here," she tries to explain, but it's very hard to explain.
Nagetta Of course this isn't the first time, Nagetta's seen someone's lower body change shape. Still, she's never seen a mermaid before, so it's a bit surprising. "Is everyone alright..." The shy girl speaks up a bit, still not fully sure of what happened. There would be time to go into more detail later, she knows they need to get out of here right now.
Myla Mason Myla Mason has mande it well to the water and she's diving in she's swims quickly like she was something that should be in teh sea as she's making for the ship her self it's time to go and she does know she'll need to get back to the ship. She can see it now and she keeps on swimming.
Myla Mason Not everything went to plan. In fact nothing did really. However Tom was in their custody and the clouds were breaking. The ship the strike team was on was still free and clear however. That was the important thing. That and even with whatever curse had veen lain on him Zeke had his friends.

As for Ariel. There were orders to treat her as they had before. If she wished to talk it was her choice, but there were more important matters to tend to before then.

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