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(2013-03-28 - 2013-04-16)
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Angantyr Vespar Angantyr had came back to Fluorgis a few days ago...with a person over a shoulder.

For the purposes of expediance, Sanel is in a different set of rooms resting or whatever it is Sanel does off camera.

Cut to Sanel chasing after Mr. Mew.

Angantyr had some pretty nasty wounds, but as always he heals pretty fast. Right now he was eating in an inn, which was rather quiet given that it was still early, he was thinking about what had happened, and how it would effect buisness...

And what it met. He knew an inquisitor of the Church of Glabados was not only a vampire, but abusing her power to get food. Or at least, that what he thought she was doing. He was thinking about what happened next.
Maira Maira is also just coming back to Fluorgis after stopping at home for a few things--AND A BATTLE. Quite randomly, she'd been attacked by The Dark Knight, in what was a completely puzzling, and trouble, encounter.

She is however, not terribly injured, and actually in a pretty fine mood. This is likely do to the fact that she is leading a red chocobo, following her cheerfully. "WARK!" the chocobo says, headbutting Maira affectionately as she stops in front of the Inn. "Okay you, stay here okay? I'll bring you some greens after," she says, reaching up to ruffle his feathers gently.

Maira enters then, spots Angan, and scurries over to him directly, falling into a chair beside him and looking at him with wide eyes. "Angantyr! What happened!?" she asks, looking him over. "Do you get in trouble every day!?" not...that she's one to talk...apparently...
Angantyr Vespar "Almost seems like it. This trouble might be...more troubling." It's easy to see the bite marks. And not the normal bite marks, fang marks.

Angantyr isn't in any danger of becoming a vampire, because of dark vitaility, and also he wasn't slain. DARK VITALITY, is a mysterious stat that you can't really see in his status page. You know it's there, but everytime you hover over it, it stares at you until you curser off of it.

"You look as if you have had adventures too. Lunch just got made, come have a bite." Angantyr says, "There might be someone else here you might wana look at."
Maira Maira leans closer, shamelessly examining him because this is healer work and embarrassment doesn't figure into it when she turns on that section of her training. "Angantyr you've been BITTEN," she gasps, examining the puncture marks on his neck with obvious alarm. "What did you fight a giant spider? Were you poisoned?" she asks, already starting to pull things out of her pouch looking for the right potion. On top, is the horn that broke off Leon's armor, which is placed on the table, the make of which Angantyr would likely recognize as being from a dark knight's armor.

"Someone upstairs? What did you get into? OH first--I went back to Traverse for some things and I got attacked by someone calling himself THE Dark Knight, and he wanted to test my Light and Minerva and--wait don't say anything--Katyna and Evja were there and they defended me but I got him to stop attacking by asking for mercy and then he was calling me a maiden of light or something and he went away--" Maira then gasps a breath. Breathing! It's important!

OH HEY FOOD! Maira grabs a pastry and stuffs it into her mouth.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr looks at the dark armor piece, taking it into his hands and examining it. He frowns as Maira goes over her encounter, not answering her questions yet. To test her light...and he stopped when asked for Mercy? Not...traits of most Dark Knights, that is certain. Even Ang was prone to fits of being brutal, but he was tempered better lately, perhaps because of his friends...but perhaps that was weakness. He wasn't quite sure yet.

"The Dark Knight huh? Arrogant." he says, thinking about this.

"Reguardless, it wasn't a giant spider. I ran across some of the Church of Glabados' flunkies surrounding a child with spears, so I got involved. They decided to ignore me, and I showed them the error of their ways. However, their leader which was some inquisitor was a vampire."

"We fought her off, but not without serious injury. But she got away. I am fairly sure I'll be dealing with that stupid rat soon."
Maira Maira eyes grow wider as she chewed. An Inquisitor of the church of Glabados? A /vampire/?! That was a real thing!? Maira swallows. "I...hey! Don't say that about Faruja. You may not like him but he is a good friend to me. I don't let anyone talk badly about you even if they don't like you," she says, pursing her lips at him.

" got bit by a vampire!? D-does that mean you are going to turn into one or something?! Or is the werewolves? I don't really remember....SO, the kid? He's upstairs then? Is he alright?"
Angantyr Vespar "Nah." Angantyr says, "I think you have to die, and my body isn't rejecting potions or burn in the daylight." Angantyr says, with a long nod. "We're both not in danger of death, or undeath. Besides, I'm harder to mess with...connection to the darkness and all that jazz." he shrugs. "Yeah, he's resting. He might need a look over when he wakes up."

Then he shakes his head, "Maybe, but he won't believe it, Maira. He will come here to kill me because..." he throws a hand up.
Maira Maira frowns deeply, nodding. Angantyr did look alright, besides being beat up a little. Honestly, her mental picture of him is always a little roughed up. If he were in perfect condition she might actually be alarmed. "Well...good," she says, then reaches for the horn from the armor, turning it over in her hands and chewing her lip lightly.

"No no...Faruja wouldn't do that. I'll tell him. We're good friends," she replies. Faruja would see reason. It wouldn't be /easy/ but she was SO sure. Not a doubt. Faruja was a good person! Her faith in him had never been shaken.

"This Dark Knight...he felt so...weird. Like he had no light at all. He felt like a a glass that had been emptied and refilled..." she muses, eyes fixed on the horn. "Do you think he's a Shadow Lord?"
Angantyr Vespar "It's a possibility." Angantyr says, which makes him wonder if he has connections to Garland...but he has been in Garland's employ for some time...but then again, he is not perview to every secret. He shakes his head, "Whatever you say. But I've been on the wrong side of that guy before. I do not have much faith on him...but maybe you will prove me wrong." he shrugs, "As far as this light. That is scary...for him to given himself over to darkness so throughly...but to have his will. That is..."

"...Then again, I am an impossibility too. I guess that we will have to meet in the future..." And fight. Something told him that conflict between the two of them would be inevitable..
Maira Maira nods some. She will not argue about Faruja now. It wouldn't do her any good. She would just have to see how things went.

"It was so strange...I was very afraid. He was so strong, even when we hurt him, and we did, he just...he didn't even seem to notice. But then at the end....he reached out toward me, like he wanted me to take his hands or something...I don't know. But he did said he would be back to to check on me," she explains, brow furrowed with worry.

"You are not an impossibility, you have Light just like most everyone else. You use the darkness and its part of you, you are not like he was. You're...not empty feeling," she tries to explain.

Maira remembers something then, reaching for another piece of food. "Oh! I did something weird the other day. See, I met Evja--know you don't like her but she saved me a couple of times--she was sort of...flooded with darkness...I thought, maybe I could make it go away, you know? ...And I did!"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr nods a little, "It's...complicated so don't worry about it." he says.

"My darkness is a bit more complicated, but eh. Just...thanks for the heads up. I think this is going to be something we need to confront eventually." Angantyr isn't sure what to think yet...time will tell.

"He also seems interested in you. That isn't something good, I fear. I wonder WHAT it is...but.."
Maira Maira sighs, nodding. "I'm sorry. I seem to attract trouble too," she says, placing the horn back in her pack. "He'll be back, so...I guess I shouldn't wander off on my own." Blah!

Alright, something happy? "Oh! Oh oh oh! I got a chocobo! You have to meet him. He's so beautiful, flame red! I don't know what to name him though..."
Angantyr Vespar "...You got a red Chocobo?" Angantyr looks moderately impressed. "Good job, those are rare." Angantyr nods.

"Yeah, you shouldn't. ...We should tell Avira too."
Maira Maira nods. "Oh, I told Avira already! VALKYRI radio. I'll warn her again though..." she says, sitting back and looking toward Angantyr sheepishly. "Evja gave me the chocobo..."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr rolls his eyes, "I give little craps about the Judge. In the sense that He is a judge and I really hate them." Angantyr says testily. "And didn't he sell you all out to Hades?"
Maira Maira blinks. Then blinks again. "Y-you know Evja is a guy?" she asks. "And I don't know, but he was under a...a compulsion? He really couldn't help it. Anyway...will you help me name him? The chocobo? And how much longer are we staying in Fluorgis? What's the plan now?" she asks, since apparently she's along for the ride! Probably for the best anyway, as she'll no doubt get in trouble if she wanders off again!
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr looks surprised, "Huh. I didn't know bunny girls had guys. That explains that I guess.." he says, and shakes his head. "What I know about them is that they were all female." He takes a long moment to think...

And then his eyes snap open. "Something is here, in the city. Something dark."

"...I think it's him."
Maira Maira gawks, then reaches out to smack Angantyr's arm. Not like its going to hurt or anything. "Angantyr you said HE! You tricked me!" she complains!

Maybe he'd forget....

Maira blinks then and scoots closer to Angan, eyes going wide. "Its him...its him," she agrees, reaching for her pouch again to touch the horn. "Why is he here? Did he come back for me already?"
Angantyr Vespar "No." Angantyr says, motioning up stairs.

"Go up there. I'll go looking for him. With any luck he'll ignore you, he might not even be here for you." Angantyr says and stands, picking up the mace and holstering it.
Maira "Angan...." she says, frowning deeply. "You're already, hang on," she says, then reaches out to place her hand on his arm, casting a quick cure spell. "I know I can't stop you...but be careful, please," she says, then leans forward to give him a quick hug before she goes upstairs to keep an eye on the boy Angan has rescued from the vampire.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr nods to her.

"Careful? If I were careful I wouldn't be doing this." He says, and gives her a grin. Before he runs off.

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