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(2013-03-27 - 2013-03-28)
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Katyna Katyna had remained in Fluorgis for a few more days, feeling a bit shaken up after meeting the dark knight, and determined more than ever to prove him wrong. Today finds her on the outskirts of the city, trying her best to enjoy one of the beautiful city's many floral parks and water fountains, even though she'd already bought supplies for their trip out of Fluorgis. It seems however that Ramza had decided to stay a bit longer, which left her feeling anxious..
Faruja Senra Faruja has been spending much time in Fluorgis as of late, along with a number of his fellows. It seems the Church of Glabados is up to something, but who can say exactly what? The Church's servants have been distinctly tight-lipped about it. Right now, Faruja exits a governmental office building, sighing as he stops at a water fountain. He's quick to splash some on his face. Even with only his robes on, Fluorgis is scorching to his kind!

Doing so, he belatedly notices a certain Katyna! "Ahh, Dame Redsvaren! Good eve M'Lady." His smile is tired, but warm. Dealing with government drones has that effect on the Templar.
Katyna Siiiiiiigh. If only there were some way she could wave a magic wand, and make everything better. In a world full of so much magic, one would think it easy to find such a spell, but alas. Katyna at least, is not so magically inclined. Buuut..Hmm, it is tempting to look up Seith again, who was basically a walking talking, magical encyclopedia for all her needs..

But that was in the past. Now, he'd sooner hunt her down than help her. She's on her own now..She glances around, noting the fountain, and peeking over the edge, she searches her pockets for pennies, unloading about a ton into the fountain that causes the water to splash all over the place!

Hmm, now if it's true that one can make a wish every time they toss a penny into the fountain, maybe with so many pennies, she cant go wrong! Kat closes her eyes, clasps her hands and concentrates..

"I wish...."

Suddenly she hears Faruja's kind and overly polite voice squeak out of the corner of her ear, and she jumps, hair standing on end as she glances over at him nervously. "Gah!!! Faru! What are you doing here?" Her eyes dart around oddly nervously, as much as she was the last time she saw him here. Yegads, how's she gonna get out of it this time?
Faruja Senra That is a lot of pennies. The rat's face twists slightly. "...Mayhap 'twould go better to a charity, or the poorbox." Comments the Templar idly regarding her mountain of wishing-pennies.

Once again, there's that nervous look to Katyna. Leaning on the fountain, tail-tip dipping into the cool water, he puts on his best smile even as he tries to ponder just what is the matter with the woman! "Oh, taking care of a few minor errands. My apologies, hardly did I desire to give you a fright! How fare you, hmm?"
Katyna Katyna pouts, staring into the pool of pennies, shrugging a little. "Eh, I s'pose so, just..." She draws a deep breath. "Faru......Eh.." She stares uncomfortably at her feet for a long moment, and awkward silence ensues - something that is perhaps uncharacteristic of the usually chipper and overly chatty young knight.

"Umm.....We...We need to talk.."
Faruja Senra Faruja stays silent, as Katyna pouts and generally seems to be gathering up courage. But for what? The Templar feels his stomach sinking as she asks to talk so nervously. In his line of work, that's usually a bad sign. One that typically makes his life much harder.

Standing up, the rat looks the fellow warrior in the eyes. "What is it, Katyna? My ears are yours."
Katyna Katyna sighs deeply, finding it hard to look Faruja in the eye. she already remembers the anger and hatred in Avira's eyes, and in the others who heard of her dirty little secret. Formerly friends and teammates, now they glared at her with cold hatred and not a shred of forgiveness. But how would Faruja, the ever so pious church Templar, who preached such things as forgiveness, react?

"Umm.." She wanders towards a bench next to the fountain, sitting down. "Faru..I wanna ask you a question first. Do you think...If a person does a really bad thing, but they are remorseful and try very hard to redeem themselves, that they will still go to hell for their sins? Do you think that once you do a bad thing, there is no going back?"
Faruja Senra Faruja follows, sitting down, tail wrapping about a bench leg. Question asked, the Templar falls silent, considering with one hand rubbing his chin.

"I think...'tis possible for one to redeem onesself. It depends on the crime, of course, however the Lord will forgive a sin with proper penance. Indeed, even a murderer, should they honestly work to mend their ways, may one day be truly blessed in the sight of the Lord. What must be certain is that 'tis true penance. Not for one's own sake, but for the sake of others."
Katyna "Faru..I did some terrible things.." She sighs, staring at her legs, swinging back and forth slowly. "I know I'm not totally innocent of those crimes, and I know I've been trying to find excuses but..I...I...." She swallows.

"Faru,up until recently, I was a servant of the Shadow Lords..I not only kidnapped Maira, but I also kidnapped Avira and brought her to Hades. I....I'm sorry..."
Faruja Senra Claws lash out, the Templar's silent, understanding face shifting to outright rage like a flipped switch. Grasping the collar of Katyna's tunic, the Templar bolts upright, dragging her up with him. His fist shakes, claws poking holes in the fabric, piercing back through his own skin and fur. He doesn't seem to notice the blood as his own crimson eye glares daggers into Katyna's face, not an inch away from her.

Faruja had changed much, through meeting many people in the new worlds. Forgiveness comes far more easily. But what throws him into a blind rage is whom she wronged. "WHY!? Of all of the people...were it not for YOU, mayhap she would not have..." The rat chokes on his own words about Avira, emotion clogging his vision. Body glowing white in a righteous fury, he shakes the woman harshly. "And.../MAIRA/!? Of all people! The most innocent, kindly, loving woman I have ever met!? Tell me why you have done such things, immediately!" Snarls the Templar, breath coming fast in his fury. From the way his free hand flexes, he may just be considering rather violent actions at the moment.
Katyna She sees the pain and rage..The feeling of betrayal in Faruja's eyes as he grabs her shirt. And she doesn't even try to stop him. INstead, Katyna squeezes her eyes shut as the tears flow freely. Still, it's the first time someone actually bothered to ask her WHY, rather than just blindly condemn her.

"I...I was afraid. When they first found me, the Shadow Lords were ruthless. They killed everyone, my friends, my family. Everyone I ever loved. they all fell before me, and I was too weak to protect them.." She sniffles, closing her eyes. It's the same story she told Avira, but she didnt really care, she dismissed it as excuses. Still, it's the truth.

"I...I was scared. I couldn't run anywhere, couldn't hide, Faruja! So I stood up against them, even though I knew I was gonna die, and then..Lord Fessner spared my life. He saw potential, and he took me in, taught me about the darkness. Told me it was my own fault that those people I cared for died..Because I wasn't strong enough to protect them. He taught me how to be strong, and also promised that he would preserve my life as long as I served him as his servant and spy..."

She sighs, shaking her head. "I was such an idiot, I thought that he was right. IT was my fault they died. I just wanted to become strong. So when I was sent to spy on VALKYRI, it's all I cared about, but...But, then I started to care about them. Faru, you gotta believe me! I was sooo scared. I just wanted to stop, when I saw how much I upset Maira. But it was too late! Hades ordered me to capture Avira, and I knew in the end, if was either her life, or mine. I..."

She sighs, "I took the cowards' way out. I captured her, but then...I just couldn't...I couldn't stand myself anymore, so I ran to Hades and helped the others to free her. But..."

But it seems it was too little, too late. "I'm not working for the Shadow Lords anymore, Faruja. I want to be good. I want to atone for my sins. You might not believe me, but it's the honest truth. I want nothing more than to make up for all the wrongs I committed...."
Faruja Senra While the anger and look of betrayal remain, slowly, something else creeps in. If anything, Katyna's story only stokes his fury. He shakes in utter righteous indignation. It's all too similar to Hati's own story. A woman, vulnerable, taken in and duped only to be used as a tool. A carrot dangled before their heads to force them to do the bidding of those plotting the destruction of worlds. Then and there, the Burmecian silently vows to see every Shadow Lord dead, or die in the attempt. His muzzle shows sharp, white teeth, far too close to the crying girl's throat as she finally confesses.

Long minutes pass, and finally, Faruja lets go. Falling to a knee, he grabs Katyna's chin, tilting her head to stare into his eye. His gaze searches for any signs of untruth, any shifty flinches. He considers her words, fighting against his own urge for vengeance. How many others had this woman harmed like Avira and Maira?

Then he remembers her first question. "Katyna. I believe you." This isn't the face of some desperate liar.

"Swear to me, Katyna, before Holy Faram, before the soul of dear departed Ser Kasrillen, that you shall never again aide these horrid monsters whom used you so."
Katyna Katyna holds her breath as Faru's sharpenned fangs come close to her neck. Would he slash her throat for her betrayal? so far, only Maira, Ramza and Reize seemed to give a damn if she was being used by the shadow lords or not. She was shocked and hurt

Suddenly he lets go, and she falls to the ground, letting out a relieved sigh. What? What happened? Faru brings her chin up, forcing her to look him in the eye. "Err.." She flushes, feeling too ashamed. But a knigh would not look away. Afterall, that would suggest deception, wouldn't it?

But he is right, it's not the face of a desperate liar, only one who is genuinely remorseful for her actions, and wants desperately to redeem herself. She smiles faintly. "Thank you, Faru, I...." He makes her take and oath, and she nods again, taking on a more serious look. "Yes! I swear on Ser Kasrillen's departed soul that I am telling the truth, and that I would never dream of aiding the Shadow Lords, nor the heartless after all the evils they committed against me..And against everyone else!"
Faruja Senra A hand lands on Katyna's shoulder, patting lightly even as he reigns in his own lingering rage. Opportunity as well as a means of /helping/ someone who has been used sits right before the Templar, and he grasps it easily. Sitting down upon the bench once more, he nods to her oath. "I shall remember it. Think naught of going against such an oath, for it shall carry a price most dire indeed."

Frowning lightly, he considers his options. "When you questioned me of atonement...'tis what you seek, M'Lady? I would be willing to speak with my superiors, regarding such means. A heavy burden lies upon thy soul, but if it is redemption you seek, I would be a poor servant of the Lord if I did not at least seek a road for a friend to trod upon back to the light of the Lord."

Pausing a moment, he continues. "Have you spoken to Maira and Avira? I can hardly grant forgiveness in that regard. 'Tis theirs to give. However, the Shadow Lords are my enemies, and I believe you may very well be able to assist myself, and the Church, in fighting them. Are they aware that you are no longer their dog?"
Katyna Katyna nods slowly, seeming a bit comforted by his words..Of course there was that other thing she had to tell him, about Ramza and how he might not just be some 'evil heretic'. Telling him that she's travelling him is a whole other can of worms, but..That might have to wait til another day. And at least, she has not committed any real sin, other than failing to turn Ramza in. but then, she was no denizen of the church herself.

"Umm, I do seek atonement, Ser Faruja. What did you have in mind?" She nods and sighs when he asks about Maira and Avira though. "Yeah, I talked to them. Maira understood. She was upset at first, but I think she understood that I didnt do this to be mean, that I was just scared and confused. Avira though..." She frowns, "She, eh.." Kat hangs her head.

"Avira...Didnt really understand, even though she was herself used by the Shadow Lords. I really wanted her to understand, but, she was just full of hatred and anger towards me, and said they were just 'pathetic excuses'. It..It really hurt to hear that. The only thing she gave me was a chance to prove myself..."

She smiles, "I will do my best to battle the heartless! Although it'll be difficult on my own.." Would it be safe to travel with Ramza, even? So far, she hasnt' seen them attacking the church directly, but if they did...Would she be okay with that?

But, it would be a discussion for another time. Right now, she's just tired.

"Thanks Faru..For believing in me."
Faruja Senra "The sting of her own encounters with the Shadow Lords remains fresh, and such a reminder no doubt would cause the best of us to lash out so. Can you truly blame her, Katyna? Not all are so forgiving as Lady Maira." Starts off the rat, before shrugging. Anything he would say is mere conjecture.

The Burmecian's voice drops as he crosses his legs. "A former agent of the Shadow Lords no doubt knows much of how they operate; their members, their names, descriptions, locations of their strongholds, their numbers...the information alone is invaluable. Someone such as yourself would know how best to strike at them, how they summon these horrid abominations. Nevermind what the more cunning of the Church would be able to dream up. It would take some convincing, however, I know a few whom may see reason, and show pity for you."

The Templar nods, Faruja finally smiling a touch. "Quite. They are not an opponent to be fought alone."

A shake of the head. "'Tis my duty to guide others unto the path of righteousness. I believe today may yet be that first step for you, my dear. Besides, I think your dear departed would desire this."

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