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Pirates vs. Hawaii
(2013-03-27 - 2013-04-05)
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Captain Barbossa A foul wind blows across the beaches of Hawaii. Dark clouds loom like some storm that refuses to break. The cold that has come in off the sea is unusual for this place, and has driven many of the natives and tourists alike back to their homes and hotels. A strange fog hangs on the nearly still water. It's night, but there isn't a single sign of moonlight through the thick layer of clouds.

Out on the water, a black sailed ship emerges from the mist. Impossibly riddled sails blow forward, a scurvy looking boke in the crow's nest crying out: "Land Ho!"

Elsewhere, within one of the nearby homes just a short distance from the beach, a boy leans over his stolen 'treasure'. Clearly a teenager, and likely once a refugee from Manhattan, the boy is in a room decorated with all sorts of posters of knights, dragons, and other fantasy creatures. He's donned with what looks like a mismatched set of armor that really offers little protection but just looks 'cool'. Out in the main room, his father is flipping the channels, watching television while his son rubs his hands, trying to pick the lock on an small chest sitting on his desk.

"Come on. No lock can best the might of the Ghetto Knight!" The boy fiddles with it, wiggles the tools around some more.


"Yes!" That's the moment he looks out the window to see the pirate ship coming in towards the sands. "Crap!"

On the ship, Captain Barbossa stands with his hand stroking a small monkey in a pirate outfit that sits on his shoulder. "Soon, we'll have Redman's treasure." He croons to it in a sing song voice, then takes a sip from a glass of wine.

A gangly looking blonde pirate with one eye crouches to whisper to his friend, "Do ya think the Captain's still angry aboot us lettin those thieves steal old Redman's map?" He simpers, but the bulkier man next to him runs ahand over his bald head, and the smacks Ragetti in the back of the head, "O'course 'e is. Now shut yer trap 'n keep yer head low unless ye want te be used fer kraken bait again." A glass eye goes flying, and the blonde pirate scrambles after it across the deck.

The ship drops anchor a short distance out to sea. "Alright. Ya all know what we're here for. Let no one live until we've gotten the treasure." Barbossa calls out, and pirates begin to drop one by one into the water... and sink. Shouldn't they have used longboats, or something?

It seems that way until the first few begin to emerge from the water, looking damp, but completely unharmed for their brief walk under the waves. It's certainly a creepy effect, with the dark, ghost ship behind them. The moment the pirates emerge, so to do Heartless. They look like the usual Shadow type, but have eyepatches and sabers, pulling themselves up out of the very sand to stand next to their pirate counterparts.

Barbossa is the last to come to shore, but he doesn't need to walk. Instead, the pirate captain just materializes out of one of those dark, eerie portals, loading a pistol and looking ominious.
Tifa Lockhart Ahhh Hawaii. She never came here before though, but hey, she might as well enjoy a bit of time off. She usually would go to Costa Del Sol for a tan, but then she heard of some cheap boat rides to Hawaii... sooo...

She got Aerith and Kim to buy tickets with her, and here they are. Swimsuits and all, having fnu on the beach.

Right now though, the barmaid is doing her best to ignore most of the catcalls and flirts as she relaxes on the beach, on a towel, taking in the sun, laying on her stomach to get some sun on her back. She doesn't get much chance to work on her tan, and hawaii's pretty good for that.

That's until the black, looming ship appears at least. She grumbles a bit, sitting up and looking over to it, and then to the girls nearby "What's going on you think?"
Will Sherman There is a crate on the beach.

A normal, everyday crate that had apparently washed up...infact, it might have even come from Barbossa's ship! Who knows? It's a crate. Nobody has opened the crate yet, however, after a few moments, the Crate seems to rock back and forth, slowly rolling towards Barbossa's goons, before STOPPING when someone from the pirate group looks at it. Those who have good perception scores can notice that there is a hole in one of the sides of the crate, and a eye poking out of it, watching the dregs from the water rise up.

The crate moves again, towards the pirates, before FREEZING if someone immediately looks back towards it.

Will sits in the crate...

"This is the best idea I have ever had. Max can eat his heart out."
Aerith Aerith of course is wondering the same thing, wearing her pink bikini outfit and a pair of mirror-coated sunglasses. She tilts them up onto her forehead as the ship looms toward them and stares for a few moments. It wasn't about to get any better for their tanning session, and so Aerith turned toward the others with a shrug. "Let's find out."
Percival Hawaii.

Already had Seith befouled his memories of the tropical island chain, and now Pirates were about to make matters even worse.

He'd inquired in Port Royal recently about the Gauntlets he'd discovered from the castoffs of the /Ghetto Knight/ and had little luck discovering any new information on how they might be reforged. Perhaps it was a longshot, but he'd come to the more modern Hawaii looking for hints about reforging them. If he'd mulled it over a little longer, he might have thought to bring them to Cid, but for now it appeared that his visit to Hawaii had purpose.

The russet-skinned creature of the night had spent what little free time he'd had, gliding over the white sand beaches of Hawaii, while watching the moonlight reflect off the water. It was so pure, unlike the waters of the Atlantic Ocean near his home country, and even in the dark of night it still glittered like sapphires. When the fog rolled in, the Gargoyle might have suspected nothing, until he saw shadowy hazes within the fog coming ashore.

Longboats, really?

Alighting himself on a nearby tree, he'd hang on it, while watching the figures comes ashore, and their Captain materialize by a portal of darkness.

He'd actually manage a chuckle. "Pirates? Really?"

And then he saw a crate, and he saw a crate moving, and suddenly the thought occurred to him that someone fancies themself a superspy and its the /DUMBEST/ idea he's ever heard of. And given some of the ideas Percival has come up with, that means its a doozy of a stupid idea. Who, just WHO Would come up with an idea that magnificently foolish?
Kim Possible Kim went with Tifa and Aerith because her (hopefully) BFFs were going. So who was she to refuse? She, too, was wearing a bikini, and was relaxing with her friends sunning herself. Everything seems cool until the boat shows up, and Kim looks up and goes wide-eyed. "That thing looks totally uncool!" She nods to Tifa, adding, "Let's check it out!" Before stepping off-screen and returning in her usual attire. Then the Kimmunicator beeps. "What now, Wade?"

"Hey, Kim, I was just wondering how you do that trick where you switch outfits in a flash by going off screen?" Wade asks.

"Wade, that's something that only the audience is supposed to see!" Kim replies with narrowed eyes before putting her Kimmunicator back.
Will Sherman Will looks to Wade, "Seriously dude, breaking the fourth wall is not cool. Leave it to the professionals, kid. There is a time and place for it." THE MORE YOU KNOW!
Percival And suddenly the crate didn't seem all that foolish to him. Nothing extraordinary about it after all. Why did he suddenly have a monster of a headache?
Leida Another black portal ripples into the empty air some distance away from the darkening beach where the pirates come jogging out of the ocean as if it were completely normal. A much smaller figure drops out onto the sand and glances around making sure that no one saw her questionable entrance. Fortunately, the sudden unusal shift in the weather has sent the majority of the tourists packing and her arrival goes unnoticed.

Leida pushes to her feet and unhooks the tall yumi bow from her back, hesistating a moment when it gets caught on something. Looking down she finds that her frilly pink dress has been replaced by some strange local form of attire. Long fronds of dried grass rustle and dangle from a belt wrapped about her waist in a skirt-like fashion and there is a skimpy top tied about her chest with mere strings where once her blouse was.

Blushing at the boldness of her attire, Leida tugs again on her weapon and finds that the culprit is a pair of necklaces made from interwoven flowers hanging loosely about her neck. A little work gets them clear of the bow and she draws an arrow from the quiver strappeda bout the small of her back, setting it neatly in place on the string.

Unlike the others, the princess is here specifically because of the presence she felt. Her renewed connection with the shadows has afforded her a sort of extra sense that allows her to feel the presence of great darkness and where there is darkness the light is sure to come rushing to drive it back. By assisting in these events she is fullfilling her promise and, she hopes, helping off-setting the bad karma that comes with it a little in the process.

Leida slips through the loose jungle foliage, using her shadow mastery to bend the light away from her and mask her approach towards the pirates. She isn't about to jump out and take this entire crew of dastardly ruffians on her own but she'll be ready to jump in when the cavalry arrives.
Feige Abramson Feige would like to own a volcano base. And that is why she's helping Barbossa pillage Hawaii because presumably when Hawaii is pillaged, it'll be a lot easier to get a Volcano Base. She is hovering in the air in her MAGIC POWER ARMOR The Iron Falcon and chortles in laughter, pressing the back of her hand to her mouth as she cackles.

"This is the perfect place to set up experiments...for Science! And when the secret Volcano Base is mine, I will invite people in...and when they're covered in Magma I'll say 'LAVA NICE DAY!' HAHA! HAHA! WAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

She really has no problem working with the undead, provided they aren't the sorts that can be defeated by sunflowers. "Say..." Her eyes peer down (or pier down if you like pirate humor. "Magnify." A targeting reticle flips onto her eye. "Magnify...." The targeting reticle hoves over Tifa's left boob.

"I'd recognize that chest anywhere! SO! There are HEEEEEEROES who are going to try and stop us, hmm??" She flicks the reticle back. "I'd like to see them try! This is the NEW AND IMPROVED Iron Falcon!!"

She points to some red racing stripes painted along the side of the wings.
Myla Mason Myla Mason had been off exploring once more and come to this island land, it was much like her home and she felt a little less home sick but the technology was not as advanced not that she minded. She'd manged to just well look like a very strange tourist givent he locals had prehaps got somewhat used to off worlders being about. Heck she'd been having a reat old time untill something didn't feel right in the water and she's made hr way down to the beach and there she sees it something bad is coming she shudders somthing fowl has come this way.
Stitch Home. That's pretty much the expression that's on the face of the lovable and fluffable alien known as Stitch, right now. For some reason he has decided to pass back through Hawaii, likely to pack up some more gear for his endless mission to find and rescue Lilo. If she's even in any kind of trouble in the first place. Right now, though, he is on his normal walkabout, once again taking in the sights and sounds of the island that he has missed so much. Perhaps looking for something to destroy. It /has/ been a while since he's destroyed anything.

NO! Bad Stitch! Be good. No destroying that pretty structure over there that is practically begging to be torn and demolished. Oooooooh.

Stitch's need for destruction has him distracted from anything else that may be going on at this exact moment. Like, oh, Pirates?
Aerith Aerith huffs with irritation and gets to her feet as the shadows bear down on them. "I think I'm starting to get irritated at the fact that these things are everywhere we go." She glances at Kim, who somehow did a quick change, and almost pouts in her direction. How she wished she could do that... but never mind.

Aerith lifted her right leg and stomped on her beach towel, just near the right edge. The sand nearby exploded upward, as well as her Spirit Staff, and she rolled it over her shoulder before striking an attack pose. "Let's go, girls."
Captain Barbossa It would be strange enough for people to be sunbathing on a dark, cloudy night, but the pirates don't seem to be too bothered by the sight. In fact, scantily clad girls? "The Captain never said anythin 'bout there bein wenches here!" One pirate elbows the one next to him. "I've got claim on the pretty one." Which ends up with an argument over which of the three evening sunbathers happens to be the 'pretty one'. Including someone claiming one of them looks too 'butch' and another looks like a boy. Take your pick which is which.

It certainly distracts them from their intended goal, and this draws Barbossa up behind the trio of pirates, looking down. One notices, then the others. "Look Captain, this land has wenches!" He looks across at them, "Aye. Ye three can go take care of that. We could use a bit of entertainment on the ship." Thus, Tifa, Aerith, and Kim now have a trio if surley looking pirates heading their way, intent on stealing them back to the ship for nefarious purposes. Can you blame them? When was the last time they saw girls in such states of undress?

The rest of the pirate start heading in-land. The Heartless, and the Pirates fall upon those few humans who are still out at this time of night, but they do seem to be heading in one direction. It's almost as if 'treasure' has a sort of siren song to them. Now's a good time to step in and try to stop pirates from killing people and Heartless from turning them into more of their own, oh and keeping pirates from running off with young girls.

Inside the apartment:

"Crap. Crap!" The boy grabs up the opened box and tucks it under his arm, peeking his head out, "Dad, we've got trouble!" His father flips a channel. "You got yourself into this mess..." The boy just looks at the back of his father's head, wide-eyed, lip trembling. Then, he summons some measure of courage.

Ghetto Knight activates: RUN LIKE HELL.

The boy is out the door, and running across the sand, immediately getting a handful of Heartless giving chase. He's got a box, and it's clear both the pirates and the Heartless want it. Oh, and the boy is running without looking, so he's about to barrel right into Stitch.
Ariel Ariel heard about some of her friends checking out this beach, and... since she seems to be able to still retain human form in this realm, she thought she'd come check it out too. She's got on the purple bathing suit she washed up in... along with the useful towel given to her by Kim as she walks onto the beach.

But her timing is, well, impeccable... as there's pirates attacking. Mean-looking ones!

Sebastian and Flounder make themselves scarce when this happens. But Ariel is brave enough to approach the pirates who seem to have some bad intentions toward her friends.
Will Sherman The Crate moves closer and closer to Feige.

It stops whenever she looks at it.

However, no doubt, the Crate has outlived it's usefulness, as suddenly WILL SHERMAN, KING OF THE HOBOS, springs out, grabbing the crate, and then attempting to beat Feige with the crate. The attack is not very brutal, and more attempting to shove the mad scientist into the crate. "CRATE TO MEET YOU!" Will shouts. The punnery is terrible, and you should all throw rotten fruit at Will for making it.

"Now seriously. No hanging out with evil pirates! I don't care how much of an evil genius you are, pirates and evil geniuses don't get along. There is a rule about this in the greater Villian handbook," Will scolds.

"Now go back home and think about what you did."
Tifa Lockhart ... Tifa probably fell asleep and didn't realize that night had fallen apparently, otherwise she wouldn't be sunbathing of course. She's going to blame something, like the portals or some time god for this.

Anyway, pirates. No, she's not a wench, and certainly not easy of a target as those pirates would like. She doesn't have her boots or gloves on... but that doesn't make her any less dangerous either. She's not too worried about herself, but she rather not let those pirates get near Aerith and Kim. She turns her head to tell the two girls with her "Stay behind me, I won't let them get close." She smirks to Aerith, knowing the girl can rain spells on them from the back too.

And then she moves forward, practically hip-swaying seductively, as if to distract them "Want some of this guys?" She smirks, letting them approach just enough... to each receive a kick where it counts >_< Can you get better to open hostilities? "FAT CHANCE!"
Jack Sparrow
Home can be many things. It can be a small building, a great manor, a land, a piece of countryside, or... a ship.

Jack Sparrow had come to this furthermost nook of the Sandwich Islands. Many of the details of the place are confusing, almost agitating, including the lack of honest filth in favor of those rumbling motorized automobile carriages.

At present he is in a tourist dive near the beach. He knows no better, because even the 'real authentic' bars are strange and plasticky and following regulations and what not. He has his cheek in one hand and looks morose. When the full coconut of strong rum punch is placed down, he says, disconsolately, "Thak you, lass." He puts down a gold coin, one of the nearly-gone vintage from the last adventure (Rosemarie is not an inexpensive landlady, despite her other ample ameneties).

The bartender lady is looking out to sea. Jack doesn't bother. What there could be worth seeing? He raises the drink upwards, nose wrinkling at the little paper umbrella, guiding the straw carefully up into a mouth unused to it. After several false starts, he gets up enough suction to start actual drinking --

A gunshot rings out in the distance. Jack stops dead. "That weapon," he says. "That's Scurlip's weapon." He asides to the barkeep, "He always fired too soon." A pause then, before he snaps his fingers in front of the bartender's face; sadly, she is too busy staring in astonishment at the tall ship in the harbor.

Jack looks over his shoulder. Then to the sides. He reclaims his gold piece - and starts moving into the street.

(He takes the drink.)
Aerith Aerith chuckled and pointed her staff toward the pirates as well, right at the one to Tifa's right just as she finished kicking them where they really shouldn't be kicked. "Right... stay behind you." She takes a moment to judge distance, then lunges toward the poor guy while he's reeling, hoping to catch him with her staff before he can recover!
Garnet Dagger had been trying to recover since her ordeal in the Traverse Town alleyway that had involved those nasty heartless creatures. She was fortunate to have run into the likes of Tifa and Ariel however, and grateful for their help. She had not wandered far from them when they had chosen to head to the beach, quite keen on the idea of some relaxation herself..

Of course, no sooner had she nodded off to sleep, when pirates start attacking! She runs next to Tifa and Ariel, glancing around warily, pulling out her magic rod from nowhere as she tries to figure out what to do. "What on earth is going on? A pirate attack?" cant one enjoy a nice quiet day on the beach? While the others go on the offensive, she summons a protective spell around Tifa and Ariel first.
Kim Possible "Pirates, huh? Totally uncool." Kim folds her arms and shakes her head before looking up again with an evil grin on her face. "But kicking their butts will be totally badical!" She cracks her knuckles before rushing towards the nearest pirate, stopping to jump into the air with a somersault, before landing and attempting to trip up the pirate.
Leida New and improved, huh. Leida has no idea what the hovering suit of armor is talking about. Technology isn't really her area of expertise or even general common knowledge, really. But all the talk about covering people in lava isn't something generally associated with upstanding citizens. Unless that's some new thing she's not up-to-date on.

The fact that Feige is also consorting with the pirates, who are apparently the source of the darkness she felt, is another mark against her. Add in her talk of science and experiments, two subjects that the young princess has had nothing but trouble with and she's quite ready to start letting the arrows fly even before Will leaps in and makes it perfectly clear that this is someone who needs to be dealt with.

However, with the bulk of the landing forces just a few dozen feet away, she's not quite ready to stick her neck out. Magic builds up around the small girl and the shadows deepen and seep into her body. Her outline grows transparent and hazy as she draws the bow back with a subtle creak of wood, taking aim from the edge of the jungle until the moment is right.
Percival Despite the obvious danger, the Gargoyle decided he might as well have a little fun. It isn't every day that he was attacked by pirates, after all. "Its like I'm at the bloody cinema."

Alighting himself down from the palm tree onto the sands of the beach, he'd stroll up quite casually towards the Pirate Captain and his sickly looking crew. His wings relaxed upon his shoulders. "All right? You've the looks and manners of buccaneers about you. Now I know what you bloody freebooters must think this is a smashing idea, a raid, a spot of pillaging, then you go home and Bob's your Uncle! But I'm here to inform you that Hawaiian hospitality, just doesn't extend to you."

And then Barbossa cops a feel on Tifa as she /just/ misses him. "Good heavens man! That is not..." He unsheathes an ornate rapier with his left hand, turning to his side as he attempts to press Barbossa with a fluorish of rapier strikes. "...any way, to treat a Lady. I know you're pirates, but giving in to such base temptation before even the first date is beneath you!"

And then he'd suddenly aim a kick towards Barbossa's crotch, talons extended. "So let's cool those urges, shall we?"
Stitch Stitch really, really, really, really wants to break something. To the point that his claws are opening up and he's preparing to reach out and grab the nearest thing... but ends up turning his head to see something coming at him with the words FULL SPEED right in front of him. Except, well, that may actually be in Stitch's mind but the important thing is that he gets run into like there's no tomorrow.

Stitch, of course, is pretty hard to run into. But he's not immovable so when he gets bowled over, he goes backwards with the boy and there's not really anything else for him to do but to actually just roll with it (literally) and pop back up as fast as he can. "Bliznak." comes out of Stitch's mouth, as he's both annoyed and angry that he's just been run over by some stupid boy with some stupid box. Which, honestly, he's not even paying attention to anymore because there are Pirates and Heartless headed in his direction now.

Stitch's ears flick once, twice and the third time has his claws popping out. He actually grins, the mischievousness in his eyes just is so much more present now that he actually has somethings to destroy. And luckily, they are running to him.

Stitch actually swings his little arms around, does a small backflip and lands, pulling himself into a very 'Been Watching Bruce Lee Movies' martial arts stance and motions with one set of claws to the Heartless and Pirates. "Fee. Boo. Goo." Y'know, if anybody can understand him, that would sound so much cooler.

The moment they actually are within range, though, Stitch is standing his ground and stepping to the side and swiping with claws, spinning on his heels for another swipe and then even tossing himself into the air for an aerial swipe. Whether it be Heartless or Pirate that gets close enough, Stitch is aiming to slow them down. Not for The Boy, of course. But because he wants to enjoy taking them apart.
Myla Mason Myla Mason would be lying is she claimed she wans't really a pirate. She knows she is more or less is much like her mother. Still her mother when she was active wasn't so much the pilliaging sort really she wasn't so she's not very cool ith this. She's now also aware of heartless and well this means flat out it's time to fight out comes the pistols and she's not looking too happy about this. She's going to chase after the heartless and try to catch up with them, not to mention the pirates but she' not attacking just yet.

"Oh all the low down..."
Percival Despite the obvious danger, the Gargoyle decided he might as well have a little fun. It isn't every day that he was attacked by pirates, after all. "Its like I'm at the bloody cinema."

Alighting himself down from the palm tree onto the sands of the beach, he'd stroll up quite casually towards the Pirate Captain and his sickly looking crew. His wings relaxed upon his shoulders. "All right? You've the looks and manners of buccaneers about you. Now I know what you bloody freebooters must think this is a smashing idea, a raid, a spot of pillaging, then you go home and Bob's your Uncle! But I'm here to inform you that Hawaiian hospitality, just doesn't extend to you."

And then one of the crew tries to cop a feel on Tifa as she /just/ misses him. "Good heavens man! That is not..." He unsheathes an ornate rapier with his left hand, turning to his side as he attempts to press the pirate that copped with a fluorish of rapier strikes. "...any way, to treat a Lady. I know you're pirates, but giving in to such base temptation before even the first date is beneath you!"

And then he'd suddenly aim a kick towards the lecherous pirate's crotch, talons extended. "So let's cool those urges, shall we?"
Feige Abramson Feige hangs in the air, lining up a shot on Tifa when--she gets this strange feeling. She looks over towards the Crate but it isn't moving. So she looks back to line up that shot again and--looks back! Is it just her or is it getting closer? She slooowly turns her head towards Tifa again but then suddenly spins around and fires a gas canister from a shoulder cannon towards the Crate--only for Will to deflect it away, Solid Snake style, away from him as he reveals himself.

Feige is hoving in the air but Will can throw the crate at her which clocks her upside the head.

"Gwa!?" FEige says. "My beautiful face! You'll pay for that!!"

She fires a spray of missiles for Will and Tifa from her power armor's chest panels before firing a heavy metal barrier crusher arm for Will's body, following up with a spray of well aimed and helpful bullets!

She is oblivious to where Leida is at the moment. "You'll be an interesting specimen to experiment on, Will Sherman!" She laughs heartily. "When I have my Volcano Base, we'll test the limits of your body when it's quartered up and sealed in magma! HA HA HA HA!! You'll be food for Evil Science too!!"
Garnet As the battle rages on around her, Dagger seems to prefer to stay on the defensive. Afterall, battles are so unprincess like, not to mention, she is still relatively new at this sort of thing. Heart beating rapidly as swords and magic fly on around her, she focuses once more on trying to protect those who bravely defend the pirate attack.
Captain Barbossa The nearest of the pirates lets out an 'oof' as the kick comes uncomfortably close to certain parts that he'd like to keep in one piece thank you very much. At the same time, the pirate moves to take advantage of the bikini-clad heroine, only to end up with a staff blocking his grabby-hands. "Hey, they like it rough." He chuckles to himself, shoving back against Aerith's staff with a grin like a man who isn't really taking them very seriously. They are just girls afterall. One of his comrades who is moving towards Kim ends up being tripped up, but as he goes sprawling on the sand, the gun in his hand goes off towards the girl.

The Ghetto Knight ends up rolling end over end with Stitch, landing in a dazed pile of limbs, complete with birds circling his head. The boy just sits there, clutching the box, dazed and more than a little confused. "Uh." Stare. Okay, at first he might have been able to think that the little creature was a dog, but on closer inspection, and those spikes... "AHH!"

The pirates stop in their tracks, looking at Stitch: "AHH!"

What follows is a round of gunfire that seems to miss the little critter, but keeps a nice line of defense between them and the boy at the same time. "Wha is tha thing?" One cries out, "Who cares, kill it and get the box!"

The boy scootches away until his back presses up against a palm tree, not sure which is worse... demonic dog or pirates.

Barbossa raises an eyebrow towards Percival, but as the gargoyle doesn't seem to be a threat to him directly, he keeps walking forwards, heading to follow his own men. Unfortunately, the trio harassing the girls is not quite so lucky. One of them gets a kick aimed at him, and once again manages to avoid getting nailed in the pickles 'n eggs, but this time he turns and tries to aim a counter-punch at the attacker, only to find some burly looking demon behind him.

The punch gets held off, and he stares for a minute. "What the hell are you?" Stare, squint.

Barbossa grumbles in his deep voice, "Quit starin at them and kill them." To this, the pirates start into action. Guns and knives are drawn, and one by one the pirates lurch forward. Two lunge after Stitch, firing weapons. The trio surrounding the girls flail into action with sword swipes meant to keep the demon at a distance but also to drive the girls back. One even tries to grab on to Tifa. Apparently, he likes her.
Will Sherman Will blinks...

"THAT IS SO MANY MISSILES!" he exclaims!

Will just doesn't dodge, but when he is grabbed, he ducks instead, hitting the ground flat...but looking like he tripped. The gunfire washes over him, but he is not hurt. Will sits up, brushing himself off. "Wow." he says, and looks up! "OH GOD MORE MISSILES!' he says, rolling back, and then to the side, before missiles come flying down! "HOLY CRAP THIS IS LIKE FIGHTING TRON!" he shouts, before jumping on another missile...and starts riding it around.

"WHEEEEE!" he says, before jumping off, as it attempts to fly right back to Neige...

He lands on the ground again, as he reaches a hand up.

"THIS is going to get rediculious, isn't it?" he says, and clenches his hand...slowly, his strings become SOLID. Golden strands pouring out from him and solidfying his own strings...but two strings fly out randomly, towards Leida. Nothing UNTOLD happens...infact nobody can even see it except for Will and Leida, but Leida...somehow feels LUCKY.

"Wait, I didn't do that.." he claims. He looks perplexed. "Hey! I am not a experiment! I am the KING of the HOBOS! I demand your respect, and possibly feility. You look like you probably sleep on the streets sometimes." he says, with a sage like nod.
Ariel Ariel is lucky enough not to have missiles fired on her. But some of her friends are getting pummeled!

Quickly thinking, she pulls a potion out of her beachbag. Maybe that'll help her to even up the odds before she joins in the fight. This time, she uses one on herself, too... she's afraid of getting too battered while she's in a bikini!
Tifa Lockhart ...



GRABBY HANDS ARE NOT GOOD! Fortunatly, Percival and Aerith seem to interpose before the hands get too close to anything squishy on the barmaid. She'll have to thank them later...

But then there's a bit of 6th sense that tingle. Its like... Missile-Sense tingling. She looks up.



She barely has time to jump back, watching the explosiosn hitting where she was standing moments ago, perhaps obliterating a few of the pirates, who might have bigger problems than just a kick in the jewels after that.

She's still annoyed by grabby hands though, so she rushes in to strike back, this time foregoing the sensitive parts for straight up punshing and kicking like she does best.
Aerith Aerith made her best attempt to evade the incoming blades, but only managed to get knocked around, nearly having her right arm nicked by an incoming swipe. She blocked the sword just in time, only to get punched in the gut. Okay, not good. Time for a better response.

Before the pirate can get in another attack, Aerith whirls her weapon in a figure eight, walking forward as she does so, hoping to catch the pirate in a flurry of blows!
Jack Sparrow
The situation is chaotic in the streets. Jack takes the opportunity to stand in the middle of the road and look around. Squinting towards the sea - yes! It is! His head turns to look for /that/ man, but he's currently surrounded by violent women. If life has taught Jack Sparrow anything, it is to avoid getting between angry women (or gargoyles) and their prey.

"Strange, though," he addresses the camera indirectly, "how did they come ashore? Not a jack tar of them could swim without hugging an empty cask. How - aha!" Because he can see something flying. Jack starts trotting down the beach, even as the rockets are launched. Obviously, he thinks: they found some flying folly and are using it instead. "Clever really," he says to himself.

Building up a good turn of speed, Jack enters the immediate area of the rocket launching mechanism while still holding his drink in one hand. The other hand is fully occupied in limbering up, followed by a sudden vaulting /leap/ upwards, aiming to get one hand on something on it that doesn't look that sharp. Adding the full weight of Captain Jack Sparrow may, of course, not be good for the craft's aerodynamics.

Jack doesn't know what aerodynamics are so he focuses on pulling himself upwards, sliding himself up and moving to try and get into the cockpit. As he does this, he says from quite close quarters, "My good woman! I'm not sure if you're awake," his voice lowers, "/but your employers are pirates/." Back to normal tone. "And worse! Mutineers, yet. Here, love, scoot over and let Jack in."
Leida Leida hunkers down reflexively when the storm of gunfire and missiles erupt from the flying contraption, her eyes going wide at the swirling projectiles as they rip through the air with reckless abandon. Explosions ripple through the sand in orange blisters of fire and the streaking yellow tracers of bullets turn the area into an instant warzone.

The feudal princess stares for several seconds before her eyes trail down to the curved length of wood in her hands, feeling a slight sense of inferiority suddenly. But then a surge of fresh energy rushes into her body and she is filled with a strange sense of confidence. Yeah, she can do this! She isn't going to leave Will hanging on his own, she still owes him atleast like... a dozen favors for destroying his world.

Taking a deep breath, Leida brings her bow up once more. It rises above her head for a moment then falls gently back down as she draws the string back and flexes the supple arch of wood with inhuman strength. Dark fire erupts from her fingertips and shoots up the shaft of the arrow, engulfing it completely as she unleashes the arachic missile towards the modern power armor.

Dark magic swirls about the arrow, seething with terrible power that it unleashes in a brilliant burst of black sparks and churning flames upon impact. A second arrow is nocked swiftly and joins the first in flight within a few moments, this one sporting a flat wooden block instead of a deadly arrowhead and it zips in a ballistic arc at the forehead of the haughty scientist.
Kim Possible Being a cheerleader does have its benefits. The Captain's attacks completely miss Kim, who demonstrates some acrobatic skills as she leaps into the air and then rolls on the ground, showing just how acrobatic Kim Possible can truly be. Once she finishes, she skids on the ground briefly before looking at the pirates again. "You don't know who you're dealing with, do you?" Kim asks with an evil grin. "Well, that's totally uncool for you, but not for me!" Kim fires her grappling hook at a nearby raised object, allowing her to swing towards the pirates and deliver a good kick, before dropping to the ground and completing it with a punch then a kick.
Percival The Gargoyle grunts as a pistol shot wings him pretty good. Maybe not wielding his shield is the best plan.

"British." He'd answer the pirate snarkily, before punching the man who asked him exactly what he is right in the face with the pommel of the rapier, before trying to dance away from the other incoming volley of shots from the other pirates. Right, too little time to get the shield out now. Instead he'd draw his other sword, a dark steeled runeblade, in a reversed manner so that he'd be wielding it like a knife.

With suprisingly agile footwork, he'd move in low near Barbossa, deciding its best to focus on the man giving the orders to the rest of the crew. Swiping the man with his tail, he'd use his offhand blade to aim a shallow slash against the man's belt, trying for an embarassing pant's drop, before bringing forth the rapier to cross swords with him, grinning. "You're right, quit staring at the birds and kill /me/. If you think you can manage it."
Myla Mason Heartless hordes here there and everywhere also Pirates, but there's something goign on the Pirates are after the box it would see and ther's heartless here too. She's now moving to strikle she opens fire with both her pistols seninfg bursts of magic into the enemy ranks and she yells out.

"You call your self pirates, you'd not need heartless if you were actually so!"
Stitch Stitch's movements have him on some kind of automatic dodgemonkey style that allows him to dodge the first round of gunfire that comes at him. Then he stops moving to turn and look at The Ghetto Knight. This, of course, distracts him from the fact that he's got Pirates all up in his grill. "Shhhhhhh!" is being said to GK, with one claw being held up to Stitch's big mouth. And then Stitch turns around.

SUDDENLY BULLETS. As shots are being fired, Stitch can't even really have a moment to try and dodge left or right. He tanks a couple of the shots, before his body gets tossed upwards and downwards and even around by the angles of the shots that have him getting blasted upon. As he's turning around to try and fight back, Stitch catches a sword to the chest and it sends him up and into the air! Over the Palm Tree that Ghetto Knight is backed up against.

Stitch lands on a second palm tree and the weight of the little alien is too much for it, pushing it down in the classic of catapult style. There's a sinister snickering that comes from Stitch, though, as the tree can no longer withstand the pressures of being bent backwards and it pops up, launching Stitch into the air. A Stitch that now has Four Arms and a Laser Pistol in each of those hands.

Cackling madly, the airborne Stitch starts firing at the pirates from above, sending random blasts from his pistols in any direction that a pirate may be. One arm, though, does take a shot at the tree-a-pult, blasting loose the pile of coconuts hanging there, which causes them to start sailing downward with him and his shots.


Stitch has gone mad.
Garnet Phew, missiles, random gunfire, and..Some sort of box that they're after? Dagger scratches her head, managing to stay out of immediate danger thus far..But it wont be long before she gets caught in the middle of something bigger. It was time to join the frey!

She rushes in, hurling a magic ball from her racket at the nearest pirate who happens to be Feige. A magical summoner's circle quickly forms around her soon after, as she calls upon Ramuh's help to aid her.

"Stop this at once!"
Captain Barbossa The from now on known as: Grabby Pirate, reaches for Tifa only to get smacked around back and forth like some sort of doll. His head goes right, left, and then seems to end up off at an odd angle that just seems a bit creepy. He reaches up, grabs his head, shifts it back foward, and glares at her. "I like 'em fiesty." The pirate puts up with her blows and tries to snatch at a wrist, obviously moving to draw her in close. Ugh, pirate breath. And he's got those cracked blackened teeth, too.

The second pirate ends up taking a beating from Aerith's staff, trying to block as he backsteps time and time again, making little 'oof' 'ouch' 'hey' 'ow'. After he thinks the last of the attacks are done, he looks up at his fellows, "Ye got the easy ones!" He protests, just in time to take a staff to the face.

The third looks surprised as Kim goes grappling-hooking away, and doubly surprised when she comes back with a an attack that sends him reeling.

All three of the pirates seem to be developing a new respect for these women. Okay, except for Mr. Grabby. Alas, none of them seem to be particularly smart, which means that they're all going to keep on the offensive. Grabby shoves at Tifa, trying to send her sprawling. The staff-beaten pirate grabs for Aerith's staff, trying to wrest it from her grasp, and the dumbfounded pirate on the sand raises a gun to fire off a few shots at Kim.

Barbossa stops the blade of Percival neatly without so much as looking up, and the exchange that follows leaves a small gash on the Captain's forearm. It doesn't so much as bleed. He stares at the demon again, "Don't be so quick te your own death, boy. You dun stand a chance against me. So ye best be shovin off 'n lettin us finish what we need to be doin." He pushes Percival's sword back, and returns a volley of his own blows, looking over his shoulder. "Just get the damn box!"

The pirates fighting Stitch cower back from the sudden blasts from his pistols. One of them seems to realize that this is silly, though, and charges forward, taking a blast full on and standing there, with a nice hole in part of his arm. He doesn't even look phased. What /are/ these things? He aims out a kick, trying to punt the alien like a football. This is likely to hurt him more than it hurts Stitch, but ... who knows.

The Ghetto Knight looks up at the tree, then starts to climb it. Great idea, hide from the pirates and Heartless up a tree. No one ever said kids were smart.
Captain Barbossa A couple of the pirates heading to back up those hunting Stitch and the Knight turn towards Myla. The shots sink into them, but they don't look too bothered by it. A few looks are exchanged, and then they head in her direction. They don't seem to defend the use of the Heartless, who mostly seem to be keeping the other humans at bay rather than fighting along side the pirates.
Aerith The grab failed as Aerith pulled back, planted her staff into the sand for a brief moment, pivoted around to the left, and sent the heel of her left foot into the scurvy dog's head in an attempt to make him think twice about disarming her.

If the kick connected, she'd pretty much walk up to him and stomp on his face to knock him out.
Percival The Gargoyle only bursts out with a guffaw. "And if your wit were as big as your voice, its a great man you'd be by this! But I'm thinking that the Corsair has no bite to his bluster."

And yet, he was sorely pressed and the man wasn't bleeding. What sort of macabre freak was he? Was he some sort of Shadow Lord? Either way he'd have to test the theory further. He'd begin to push back with a fluorish of rapier slashes, followed by an offhand slash. Then when the man was trying to dodge that, he'd boot him in the chest, trying to throw him off balance. Then reversing both blades, he'd try to bury the edge of both blades into his neck, driving downward if they managed to meet the resistance of flesh or bone.
Feige Abramson Feige Abramson flits away from Garnet's assault. She's faster than she looks in that thing. It's because of the racing stripes, clearly.

Will seems to be going on the defensive. "Yes yes, King of the Hobos. The greatest of the losers ofe life." She sighs. "But of course, that's by choice, isn't it? Hm hm, but it makes one wonder. Is it REALLY because of choice? Well, it doesn't matter. You could be a God and I'd still be interested in--"

JACK is suddenly latching onto her armor's shoulder. "What!" She says. "...Aren't...aren't YOU a pirate?" She frowns. "You look like a pirate! I know they're pirates! H-hey!" She pushes against Jack with an arm, "Get off already!" She electrifies her armor, trying to ZORCH Jack off of her. "It only seats one! Though if you want to go out sometime..." She presses her giant hands against where her cheeks would be. "Ahh, it's rough being married to Science." She fires a RAY at Garnet, missing her entirely. Leida has less luck, her arrow whiffing over one shoulder, and Feige's counterattack--a launched robotic arm swiveling to crash into her. She pulls the cord back and aims to clobber it across Will before firing a spray of boolets for Jack and Garnet! "Don't take this the wrong way!" She says. "You do seem fun to date!!"
Tifa Lockhart It doesn't matter if these pirates are single-minded toward being grabby, it seems that their attacks are quite effectives. Several cuts and bruises have appeared on the swimsuit-clad barmaid, showing quite a bit of weariness because of that. That and her attacks not landing as hard as she wishes right now, its not really helping her cause. The grabby pirate gets a hard shove as he tries to get her...

Until she notices that she almost broke his neck and he seems unphased by it.. to her horror D:

"What the hell are with these guys, this isn't normal!" She's starting to think these are not quite human... that breath is quite inhumane too >_< Never heard of breath freshners? Mentos? ANYTHING?

For a moment, she disapears out of view, just enough for them to wonder where she's gone, as she used her speed movement to get under, and then behind the pirate, two slender arms wrapping around the grabby pirate. And then suddenly gets lifted up... and barely has time to realize what's going on before he's slammed head ifrst into the ground.

And as he stands there head first in the small crater she created, she releases a chi-charged first straight into his stomach, creating a small explosion that doesn't harm her, but sure as hell will hurt HIM >_<###
Kim Possible Sometimes, acrobatics don't always work. Kim goes into the air and finds herself struggling to recover. She finally manages to regain control just at the last minute and lands on her hands, springing backwards onto her feet. At the same time, she seems to gain a bit of power within herself, even if there's no special effect to go with it. Then she clenches her fists at the Pirates and scowls. "All right, this has gone on long enough! It's time to end this in a BADICAL fashion!" Kim rushes at the pirates, attempting to deliver a rapid flurry of punches.
Ariel Ariel has a brief distraction as Will calls her on her phone - hey, it works! But then he says 'hey, missiles!' and she has to look up again as Feige is firing another barrage.

She resists the urge to wave at Captain Jack. He seems like... an okay pirate? But instead of getting too excited, she starts charging a lightning bolt in her hands. It seems like magic is the most useful thing for her to use, so... maybe this armored woman won't like being shocked.

"You... work with the Heartless, don't you?" She's still trying to figure that out. But even if she doesn't, she seems like bad news, so... a lightning bolt is thrown at her armor!
Will Sherman Will finishes what he was going to do!

And then there is a Ariel, Will waves, before...

ZOT! Will's blasted by the Destroy Beam, which causes him to flash, revealing his skelleton to those looking at him. He smokes, looking moderately in pain, but luckily he has magic on him which makes it hurt less.

His eyes narrow...he turns back to Feige.

"Alright. That's it." And then...something odd happens. His hands errupt in strange red MIST like energy. His eyes close, before they snap open, pupils dialating, and becoming sharper. Those who can sense magic can sense a FAT wad of it from the Hobo lad.

And then he leaps at Feige, aiming to try and knock her into the ground, and then land on her, aiming to drive those misty fists into her machine's armor, trying to peel it away. "That isn't the question to ask, lady. It's why I want to be a hobo."
Stitch Kicking Stitch is like kicking a bowling ball. Granted, it takes some time for him to actually come down from his sailing and shooting, and he manages to hit the ground, spinning just in time to catch the foot of that pirate in the side. Grounded already, though, Stitch is able to stay on his feet, while knocking the away the pirate's foot.

Stumbling to the side, though, Stitch is realizing that there's probably something strange about these things. These Pirates. His pistols aren't doing much and that's not exactly good news. He shoots at the ground a bit to make sure that his shooters are working properly, before shoving them away and dropping down onto fours and taking off in a scurry. He moves pretty fast for a little alien thing, but he's apparently up to something.

The next time anyone sees Stitch he's rolling back in on a hot dog cart! In the background, there's a random fat human guy with an apron yelling, "GIVE ME BACK MY WEINERS!!!" But Stitch is too busy cackling to care. Laughing hysterically, he tries to guide the rolling hot dog cart in the direction of the pirates. Hands reach down to turn the gas all the way up on the cart! Stitch leaps backwards and off of it, drawing pistols in mid-back-somersault and firing shots at it to make sure it goes boom.

Stitch's aerial antics allow him to drop down and in front of the palm tree that Ghetto Knight is hiding in. To which he looks up and shakes his head. "Ah-chooga moopa!"
Leida Noooo, that feeling of good luck was a lie! Leida clucks her tongue as the pair of arrows go high over their target but she doesn't have enough time to draw a third before the brutal counter strike comes sailing in. The large mechanical arm easily smashes through the wall of shadows that rises up to shield the girl and she gets a chest full of iron knuckles that plants her firmly on her back among the palms and fronds of the jungle

The demon girl coughs harshly as she tries to gulp down replacement for the air that was bludgeoned from her lungs. While thus incapacitated she has more than enough time to savor the sensations of excruciating pain that resonate through her ribs. Several of them are most certainly cracked and the sharp burst of pain when she finally pushes to her feet are excellent motivation to make sure that doesn't happen again.

She adjusts her grass skirt, still unable to get used to the strange itchy feeling on her legs from the array of plant blades brushing back and forth. How this ever came into fashion is beyond her. Focusing on the fight for now, Leida draws her bow and unleashes another arrow, this one tipped with a deadly serrated metal blade. It streaks through the air like a dark comet and twin balls of eldritch flame wink to life in a binary orbit around the missile, each bursting against the metal armor with anguished wails.
Captain Barbossa While the pirate facing down Aerith certainly does take that foot to the face, he just reaches up, adjusts his nose in place, and growls at her in response. "Ah'm gonna enjoy this." He cracks his knuckles. Tifa's first grab misses the Grabby pirate, as ironic as that sounds, but the blast hits him in the stomach, sending him back a few paces. Smoke rises up off of his clothes. Kim's pirate gets hit time and again with the punches, but in the end he seems almost unphased. Spitting out a tooth, he looks to the others. All three seem to be waiting for... something. Dun dun dun.

"I'm not here to impress you, boy." He meets Percival's sword time and again, but at one point, his guard seems to slip. An opening! Wait. There is a wicked grin on the Captain's face as Percival sinks his blade in to the man's shoulder. No blood. Not even a wince of pain. Gripping the sword, Barbossa pulls it out slowly, then examines the hole in his jacket. "Tsk tsk. Look what you've done."

The hotdog cart comes sailing at the pirates, and the whole line of them goes down like a bunch of bowling pins. Somehow, the resulting explosion, which defies physics, includes colorful plumes of smoke that go spiraling everywhere, sending pirates out in all directions.

"Uh, don't hurt me, okay?" The 'Knight' calls down at Stitch. Barbossa, on the other hand, yells out over this. "Give us the box, boy." The two meet eyes, and the Ghetto Knight seems to have a moment where his fantastical courage fails. Just a boy, lost away from his world, he chucks the box towards Barbossa. It lands on the sand, right in the middle of the frenzy. "Take it!" The Ghetto Knight goes back to hugging the tree for dear life.

Barbossa raises an arm. A signal. The pirates all race into action. Ignoring Percival, the Captain moves towards the box, the other pirates making an all-out attack... just at the moment that a bit of moonlight shows through the clouds, revealing all of them for what they are. A bunch of skeletons, walking in filthy pirates robes.
Myla Mason Myla Mason seems some of the pirates are breaking off from the Knight and coming for her. She's not sure what to think about Stich, seriously aside from being cute there's not much she understanda bout the creater. Aside from it appears to be protecting here.

She does however see the pirates who are treated to a grenade that explodes in a burst of wild magic doing who knows what, as for them? She pulls a strange looking device that firesa powerful sonic pluse at the group.

"Come now, can you keep up with this?"

She's suprised about the lack of rebuttle which leads.
Captain Barbossa The closest pirates to Myla don't seem to see the signal from the Captain, and while their brethren are revealed for their true selves, these ones are in a convienient bit of shade from the clouds. The sonic pulse radiates in their ears, and it causes one to raise his hand and cover them. The others don't seem to care. "Can you keep up with us?" The one in the lead chuckles. They close in ranks around her, and then one lurches to grab at her, the others moving in to help. Unfortunately, they do that thing where they all attack one at a time rather than helping one another.
Garnet Dagger flinches and staggers back as she is assaulted by gun fire. Ouch that hurt! What has she got herself into this time? But with people getting badly beaten all a round her, and others dropping like flies, she can hardly run away. When Tifa falls, eyes go wide, remembering how she had helped her in the past.

"Tifa!" Dagger rushes to her side, a healing spell already on her lips.
Jack Sparrow
The armor sends lightning through Jack Sparrow's body. His drink goes flying as his spine tightens. There's a loud pop in the air before he's finally left, smoking slightly, still clinging towards the side of the armor. He raises one hand, looking with displeasure at his now-drinkless hand, before he resumes pulling himself upwards, or at least trying to.

"Well, lass, here's the difference between myself and them -" A momentary salute to Ariel, a tip of the hat, as his hands are largely occupied trying to chin up into a flying machine. "These gentlemen who you have been working with, led no doubt by that bearded booby Barbossa - you'd know him I think, red beard, horrible teeth, inherently treasonous expression?" He mimes a huge beard, squinting one eye forwards like he's about to have a blood pressure related attack.

Back to normal jack: "You see, what old matey Barbossa does is a clear and simple demonstration of Man's inhumanity to Man." A final hoist as Jack attempts to get in the cockpit AGAIN, even as he says, "And as for myself? It's the other way round, savvy?"
Aerith All right, that was a problem... and it wasn't about to get any better. Of course, she needed to do something fast if they wanted to get out of this in one piece... so she hopped back a few steps after seeing the transformation with a grimace. "Yeah, I bet you are..." She stretched out her right hand as the now very much dead pirate stood, and in short order, bolts of pale green spirit energy fired at him.
Tifa Lockhart The barmaid gets absolutely horrified when she sees them transforming into skeletons before her eyes. That would explain why they didn't seem human, something was off. But skeletons? She hates undeads after that episode in halloween town. She didn't like kitchenware WITH TEETH, and even less skeletons.

And she was gonna get groped by THOSE!? Ewwwww.

The attack took her by storm, slicing right through the poor excuse of battle clothes her swimsuit already is, and she's about to go down for the count when Garnet's healing magic saves the day.

She pants, rising to a knee and then back up a bit shakily "These guys are not normal..." Beside the fact they are skeleton, they are way too strong, and don't seem to be affected by attacks most of the time either. Maybe they are immortal?

Well, she's not going to give up fighting that easily either, as long as she can stand, she has friends fighting by her side after all. She moves in with so high kicks, roundhousing the skeletons hoping to get their heads rolling away... maybe that'll slow them down a bit more.
Percival Undead!

It all made so much sense. He really was a /noob/ when it came to the supernatural.

As the next volley came from the newly revealed Skeleton crew, he'd duck down low, grabbing his shield in the process to duck behind it. He'd have to thank Mercade for letting him borrow some Kevlar for the office, as he still was winged pretty good by the Pirate crew.

Though he may have been ignored, he certainly wasn't ignoring Barbossa, as he limped up behind the Captain to slam him in the back of the head with his shield. Spotting that the boy was his target, he'd call out, "Boy! Get out of here! I'll hold the blaggard off!

He'd then extract the runed blade by roughly pulling it out of the pirate's neck, while kicking him right in the arse. Its obvious that he was hurting by now, and yet he couldn't bring himself to retreat. He wasn't about to let the Pirate Captain get to the boy.
Stitch Stitch actually takes a second to palm his own face when the box gets tossed into the sand. After all, that's probably what caused the SUDDENLY SWARM OF SKELETON PIRATES in the first place. Stitch doesn't have time to really chastise the brat in the tree because there's skeletons swarming at this moment and there's not really much that he can do about it.

They come from everywhere and all places at once and Stitch tries his hardest to fight them off, but there are just so many. He gets knocked this way and that way, doubled over and hurled that way, shot, sliced, etc... the list goes on and on. As does the fact that he's kind of starting to not be able to stand up rightly anymore.

Wobbling for a moment, though, Stitch moves to lean against anything that's not moving and takes a breath. Taking a breath for him means that he gets to actually recharge himself for a moment. And that's when he gets an idea. "Stitch play too." is muttered with a smile on his face, before he drops down onto all fours and takes off in a speedy scurry for the water.

Skidding to a halt at the water, he doesn't dive in himself, but instead he hurls handful after handful after handful of small capsules into the water there. They pop and explode upon impact, shimmering with different colors and such. As that happens, different colored aliens... experiments... start popping up and out of the water. In fact, they all look different (but kinda' the same) but they all seem to be either floating or flying or crawling or something weird. Stitch turns around, his eyes glowing a bit now as he's surrounded and backed up by a crapload of alien experiments. He only has one thing to say:


That word is punctuated by the sudden extension of his claws and he takes off running in the direction of the Pirate Swarm (and maybe even the Captain himself) as he's completely running on programming now and just attacking anything that looks evil. Slicing, swiping, growling, biting, headbutting and smashing with Ukele in the face. And that's just Stitch!

Behind him, the flood of Experiments are also doing their various things, ranging from spitting baseballs to throwing popcorn to hurling balls of sand to hurling pancakes... it's really quite chaotic. But at least there's an army now?
Feige Abramson "Stop trying to get inside my armor!" Feige complains, unleashing another electric burst into Jack Sparrow's body--as well as Will's, who has bounced on top of her as well. She flails her arms and spins around wildly. "Wagghhh!!" She complains. "Just shoot me like normal! Ughh!!"

"I assumed you thought 'hobo is a funny word'-- I mean honestly, who even seriously uses that word to describe themselves proudly anymore?"

She laughs wildly, hysterically. She tries to gun down Leida more but she just gets clobbered by her magic--and ultimately zorched by Ariel's lightning.

"Eh??" She looks towards Ariel. "Who're you??"

She tilts her head. "Ehh--I wouldn't say I'm with the Heartless...but that doesn't mean I wouldn't make use of them. And what's your name? What's your story, mm?"

She launches a gas cannister at Ariel from her shoulder cannon before unleashing the ray from the center of her armor, trying to spray everyone--except wel Ariel apparently! She doesn't want to damage her just yet.
Ariel "Ah, oh," why is this strange woman asking her questions? Augh! "I'm Ariel," Ariel says, and that's all she owes someone who is shooting missiles at people she likes! She summons another blast... this time, a little wind following the lightning. "Annnd... who are you?" Right back at you, she thinks, dodging the questions as she typically does. She doesn't like being called on the runaway princess business. Being a wandering wizardess is much more useful in these situations anyway.
Garnet More gun rays fire towards Dagger, but this time she is ready, and she quickly evades them, rolling to the ground towards the fallen Aerith. "Hey, hang in there!" murmuring another healing incantation, she then attempts to heal the fallen Aerith, even as she watches the pirates turn into..Skeletons!? "What..? What manner of fiend are these pirates? They are not human at all!"
Will Sherman Will grins at bouncing on her, rolling back to the ground and rolls to his feet.

Then BEAM! "Oh god!" he says...and out of options...PUNCHES the beam with his FIST. The beam shatters, scorching his fist in the process and shattering the beam around him, like a boulder in a river. His eyes narrow, and looks up towards Feige. Crouching, he leaps back up, aiming to try and HEADBUTT her, before he aims to stand on her power armor again, before both hands, GLOWING BRIGHT RED, aiming to try and shove them into the armor, aiming to split apart the theads of fate into her systems, and rip them out.

"Because Hobo's are free to do what they want, whenever they want. They are not held by their wallets, only by their feet and imagination!"

Aerith Aerith was beset upon by the undead pirate, and found herself at a loss as the spirit magic failed to do anything. A single attack from the skeleton sent her spinning to the sand... and she passed out for all of twenty seconds.

Her eyes opened after the momentary discomfort of being unconcious, and the first thing she heard was the statement that these were not human. Aerith coughed twice as she stood, using her staff as leverage. "Oh no... they are." She coughed again and shook the cobwebs out of her head. "They're just not very alive. Not very dead either." She tightened her jaw as she whirled her staff above her head. "Maybe it's time to pick up the pace."

One end of the staff rammed into the ground, and Spirit Energy flowed from the very sands themselves, pale green motes of light gathering into streams before shooting toward Kim and Tifa, then back into herself.
Myla Mason The Pirates are still fighting, they missed the signal from the Captain. she does however semem keen to keeping the pirates busy as they are now dfalling prey to the sonic weapon. she's not fast enough as they's grabbed. She's hit she's battered and she's held for the moment.


She yells before there's a huge burst of wather centerd on her trying to blow the pirates away from her.
Kim Possible Kim uses her skills to her advantage... again. However, once she sees Aerith go down, she really starts to see red. But then she feels the magic come over her, and that's when she begins to calm down a little. When she sees the pirates go down, she drops to her knees. "That was a close one!"
Captain Barbossa The green bolts of energy lash at the pirate, making him light up briefly, but since his skeleton is already visible, it doesn't seem to do more than briefly stun him before gruesome looking bone fingers claw out towards Aerith, the blow aimed at knocking her to the ground. Tifa manages to knock the head off of the Grabby pirate, who looks even more gruesome in his skeletal form than one might have imagined. The rest of him is off to go fetch it when the second kick knocks the other pirate away from Aerith.

Barbossa doesn't seem too concerned with being attacked while his back is turned, and perhaps it is clear why. The shield slams into the captain's head, knocking his hat off, and making a resounding 'clang' of sound. The skeletal Captain turns, grinds his teeth, but doesn't immediately counter attack the gargoyle. Instead, he turns back to the box, nudging it with one foot to get a glimpse of what's inside.

His expression, what little of it can be seen on the bit of flesh that remains clinging to his bones, is not amused. "Redman." Barbossa is not amused with the other Captain, it seems. He turns away, facing right back at Percival.

"We're getting out of here." Wait, what? And that's about the time that the horde of aliens come. It's hard to tell if it's Barbossa's signal or just all the aliens chasing the pirates, but chaos errupts. There are aliens attached to pirate heads, and butts, and things being tossed around.

The moon slides behind the clouds, and the pirates, desheveled and looking human enough, start to retreat back towards the water and their ship. They don't seem to care if people get healed, and they even give up on the persuit of wenches. Pirates are blasted away from Myla, and they land in the water: plunk, plunk, plunk.

Barbossa just stares at the chaos, and then summons up a portal of his own, stepping through it as a couple of pirates defend his retreat. Eventually, though, they all vanish into the water, heading towards the ship in the harbor.

The box that they had seemingly been after lies on the sands, waiting for some intrepid adventurer to go discover what it is that had so disappointed the pirate captain. The Ghetto Knight still whimpers up in the tree. Some brave knight he turned out to be.
Leida This time Leida is more quick on her feet or maybe her altered luck has some part in it. Jack and Will's attempts to monkey-cling to the large power suit allow the demon princess to throw herself clear of the gunfire and she scrambles out of the way frantically as the jungle erupts into puffs of sand and chips of wood at her heels.

In her hurry to get clear of the devastation Leida trips over an exposed root and goes tumbling down in a clumsy heap flat on her face. The sound of the rippling energy beam sweeping overhead keeps the girl low for several seconds, both hands pressed protectively over her head. When she looks up only the sizzling stumps of bisected trees surround her, their tops sheared clean and glowing red with quickly fading embers.

Leida swallows hard and hops back into motion, dashing as quickly as she can from the ruined remains of her cover towards one of the nearby concession stands. The pain in her chest flares up as she breaks into a run but regenerative nature of her body quickly replaces it with a pleasant warmth as she leans heavily against the wall.

She's starting to think this whole 'hero' thing isn't her style. The girl breathes heavily and peers around the corner of her new hiding spot, watching Will and the others continue to perform crazy stunts that she couldn't imagine herself ever attempting. Yes, she'll just... wait over here for a while.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart phews as the pirates leave, falling to her knees as she needs to rest after that. She shakes her head "What was that all about... humans skeletons? Undeads? Someone has any idea?" She doubts anyone does, but she has to ask. Looks like they left something behind too, so someone will have interest in that msot probably. She's not part of any group, she usually just help out, but she's still curious enough...
Percival As the pirates leave, Percival would actually pick up the Captain's hat as a trophy of sorts, before glancing idly at the box to examine its contents. He'd then look at the boy up in the tree. "Is everything alright, boy? You can come down now."
Jack Sparrow
Jack's cutlass had been against Feige's machine when it went up again. This time the shock hits him harder, and he goes flying outwards and back, landing comfortably in the sand with a loud 'paff'.

Near his mostly unspilled drink! Who is the winner here? He collects the beverage and straightens up - only to see a young man named Will charging forwards. As he takes the straw back into his mouth, slurping down a slightly saltier beverage, he weighs speaking for a moment... and then he says aloud, "Past tense. Someone is using the past tense. Where did -" When he turns he sees far fewer pirates, which makes his brow furrow. And when he turns his head to look out to see -

They're striking the rigging already. He raises his hand with the drink in it, evidently /about/ to spike it into the sand -- before, of course, remembering what is in that drink. It is precious to him, and so he is not quite so prone to throw.

"Good day, lass," he says, tipping his hat towards Feige - and again briefly towards Ariel - before breaking into a swaggering run towards the area of where people were engaging with Barbossa and his scurvy dogs. "Official business, recovery of stolen property, gangway /if/ you please --"

Of course, by the time he reaches the deck he's likely to be far too late to do anything about it, and yet it might well be an opportunity to pump him for information/riddle him with bullets.
Aerith Aerith sighed as the pirates made their retreat, dusting herself off as the ship departed. "Hey... thank you." She turned toward the young healer. "What's your name?"
Stitch Frown.

As far as Stitch is concerned, there's no reason to stop fighting. Except, well, for the fact that the pirates have retreated and there's nothing left to fight. He just kind of stands there, in the middle of the sand, retracting his claws in and looking around. Chaos? What Chaos?

Oh, the dozens of alien experiments that are now loose in Hawaii and running around without anyone to reel them in?

That's not Chaos. That's Wednesday.
Percival Scratching his head, the Gargoyle would walk over, and pick up the box, motioning for the boy to come down yet again. "Come on down, lad. Noone is going to hurt you now."
Ghetto Knight The boy looks around, not sure that he wants to actually come down from the tree with all the aliens around. He's seen gargoyles before, luckily, so Percival isn't exactly scary. "Uh. You can have it. Totally. I don't want it anymore. Screw that. Stupid pirates." Happy tree. Safe tree. Maybe he'd become brave enough to face a new adventure later, but right now, he's acting more like the teenager he is. The coaxing does manage to get him to come down out of the tree, but that doesn't mean that he's sticking around. First approach of an alien, and he's likely to go running back home. His father is still probably flipping channels, oblivious to what has gone on.

The Heartless seem less interested, too. Although a handful of them go up towards the remaining fights, bouncing piratically somewhere near Feige, just incase she happens to wait to throw pirate Heartless at people or something.

Inside the box, is a bunch of Tools (???). More research would be needed to tell exactly what they are for. Claim them? (Y/N)
Feige Abramson "hey! NO TOUCHY! Why is everybody all up in my personal space today anyway?! And you smell! If I wanted a man in here, I'd have let the Pirate in!" She salutes Jack Sparrow because of his animal magnetism. "I thought you were married anyway! You'll make her roll over in her grave!"

Her system starts shorting out thanks to the Hobo King's magic. Feige glowers and swings a functional arm in front of Will's face and launches it point blank at him, POWing him away from her.

"WHO THE HELL DOESN'T DO WHAT THEY WANT WHEN THEY WANT!?" Feige screams. "Oh my god, even if a slave chooses to obey, they're choosing to obey! I guess you choose to not have a real job! Outta here, hippy! I've got work to do-- Namely architecture. /Volcano architecture/."

But that's when Ariel draws her attention. The armor is still shorting out but she cackles anyway.

"I am Feige Abramson! Servant of Evil Science!" She even calls it Evil Science. "And as any (evil) scientist would tell you, Island Volcano Bases make the best secret lairs! Well Ariel, I hope you are ready to--UWAAAAAAAAHH!!"

The wind slams into her mech which no longer has its flight controls active. She is flung through the sky, shrieking as she rapidly vanishes through the horizon.

"I won't forget this, Arrrrrrieeeeeeeeeeeeeell!!!"
Ariel "...Skeletons come to life sometimes," Ariel explains, since this is a thing she's seen before. She even met Jack Skellington.

Speaking of Jacks, though, Jack Sparrow calls her 'lass,' and she can't be rude, so she waves to him for a moment. That rum looks like powerful stuff!

She jerks her head over as the woman shouts something about her... ... "...Why me?" she says, but it's kind of a mutter. She guesses she just made an enemy.

"...I guess I never know the strength of this magic sometimes. Is... everyone okay?"
Percival As MAD SCIENCE occurs in a distance, the Gargoyle would glance over his shoulder. Will obviously had the situation well at hand. Yep, nothing to see over there.

Sifting through the box, the Gargoyle would look puzzled as he removed the tools. (Y)
Will Sherman Will hits the ground a moment later, looking at the launching mad Scientist.

"How did she know I was married?" He says, asking himself, more than anyone else.

"Hey where is Leida?" he asks again, the magic starting to slowly wind down, slowly starting to return to a more normal hobo-state.

He looks at Ariel. Giving her a thumbs up. "Nice shot." he says, with a very bruised face. "I could use more of that healing drink."
Myla Mason Myla Mason pauses at hte pirates turn tail to flee, she's soaked but she's alive she looks at the pirates as they well? Blasted off really good. She's trying get back up after the beating the pirates gave her. She's not sure about the box, but she staggers towards it wondering just what the heck where they all after?

"Well that's over right?"
Jack Sparrow
"The correct term," Jack corrects the boy on his way past, "is /damnable/ pirates--"

Then he attempts to dive into the water while protecting his beverage, which is what, later, he will blame his failure to swim back out to the Pearl on.
Stitch Stitch, along with all of the other Experiments, seems to just disappear into the depths of Hawaii. This does not bode well for the island... or does it? Maybe this means the island will be more protected? Or maybe this means that the experiments will need someone to find, collect and provide each and every one of them with an OTP.

Look Out! Incoming Pies!
Leida Skeletons and aliens and (evil) scientists, oh my. Leida waits until the majority of the pests have cleared out, peering out from behind her hiding spot. Once Feige goes sailing off into the horizon the girl slides tenatively out into the open again but quickly hurries over to the others once she realizes nothing else is going to be trying to kill her - today.

Almost as if summoned, the princess pops up beside Will, sliding her bow back over her shoulders. "You need somethi--" The weapon gets tangled in the flowery necklackes again cutting her off mid-sentence and forcing her to fiddle with them in annoyance for a few moments untils he finally just rips them to shreds ands tosses them aside. "Hmph!"

Leida bows quickly to the hobo, giving him her best dignified smile despite the flurry of multi-colored petals raining down around them. "How can I assist you, Will-san?"
Percival After it became apparent that the boy was more than comfortable in the trees, the Gargoyle would traipse over to the other group, still holding /the box/ of seemingly worthless tools.

When he saw Leida, he'd just look at her for a moment, before doing what appeared to be a double take. Given his currently awkward position carrying the box, he would simply brow a fraction. "Uh. Begging your pardon. I didn't realize you were here, M'lady."

He wouldn't call attention to the differences in her appearance, but Leida could tell by the look in his eyes that he was certainly trying to puzzle through it.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart phews again, and smiles as she turns to Garnet "It was your turn to save my life, thank you very much Dagger." She looks over to the shorter girl kindly.
Will Sherman Will looks at Leida...

There is a long moment, probably uncomfortable, "Yeah, thanks for the help." he says, "And sorry for freeking out at you and being a general jerk to you the last time we met." He says, scratching the back of his head. "That's pretty much it. Anyway! Ice cream guys! On Mercade!" he holds up Mercade's wallet.
Aerith Aerith blinked for a moment. "Dagger, huh?" She glanced toward the girl in question. "Nickname. Has to be." She grinned. "Well, nice to meet you, Dagger. Yes, thank you again for saving me. Name's Aerith."
Leida Percival's voice causes the demonic girl's head to turn and she brightens up for a moment upon seeing him. Her happiness dims, however, when the clearly bewildered expression crosses his face. The awkwardness is only deeped by the silent stare that Will gives her as well and she takes a step back, looking away from both of them.

Will's apology is very unexpected and she stares back at him with obvious disbelief. "O-oh... no, it is nothing you need apologize for. There was good cause for your anger." She looks back at Percival, pulling herself up into a more dignified stance. "Percival-san. It is good to see you again." Her gaze goes down to the box in his hands. "What have you there? Is that what these ruffians sought to claim?"
Ariel Ariel waves when Aerith speaks out, as she's heard about her but hasn't had too much contact that wasn't in passing.

Aside from that, she's just making sure she still has her towel - yay, there it is!
Will Sherman Will shakes his head, "Yeah, well, blaming other people didn't help anything. So whatever, we'll call it even, and we'll go from there." he says, giving her a hand. Like as in a handshake.
Percival His expression would become cordial once again in short order, perhaps it was just her appearance that had changed. Stranger things had happened right?

With a smile of good cheer, he'd rifle through the box, pulling out a useless looking tool. "They were, but they abandoned it once they saw the contents. Apparently it wasn't what they were looking for. How have you been Leida-Hime? All has been well I trust?"
Leida Leida looks at the dirty hand stuck out towards her, wrinkling her nose a bit and doing very little to mask her distaste at the thought of actually touching it. But if getting her hands a little dirty will seal the rift between them, she'll just have to take it in stride.

"Very well. I accept your proposal." She reaches out and shakes Will's hand a couple times briskly, using the conversation with Percival as a convenient excuse to be terse. "How strange. I wonder what they are for." She nods backat him once. "I have been... well... my days have been somewhat interesting of late. But mere trifles, nothing of import. How fare you?"
Will Sherman "You don't have to pretend." Will says, "I /am/ a hobo." Will says to Leida, "Besides, I ain't that dirty. I've been cleaned...recently...ish." Will says after a moment of thought. "Shouldn't try to hide what you feel, leads to bad <GOOSEHONK> down the road." PERSONAL EXPERIENCE!
Percival He'd actually chuckle at Will's exchange. "Its true, Leida-hime. Every so often a virtuous lady named Celina tracks him down, and forces him into a bathtub. It is the universe's way of creating balance, for if ever Will were to become too rank, then fate itself would unravel."

After a moment, he'd shrug his wings off his shoulders so very slightly. "I'm actually doing quite well, thank you for asking. We'll have to catch up soon, I'll drop by Fluorgis for a visit."
Leida Leida chuckles as well, lifting a hand to cover her mouth demurely at the joke. "Forgive me, Will-san. It is the nature of my people to try and hide our troubles from others. It is unseemly to draw uninvolved people into your woes."

She looks back at Percival and frowns slightly. "Ah... about that," Leida says. "I believe I will be taking my leave of the Shard Seekers' hospitality in the near future." She's been debating it for a while now but with the troubles finally dying down she no longer feels compelled to stick around and help out in the desert's scorching heat. "Just as soon as I acquire new accomodations. The heat of the desert is unpleasant and I feel that my presence among them is doing little but burden their already stretched supplies."
Percival The Gargoyle gives her a puzzled look, but takes her entirely at her word. "Oh? Where do you intend to go, M'lady? You could always dwell with us for a time, if Manhatten or Traverse Town is more to your liking."
Will Sherman "Yeah." Will says, "And well...we're not so different. In the end, though, humans always want to know other people better. It's a weird state." Will says, with a nod.

"Anyway...don't. Bottling stuff only leads to bad stuff. I did that...look at what happened with me!" Will laughs about it now. "Anyway, I am gona go. Look me up next time your in Manhattan."
Leida Leida shakes her head. "No, I cannot go to Traverse Town. The people there are mistrustful of my appearance. And the new ruler of that place and his black-armored guards put me ill at ease." Her gaze shifts back to Will and she nods to him as he excuses himself. "I shall do so, Will-san. Be safe in your travels."

Back to Percival. "Actually, I visited Emi-chan recently and she suggested that Manhattan may not judge me so harshly for my... unusual features." Her head tilts to the side curiously as she continues. "She said that people often wear... 'con-tacts' and dress up in costumes to 'cosplay'. But I have not seen anyone like this in my short time there."
Percival There was a sort of strangled noise in the Gargoyle's throat, though he tried to act as if he were just coughing afterwards.

He gave Leida a sheepish smile. "Uh, what Emi says is certainly true. It doesn't happen all the time, but you would still be accepted in Manhatten. You might be considered a touch eccentric though to some people. Myself? I'm not so lucky. Manhatten might be my world, but my kind are not accepted by the humans there. Few humans even knew we existed before the worlds merged, so I typically stay out of sight."
Leida "Is that so? A shame, having to hide from everyone." She sounds genuinely sad about that fact. "Atleast you can wander freely here in the worlds beyond. A strange set of circumstances that beset us, neither welcome in the lands we are the most familiar with."

That seems to amuse her a little. She smiles at something, out of the blue, but it fades to normal after a few moments. "Well... my work here is completed and I am quite ready to retire for the evening." She bows to Percival with a swishing of the grass skirt. "Farewell, Percival-san. Until we meet again."
Percival Percival would be silent for a time as he mulled over her words, but he was already well aware of it. As a sort of afterthought, he'd speak to her with a concerned tone. "Stay safe, Leida-Hime. And if there is ever anything you wish to speak about.. you can always come to me. Farewell."

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