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(2013-03-27 - 2013-03-27)
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Palamecia Empire, home of the dark nation of Pamaecia and there majestic leader, Emperor Mateus. Several days ago, the Emperor sent out his Dark Knight, along with a handful of troops in order to explore the new world and worlds. In this exploration to also test those of Light and perhaps even some of darkness to see how strong the people were.

He was to return as needed and it would seem the Dark Knight has indeed returned. A dark Portal opens up within the castle before the Dark Knight stepped out last night. His armor was battered, the darkness around him swirling with aggravation and perhaps even hunger. A piece of of his helm horn chopped off and his leather burnt.

It seemed the Dark Knight entered a very deadly conflict, yet he remained alive.

As of this morning though, the Dark Knight waits in one of the rooms for his armor to be finished, his helm no longer on his head. The face was youthful, that one would expect on a young adult male, maybe no younger then eighteen, perhaps no older then twenty one. His hair was a dark bluish purple, and his eyes with that reddish hue in them still.

The hair was short and kept rather well. Maybe just a little bit spiky, with some hair growing down the side of his face beside his ear.

His eyes stared at nothing, just looking at the ground where he sat. Like a puppet who's strings were not attached and just waiting for his master to pull the strings once more to give him life. Yet as one of the soldiers walked by. Those red eyes glanced up slightly to watch them walk, before his gaze moved back to the floor once more.
Emperor Mateus It takes time for such armor to be restored to full strength. Leather to be resewn, armor to be reforged, Darkness to be recontained. It is a special set of armor, created by Palamecian craftsmanship and Shadow Lord command. Fortunately, craftsmanship in this land is nothing if not efficient.

The first part of rebuilding the physical armor itself was completed quickly enough over the past 12 hours. But the next part, the part that requires both Emperor and Dark Knight, has taken longer than that to prepare. And Mateus has seen to that personally.

The Emperor strides down the hallway, adorned in his purple-and-golden armor with his staff nowhere in sight. Flanked on both sides are two soldiers, who seem to deal with the opening of doors and clearing the halls of those whom would otherwise be in his way. They pause briefly at the doors into one of the private rooms and Mateus glances in as the door is opened, regarding his unarmored Dark Knight accordingly.

"It is time," Mateus states, the tone cool and emotionless. "I would like to hear your report as we walk."
The Dark Knight's gaze moves up as the doors begin to open and already the man moves to stand up before Mateus even speaks a word. There was the puppet master before him and so, the Dark Knight moves once more.

He bows his head respectfully to Mateus, and soon his body follows the proper motions. His gaze remaining off Mateus, even as he speaks, he does not look up upon Mateus face. "As you wish, my Emperor." And soon comes to stand slightly behind the Emperor.

As they walk, the Dark Knight removes a leather bound book off his back belt connected by a chain so it can't be taken. He unlatches the book, then opens the dark lock over it with a simple hand gesture. He then goes to flip to the page. It would see he keeps a very good deal of detail notes on hand at all times.

"I have currently run into eight individuals of light and one of darkness declaring they are of light. Each of them scale differently to one another, but most of them show great promise to the light or are classifications of average light in their hearts." The Dark Knight explains, as he flips a page. "Where would his Emperor wish for me to start?"
Emperor Mateus The guards stagger their formation, one leading and one following as Emperor and Dark Knight walk side-by-side with master ahead by a step. Mateus himself does not regard his servant any longer than nessisary, continuing on down the hall as if he had not paused.

He does not respond right away, but does allow a slight smirk to cross his face. He is already satisfied with the Dark Knight's progress, or at least with the number of individuals he has encountered over the past week. "Start with those closest to Darkness, and continue until you reach the person or persons closest to the Light."
"As you wish." The Dark Knight responds as his red eyes gaze down at the pages with his written notes on them. There was a side note on the side. One he was not sure how to explain to Mateus and as such was not sure where to sit them at. He studied that name for a moment, before he at last started to speak as the walked.

His voice calm with each word spoken with clarity. "The first is Dark One. A young female warrior who has not yet hit adulthood. She was once, by her decree, part of the Shadow Lords. She believes that darkness no longer has control of her heart. Yet her actions spoke against her own words."

"The next is Light Three. An assassin. He uses a mutt in order to tag team in combat, so that you will be distracted by his canine companion, while he attempts to strike out. I am unsure how well Light Three can operate if the dog was removed. He also seems to have little care for the civilians around him as it would appear it was his dog that brought him into the conflict."

The Dark Knight stares at the side notation again, his eyes narrow slightly, before he continues on with his main notes. "Light One, Two, Four and Five run around the same scale. They are moderate on the scale. Quick to act to trouble, quick to handle the trouble. One seeming not of this world, another an elemental using monk, another a viera dragoon who had been touched by outside darkness, and.. then the last is a healer, Light One. She has a deep well of magic potential but is heavily untapped. She uses alchemy instead of her magic. As it seems to her holy magic can easily go out of control."

The Dark Knight glances up for only a moment. "I was able to obtain one of these vials for further study if my Emperor wishes for our alchemists to research into it." then the Dark Knight goes to continue form his book.

"The next is someone by the name of Dragoon Man. I heard Light One call out his name. He is heroic and rather powerful. He moved himself several times to protect the others and was not swayed by darkness easily. I do plan, like Light One, to seek them out again. Perhaps to capture Light One to see if this Dragoon Man will respond to her cries of help."

"The final is whom I have dubbed the Maiden of Light. She is a fire mage, but her heart seems nearly pure. When given the choice to continue to fight or be merciful. While her other comrades continued to fight. She got down on her knees and begged for Mercy, for the battle to stop and showing all signs of desiring that Mercy to be placed upon them. Her actions were of honesty."

The Dark Knight seems to gaze at something again. "..There is.. also one more if I have yet to title.." The Dark Knight's words come across unsure for once, maybe a hint of being uneasy. "I will require to seek them out later in order to fully understand there place and thus I have no precise data on them at this time." He then snaps the book shut, before waving his hand over it once more to lock it yet again. Then rehook it to the chain on the back of his belt.
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus listens closely and silently, reserving any comment or question until the Dark Knight completes the run-down. Then again, even as the Dark Knight puts away the book, the Emperor folds his hands behind the small of his back and says nothing as they continue walking, reaching a long spiral staircase heading downwards.

When he finally does speak, he sounds... almost disappointed. "So be it, then. Endeavor to find the names of those you have encountered or will encounter, but continue as you have done. You have done well, and I look forward to more results." He rubs his chin with one hand. "The one you claim was once one of our own is... disturbing news. Betrayal cannot be taken lightly." He chuckles softly, an unkind 'fufufu' sound. "But this 'Maiden of Light'... how intriguing that there is still one with such a strong alignment..."

They reach the bottom of the stairs and enter a grand foyer, with a magic circle in the center with the Dark Knight's repaired armor placed on a display stand. It looks... surprisingly normal for Palamecian armor, considering the reputation it is beginning to receive. "Adorn your armor, Dark Knight." He walks to a dias as his staff appears floating in front of his hand. "All are waiting."
The man known as the Dark Knight follows the Emperor down, he does not speak any further after he has covered anything. He picks up the disappointment in Mateus voice and only raises a brow slightly at the tone. Yet it was not his to ask. If the Emperor wish to speak further, he would do so.

The Dark Knight then stares at his armor finished. Those red eyes staring at it before he gives a polite bow to Mateus. "As you command, my Emperor." He then stands up tall once more before his foot steps onto the magic circle, entering into it. His hand out reaching for the armor parts of metal and leather.

Armor is pulled on, snapped into place, leather adjusted, and boots snugged on tight. Gloves fixed against his finger tips, with the bracer worn right. Each piece of armor fitting how it needed and where it should always remain.

The shoulder pauldrons coming to rest on each shoulder as the cape itself seem to suddenly extend out like dark magic itself summon the leathery material to hang down almost to the ground. He flexes his fingers once more to test to make sure everything was fitting correctly, before he reaches up and picks up the helm.

His red eyes stare upon it, looking into the dark, haunting, polished surface. Then turning it around in his hands, he lifts up the helm and slowly places it over his head, before snapping it to the leather neck guard. Soon those red eyes gleam out form the darkness of the helm. Glowing dim at first, before they start to glow more brightly.
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus waits patiently as the Dark Knight armors up completely, already perfectly poised on his dias at the 'top' of the magical circle. The guards did not follow them down, instead guarding the top of the stairs with standing orders to not allow anyone through whatsoever, no matter how urgent.

This is quite dangerous to the unprepared, after all.

Once the Dark Knight is fully armored and still, Mateus begins to chant as he holds both hands in front of him and his staff spins just beyond the fingertips. Slowly at first, but building momentum and speed to impossible maintenance by physical twirling alone until it is just a blur. Dark energy, almost glowing like a blacklight around the edges, begin to bleed like ink into the engraved circle.

There is no sudden building of energy nor raising of volumes, as one would sterotypically expect with such a ritual. The room almost seems to drop in temperature as what few candles and torches disappear into the Darkness, leaving only the outline of the magic circle, the Dark Knight at the center, and Mateus just outside the boundary. Mateus lifts his arms, the staff still spinning with a purplish-black glow emitting from the gem at the top. There is no pause in the chanting, nor is there a pause in movement to indicate the point of no return. Only the staff stopping its movement, clawed end glinting wickedly in the Darkness while pointing at the Dark Knight as wispy purplish-black flames emit from the gem like a heatwave.


The staff comes down directly in front of the Emperor, the claws disappearing into the darkness itself, and the darkness contained in the array's circle is sucked into the armor itself like a vaccum. Mingling with the Dark Knight's own inner darkness, calling it forth, tempering and saturating metal and leather alike.
The Dark Knight stands in the circle. His red eyes do not move, they do not even blink. As the temperature drops and the room darkness beyond the glowing emblem under him. He stands there perfectly still. Until the words are spoken loudly by Mateus and then it starts.

It always starts here.

Darkness calls to darkness.

The very threads of darkness weave out and bind into the armor, pulling on the summoned energy from the void and from the very darkness with the man who is the Dark Knight; within Leon. The two clashing, binding the metal to the very soul of the man. It was always a painful experience. The only time pain is felt as it rips and pulls.

The Darkness wanting to consume Leon's heart. Wanting to break him down. The rush of the hunger, the rush of the needed power. The clouding of the mind for a moment. So many things that could go wrong in this very moment in time. One could want to scream. Leon though, Leon would not scream. It was will, will is what kept one from falling into the darkness; fully being devoured by it. A strong heart, a strong will. Or so it was told.

The darkness around the Dark Knight's armor starts to still, giving it that look it carries, the gold almost hard to see. The armored figure falling down to one knee as his hand rests on his other knee. His head bowed over as the cape has moved around his figure. The armor blurs for a moment before it stills. The red eyes missing in the darkness of the helm, as they are closed shut.

No movement. Barely even a breath could be heard from the helm. Just stillness now. Calm, quiet, stillness from the armored figure.
Emperor Mateus Silence descends on the room as the Darkness fades, torchlight and candlelight winking into existance like newly born stars. But Emperor Mateus gives no regard to the return of light, his eyes focused entirely upon the kneeling armored form of the man under his command.

Silence continues even as the Emperor's feet lift off of the dias, the staff disintegrating in a misty cloud of Darkness even as he drifts through it. Breaching the now-inert boundary of the magic circle, halting his forward movement at a rough midway point between the armored man and the boundary. Too far away for a swipe, but enough time to move if there is a lunge.

Emperor Mateus gives no chance for an error in judgement when it comes to weaving the very Darkness itself. He knows far better than to allow such naivety.

Still hovering in place, gaze still pinned upon the Dark Knight like a hawk upon prey, Mateus' voice finally breaks the silence with a sharp, stiffly-issued command: "Proclaim yourself. Who are you? What is your purpose?"
The Dark Knight doesn't move right away. He continues to stay knelt. Those eyes remain shut. The breathing still almost impossible to hear even as Mateus words break the silence in the chamber. Yet, still no reply. Not at first. Yet the head slowly rises, a stir of slow movement.

There was at last a breath, a sign of life indeed behind that armor before words were spoken in the echo of the helm. That deep voice once more coming to life. "I am the Dark Knight. Loyal servant to my Emperor. Commander of the Palamecia Military. My life, belongs to you my one and only true lord." His eyes remained close as he speaks those words and his head lowers down slightly.

"I only live to serve you, my Emperor."
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus smiles, though the feeling one would get from it is anything but a real smile. Cold, cruel, and self-satisfied. It is done. Just as it was then, so it is now.

He lifts one hand, his fingertips sheathed in wispy purplish flame, and gently touches the visor of the Dark Knight's helm. Yes, the darkness is still swirling, still realigning, but the ritual was successfully completed.

"Rise, my Dark Knight. Eat well, rest, then return to your duties."

This scene contained 12 poses. The players who were present were: Emperor Mateus, Leon