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Lets Light The Sky
(2013-03-26 - 2013-03-27)
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The Bodhum beach is a beautiful place. Full of life, wonder, and music. The beach is very active with people who run along its surf and here at night, many people walk the sandy surface in romantic remembrance while fire works blast into the beautiful, sparkling night sky.

Yet a figure walks here that disrupts this peaceful atmosphere. Each step on the sand, darkens the sand for only a few seconds where the dark mist moves over from where he lands his foot. Each step calm, methodical, and in perfect timing to the next. The armor is solid black, with hints of gold trim over some of it, yet from the armor also slides down a ghostly fog of black mist. Two red eyes glow out from the deep darkness of the helm and his cape barely moves, even under the passing breeze from the ocean.

There is no weapon on his person, at least none that can be seen. Yet here this dark figure walks and the very presence causes people to suddenly move away. Parents to pick up there children and just in general give this figure distance. Even some people as they make it in closer to town speak of this individual walking the beach possibly that of a heartless or something just as dark.
Maira Visiting and ADVENTURE! In Fluorgis was very nice, but she had missed home. Upon coming back she'd found VALKYRI HQ to be pretty empty, and thus had decided to stroll out to the beach and watch the waves for a while.

It is there she sits now, dressed pale green sundress, her shoes kicked off in the sand. She leans back on her arms as she watches the water, a small, pensive smile on her face. Its a beautiful night, as it always is, and Maira doesn't actually mind being alone for the moment. Sometimes, some quiet time is very nice. Of course, Uist is there with her, so she's not completely alone. The ghost stays quiet for the most part however, content to leave her to her thoughts. They are so accustomed to each other's presence that they don't feel the need to talk when there is nothing to talk about.

Both however, turn as a sudden shiver runs up Maira's spine. a lot of darkness, and she knows immediately that it isn't a presence she recognizes. Sure, Angantyr has a lot of darkness too but its...not the same as this for some reason...Maira's eyes move toward Leon, darkening the sand with his footsteps, shrouded in dark mist, and gulps. Quickly then, she gets to her feet, because this is probably /bad/.
Evja Evja, on the other hand, was actually sitting inside one of the little drinking huts in Bodhum's beachfront. Normally cloaked or wearing armor, today she seemed to be wearing a sundress of sorts, long and flowery and flowey and, generally, just a light pretty dress. Of course, she had on her normal veil, sipping from her drink through a straw.

Chocobo tethered outside the hut, it was the Chocobo that actually sensed the strange presence and looked towards it for a long moment before letting out a nervous WARK of sorts, alerting the Vieran Judge that, likely, someone was trying to play with the Chocobo that didn't need to. She sighs and turns to hop up from the stool to go check on 'Senra' before realizing that there was actually none nearby. What was he looking at, though? Following the Chocobo's gaze Evja fell with her eyes upon the armored figure only to sigh, grumbling. Well, hopefully they were just passing through.
Katyna Things have been pretty stressful lately for Katyna. It seems she faces enemies wherever she turns. Nasty, cold glares from former friends. And now she has to gather up the courage to confess her sins to her friend Faruja as well.

After leaving Ramza in the care of Artemis, Katyna had taken off on her own for a bit of alone time and relaxation, promising to return to the side of the Heretics soon. The warm sandy beach felt good under her tired, achy feet, the warm sun against her bronze skin..Until she spots the shady looking guy in dark armour.

She frowns softly, immediately thinking of Ang, except this guy looks even more menacing. And then she spots Maira and her frown deepens. "Maira.." She murmurs, moving towards her inspite of what might have happened between them recently. "Be careful. That guy.." Eyes narrow upon Leon, watching him warily even as she stands protectively in front of the girl.
Makenshi Crux is covered in sand.

The little fairy, having spent many of her recent days keeping an eye on the members of the Valkyri and ferrying her findings back to the swordsman in white, returned only recently to find the place deserted. After a thorough check through all of the rooms, inside all of the cabinets and closests, and even in the cookie jar (she only found cookies in there but that was good too), she determined that the building was indeed devoid of inhabitants.

But being the talents tracker and spy that she is, Crux followed the trail of the most recent visitor out to the beach. Maira was not difficult to find. But having never been to the beach before, the fairy girl was immediately intrigued with the various activities going on.

In particular she found herself drawn to the children playing in the sand. She observed them for a while from a distance, her sneaky nature causing her to be cautious at first, but eventually she wound up sitting in the gentle lapping edge of the tide helping to build a rough castle with buckets and plastic spades. Eventually it was finished and then the children decided it would be more fun to bury their new friend. So now Crux is covered in sand, her little face peering out across the dark crescent of the coast with an eternally quizzical expression.

The arrival of the dark warrior registers on her sensors immediately and she twists about, shedding the majority of her comfortable burial mound in a single motion to peer across the beach at Leon. He's definately trouble. Crux erupts from the ground on golden gossamer wings, whooshing softly through the air over to the fire mage's side. She tugs on her shirt insistantly and gives an alarmed 'Kukuruyu!', but it seems that both Maira and several others have already taken notice of the ominous figure's approach.
Minerva Minerva had a plan, to do something for VALKYRI, she'd been out in the sea, why was she out in the sea? She was fishing but not with a boat she'd been using herself as bait and it had works. Those gathered on the shore might notice something is odd woth the water as Minerva bursts out from under the waves with explosion of water. Minerva breakts the surface grappling a huge fish that she's struggling with she flips into the air and pile drivers the fish into the beach with a crash, the fish is dead and she now has her dinner. She's a little dazed after that but seems pretty pleased with herself and only now becomes aware of other people being here.
The dark figure continues to walk with those slow steps. His red eyes slowly start to gaze over the people pulling back from the beach, including those who still stand on the very beach ahead of him. His red eyes gazing at them like burning fires in the darkness.

His eyes then start to scan over the beach once more, before he slowly comes to a halt where he stands. His red eyes then slowly come to focus on Maira once more. They seem to stare at her and just continue to stare.

The woman who just crashed onto the beach with a fish is ignored for the time. They are of no importance yet, same with Evja out in the building. All focus is on Maira.

Then he starts to walk again, before his hand extends out to the side. Soon dark wisps of mist move around his hand and into the air before taking shape of a blade then materializing it in his hand. The Dark Knight just continues to walk.

His voice then echoes out loudly. Echoing in the helm with his deep voice and his eyes never leaving Maira's figure. "You of great light," He then narrows his eyes. "You will show me your strength." He then points the tip of the strange blade at her. "Or all will perish here this eve."

Yet who of great light was he speaking too? After all, there was three standing there with Maira!
Maira Maira turns at hearing another approach, blinking in surprise to see Katyna. Unlike most others however, she does not look immediately unhappy to see her. Maira has forgiven, though she hasn't quite worked up the same level of trust she once had. That is what would really take time. "Yeah...he certainly looks....intimidating," she replies quietly, looking down then to find Crux tugging on her.

She reaches down to offer her hand to the fairy, inviting her to grab on and be brought up to Maira's shoulders. "Maybe he doesn't mean any harm...maybe he needs help?" she offers, though even she doubts it. Still, he's not going to just stand up and pass judgement on the man in one glance! Who knows what could be going on?

Things become a little more clear when a sword is pointed in her general direction. Behind her, Uist begins to growl. You of great Light? Huh? Maira looks down toward Crux? Slowly to Katyna?

Maira looks back to the man, the air around her growing warmer with her alarm, heat radiating from her like stone warmed by the sun. "I...don't know what you are talking about? Who are you?" she asks.
Katyna Katyna blinks at the dark knight. "What...What is this? It's like, there's no light there.." She frowns, recalling the techniques she had learned as a Shadow Lord minion. Was she doing it right? But it must be! This guy..Amber eyes narrow when he pauses and stares at Maira..But it's only when he draws his sword that Katyna starts freaking out.

"H-hey, what do you want with Maira? Leave her alone..If you wanna fight someone..Fight me!" Eyes warily focus upon the dark knight. She's the last person to pass judgement on others, but after he's given his challenge, she's hardly going to just stand there. The little fairy is noticed with an arched brow, and she vaguelly remembers Crux from VALKYRI hq..

That seems like a long time ago, and a sad memory, she's prefer to leave in the past. Right now, she's totally focused on the Dark knight, ignoring most everything else going on around her.
Makenshi Crux tilts her head to the side curiously at the offered hand and after a moment she reaches out to take it, allowing herself to be transported onto the mage's shoulders. Despite being over a foot tall and decked in armor the fairy hardly weighs a thing, perhaps due to her magical nature. She blinks at the odd position but settles in, wrapping her arms around Maira's forehead to keep her balance.

Peering over the golden locks, Crux turns her wide innocent eyes over towards the dark knight once more and cringes a little when he brings out the blade, hiding from those burning red eyes. "Kukuruyu..."
Minerva Minerva has just got the fish handled "Hey Maira! I caught dinn...." She trails off staring at Leon and what he says and she stares for a moment. She looks at Katyna she does not look pleased to see her, She does not look to seem very happy at all. If there was not the threat of Leon, things might get very bad for Kat but at the moment there's something else to worry about.

She does not seem to be very happy at this, "You seem to be asking for an earrly gave."

She's leaving her fish for now and cracking her nuckles as she looks Leon over, she can sense the darkness and he's clearly a Dark Knight prehaps on the leve of Ang or beyond she's not sure yet.
Evja 'Or all will perish here this eve.'


Those who had nothing to do with this. Those who did not want to be part of the fight, those who were but children, mothers and parents protecting them. Evja growled lightly before a tiny flicker of darkness formed at the corner of her eye, briefly dancing like a few embers before vanishing. Anger, an anger that normally the Viera would never show. One so self-proclaimed to be a being of the light... had found themselves near too much darkness lately and was becoming a bit rash in some fashions.

Quick to aggress in some fashions.

Yet the figure was fully armored, and armed, and looking for a fight. And was that...
Ugh, somehow she always found herself in these situations. "Senra, run towards the womenfolk there and give them a chance to ride away on you, and if they do not, instead carry away from this any and all you can before they are hurt."

'Senra' gives a loud WAAAAAAAARK before tearing off at Chocobo Racer-speeds through the area, though first he runs up and slides to a stop beside Maira, giving her a chance to hop on before darting off elsewhere, accepted or otherwise. Evja, meanwhile, was walking steadily towards the Dark Knight with a spear in each hand dragging the ground beside her, slowly leaning forward and breaking out into a full run towards him without even waiting for something further to happen.
"I am the Dark Knight and I seek all Warriors of light to be tested as I explore these lands." The Dark Knight notices the Viera moving in swiftly and soon the chocobo who wants to take the very strong light away. It was such a blinding light really, causing those around her almost hard to make out, but he sees them. He knows the are there.

Those red eyes flicker in the darkness, before the dark mist explodes around him, covering his armor even tighter almost giving him a blurred look in the darkness by each part of his armor. Those red eyes continue to stare as the Viera steps in even closer. "The test starts now." He says softly as he comes to a stop on the sand, now seeing to wait for Evja to move in to attack.
Maira Wow, huh. Where did all these people suddenly come from? When did Evja get here!? And...and did Minerva just a wrestle a giant fish for dinner!? She'd have to think about how ridiculous and cool that was later.

Maira looks from Minerva to Evja to Katyna...she can't look at Crux because the fairy is clinging to her head at the moment. The offer of the chocobo ride from Senra is declined though, there were others who were not as well defended apparently. Not that Maira couldn't defend herself! Sure, she wasn't exactly hardy....but power, yes, she had that. Magic in abundance.

As if she could get any brighter in Leon's vision, Maira lets out a breath and flame seem to seep from her skin, the reddish gold fire flickering along her skin without burning, a magical defense mechanism perhaps. "You just...walk up and demand to fight? I don't understand. Why? Why would you do that?" she asks, then draws her arm out in a circle, lighting up a circle of fire that burns with protective light around her friends.

Who is this man, who feels like a Heartless? A new Shadow Lord?
Minerva Minerva looks at Leon for a moment. If he wants a fight he's going to get one, she readies her self and looks to Maira as she casts some sort of spell upon her and she feels protected. "Even one such as my self to not undersand he is a Dark Knight I can feel as much."

What is this man she's not even sure to be honest but she's going to find out she launches herself at him her fist become covers in ice and then arcs of electicty surround that as she throws herself at Leon attemping to feel him out, each strike would both freeze and shock should she manage to connect.
Katyna Katyna blinks curiously at the Dark Knight as he explains himself, and her frown deepens, peering back at Maira curiously. "Warrior of Light? Y'mean Maira?" Well, she certainly was the most pure hearted person Katyna had ever met..But, she doesn't like the sound of this 'test' thing.

When Evja's chocobo comes towards the girl, Katyna's about to help her up on the bird and lead her to safety. But of course she declines. "Maira..This could be dangerous. But as long as you're staying here, I'm staying here too! I'll protect you..."

Right, no point in endangering the other denizens of the beach, right?

Glaring back at the knight, she unsheathes her sword, which bursts to life in flames, pointing it at the dark knight. "Heh, you're totally outnumbered..That's hardly fair, but..." But for now, she will go on the defensive until she sees the power of thisdark knight.
Makenshi Oh hey this person is on fire. That's different. Crux looks worried for a few moments as Maira's aura lights up but when she notices she isn't bursting into flames by touching the magical light the fairy relaxes a bit. There's still that nasty looking warrior who appears to be picking a fight for no reason other than to test these heroes. She'll definately be reporting this back to her master.

Right now, however, she has to worry about surviving long enough to do that. Crux isn't a fighter. Though she has armor it is mostly cosmetic and her primary function is to seek and to watch. Her survivalist instinct kicks in and she lets go of Maira, her golden wings whisking her gently into the air without moving.

She turns away and zips off to the safety of one of the nearby pavillions, settling down on the surface of a mostly empty bar. Crux reaches over and picks up a half-empty glass filled with juice, tilting the over-sized straw down towards her face and sipping at it noisly. She thrusts a little fist into the air and waves it around, cheering them on but it seems like she's planning to sit this one out. "Kukuruyu!"
Evja Tch. The other woman who was assaulting him was using her fists. That wasn't in the least good for one who used weapons and one who used fists/feet to be attacking the same person at the same time. It left them both open to the attacks of the other. However, there was little Evja could do to fight against him at this point without risking Minerva in some fashion.
With Maira suddenly supporting Evja she turns to nod towards Maira only to kick at the sand, then skid to a stop and look confused.

Damn, she didn't have her greaves on, nor the shoes that were normally attached to the inside of the greaves.
In fact, Evja was barefoot.

Time for Evja to fight in a manner she hadn't fought like in /years/, since soon after she joined her clan. Throwing one spear into the sand near where the Dark Knight and Minerva was, Evja ran straight up to them only to jump upwards and seemingly fall straight down towards the blunt-end of the spear bodily. Instead of impacting in a rather painful manner, though, Evja's feet and legs slammed together in a practiced motion and even as she shot down from above, the spear that was thrown down came ripping out of the sand with an added pressure of the resistance before slamming upwards towards the man.
"I battle, because it is the true test of light. As it is battle, that shows the strength of will." The Dark Knight stands there, still waiting. One of them will attack. One of them will raise there hand against him. Though if they do not. He will do them the honors.

Now here came the attacks at last, he doesn't answer Katyna's question however, instead his focus goes to the battle now taking place.

Minerva's fist connected and with Evja's own leap, it causes the Dark Knight to miss Minerva with the ghostly tipped blade, however for Evja, the mist around him seems to leap upward like tendrils and grip for her to bring her down. Lashing out in the air. Yet the Dark Knight wasn't even looking at them directly.

Soon the Dark Knight takes a step to the side and in a 'poof' of dark mist moves from that one location nearly right on top of Maira in reappearance of dark mist. Those red eyes staring her down as he suddenly goes to slash at her and her companion, Kat, with the tip of the Soul Blade that takes a ghostly image as it strikes through them. Then he attempts to unleash the tendrils upon them, before he suddenly blinks right back over to Minerva and Evja, however this time above and brings down his sword in a cleaving motion for Minerva, before swinging it around for Evja and the darkness around him also comes for them as well.
Maira Maira isn't a Light Warrior! She's not even a warrior! Well, she fights when she has to, she supposes, but--SWORD!

Maira leans back, trying to avoid the sword that is suddenly sweeping before her, that darkness reaching out and coiling around her, trying to grab hold.

Test of Light!? Is this man mad? Mad enough, for he was clearly intent on fighting her and would not simply focus on her companions. Not that she would let them just stand there and protect her, either. This man was obviously deadly serious.

Maira takes a deep breath and clenches her fists. "Uist...lets do this," she says, almost wincing at the snarl that comes from her ghosts lips (unheard by any but her perhaps) as he rushes toward Leon, becoming semi-corporeal in the form of a large, winged warrior with a spear that begins to glow with the same light Maira holds, striking out against Leon in quick flashes of brilliance.
Minerva Minerva braves the Dark Knight's poers for the moment even as the tendrils com for her she doesn't seem to oterrfied of them she seems to have some notice but it's the blade that is far more troublng as she cacught she reels back landing in a crouch but she's back on her feet in a moment she is also purging whatever has been done to her by Leon.

Katyna Katyna ughs, and steps back as the Dark knight attacks her. But the attack's not that powerful, and she only barely gets nicked by it. "Heh, that the best you got? C'mon, go all out!" She grins, seeming to enjoy this battle. For once, the rage is focused on someone other than herself.

But, why does she feel a little less tough all of a sudden, as darkness shrouds her? "Ugh..." she grits her teeth, rushing at him as her sword bursts into flames, leaving a trail of choking smoke behind her. "Take this!" slash, slash.
Evja Suddenly darkness! "Mmph..." Then the flickering was gone, and Evja was soon having to deal with a dark knight doing her own moves against her.

One thing about Evja is they tend to be a /lot/ better with aerial combat. And with that in mind... fighting against someone who is attacking them from above?
A lot better as well.

Seeing him flicker away in a manner that she was used to doing caused the Viera to blink before suddenly looking up and shifting her feet again to bring the spear up and grab it with her free hand. Two spears now grasped in her hands she falls backwards onto the sand just as Leon comes swinging down at her and blocks with both spears crossed, one foot bracing the intersection of the spears so he doesn't crush them back against her.
That does cause her to smash down into the sound and bounce backwards only to land and skid to a halt. But, what was there in the sand? None other than that giant translucent sword she normally toted around, handle jammed into the sand as she smashed into and upwards with her spear, managing to flick the giant sword like it was weightless right towards Leon.

"Anyone who needs to be protected, come towards me! Fight close if need be and I shall do my best!"
So calls the Dragoon who acted at times more like a paladin in personality.

Leaping up high into the air after flicking the sword, which if it hit would act like a pair of shears to paper on armor and 'protection', leaving one feeling a bit more bare', Evja came down again before bouncing upwards, but not before spinning around with both lances to try and knock down Leon to the sand below.
The Dark Knight sees the light coming in. His red eyes glance only for a split second, before he 'blinks' away from the strike, only to drive the spear away with a quick strike upward of his blade, before 'blinking' to a spot behind Maira.

The damage done to him from the earlier strikes start to repair themselves on the strange mystics of darkness that surrounds his armor. Before he twirls his Soul Blade for a moment, waiting for the next strike. He actually holds the blade backwards, the long curve blade resting against the back of his arm as he waits for it.

Katyna then comes in swiftly and the Dark Knight attempts to counter the blow with his own blade, however the other one from darkness past was far quicker and her blazing sword strikes through the darkness that surrounds him until sparks are seen flying out as the blade bites into the metal beyond. The Dark Knight though has yet to show any anger toward this, actually he is staying extremely calm.

No emotion flickering in those red, glowing eyes. Instead the Dark Knight moves back and a rune appears under his feet, and soon one under Katyna's, "One of Darkness, remain out of this." He says very calmly as he suddenly slams his sword into the ground. Suddenly a ghostly crystal sword leaps out under the ground under her, before encasing itself around her; seeming to freeze her in place until it shatters.

Time out for Katyna!

Evja comes down then with the sword and Leon goes to move out of the way with his own Soul Blade to parry the blow, however speed was never his thing; Endurance was. The female viera slams the sword against the darkness, wisps of darkness flare off and the sword almost makes it into the armor itself. The Dark Knight almost kneels down by the impact, yet was quick to recover.

The Darkness swirls around the damage, starting to try and rebuild itself once more. "..Very good." The Dark Knight says calmly. The Dark Knight then performs the same trick he did on Kat on the others. The run appears under him which he slams his blade into the ground, in time as the tendrils of darkness lash out once more.

The crystal sword blasts out from the ground attempting to grab everyone, attempting to freeze them in place for a time, before the Dark Knight then rushes forward for the key individuals. His blade then takes on a fully ghostly form, instead of the tip. He attempts to slash it through them, yet no blood will be drawn. No only there very will's being attacked as the blade lashes through them.

The only one he exempts from this assault was that of Maira, who the Dark Knight only takes a moment to look at. Seeming to study her once more in passive silence.
Maira Maira is glad that Crux has to sense to flee, because this is getting very messy. Evja is in a sundress, not even her armor, Minerva...well Minerva was rather like Tifa in that she settled problems quite well with her fists...Katyna is being pinned by the darkness...

Maira eyes turn to Katyna, deeply concerned as she is pinned there by a rune and ghostly sword, as if it were pinning her soul where she stood. She does not seem to be in immediate danger, but she may have a hard time breaking out of that!

Then The Dark Knight tries to do the same to Evja and Minerva--if he succeeded, it would only be her. That was the point though, wasn't it?

Maira frowns deeply, the fire the surrounds her growing brighter as she lets more of her wild magic loose. "You can't test light by fighting just to fight! You....You have to really believe in what you are fighting for! And I will protect my friends!" she yells, then slings several fireballs at Leon, followed once more from a strike from the spear of her ghostly protector, bursting with flame upon impact if it manages to hit.
Evja Though Evja had no way of knowing she would be frozen in place, she had reacted to try and catch him off-guard before it happened. Her sword vanished and reappeared in one hand even as she threw her spear with the other, impaling it into the sand. Then with a throw, the sword (obviously) went straight towards him - an easy dodge! However, the actual intent was to impact with the lance and bounce backwards to try and connect with him again. Sure, it wouldn't be swinging hard enough to do damage, but that wasn't even the reason for doing such.

No, Evja was attempting to buy time and distract the man long enough to get a feeling for just how he was fighting, and defending.

Then frozen!

Slam, Evja is cut through and the crystal shatters, Viera standing there on the ground while panting. "Alright, you want to test us? PAY ATTENTION TO ME!" It was a challenge, Evja shouting before she pulled out both spears and raised them in an aggressive manner. All around the area in the night of Bodhum the darkness began to 'grow', steadily becoming more apparent because all of the light in the area seemed to be drawing towards the Viera who was seemingly using it to bolster herself, prepare for -something-, waiting, watching. Gathering herself and trying to act a peacock - drawing his attention away from the others while fully planning on attempting to take the Dark Knight out herself.
Minerva Minerva is once more being forced back again by this Dark Knight, she's still reeling she's hit again. Sjhe's not quite sure of the full nature of the attack but she seems keen to purge it's effects againt his is rare it's quite rare to see minerva being pushed back like this on the defence what is this guy but she still stands.

"So...this is not all you can do is it Ser? Then prehaps I have something to show you."

She's seemingly preparing for somethign now? What is mienrva up to...
Maira does what the Dark Knight wants. She shows him her power. Her power of light and it is something powerful. The Fire Ball slams into the Dark Knight. The darkness was flared back by the impact, the armor fully impacted and the spear strikes true, cutting across the leathery surface.

Once the smoke clears, those red eyes gleam through the smoke looking right at her. "Your power is impressive. Show me more." He says calmly, not even seeming like that hurt. Yet what is this? The dark monster bleeds, however such a wound was quickly lost as the darkness starts to swarm over him again back to its misty status, seeming to actually move in to even hide the gash he took.

The the Dark Knight charges for Maira, he slams his sword right into her, yet it has become ethereal, not a solid as he does. It jabs right into her magical soul as a caster, where he stares down at her. "Yet, what is the cost you are willing to go? Will you die for them? Show me that. Show me your /will/. Show me more of your /Light/."

He yanks the blade out about the time Evja yells and starts to do there own version of a 'taunt' spell. The Dark Knight only casts a glance over to them. There was a low rumble, not of annoyance, but a rumble perhaps as a warning. Warning of gears maybe turning. Things soon to become very dangerous for them all.

As the Monk seemed to be content to stay on the defensive, only returning to attacks when they came, which the Dark Knight could silently respect, it was time to indeed give them all a taste.

Yet, the monk then speaks and the Dark Knight glances over in there direction. "..You of Light do ask the most basic of questions and lack to grasp the most basic of concepts."

The Dark Knight's sword suddenly starts to glow bright dark blue and seems to nearly catch on fire. Though Evja may pull in light, the Dark Knight suddenly blasts out darkness. Darkness everywhere, so thick in fact its like being in a heavy fog.

There was silence, no movement, before suddenly the fog moves a bit, here, then there. Yet nothing could be seen before those red eyes gleam out from the darkness of the mist before they seem to vanish again. Then suddenly a massive rune appears on the ground, before there is the blue sword with the Dark Knight from the sky.

His blade slams into the rune, before it shatters straight up, each flick of darkness from the run races to the sky, before dark lightning crackles. Then crimson red blades start to fall from the sky. Instead of blue like the one before, these are all crystalline blood red, all coming to crash down to catch each one here. Each one attempting to snatch those present and hold them in the crystal chamber.

If caught the Crystal swords will then glow, before dark electricity surges around them, this electricity attempting to drain them of there very life essence, before blasting to the sword that is now rised high. Feed the blade to feed the armor once more. To repair the damage done from the blade, to the fire, and even from the spear.

If nothing comes of it, or once it is done. The Crystals will then all shatter and the darkness will pull back toward the Dark Knight once more who stands ready for another round. Those red eyes only glowing and a staring at each one. Waiting.
Evja This was going to be bad. A bad, bad thing. Bad bad bad thing. All of this darkness wasn't doing too good of a job of reacting to the Viera. Or, rather, she wasn't doing a good job of reacting to it. It almost made her feel physically ill, like it was pouring into her, corruping her soul even briefly. Of course, it wasn't, but it was that sense of permeating darkness that left her unable to respond, or perhaps unable to respond fast enough, to the crystalline blades raining down and locking her in stasis.
Crying out in pain, it was only when the crystal cages started to shatter that she finally responded and lashed out with everything she had, every last bit of light that might have been left in the area coalescing on her briefly before she shot out like a golden pinball. Dashing back and forth with the spears Evja eventually came to look like an arrow of light. Streaks, straight lines, up and down and back and forth, spinning around in circles, Evja was dancing around at this point everywhere it even remotely looked like Leon could have been. Only to finally leap high into the air and throw the spears both down towards where she thought he was. "SPEAR OF THE JUDGE!"


Puff... Evja lands on the ground a moment later with her back towards Leon as the explosion happens, standing up only to finally look over her shoulder towards him.
Maira Yes, her fire races toward Leon, and oh does it burn. Uist's ghostly spear does its damage before the ghost disappears once more, leaving only a red mist in his wake. Surely, this would bring him down? Surely he couldn't continue to stand up against Evja and Minerva as well?

Before she can even form another thought, Leon is before her--his sword seems to pierce her very soul with her flesh. She throws her head back to scream, but no sound escapes. It hurts more than anything she could ever have imagined.

Maira's "light" react before her mind can catch up, the flames that surround her flaring in a flash of brightness, forming an inferno of heat, white hot, to scorch and try to drive Leon back.

Maira falls to her knees, choking and trying to find her breath, still glowing like a star fallen to earth.

"Yes," she gasps finally, her voice barely a whisper.

"YES!" she screams then, Uist's ghostly presence forming behind her, roaring his challenge. "LEAVE THEM ALONE!"

Maira and Uist seem to converge, the flames that surround her taking shape as great wings upon her back. The wind on the beach reaches a tempest level as energy washes over her, trying to improve her defenses--trying to keep her alive.
Minerva What is minerva up to? She's been trying to focus and prepare for something. She knows Maira and the others have kept Leon busy enough for her to get ready. "There are some things you yet to see prehaps an object lesson is in order."

She'll never master either like a Paladin or a Dark Knight but she's got her own abilits. Then comes the attack she's caught and feels a part of her being ripped away from her as she's trapped in the crsytal its a feeling of helplesness all she can do ie let out a cry in pain as her life is drained. She lives through it and is even less happy as she now fre she makes prehaps her first real offensive move of the entire fight. Her right hand burtst into bright white holy flames, and then her left bursts in to flames of darknes this isn't a tick she's channeling both then she breakds into a run for Leon. She then launches into a savage assault once she gets up close and att4emps to grab him by the head at the end of it as she lets off the discharge of all the darkness and holy enerries shes built up.
Katyna All this time, Katyna has been frozen in some sort of stasis field, unable to attack or help her friends. However, with a furious cry she unleashes her most powerful blast of flames to break through the spell, eyes flaring red as she glares at the dark knight!

"Ugh! I cant believe you got me! I'm gonna punish you now!" And she charges at the dark knight, determined to see him go down!
Evja starts to move around like a glowing orb of fuzzy anger. Very fuzzy anger. The Dark Knight seen something like this from another Dragoon he just fought. Yet this one was much faster. So he knew the odds of finding the means to meet them half way would be impossible.

So Instead with the renewed energy, the Dark Knight's red eyes follow Evja form straight up, then eyes narrow slightly at the bright spear as it comes crashing down toward him. Soon the Knight takes his cloak in hand and spins around, The Darkness swirling with him as the explosion happens.

Sand blasts into the air and starts to fall down like rain, yet slowly rising after the explosion was the Dark Knight once more. The shoulder pauldrons moved in close to his arms and the cape shifting form to be much more loose. The darkness was indeed pulled away to one side, as the armor was very easy to make out, yet the mist of darkness tried to crawl back across his armored form once more. It was having trouble. The explosion seem to do some good, or just the length of this battle was starting to play on the stability of darkness.

The Dark Knight stares at Maira as she suddenly yells for him to /leave/ them alone. Her heart was so strong. The light within it so bright. Those red eyes staring at her. He seems to contemplate something as he looks at her before he then slowly looks away. "No."

The Monk suddenly races in with all the power she can muster. Using both Light and dark. The darkness however has been moved once more in as a defensive measure by the Dark Knight. The Mist suddenly lashing up to act like a barricade to the fist that comes pile driving in. Yet the sudden burst of light breaks through and slams hard into the helm of the Dark Knight, a piece of the horn shattering off, before he spins almost with the impact. This puts him in place for Kat's own attack which her blazing sword slashes into the remaining darkness shield around his armor, scathing it away, and he unable to move his sword in time to retaliate against her.

The Dark Knight then 'blinks' away from the ground. His sword glowing bright dark blue once more as flames surround it. He stares at them all, before he suddenly blinks into the air and unleashes upon them all dark slashes into the air. The dark energy waves rush down, one behind the other, before the darkness left behind attempts to snag for them all, as he rushes for each one with darkness burning blade attempt to drain life essence from them before he blinks away to a defensive position.

"Come. Finish it." The Dark Knight says calmly. "Show me your anger. Your corruption. Show me your lust for battle." Those words all spoken to calmly. His red eyes peer over to Maira, "..or do you lust for mercy?"
Evja Evja was... pretty damned well on her last legs at this point, the surge of Darkness and such doing a number on her, spending all of her energy trying to attack, and somehow he was STILL STANDING. A spear appears in the Viera's hands before she slumps forward to try and catch her breath. For all she knows, he could simply be toying with them, trying to make them resist when he has no intention of doing anything.

But she couldn't take a chance.

Leaping high up into the air, Evja leaps down towards Leon with that spear and another before bouncing up high and throwing both spears towards him, trying with everything she has to finish this.
Katyna Katyna glares at the Dark Knight, shaking her head stubbornly. "I dont lust for battle, and I'm no longer corrupted by the darkness! I might have been a servant of the shadow lords once, but now no one uses or manipulates me! I fight only to protect others, from monsters like you!"

She grits her teeth then, as darkness slams into her, forcing her backwards, chipping away at her armour and bruising her body underneath. "Ugh, he's tough..But why does he do this? Fighting blindly..." She charges at him again, a trail of flames surrounding her sword, then encircling and rushing towards Leon as she strikes next.
Maira Her friends are giving this all they have. Katyna has broken free of the trap Leon had placed her in, her sword aflame and raging for revenge. No Katyna...not revenge...protect yourself! Evja is hurting, she can almost feel it at she looks at the viera , who despite complications had become her friend. Minerva too. They are all hurting against this one man who approached her, randomly...and her friends stepped up to fight with her.

Maira looks up toward the Dark Knight, the light that shines around and from within her so bright it is difficult to look upon. That light is ready to burst out of her and bring balance to this darkness, to burn it away until her friends are safe. The Light can hurt, oh yes. It burns like the brightest flame. She aches so badly to release....

"Stop..." she begins, her voice breaking, hoarse. But as the darkness reigns down upon her and the others, her light flares upward again as Maira raises a hand as if to brush it away like smoke from the air......and it works. The darkness burns, steams, until it disperses, tiny mites of light left floating in their wake, drifting toward Leon.

"STOP THIS!" she cries. "You want me to beg you for mercy!? I will do so! Mercy! Leave my friends alone...What do you want from me? I will do it! Just leave them alone!" and her voice carries now on the wind as she stares at Leon, her wide eyes fea-like, her hair a halo of flame. "Please....stop this."
Minerva Minerva has had about enough she's drained herself in that last attack she's breathing hard she's just not got her stomach in this fight there's no real enjoyment or drive in the fight she looks at Leon for a moment, others may be able to finish it but Minerv is spent.
Makenshi Throughout the entire battle, Crux remains casually seated on the bar, watching with wide-eyed attention as the spells are slung and blades are crossed. At some point she managed to scrounge up something to snack on, a bowl of mixed nuts left on the bar for the casual drinkers. Her tiny hands are practically filled by each one and she nibbles on them like a squirrel, taking her time to chew each bite.

The dark knight has some impressive abilities, not the least of which is his teleportation. The fairy takes careful note of each combatant's skills and powers, logging them away for her next report back at Gaudium castle. From the way he is speaking it would seem that others are interested in the strength of the heroes, though for what purpose he tests them she cannot be certain. Measuring up the competition, most like.

The fire mage also displays a great deal of power. The light that comes off Maira is blinding but Crux's eyes are able to adjust and record the brilliance. Even though her job is just to watch, she gives another encouraging fist-twirl at the air when Maira seems to struggle. "Kukuruyu!"
The Dark Knight stands there. His words spoken now he seems to just be waiting. The dark mist moving around him. There horn on the helm missing. The fight was indeed long and hard. All here fought a glorious battle, yet there was perhaps a hint within those words.

A hint he was waiting to see who would succeed at answering it or who would fail to see it. The Light, the Light of the heart was that of will. Battle, battle was known to bring out the worse in a person, and yet, Light had to shine over that. Over the darkness within the heart.

The question, was with words, but actions, actions speak from the heart.

Evja then comes in with her spear attacks. The spears meeting the darkness barrier quickly brought up, before the last one breaks through and slams into the shoulder armor of the Dark Knight, slicing through it and causing him to stagger back. Yet, he still stands. Eyes look at Evja. Silent stare with no words spoken. Just a stare, as he reaches up and then removes the damaged armored plate, tossing it to the ground as the cape then swings to one side no longer being held by the should piece.

As the armor lands on the ground, it bubbles and starts to melt into the sand, before it vanishes into dark mist where it once laid.

Then came Katyna. Roaring her claim that the darkness has no hold on her. That she doesn't lust for battle. She when she comes, his red eyes move to her and that blazing sword. It strikes hard, it strikes dead on. The Dark Knight doesn't even seem to be trying to deflect these attacks. To stop them or to even move away.

The burning blade strikes and the fire irrupts over him for a moment, yet he stares at her. With the leather armor on his exposed shoulder scorched, the blade had sunken deep into metal and left behind its mark. Those red eye stare at her. "You do still lust for battle, just as darkness still lurks within you. Enough to corrupt you, enough to blind you from the right answer to a test." He almost goes down on a knee as his status is slowly becoming compromised, as the darkness flares out, trying to protect him. "So I expect nothing less from you."

The monk doesn't come. He is unsure on her status. He is unsure if she plans to strike again. Yet, Maira. Maira does as he was hoping she did. She knows the answer. She knows the correct answer. Those red eyes stare up at her as she calls out for mercy. Even though he went down on his knee by this point.

"I want from you," The Dark Knight replies as he forces himself to rise, the sword in his hand drops toward the ground, it vanishing in dark mist. "To do as you have done. You have shown me your strength of heart. Your strength of will." His red eyes close gently. "And each here showed me what I seeked to see and know. Maiden of Light," He places out his hands to Maira. "You are the first I have met with such a heart." He then lowers his hands almost seeming to want to fall over again, "..I will check on your progress in another time..."

Then he swings out his arms before a dark portal appears, which he steps through and closes right behind him. The battle was indeed won and it did indeed the heroes were able to leave a rather large dent in the Dark Knight and oh look, the horn still remains in the sand.

Anyone want a Souvenir?
Katyna Katyna frowns, breathing heavily as she stares after the dark knight. The battle's been won, but..Somehow, it seems shallow to her. "Ugh..What does he mean? I wont be corrupted by the darkness again...I wont!" She sighs, lowering her sword, resheathing it as she glances around at the others. "Um...Everyone alright?"

She peers curiously towards Evja, remembering him from the time she nabbed Avira. She was there too, wasn't he? Fighting the heroes. Was she being manipulated too? She frowns, staring too long, looking away quickly. How did he overcome the darkness...?

She glances briefly at crux with an amused smirk, though her smile fades at Minerva. A VALKYRI. Probably not one who would care to see her again..Of course, Kat's expecting everyone to turn against her at this point..Everyone except Maira. Maira..

She glances thoughtfully at the girl as she flares with so much light. Is she a princess...? After what the dark knight said and Kat's own experiences with the girl, she wouldn't be surprised.

She starts to head towards Maira to check on her, but pauses by the horn in the sand. "Huh, what's this?"
Minerva Minerva listens to what the Dark Knight is saying he's testing them but why? She's not sure what to think she's in a good deal of pain and she drops to the sand's now thankfully by some miracle her fish has been out of harms way. Just what is he up to what odes this man want right now she looks to fish and tries to lighten spirits "We have dinner still at least."
Maira The mage is still on her knees, and so for just a little while her and Leon are almost eye to eye. She'd confess later that she was surprised he actually /did/ cease his attacks, though by the look of him he was rather damaged and couldn't possibly have that much more fight in him.

It didn't matter. There had been enough pain.

Maira's expression turns to confusion as he reaches his hands toward her, almost as if he wanted her to take them. She doesn't understand.

Before she can ask any questions, he opens a portal and is gone. She is glad no one tries to stop him.

Breathing deep, Maira tries to put a leash back on the flames, gradually drawing them back into herself until she sits there in the sand, naked, steam rising from her bare skin. She begins to cry with relief, the tears that spill to her cheeks evaporating almost instantly.

Maira looks toward Katyna, who picks up the piece of the horn from his armor, and holds her hand out for her. She needs that. She doesn't know why yet, but she does.

Nakedness unnoticed.
Evja A little lost and disoriented for a moment, it was only after the Dark Knight left that Evja slumped against a spear for just a moment. Then 'she' saw something out of the corner of her eye and stood upright, staring towards Maira a moment. Why was she...


2 + 2 = ... oh, clothing burned.
And there's people around.
Pulling out her large crystally flat sword that was mostly transparent(but very wide), Evja quickly walked up to Maira before looking like he was hugging her, but was actually attempting to try and provide some decency for the girl. Both of Evja's arms rested atop Maira's shoulders as he did this with the sword held behind her, flat towards her, /attempting/ to at least provide some semblance of 'cover' from behind, and in front, while saying "If one of you go to the drink stand over there... my cloak should be on my stool in there..." ~.~ 'Yeah, I'm being nice and I'm totally going to get accused of doing something wrong. **** these people.' goes the inner monologue.
Katyna Katyna blinks. "Maira..." Oh. Her clothes are burnt! Thinking quickly, she pulls off her cloak and wraps it around her, hugging her a bit and frowning softly. "You okay? What's wrong? Why are you crying?"

She glances over at the others, noting Minerva's wounds and tosses her a hipotion. "Here, this should help." As for the horn, she has no use for it, and she hands it over to Maira, not really understanding why.."Wonder what this is for..?"
Maira Maira blinks at Evja, who is suddenly there and trying to shield her or something? Maira is confused. Then, Maira looks down.

And she sighs. Really, this had happened so many times before she got her fire-proof outfit it is like old times.

Knowing what she does about Evja however, Maira purses her lip and takes Katyna's cloak, wrapping herself up before she takes the horn left from the armor, still completely bewildered. "I-I'm okay...I was just everyone okay? What am I saying no, you're not..." she says, then breaths out, summoning her magic again. Uist doesn't fully appear, but he carries her energy over to Minerva while Maira casts a cure spell on Evja and Katyna.

"I um. I think I should.....go...home..." she says, then starts walking, dazed and staring at the broken horn like it was the more curious thing in the world.
Evja And there she goes, rather quietly actually. She didn't faint, or look embarrassed, she just... walked off. "Something does not seem right about her... twice recently she has fainted from embarrassment, and yet, there she was fully bare and not seemingly caring." That came more off as a mumble than anything before Evja just wound up standing there, watching her go while remaining quiet, obviously worried about Maira but not quite sure what to actually /do/.
Katyna Katyna scratches her head, staring after Maira, and laughing nervously as she glances back at Evja. "Heh..She's always like that. Kinda..Odd. But I'm more worried about that Dark Knight and the horn. I dont think Maira's safe as long as he has an interest in her.."

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