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Dagger in Danger!
(2013-03-26 - 2013-03-27)
An unconcious figure, an open portal, and heartless. A perfect recipe for a barmaid and a mermaid to stumble upon.
Tifa Lockhart There are many things to take care of. With Manhattan restored, there is a huge weight lifted up, and alot of people are in high spirits after that victory. Its not the end of the troubles, but its encouraing, and keeping high morale is important too.

With Manhattan back on track, the barmaid also has a new bar that she works on. It had been started on before Manhattan was lost, so its picking the project back up instead. And because of the preparations, she was out in town shopping for the new bar. There are alot of things to consider, to buy, to plan for. But she's cheerful as always, moving along the street with a box in her arms.
Ariel Ariel seems cheerful today as she returns to Traverse Town. She's got a suitcase with her, a rollerbag style she must have secured somehow in Manhattan, and it's overflowing with... some random stuff, to the point of bulging. She's happily wheeling it through the districts on her way to Rosemarie's place. It scrapes along the street, bouncing with the little cracks in the ground. Her steps seem light today. She's finally gotten the hang of walking, maybe.
Garnet Things have been less stressful with the recent restoration of Manhattan. And it seemed that less heartless were lurking around Traverse Town as well these days. Perhaps this was due to the combined might of the various heroes having momentarily exhausted their efforts. Whatever the case, Traverse's streets have been pretty safe lately..

Unless of course you are an exhausted, weary traveller in the middle of a strange place, far, far from home. Like the girl laying unconscious in the alleyway not far from Cloud Nine. In fact, she might have gone totally unnoticed were it not for the fact that a large portal suddenly opens its maw above her, and several noisy heartless clamber out of the portal, jumping onto trash cans and clambering over each other in their eagerness to reach the unconscious, vulnerable girl..
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart was going back to the bar in fact. She doesn't have senses attuned to heartless activity like Aerith does, or most of the princess of heart do in fact, but she's started to perceive them a bit more at least. And when a portal opens right next to where she's going to, it gets her attention immediately. Even more since there's an unconcious body next to it.

For some reason, this feels like deja vu.

Either way, no hesitation at putting that box down and running straight to the heartless, kicking some of them off, like a football, straight back in the portal "You things are really getting on my nerves, attacking people like that!" Sure they don't talk, but she can vent some frustration on them, they aren't really alive after all. ~_~
Ariel "Oh... hey!"

The last time Ariel fought Heartless, it... didn't go so well. But Tifa seems to know what she's doing. So, Ariel runs up to try to back her up.

She skids to a stop, the momentum of her wheeled bag almost bowling her over. She reaches in there to try to find a healing potion. She can always help out that way..
Garnet It doesnt take long for the greedy little heartless to spy the disruption to their tasty meal. When Tifa and Ariel call out, some of the heartless split off from the unconscious girl, and make a beeline for each of them, their little antenna flopping about as they shoot off various spells of dark and lightning magic at the pair of would-be heroes.

But will they get to the girl in time?
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart is pretty fast, and she quickly moves through the hail of spells raining down on her, narrowly dodging each of them as she moves straight to the unconcious body, taht obviously has no ways to defend herself right now. Once she can shield the girl properly, she goes on the offense.

She uses the nearby wall to bounce herself upward, sending a high kick toward some of the flying pests, and bringing them down to level so she can rain punches on them mercilessly. One at a time is she can can do when she lacks multiple target attacks, but her fists tear through the squishy hearltess pretty easily at least.
Ariel Ariel isn't as fast on her feet as Tifa. The spells strike her on the ground, and she squeals as she's struck with darkness energy.

That doesn't stop her from still trying to help... and she finally finds that potion. "...Here!" she shouts at Tifa, throwing one in her direction first. She'll worry about that unconscious girl in a moment, too... but first, the Heartless have to take priority!
Garnet The Heartless are relentless, buzzing around in the air, barely taking a breather as they continue to pelt the heroes with bursts of lightning and dark magic. Some of them get knocked to the ground and quickly burst into a pile of munny or hp balls as they get their butts kicked by Tifa's powerful attack, but there are still quite a decent number of them, many more take the place of the fallen.

The girl is breathing and seems to be lightly bruised and still unconscious. She is still unresponsive however, even as the heartless continue to migrate towards her, seeing her as easy prey.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart doesn't like magic,s he never did. Its not her strong point at all. She can only try to endure as the different spells hit her, but she stays on the offensive, using her arsenal of attacks to strike back. One of the methods she can use is what she calls heartless bowling. Punching one buddy into other ones to crash them into each other seems to work well usually. She can do that easy, those heartless are rather light, probably because they are a concentrated mist. She looks over to Ariel "Thanks for the help!" There are alot of them after all.
Ariel Ariel wishes she could be half as good at kicking stuff as Tifa is! But she's not really... well, so suited for kicking. Maybe someday Tifa will teach her.

She tries anyway, because kicking is kind of an amazing gift, and Heartless are a good height for kicking. She kicks one and then another, and then, picks up her bag of luggage and slowly swwinnnngs it at another one for a strike. When she does, another bolt of darkness glances into her, but she manages to roll behind the luggage to avoid taking the worst of that hit. "You're welcome! I'm still a little... new at this Fighting Heartless stuff! But I can't let you fight alone!"
Garnet Some of the heartless seem too quick for the heroes this time round, and they easily dart out of their way, before rushing at them like crackling balls of energy! One or two of them attempt to blast Tifa away from the unconscious girl with more bolts of dark energy and lightning..

But even so, one of them manages to come right up to garnet, blasting her with lightning as it attempts to kill her, so it can absorb her heart!
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart is quite willing to show Ariel the proper art of butt-kicking, but now is not quite the time after all. Those magic attacks are taking their toll on the barmaid and its not quite pleasing her. But its not like she gives up that easily either. Its about time to kick it up a notch in fact.

Moving into high gear, she gives a good sample of her full power, disapearing from sight for a moment. Its one of her abilities when she goes at full, a sort of phasing out as she moves at lightning speed. She reappears at random around the fighting area, kicking and punching each of the individual heartless, all sending them clumped together as much as possible... and then there's a pause, not even a second, as you get to see her fist glowing, and then driving it through the group of heartless she massed together, releasing an explosive ki energy. And before they can fly off from the first explosion, a second one hits at the same spot, a double explosion aimed to scatter all of them, hopefully destroying quite a few of them in the process.
Ariel Ariel is really impressed by that... and as she's looking a little dazed, she's struck by one of the darkness blasts. It knocks her back, away from her weaponized suitcase (which turned out to be slow) and onto the street.

She looks a little dizzy, but stands up again. She wonders if maybe she could try magic. So, she charges up a little lightning bolt in her hand, and concentrates on it, building some magical power. Then she fires off a blast of lightning energy at the Heartless, and then, a spiral of wind. Maybe... this'll work out okay, but she's still nervous about using magic.
Garnet More heartless fall at the girls' combined attacks. Hey, things are looking up, maybe they can do this. But..STill more heartless remain, more emerging from the rapidly closing portal. This should be over soon, either way! With a little roar, they charge once more towards the two girls, and towards the unconscious girl's body which shakes and writhes as it is struck by lightning..

But what is this? Suddenly her body starts to glow, and a portal of light appears above her. Seconds later, something *else* emerges from the circle of light before closing - it is the form of an old man with a long beard and long, emerald green robes, an ornate wooden, jewel-topped staff held tightly in one hand.

"Young ladies..Please allow me to aid you against these fiends!" And with that, he turns towards the heartless, green eyes crackling with energy as he unleashes his own powerful thunderstorm upon the heartless!!
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart blinks as the portal opens, and a flash of electricity wipes a good part of the heartless. Tifa falls back with the counter attack of magic spells sent her way, regrouping next to Ariel. At least this new apparition look to be on their side... and protecting the girl. "Thank you for your aid." She answers back, although she never seen anything like this, looks kinda human, but the feeling is different...

"Let's finish it Ariel!" She launches back into the next attack, sending another explosive first at the core of those heartless. "The numbers are diminishing, almost there!"
Ariel Ariel nods at Tifa. Well... she'll have a hard time keeping up with that, but... "Okay!" She swallows.

Concentrating her own magical power, she puts whatever she can into this next attack. A little lightning builds up around her fingers, and builds into a bolt in her hands. She knows it might not be as big as the apparition's bolts are, but... when she blasts, the size of it actually surprises her a little. A torrent of lightning rips in to the Heartless... or at least, splays out in a powerful wave in their direction.
Garnet The girls continue to pour their heart and their strength into the battle, although it's a lengthy one. The strange thunder mage, also adds his attacks to the others, wiping out more heartless..Although it seems he is having trouble maintaining his form for very long, and soon flickers out, but not before the following message: "Please take care of that girl for me! Farewell!"

The remaining heartless close in on Ariel and Tifa, attacking with a combined darkness attack as a last resort.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart looks at the thunder man disapears, leaving them with the few heartless. She shakes her head, her clothes a little torn by the repeated magical attacks, but otherwise still standing. She looks aside to Ariel "You alright?" She quickly moves toward the unconcious girl, doing a skilled handstand as she drives her feet upward toward the floating heartless, kicking them away from the unconcious princess. "Uh huh, no touching the girl on my watch!"
Ariel Ariel is struck with another attack... this time, a current of wind. It doesn't knock her down, but does knock her back, and she stumbles to stay on her unsteady feet. "...y-yeah, I'm fine! Let's finish off these Heartless, okay?"

Her magic is a little drained now, but she still summons a current of wind. The spiral of air forms in her hand, then ripples out like a tornado toward some of the remaining Heartless attackers. They think they can use storms, well... they'll have to take a taste of their own medicine!
Garnet It seems the heartless are also tiring, what remains of them, which is considerably fewer than before. And the two girls relentlessly pursue them still, too stubborn to give up the fight. With a last squeak, the remaining heartless combine their attacks together for one mighty dark thunder storm!
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart is starting to hate those slippery little magic floating heartless too. She can't get a good grip on them it seems, as they buzz around her constantly. And then the constant spells on her are leaving their marks on her skin and clothes.

She looks over to Ariel, at least she seems okay for now, so she keeps defending the unconcious girl, shielding her from the attacks as much as she can as she sends a high roundhouse kick toward the nearest ones, hoping to scatter them off "Buzz off already!"
Ariel Ariel shakes her head. She tries to roll aside, but...

No luck, the thunderstorm glances her, singing her clothes. Her blue skirt is totally ripped... she might have to try some other outfits next time she gets into an awful fight like this. Thunder shocks totally frizz up her hair.

She limps a little as she gets to her feet. "I, uh..."

She looks again at the girl on the ground. All right. No time to be useless. Time to make it happen. She screws up her concentration. "Okay. ... Bubble..."

She's not sure where it came from, but a big, solid glob of concentrated water drops onto the Heartless, splashing them and soaking the streets!
Garnet It seems the heartless have neared the end of the line as the girls finally break down their defenses with their powerful combined might. With a splat, the last handful of heartless explode into hp and mp ad munny balls, leaving an eerie silence in their wake. Oh, and the strange unconscious girl whose face is partially hidden by the white mage cloak she wears.

Seem's she took the brunt of the attack, unable to defend it in her current state, although Ariel and Tifa certainly helped to protect her from a worse fate! But..Will she ever awaken?
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart phews as Ariel manages to clean the rest. She grumbles a bit at slippery little toads, but she moves over to check on the girl, lifting her up in her arms to carry her to the bar "Let's get her to somewhere safe for now, there are beds at the inn." She smiles to Ariel still "Wish we would meet in better occasions."
Ariel Ariel nods to Tifa. She gets into her bag... and gets out another potion, after some shuffling. "I can try to help. You did an amazing job fighting!"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart phews "Not that amazing though, they were rather slippery, couldn't get a hand on them by the end." She shakes her head "Your magic was pretty effective though." She siles, carrying the girl over to Ariel for the potion, and then toward the bar. She pushes her box with her feet, the bar is very close after all.
Ariel Ariel nods. "It's... been getting a little easier to use!" she confesses. "That was the first time I didn't... completely fail, anyway." She limps into the bar. "I could use a ... bandage, or two, though." She seems to be struggling to remember the right word, but she's learned better human words since coming out here.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart is hurt, but she's seen worse. She sets Garnet into a bed carefully, and then moves to get the first aid kit for herself and Ariel.Taking a few of the bandages, she moves over to Ariel and kneels down to starts patching the girl up, starting with her legs.
Ariel Ariel finds the sensation of her legs being patched a bit unusual. She laughs when a brush against them... tickles? then winces when the bandage hits her. And, no, she hasn't figured out that leg-shaving is a social norm.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart hmmms as she notices the state of Ariel's legs, and runs a finger along them "... Did you forget to shave your legs or something?" She asks simply, not wanting to be rude either. But if Ariel looks, Tifa's legs are well taken care of on that side.
Ariel Ariel pauses.

She blinks.

She thinks back to ladies she saw in Manhattan and looks at Tifa's legs, too.

That seems to be an oversight. "... I guess that's what people.. um, do, around here?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart giggles "Oh, well that shouldn't be too surprising, I guess its not something every world do either." She smiles kindly, and sits next to Ariel to start patching herself up a bit as well, sighing "I could show you if you want. It makes legs look very nice when you do, guys like that."
Ariel Ariel brightens up a bit. Since things seem... stable and safe now, it's important to her to know what human boys like.

Because, obviously, Eric is still out there somewhere...

She nods. "That'd... be very nice, thank you!"

She looks at Garnet again. "She can stay here, right? If not, she can probably stay with me."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles "Of course, there's plenty of rooms here. She'll be fine until she gets up, its not like I'd charge someone for almost dying." She points at the bandages "Might want to wait for those to heal before we do a shave though, unless you have some healing magic to speed up the process."
Ariel "I know a little alchemy," Ariel says.

She goes over to get her bag, which she only drug half-in. She wheels it over, and shuffles through. "...Apparently! I didn't know I had so much talent for magic, but I guess I get it from my dad... um," she pauses, cutting herself off.

Finally she pulls out a potion, and pours it down her leg. It heals the injuries with a little hiss.
Kim Possible Meanwhile, Kim is striding along looking to be in a great mood. "Hey, what's the--" She pauses and does a double-take as she sees what's happening with Tifa and Ariel. "Wh-what IS the sitch?!" She asks, now sounding genuinely concerned as she makes her way into the room. "Are you two OK?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods, waving to Kim "We're fine, we had a run in with some heartless, that's all. Some mage types, those are the bane of my existence too." She sighs "But fortunatly Ariel was there with magic of her own." She smiles, patting the shoulder of the mermaid-turned-human.
Ariel "Kim!" Ariel gets up, in spite of injuries, and walks over to give Kim a big hug. She can never forget Kim, because Kim has lovely hair and gave her a towel.

After breaking the hug, she hobbles a bit back to a bar seat. "... It was nothing special, but I'm learning to be ... a witch, I guess. It's good to see you!"
Kim Possible "I'm glad you're both OK," Kim says as she returns the hug to Ariel. "You're learning to be a witch?" She seems a bit surprised, but then remembers the things about magic that Tifa mentioned, and she brushes it off. "Well, as long as you girls are OK, that's what matters." She smiles at the two of them. "So no major issues?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart giggles "Its not being a witch than knowing magic. I think that's just a preconception from your world Ariel. In my world, everyone can use magic as long as they have materia. So I'm guessing that the definition of what makes you able to use magic varies from world to world. Just take it as a good thing, you can use it to protect yourself and people around you." She smiles, and goes to the back to get a razor, some cream, and a small tub of hot water for Ariel. "I was going to teach Ariel about leg shaving, I think that wasn't a 'thing' in her world.
Ariel Ariel shakes her head, her hair flying around as she shakes it. It wasn't a thing - as far as she knows, which she honestly has no idea about. But it seems reasonable.

She looks at the water.

"Uh, yes, witches. I'm learning from Rosemarie, but she seems like a nicer witch than most of the ones I've dealt with..." She shakes her head at Kim. "I think we got them. So how are things with you?"
Kim Possible "They're going really cool. Aerith is teaching me a lot of new stuff herself. She's a really cool gal!" She looks to Ariel and then to Tifa before narrowing her eyes. "Leg shaving? Um... well, if that's what you wanna do, that's totally cool wtih me." Apparently, Kim doesn't fully realize the whole truth about Ariel being a real mermaid.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart doesn't know about it either, but she figures the girl is young, and it's not necessariyl soemthing given in every world either. The multiverse also involves keeping an open mind about differences like that.

She starts by taking a towel, wetting it in the water and them rubbing it along Ariel's leg "Its much smoother and easier if you wet the skin and hair first, so its more convenient to do this in a shower or bath." Afterward she starts applying the cream, her hands smoothly spreading it over the mermaid's lovely legs. "You don't need too much cream, this helps reduce the irratation that the razor does, otherwise it gets really itchy."
Ariel Ariel nods about this, watching with interest. She likes learning how humans do things - obviously a cultured human would know all this, buuuut...

She looks at Kim. "I haven't met Aerith but I've heard she's really nice!"
Kim Possible "Aerith's really cool," Kim says with a big grin. She doesn't say anything about the shaving because, well to be honest, she hasn't even reached that age yet! Yes, you most likely didn't need to hear that, but who cares?
Garnet "Ooooh..." The girl murmurs from the bed, rubbing her sore head. No doubt, she's been tended to, but her head still hurts, and she feels confused and disoriented. "Where am I? How did I get here?" She gasps as she realizes she is in a bar, not exactly a proper place for a princess - not that anyone could tell in her current attire, but..That beautiful crystal hanging aroud her neck sure does stand out..
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles "Aerith is someone you can depend on. She's also a strong magic user, you could get a few tips from her I'm sure." She smiles, and then takes the razor, showing Ariel how to use it "You NEVEr go sideways, you smoothly draw it along the leg, like this." She demonstrates, drawing a straight line "The more you move to the sides, the more likely you get cuts." She looks over to the princess as she woke up, smiling "You are in my bar, the Cloud Nine. Its a long story, you should rest for now, but if you can't sleep, you should at least sit. We found you unconcious with a bunch of heartless buzzing around you."
Ariel Ariel gasps a little when the other girl wakes up. She knows JUST what that's like, so now she feels like she can be wise and helpful. "You probably fell out of a... portal," she says to Garnet. "This is another world. But it's nice here."

Then she looks down at the shaving with curiosity. Never go sideways. Okay. Never get cuts.
Kim Possible "Are you all right? Kim looks over Garnet before staring at the crystal for a moment. Then she adds, "I didn't see what happened, but Tifa told me you were attacked by the Heartless, which is TOTALLY uncool!" She pauses again, then adds, "By the way, I'm Kim. Kim Possible."
Garnet The girl blinks as she looks around, feeling rather confused and lost amid the strangers. As if losing her friends and being attacked by heartless wasn't enough. Of course, by now she knew about the dark creatures, but it's still upsetting to realize she is alone.

"Oh! My apologies! My name is Dagger. Are you the ones who rescued me? I..Thank you for your help. And your kind hospitality." She looks to Kim first as she introduces herself and smiles. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Miss Possible." She bows rather overly formally, protectively clutching the jewel around her neck as she does so. She seems..Somehow sad, alone..
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart gives Ariel's legs a few more swipes of the razor, and then hands it to her "Here, try it on your own. See where I shaved? The important thing too is going in the direction of the hair, they point downward, so move the razor downward too, otherwise you'll pull at the hair instead of cutting them." She turns over to Garnet "And I'm Tifa Lockhart, its nice to meet you Dagger." A bit of an unusuable name, but she's heard all kinds. Like Barrett isn't that much better really.
Ariel Ariel has a feeling about Dagger.

It's the feeling that she's lying. Maybe it's the way that she clutches that necklace.

But, in spite of, or because of this, Ariel likes her immediately... because... she's lying too.

She looks at Dagger, meaningfully. Then she looks down at the shave mark. "Oh. It looks nice."

She looks up. "My name is Ariel."
Kim Possible "Just call me Kim," Kim replies with a smirk. "I'm not big on formality unless I'm in school or something. At any rate, nice to meet you too Dagger." She then steps back and looks at the others, trying to think of somethign else to say.
Garnet "Tifa Lockhart, Ariel, and Kim. It is a great pleasure to meet all of you. I am sorry to have been such a burden on you, but..I must go. There are people that I must find..." She's about to turn and flee out the door, worried to death about Zidane and the others, but her head still hurts. Instead, she falls back unsteadily, nearly falling to the floor, clutching one of the chairs for support. "Ooh..."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart is right behind Garnet to catch her before she falls "Nuh huh, you're in no state to leave right now. I'm sure you have people you want to see again, but if you're going to get attacked and pass out, you'll never reach them. You can go find them in the morning, when you're back in shape. You must be hungry and tired too."
Ariel Ariel is now practicing with the razor on her own. She's a little timid with it.

She looks up when Dagger tries to run out, but sees Tifa is on the case. "Do you need another potion? I guess rest is best. I don't think your friends came through the portal."
Kim Possible "Don't go just yet," Kim says. "You'll hurt yourself, and that would be totally uncool!" She goes to help Garnet steady herself with Tifa's assistance. "Just rest for now, and you'll have a better chance of finding them."
Garnet Dagger sighs, rubbing her head as she collapses into a nearby chair. "I..I suppose that you are right. I just hope that my friends are alright." she smiles at Ariel when she offers a potion and nods.

"Yes, thank you. I would greatly appreciate it. I suppose I can always look tomorrow." Still, she cant help but worry. Perhaps that's why she has that streak of grey hair at her age.

"You say a portal openned up and deposited me here? What country am I in? The last I remember, I was in Lindblum..."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart thinks about that "Well we do know of a Lindblum here, its on the Southern Continent actually. But this is Traverse Town, the world where most deported end up into, one way or another. Its a bit complicated though, so take it easy." She smiles and goes sit next to Ariel, checking on her shaving lessons.
Ariel Ariel decides to finish shaving before getting into the potions. But... of course, she cuts herself a little, and winces. She sighs. "I'm getting the hang of it.... thanks, Tifa. But let's focus on Dagger right now!"
Kim Possible "Well, I think I should get going," Kim says. "Although, I'm not entirely sure why. I mean, I've got some time, but--" Just then, the Kimmunicator beeps and Kim picks it up. "What's the sitch, Wade?"

"Hey Kim, I heard that your player needs to sleep, so I wanted to let you know that."

"Really. Thanks, Wade." Kim says with narrowed eyes, before heading off.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smirks at Kim "Take care Kim, see ya soon." She nods to Ariel, keeping an eye on the lost princess of course.
Garnet Dagger blinks slowly, seeming further confused. "Traverse Town? How..." Oh right, the portals. She shivers at the thought. This is crazy. Why did she ever run away from home? She has to get back to Alexandria! But right now might not be the best time to reveal who she really is!

"Oh..Then I am relieved that Lindblum still stands. And what of Alexandria? Is it still intact as well?" She takes the potion gratefully, "I thank you, Lady Ariel. You are in my debt." For a moment she tries to rest and relax as she downs the potion very delicately and sparingly.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles at Dagger, moving over to get a map. She unfolds it on a table "This is what we call the World of Ruin now. For some reason many towns and regions from different world all melded together, we called it the World Merge, although it doesn't really mean much. The heartless seems to have made many worlds disapear, or at least parts of it, and what were left became a single world." She points at the southern continent "Lindbulm is here, and right across the plain..." She taps on Alexandria.
Garnet "Heartless..." she sighs and nods. "Yes, I have experienced them before, backin Lindblum." She shivers, "What awful creatures they are. But..How will I ever find my wait home, to Alexandria?" She's surprised when Tifa says Lindblum is jus across from Alexandria. Since when were they on the same continent?

"That is strange. Then this..Traverse Town is a separate world?" She gasps, "Oh, then some worlds no longer exist?" Again she worries for Zidane. Is he safe, wherever he is? Is he still back in Lindblum? She should check, but..
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods "Yeah, we've had some harsh experienecs with along of things around here. Heartless, world disapearing, name them. But yes, things are very different here. Some people, liek you, seem to appear out of nowhere. There's not much to explain about it, we just go along with it, what else can we do?

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