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(2013-03-26 - Now)
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Evja It had been several days since that rather shocking reveal in Evja's house and, after collecting himself as well, the Viera invited Maira to an outing to try and relax and have fun and put the surprise behind them and, well, perhaps try to get back to being friendly with one another. After all there was way too many things going on recently that have just been drama and crazy and not everything has to be such.

Thus, by moogle mail, Evja had sent an invitation to Maira to come to a place known as Serendipity, some giant attraction city structure thing on the central isles, as well as included enough fare to get there and directions/etc. As far as the Viera went, he was pretty much all alone in this place when it came to non-humans. Almost all of those in Serendipity were humans of some form or fashion. It wasn't really a place most Viera would even want to come to. Why?

Lots and lots of noise. It was like Vegas in a fashion. However, here Evja was, waiting by the grand entrance to Serendipity while leaning against a pillar, just waiting for Maira. He was generally a head taller than the rest while still excluding the ears, so he was easy to spot. Not to mention he had his Chocobo standing next to him, waiting.

But it might surprise Maira to realize that Evja... wasn't actually wearing womens clothing today. Perhaps as a courtesy to her or a show of trust(and due to the fact that there were /no/ Viera here, and almost all humans), he was wearing a rather dapper-looking suit. Even if it /was/ a little small on him. Sadly it was the biggest size they had ~.~
Maira Maira was pretty delighted to receive an invitation to Serendipity, a place she had had lots of fun before. Of course, that fun was tied to another, which made Maira feel just a bit awkward.

The was the site of her very first date.

Also, a place she won a great deal of munny. Maybe that will be repeated!

Maira walks over to where she was to meet Evja and looks around, walking right past Evja dresses as he is. She's looking for a viera in a pretty dress, not a suit! She's never seen Evja out of armor and not wearing female clothing.

Maira is dressed nicely too in a knitted red dress (made herself!) with cap sleeves and a sweetheart neckline, knee length....with boots, because those are the only shoes she actually owns. She's tied a red ribbon in her hair as a headband.

"Huh...." she says to herself. She only sees one Viera here! Well, he's probably taken note of another if he saw one, so she wanders over. "Excuse me sir have you seen--" wait a minute. Male Viera were very rare...Evja was-- "EVJA?"
Evja "Ah..."

Just as Evja had turned to raise a hand towards Maira to get her attention, she had already turned and started to walk towards him, having apparently seen him first. It was the question that caught Evja by surprise, making him look a bit self-conscious at first. Not blushing so much as fidgeting a little with his hands in his pockets before nodding, "Yes." A simple enough answer.
The chocobo next to him takes this as an opportunity to lean down and attempt to bump their head against Maira's in a greeting sort of way, being a friendly Chocobo. Plus it had seen her before, and given her a ride, so that was a plus.

"I apologize of my manner of dress today gave you a bit of a startle, I did not mean it to do such. I had simply hoped to wear something a bit less... well, concealing, as a show of trust to you, and an apology for having felt the need to keep it hidden as I did. Even though it is something I am used to doing with all... I do not enjoy upsetting others, especially those who I hope to consider friends."
Maira Maira giggles as she is affectionately headbutted by the chocobo, recognizing him now. She reaches up to scritch him and coo a hello before she looks back to Evja, blushing. "No no! Its not upsetting I just wasn't expecting it! I didn't recognize you, heheh..." she says, looking Evja over now. She wrinkles her nose, then her shoulders slump. "You look good in guys clothing too....its just not fair," she says, then sticks her tongue out playfully.

Then, Maira does a quick little turn and a bounce, the energy of the place seeping into her. "What are we going to do first!? Last time I was here I won a lot betting on the races! Maybe I can win again and buy VALKYRI HQ something nice!"
Evja Evja cocks his head a tiny bit as he watches Maira play with the Chocobo, smiling before he said rather simply, "I apologize, I am so used to doing whatever I can to look... as nice as I possibly can, I fear I have become a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to things such as my appearance. I hope you do not feel inadequate? Why, if I had any interest in hume girls I am sure I would be doing all I could to sweep you off your feet."

He /had/ noticed that she looked a tad embarrassed, though, to which why he was actually showing his ass at the moment and trying to be 'flirty'. It was a habit of his, to act that way around others to get in their good graces, try to keep them from ever having the thought of 'I'll tell a Viera to get back at him' or whatever it may be.
"But to hear you plan to bet on the races..."

That makes him think a bit, then look up towards the dark sky around Serendipity. "I hope you can as well." At this point a chocobo handler from the races walks up and says, "Ah, Mr. Chita, yes?" Pronounced 'See-tah', to which Evja turns and nods, hand raising with the Chocobos reins in it to offer it over, "Here you go, as promised." Evja tells the fellow. "Three, five and nine, yes?" The handler nods and departs as simply with that with the Chocobo in tow.
"It will be a while before the races begin today. Could I interest you in some form of entertainment in the meantime?"
Maira Maira looks down, smiling with embarrassment as she continues to love on the chocobo. "Heh...I always feel inadequate," she replies softly, truthfully. Quickly though, she moves on, waving it off. At the mention of sweeping her off her feet she remembers her time here with Ivo. Ugh, who names a chocobo First Kiss anyway!?

Maira turns then, taking a deep breath. Nope! Not going to think about that jerk and him disappearing for ages /again/. "Yes, yes you may! Where shall we go? What can we do? I didn't have time to do much besides see the chocobo race before so I'm not sure what else there is to do..." she answers, turning back, managing to be spritely again.
Evja "Mm, well, we could head to the chocobo races in about an hours time. I do believe that is when abouts the third race will start. I do earn a fair sum from being a Judge... though I really do not make it a habit to gamble. Perhaps you would like to do so in my stead?" Turning just a little Evja reaches out to place a hand on the small of Maira's back to nudge her forward just a bit as he pointed towards the slot machine area in the distance before pondering, "How about you decide what you might like to do today? After all, I invited you here so we could attempt to have a fun day out."

There was a good many things one could do in a place like this. Slots, games of chance, games of 'skill'(Cards andsuch), Chocobos, even attractions and foodstuffs if one so wished. Not to mention it was rather bright and sparkly and noisy.
Maira The young mage bounces a little with excitement, wondering what she'd like to do. So many lights, colors, SHINY THINGS! What to do first!?

Maira glances back as she feels a hand on her back and blushes slightly before scurrying forward to approach a slot machine and sit down. She puts a few coins in and pulls the level, watching the wheels spin--of course, before it even stops she hears....screaming? Maira looks up to see a metal track ahead, over which a rollercoaster car twists. She goes absolutely bug-eyed as she leaps out of her seat and starts trying to find where she can get on /that/!

Left behind, her slot machine has hit all cherries and is spewing munny like crazy. "WHATISTHATOMGIWANTTORIDEIT!"
Evja At this point Evja was simply along for the ride, happy enough to let the bouncy young lady make her way around here or there and have fun as she liked. He did have his timepiece after all that would alert him to the races and when it was time for such things.
He /was/ new to futuristic gambling, however, and the thought of a slot machine was rather new to him. He had come here in the past mostly for the Chocobo-related circuits, not the electronic ones.

Standing beside the machine and leaning against it a bit, Evja leaned down and watched as she quickly operated it and became sidetracked. It earned a rather feminine giggle out of him before he caught himself and coughed slightly, ever having a hard time breaking out of the 'female' shell that he had created to keep himself safe.

Then, dingdingdingdingding!
o.O Evja stared at it a moment even as she ran away before sighing and looking at a young couple standing next to the two who looked like they might be here on a honeymoon or something. Leaning down, Evja picked up just as much munny as she put into it before saying, "Enjoy." softly towards them with a smile and quickly trotting off towards Maira, leaving the prize to the confused, and elated, couple. Catching up with a quick flash step in and out of sight, courtesy of his shoes, Evja steps close and leans down to whisper, "You should be careful, you forgot your prize. You won your munny back." And out comes his right hand to place said munny into hers before returning his hand to his pocket. "So, what is this thing?"
Maira Maira won a lot more than just her munny back! She takes it though and shove it into her purse, getting into the line for the coaster. "I don't know--some kind of ride! Like a train I guess but its open, goes fast and upside down!" she exclaims, grinning widely. Oh Evja, you are in for quite a ride. Hold onto your top hat!

When they get to the beginning of the line, Maira scrambles to the front seat, grabbing Evja by the hand to sit next her. No way is he getting out of this!

"This is going to be awesome, eeeee!" she says as she buckles herself in, pulling the shoulder harness down as she sees others doing, kicking her legs with excitement. Maira looks over to Evja and flashes him a bright smile. "Heh, thanks for inviting me. I needed this!"


Evja "That is a ride? It does not sound that intriguing... in fact it sounds a bit worrying." Still, it was a mumble at best, and given Maira seemed so excited about it he was hardly going to deny her the opportunity to have fun. Just as he thought about staying here while she had her fun
"H-hey!" Evja squeaked out in a panic at the sudden flopping sideways, never having been one to enjoy being off-balance. Falling into place next to her Evja winds up having to brace himself on the back of the seat for just a moment so he didn't wind up falling over on Maira. "Ah, sorry, I did not expect you to pull me like that!" Though the smile did cause him to blink and cock his head just a little, thinking about something again before nodding just a tiny bit, doing the same as he went to remove the hat that his tall ears kept up and tuck it top down between his legs, brim and hole up.

"So this is like a--AAAH!" suddenly they shot off /way/ faster than he had expected, hand quickly reaching down to cling to the first thing he grabbed. It was /intended/ to be the seat, but instead, one hand found Maira's and clung for dear life. Seems Bunny wasn't going to ever go on a ride like this again, because he looked absolutely terrified!
Maira Maira however, is having the time of her life. She is screaming, but it is clear that these are screams of fun somehow, because by the look on her face (a maniacal smile) she is greatly enjoying herself.

When Evja grabs her hand Maira holds tightly to it and tries to raise both of her arms up instead of holding on like any sane person would. Hey, she's held in! She's not worried! She's done /way/ more dangerous things than this! "WOOOOHOO!!! YEAAAAH!" she cries, giggling madly as the rollercoaster approaches a loop and turns them upside down. Her stomach does wonderful zero g flip flops!

Finally, they come to a stop. Maira's red ribbon is gone and her hair is wilder than usual, but she looks absolutely gleeful. "THAT. WAS. AWESOME!" she says, then looks to Evja. "Again!?"
Evja Evja, however, had the same expression on his face the entire time.

Pure unadulterated fear.

It was only some semblance of not wanting to hurt Maira that kept /that/ hand from clinging with an iron-like grip, feet sliding in short motions against the floor as if he had honestly considered abandoning Maira right there, simply flashing just outside of the coaster and hoping to find some traction on the track to get down.
When he looked over the side, however, and realized that it was FLOATING SOMEHOW, and was in fact rather technologically advanced in that fashion(there were slats, seemingly, but they were seethrough - who knows if they were solid).

When it comes to a stop, Evja just sat there quietly for a moment before saying /very/ softly, "Please... please no, let me off..." Judge Bunny was most certainly not one for this kind of thing, though he wasn't trying to pull away. It was more of a soft plead than anything. At least at the moment. She hadn't tried to strap him down for another - yet. As for his attire - his hat had fallen off somewhere from between his legs and his hair, otherwise only held back by a loose braid, had blown free and looked just a bit messy. It was long enough though that it mostly weighed itself right back down despite some obvious few strays here and there.
Maira Oh. Evja didn't enjoy that. How could he have not enjoyed that!? It was awesome! But Maira would get off and take Evja over to a bench to sit down, looking apologetic. "I'm sorry...I thought it was really fun but I won't ask you to go again," she says, sitting down beside the Viera, letting his get his bearings. Oops. "Sorry..." she says, reaching up to try to smooth down her hair. "I think you lost your hat."
Evja "Thank you so much."

Yet again Evja whispered softly as he /quickly/ raised the guard and slipped out of the coaster, wandering towards the bench with Maira that she had pointed out. The attendant at the Roller Coaster, a young, cute girl with a chocobo outfit on(custom here in Serendipity) started to say something to the two, but they were already gone.
"No, no, it is alright." Evja takes a deep breath and attempts to destress by just staring at the ground right beneath him. Viera were creatures of the earth... /not/ the air. And to hell with any Viera who enjoyed flying, or being off the ground.

"Excuse me, Miss...ter?" The attendant trots up quickly with the hat in hand, sides of it /crushed/ due to just how tightly Evja had been squeezing it before he stopped for a moment and it fell. "Ah... um..." she stared at Evja a moment before looking a bit embarrassed and quickly changing it to a generic, "You dropped your hat!" then started to skitter off before she worked up the courage and said, "Um, I'm not quite sure if you're a guy or a girl, but... you want to ditch Plain Jane here and spend some time with a cutie like me?" Yes, Evja just got hit on.
But more importantly, Maira just got called plain. Oh no she didn't! Evja looked like he might have something to say, but was Maira faster than him? Or did she even care?
Maira Maira smiles to Evja softly, nodding. "We'll just go to the races next...maybe get something to eat?" she suggests, then looks over toward approaching Chocogirl with a smile ready, because Maira is nice like that--then, she is called plain. Maira's smile fades and she blinks. Plain Jane? Well, that's going to ruin her day. Rather than get arrested however for lighting someone on fire, Maira stands up and walks away.
Evja "..."

Evja looks towards the Chocogirl a bit dumbfounded, despite his mouth opening a bit as if to say something, even as he had reached a hand out to take the offered(yet slightly crumpled) hat. Then Maira suddenly stands and makes it known she wants to leave. Frowning slightly, Evja stands as well, though he reaches out one long arm to take his hand close enough to Maira's to grab it and hold onto it gently.

"I will have you know there is nothing plain about this lovely young woman who was kind enough to accompany me today, Miss, and there is no one here I would rather spend time with than her, yourself included."
And as if to suddenly make it a point, Evja attempts to do something to change the movement of the moment to something a bit more positive - or, for that matter, completely different(and to try and show up the girl who hit on him for Maira's sake). He steps a bit closer and reaches his other hand down behind Maira's back and, pending she didn't fight the sudden change in where she was headed or swing, he would proceed to sweep Maira back just a tiny bit before bending down to plant a kiss right on her lips in front of the Chocotendant, giving away what she had wanted badly enough she'd stoop to insulting Maira right in front of her. Attention.

Chocotendant would be rather upset at this too, huffy and seemingly flustered, enough to stamp away unless something interrupted that or stopped her from.
Maira Maira is grabbed, ruining her momentum and causing her to spring backward right into Evja's arms, then dipped...her cheeks already turning a deep shade of red--


Then Maira is kissed, her eyes wide and shocked for just a second before they roll back in her head and she goes limp in Evja's arms.

Woops. Unconscious from embarrassment and shock.
Evja "...!"

The chocotendant stiffens a bit, blushing rather furiously before snorting and walking off. "Geeze... so good she fainted. Lucky..." came a mumble to herself, then she was gone! Evja, for his part, looked confused as suddenly Maira was limp and he couldn't help but laugh softly as he slipped backwards and carefully lifted Maira against himself.
Taking a seat on the bench, Evja was careful to shift Maira and lay her down with her head atop one leg, face turned away from him so there was hopefully no further embarrassment too much. He even was kind enough to use his other hand, the one with the hat in it, to gently fan at her face while waiting for her to recover. "Hey now..." came his voice softly, "I know most humes tend to fantasize about Viera, but it could not have been that nice for you." A teasing tone at worst.
Maira Well, Maira had never fantasized about Viera! Maira was just easily embarrassed and not AT ALL expecting to be KISSED by EVJA. The poor girl nearly passed out just trying to tell Angantyr that she liked him! The only way she managed around Ivo was that she'd become at least slight desensitized to his antics!

Maira comes to, her eyes fluttering open. "Nnnn?" she asks, looking up at Evja. "Oh. Hello."


Maira bolts upright. "W-why did you do that!? I know you were trying defend me I guess b-but--" Full stop. "Is this payback for the roller coaster?"
Evja o.o

Evja just stares at her for a long few moments before covering his mouth with a free hand and giggling into it softly. "No matter how much I try to deny it... you are simply adorably cute." Her overreactions and responses to things just brought him an amusement that he wasn't used to. Enough so that he took a moment to think about it before responding.
"No, I would not do something so petty as attempt to do something to you to get revenge for taking me on that scary attraction. I... suppose I thought it was an amusing course of action to both show you that you are not, indeed, plain, and to show up that awful girl who thought insulting you would curry my favor."

Evja stopped there and looked back towards Maira, directly, not leering at her or trying to make something out of it that it wasn't, as well as being simple and honest. "It was a bit spur of the moment I admit, though... I hope I did not anger you, or offend you."
Maira Maira takes a deep breath to try to relax, shaking her head a little. She blushes further at being called adorable, looking down at the hands she folds in her lap. "No I'm not angry just...embarrassed....Evja, you shouldn't kiss someone just show someone up or to make a point should only kiss someone if you really like them," she says, lecturing gently. A kiss means something to Maira. She's only done it once before, with Ivo, who she had liked a great deal at the time...

Maira stands then. "Well, is it time for the races now?"
Evja "Oh? Hm, I've never heard such before."

A simple enough remark. Then again, culture where raised. "I do apologize then for the peck, then, I meant no harm by it. Each land has their own cultures and, as for mine... I suppose I have never had a reason to see issue with such things. That... and if I truly kept to my tastes and preferences, I might never get so much as a hug, given my inability to associate too far with the womenfolk of my kind."

"As for the time..."

Evja reaches into his coat and pulls out a watch of sorts that was attached to a small chain, "We've about half an hour left before we should get there, though the first races start in about twenty minutes. I mentioned the third because that is the first my Chocobo shall be in, then the fifth, followed by the Ninth later on."
Standing, out goes a hand towards Maira, "Shall we be off, then, or would you rather get something to eat on the way to the Chocobo Stadium?"

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