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(2013-03-25 - Now)
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Faruja Senra Ahh, taverns: where alcohol flows, and sense leaves the body. Faruja is ensuring just such is happening, looking to be on his third glass of what looks like white wine as he sits at a table in the Plucked Chocobo. It's just around 7 pm, and the bar is mostly empty, the growing desert chill warding away many. Faruja, however, happily sucks down drink as he tries to pull himself away from his own troubles; namely, his new superior and a few new retainers of the Church.

"Lord grant me strength and wisdom for the coming days." Mutters the ratling.
Katyna Aah taverns. Perfect place to drown one's sorrows away. And a place that Katyna often enjoyed coming to in the past, moreso for the socializing aspect, and less for 'drowning' her sorrows..These days however, the young mystic knight has been feeling rather..Lost..

And the idea of drinking her sorrows away is sounding mighty tempting! And so she steps into the bar, uncharacteristically quiet as she climbs onto a barstool next to Faru and orders some strong whiskey. What the heck!?
Artemis Eurus Artemis enters the tavern shortly after Katyna, for bodyguards also need a drink now and then. She had left Ramza with /explicit/ directions on what he was and was not to do after also lecturing two of his 'guards' to stay by his door and play bloody attention while they did so. This would be a test, a risk, but necessary.

The masked woman wears her armor still, her sword at her hip. The furs she had been wearing were stored away now, as the climate here was considerably warmer than where she had been last.

The samurai tosses a thick blond braid over her shoulder as she stalks toward the bar, slipping onto a barstool gracefully and ordering mead if they had it. If not, wine.

Artemis turns then to look to Katyna, recognized as another in Ramza' company. She nods and greets her, "Dame Katyna."
Faruja Senra The emergence of two women, one whom he knows, catches the partially sloshed rat's notice. A smile comes to his muzzle upon seeing Katyna, the rat standing and opening his arms welcomingly before dipping into a bow. "Lady Redsvaren! Lord bless you, my dear friend! My, my are you alright? 'Tis something amiss?" comes the rat's concerned words, before he regards the blonde masked woman.

Briefly, his brow rises. Who wears a mask out in public? It's quickly shaken away, however as he offers the woman a bow as well. "Ahh, good 'eve to you as well M'Lady. You know our valiant Lady Katyna? Ahh, but forgive my manners, drink seems to evaporate them. Temple Knight Faruja Senra, at your service." Seems he's perked up with the entrance of Katyna!
Katyna As the barmaid scurries off to mix a strong drink for Katyna, she does not yet notice Faruja's presence..Not until he calls out to her. And then opens his arms out to her as it in welcome! However, the reaction he gets from her is not nearly as welcome as he might imagine.

In fact..She looks rather terrified. And ashamed, as she turns her face away, bowing her head. Did he not know? Of any of it? The girl swallows, glancing slowly back at him, forcing a small yet pitiful smile. Indeed, she looks quite shaken up, her hair's mussed up and her armour's pretty dented as if she hasnt seen a good blacksmith in a while.

But more than that, there is a hollow, haunted look in her eyes that suggests she may well have been to hell and back. And she kinda was. Quite literally.

"Fa-Faruja? What are you doing here? I...I didn't think I'd see you...." she pouts, looking away, nervously fidgeting with her gloves..And then, suddenly someone else calls out her name, and she glances around nervously towards Artemis, the lady whom Ramza had introduced her too..And her face flushes ten shades redder as she attempts to sink into her seat.

"Erm..Dame Artemis? Eheheh...How nice to see you again..Eheheh..." she laughs nervously, very nervously as she tries to sink deeper into her seat. Yegads, this is not gonna turn out well, is it?
Artemis Eurus Artemis executes a bow to Faruja that somehow manages to communicate the correct amount of formality and casualness for the situation. "I would not say I know her precisely, but we have been recently introduced," Artemis replies to Faruja, not wanting to give too much away. She would not mention Ramza's name and she hoped Katyna had the sense not to either. "I am Artemis Eurus," she introduces, leaning slightly against the bar counter as she crosses her legs and looks toward Katyna.

Beneath her mask a brow is slowly rising. Why is the woman acting to strangely? Was this how she always was? No, no. He armor shows signs of wear, but until recently it had been well cared for. She looks a mess now, but she cannot disguise the knowledge of her muscles when she moves--a swordswoman, not just a woman who carried a sword. "We may dispense with formalities if you like, I am not overly attached," Artemis says, shrugging a shoulder lightly.

She will not comment on Katyna's behavior, but she is on her guard. Not that she ever wasn't.
Deelel Deelel had returned to the city to leave a message of warning about the mayor of Tranverse Town, but now she needed to get some energy before she made on her way again. So here she is entering into the Plucked Chocobo just b chance. To someone she'd not been seen before she might get some attention with her style of dress, not to mention the glowing tatoos visable on her arm and she might just get spotted by a certain Paladin and others.
Faruja Senra Dented armor, that downtrodden look? His concern grows visibly, the Templar no longer bothering to try to hide it. His smile is forced, for Katyna's benefit at that. "You seem as though you have ran through the Abyss itself, my dear. Come now, drinks are on me tonight. Be /calm/, alright?" A comb is offered her way, even as he stares her over to look for injuries.

With most of his attention on Katyna, Artemis is replied to belatedly. "Well met, Lady Eurus. May the Lord guide you to salvation!" States the ratling, briefly sizing up the woman. Strong, knowledge of her all screams warrior to the Templar. "That may be for the best, M'Lady Artemis. Please, sit, join us. I do believe Katyna here could use some company."

And yet another Lady enters! Faruja waves the Program over. "Good 'eve, Lady Deelel! 'tis good to see you back in Fluorgis!"
Artemis Eurus Katyna looks like she needs more than company and a stiff drink. Katyna looks like she needs an intervention. Artemis however, would not be the person to provide. Artemis could provide a distraction at some point, perhaps...but really, they knew close to nothing of each other. Still, Art thinks she recognizes the haunted look in the woman's eyes. She'd been through something harrowing. Artemis is not without sympathy, even if her face does not show it. Mask and what not. Makes a poker face very easy.

Which is good, because Faruja gives her a very religious greeting that puts her a tad bit on edge. Templar? Ah, but what world was he from? From his speech...well, all the more reason to be on guard. She merely nods. "And to you Sir Senra," she replies, then offers him a small smile as thanks for the offer to buy her drink.

The masked blonde looks to Deelel then, blinking. Curious, but she nods a greeting. It seems she will have company tonight. Not a bad thing. She can't remember the last time she was with so many people, just sitting at a bar and drinking. Those days seemed a world away.

Probably because they were.
Katyna Phew, it seems that Faruja does not yet know that Artemis is a Heretic - not like Kat expected her to flaunt it around or anything. But, she has other, more serious concerns to think about right now. When Faruja mentions the Abyss, she laughs nervously, and a bit too loudly at that, relieved when the barmaid offers her the glass of whiskey.

Yegads, she's never tried this stuff straight, but there's always a first for everything, right? Using the glass as a distraction, and an excuse not to answer Faruja right away, she gulps half the big mug down, then coughs uncontrollably after.

"Yegads, is that ever strong! What the heck!" she coughs and sniffles a bit, shaking her head, about to take another gulp..When she realizes just how suspicious she looks. Still, the drink left her feeling a wee bit woozy, and a little less tense at least?

"Heh, good to see you again..Ser Faruja." She sighs and stretches a bit, feeling warmth return to her face after the drink. "Sorry, I'm feelin' a bit run-down. Y'know, nearly got torn to shreds by heartless in the desert, then got lost in a sandstorm n'....Stuff." Oh yeah, went to the abyss and back and betrayed everyone and...And...Do you really wanna know where this is heading?

"Ooi, Dame Artemis! Nice to see you again! Is Ser Ranny here too?" Artemis may recognize 'Ser Ranny' as one of Ramza's many code names or aliases.

Finally she glances back to Faruja and nods. "Ser Faruja, this is dame Artemis Eurus, a friend of a friend. Dame Artemis, this is Templar knight, Ser Faruja Senra." She notices Deelel, whom she might have seen from time to time but was never formally introduced to before, and she simply nods and smiles at her, then glances back at Faru. "Friend of yours?"
Deelel Deelel says "Greetings, Faruja!" She looks over to ARtemis as she starts to come over to make a spot to sit, she shifts about as she comes in to sit. There's a strange throwing weapon prehaps mounted to the back of her clothing. Katyna gets a bnnit of a cold stare for a moment but there's not our right hostiluty however, maybe she knows something or prehaps she's just sizing her up. "I'm Deelel, I see you have some interesting friends today Faruja."
Faruja Senra " Now, now! Easy, Katyna...'tis a touch much. Mmm. Or perhaps not. Sip, my dear." Cautions the Templar as she nearly chokes on her drink, sipping his own. At least she eases up somewhat.

"You seem it, dear Dame. Harrowing, no doubt, however you have weathered worse I would venture to say. Trust in thy strength and courage, and continue to use them for righteous endeavors." That, of course, being helping save Hati.

Introductions, and words between the pair of ladies, and the rat nods to Artemis. He doesn't know a Renny, nor does he seem to be too suspicious at the moment thanks to the distraction provided by both Deel and Katyna. "Seems you've fine companions. Tell me, what brings you to Fluorgis, Artemis?" questions the Templar, still not able to gaze over that mask a bit curiously. He's too polite to outright ask about it.

The odd, cold stare from Deel has the rat confused. Cue more wine. He feels as though he's missing something here! "Quite! Lady Redsvaren, the woman to whom I owe a great debt indeed, and Lady Artemis Eurus."
Artemis Eurus Artemis shakes her head to Katyna. "No, Ser Ranny is resting tonight," she replies easily. Gods help Ramza if he came in here without sending word to her. She would throttle him.

Well, now that the topic has been brought up, Artemis looks Katyna over. "Indeed, you must be sure to rest well Dame Katyna," she offers. Who knew when they would be moving on, the woman had to be fit to travel. "Perhaps if you rest well tonight you could join me for my morning exercises," she continues. A warrior often thinks her problems through with her sword in hand.

Artemis looks back to Deelel to introduce herself. "Artemis Eurus, a pleasure," she says, bowing her head to her.

Then to Faruja, Artemis does not hesitate to meet his eye, nor is she surprised to see the plain curiosity there about her mask. It is an oddity that draws attention, though is it really any different than wearing a hood indoors? Either way you are hiding something. In reply to Faruja's questions, Artemis responds, "the road," cheekily. Then, she shrugs. "I am merely following where my feet take me."
Katyna Katyna smiles weakly at Faru, nodding as she takes some slow, careful sips. Still, seeing Faruja here, and hearing his kind words to her makes her not want to tell him the truth about her. Afterall, she's got enough people hating her right now. But...

"Ehh, It was nothing really..I mean, you and Skoll did most of the hard work. I just led you to the right place n' stuff.." she goes back to sipping her whisky some more, as it calms her down a bit..But when Deelel tosses a cold look towards her, she cringes visibly. Oh yes, she's pretty sure she knows what that look's all about.

Again Faru praises her and she cringes some more, really wishing a hole would swallow her up at any moment. Yesss, focus on the drink! Pay no mind to the overly thankful rat whom she betrayed not once, but twice! Yegadds!
Artemis Eurus Well, Artemis has had enough. She lifts her drink to her mouth and downs it before getting to her feet and turning toward Katyna. "Dame Katyna, might I have a word with you outside?" Artemis asks politely, then turns and moves toward the door, expecting Katyna to follow.
Faruja Senra Point! Faruja narrows his gaze slightly at Katyna. "Which, my dear, is exactly why we knew where to find her. She would be /dead/ without your efforts. Do not downplay them, hmm? I have seen enough dead loved ones for three life times as it stands."

As for Artemis, the one eyed Templar raises a glass. "Then may the Lord guide your steps to righteousness! May no evil, no Heresy, no bane of all that is good and true bar thy path, dear Dame. To honor and virtue!" Another glass is swigged down. Ahhh.

A glance between the two women shows a slightly confused Burmecian, but he doesn't speak about it.
Katyna Katyna just shakes her head at Faruja, clenching her fists into tight balls. She's actually shaking a bit, looking like she might just explode at any minute. "Faru....I....Errr....." She flushes again, and suddenly glugs down the rest of her mug of whisky, hacking and coughing like crazy!!

Then Artemis gives an out, and she jumps quickly, albeit a bit unsteadily to her feet! "Yes! Fresh Air! That's what I need! Hahaha! That whiskey was seriously strong! Ehehehe.....Be right back, Faru!!" And then she dashes out of there, a bit wobbly, but so determined to flee that she does manage to find the exit!
Deelel Deelel isn't staing at Faruja but says nothing on the matter of the stare she looks over at ARtemis and seems to be polite enough at this point. Interesting name, that's also the name of a deity from another world." She notes with some interest. "I can understand about wandering there is a lot to take in, in this world." She'll say nothing else to Katyna she's not going to start a brawl here at the very least.

"Humm strange how you will consume substance that cripple your functionality."
Artemis Eurus Artemis will make sure she follows for some distance, until she reaches an area she thinks has adequate space for what she has in mind.

Then, the samurai turns. "Draw your sword Dame Katyna, and do try not to cut yourself with it," she says, placing her hand upon her katana and sliding it easily from its sheath. "It seems to me you are filled with self-loathing. You are a warrior, I think it is your sword that will clear your head, not drink," she says, then waits for Katyna to draw her blade. If the woman were not drunk she may have just attacked without waiting for her to draw her weapon, just to test her.
Faruja Senra As the pair exit, Faruja rubs his head. "...How odd. More so than usual." Mutters the Templar, before shaking his head. Deel's words have his brow twitching, but he doesn't chide her. He's too drunk to do so properly.

"Because, dear Lady, 'tis warm and rather enjoyable to have one's faculties lessened for a time. By all means, try it!" A glass of wine is pushed towards Deel.
Katyna Katyna follows after Artemis, but hesitates, when she orders her to draw her sword, shaking her head. "You dont understand, Dame Artemis. What I did...I SHOULD loathe myself, like everyone else does. Did you see how that girl glared coldly at me? IT's catching on. Soon everyone will know of the great sin I've committed..But, I've already lost a lot of friends.."

She pouts, "I dont wanna lose Faru too, for telling him my secret. What will a sword fight accomplish? I...I have to tell him, but I'm scared!"

Of course, she didn't stop to wonder if even Artemis knew of her dirty little secret yet.
Deelel Deelel looks over at the others for a moment not sure where Art is going with this she looks back to Kat and then to Faruja before she says anything. She's going to let Katyna deal with her own personal hell, there's no need to be sadistic she's let her know hwer feelsing already, and so she places an order and is otherwise quite and polite about things.
Artemis Eurus Artemis does not give a <GOOSEHONK> what Katyna has done. Right now, that doesn't matter.

"Don't pout. A warrior does not pout. So, you have done something terrible?" Artemis begins, circling Katyna slowly, her sword point toward the ground. "Who has not made mistakes? By the looks of you, you have moped enough. If you thought you were beyond redemption you would have fallen on your sword already. So head up, Dame Katyna. You will change no one's mind by mulling around forever wasting what you still have to offer the world. People will hate you--change their minds. If their minds cannot be changed, you have tried it and it on their hands now--it becomes their flaw, not yours," Artemis says, raising her sword to point it toward the woman now, her eyes narrowing. "If you are going to be in the company of Ser Renny, you will need to be on your guard. You will need to watch out for your own skin so that he doesn't feel he needs to--"

"So if you are looking for redemption, start NOW," she says, then swings toward her with her katana, hoping it would lead her to draw her sword.

Artemis didn't exactly want to /fight/ her. She just needed to know Katyna had some fight left.
Katyna Katyna blinks at Artemis, shaken awake by her harsh, but true words. "Artemis..." she murmurs, eyeing her as she begins to circle her. Yegads, she reminds her more of Fessner than the gentler Kasrillen, and that has her narrowing her eyes, gritting her teeth and clenching her sword more tightly.

'Tough Love'. That's what he had called it. He had to make her strong so she could survive on her own, so she could earn her place amongst the shadow lords. Kat crouches into a defensive stance, amber eyes narrowed warily upon her opponent, nodding slowly.

"Y-yeah, I guess you're right..." Ser Renny. Ramza. He had seen past her faults. He had seen the goodness in her heart. He believed her, probably the only one left who did. She nods again, "Yes! I will be a good bodyguard for him!" Suddenly the katana comes at her, and Kat's eyes flash brilliant red as she lets out a war cry, parrying the blow and stepping to the side.

This close to the tavern, they're bound to garner some attention, but at this point, Kat's already too focused upon Artemis to care. "I will prove to you that I'm good enoguh to protect him too! Hiyah!" And she lashes out with a side swipe of her sword, although pulling back enough not to be too deadly. This is just a friendly sparring match to lighten her spirits and regain her focus afterall.
Artemis Eurus And there, a bright and genuine smile appears on the face of the tall samurai as Katyna finds her fight and draws her blade to parry. "Good, I was hoping I would be right about you," she replies.

The attack is dodged easily, Artemis dancing away gracefully. Katyna is drunk, but this will still give her a gauge of her skills.

The samurai laughs, grinning as she moves to execute a quick feint to the legs followed by a seamless upward diagonal slice, followed rapidly by bringing her sword high to strike downward. So quick, but /powerful/, even when she is holding back, as she most certainly is.

"Ser Renny will need it. He is what the world needs, but the world will cut him to shreds without people like us to protect, lets work off that buzz, shall we?" she says, then motions for Katyna to come at her again.
Deelel Deelel pauses as she seems to be hearing something for a moment as Ramza comes up, and the t2wo women talk more she makes a face at whatever she is hering remotely. Sigh it seems omething has got her attention she'll get up to get her order and likely quickly constume it before she heads out.

"I'm afraid I must be going some business has come up."

With that the basic is forced by fate to depart.

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