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(2013-03-25 - Now)
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Oriane Guado Night has set over Luca and the moonlit docks are only scarcely populated because of an ongoing Blitzball game that has capitivated the local populace. Here and there, a wayward fan or patrolling crusader wanders through the night air. But therehere is also a slender figure in a cyan dress that is standing on one of the now deserted piers.

The hooded figure seemingly is unaccompanied and a faint aura of magic seems to radiate from their person. Despite the revelry elsewhere, this part of the docks seem unnervingly quiet and the hooded figure is doing little to change this. Thinking they are now alone, the cloaked figure lowers the hood of their robes to reveal her features. The Guado now looks around herself to see if she is all alone before beginning to conjure some sort of strange magic that results in a smoky orb appearing before her.
Evja "Oui fuh'd kad yfyo vnus ic!"

Right about the same time she conjures up the orb a shout comes from somewhere near the entrance to the docks, followed by two Al Bhed(?) chasing after a figure that vanished and reappeared here and there, also robed. The figure was wearing a cloak that was white overall with a shining red rune on the back, black drapings here and there as well as having a fur lining. A large pair of rabbit ears stuck out from the top in the brief time they were visible then gone again.

Nothing. Silence. The two Al Bhed(?) turned and saw Oriane at the end of the dock, hooded, and stared. "Dryd ran? Hu, E tuh'd drehg cu, hu aync. Tysh, cra kud yfyo! Hu, cra luimth'd ryja, veht ran pavuna Yevon tuac!" and they're off again just as soon as they came to try and figure out where this seemingly big-eared woman went off to. Must have been another dock. What Oriane could see, however, was that the woman was actually standing behind a nearby set of boxes while fully visible to her on the same dock. She was looking over her shoulder towards where the two men ran and looked just a bit exhausted.

There was an ever-so faint taint of darkness coming from her, if Oriane could pick up on such things.
Oriane Guado At the sudden and unexpected sound of voices, Oriane's concentration snaps and the orb disappears just as -something- was beginning to appear from the shadowy center of the orb. The Guado's pale hands ascend to pull the hood of her robes up, but she finds the practice useless when the two Al Bhed spot her. She should be predisposed to find the Al Bhed (she supposes they must be from their tongue of choice) distasteful, but she could care less if they believed in her Church's dogma or not.

Oriane was not your typical Church priestess afterall.

The Al Bhed depart almost as quickly as they have arrived onto the scene and Oriane decides that this secluded place was no longer suitable for the experiments she had in mind. A pity, she was looking forward to conducting this experiment of hers from outside the walls of her quarters for once.

The robed Yevon priestess walks slowly down the pier until she was almost parallel to where the long-eared Evja was hiding. "How troublesome for such vagabonds to cause trouble here. What a shame it would be to distract the locals from their silly game." The priestess says in a sarcastic deadpan before turning to look toward where Evja was hiding. "And yet, I detect something unusual about you. Perhaps they had good reason in attempting to hunt you down."

Oriane can indeed detect traces of darkness in others for her own person radiates such energy. Such is the result of tampering with the dark magics that Oriane seeks to master.
Evja Though the Blitzball game seems to be making quite a bit of noise, otherwise in this area, not much was. A few gulls but that's about the extent of it. The Al Bhed fellows have made their way elsewhere for the time being and for now, Evja, the white-cloaked figure, looked slightly more relaxed. Suddenly, someone else!
She tensed up a bit as suddenly Oriane was right next to her, but without her doing anything to at least be awkward or offensive towards the Judge, the tall, rabbit-eared figure did nothing but look back quietly.

"A reason... one I cared not to hurt them over."

When Evja finally speaks her voice is soft, accented heavily but not in the Al Bhed manner, like some of her kin are apt to sound like. Though the night did a good job shading most of her covered head one could make out through the moonlight bits of her face and what appeared to be whisps of darkness dancing around her eyes, foreign to her really, like ink staining an otherwise clean surface of paper. Ugly blotches that simply went against the grain.
This one wasn't a being of darkness...
She was seemingly just being tainted by it for some reason or another.
Oriane Guado "Pain is one of the easiest and most effective tools a person can use to teach any individual even if they are the lowliest simpleton." Oriane begins in a neutral tone as she turns fully to consider the Viera(?) before her. "Perhaps it would have been better for you to teach them a lesson they would not ever forget." A happy smile that may be construed as cruel due to Oriane's previous statement is flashed towards Evja.

Darkness manifests itself in a multitude of different ways when it came to a person. Some can use it for 'good', and some for 'evil'. Oriane was still deciding on what these traces of darkness say about Evja.

Oriane's unnaturally green eyes study Evja for a moment with particular interest being paid to her aura. "My, my. What an interesting presence you have!" The mysterious person's robes are now glanced down at. "And to choose to wear white despite what marks your soul! Delightfully absurd." A pale finger is pressed against Oriane's chin. "I wonder if you can feel 'its' presence or if you are completely unaware of it."
Evja Blink. Blink.

Evja just stares at Oriane before she shakes her head and reaches up to pull the cloaks hood back to reveal her face, not seemingly happy with being called out like that. "You speak as if I am a young girl about to be wed in a white dress despite being the local strumpet. There is no absurdity to the color of my attire... I am simply not used to the darkness as others are, nor do I voluntarily take the taint of it upon myself."

Whoever this woman was they certainly weren't a welcome presence, though there's little Evja can do other than using their advice of 'pain', which she wasn't going to. The Darkness was just that, staining the Viera's body, their soul, despite it not being /from/ them. They had recently been flooded with pure darkness several times, multiple times, sometimes completely so much that it permeated them. And now... it lingers, staining an otherwise pure soul, one who might have at one point, or still, prides themselves on their morality and 'light'.
Oriane Guado Oriane keeps an amused expression on her face as she listens to Evja defend her outfit and also call the darkness that is infesting her a 'taint' on her pure soul. The Yevon robed Priestess casually knocks some dust off a nearby crate before lesiurely sitting herself down on it. A poor choice of seating, but there was not much choice in that matter.

"If you truly believe that 'darkness' is a 'taint', then yes. I would liken you to shrinking violet about to be wed without the slightest idea on what is about to happen next." Oriane does not speak maliciously, but there is a certain patronizing tone to her voice. Curiously, a white wisp materializes behind Oriane and begins to circle around in a lazy motion. This white orb is quite different from the conjured dark orb from earlier and there can hardly be even a trace of darkness felt from it.

The Guado then motions faintly to herself. "I would love to hear why you view 'darkness' in such a negative light. For is the sun greater than the moon? Is a pointless death something to be feared more than a wasted life?" The priestess then smiles sweetly as she awaits what Evja has to say in response.

Suddenly there's a roar from the Blitzball stadium as one of the teams score and half or more of the stadium erupts in a cheer.

That gets a glance out of the Viera before she shakes her head a bit and smiles, "A pity... I am rather curious about this event, but apparently it is sold out. No matter. There are others at hand."

As Oriane summons the sphere Evja does watch but does nothing as she makes herself comfortable and speaks so bluntly, so rudely. Oh well, might as well have someone to talk to, even if they aren't the best of company, while giving those idiots a chance to make elsewhere.

"I speak of it as a taint not because I view it in a negative light, but because that is what it is, to me. I am no creature of Darkness, I am not one who dabbles in anything outside of the law. And in this world... if you are too weak to choose light, or dark, you fall to the wayside and victim of the Heartless."

"...or so I am told."

It was a simple enough logic, even if not right, or wrong. The remark on her being a shrinking violet went unresponded to, at least as of yet.
Oriane Guado Oriane Guado was not intending to be rude. She was merely telling Evja the truth albeit her own personal version of truth. The priestess had to constantly deal with rather close-minded viewpoints within the church about her own practices and studies. And it was because of that, Oriane would not seem very warm to those who oppose her area of study.

The Blitzball comment elicits a roll of the Guado's eyes. There are many taverns and other dens of inequity where you can view the match through the use of machina." Oriane points out simply with a faint motion of her hand towards the main part of the port. The white orb that was encircling stops near Oriane's ear and pulses visibly. The priestess leans her head closer in response to magical manifestation of energy. She then nods and the wisp disappears from sight in a rather unceremonious disappearance.

"And what exactly is a creature of darkness? Yevon would say it was one who used forbidden machina. Others from more distant worlds think them as creatures with horns and tails. But you seem quite certain that you are not such a creature despite having the mark of it all over you. So, I must disagree with you when you state that you do not 'dabble in anything outside the law'. You seem a person who has already crossed that line." Atleast Oriane hopes so as that would make Evja that much more interesting in her eyes besides her being amusing in her clinging to the concept of the 'light'.

"Or so I am told." Oriane mimics back softly. "Such a statement hints that you do not completely agree with that logic. If you are questioning it, then I applaud you into not simply believing in the foolishness of others." And with that said, the priestess even claps her hands together lightly.
Evja "No, I have not." Evja says rather simply, answering the questions out of order after Oriane makes it a point to clap her hands a bit. "Not dabbled in anything outside the law. This darkness comes most recently from protecting someone from the Heartless, or rather, throwing myself in the way of an attack of someone who was holding back likely millions of heartless for just long enough that a world could be saved."
She spoke softly and didn't seem to be lying in the least, apparently having been part of some major battle. No visible wounds or signs that she was injured though. "I am a Judge of Jylland, my job is the law and so is my passion. But the Darkness I speak of is the Heartless, and what creates them that so many seem to be trying to use as of late to obtain power. ... the power to do whatever they desire." a similar phrase to something she heard one such seeming 'Shadow Lord' use not long ago, eyes looking down towards the ground a moment. "However, darkness shall always be there, as shall light. You cannot have one without the other and I accept that. And having been told by one I would believe who said such, lingering between light and darkness, or treading in darkness you cannot control with a strong will, shall end in naught but problems. And the Darkness I took for another... has tainted me quite deeply. I have not been able to push it away as of yet, to recenter myself I suppose, for lack of a better phrase."
Oriane Guado Oriane may be wasting her time when it comes to this line of questioning. This would be as fruitful as attemping to convert a devout Crusader to her cause as Evja seems adamant in her role in this battle. Her notions of altruism also help paint her in that 'noble' light. The only thing Oriane can really do is sigh in disappointment. The darkness that she sensed within Evja turned out to be a red herring. How difficult it was to find sensible individuals who had that mark. She bored of the grand-standing nature of many of her peers, but she should be grateful for the knowledge they have shared with her.

"Do you really suppose that all who walk that path only care about absolute power?" The greenhaired and green eyed woman asks rhetorically of Evja before gently standing up from her seat on the nearby crate. There were many within the Church who seeks such power to combat the Heartless and to also destroy Sin. But those were usually the idealists who did not know the true nature of her church.

Oriane does nod her head when Evja cryptically speaks of another who sought or still seeks such dark powers. "Not everything is so black and night and day. You need but look at yourself for an example. Does the law not sometimes conflict with the absolutes of light and darkness? Or do you truly believe the laws that mortal creatures make to be the absolute truths of the lands in the same way one could view science?"

Evja wanting to cleanse herself of the Darkness causes Oriane to frown a bit. "And why would you seek to cover your eyes now that you can truly see? Does this 'taint' of yours not help you with understanding the foes you so seek to destroy? "

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