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Trouble in the Church
(2013-03-25 - 2013-03-26)
Stitch wanders near Glabados' Church while his sibling was snooping about.
Stitch The Littlest Priest comes striding up to the Cathedral, huge head bowed and wrapped in the finest of Holy Cloth. His cuteness factor is hard to be denied, though, as he steps slowly towards the guards that may be protecting this particular place of worship at this time. What would probably be recognized as a Stitch, from the way the hood slips and slides from being too oversized for the little creature, continues on past the guards in a stealthy manner, as if his disguise was nothing more than his daily worship wear. A clawed wave is tossed towards the Templars as Priest Stitch offers a greeting of, "Batookah." on his way past and onto the grounds of the Cathedral itself.

The Disaster of Disguise Strikes Again.
Duke 'Been searchin' 'round the Cathedral f'r days now. Didn't find much. Little guy's gettin' frustrated over the lack of anythin' good t' use.' Duke glares skyward for a second, through his visor as his hands grasp a large technological doo-dad before tossing it into the heap behind him.

'Duke's gotta move. They won't be too happy when they find out he's been snoopin'. 'Specially the mouse-girl. No problem. He can deal with her later.' says the narrator as Duke scampers out a window and down the side of the church's interior, initially heading for another room as the smallest priest catches the corner of his eye and he stops.

'Somethin' don't look right. Too short t'be a priest. Got a bad feelin' 'bout this.'. Duke gives a sniff to the air and narrows his eyes behind the polarized lenses. He knew that kind of stink anywhere. Now was the time for action!

'Little guy jumps from the wall, doin' some fancy moves in th'air t'land infront of the hat-wearin' intruder. 'Course, both of 'em are intruders, this one's jus' wearin' a fancy hood.'

Duke lands in front of stitch and points a clawed finger at the priest.

"Tookah mabanak, Jumba!" He says in an alien tongue in an accusing tone.
Stitch "Bliznak!"

Priest Stitch immediately realizes that something has decided to Catch Him In The Act! His infiltration jig is up and there's not really a chance for him to do anything but backpedal with tremendous speed. This would almost be easy if the priest robes he stole weren't way too big for him and the moment his hind leg steps backwards, it catches on the robes and he goes tumbling and rolling backwards like the cute little fluffball he is! "Waaaaaaaah!" comes from the Stitchball.

Within moments, though, Stitch is back up to his feet and no longer wearing the Priest Robes, which fall from his body after being shredded by the claws that Stitch now has extended from his hands. The pieces of priestly robe flutter to the ground around him and he narrows his eyes at the invader of his personal space. Sniff. Sniff sniff. He smells something on this intruder himself. Something both familiar and not. Still, though, there's something that cannot be denied from both the invader's alien words and the scent that comes from it: Jumba.

"Meega tookah, joobaka leeta! Jumba naga!" Stitch explains, holding out his claws to show that, indeed, there is no Jumba around! "Meega fookata. Ceeeboogoo gata!" Stitch waves a hand dismissively at the other alien and turns to start walking away, intent on continuing on his mission. "Choota Toobaga." is muttered under his breath. Burn!
Duke Duke listens to Stitch's explanation, or more, his movements, tilting his head at the blue furball.

'Hard t'understand one 'nother when your galactic translator's all busted up. Still, somethin' familiar about the way this one speaks. Somethin' 'bout it reminds Duke of the past.'

Duke watches Stitch dismissively wave and turn around. Then, the little blue experiment decides to get 'cute'.

'Those kinda words would start a brawl in a room full o' saints. Tough luck. This Church is full o' sinners.'

Duke pounces forward, trying to pin Stitch down. "Woom Choota Toobaga Moske!" He exclaims in mid-air.

'Not very original, but it'll get th' point across.'
Stitch Stitch, perhaps, may be having some sort of keen insight into the ways of those that may want to try and take him down. Which is why he's already taking a leap forward when the exclaiming from the slightly familiar but not but familiar alien comes leaping his way. "Naga!" is yelled as Stitch tucks and rolls, moving himself off into a better position, to pop back up to his feet.

"Meega-o-itume." is said with a warning tone to it, before Stitch narrows his huge eyes and flicks his claws to make sure they look as threatening and dangerous as they were meant to when they were designed. Just from the way he looks and the rate at which he's breathing heavily, should be enough to get his point across. Sharp teeth too!
Duke 'Fast little bugger. Probably from the 600 series. Best keep an eye on 'em.' Says Duke's internal narrator as he lands and picks himself up, assuming an identical stance to Stitch, but rather than flicking his claws out, his thumbs unlatch the holsters.

"Oito Ooma. Mabanak Jumba." Duke says as his hands hover over the cartoonish-looking blasters at his hips.

'Duke's always givin' 'em one last chance t'spill their beans 'fore he pumps 'em full of ion.'
Stitch Blink. Blinkblink.

Stitch is not about to let himself be outdone. Not at all. He holds up a claw and dives off into the brush. There's some tossing and shuffling about the nearest brush, garden, whatever and then Stitch is hopping back out looking ever the part of an Outlaw. He's even managed to get some spurs on his legs and a black hat to sit atop his head. He's also wearing a black vest now and around his waist is his own pair of holsters. Each one sporting a blaster of Stitch's own ilk.

One step. Two steps. Three Steps. Four. And Stitch is standing directly in the same path as the one that seems to be after him for some odd and strange reason. "Haha, ika patootie." is snickered, before he reaches up around his neck to pull the bandana tied there up and across his face to make him look even more villainous than he already did. His hands drop and hover above his own twin pistols, claws flicking idly in anticipation.

A tumbleweed rolls by.

Stitchy the Kid has arrived.
Duke 'Little guy thinks he's cute. Playin' the part of the outlaw. Makes sense. Critter's probably working with Jumba.' Duke's sneer is shown as his ears lower. He's not too happy at Stitch's change of wardrobe.

"Agaba noot bantos zee tinga." Duke says as his hand dangles above his blaster. The tumbleweed bounces against a pillar and, rather than continue, begins to climb it.

"Zin. Pirt. Tinga!" He exclaims before pulling out his blaster and firing at Stitch's location!
Stitch Claws dangle above the pistols in his holsters and before Stitchy the Kid even knows what's happening, he's getting blasted at least three times before he can even draw his weapon. In fact, he doesn't even get to draw his weapon because he gets knocked backwards and down onto his butt. His hat is even shot off. Which makes Stitchy mad. Eyes narrow. "Moota kadoota." is muttered as he gets up onto his feet and stomps over to his hat, picking it up and dusting it off, before pulling it back onto his head.


Stitchy the Kid may not be as quick as his foe at this moment, but he likes to think he's a little smarter. Or at least a lot more deceptive. He finds himself standing on what amounts to be something akin to a fake see-saw and grins. "Meega toona." is said with a smile beneath that bandana. Both of his pistols are drawn, sending a flurry of shots off in the direction of Duke, though a 'stray' blast is sent to the one thing holding this see-saw-pult of random objects in place. The blast cuts through it like butter and launches Stitch into the air!

"Tukibowaba!" Stitch screams on his way to try and put some Crash in this pursuer's diet!
Duke 'Duke gets him square. Should keep the little critter down for - no. Wait. He's back up. Tough little thing. Definitely Jumba's creation.'

Duke gives a mutter under his breath akin to intergalactic disappointment as Stitch unleashes a volley towards the little orange guy.

The shots hit home and send Duke flying back, the experiment slamming into a pillar with a 'squee' noise before landing on the ground on his feet, both guns still held tight in his grasp.

'Nice shot. Not enough to knock ol' Duke out, but certainly unexpected. Time t'return the favor.'

Taking a second to stow one of his pistols, Duke presses a few buttons and a 'ba-da-boop' noise emits from the gun as he aims it at Stitch in mid-air while scampering up the column. A shot is fired and the blobs of ion plasma begin to trace after Stitch.

'Let's see how he handles a good ol' mouthful of charges on.'
Stitch Stitch is already on the move, dropping and sliding across the ground, before he leaps up and starts somersaulting and clawing his way across the wall of the cathedral to get himself out of the way of those plasma ion blobs that are coming after him. It's like a game of chase and Stitch is a little blue dodge monkey attempting to lose each and every one of them in good time.

If they happen to leave burns or holes or rubble from the cathedral itself... oh well. Not Stitch's problem.

Stitch's actions have him in a position to take another aim with his pair of pistols, firing a couple of shots and aiming to see if he can't send Duke on his own dodging spree. Though, the shots are clearly aimed to try and take out the weapons on Duke's body, more than they are to hit him.

"Naga plizz!" comes from Stitch's mouth as he ducks low as the arrival of the final Ion Plasma Blob is headed at the back of his skull. He twists and flips, aiming with classic bicycle kick style, planting his foot against the charge and sends it sailing off towards Duke's column of choice!
Duke 'Little guy's fast, too. Can't always fight the weak ones.'

Duke, in the meantime, had hopped himself off of his column to try and line up another shot while Stitch was fleeing, but the little furball is ducking behind columns too quickly for his weapon to get a lock. There's a snort from the intergalactic lawman as he aims his gun, going for the manual shot just as Stitch disappears behind a column.

Then... Then a blue blob starts heading right for Duke's column and the little guy watches it collide with a blast, shaking the church a little.

Duke grimaces and looks back as a blast from Stitch's weapon collides with ol' faithful, sending the cartoonish weapon skittering away as a searing smoke stream rises off his hand.

'Stings a bit. Feels like plasma. Always hated plasma. Burns the fur. Oh well. Time to-' The voice is cut short as a piece of rubble drops onto Duke's head, causing his ears to flatten to the sides as he lets out a 'hurk' noise.

The bulder cracks and splits on the little guy's thick skull and he lets out an agitated growl as he decides to ignore ol' faithful.

'Now that's got Duke's attention. Nothin's more 'nnoyin' than when the terrain turns on you. Little lawman's gonna try an' get his claws on little outlaw. Not gonna be pretty. Probably gonna have 'lotta property damage.'
Stitch Scurrying around has its drawbacks. Especially when the terrain is starting to no longer be the solid terrain that everyone is used to having right now. For somehow, he's managed to be within claws reach of the lawmalian and that's not good. Before he can even really do anything, Stitch gets clawed and sent hurling off towards something that clearly just means more rubble is falling down and around in this place.

Stitch grunts as he tries to get back to his feet, somewhat stable but focused enough to try and get a lock on his enemy. He hoists up a huge column of marble and sends it sailing in the direction of Duke, before taking off right after it and leaping into the air, extending his claws and his teeth, aiming to unleash a furious combo of angry fluffiness back at his foe of the day! No witty alien banter this time. Just snarling and growling and spittle flying from beneath the bandana mask!
Duke 'Hah. Amateur.'

The column comes flying at Duke and the little guy simply leaps from the wall, onto the column and zips down it in a second, leaping towards Stitch in the process.

'They say t'always put yer best foot forward...'

Duke plants a foot on Stitch's forhead and leaps off of him in an attempt to send his opponent back to the floor while he remains airborn. Two bolts of heated ion follow the blue fuzzball as Duke lands on another column.

"Hahahaahaha! Jooka mantooskoo!" Duke exclaims from the column as he watches what the blue critter will do.

'F'r some reason, fightin' siblin's is always more fun than jus' takin' down the random mook. Ah well. Live and let die, I guess.'
Stitch Stitch was not prepared for the quickness of this particular cousin of his. Turns out that he gets made a fool of and when he hits the ground, he's rolling to get away from the shots that come right after him. He keeps rolling, letting the ion blasts take care of the ground, before he pops up onto his hind legs and launches himself into the air also. While there. his second set of arms pop out and reach out to try and grab hold of the Duke, so his Laser Pistols can offer a Point Blank Attitude Adjustment to this alien's skull. Before Stitch tries to send this thing down to the ground with a massive headbutt that probably shouldn't be happening, considering the helmet that Duke's wearing, but whatever! Stitch don't care right now!
Duke 'Little blue guy's got some combat experience under his belt. Probably one of Jumba's favourites. Or maybe not'

As Stitch leaps forward with his new limbs reaching out, Duke leaps off of the column and lands on an adjacent wall, his toe talons gripping into the old church's foundation.

"Neener neener neener!" He exclaims before reaching over his shoulder and unstrapping the shaft of a high-tech looking, double-barrelled muther of a gun.

'Looks like it's time t'play with the big boys.'

Duke cocks the haft's moveable part, which causes the weapon to begin to glow as the two barrels begin to shake.

'Now, y'don't wanna try this at home, kids.' The blue-ish green energy erupts forth from the barrels, washing the area in its glow as the wall Duke is anchor'd into gets indented a little.
Stitch Stitch doesn't have time to really do anything but get blasted by the double barrels that send forth such painfulness. His sturdy body tanks most of it, but he does end up rolling backwards and landing on the ground with a grunt. He frowns a bit, not caring about the lack of hat, as now he can see that the reason he's doing all of this... is lying on the ground, just an arm's length away. He crawls a bit and reaches, grabbing up the now singed picture of Lilo that he drew himself. Some of Lilo's hair has been burned off by the shot from Duke.

Stitch takes a breath and stands himself back up, taking the picture and putting it back into his pocket. When he comes out of his pocket, he's got a small Experiment Pod in his hand: #521. "Hurt. Lilo." comes from Stitch's calm and English-ish voice right now. He narrows his eyes and drops the pod into a puddle of fountain water that's nearby. There's the sudden and boisterous explosion of water and sparks that results in the arrival of a Yellow-Orange Experiment that looks about as funky as the others, though he has a huge roll of paper for a tail.

Stitch isn't even there anymore, though, as he's taking off in a angry but focused rush towards Duke. He leaps and somersaults over the enemy, turning in mid-air and extending claws on all four of his hands and even on his feet, as he bounces off a ruined column to send himself back towards Duke with rage and fury all in his eyes. He snarls with the anger of a thousand evil suns and hints of his True Programming come out as he works on a massive berserker style combo that consists of clawing, scratching, biting, punching, headbutting and spin-kicking! A finality of such a spin-kick seems to be aimed to kick Duke right off into the waiting tail of Stitch's Cousin! Where Duke may end up all wrapped up like a mummy and slung off towards any pile of holy rubble around this church. Should these chips fall where Stitch may, of course!
Duke 'Now that don't look good.' Duke's internal voice says calmly as Duke watches the blue monster pull out a photo and look at it. Duke's head side-tilts as he tries to zoom his optics on the photo, but to no avail - the zoom doesn't allow him to look THROUGH paper.

A strange experiment, 521, obviously Jumba's design, sprouts from the water and Duke gives out a sneer. 'Course, y'always gotta watch the main target.' The voice reminds Duke as he glances to the side just in time to avoid a mouthful of razor-sharp, pointy teeth, followed by some claw swipes, a headbutt and a spin-kick, which he ducks under before jumping away, off of Wrapper's head and landing at the front of the church.

'Rubble is piled high. High enough to warrant needin' t' redecorate. Not Duke's problem, though. Gotta wonder, what was that blue ball o' fur lookin' at.

Duke scowls and aims the 'space shotgun' at Wrapper while pointing a claw at Stitch, making a 'come here motion' with his claws.

"Mamymamy, wootan gabbojew took." He says, his 'thumb' pressing down on a button as the weapon charges up, still aimed at Wrapper.

'Best to know 'fore this gets outta hand. Probably jus' a picture of Jumba's ugly mug, anyhow.'
Stitch Stitch narrows his eyes. He cannot believe that this foe is attempting to threaten Wrapper like this. In fact, he doesn't take any steps. He just seems to be standing in place and shaking a bit. That's right, the amount of shaking that Stitch is doing is even starting to make the ground quake a little bit. He's not big enough to cause an earthquake or anything, but he's certainly capable of causing enough of a tremor that Wrapper even starts clinging to the ground. And with that, Wrapper sends his tail towards the legs of the Space Shotgun Wielder, attempting to wrap them up. If only to keep himself from falling.

Stitch drops the outlaw costume, holding up the hand drawn portrait. "Liiiilooooo." is explained with the sort of tone that implies that someone has gone too far. He even uses a claw to point to the singe marks that are all over the already not-that-strong paper.

The portrait is left to fall down on top of the outlaw costume, where it will be safe, because the next step that Stitch takes is the only one that's visible. He becomes a blur as he rushes for Duke. Wrapper pulls tight on his tail to see if he can't be still the foe, without getting shot in the face. But either way, Stitch goes airborne and goes Stitchball for extra arc and air, before opening up and aiming to land claws first on Duke and teeth first on that shotgun. Which would only be the beginning of a tirade of furious, raging, fluffball destruction.

To anyone watching at home, it will likely just be a blur of violence that's surrounded by smoke and debris and who knows what else, because Stitch has HAD IT. Besides, it's all Duke's fault. He motioned for him to 'Come Here'.
Duke 'Lilo, hunh. Doesn't sound like somethin' of a threat. Even looks squishy and small. Most likely a victim, or, if he's gettin' all riled up about it, friend?'

Duke watches Stitch begin to vibrate and lowers the gun a little as he tries to examine exactly what is causing the earth to shake.

as Stitch goes airborn, Duke gives him a quick once-over and throws both his guns to the side, preparing the wrassle his cousin into submission!

What follows is a cartoonish cloud of fists, claws and teeth poking out at random intervals, complete with pauses in which Duke is biting Stitch's leg, Stitch is giving Duke a boston crab and the two of them are playing rock, paper, scissors before jumping back into the cloud of violence.

This goes on for a minute as the cloud shifts about the church until finally, the dust settles and Duke is left with his little hands on his knees, taking in breath.
Stitch There are not many Cousins that can manage to fight Stitch into something akin to an Alien Stalemate. In fact, during the entire Cloudy Battle there was a plethora of things used to try and defeat the sibling but none of which ever seemed to allow Stitch the chance to come out fully on top. So, of course, when the smoke clears, he too is leaning over, attempting to catch his breath as he shakes his head and looks over towards Duke.

Sounding both defeated and just tired of this nonsense, Stitch extends a hand as he tries to stand up to his full little height. "Trooga?"

Meanwhile, Wrapper is on the side, sitting on a pile of his tail and munching away at a small bag of popcorn that he has acquired from somewhere. Munchmunch.
Duke "Feeeh!" Duke says and waves a hand in exhaustion at Stitch as he takes in breath.

'Little guy's offerin' a truce. Sometimes makin' peace gets ya further than fightin'. 'Specially when ya don't know why.'

"Naga Patoonie." Duke mutters under his breath as he stands up straight and faces Stitch with a smirk. "Trooga." He says as he reaches his own hand out to accept the shake.

'Sometimes ya just gotta let bygone be bygones.'
Stitch The handshaking is reluctant, but also some kind of twisted version of actually being real and honored. Stitch is known for dirty tricks and the such, but he's certainly not going to do it now. Not when there's more important things on the line. And once the shaking is done, he seems more rested and ready to get back onto his search. One clawed hand is pressed to his chest. "Stitch." He introduces himself and holds up a finger, before taking off towards the pile of costume and snatching up the portrait. Skidding back to a halt in front of his cousin, "Lilo. Ohana." And that's when Stitch drops down to the ground, uncaring about the mess they've made at the Church. Sigh.

"Ohana means-- fam-i-ly." Sad Stitch Face.
Duke 'Little guy's got quite a grip on 'em. Duke's fine though. As nuts as Jumba was, he didn't make no straggler.'

Duke's handshake is about as reluctant as Stitch with the whole handshake - more over because he doesn't trust his cousin. Stitch introduces himself and Duke glances at the hand-on-chest gesture.

'Another game o' charades, or maybe, some kind of greeting. Best to be polite.'

Duke repeats the motion and speaks, "Duke." He says hesitantly before bending over and scratching the inside of his ear with a hind leg, some rubble falling out.

'Little guy's got somethin'. Looks like that picture before.'

Duke perks up and looks over Stitch's shoulder at the picture, thent o Stitch's sad face, then to the photo again.

'Maybe if he gets a hand, he'll help find ol' Jumba.' The voice suggests as Duke's ears rise up and he excitedly scrambles over to the rubble before pulling out ol' Fauithul and scampering to Lilo.

"Duna Sama!" He says, aiming the gun at the photo with a smile on his face, oddly the gun seems to glow with a yellow light, rather than a blue.
Stitch Stitch tilts his head to the side, watching his Cousin with all he's worth because he's pretty sure that only a creation of Jumba could be acting this way. But he does file away the name under possible Ohana and doesn't think anything more ill of the gun wielding alien. Not when there's possible assistance coming from him.


Stitch blinks twice and then he's up on his feet, holding up the picture and waving it around. "Yuuga achi-baba?" Stitch points between himself and Duke, as if to make sure this is all good before he decides he's going to actually get back on his search. "Help Stitch?" More and more English is trying to be used by Stitch, perhaps even in some twisted effort to keep himself clinging to the thought of finding Lilo sooner rather than later.
Duke "Ih!" Duke states before pulling the trigger, a yellow light sweeping over the picture and Stitch while the gun makes a weird 'woolooloo' sound. The light extracts back into the gun and Duke taps a button on the side of his helmet. "Naga, Naga, Naga, Naga, Naga..." He says as he continues to press the button.

'Bunch a profiles to check in that helmet. Lotta different species t'scan through 'fore it'll find the right - hold on. There it is. 'Human'. Hunh. Weird name for a species.'

Duke tilts his head and points at the picture. "Hoo-mah?" He asks before immediately getting back to work and tapping a few buttons on the back of his large pistol, to which a few beeping noises are heard and a small 'wooshing' sound outside begins to get louder as he little ship 'stealthfully' on the roof, dust and pebbles shifting loose from the Church.

'Ship'll make it a lot easier t'find this little thing. One thing at a time, though.'.

Duke points up with a smile and says, "Meega shuppo!"
Stitch Excitement is the main thing that's in Stitch's eyes the moment that he realizes that there's a ship nearby. In fact, the picture of Lilo is almost tossed to the side, but he manages to keep a grip on it. His hands go out, making grabby motions towards the roof, "Miki Miki!" And then he's off! Rushing like he's never Rushed before, since he has been on foot for so incredibly long, getting back into a ship would be the perfect time to actually have some real fun.

Stitch is up and climbing, clambering and scaling walls with ease, on his way to go and find the ship that he heard with his epic levels of hearing, "Goocha Goobaja!" is tossed over his shoulder and Stitch punches a hole through the wall to scramble himself up and outside and onto the roof.

"Stitch drive!" Oh No.
Duke Duke watches as Stitch begins to scale up the church, obviously intent on getting in his little ship. The lawman shakes his head and mutters under his breath, "Bliznak."

'Looks like 'Stitch' is all riled up. Best be gettin' up there 'fore he takes off with the ship. Never know. Might be too excited with all 'em flashy lights.'

Duke sticks his tongue out at his internal voice as he holsters his gun and plops down to all fours before becoming a streak of orange.

As Stitch gets to the roof, Duke is already there, little arms crossed and foot tapping as he watches Stitch with his head tilted to the side. "Jaba Ramid Nye Hassin". He states with a smirk and points to the back of the ship, whose ramp has opened to allow the two access. It's a small craft, made for someone maybe five times their size, but the inside has obviously been remodeled to allow for short experiments to have access to everything. There's even a smoothie machine.

"Goobaja, 'Stitch'" He says as he turns about and begins walking up the ramp into his ship.
Stitch Stitch's eyes go wide... wider... WIDEST as he watches the ship open up. By the time that ramp is down, he's scurrying with his fastest speed (which is still not as fast as Duke) to get up that ramp and he goes into straight bum rush mode as he immediately finds himself headed for the cockpit. He's an alien criminal that steals all kinds of ships and destroys everything else. Knowing where the cockpit is in any ship just comes with the territory.

Cackling is the name of the game as it has been forever since Stitch has been in a ship (that he actually wanted to be in anyway) and thus he's ready and willing to start pressing buttons and get this dang ship working so that they can get up and into the sky and ready to roll!

Or fly. Whatever.
Duke Duke follows Stitch into the ship, trying to give a tour, but the little blue blue is already in the cockpit, flailing about. "Ip, ip, ip." He states, holding his hands forward and making calming motions before the sound: "Lugga Mudo Ineega.' His ears drop in a sad state as the words: "Naga bootifa". escape his lips before the ship kicks up in a blast. The ship was designed to be piloted by a person who could react at impossibly high-speeds, as such, the take off was less than 'gentle'.

Duke finds himself plastered to the cargo bay door, which has already closed as the ship blasts forward. "Aggaba!" He exclaims in the back, his lips curling back from the G-force.

'Looks like the little guy knows how to pilot, or at least start the ship. This is probably gonna end bad. Ah well. Ya live and ya learn.'
Stitch Stitch's eyes are wide with excitement and addiction. He looks as though he's been without such antics and fun for a long time and now he's reveling in the chance to taste it again... without somebody telling him what to do and how to do it. Actually, he thought he heard Duke trying to talk to him, but the madness has taken over Stitch's body and he's no longer in control. His tongue is hanging out and everything.


Yeah. This is going to be one seriously crazy adventure of...

Duke & Stitch.

This scene contained 31 poses. The players who were present were: Stitch, Duke