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(2013-03-24 - Now)
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Rhiannon Zellen It was business at usual with Shinra. The Turks were off doing their secret agent thing. Things that I just can't tell you about, or I'd have to kill you! The standard security guards patrolled HS in regular shifts, just glad to be out of the way of the Turks, SOLDIER, or any of the higher ups. And finally, there was the R&D Division. This was the birthplace of almost everything wrong with Shinra. At least behind the scenes.

And on this day, one particular scientist, clearly female, and oriental in appearance was strolling through the front reception area, fluttering a hand cutely in farewell at the receptionist before making her way outside and into the city proper. " has been a while since I have actually felt fresh air..."

And it was true. Being who she was, it was not uncommon to be cooped up in her lab day in and day out, for weeks on end. And of course by her own volition. But despite how many signs pointed otherwise, she was still human. Thus, a break was in order! "Hmn...what shall I do then?" The scientist murmured lightly, tapping her chin in thought.

She could see people of various races and moogles milling about, going on their merry ways. Oh how she wished she could dissect a moogle! Shame that they all stayed far away from her!
Evja Most had sense to actually stay away from the Shinra HQ, or in this case, stay away from the known crazies. Those that lived in this area at least. However, some didn't have that opportunity to learn valuable life lessons the easy way, at the expense of others and through rumors. Among them was a certain Vieran Judge who was making his way through the city towards the Shinra HQ for peaceful reasons.
Doubly odd, in fact, considering a lot of people wouldn't actually try or even think about treating for peace with the place.

Not that Evja even knew much about Shinra or this land other than it was very technologically advanced and had moogles in it and seemed to smell /quite badly/ thanks to the technology in it (that, and he was used to more flowery places like Fluorgis and open areas without machines). The Viera was wearing his typical large white and black robe at the moment with a length of cloth wrapped around his face to keep the smell away from him as best as possible. It wasn't near as bad as Vector was. Nowhere near that bad. But it still stank here, which he wasn't happy about.

Wandering towards Rhiannon, Evja asks softly as he approaches, voice soft like a womans voice might be, "Tell me... the building you are coming from... is Shinra, yes? Or am I somehow mistaken?" Head bare, Evja's long ears twitch slightly as he asks the question.
Rhiannon Zellen Rhia had spotted Evja passing through long before she actually approached. Viera were not particularly common around these parts. Most that came around were gone before too much longer. Thus, her eyes were naturally drawn to the robed Viera, eyes flashing in interest as it became apparent that she was being approached.

"Hmmn?" The scientist hummed curiously, glancing upwards at the much taller figure. "Shinra? Why, yes. Indeed this is Shinra. You are not at all mistaken." Smiling pleasantly, the wutai native folded her arms within her considerably longer sleeves, a habitual action. "What business does one..." Trailing off, Rhia stared Evja up and down slowly, taking in every last detail, much of which was obscured by cloth. A shame.

"...such as you, have with Shinra?"
Evja The curious look didn't go unnoticed, but it went unresponded to. Evja was quite used to the attention, that's why he wore the robe - stopped prying eyes! But left a lot to the imagination and often times imagination got the better of people with Viera.

This particular one stood there with her own arms crossed beneath the robe as she looked down a bit towards the shorter woman before answering after a moment, "I am a Judge from Jylland, and as such, I had hoped to gain a moment of Shinra's time to discover just what intentions, if any, the company might have within the region. I am traveling from land to land off and on to speak to those I can as a representative of the Judges of Jylland."

At that she bows a tiny bit towards Rhiannon, ears wiggling again out of nature or some habit, or perhaps culture. "I apologize for intruding on your time as I did."
Rhiannon Zellen "Jylland, hm?" She had heard of that land. A significant portion of it was in the eastern continent. Or at least, a city that was famous enough; Fluorgis. "I see, I see..." Rhia mused aloud, slowly beginning to walk circles around the judge, taking in whatever details she could. "Well, I am afraid that the higher ups are likely going to be busy with meetings for quite some time, however..."

Coming to a stop in front of Evja again, Rhia raised her sleeves just slightly, nodding a bit. "I suppose that I can speak in their place for the moment. You wish to ascertain the company's motives? Well, I can assure you that we have nothing but good intentions for the city we currently reside in, as well as our operations throughout the world."

She paused for a moment before speaking again. "But I suppose that mere words alone are not sufficient for such a task." Smiling pleasantly still, the scientist inclined her head upwards again, meeting the Viera's eyes as she then asked. "So what do you wish to do to help ease your mind?" While she said that, she just waved a hand dismissively at the notion of her time being intruded upon.
Evja "Oh, I could not possibly ask something of the sort, some proof of sincerity. I am simply going about my job of trying to put good will here and there where I can while otherwise trying to keep the worlds from falling apart to the Darkness." It wasn't really too much of a surprise to find out he likely couldn't get such an impromptu meeting, which was all just as well. He'd half expected to find himself turned away in fact, or told to meet at a certain time at another point.

"And I have not even introduced myself to such a sweet girl either, kind enough to take a moment out of her day to inform one such as myself. I am Evja, Judge Magister Errant of Jylland. No true power behind the title I am afraid but that is just as well. Might I ask who I am making the acquaintance of?"

Not /too/ much could be garnered about her beneath the robe, though from behind one could see a glowing rune on the back, symbol of the Judges. Her form wasn't that great, a bit slight by the looks of it despite being tall. Then again that fit decently with what most would imagine Viera to be.
Rhiannon Zellen "Is that so? Such a noble mission you have embarked on then~" Nodding in understanding, Rhia stayed as she was, staring upwards to meet Evja's eyes as she listened to her words. The odds of having been able to approach her on the street as had happened right now were actually astronomically low. But then, dealing with Rhia was only marginally better than dealing with the reception desk.

At least they don't ask for blood samples.

"Oh my, such flattery!" The scientist brought a hand to her cheek, giggling and looking at the compliment. "In any case, I am Rhiannon Estellise Zellen, a scientist under Shinra's employ. I work in the R&D Department." Finished introducing herself, Rhia nodded again before speaking further.

"It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Evja. I am not entirely familiar with the concept of Judges and such, but I will assume that it is a fairly important position in your land, hmm?"
Evja "Mm, not truly, more ceremonial than important. But it is something few strive for and fewer can do. We oversee clan battles and politics within Jylland and uphold the integrity of the Law Magics that govern our land. And here and there we act as peacekeepers if requested for such or there is a need for it, such as with the Darkness coming."

So this girl was one of the smarter ones in the company? It had only been in recent months that the Viera had even learned of such things as scientists. Moogles had their own phrases for such and really, he wasn't the most adept at moogle conventions. Kupo.

"Should I stop bothering you then, Miss Zellen, or is there someway I might offer thanks to you for the information?"
Rhiannon Zellen "Hmn...Well, for being a ceremonial position, it certainly seems as if you still have your work cut out for you now." Law magic though? She'd never heard of that. And it sounded rather intriguing. She would have to ask more at a later date. But for now...

"Hmm? Bother me?" She asked, tilting her head slightly as she returned her hands to her sleeves, obscuring them again. "Oh no, I am not being bothered. Not at this moment in any case. I would not have stepped out of my lab if I did not want to be bothered, after all." The scientist spoke with a gentle smile, nodding after to reassure.

"But since you speak of offering thanks...there is one way you can thank me. It is rather simple actually." Saying that, she glanced over to the Shinra building momentarily before looking back to Evja. "As a scientist, I am quite curious about the genes that make up other races of beings. If it is not much trouble, might I have a sample of your blood? Not too much of course. Just a bit would serve my research purposes well." ...Well, at least she wasn't asking to dissect the Viera.
Evja "..."

Evja just stares at 'Miss Zellen' for the longest before the moment of staring might lead one to think that he's looking at her like a vampire or something. Well, Viera did come from lands that weren't the most technologically advanced, so one might can reason that they wouldn't be keen for such.

"I may be showing my ignorance, but... what possible use would you have for such, and how would you plan on obtaining it in any fashion? In my nearly fifty years I have yet to be asked for such once. And I do get asked for a fair amount of things being a Viera."

Well, on the plus side, Evja hadn't come back with an immediate 'hell no' so much as a 'Bwuh?!'
Rhiannon Zellen Ah.

One of those people whom were not exactly savvy on scientific terms. The moogles took to the technology Shinra offered rather handily, and they were from Jylland as well, no? Hmn perhaps it was a race thing. "You don't understand? Well, it is quite simple really." Shaking off her surprise, Rhia unfolded her arms, reaching into her coat to produce an empty syringe. "This is the manner in which one draws blood from another."

Pointing to the needle, she patiently continued explaining. "This here is stuck into the subject. You see, it is hollow, which allows for liquids to pass through it." And then she indicated the pump-like portion at the top. "And this here is pushed or pulled in order to inject or extract substances to or from the subject."

That said, the syringe was tucked away again as the scient refolded her arms and finished off her speech. "As for what use I would have for it... Well, to keep my explanation short; all beings are made up of cells. And in these cells are genes which determine everything from gender, hair, eye, and skin color, health and so on. By studying the cells in your blood, I can determine a great number of details about you and your race in general. Understand now?"
Evja Once again the Viera was simply silent for the longest before he shook his head. "I shall... have to decline." comes a soft response. "I am sorry, but if that is true, then there are some things I would rather others not know about me. But to think such things could be discovered, and used in a functional manner... the advances humes make truly astound me sometimes."

Though a part of him /was/ curious, wanting to know just what could be garnered. He /had/ seen another Viera in passing, though, so actually being honest here about his gender... could still be an issue.

Evja reached up to ruffle lightly at the large cloth he had wrapped around his face before asking, "If you will give me some time to think about such, I will consider it. But for now, I will decline that."
Rhiannon Zellen Ah, a refusal.

It did not come as to surprise to her though. More people shied away in fear, confusion, or suspicion when she mentioned wanting to take blood. Ah, it was so much trouble being a scientist slash doctor slash engineer in a mess of worlds such as this. Nevertheless Rhia did not show any sign of disappointment and simply nodded her understanding.

"Is that so, what a shame. I would have been able to learn so many things. But if that if what you truly wish for, then I will not force you." She took a moment then to stare upwards at the sky. "In any case, I believe that our business is finished for the moment, yes?"

She turned away at that, glancing back and waving slightly. "You know where I am now. If you wish to see me, all you need to do is ask at the front desk. If you ever change your mind, I will be ready~"
Evja Evja just quite simply nodded towards her as she turned to leave, lost in thought now with the things he had been told. Things about genes, blood... supposedly Shinra meant no harm which is all and well, but his mind was left thinking about these things. It was something he had never even heard of, the field of genetics, and he knew next to nothing about modern studies of health.

It was tempting, no matter how worried he was. He didn't know her though. Didn't know if he could trust her, no matter how nice and sweet she seemed. No way to know if somehow it would come back to bite him in the butt.

"..." Once again he started to say something, lips moving beneath the wrap around his face before the Viera gave a small grumble and huffed at himself audibly at even considering such things. Maybe it was time to stop hiding, to stop being scared of everything. But then he would be at odds with the Viera, which was something he didn't want.
Not to mention he was comfortable now. Used to his life.

"Miss Zellen." Evja said softly as he finally worked up the nerve to step after her, "I admit to having become overcome with a fascination about what you said, of being able to study something like that and to learn things. I... I suppose it could not hurt to give your cause a chance, if you would be willing to humor me with telling me what you learn from such?" Seems this Viera is at least earnest and curious enough to admit he does desire to know more about things.
Rhiannon Zellen Rhia had come to a stop in front of the doors, which slid open automatically upon her approach, but she did not step inside as Evja spoke again. "Hmmn?" She had expected their business to be done, seemed this one was a fair bit more curious than she had given her credit for.

"Have you now?"

Asking that in a rather rhetorical manner, she turned away from the doors, facing the judge once more. "Well what I wish to do with the blood collected is no secret. Anything interesting or mundane, if you wish to know what lies within your blood, I would be more than happy to inform you of the details." That said, Rhia smiled a pleasant smile.

"However, do not force yourself now. I am in no rush to go draining your vital fluids." Giggling to herself at that, the scientist brought a hand to her mouth to try and stifle it. Not that she tried very hard. "In any case, you should just enjoy your time here otherwise and come see me once you have rested some. I can wait."
Evja The giggle did make Evja smile a bit beneath that wrap around his face. Even if the joke was a bit gruesome for his tastes, perhaps it was common fare here and who was he to judge another, at least in that fashion? "Very well, Miss Zellen, I shall take you up on that offer. Perhaps when I have a chance to schedule a meeting with someone within Shinra to speak further at length with, I shall also stop by where you are and follow up with such."

And for a moment, Evja simply stared at her as if considering something before shaking his head and turning a tiny bit and quite literally leaping straight up and onto a nearby building. Though... the leap wasn't a literal bounce from a to b so much as the Viera looked like he was about to leap, then vanished and reappeared atop the building, departing before he said the silly thing that crossed his mind.
"What is wrong with me lately..." came a soft mumble once he was out of hearing range.

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