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(2013-03-24 - 2013-03-25)
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Percival He'd had to clean the kitchen before he started. The stacked pizza boxes and ramen wrappers had ended their forlorn vigil in the kitchen as they found their ways into the refuse bin.

Afterwards, he'd set to baking the cake. While it had three layers, each layer had three seperate layers of its own. The whipped cream cheese chocolate frosting he'd made from scratch. Given the short length of time he'd had to prepare, he'd cut out a few steps by wrapping chocolate yogurt in cheesecloth and allowing the whey to seperate out during the day while he slept in stone form. A tiny pinch of salt was all it took from that point.

Once the layers were all finished cooking set out to cool, he'd finely chopped the vegetables, mushrooms, and anchovies. Cutting the lamb into smaller portions, he'd seared the lamb in a frying pan full of olive oil and butter. The chopped tomatoes, anchovies, and mushrooms were all cooked together on the stove until it had a soft pate like consistency. The spinach was cooked seperately until wilted a small amount.

Sheets of pastry dough were laid out, and the medley of vegetables and spinach were spread upon it, before the lamb was added and the pastry dough was crimped around it.

These were placed on baking sheets in the oven, while he set to icing the cake with a simple stirrer and knife to dab on the homemade icing and fill it.

And so there the Gargoyle stood, with an apron with the words 'My Kitchen, my rules' on it that he'd received from Celina hanging over his neck, with his wings relaxing on his shoulders, akin to a cloak beneath it. Nearby was a ticking eggtimer, and two large ovenmitts which had what distinctly looked like a few small talon indentations in the fabric.
Percival His fin like ears perked up considerably when he heard Avira's voice. Taking up the bowl of icing and a spoon from the kitchen, he exit the kitchen through the nearby threshold leading to the front door of the office with the apron still affixed to the front of him.

He'd call out cheerfully. "All right M'lady? How has your homecoming treated you? I hope its been more than just a few peculiar looks from the citizens."

He'd place a spoon of icing out if she wanted to try some. "Do try some, if it pleases you."

He'd look around the office, with a harumph. "Seems like I'm the only one that's arrived so far. No matter. The two of us can begin the party on our own if need be."

He had so many other questions that he wanted to ask, but he was trying his hardest not to pester her. He'd known she'd had a rough time in Fluorgis and coming back from it, and to him, this was /her day/ to be happy. He didn't want to ruin that.
Percival The Gargoyle would be smiling from ear to ear. "Of course. Manhatten's favorite daughter is home. All is well in the world!"

He'd actually chuckle when she spoke about just enjoying his company. "Oh I'm not so sure about that. A duffer like me tends to be a wallflower at most celebrations. You'll have to ask Zia what I did at the festival they held in our honor for saving Fluorgis."

The Gargoyle would look at the icing as if it had betrayed him, screwing up his eyes at it. "Uh, um. I do apologize, perhaps it will taste better when on the cake?" He was actually cringing a little, unsure if she was being serious or not.
Percival The Gargoyle would actually pat her on the shoulder lightly with a single hand. "It does, doesn't it? You've earned that feeling of accomplishment, M'lady."

At her shove, the Gargoyle still has enough good graces to playfully stagger backwards, the hand that was once on her shoulder playfully massaging the part of his skin that she struck. "It was, fun actually. I only got to take part in a single dance, but it was enough to make it memorable."

He'd grin sheepishly. "Well, I knew that, I just didn't know if you did, or whether you liked it. Wouldn't have been a good sign if I'd have iced an entire cake with something you thought was too bitter."

He'd start walking back towards the kitchen on the taloned balls of his feet as the eggtimer continued to tick down. "So is the borough as you remember it? What have you been doing since you got back?"

He'd glance over his shoulder, smiling again. "By the way, I think /both/ your names are beautiful."
Mercade Alexander "That smells pretty good."

And suddenly, in the doorway...! Mercade walks in, hands in his pockets, and he looks around with a grin. "How did I know I'd find you both here?" He looks between the Gargoyle and Avira, and he makes a slight shrug. "So I heard something about a cake and a party to go with it." He laughs. "It's about time we had a time to celebrate. There's been entirely too much doom and gloom."
Avira "It's kind of bittersweet in a way, isn't it? But...perhaps for the best. I'm not too keen on the idea of being hunted by Heartless and Shadow Lords at every waking hour." Avira smiles sadly at Percival, lift a hand to place it upon Percival's. This falls away seconds later so she can poke and prod him!

"They had a dance, eh. Probably best I couldn't make it. I haven't done so well at dances before." Avira looks away sheepishly, "It's a long story I shouldn't really get into tonight." Anyway, let's watch Percival squirm over his cooking!

He heads back into the kitchen and Avira actually follows him. "Everything is as I remember it...shortly before Christmas. It's bizzare but I see that time doesn't pass for worlds that are lost to the darkness. So far, it's just be walking around. I'm originally from Brooklyn, actually, real home is still no longer there. It's right over that bridge leading to nowhere."

Mercade APPEARS! "Well probably because of our plotting over the TDA frequency last night, Mer-cade." Avira wags a finger at him and continues on into the kitchen to be nosy.
Will Sherman Slowly The Hobo Hat rises above a couch, with a slide whistle until The Hobo Lad is over it.

"Just like I left it." he says, and slide whistles down again.

With a chuckle, he walks out from behind the couch... "By the was one of the few places nearly uneffected in the darkness...Riku and I spent the first week here. Not a single heartless came in here or found us." Will say, looking at Mercade. He pauses, looking down for a bit, "How did he seem? he says, looking back at the top hat. "Did he seem alright?"
Percival After squeezing her hand briefly, the Gargoyle would hurriedly traipse back entirely in the kitchen since the eggtimer finally /pinged/. Seems the box had competition by the up and coming appliance.

Grabbing two oven mitts without putting them on, he'd open the oven, and remove the baking sheet of lamb filled pastries with their mouthwatering aromas filling the remainder of the office. "Bittersweet? I wouldn't call it that. The borough is back, the people are rejoicing. We triumphed and proved that we could restore a lost world." Placing the sheet down in the kitchen to cool, he'd turn around to face her again. "Just try to cheer up M'lady, as I said, this is /your day/. Optimism would serve you well."

As she spoke about the celebration, he busied himself to finishing the icing of the cake without any decorative frills, just simply spreading it evenly over the layers, he would call out. "If you'd like, I could try to teach you in the future. I'm actually not crap at dancing, believe it or not."

The Gargoyle would nod to her, putting a hand briefly upon her shoulder once more, before realizing he was still holding an oven mitt beneath it. "We'll get Brooklyn back as well M'lady, then the rest of the world. That's a promise."

As Mercade appeared, Percival would grin, his tone taking on a sort of mock innocence to it. "Speaking of dancing..."

And then Will appeared, and the Gargoyle mentally calculated whether he still had enough food at the ready given how much Will typically ate. Deciding he did, and once the Lamb Wellington pastries had cooled for a while, he'd put them all on a plate, before moving out to the common room to put it on the table. He'd then start setting the table with plates and utensils. "Yes, how is the boy? I'm hoping he's alright. You did say that he was trying to find his place in the world."
Avira "True. what's important." Maybe her own light would return in full one day, she doesn't say. Struggling, she tries to put this problem out of her head and successfully does so once she catches a wiff of the delicious lamb cooking. "I'm trying!" she says defensively, managing a smile. "That smells delicious by the way."

Speaking of dancing indeed. "Funny you should mention that, Percival. I'm pretty sure Mercade had some lessons at one point. From Max no less." There is an innocent look on her face at this!
Emi Dennou Emi Dennou had been napping in the lobby. She wakes up, stretches out her arms above her, and blinks blearily for a few moments before raising a fist and rubbing at her eyes. She stares ahead in her typical deadpan way before suddenly a smile flickers at the edge of her lips and--

--shortly after?!

Emi can be heard humming in a way that could best be labeled as /merrily/. It in fact bears some resemblance to Zip A Dee Doo Dah. By the time she gets into the kitchen, she's smiling broadly and says, "Hello everyone! The Network greets in a notably and uncharacteristic enthusiastic manner." She pushes the door behind her with a foot and practically sashays into one of the chairs. "Good morning, Will." She adds. "How are you doing today? Are you hungry? Umi is bringing food later, The Network notes for celebrative purposes."

She looks over to Mercade. "Good day, sir, to you too."

She kicks up her legs and beams up at the ceiling.
Mercade Alexander "Hey!" Mercade exclaims. "You're totally harshing my detective power!" He chuckles, about to follow Avira when he looks over his shoulder at the Crouching Hobo. He pauses, looking away for a moment as he thinks. "He... Was quiet. There wasn't really any interaction, he seemed to be there as more of... a guide, or symbol, than anything else." He looks back up. "I couldn't even tell if he was dead or alive."

He goes quiet again... And then he moves, stepping into the kitchen and giving Percival a hand with the food as it begins to get set out. He arches an eyebrow at Percival, almost like he's daring the Gargoyle to say something.

AND THEN DENNOU. Denou here, Denou there, Dennou Dennou everywhere! Mercade blinks at the extreme excitement displayed by the Network. "Good to see you Emi!" He pauses. "You've never been to Manhattan before, have you?"
Percival Percival would greet Emi with a smile. "Good to see you Lady Dennou. How are you and your sisters faring?"

When Mercade helped him, he actually said nothing, other than giving him an appreciative nod. /Someone/ wouldn't be doing the dishes afterwards. Once the table was set and the main course was set out, he'd hang back up Celina's /My kitchen, my rules/ apron.

When Avira spoke of Mercade receiving dancing lessons, he'd finally speak in that same innocent tone. "From Max? My goodness.."

He'd /ahem/ politely. "Uh, but I'm thinking that perhaps the first time Mercade shows you the fruits of his labors, that it might be a private affair. Unless you all have some music to put on."

He'd bought a bottle of cabernet earlier, only to find that the kitchen did not in fact have a wine tool. He remedies this by just popping his talon into the cork, which has the result of mangling the cork terribly, but getting it out without getting the pieces into the bottle. He'd pour each of them a glass around the table.
Avira "Oh...hello Emi! You're pretty cheerful today." Avira grins. Mercade astutely points out that Emi has never actually been to Manhattan before-but apparently came from a world that actually had one?! "Weren't you from Earth though?" An_Earth?

With the table set, Avira seats herself in one of the chairs.

"From Max. Apparently there was some outfit involved. The only details I knew of I heard over our frequency." Avira giggles a little, glancing over to Mercade. "I wouldn't mind if he danced with me."
Will Sherman "...Sounds about right." Will says, somethings never change.

He looks at Emi with a smile, "Hey. And that's good to hear...Perci's food isn't going to even hit appetizer." he says, giving the Gargoyle his answer.

Will doesn't comment on Emi's cheerfulness, though he smiles at her a's good to see her in high spirits. It is very good.

"Enjoying the city?" he asks her, and looks back at Avira and then Mercade. "Geeze, it's a shame there isn't anything that plays music around.." he looks at the food brought out. "That does look delicious."
Emi Dennou Emi turns her head to Mercade. "You're right. I haven't, not until we brought it back." She pulls her feet back off the table and taps her left and right feet rapidly in succession after one another. It's almost HYPERness. But she calms down after a moment and adds, "It's still hard to take in. The Network is so happy we were able to help you bring Manhattan back."

She looks up. "We were worried we'd never be able to repay you. And--we were surprised we were even able to do this. But we were of assistance, and that is all we ever wanted."

She smiles broadly at Avira. "I thought, perhaps, I should save my smiles for important times. So I am using them now, The Network explains."
Mercade Alexander Mercade blinks, his eyes going far away as if remembering some distant, horrific trauma. But he shakes his head, suddenly smiling. "We can totally dance, Avira. Whenever you want." He laughs. "I've picked up a few tricks."

He does look over to Will and Percival with a squint. God, these people... He looks back over to Emi as she prevents mild irritation. "You certainly worked hard enough, Emi! Please, enjoy the city! You've certainly earned it. You've more than paid any debt you could have had... And you should smile more often, Emi. It suits you."
Percival The Gargoyle would actually be running the back of his hand against his face as Will spoke. Three pounds of lamb cooked into pastries with an assortment of vegetables, mushrooms, and anchovies wouldn't even be an appetizer. Good thing he'd made the dessert nearly the size of bloody wedding cake. Even that might not be enough to sate the Hobo lad. Celina had promised to bring the other courses, but she hadn't shown up yet, he'd just have to make do. "Eh. It'll teach me a valuable lesson at least. When Will is going to be here and I'm cooking, go big or go home."

When Emi talks about smiling, the Gargoyle actually smiles in turn. "Emi, there's no need to save them. You have a beautiful smile, you should share them with the world more often."

When Avira spoke of dancing with Mercade, he rubbed the back of his neck. Why hadn't he thought about music? Oh right, he had no music of his own. "Don't suppose we can try rigging something up? Isaac's room might have somethin..." A pause as if a thought hit him. "You know what. Probably not a good idea to go rifling through Isaac's things.. Anyone else have something we could use?"

He'd use a pair of serving tongs to put a single one of the pastries on each of their plates, waiting for them to try it. When Will compliments it, he nods. "Its the best I can do on short notice, I hope you won't hold it against me." He seemed a trifle self-conscious about his cooking, showing no sign of pride in it. It seemed a pretty stark contrast between Celina and Max vying for the title of best chef in the agency.
Avira "Emi..." Avira laughs. "You don't need to save smiles, you can make them anytime you want. But I agree. The world is back. This is something to be happy about!" She even sounds genuinely happy about it now too. Reaching out, she ruffles Emi's hair.

"Thank you for your help. I hope you can feel at home here."

Sitting back in her chair, she glances over at Mercade and grins. "Oh really. The private idea does sound good though." Did they have roof access here? That might be a good course of action. She'll share this idea later.

Avira makes a face. "Yeah, I wouldn't go rooting through Isaac's stuff. That might be hazardous. We'll figure out something, Percival."
Will Sherman Will is too busy eating, and is forced to look like <GOOSEHONK>.

Come back later and he will be drawn better when he calms down.
Mercade Alexander "Well, there's always my collection."

Which is jazz, more jazz, and some Beatles. Mercade smiles. He does looks over to Avira as she mentions dancing in private and reddens slightly, smiling like a doof. He looks back to his food and samples the lamb wellington, blinking. "Wow, this is really good! Thank you, Percival." He nods and smiles to him.

"And never enter Isaac's room unless he invites you in. Seriously, he has crazy spooky mojo going on there and wizards.
Emi Dennou "Thank you." Emi says, still smiling. Maybe it's just finally hit her that a world has been saved. Or maybe it was a little earlier. Either way, she seems to be in a great mood, anyway, and isn't being too shy about expressing it.

"Perhaps you are right, Percival." She reddens faintly at the hair ruffling, but then engages in a counter attack?! This is done through a reaching out for Avira's hand, which she'll squeeze faintly...if she manages this secret technique!
Percival Eventually the Gargoyle would take a seat, finally serving himself last, he'd venture a small smile. "Thank you. Whenever I cooked I was usually told it was /satisfactory/. I think they told that to all of us, so that we'd stay humble."

And with that, he was using a knife to carve into the pastry before taking a bite of it with a fork. After a time he'd ask. "What do you have in your library Mercade?"

When he speaks of Isaac's room, he nods gravely. "I uh, I can only imagine."

And then hair ruffling on Emi. The Gargoyle was actually laughing now. "My goodness. Now that's more like it. This agency was getting to be too bloody grim sometimes." A short pause. "Uh, not saying that I wasn't one of the biggest contributors to that." Clearing his throat with a big /ahem/.

After a short time, he'd speak up again. "Tell you what Mercade, if you can bring the tunes, then we'll watch the two of you dance, and I'll see if Emi can teach me to do the same. Afterwards, maybe some Karaoke with you and Avira. I'd contribute but I don't want to attract cats."
Avira Jazz isn't exactly...romantic dancing music. Jazz isn't really dancing music to begin with! "I don't think your stuff will really work for dancing, Mercade." Seems Avira's figured out his collection sometime along the way. She peers up at him with a grin on her face.

Hey, any time she can spend time with him, why not?

OH NO FRIENDLY COUNTER ATTACK?!?! Avira's hand is seized! And squeezed. She grins back at Emi.

"Well as Max has astutely pointed out before..." Avira says shyly as she cuts into her lamb wellington, "...many of us have subsited on take-out and convenience food. I don't have much in the way of real cooking skills myself. Oh, bah, don't you even start, Percival!"

She shakes her fork at him, "I've had enough grimness from you for a while." The gargoyle earns a bit of a blush out of her again at the suggestion of dancing and some singing on her part.
Mercade Alexander Hey! Some jazz is great dancing music! Mercade, however, won't argue the subject. "Mostly Jazz. A lot of it. Goes with the territory, you know? Also some Beatles because seriously, the Beatles."

"And it's true, some people have apparently been super grimdark lately. We all need to remember why we're here, remember the great things that happens in the world." Mercade laughs. "We've won, people. We fought and we strived and we did everything we could, and we /did it/. We snatched a world back from the Darkness, and restored hope to these people. Everything will be great... And the Heartless won't be able to take the world again, since Sora helped lock the Heart away."

He blinks as Percival mentions kareoke. "Uh... I'm not the best at singing!" He waves his hands, begging off. "Also, we still have a lot of food to eat!"
Percival Percival politely clears his throat. "Mercade is actually right, Lady Avira. I don't want to seen as meddling but...might I suggest that the two of you try a Jazz club in New Orleans, next time you swing by that way? The roaring twenties had some of my favorite music. Great dancing too, but I can't take part in that."

He'd chuckle. "He's right. We did do it. And no matter what any of you think..." Now he was shaking his fork back at Avira. "Getting our world back overshadows /everything/ else. So let's just see this as a fresh start, and stop focusing on the little hiccups we had along the way."

When Avira spoke of her cooking skills, he'd grin once again. "Well, there's nothing wrong with that. It was expected of me to learn. But you? You were out there learning how to be Avira, instead of Rosalie. I'm thinking those skills were more important than anything that comes out of the kitchen given that you just saved the bloody world."

Tsking, he'd grin a bit. "Ah, so Mercade is trying to thwart my brilliant plan to hear the other verses of Cuban Pete." He'd be tapping his chin again. His voice teasing. "What else could we consider once dinner is finished? Open Arms from Avira? I was thinking Am I Blue? from Mercade..."

After a short while he'd get up. "Well, I don't think Celina is coming, so since the agency denmother is not here to prevent it, I think I'll be deserving dessert next."

Walking into the kitchen, he'd bring out a large three layer cake covered in chocolate homemade cream cheese icing. There were no real frills in how it was decorated. He'd put it in front of Avira, with a large cutting knife.
Emi Dennou Emi says, "I agree. We shouldn't be so grim."

She cricks her neck lightly and then leans back against the chair, pulling her hand back after that. She looks as Avira eats, steepling her fingers together. "Desert huh... Isn't that normally after dinner?"

She looks at the giant cake.

Her mouth hangs open faintly, but then she shakes her head. "That is a lot of cake, The Network agrees."
Avira "Is grimdark even a word?" Avira muses before adding, "And hey, I had plenty of reason to be grim." She won't elaborate it at this point since everyone was pretty well acquainted with the reasons. Namely the stuff that nearly lost their world forever. "But...we did win. We /seriously/ got back at the Shadow Lords. We proved that we can get a world back."

Avira smiles. She seems at peace, thinking of the now-safe World Heart.

She blushes a little at Percival's words-not just of the Jazz club thing but of his words of encouragement. "I..have to admit, I am pretty proud of the new skills I picked up in the past few months. They were mostly for survival at first but..." she looks distant, her mind drifting to Angantyr. He was her teacher during those early days.


"OOOh!" Avira scoops up that knife, "Thank you, Percy~" and immediately begins cutting. She'll gladly take cake now. Provided there are plates, she starts passing out slices to everyone here.
Mercade Alexander "Oh yeah, we'll definately have to head over there sometime and check some of those clubs out." Mercade grins. "The 1920s? New Orleans? That's basically one of the most amazing places ever." Mercade laughs, and then glances over. "You're really, really intent on making us make fools of ourselves, aren't you?" He shakes his head... And then DESSERT. Mercade watches, looking over the massive chocolate cake. "You might need more Dennous for this one, Emi."
Percival Percival would arch a horned protrusion just above his eyebrow, giving Mercade a whimsical look. "Or just one Will."

The Gargoyle would then grin at Mercade innocently. "Why not Ser? Don't I make a fool out of myself often enough around you? Shouldn't you reciprocate on occasion? Besides, the Lady truly does want to dance with you. I'll just drop my song requests for a more appropriate time."

When Avira thanks him and starts carving the cake. "What can I say, M'lady? You saved our world. If you want, I'll bake you one just like it /every/ week, you've earned that much and given that you're a worldclass adventurer you can't even give me the excuse that you need to watch your figure. You get enough exercise that you'll /always/ look bloody amazing, even on a full cake a week." Obvious teasing again.

And then to Emi, he'd nod. "Normally so, but its her party, and if she wants cake, then who am I to deny it to her?"

"They'll be on their way momentarily, we've wanted to see this office." She thinks it over and then adds, "...Not too different from the new office, in fact. But, of course, still different."

She says, "Of course," with regards to Avira's ability to have her cake (and eat it too) which always seemed a strange saying to The Network.

"That is a bit much, Percival." She says. "It is unhealthy to eat cake frequently, and also endangers cake."
Avira "I say let them eat cake!" Avira declares as she passes out the cake. "A queen said that once, right?" True to how many quotes get passed around, she's completely unknowing of the quote's original origin.

Percival's continued teasing causes more blushing. "Let's hope you don't see pictures of what I used to look like, then!" In fact, Mercade might remember a time when Avira was a good deal pudgier. Mark hunting and world-restoring really takes a lot of a person-including weight, apparently.

"That makes me wonder, Emi." Avira says between bites of cake, "Are we going to keep the Traverse Town location open? Who will stay in it?"
Mercade Alexander "Wasn't..." MErcade wobbles a bit as she makes that fateful quote, but she doesn't dampen Avira's spirits by informing her of the source of that quote. "Yes, a queen definately said that!" Mercade confirms. He'll fill her in later. Mercade doesn't mind Avira being pudgy or not. She's living a perfectly healthy life of KICKING EVIL'S ASS and that'll tone anyone's body. "We're going to keep the Traverse location. It's more central right now since the town is right on a hub. Since Manhattan is safe and locked away now, it should be less critical for us to have people here all the time." He rubs his chin. "We can start taking the next step to move forward and take down the Shadow Lords and find out how these worlds work. We've got Manhattan back, but there's still the /rest/ of Earth..."

"It's a party, Emi, enjoy yourselves!" Mercade says!

Percival makes him shrug. "I don't consider you much of a fool. Will, yes, but not you. You've got your heart in the right place." He grins. "Seems like you're also lightening up a bit since you've been with us."
Percival Percival arches an horned protrustion at Emi, giving her a bewildered look. "Endangers cake? There's no shortage of cake, Emi. If you'd like, I can even teach you how to repopulate the Earth with it."

And then to Avira, after mulling it over. "I think, M'lady, that you are beautiful no matter how you look, and I doubt any pictures of you from your younger days are going to sway me on that."

And then when Mercade says otherwise, he'd seem a little sheepish as he sits himself back down, munching on the last of the portion of lamb on his plate, before finally trying the cake. "Uh, well. I guess its just that I didn't know how to act. When I acted how I was expected to back home, I was too boorish and stuffy. So when I saw all the silliness around here, I think I was just trying to fit in and went too far with it. Zia told me that I should just try to act myself." He'd shrug his wings briefly off his shoulders. "We'll see how that works out..."
Avira A quote couched in sheer ignorance no less. Oops. Oh well!

"Makes sense, Mercade. I figure there are some people that aren't going to be comfortable walking around Manhattan." Any Gargoyle comes to mind. They couldn't come visit during the day, can they? And those guys were native to their world! So tricky. "I imagine that'd be more pieces."

A lot more world shards if they have to unlock this place city by city. Maybe the rest will follow now that the world Heart is around again?

"Ahahahaha...younger..." Avira muses, her face now bright red as Percival continues to compliment her. "Stuffy, huh? Well you're a bit of a mischief maker here now, if you ask me. I think you've banished your stuffiness and even with all your meddling-" or maybe because of the meddling, "-you fit in well with the TDA."
Emi Dennou "I wouldn't know." Emi admits to Avira's question, but Mercade seems to have the answer. She's a bit relieved, honestly because...well, okay, it's less of a commute. That's basically it, really. Yep. Pretty basic.

"I mean, however, that if you eat cake a lot, then cake ceases to be something special, The Network hypothesizes mostly based on the fact that when one eats too many sweets, they get an upset stomach and the like."

She nods slowly. "But well...this one is not so engrossed by sweets in any event." That doesn't mean she doesn't like them, but she just doesn't like scarfing them down like no tommorow. Just a bit, in moderation. Really, she can be pretty boring sometimes.
Percival "Eh..I think you're right Lady Avira. I've seen a few demihumans around town, but they're typically harried. Best not to take chances. I'll probably still be staying around the Traverse Town office." He doesn't bring up how moving in and out of Manhatten tends to mess with his sleep cycle either. He was starting to get used to waking up during the day, despite the triple espressos and vast quantities of tea he had to drink in order to overcome the fatigue that sunlight drilled straight into his bones.

The Gargoyle tsks, with a smile towards Emi. "I suppose it does make it a tad less special. Its settled then. Cake only for special occasions."

Another bite of the cake, looking down at the plate. "As for the meddling, well, you know why I meddle..." Again, a shrug of his wings, he didn't really want to go into that. "...but if you wanted me to tune it down a bit, I will."
Mercade Alexander "Being yourself is the most important person you can be." Mercade replies, agreeing with Percival. "And that's true, Avira. Maybe in time we'll find ways to bring more back. This was definately an important event but we still have a lot to do! Maybe soon, we'll have everyone back!"

"You have a good point, Emi." Mercade points out. "But this is a special occasion. Feel free to enjoy it as much as you feel you like." He's sure Will will snag the rest when no one is looking. Or maybe when they ARE looking. JUST TO SPITE THEM.

He lets Avira field the meddling question. He's more interested in cake at the moment and ther'es no need to dogpile the Gargoyle. Especially when he's cooking.

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