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(2013-03-24 - 2013-03-25)
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Emperor Mateus District One of Traverse Town, the place of bright street lights and neon signs advertising sales and must-buys. A universe-wide Las Vegas without the gambling (that we know of), where one comes to either sell wares or to find what they seek.

Street performers are nothing new, as some shops even temporarily employ them to attract attention to their wares. Even magic has become commonplace as of late with the World of Ruin rising to common knowledge. What has become more of a novelty to the point of rarity is good old-fashioned illusion and sleight-of-hand, like you would have found on the corner of Manhattan before the Barrier fell.

A small crowd has gathered around such an illusionist, a man of average yet slim stature with platinum-blonde hair well-dressed indeed for a street performer. His hands and arms weave as clear orbs roll over all surfaces heedless of gravity, the movement entrancing those interested. To those who have magical senses, there is no mana here.
Rena Laradyne Rena has mostly kept to herself after the initial shock wore her down.

It was just the thought that everything she had ever struggled to keep was now completely out of her grasp, perhaps forever. It had hit her harder than she expected.

She had taken to wandering, taking a few jobs here and there (even the mopey must eat after all, and if she knew one this it was some more, old fashioned, monster hunting) Rena still has the dust of long travels and longer roads on her clothes, half uniform and half armor with the furred cloak around her shoulders with a fringe of behemoth scales and fur crowding around her broad shoulders and neck.

Rena is nothing if not impressively scaled. A giantess of a woman who looms over the crowd as she looks over the heads of the busy section of Traverse Town, thoughts sunk deeply in her work. It actually kept her going not to see anybody familiar right now. She didn't know how well she would be able to cope.

The others may or may not have banded together, and she figures that might have even have been the right choice. It simply.. wasn't the path she chose for herself. She could stand well enough on her own. She had proved that before. She would prove it again, time after time.

It's only a passing glance that she gives the street performers, lingering for a moment and her eyes following the motions of the spheres as she prepares to move on to the inn she had been moving through the crowd towards before she stopped, just for a moment, to catch up with her churning thoughts and put everything together in the order things must go next.
Emperor Mateus The street performer in question doesn't seem to notice the crowd around him, his eyes half-lidded if not outright closed. The orb almost seems to hover in one place as his body shifts around it, weightless and still yet moving. Two more orbs appear in his other hand, twisting around each other in a figure-eight pattern as his fingers dance upon their surface.

A smile graces his thin lips as he glances up at the crowd from under his eyelids, almost as if seeing them for the first time. "Such a wonder to behold, is it not?" His voice is soothing, crooning, the volume barely above the hustle-and-bustle of the streets. "Just a moment..." He brings the three orbs together in his hands, the trio spiraling around each other as if weaving a braided cord beneath his hands, "...of pure magic. No incantations, just wonder."

His weight lowers, a leg bending as if about to kneel, and the orbs scatter as his arms rise. Two orbs streak up his arms and disappear beneath his collar as his fingertips hover around the remaining orb, gently caressing it as if to keep it in place. He flips his hands, the ball racing around one arm, crossing over the chest and around his neck as he bobs and spins, then sprints down the other until it comes to an abrupt halt in his palm.

The palm is aimed directly towards Rena Laradyne the moment she stopped completely. "Perhaps... you would like to try, lass?" The clear orb inches forwards until it stops right on the tips of his fingers.
Rena Laradyne Rena has to admit to being minorly impressed by the contact juggling being performed by the man. She saw this once or twice in the larger shelled cities and the bustle of activity there. Her eyes trace the sphere, watching with the distracted air of something taking things in without really paying attention until the palm is extended in her direction and her perception returns to her surroundings.

She looks at the street performer for almost the first time and then looks at the sphere with a neutral and distracted expression. her lips purse faintly as she considers just turning away. After all, the best way to shut down someone is to just give them nothing to chase.

However. She did know how this goes. At least, from what she remembers. What harm could playing into the show a little do? She wasn't in a great hurry really. She was not in a great hurry to go anywhere.

Rena smiles but there is very little humor in the ashen expression as much as she tries to breathe life into it. "Alright. " She hehs very faintly, eyes crinkling at the corners as she reaches out a hand to 'chase' the ball forwards, extending her hand forwards a bit as if to push the sphere back towards him without actually expecting to touch it.
Emperor Mateus The street performer's smile widens and warms as Rena agrees to take part. The crowd shifts to include Rena onto the impromtu stage, and all eyes focus on the orb between them. His eyelids seem to sag, expression and form both relaxing as his presence almost completely negates itself.

The orb doesn't move until about an inch seperates her fingertips from its surface, then it rolls back towards his palm while maintaining that specific distance.

At this point, something almost strange occurrs. Rena would find that no matter where she moved her hand, the orb would follow and maintain the distance. The street performer is still moving, hands fluttering over and around the orb as if caressing a bird seeking to fly away, but the orb has almost seemed to take a life of its own and has quite literally stolen the show from the performer himself.
Rena Laradyne Rena is initially unnerved by the almost completely absence presence of the performer, but she takes it in stride after a few moments of recollection. As the orb takes center stage, she theorhetically is dragged into the spotlight with it but she doesn't seem to notice. Although she had been meaning to turn away at the first opportunity she finds herself fascinated by the adept performance.

She moves very slowly and calmly, 'pushing' the sphere around in slowly bolder circles. She even pushes it up and down his arm, her movements long and fluid and self-contained.

Eventually she starts to forget about the performer themselves, entranced by the simple amusement and wonder of 'chasing' the crystalline sphere as far as it will allow her to chase it. Letting everything in her mind grow still and her breathing calm as she focuses on this single activity.
Emperor Mateus The orb bobs and weaves, perfectly timed with Rena's indication and intent. Occassionally it would flitter, circling all of a sudden around an arm or a finger for just a moment, but always would it return right back to an inch away from Rena's fingertips. So long as she did not move her hand too quickly nor above the performer's height, this would seem to continue on as long as Rena wishes. But she seems to have fallen into a rhythm, one the orb seems to easily pace with.

The performer himself is silent, his movement around the orb completely unnoticed by either participant or crowd. As it should be.
Rena Laradyne And for right then.. it is good enough.

Rena takes in a deep breath as she lets her hand fall away from the orb. She regards the sphere and the entertainer levelly for a few moments before realizing the slightly hushed environment of attention turned on her. She smiles slightly in embarrassment for getting so caught up in the performance, murmuring. "Thank you." very quietly and under her breath to the performer, although her eyes and body are diverted so that she doesn't directly address him.

She takes a step back, fading back into the rest of the crowd with a shrugging of her shoulders and an adjustment of gear. After a few moments she begins to feel awkward again and so she stays for just a moment more before starting to turn away.
Emperor Mateus The orb rolls restlessly in the performer's hand as Rena's fingertips pull away, appearing to attempt following even though the proverbial spell has apparently been broken.

The performer smiles at Rena and gives her a sweeping bow more befitting of royalty, the orb racing along his limbs as if to get to the closest possible point to the Shivan. In this one moment, his presence reveals itself once more and draws the small crowd's attention back to him. He attempts to return to his routine, but the orb apparently has other ideas, coiling up his arm only to race back down to nearly run right off the end of his fingertips.

The performer looks mildly surprised by this, his eyes flicking from the orb back to the retreating Rena. "Ah, lass. Would you wait a moment?"

His other hand suddenly holds three orbs, apparently pulled out from within his sleeves, and they begin weaving and rolling around each other. The difficult orb in question is held between thumb and forefinger, the performer peering through it at Rena herself. Considering that the orb reverses an image if tried to peer through, it only enhances the almost magical appearance of the object.

"Lass, would you like to have this orb?" He asks gently, twisting his hand so the orb seems to rest on the tip of one finger outstretched towards her. "It seems to no longer acknowledge me."
Rena Laradyne Rena, her mind already turning back to it's own private realm is agitated to be disturbed again. She starts to frown as she turns back to the performer and then has to chuckle very softly.

She looks mildly annoyed but tries to keep that off her face, the annoyance melting as she can't help but be charmed by the performer's street magic. It was subtle and underplayed and she had to respect that, even if he didn't know when to quit.

Rena shifts the edge of her cloak again, reaching up as if not actually certain, staring at the crystalline sphere that she can actually have it. The Shivan knew very well that nothing was given without price, but not all worlds operate on the same rules so she smiles, although the smile is a touch wary.

"Oh? Well then, perhaps you are not as good as you silently claim." She says this in a light and teasing voice, adding. "But I'll take it off your hands, if you wish."
Emperor Mateus The performer chuckles softly. The trio of orbs in his other hand spin rapidly, pulling attention away from the conversation as the balls roil around and between fingers like ocean waves. Thus, none take note of a conversation between them.

"Ah, you misunderstand." He shifts a step closer, not crowding Rena nor distracting the crowd, but his gaze is just as soothing as his voice. "Wonder is in the eye of the beholder, lass. You connected with this orb--believed in it--and that is a wonderous thing indeed. Wonderous, but woefully fragile." He smiles sadly. "'Tis something I have rarely seen as of late."

The orb rolls into his palm, stretched out invitingly to Rena. "This is a gift from me, a simple 'thank you' for your assistance, nothing more or less. 'Tis no sorcery or trickery attached to it, though you are welcome to test it for yourself." He grins, his eyes half-closing. "For how one perceives wonder is unique to one's self."
Rena Laradyne Rena continues to have that faintly wary and speculative look to her face, but she decides not to scorn what is openly presented. Whoever they were, they certainly were worthy of the praise and attention of others.

This little demonstration had almost, for a moment, gotten her to forget about the worries and churning thoughts that had been occupying her brain of late. It was a nice feeling, however brief. Perhaps as ephemeral is the crystals he was deftly manipulating (along with the crowd) but real enough.

Rena reaches out to herd the crystal orb into her hand, slowly closing her fist around it as she inclines her head. "Well.. perhaps I have. I guess we will have to see. What name can I give you, purveyor of--" ..she smiles. "Slightly dubious wonders?"
Emperor Mateus The orb has weight in Rena's hand as the transfer is made, and it certainly feels warm to the touch--though that may be an after-effect of being used in the performance. Only she can tell.

The performer doesn't seem to mind the small vocal jabs, a smile still on his face. He juggles the other three orbs with one hand into the air, keeping the attention of the crowd focused elsewhere. It is so easy to keep attention to where the watchers want to focus it.

"You may call me Matthew. But in turn, what shall I call you," he smiles back at Rena, similarly teasing, "oh bewitcher of orbs?"
Rena Laradyne Rena looks at the still spinning orbs and then to Matthew. She looks down at the faintly warm orb, almost like a soap bubble in her hand. She slowly closes her hand around it, putting it away in the folds of her armored jacket. "Rena. " she slightly bows.

"and I will leave you to your conjurations now. Thank you." there is a teasing smile on her face as she turns and makes her way through the crowd. And for a moment.. things look actually a little bit better.

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