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(2013-03-23 - 2013-03-23)
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Maira Hours later, Maira is still sitting there in that spot, arms crossed, legs crossed, staring off into nothingness. The city guard is beginning to take notice and has approached her on a couple of occasions to ask what was wrong. She told them nothing, she was just sitting there, and they moved on. They are beginning to talk among themselves though that they would have to ask her to move soon...

Quite a few other people have apparently made up their own reasons for Maira being there and stories are flying. She's protesting. No, she's meditating. No, she's meditating on protests! No no, she's clearly attuning herself with the fire crystal to do something crazy and impressive...

She's totally just sitting there because he friends all walked off in different directs and her mind went all broken wondering what she should do now.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr returns a few hours later to find Maira. She hadn't returned for dinner, and they had to go early the next when she hadn't returned /at all/ this started to make Angantyr worry.

He walks to the place where he think he last saw Maira, finding a guard first and asking him if he's seen the fiery young woman...

And is perplexed when he see's her simply sitting down on the exact spot they left her at. Weird.

He walks slowly towards her, no weapons out, the armor and boots still make his presence loud and known a mile away...mostly because he wasn't looking to hide his presence.

"Maira? What's up? You've been here all day?"
Avira Before then, Avira did share a few words with Maira over the VALKYRI frequency to clarify the situation. Apparently Maira had come here to travel with Angantyr. Well then. Ulterior motive clearly discovered. It's a little disappointing to see just how darn fast her friend started moving in.

Given Angantyr's reaction to her, she wondered just exactly what Maira had told him too. Then again, Angantyr could be mad at her for several other reasons too-namely the whole mess with Hades. She had to talk to him, but at the same time, she kind of just wanted to...leave town.

Those hours pass and Avira doesn't hear another peep out of Maira over the linkpearl. Avira starts to worry. She refuses to leave without at least seeing her friend off either. Another round of Gather Information leaves her with a perplexing revelation. Maira hadn't moved from the spot she was left in.

The (former?) Princess of Manhattan is also quick to approach, not even pausing as she sees that Angantyr apparently had the same idea. There's a sort of resigned look on her face, "...that's what I heard. She hasn't moved."
Maira There was a not small part of her that figured Angantyr and Avira would come looking for her to see why she hadn't followed. At least Angantyr, since he was kind of expecting she was going to travel with him for a bit. Avira probably also thought Maira would be on her heels though. She'd always been on her heels before, so why would Avira doubt she'd follow now?

But she didn't. She couldn't. She just sat down where she was and waited for the universe to rearrange itself into something that made more sense.

Maira blinks, looking up toward Angantyr as he approaches. Well, there's one! She blinks. Maira then turns her head as Avira approaches from the other direction. Blink.

"Yes. I told you I was staying right here," she replies, her voice cracking. Yikes! She's really thirsty suddenly. Woops. "You guys, all walked off in separate directions. I didn't know what to do. I'm always having to make these decisions, like I have to choose between friends and I...I feel like I'm always following someone around so I just--I just sat down and haven't moved since," she explains, frowning slightly. It felt weird to say it out loud.
Angantyr Vespar "...Nobody is asking you to choose anything, I told you to go catch up with...her when I left. Rather you go with me or not is up to you, but YOU wanted to come with me." Angantyr reminds Maira, fairly even. He doesn't look at Avira quite yet, acknowledging her with a grunt and focuses on Maira for the moment.

"Sitting here in a desert city all day during the hotest part of the day is a good way to get yourself in a bed for a week." The Dark Knight says...god this situation was uncomfortable.
Avira "..." Avira frowns as not only she just illicits a grunt from Angantyr, but Maria points out that, yeah, she hasn't moved since. She didn't want to choose between friends. She didn't want to just be a follower. "Is...that how you've always felt...?" Avira asks, a frown on her face, "A tag along? Maira..."

She steals another glance at Angantyr. She wants to talk to him, clearly, and deal with this whole 'being ignored' thing-but that can wait until later.

"You've always been a friend to me. Not a...minion." She sounds uncomfortable as she says this. Like 'what have I done to let it get to this point in the first place?'
Maira "You were leaving. I needed to go somewhere else. I like Fluorgis, so I came with you," she informs Angantyr. Because really, it isn't like they ran away together, which is likely what Avira thinks. Like Maira would chance throwing away the friendship she literally went to Hell and back for. But no matter what her feelings are otherwise, Angan is a friend and she's not going to apologize for spending time with him either.

Maira takes a deep breath, trying to summon the illusive 'ASSERTIVE MAIRA'. A rare and skittish creature. To clear things up, she needs to be. "Alright, please don't interrupt me until I'm done. No you never made me feel like a minion Avira. You have been the best of friends, more than I ever hoped for. Any jealousy I have felt, which I have, is my fault and not yours in any way. Everyone has their own problems...right? If I ever faded in the background it was because I let myself. don't feel bad, alright? You've been nothing but an amazing friend. You're like a sister, except I don't ever want to kill you, which is I guess what having a sister is like from what I understand..." Right. ASSERTIVE! Not distracted!

Deep breath! "Yes I told Angantyr what happened because he woke up and he had a right to know what had happened. This included telling him about Mercade and the kiss and all that. He has made his own conclusions since. I expressed interest in going somewhere else for a little while and...and hitched a ride...because he's my friend too, even if you two don't want to talk to each other or be friends anymore....which seems to be the case, but I--well, I don't know what to do."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr doesn't say anything crossing his arms for a moment as she goes on. He looks away, a dark look crossing his face as this seems that they are going to want to deal with this /now/. Angantyr didn't want to deal with this now, this was the <GOOSEHONK>ing point of leaving Valkyri and going on the road for a bit, because he wanted time to sort through his feelings. Because they were complicated...

And now this was all being dragged out into the open so he has to deal with it, when he's freekin' not ready for it...

He rubs the side of his head, in annoyance.

"Can we not talk about this?"
Avira 'Angantyr leaving' isn't actually an unusual thing. He'd told her a while ago that he'd be leaving at some point anyway, having never had the intention of /staying/ at VALKYRI. Avira already knew of Angantyr's wanderlust and, franktly, if Angantyr stayed in one place for too long that the Judges of Archadia would find him.

She seems about to say something, but Maira requests that she be given the chance to talk without interruption. Avira honors that, threading her fingers behind her back as she waits.

Maira has been her first friend, she would say, but does not interject. There is, nonetheless, a sad look on her face as she did wish she could have told Angantyr in her own words what had happened in the Underworld. "...I don't know where Angantyr and I stand right now, Maira, we haven't had the chance to /talk/ about it yet."

She looks over at Angantyr as his annoyance grows. Avira responds in kind and she whirls on him, a fierce look in her eyes. "We're /going/ to have to talk about it at some point because I refuse to run away from it like some <GOOSEHONK> chicken-wuss."

Calming slightly, she looks to Maira with an apologetic look on her face. "I'm sorry. I'm not going to make you choose between the two of us. I respect your need to go somewhere else for a little while." In fact, she thinks at this point it might do them both some good if they spend some time away from each other for a little while. Maira could grow. Avira could figure out her inner strength again. "Just don't get yourself in too much trouble, alright? I'm going to leave town this afternoon...there's a lead I need to follow up on for a..."

She thinks of Skoll for a moment. Skoll and his collar and those Gaia sisters, "...for a friend."
Maira Maira sighs. "I'm sorry Angantyr," she says. "I'm sorry Avira. Don't talk to each other if you don't want to. But I'm...I don't want either of you to think I'm choosing one over the other and I'm always going to worry what the other one thinks--cause I do that. I worry. And...and I can't hide anything, even when I try to, and maybe I ruined everything and--" Maira cuts off, taking a breath.

Then, she stands, turning first to Avira, her eyes sad. "You don't have to be sorry for anything. I'm okay. I just...I just don't...want things to go...bad," she says. Words are hard okay!? She takes a few steps to hug Avira, even as she yells at Angantyr...well, she'll just step back and let her do that.

"Sorry for making you both worry. I'll this way and give you some space..." she says then, backing up, as she can't imagine Angan and Avira aren't going to get into a fight now and she wants to give them their privacy.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr grumbles at the words, "Really? Did you just /really/ say that to /me/. I'm sorry, /princess/ if I'm having a hard time not trying to lay into you about what you did, or trying to arrange my head so I don't verbally tear you apart. I'm /SORRY/ That I am not the wordsmith Mercade is, and that I need time to think about what I have to say, instead of spitting out the bile and hate that I do when I don't take a step back. I'd thought you'd understand my position, but it's just another lie I see." Angantyr says, Avira wanted to force the comforntation, by calling Angantyr out.

Well here it is. "What do you want me to say? Oh it's okay, go ahead and make out with Mercade, the guy who sits around thinking things are going to just work out if you have a song on your lips and not a goddamn thought in his head. How /freeking/ long did it even take him to man the hell up to even tell you how he felt. How long did it even take him to do what he had to do? Do you know how much I put up with, trying /not/ to rip his goddamn head off when he told me off about Morrighan? Do you have in INKING of the pain I went through because your little friend mage SCREWED ME! Infront of /my master/!? Do you? I bleed, repeatedly, for you and your idiot little friends, and when I need time to try and be the bigger man, you /throw it in my face/." Angantyr just unloads, having had it bottled for some time. "And then you immediately turn around and spare that <GOOSEHONK> Ember. How many times did I put my neck on the line against her? Just to have you feel sorry for the little traitor?!"

"I am not angry because of some schoolhouse romance, Avira, I am /increadibly angry/ because you couldn't at least bring yourself to tell me when you had the chance. I wasn't going anywhere, except bleeding out. You couldn't even give me a <GOSEHONK>ing radio message. No, I had to find out from Maira. I had to find out from your best friend. After all the other crap I just had to go through, because you couldn't trust me with the truth, I'm a little <GOOSEHONK>ing angry."

"Is it fair? I have no freekin' idea. It's how I feel, and it's probably not going to change without time, but hey. YOU wanted to call me on it. So here we are! Happy? Cuz I sure the <GOOSEHONK> ain't."
Avira "I'm not. It's not like there's some rule that says you can't be friends with two people who aren't okay with each other." Avira mumbles. "We'll just-" Maira steps in to hug her and, after a moment, she hugs her back. Her grip turns into a tighter one and she pulls her back from stepping away, guiding her back over to Angantyr.

"You don't need to go anywhere. I need to go somewhere. /I/ need to clear my head." she emphasizes. "Yeah, we need to talk, but that talk sure as hell isn't happening right here in the middle of a freaking town."

Oh how wrong Avira is, apparently.

She turns on him, staring, rather taken aback, trying to interject, "It's not a lie, Angantyr-I-"

She looks shocked. This was not what she had expected, not after that conversation between them months ago about matters of the heart. He was right, though...he did need the time to think so this didn't happen.

There was one thing she took issue with though. "...I don't feel sorry for Ember." she points out angrily. "After all she's done to us, I don't feel sorry for the position she's stuck herself in at all. But..."

She sucks in a breath and looks to the ground. "I should have sent you a radio message after I got back from the Underworld, but I was afraid. I was afraid of how you'd react. I was afraid of your continuing reaction to my whole mess with Hades to begin with. You've got every right to be angry. So be angry." she looks up, "I'm going to be elsewhere."

She turns away and walks off, "Maira, my frequency is always open."
Maira Yeah...yeeeah....that explosion was about what she had expected. Though a few of the things he says feel as though they are aimed at her as well. Idiot little friends? Was...that her? She assumes so. It hurts, even if she knows Angantyr has a bad temper and probably didn't mean everything he still hurts. She knows she not terribly smart, but thinking Angan thinks she's an idiot is a bit much.

Then, Ember. Avira hadn't killed Ember on sight but she didn't forgive her either. Maira had. On this, she had to speak, even if her eyes are filling with tears. "I--I forgive Ember. I can't trust her...but I forgive her...because I believe she's really sorry and wants to make up for what she's done...and I think people deserve a second chance when they've <GOOSEHONK>'d up," Oh goodness Angan is rubbing off on her. "So if you want to yell at someone about Katyna it should be /me/," she says, facing Angantry and crossing her arms as if that would help her at all.

Maira looks to Avira as she begins to walk away, frowning deeply. She feels terrible. "O-okay Avira...take care okay..." she says, then prepares to take some of Angan's anger.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr releases a breath after Avira walks off. He waits, for a moment, and then just roars, turning towards the nearest wall and PUTTING his fist through it in absolute frustration and anger. It takes the edge off it...but he is still really angry.

Its beyond frustraiting. He pulls his bloody hand out of the wall, staring at the city guard that comes to check on the noise, and shakes his head. He doesn't say anything, he can't form a rational sentence right now...and he knew the last thing he needed was to deal with this. Everyone wanted something...he was remembering when his life was simpler, without the crap that these relationships brought to him.
Maira What, nothing? Just punching a wall? Not that that didn't pretty clearly display how he felt about the whole thing! Still, he /really/ didn't need to be that harsh on Avira. He's hurt, he's pissed, she gets it. But some things can't be unsaid.

Maira swallows hard and just stands there, looking at the blood that drips from his fist. She's not going to offer to heal something he did to himself out of anger, though she might at least make sure he had a salve or something so it didn't get infected and--bah!

"Well? Are you going to yell at me over Ember? Or do you need more ammunition? Because you were a real jerk to Avira. She hurts too. But...but you guys will have to sort it...or not..." its clear she can't help them. Some lessons are very painful.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr turns his gaze right towards Maira.

He looks at her for a long moment, and then... "Go home." He says, and turns away. "Go home with Avira." And he starts walking. "If I have to be the bad guy here, then whatever. Just go home!"
Maira "UGH," she says, throwing her hands up in frustration. "I never said you were the bad guy! I just said you acted like a jerk, there is a difference! No one is the bad guy, or girl! But...but we take responsibility for our actions, right? I'm trying to! I thought I had to come clean and in doing so I upset you and Avira even more and I feel horrible about it! I'm....I'm a big jerk too."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr pauses for a moment, putting the bloody hand to his head, trying to keep his cool. It was becoming increasingly difficult.

"When people say, they don't want to talk about something, maybe...and I am going to go on a limb her, just /maybe/ they don't want to talk about something. It's like I Ask you to respect my feelings on the subject, and instead you not only pushed the issue, but are now saying I am a jerk."

"What do you want me to say? I'm sorry? I'm not. I am increadibly angry about this, I am...nevermind. Just...I'm done."
Maira "I didn't make you talk about it!" she shoots back. "A-and I'm sorry for calling you a jerk," she adds, looking down at her feet for a moment. "I thought you were harsh. And /I'm/ sorry but that probably isn't going to make any difference so--I guess you can just...just be mad at me. But you should disinfect that hand or its going to get all yucky and---and fall off or something."

Yeah, you tell him.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr looks at Maira for a long moment.

Just put on Elevator stuck right now. I am too lazy to get the <GOOSEHONK>ing song for you.

He just stares at her for a looooong time. "...You are increadibly bad at this, /still/." Angantyr says, directly. He looks at her for another few moments. "I am going to get dinner." he just announces, and turns.
Maira Maira slumps. Well, she can't deny that she's bad at this, but /still/? When has she been in this situation before!?

She sighs heavily. "Yeah. I know

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