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(2013-03-23 - Now)
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Shiki Misaki "Shiki, I accept that sometimes you make friends and you have 'em come over for coffee, but EVEN I HAVE LIMITS!"

All hundred-plus members of the Enchanted Tiki Room- save one- are currently in the WildKat cafe. And, y'know, the WildKat cafe isn't a... small place.

Shiki can't do anything other than look kind of embarrassed and stand next to the counter. Several singing bird-of-paradise plants are draped all over Mr. Hanekoma, who looks kind of stupid all things considered.

"But Mr. H! They don't have anywhere else to go!"
"Could you not find them some nice trees? Or dirt?"

Yeah, we never really thought this through. Now we've got toucans in the breadbin, tiki gods swinging from the light fixtures and hummingbirds drinking the coffee.

"And if I find feathers in my food again, I might just explode."

Then, outside, something explodes.

"Or someone could beat you to it!"
Leida Despite her better judgement, Leida has tagged along again on this feathery adventure. Atleast this time she isn't hung over. The cacophanous noise of the various birds and tiki gods is giving her a headache nonetheless.

The small girl sits on a chair near the middle of the room. The table infront of her is an assortment of multi-colored feathers and beaks filled with a dozen pairs of beady black eyes that stare up at her with questioning looks. The prime real estate of her shoulders was too good to pass up and another four are perched about her face with another standing between the sharp prongs of the horns atop her head.

"Shiki-chan... surely there is a zoo or park we could take them to..."

The explosion draws her attention away from the staring match and like a gaggle of mimics the birds all rotate their heads in sync with the girl to peer out into the street. "What was that?"
Myla Mason The Tiki room crew has got huge, well it was huge but not i's mostly back together again right? So here Myla is once more she ws just chilling out enjoying some of the food from the cafe. Some of the dishes were a lot like the fair back home and that kinda brightened her mood at least untill there's the explosion out side.

"By Levithians coil, can't I even enjoy a meal these days?"

She sets her payment doen and then she stalks for the outside pulling her pistols as she goes.
Nagetta Nagetta hasn't seen Shiki in a while so she decided to drop by. She looks all the birds intently, it was almost like a free buffet. Of course she figures Shiki would be upset if she did try to eat them, so the lamia tries to resist the urge. She hears the loud explosion before turning her head.
Ramza Beoulve He couldn't help but smile. They weren't trying to be surreptitious unlike in China, and the atmosphere was more relaxed, albeit slightly chaotic.

He was leaning against the wall of the Wildkat cafe, arms crossed, allowing Shiki to deal with the proprietor this time. He certainly wasn't exempt from being a perch though, for at least two smaller tropical budgies were insisting on his head being a better perch than his pauldrons.

The Tiki apocalypse of Wildkat Cafe had reached an almost frenzied pitch, and he was just taking it all in stride. In fact he was venturing to greet Nagetta, for she was an unfamiliar face and a being that he'd never seen before. "Well met M'lady, might I hav..."


He might have known. Nothing ever remained calm for long around him, and already he was striding outside the front door and onto the street, to see what exactly was attacking them.
Shiki Misaki "We don't like to be put in bird cages, but the perch would be nice..." says Michael.

Shiki is desperate not to laugh at the fact that there are birds perched on Leida's horns. She loses it when they all look outside at the same time, although she notes between giggles that "Oh my gosh, I shouldn't, I shouldn't laugh, that's so wrong" to herself.

Most of the Tiki birds have stayed away from Nagetta with good cause, although Rongo has offered her some fruit (as usual). They're happy for the distraction by Ramza... less so the distraction from outside.

Shiki slowly steps over birds and flowers, raising her legs up high as she treads to the door and peers outside.


Something tall, wooden and ripe with the power of darkness is dragging its heels slowly towards the Clock Tower. Her body is stooped, head-dress dry and ragged, and an aura of purple-black energy smothers her tightly.

It's Uh-Oa, the tiki goddess of disaster! And she's... not heading to the cafe? No, she's flung a ball of darkness at the tower... and the Cloister of Trials underneath it.

"Mmmm... who dares... challenge the Tiki gods? When you mess with Polynesia... this Tiki god'll squeeze ya!"

"Oh, this is bad," chips Jose.
Emi Dennou "Or perhaps some sort of park." Imi has come along today. Hooray! "Some sort of...theme park."

Omi is trying her best to sit down in one of the cafe's chairs and look like she's uninvolved. A bird is sitting on her head, so this makes it a little more difficult than she'd like. "What's she doing...? We're not even there." Omi murmurs to herself.
Leida Leida fails to notice the fact that Shiki is having a giggle-fit over her strange situation in the commotion. The sudden surge in darkness makes her skin crawl as the energy surrounding the tiki goddess becomes more noticable through her connection with the shadows but since Uh-Oa seems to be heading elsewhere, she is not immediately concerned. They handled her quite handily in the past, after all.

The small girl instead turns her head towards Imi and the birds all follow suit, resulting in a dozen pair of curious stares leveled at the Dennou. "What is a theme park, Imi-chan?"
Ramza Beoulve Surveying the wooden figure, he noted that didn't look quite as puissant and menacing as last time. Wielding the power of darkness apparently had taken its toll upon Uh-Oa.

He gave her a shrewd look, as he stroked his chin. She wasn't heading in their direction, but he still sought to address her. "Uh-Oa. Do you see now what your ill-conceived plan has wrought? The force you seek to control is beyond your ken. I'd prefer that we treat affably before someone is truly harmed by your actions."

Ramza hadn't met Imi, but he realized immediately she was another node of the network. Omi on the other hand, he acknowledged with a nod.... And hoped that she wasn't concealing any sharp objects.

After a time, he would venture towards Shiki and and the Macaws with her, as it was likely they'd be the focus of Uh-Oa's wrath if she turned on them.
Nagetta The birds talked? Nagetta was a bit confused by this as turns her head is still turned outside. She watches as Ramza leaves, wondering what he was going to say to her. Shiki seems to join hm and the lamia decides to make her way outside as well. Was something going on out there? She notices the tall wooden figure. "Did I miss something here?" She's not quite fully sure.
Myla Mason Myla Mason just wnted to have something to eat, that's all she wanted. She's now not going to get a chance prehaps to try these japenaese dishes the owner had spoken of in any short order. She's one rather annoyed Pirate relly as she stalks out side to see the force of Tiki and he stares there's quite a bit too it.

"We best get ready...because there's not parley with something like this."
Shiki Misaki Despite the cafe being packed to the tailfeathers with birds, yes, Uh-Oa hasn't noticed it at all. Instead she just flings another ball of darkness at the clock tower! Mr. Mew pulls out his machete and swings it back and forth, and Shiki looks at him and nods.

"Remember we told you Uh-Oa used to be the Tiki Gods' bodyguard?" says Pierre.
"Or bodyguard," adds Jose.
"She used to dole out curses and disasters to anyone who challenged the gods' sovereignity," says Fritz.
"They settled down to make a band instead... but she was always a little 'huhu'," declares Michael.

"If the powers of darkness have control of her... that anger might be all that she has left."

Uh-Oa looks at Ramza, but does not see. She doesn't seem like she's rational any more, in fact, the dark power surrounding her almost as thick as a fog. Letting out an unearthly wail, she holds up her arms and a burning tropical wind rushes around her body!
Ramza Beoulve The searing wind hits him head on, and he'd wrap his cloak around himself in order to try and fend it off.

Raising a hand, he'd begin an incantation. "Precious light, be our armor and protect us. Silent light, shield us from all iniquity." A shimmering purple barrier would appear around the pair, the Macaws, and Mister Mew before becoming entirely translucent, almost imperceptible to the naked eye.

Given Uh-Oa's irrationality, he began to believe that she was possessed, much as she in turn had possessed Long in China. "If reason no longer guides you, then I'll grant you succor from your madness."
Emi Dennou "A theme park is where people go to have fun," Imi looks towards the screen and says, in a zombie like monotone, "The best theme park in the world is Disney World." She looks back to Leida, and normally adds, "That was the viewers. Anyway--"

DARKNESS ATTACK! Imi goes flying into some chairs.


Omi says, "HM.... if it's some sort of super bird monster... we'll just have to take it on with proper weapons." Omi says, straightening as she draws out from her equipment drawer...

HUNTING RIFLE (and laughing dog).

She snap loads hte gun, spins her body, and fires off a pair of shots for the bird! If she misses, though, that dog will laugh and demoralize everybody!!
Nagetta Nagetta coils herself up, doing her best to keep the wind from knocking over. She would have to ask questions later, it was time to fight right now. She does her best to ensnare Uh-Oa in attempt to keep her from reaching the tower. Maybe she could bring her down so it was easier for the others to hit her.
Leida The birds perched on and around Leida are all blown clear away into the back of the cafe in a storm of feathers and squawks as she is beset by the scorching winds. The demon girl manages to resist the fell magic's powerful gusts, leaning into the winds with both arms crossed over her face protectively. Her hair ripples out in a wave of shimmering black from the unnatural zephyr but even as the winds die down the princess' mane continues to flutter in an invisible current of power as she keys up for battle.

A faint nimbus of purple light glimmers in silhouette about her body as Leida extends her control into the shadows. A quick glance around for her bow reveals nothing, its form likely scattered and buried beneath the menagerie of jungle birds. Frowning slightly, the girl instead draws on her dark magic to cloak herself and the Dennou sisters in shadows, making their forms hazy and transparent.

"Imi-chan! Are you alright?"
Myla Mason Myla Mason is not fast enough but she does lob a grande full of oil at the tiki god. She backs off for a moment then flicks a selector on her pistol and she smirks.

"Poor choice of physical shell tiki goddess."

She then opens fire with several bursts of flame intent to set the being on fire even as she herself is strike by one of it's attacks, which is rather burning winds. She's kinda singed at the moment.
Shiki Misaki Shiki Misaki begins quickly picking the birds off of her hat and back inside, then shuts the door quickly when the scalding wind strikes her and buffets the front of the WildKat. Thankfully, Mr. Mew has a shield courtesy of Ramza!

"Alright. This was bound to happen eventually, wasn't it?

"Omi," she says, holding her player pin up to let her touch it. "Make a pact with me?"

Mr. Mew has acquired a cup for a hat and he wants to do some whittling. He's going to weave over to Uh-Oa and attempt to hit her in the ankles with his machete an awful lot. Mew the giant-killer!?

Uh-Oa spins her torch like a juggling dancer and deflects the bullets! Does that mean the dog laughs at us or not? When Nagetta grabs onto her, however, she manages to wrap around the Tiki goddess' neck, which is actually pretty good at choking her for a moment! However, Heartless quickly appear to try and knock her off!

More of them begin to appear, mostly Cymbal Monkeys, who run around at a fair clip banging their cymbals together and creating clashing thunderclaps. Uh-Oa adds to the chaos with sharp-edged flower petals.
Nagetta Nagetta loses her grip on Uh-Oa's neck and starts to plummet to the ground below. "Whoa!" She quickly draws her spear as she tries to bounce downwards safely to the ground below. She cringes a bit as she hears the cymbals, they were awfully loud. While she springs off the tiki she attempts to heal the wounds the wounds inflict by the heartless, by extracting their life force.
Ramza Beoulve Monkeys! Why did the Heartless have to be so noisy? Again, he'd raise his cloak to try and ward off the storm of flower petals, but their razor edges sheared through it like it was not but thin parchment. Picking up a large rock, he'd throw it at her in the midst of the onslaught, the throw going wide.

He'd then try to seize control of the winds from her with a Geomancer's trick, coaxing the storm of razor sharp petals to reverse and fly straight back at her, causing them to slice right into the Cymbal Monkeys and Uh-Oa herself. Raising his other hand, he'd speak an incantation. "Strike the Ground with Glittering Blades!"

A moment later, dark clouds overhead rumble and a bolt of nature's fury would arc and zip straight into Uh-Oa, zapping her and the primate heartless.

He'd then draw forth his cinqueda, /grass/ from its scabbard, and stand in front of Shiki. "I don't know how one makes a pact with you M'lady, but the two of you had best be swift!"
Emi Dennou "A pact?" Omi asks. She is a bit hesitant. "What is a pact?"

Mr. Hanekoma helpfully provides a tutorial on pacts. Time and space freezes for this tutorial so despite it being a fair bit of dialogue nothing really happens in this time.

"Hmm..." Omi considers. "I don't know..."

Imi is thrown through the air by a symbal monkey @_@. "I'm fine Leida-Cha---" She hazily crashes into a wall @_@.

"Tch... THe Network supposes there is no choice. Let's do this." She pokes the player pin with one hand--

--and unleashes a hefty swath of electrical power for the creature with her other arm! Hazily.
Myla Mason Myla Mason looks abotu at her allies s the Naga dragoon? Holy cow, she's got to tell Dragoon man about that the next time she encountes the super hero. As for Ramza and his comrades he's striking prety hard but as for her she's not feeling so good. She feels ill and is attemping not to purge herself of whatever she's been aflicted with as a sphere of water seems to envlop her.
Leida The crash of the cymbals sends waves of magical sound rippling through the enclosed space and Leida staggers as the high-pitch clangs resonant through her body, rattling her bones painfully. Being difficult to see is no ward against such an unfocused attack. She attempts to turn her own powers against the deafening sounds but the shadows are unable to muffle so many sources at once.

After a few harrowing moments there is a break in the noise which allows her to move over to Imi, bending down to slide a supportive arm around her back and help her up. "Do not worry, Imi-chan. I will protect you."

Without her weapon and with her hands occupied, Leida has little choice but to call on the darkness for support. The shadow projected by the small girl congeals into a dark oily mass that surges up her legs and pools together on her back. From this an arm of tenebreous shadows emerges and shoots out to swat at the nearest of the Heartless monkies. Wickedly curved talons claw towards them, gouging deep ravines in the floor as they slam into the ground and drag through their ranks. Angry patches of dark fire erupt from the wounds left behind though their flames do not set anything ablaze.
Shiki Misaki Augh! Way too many Heartless! But Shiki can't let them get close to WildKat on principle, so she moves forward to meet them. Until she has a pact she just has to kick at them to keep them off, which doesn't work very well!

But once the pact is formed, Shiki finds herself synchronised with the Network and all of that awesomecoolness, giving her extra pin power! She uses it to create her Lance Lunge psych using the Nikkari pin.

With the lance's thrust she can cut through the Heartless! And then, using Love Me Tether, she can push through to Uh-Oa to entangle her. If this ties down the Tiki Goddess, it'll let Ramza strike her much more easily.

However, such things come with a price, and that price is anger! Uh-Oa engages in a war of geomancy with Ramza, wrestling control of the storm from him and creating her own thunder and lightning! This storm can deflect any further attacks against her, but the heartless are just as likely to be swept up where Leida and Nagetta can easily pounce on them and destroy them.

Just make sure you don't get a shock too! Uh-Oa roars out-- or is she crying?!
Ramza Beoulve Unfortunately, Ramza was only slightly more skilled at Geomancy than a dabbler. The Tiki goddess easily wrested control back for him, and he began to feel the full force of her fury. As lightning struck him, he'd spasm, and fall to his knees, dropping his blade. The once translucent barrier now appeared like a purple, fractured glass. The enchantment itself was obviously taking a beating.

As he saw the cloud rumble ominously once again, he'd give Shiki and Mister Mew a sidelong, he'd do something that any sane person would consider insane under the circumstances. He picked back up his blade and hurriedly raised it to the air, using it not unlike a lightning rod to make himself a more tempting target for the lightning.

It worked, but Ho boy, it hurt.

His armor was already sizzling and blackened, with wisps of smoke rising from it. Somehow his hair had escaped the fate of becoming frazzled by the assault, in fact it looked the same as it always did. Clutching his chest, he'd coax one of the Chakra points close to his heart to open with his chi, a simple Monk's trick he'd learned long ago, before he shakily spoke an incantation. "Life's refreshing breeze..." A cough. "...give new life to the soul." A wind would blow through the area, bringing renewal unto him and healing some of his wounds, but he was obviously still hurting.
Emi Dennou "Ghnn!" Omi grunts as the Tiki Goddess parriest her electrical blast, and returns fire with her own. Rather than deflect or absorb it, she Omi keeps the electricity crackling around her form, dropping down into a crouch as if she intended to take a breather.

"Oi Shiki..." She breathes out, "Pass that Light Puck over here. The Network's current power isn't enough to pierce its defenses!"

Will the tutorial be able to be completed?! The dog in the corner there is laughing up a storm! Perhaps even literally with all the nature magic being flung about.

Imi continues to be @_@ed. She says, "...'kay." @_@
Shiki Misaki "Got it! Mr. Mew, keep 'em..."

Mr. Mew is gripping onto a cymbal monkey by the ears and is riding it like a bronco. It looks very distressed.

"OK, keep doing that! What is that cat like...?"

Shiki ker-toss! "Take it!"
Myla Mason There are quite a few brave souls today Omi, Shiki, Ramza the lamai whom name she doesn't know but a civilized monster, won't the wonders of these strange worlds ever cease? She however is channeling now she's got a plan in mind but it may take a little more time but does she have such time? She will just have to hope she does, as she opens fire with her pistols laying down fire upon the Tiki God. Even as she's struke by lighing, the firing stops after that as the young lady tries to recover from the injyry not to mention the pain.
Nagetta Nagetta's spear is fairly conductive to electricity so it's not too much of a surprise when she gets shocked. She tries to brace herself but doesn't seem to have much luck in doing so. She jumps up quite high as she tries to leap onto Uh-Oa shoulder trging to inject poison into her as she does.
Leida The shadowy claw tears up the place but its movements are stiff and clumsy as if Leida has little control over it and the agile Heartless easily dance about the flailing limb as it tries to crush them beneath the flames. Leida grits her teeth from the combined effort of keeping Imi on her feet and wielding the deadly magic, her weak physical frame taxed along with her willpower.

Trying a different tactic, the princess sends her arm crashing into the assortment of chairs and tables inside the cafe, shotgunning them at the monkies as they explode into dark fire. Wisps of eldritch green flame also wink to life throughout the Wildkat as she calls up the spirits of the dead trapped within her body, unleashing their cursed forms into the crowd. The fireballs zip back and forth, attempting to slam bodily into the Heartless and ricochet among them like crazed ping-pong balls.
Shiki Misaki Shiki winces. Ramza... she can't let this go on much longer!

So with the light puck ready, she prepares for her combo attack.

Myla stands firm in the storm, blasting away at Uh-Oa and the Heartless and sending scorching blows at the goddess until a REALLY scorching blow knocks her down. Likewise for Nagetta, who really gets a serious shock. She tries to bite down on her, but she might be in for a surprise as Uh-Oa's made of really solid wood!

"Hey! My chairs!" shouts Hanekoma. He's quite upset at that. He's not going to argue with Leida though, especially when she creates a soulnado of fireballs and chairs to hammer the Heartless. Frightening.

It certainly seems to frighten Uh-Oa, who is being tossed first down to the ground by Myla's attack and then juggled back up again. Her body floating limply, the darkness around her crackles with power as the power rages out of control!
Ramza Beoulve In the midst of Uh-Oa's relentless assault, he would reach to his belt, and throw what appeared to be a glass bottle. It shattered beneath Uh-Oa, coating the ground with amber fluid but missing the floating Tiki goddess entirely. It hardly mattered though, given what he had planned.

Breathing raspily, he would speak with conviction, despite his obviously injured state. "If destruction is to be your destiny, then I will burn it away."

Reaching to his side, he would rip away the peaceknot upon the saya of his katana. Raising his opposite hand, he'd began to feel the heat of magical energy gather in his fingertips. "Star fire, awaken and deliver your judgement!"

From the sky, a great holocaust would descend upon the Cymbal Monkeys, consuming them in swirling orange flames, but his focus was now solely upon Uh-Oa. Sliding out his blade just a small fraction out of the way from the saya, he'd begin to charge forward towards the Tiki goddess. As he did so, he closed his eyes for a moment to focus upon the spirit that lay within the sword. It may have seemed the folly of a feckless youth to charge at such a powerful being, but at the last moment he dove to his knees, and drew out the Katana in one swift movement. "Flame-Devouring blade, consume all evil! Chirijiraden!"

From the blade would spring forth an eruption of ghastly blue flame, covering the area around the Tiki goddess with a hungry blaze. Anything it touched, the flames would continue to consume, raging like Greek Fire.
Emi Dennou The green aura ripples around Omi. She cricks her neck, that electrical aura from the Tiki Goddess still rippling around her.

She's going to have to run in close if she wants to do this without damaging anything in the cafe. She runs towards the Tiki Goddess, aiming to close into melee, a small pin drawing into her hands--a cash pin?? From a previous adventure, it seems. She swings her hand back and then slams it forward, as if palm stalking the Tiki Goddess--with the pin as conductor.

Electricity crackles around Omi's eyes before she says, "Take it!"

She unleashes a point blank railgun shot, the pin focusing as its center--though its not quite full strength--the light puck might make it notably more potent anyway!

After the strike, the puck bounces back towards Shiki lazily.
Myla Mason Myla Mason could have been something other than what she's chosen so far. She is a poential Tide Caller and has manfested some of the powers of such and this is such of time to make use of what she knows she can do. She calls upon the ater in the air, the water that's always there so long as there's life though a fire hyrdan ot two bursts near by the water being pulled to Myla by he poers and then she turns it upon the Tiki god with the full fury of her fallen world's seas.

Leida Leida turns so as to shield her friend's body from the storm of power that rolls off the distraught tiki goddess. The cries of the proprietor's annoyance at her abuse of his furniture fall on deaf ears. She doesn't have a lot of choices available to her at the moment. Fortunately, the tactic works so she didn't just destroy a bunch of chairs for nothing, that probably would have made it more challenging to dismiss his whining later.

The shadows rise up around the two girls, masking their forms as faint silhouettes behind a wall of darkness and this time the demonic magic is successful in warding off the danger though the strain causes Leida to break out in a cold sweat.

Dropping her guard, Leida unleashes another surge of darkness and a wave of black flame erupts from the spindly shadow arm to assault their foe. More fallen souls wink to life in the air and they swarm towards Uh-oa, joining into the spinning wave of blue fire called forth by Ramza's spirit blade and staining it with streaks of green that lash out with dark curses in addition to the purging flames.
Nagetta Nagetta watches as Omi releases electric attacks and throws her own spear at Uh-Oa to help conduct them. The lamia takes a breather of moment, she's getting pretty beat up here. The tiki god certainly could put up a fight that was sure. Hopefully, the combined firepower from everyone was enough to bring it down.
Shiki Misaki Wow, what a light show!

Omi and Nagetta combine their attacks in a rather effective fashion. The Tiki Goddess' aura of darkness tries to lash away the spear, but it attracts lightning towards it and it creates a lightning strike that sends Uh-Oa into a spin!

Flames both dark and light purge the heartless in the battlefield, as well as Uh-Oa when she crashes to the ground. Then Myla breaks open fire hydrants (one of which has a tongue) to not only douse the flames, but quench the disastrous goddess and quench her furious flame.

Uh-Oa collapses to the ground, like a puppet with her strings cut. The darkness rolls and rises like the mist that's now all over the place, a Massive Possessor rising out of her body and disintegrating into black flames.

Uh-Oa spits out a stream of water, her headdress soggy and her torch guttered. She rubs her forehead... and then her shoulder. Ow! Someone bit her!

"What a frightful mess, and a real washout! You really pack a lot of clout!"

WildKat's door pops open as Jose, Pierre, Fritz and Michael peek their beaks out and flap over. Slowly, more and more of the Tiki Room's birds and flowers, drummers, totem poles and the Tiki Gods begin to filter out.

"Uh-Oa? Are you feeling alright?"
"Oh, my head's far too soggy. I really feel quite groggy."
Emi Dennou Omi looks towards Ramza. "It seems that the power of violence has saved us once again, The Network marvels at its versatile nature."

Imi rubs the back of her neck. "Thanks Leida, that really surprised me, haha."
Ramza Beoulve Seeing that Uh-Oa had regained control, the young heretic closes his eyes, and forces the spirit of the blade into dormancy, quenching any flames that Myla's assault hadn't managed on their own. He'd then slide the naked length of folded steel back into its saya.

After a short time, he rose shakily to his feet, and began to limp back towards the group. "W-Well done, all of you."

He'd seat himself down beside Omi after a while, trying not to appear quite as injured as he actually is. "Communicate between the Network's nodes that I would prefer not to have to activate violence executables. Unfortunately at times it is the only, uh, programming language that some beings can process."

Apparently he was learning /something/ from having Omi around all the time.
Nagetta Nagetta picks up her spear off of the ground before looking around, "So what was that all about anyways?" It seems she's been out of the loop here. Maybe someone could explain it to her. She waves to Shiki and the sisters now that things have calmed down a bit.
Leida The tiki goddess falls and as the dark presence lifts from her body, Leida goes limp from the exertion of wielding her own fell powers. The fire and darkness fade and gutter in a flash and the haunting will-o-wisps wink out one after the other. Her shadowy arm retracts into the bubbling mass on her back which promptly melts back into a proper shadow at her feet once more.

The girl staggers back against a nearby wall. Unable to let go of Imi in time, she ends up dragging the both of them down into a seated position. Leida gives a sigh of relief at and a bright smile to her friend upon being thanked. "Do not mention it, Imi-chan. I was just doing what I wanted to do."

Her gaze drifts back over to Uh-oa. "I wonder what manner of misfortune caused her to become possessed like that."
Shiki Misaki "The same misfortune that befalls us all- the Heartless," Michael says.

The members all gather around Uh-Oa. The whole crew is reunited at last, by your actions.

"We were lost in the darkness when they took our Enchanted Tiki Room..."
"But you helped. You gathered us all together again, saved us, and freed us from the darkness."

"If only you had a home to go back to..." says Shiki.

Then, suddenly, a light glitters...

Forming out of nowhere, a little point of white shines mightily and sparkles in mid-air. It floats down and down, and Shiki gently takes it into her palm.

The light forms into a Hawaiian triple twist pendant... with a tiny shard in the middle.

"Is this...?" Shiki says, the light illuminating her face.
"That pendant... a combination of cultures, and a twisted tie of friendship. And... a world shard..." Jose says.
"/Our/ world shard," Uh-Oa says. "I'm sure of it!"

Shiki gasps, and then holds it close to her chest. "A shard sought...."
Myla Mason Myla Mason has to appriove of the puns at this pint she's a bit drained from the force of the magic she's brought to bear in this fight. She looks over to Ramza, the members of the Network and everyone else. She's looking a bit tired at th is point. "Really..." She frowns a little bit thinking of her own world, will they see any of it again? She honestly doesn't know.
Ramza Beoulve He would watch the proceedings with a smile. They didn't have a world to return to, but the group had reunited countless friends, and freed many of them from the grip of darkness. That counted for something in the grand scheme of things, didn't it? When Nagetta asked what was going on, he'd politely smile at her. "M'lady, we'd been attempting to save these beings from the darkness that consumed their world. Uh-Oa had been possessed by it, and sought to turn them into heartless. They were scattered, and now their reunion is complete."

And then a light twinkles and glitters, descending, and Ramza could only watch wide-eyed.

What was it? What was a world shard? He didn't know, but he extrapolated the meaning quickly enough. To the tiki gods, it meant a way home. To Ramza, it meant /hope/ for the future of Ivalice. /Hope/ for finding Alma. While he watched with interest, he had to wipe away tears that were already streaking his face.

It could be done.

And that was all he needed to know, to place finding the world shards for his wartorn and darkness enshrouded world as one of his top priorities.
Sora There's an elephant in the room.

No, wait.

That's Sora.

The young Keyblade Wielder, not far away from the group, looks confused when he feels a little pull, deep in his chest. He blinks. Then, wandering away, towards the group, he immediately falls into a interesting scene, his eyes immediately zeroing in on Shiki, where she stands with the shard.


Sora tries to sound casual about it, he really does. However, there's nothing casual about the way that he carefully makes his way towards them, the Keyblade appearing in his grip as he twirls it around, before settling into his familiar two handed stance, hefting the keyblade up as a glow sparks at it's tip, before a sharp light goes out to hit the World Shard.

Speaking of, "Hi!"
Shiki Misaki Somewhere, a little while ago, the hero of another story was probably involved in something incredible and huge. He probably fought Heartless and overcame dangers and did all sorts of things that we'll never know about, which brought us to where we are now and this story to where it ended up.

Probably, anyway. Who can tell?

"S-sora!" Shiki says, seeing a face she hasn't seen in quite a long time. She wonders immediately if he's found some friends. She's so caught up in it, in fact, that she doesn't notice the keyblade striking the pendant, and the Enchanted Tiki Room's world shard inside.

Nagetta "I see, we really need to find who's been created these World Shards to begin with." Nagetta figures they had to come from somewhere. She doubts the Heartless were just creating them on their own. "Hello..." She greets Sora, sounded a bit shy, she doesn't think that she's met him before.
Ramza Beoulve He watched the proceedings with interest. Why was everyone so familiar with the young man? What was the giant key in his hand, and why was it interacting with the world shard? His other questions involved why the young man had such oversized shoes and such a strange hairstyle, but those were inquiries for another time.

He'd speak up, but only out of politeness, and not out of a desire to interrupt what was going on. "Well met, Ser. Sora is it? I'm pleased to make your acquaintance."
Emi Dennou Imi's head slowwwwwwwwwly turns towards Sora.

Wh...when'd he get there?!

"Hi!" She waves.

"Another world shard saved it seems." Omi murmurs. "As small as they seem to be, at least we're making progress, The Network supposes."
Leida Leida slides her arm out from behind Imi and pushes back to her feet, watching the strange ritual with rapt attention. This is her first time seeing a keyblade in action, atleast when it comes to the world shards. The bright beam of light makes her wince, however, and she is forced to block it with her hand though she still tries to peek through her fingers.

"What is he doing?"
Sora is a ninja, Imi.

"It's a Keyblade..." He explains, calmly, to everyone watching. "The World Hearts... are locked, right? So what I can do is..." Pause. Sora (doesn't really) put on some sunglasses. "Unlock them." Yeaaaaaah!

"So..." That's a thing, yeah. Sora doesn't know everything, give him time.
Shiki Misaki "This means... somewhere out there, your Tiki Room has been restored?" Shiki asks.
Jose nods. "I can feel it. We can go back there."

She looks at the tiny little pendant, and tucks it into her purse. "I think I'll keep this."

She puts it away, and hugs Mr. Mew.

"Thank you... everyone. Everyone...! We did it!"

Shiki smiles, and twirls a little in place. "We really did it! A world shard! We found one! And this is only the beginning! We'll find them all! All the pieces of the shattered worlds! We'll save them from the Heartless! I know we can!"

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