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(2013-03-22 - 2013-03-22)
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Emperor Mateus All has been quiet in Palamecia for some time now. The country has believed itself to be inpenatrable just as it was in its original world, but with the attack on Traverse Town proving that not all is as it seems...

Well, let's just say that there has been much consideration. The Emperor of Palamecia does not move randomly nor lightly.

A call is issued from the throneroom, a summon for his most capable leutenant to appear before Emperor Mateus, who is garbed in formal robes befitting of his station. He is not lounging in his chair, instead seated properly with eyes narrowed and fingers steepled in front of his face with his elbows planted in his armrests.

It is downright unsettling to see Emperor Mateus so... serious.
The Dark Knight has been summoned, so the Dark Knight comes. Walking into the thrown room, the knight of Mateus moves across the floor with rhythmatic steps. Each one in perfect time and each one showing confidence. The Dark Knight is aware of the problem that took place, but thanks to /someone/ who will not be named, the loyal military command could not be present to aid his Emperor.

Once he comes closer to the throne, before he arrives at the steps. The Dark Knight sweeps his arm over and then lowers himself down to one knee. His head bowing lowly to Mateus. "My emperor, you have summoned me? What service may I perform for you?" His voice echos out from the helm. Low, calm, and almost emotionless. Logical, mostly, maybe with only a minor hint of emotion in the show of respect for whom he speaks too.
Emperor Mateus A smile plays at the corners of Emperor Mateus' mouth as he lowers his hands to his throne's armrests and straightens his posture completely. The Dark Knight is as prompt and obedient as always. Excellent.

"Dark Knight. I recall that you have been in Fynn as of late to ensure Borghen's ineptitude will not cost me the last remaining part of my empire." His chin lowers even as his head tilts to the side. "How fares the city? Have there been any signs of the Wild Rose's regrowth?"
The Dark Knight stays knelt down, unless Mateus makes the motion to stand. "Nay, sire. The Wild Rose have yet to show any true sign of activity, however." His hand clenches a little. "There is possible activity of those that are outsiders coming into Fynn. Unknown number, but they are extremely low."

The Dark Knight hand relaxes. Those red eyes only glancing up from the depths of the darkness in the helm. Looking only briefly at his Emperor, before his gaze falls to the ground once more. "They are yet to be seen as a threat to your power, majesty. Yet as they are outsiders, more could come and the Wild Rose could gain assistance from them in time." There was a pause in his voice, "..My majesty, may I make a suggestion before you?"
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus' mouth thins as the lips press together into a line. Though the lack of Roses in Fynn is welcome news, the rest of the report confirms his darkest suspicions. "Mmmm. Yes, such is a very likely possibility."

He studies the Dark Knight for a time, an eyebrow faintly raised, but he does not move nor indicate for his subordinate to rise before him. "Proceed, Dark Knight. I shall hear what you have to say."
The Dark Knight waits for confirmation before he continues. "My Emperor, I heard of from one of the troops of what conspired in Traverse Town. My suggestion is one that perhaps would not only allow us to map out the areas that have been brought down around us, but also give us better gain on just how much of things have changed on us."

He pauses a bit before he continues. "On your permission. I would like to go out with several of our troops to explore the lands, along with challenge these heroes of light to see whom of them are weak and whom of them are strong."
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus frowns in thought, carefully weighing options and gauging the Dark Knight's suggestion against what he already knows. "If you were to do this, you will have to act on your own. If you proclaim that you are from Palamecia, what we fear may come to pass simply out of revenge, and I shall not endanger my kingdom by acting recklessly."

He rises from his throne and descends the stairs, folding his hands behind his back as he walks. "Your idea, however, is quite sound. We must understand this new world, know who could be allies and whom to avoid. And these supposed 'heroes of light' are far more numerous than I anticipated, even if their strength may vary greatly."

He stops at the second-to-last stair and motions for the Dark Knight to rise to his feet. "Therefore, my orders are thus: Take a squadron of soldiers with you and explore this world--and any other world you enter. Evaluate all you meet, test those who stand in your way, and report to me their measure accordingly. Do not identify yourself as a vassal of my will nor as originating from Palamecia. You shall be as a rogue warrior leading a troupe with an agenda all your own, a mystery to all but yourself."

He lifts his hands, his staff appearing in his palm in one while a purplish-blue fire blazes in the other. He lifts his fiery hand between them and an image of a boy appears amongst the flames, wielding many blades and with a book strapped to his hip. It is as earlier described as the one who felled Emperor Mateus in Traverse Town. "While you are out, determine the identity of this lad. I wish to know who he is and from where he comes."
The Dark Knight listens and remains silent as he is spoken too. Once Emperor Mateus motions for him to stand, he does so and follows behind his majesty with equal stride, but never stepping ahead, always keeping a bit behind his Emperor.

As the image appears, the Dark Knight stares at it with his red glowing eyes. He takes in the details. The hair, the eyes, the face, stance, weapon choices, and that book. He eyes the book for some time before he gently nods. "I will do as you command, my Emperor. All information will be recorded and our identity will remain unknown to the best of my ability."

"I will make sure the troops whom I take with me carry no mark of Palamecia, not even in armor." The Dark Knight further confirms in understand of the wish of Mateus. He eyes return to the image. "..and I will see if I can find this one during the journey."

He then lowers his head gently. "When do you wish for me to set forth, my Emperor?"
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus sharply nods once, the crisp movement almost hiding a satisfied smile barely lifting his severe expression. "Excellent." His hand closes around the flame, extinguishing the light without even smoke to note its passing. "Set off as soon as you have chosen your troops and have fully made ready for the journey. Return here as you need to, and I will await your reports."

He lifts his hand, his staff levitating from his grasp before it spins and the cat-eye-like gem at the top rests against the visor of the Dark Knight's helm. "I know you shall not fail me, Dark Knight. Depart with my blessing."

This scene contained 9 poses. The players who were present were: Emperor Mateus, Leon