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(2013-03-22 - 2013-03-29)
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Riku The city of Archades, bustling with activity at this point in the morning is a lot of stone, metal and interpersed trees. There's also the constant traffic of flying cars zooming through the gaping cavernous spaces inbetween the tall, tiered buildings laved with skybridges.

A number of high class people and establishments cluster around upper Archades but Riku takes no notice of them. He sits at a small table, relatively isolated from the rest of the people moving around him, the smell of grilling meats and sauces rising from the relatively small outdoor grill. He has a small stack of sandwiches to one side, taking a small bite from one as he shifts it from the table to his hands.

He takes in a small breath and lets it out, eyes staring past the surface of the table.
Will Sherman So Will enjoyed St. Patties day, waited for Avira to stop being a sleepy head...observed Sora and Imi's first date (okay it was still St. Patties day) and then, getting sick of Riku being all 'I AM NOT HERE' has decided that he's going to find Riku. Typically, this would be completely retarded because well...Corridors, but sometimes you /just/ get lucky.

Will's entire life, every time he gets into places he's not supposed to be at...or finding them, especially if they don't want to be found, is like this. Ironically, it also works in reverse. He can't remember the number of times he's been found when he needed it the most...but didn't want it. Double edged sword, right?

So the Hobo Lad has found his way to the high class Arcadia, Will watches...this isn't completely new to him...they have differently advanced tech than Manhattan...Manhattan still relying on cars, but you know, lasers. Will watches, interestedly as he walks off a lift and wonders the streets. Despite it being high class, it was still home. The streets, that is, as he happens by the small outdoor grill...

Mmmm...that smells amazing.

Riku gets the initive, Will is distracted by delicious delicious food!
Riku A wild Will Sherman appears. Command?

Riku snorts faintly as he picks Hobo Lad out of the crowd. (Which, come on, isn't very hard in Upper Archades) there is a flicker of great unease that is squashed by a much greater smear of amused annoyance. This, being the usual base opinion of Will, brings a slightly grit teeth sigh out of the teenager.

"Hey!" he calls out to them from where he sits, waiting until they already have some food so there may be a chance that he'll be heard. He waves Will over to the table, snorting faintly as he takes another bite from his sandwich.
Will Sherman Will's eyes snap over to Riku.

It's hard to say exactly how, but there is a definate change in how he...feels? He walks, towards Riku and immediately sits down without even asking, because OBVIOUSLY he was okay to sit if called over, and looks up at Riku, elbows on the table. "You know, the disappearing anti-hero trick is a bit overplayed. I was worried about you, you know? A lot of stuff happened, and I was concerned. Also...well, a lot of stuff happened." Will says, with a small smile...he was actually happy to see Riku. even given the circumstances.

"...Though odd place to find you. I haven't had a chance to come here and wonder around yet." he says with a nod. He pauses, keeping up beat, but not super up beat like normal. "So...are you okay? The last time we were in a resturant together...I sorta lashed out at ya...sorry. It wasn't...entirely...your fault. I've been unfairly paranoid about everything for a wasn't just you. I think you were right to yell at me those months ago...I just sort of ignored reality, ignored myself. bit us. So I know it ain't gona mean much, but I am sorry. You had to go through that, alone, because I was too afraid."
Riku Riku laughs softly. He closes one eye, shaking his head. "Will.." he puts a hand through his hair, leaning his face on one hand. He still looks slightly drawn around the edges, but his internal darkness is strangely becalmed where Will has always seen it as agitated and close to the surface.

"..I tried to hold off like, a million heartless. I just woke up a day or two ago and then I wasn't very good company." he listens to what Will has to say and when he runs out of things to say, he takes another bite of his sandwich to prolong the silence a little more.

"It's okay Will." he pauses, and then says softly. "..what are friends for, anyways." he takes another bite of the sandwich. "..You alright? I.. can't say I understand, but.. you seem better."
Will Sherman Will nods, slowly. "I see...could you not do that again? The million heartless thing?" Will says, still with that calm smile, "It was dumb, and your dumb for doing it..." he says, shaking his head. "No more heroics. Not when it comes to your heart like that, okay?" Will sighs...he' apprecitive...but well, Riku's going to get killed or worse at this rate.

"Yeah. I am. And it's not alright." he says, rubbing the back of his head, "I know I can't take he blame for all of Manhattan...nor can you," He says, calmly. "And...yeah. I think I know myself better now than ever. I still am more or less the same,'s almost like waking up from a dream I didn't know I was sleeping in. It's good to be awake." He pauses...

"So Sora apparently went on his first date."
Riku Riku was half way through that sandwich, Will. He actually liked that sandwich, and now he is trying to breathe it.

The teenager splutters and coughs "What?" trying to laugh, breathe sandwich and look completely exasperated at the same time. He continues to cough and choke, bringing up an arm and pressing it to his face as he tries to get air into his lungs instead of roasted meat and slightly garlicy spiced bread.

He makes a futile gesture of 'go on' as he continues to cough.
Will Sherman Will grins at Riku, who he is happy is wanting to keep the topic away from THE SERIOUS. He might have grown up, but...maybe that should probably stay in the past for now.

"With Imi, who apparently gave him his first kiss. It was kinda adorable, in a dorky sort of way. Adorkable. I didn't pay too much attention to it, because...Saint Patties day. And with Manhattan being back, I did celibrate my tricentenial <GOOSEHONK> off. Perci apparently was watching closely..." he shrugs, "He's got this knight in shining armor thing going on, when he's not being suicidal." again, a shrug. "I think it went well. Though I dunno if it'll last. The sisters are..." he sighs, "I like them, they are all my friends, but...They aren't strictly human, and they are very in touch with that. I hope they can find their humanity someday, maybe Sora will help them find it."

Will's features are a bit sad, "The nature of things, right? what are you doing up here? You didn't become a judge or anything?" he laughs.
Riku Riku eventually gets control of his lungs again, although they keep trying to spasm along with his ribs as certain parts of the conversation keep poking him in the 'my god, what reality IS this' button.

He looks guilty, then offended, then almost heartbroken in quick succession that he quickly shoos away because he himself has.. had had way too much of the SERIOUS juice, even for himself.

"Yeah.." he coughs, his voice slightly hoarse. "That sounds like something he'd stumble into." he snorts, adding. "At /random/" to this like the final straw onto the back of a slightly irate camel. He sighs, trying to keep the smile off his face as he says bluntly.

"Actually that's about right." with absolutely a lack of inflection. No crowning irony here. Nooo. "I did."
Will Sherman Will nods, "I just met the guy really, but it feels like I've known him a long time. I think you're a great story teller." Will admits, "He hasn't done anything unexpected yet, but then's not like you haven't gave me a heads up." Will grins a bit, "And yeah...yeah. He's worse than Reize, I fear. In some reguards...he at least can read a map." he shrugs.

Will's eyes widen as he actually hears this right. "...Are you sure that's a good idea? I have nothing against Arcadia but..." he frowns, "What know who? Or is this...attempting to get allies to save.." he pauses.. "Maybe I shouldn't say anything more here. careful with this sort of thing, alright? Cir-er, Judge Constantine is a friend of mine, alright?" Will frowns...this is suddenly complicated, "I'm still in your corner, even if you kinda think I'm a monster or whatever, and I don't blame you if you think that...but yeah." he scratches the side of his head, "I just wana make sure you thought this all the way through.." he pauses, "You DO tend to take everything on yourself." he pauses again, wait, this is a similar trait...
Riku Riku is staring at Will, raising an eyebrow slightly in a 'Do you realize what you are saying' sort of way that points the big red arrow right back around at Will and uses blinky lights.

"I can.. think of one or two people who share that trait." he sighs, and decides to just plow through the questions one at a time. Look at that, Riku actually giving semi-straight answers to questions. The world must be mad. "Look. The only experience I ever had with..uh.." he gestures to Will.

"Loki is.. really, really wanting to punch them in the face. And before that. Just... one, long, terrible.. noise, that I won't even dignify as screaming. I.." he takes another bite of his sandwich and shakes his head. "I.. don't know how, or why this is different now, but you think it is so.. I'll trust you. I guess." He takes in a deep, steadying breath and continues. "As to everything else. I'll.. burn that bridge when I come to it." he smirks.

"Besides, when do I ever think things through all the way? I'll keep an eye out, though, just in case. But.." he sighs and chuckles, admitting blandly. "I've got to belong somewhere. Might as well be here."
Will Sherman Will slowly frowns...

He punches the lights away! :|

"...Loki's situation is...unique. And I am partially responsible for. He's not going to make escuses...because he just ain't. It's...different because I have perpective. Maybe it's dangerous, but now I understand myself and the entity inside me. I'm not trying to make just IS really hard to explain. I mean, trying to explain it to you is like a Bear telling a shark it's knee's hurt."

"But I appreciate your trust." he scratches the back of his head. He...he can understand Riku. "I getcha. I really do...everyone wants to belong somewhere. Even me. Just make sure it's what is best for you...and them. I guess that is something that only you yourself can known and understand." Will says, "Oi...kid you really makin' this complicated. ...Then again, I guess I can't throw stones."

Will takes a breath, "Be careful, alright? I know you think differently, but a army is no place for someone so young." he says, "And I do get to say that, because actually, the young got into the army too. Oi..."
Riku Riku just starts to laugh at this point. "/I'm/ the one making this complicated? Your the one tying your tongue in knots, Will." There is another moment of fear, but it's more muted now.

He's decided to trust Will and so he tries to keep it off his face. "..and thank you. For trying to help me understand. For.." he pauses and then just shrugs. "..For being a friend, I guess. I'll try to be careful." he snorts.

"But I have to ask. Whose Percival? Did you rope even more semi heroic schmucks into the TDA?
Will Sherman Will nods, "Okay, I admit to helping with the complications. I am not innocent in complication-ville. We're both residence in complication-ville, and commute together in the salt mines of Serious-juice." Will tries to grin, and manages something of a smile.

"Thanks to you too. If nothing else, you're someone else who really understands and Emi. The others really don't...they know something is deeper, but...they really don't get it. I can't blame them." he shrugs, it's not bitter. Lonely, but not bitter.

"He's a gargoyle from a oversea's clan. He was sent over for some reason, and he's signed on with the TDA to restore Manhattan...but I guess he's going to stick with us until his part of our world is back. He's a bit of a...derp. He's got issues too, pretty hard ones, and thought Vampires weren't a real thing." he rolls his eyes, "Seriously, what a noob for a supernatural creature."
Riku Riku chuckles. "..I think being somewhat of a derp on some level is a membership requirement, Will." he chuckles. "..and uh. Vampires?" he raises an eyebrow.

"Really?" he then thinks about this and shrugs, adding that onto the pile of 'things I really don't want to even consider right now'
Will Sherman Being old sucks, Riku. You'll understand this someday...maybe.

Will hopes, beyond hope that he does.

"Hey...not true. Max, Mercade, and Celina are totes not derps." Will says, "And I am only a derp when it comes to actually doing myself favors." he pauses, "Yeah, I've become more self aware. Perspective, it's dangerous." he smiles.

"Yeah...uh, Perci was asked to guard a priest of the Glabados, by Faruja. Some of the rat people attacked it, because she apparently used to be affiliated with Alexandria, and they knew what she was...well.." he shighs, "She bit one of them before Perci took her down. Then he burried the bitten Bermeccian." he shakes his head, "So...yeah."
Riku This conversation, as always, seems to veer wildly through Crazy town and make frequent stops for food. Thankfully, this means Riku gets to finish his sandwiches before replying although most of this is a Swirly eyed 'eh huh?' that he doesn't remark on immediately.

"Perspective." he snorts. " is indeed and dangerous thing. And no. /everybody/ in the TDA. Everybody." he sighs as if.. yeah. Not even sure where to take this now. "That sounds.. pretty nasty, actually."
Will Sherman " now we got another vampire on the loose who probably has it out for Perci...which means by extention us." Will sighs, And he also gives Riku a sigh, alright kid...alright.

He gives Riku a sideways glance, "No less self aware than you are. Again, Riku, I've said it're extremely mature for your age." He considers..

"So...yeah." he says, and nabs a sandwich. Nomnomnom. "Have you talked to Max yet?"
Riku Riku grimaces. "Yes but I can't give him his asking price any more than I could mine for.. I don't now. Rubies on the moon." he throws up a hand in exasperation. "Or something, /somewhere/ that ought to be genuinely impossible."

he shakes his head. "It's nothing I can really give." he snorts. "But yeah... I've talked to him. I'll need his help eventually... so I'll have to think of something."
Will Sherman Will blinks, "Wait what is he asking?" Will didn't hear any of this...and now might be regretting sending Riku to him...

Will's trust level of Max is still of the few members of the TDA who he doesn't completely trust. The darkness is...

Yes, we are aware of the irony. Don't point at it too hard.
Riku Riku shakes his head. "Just.. something I don't know anything about. I.. probably should keep that quiet. I don't know whether he wants me to stay quiet about it or he doesn't care. I don't know anything about them." he shrugs.

"Other than I need their help. Sort of places me in a bad bargaining position. Just.. don't worry about it. It's nothing too onerous. It's just something.. I don't really have to give."
Will Sherman Will frowns...secrets. He hated them.

"Alright." he lets it go, "There is stuff I know too, but I can't tell you because I promised that I wouldn't. I guess if I want to know, I'll talk to him," he finally says.

"That's good to know, I guess. I just hope he knows what he's doing." Will says, "But I guess we all have our own issues. Nothing is black and white, unless your name is Reize or Sora."
Riku Riku snorts but then shrugs at the frown. Secrets are how people survive.

"Let's just not get them drinking together with Ivo and the shard seekers. There at the bottom of that is the real end of the universe." he pauses, then asks.

"..How's Avira? Do you know?"
Will Sherman "Awake." Will says, "Awake and herself. ...Well, I think she has a weight on her shoulders now...about the Hades thing. People will forgive her, I think, but she'll carry that for awhile." he says.

"She's also diminished, as far as the light goes. I think the Heartless will leave her alone for the time being, as much as they leave anything alone." Will theorizes, "I think maybe you should try and make peace. Ya know?"
Riku Riku nods, looking relieved. "I'm glad she's okay. I caught up with her once, when she was already on the run. She needed a moment to sleep.. so I kept the heartless off her while she did." he smiles wanely.

"I think she'll still want to beat the stuffing out of me, but I've dealt with that before."
Will Sherman "...Thanks for that." Will says to Riku. "I'll skip the song number today, but just know in the future I am going to sing at a relivant time. And you might punch me." Will warns ahead of time.

"Maybe. Maybe not. At least you're trying. I swear, if I see Judge bunny it'll be too soon."
Riku "And you will deserve it. You really will." Riku shrugs a shoulder. "And.. I've already met them. They kept the heartless off me while I was trying to do a really, really dumb thing. So Im going to try and help them if I can. I think they're trapped in a mistake and well.."

Riku snorts softly. "..Not everyone gets a 3 month cruise." he chuckles faintly. "I've been meaning to talk to Mercade about that. Evja explained to me this thing he has to do, and I think I've worked my way around to a loophole. I dunno. I'll bring it up the next time I see him. I'm always such a bearer of cheerful news."
Will Sherman Will doesn't look so convinced, "Yeah, he also tried to get me to give back the Shard of Manhattan I took from some strange creatures that stole it in the first place. Then tried to shout me down for stealing it. I mean, seriously." Will says, "Whatever, I guess being a moron isn't a crime, but if she comes after Mercade, I am going to have to hurt her." he says, a bit annoyed. "Her words in the arena didn't help things either. And then she was all demanding forgiveness instead of actually seeking it. Ugh."

He throws up his hands, "Even the Elf was less frustraiting...though apparently she went right back to playing us.
Riku Riku raises an eyebrow, taking in this new information. "Huh. Well.." he sighs. "At least they aren't some people I know. Some people.. are even worse than they ever thought of being." he facepalms just at the thought of the reference.

He shrugs. "So, I'm guessing there is a story behind this elf?" he shakes his head, rising from the table. "..I think that'll have to wait for another time. Or.. we could talk on the way? I think I'm going to walk, this time." he snorts faintly. "Maybe I can show you a little of the city."
Will Sherman "Sure!" Will says, standing up, "I'm no enemy of Arcadia. I like to think I'm friends with Cir-er, Judge Constantine." he keeps wanting to call her something informal...but it's kinda like Will's default state. "And it's cool to get to hang with you...outside of the boat. Or running for our lives." He adds on.

"Oh Morrighan? She...she's pretty sad. Alone, and refuses to let anyone near her. I can see the signs of something better...but she won't let it take root. In the end...she sold Avira off to Hades again when given the chance."
Riku "Yeah. We end up doing that way too much." He rubs the back of his head, stretching as he looks out over the city. He looks sad for a moment as Will talkes about Morrighan but just shakes his head.

"Yeah.. believe me.. when you shut everyone away, It's.. it's sometimes easier to stay that way. You let people in.." he chuckles in a faintly odd fashion. "..Who knows what happens then." He gestures and starts making his way through the crowd.
Will Sherman Will frowns...

"Yeah." He agrees, been there himself once. It took a very special woman to fix that.


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