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(2013-03-21 - 2013-04-16)
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Ramza Beoulve Once they were far enough away from Angantyr, Avira, and Maira, Ramza would try to coax Katyna into coming with him. Assuming she did, he'd bring her into the lobby of the Shard Seeker's headquarters. At least there, they wouldn't be so vulnerable, given the group's reputation.

It was a good thing that he didn't know that Faruja was an on again off again Shard Seeker, else he'd be a bit more hesitant to do so.

Once inside, he'd actually be have a hand upon each of her shoulders, his voice was exceedingly calm. "Kityana. Please, just listen to reason. I'll keep you safe, I promise, but you have to trust me. I didn't want to exclude you from what I have planned, but there's nothing I can do for you if Angantyr had decided to cave your head in with that mace of his. Its a preference of mine for my friends to keep their skulls intact, We can't leave the city right now, you've been associated with me, and you'll likely be ambushed the moment you leave by the Church of Glabados. I have a plan to get us out of the City of Flowers."
Katyna Katyna glances over her shoulder at Ramza, smiling weakly, "You..You really arent mad about what I did? It...It hurt to hear them attack me like that. I ....I didnt mean to..I really am sorry.." She nods however, not fighting anymore. "I understand. I wont get in the way of you and Angantyr. That would make things messy right? But whenever you're finished, let's try and stay away from him..Okay?" She bites her lip, not really liking this plan but there are few alternatives. "How long do you think you'll be in Archades?"
Ramza Beoulve Ramza would tilt his head to the head, smiling at her in return. "No. I'm not mad at you Kityana, and I know you are sincere in your desire for redemption. I intend to give you every chance in the world to redeem yourself for what you've done. But I can't deny them their anger with you. I'm seeing your actions from a different perspective than they, as I was not personally harmed by what you've wrought. Their words were harsh, and may have bit deep, but I don't think I can fault them for it, and neither can you."

Katyna would see no doubt in his expression as he stated his next sentence. "In short, I /believe/ in you."

He'd nod at her when she spoke on Angantyr. "Alright. I'll try not to complicate things for longer than I must. But the man has both the skills and the information I need for this. A man like me can only find so many allies."

He'd shake his head. "I won't be going to the Archades anytime soon M'lady, I promise. And when I go with him, it won't be for long. We'd be going in, obtaining that which I need, then getting out before the Empire knows what hits them. I swear that I won't leave you alone for long, and I promise that by the time I'll have to go, we'll be able to find a place for you to stay for a short time amongst your remaining allies. I have no intention of leaving you behind Kityana, not unless you wish to be. And I'm hoping that isn't the case."
Katyna Katyna nods, smiling when he expresses his faith in her. "Thank you, Ramza. You've done so much for me already. I just wanna pay you back, however I can." She bites her lip though, "Do you think Ang can be trusted? He's just a mercenary isnt he? Just in it for the money? What could be so important to require his skills?"

But that might not be her business. Perhaps she doesnt even want to know. "Hmm, I met a judge once..He was pretty nice..Just..Be careful. They're pretty strong, you know? But I guess I dont have to tell you that, I mean, you were always Ser Kasrillen's top student afterall.." she scratches her head, glancing around tiredly. "Hmm, do you think it's okay to stay here for the moment? I mean..Reize already knows my secret, others probably do, too..Where do we head after this anyways?"
Ramza Beoulve Ramza would actually grin at that. "Do I trust him? I think you give him far less credit than he deserves, M'lady, but even if I didn't..."

He'd chuckle speculatively. "I believe that Angantyr's hatred of the Archadian Empire will prevent him from betraying me in a way that would actually hurt me. If my gambit fails, then all I lose is time, and while that's a precious commodity, it won't cripple me. And what he has is knowledge. Intimate knowledge of the workings and people of that Empire. That gives him an edge over any common mercenary. And as even you are like to admit, he is painfully strong."

Ramza would nod to her. "I don't think that Ser Seatlan, from what little I know of him, would mind us lingering here for a while. I only intend to stay long enough to make my offer to Angantyr. My company is already making inquiries to try and figure out what exactly lays in wait for us outside the City. I don't think they've covered /all/ points of egress, so don't worry, I'll think of something."

A pause. "Once the deal is made, then you become my top concern. What do you need for me to do, M'lady, to ensure your safety?"
Katyna "Ooh, I remember now. There was a time when he was hiding in VALKYRI for his crimes against Archades. I guess he has reason to hate them..But, I guess he hates everyone and everything as it is..except for Maira and Avira of course."

She smiles a bit. "Yeah, Reize is really..Sweet.." And things are confusing between them too. She pauses however, when he asks about her safety. "Umm, heartless will be after me. I can fight though. I just have to keep moving I guess. Away from Traverse Town mostly."
Ramza Beoulve Ramza would nod to her. "Precisely. I don't want to endanger anyone who doesn't want to be involved. I only hope that I can convince them in time that their involvement is worth the risk of the Church thinking ill of them."

He'd turn then, sweeping his gaze around the headquarters. "Is he? I'll have to meet the man. I'm thinking that the two of us would get along rather well."

He'd shake his head. "Oh you don't have to worry about that. One thing you will learn swiftly travelling with me is that we don't like to stay put for long, and we like to try to keep our movements...erratic, M'lady."

After he was convinced the place was currently unoccupied, he'd turn back to her, looking her straight in the eyes "Well, are you sure there's nothing else you need to do? There's a few places that I'd like to visit soon, but if you have any friends that you need to see, I'm more than willing to take you to them first."
Priel Aylin At this point, footsteps can be heard coming from the direction of the hall leading to the female dorms. Slow and steady...and then a figure steped into the main area of HQ, stretching her arms above her head tiredly. "Ahhh...nothing like a good nap to clear the head~" The figure, clearly female now, brought a hand down to her mouth to yawn.

It was after that she noticed to distinctly NON Members currently in the lobby.

Seeing Katyna and Ramza, the red haired young woman slowed down to a stop, hand still held in yawning position. "...And what have we here? Come to rob the place~?" Grinning then, the dragoness rested her hands upon her hips, tail swaying from side to side idly.

"...Or did Reize do something stupid again? Is that it? I can tell you exactly where he is." She raised a finger then, smiling gleefully. "Buuuuut, only if I get to watch you wail on him~"

...Well, she certainly had the wrong idea now.
Ramza Beoulve And then Priel Aylin proves almost immediately that the place was in fact, occupied. Ramza would actually blow a strand of hair away from his eyes, looking upward at the ceiling. He'd reply in a voice that was obviously flippant. "I don't know, M'lady. I am a dangerous heretic after all. What do you have that's worth stealing? You'd best be careful, the Church of Glabados teaches people that I steal the souls of the faithful with my wicked lies."

He'd roll his eyes. "I don't know Ser Seatlan well enough, though Lady Katyna has a very high opinion of him, and I doubt she'd appreciate it if I decided to pummel him senseless. So hold that thought, M'lady, and in the meanwhile if you don't mind me asking. Who are you?"
Priel Aylin "Ohooooo~" Ramza's reply drew an even wider smile from Priel as she took a couple steps closer. "A dangerous, soul stealing, heretic who pummels people senseless with his bare exciting~!" What part of that was exciting now?

"But it's a shame really, it would have been pretty entertaining to see Reize get stomped on. Too bad." A shrug was given then as the redhead lazily leaned against a wall, watching the two apparent guests. One of whom was being rather silent. "Me? ...I'm no one special." Priel replied in an equally flippant manner. It seemed like not giving her name on first meeting some some sort of ritual now.
Ramza Beoulve All of it, would be exciting, if Ramza actually had a sense of humor that wasn't entirely deadpan.

Instead he'd be arching an eyebrow at her. He wasn't very good at playing coy. "Would it now? You must hate him terribly, to want him to get pummeled by a soul-stealing heretic?"

He'd tap his chin. "Well then, if you're noone special, then you probably wouldn't mind me ransacking the place. For souls of course."
Priel Aylin "Oh yes, terribly. Just thinking about him makes my blood boil." She said this, but the look on her face was one of utter amusement. She didn't look like she meant it at all, but then, knowing her, one could never be certain of when she was playing and when she was serious...

Leaning off the wall then, Priel turned, stepping back into the main area and stopping by the entrance leading back to the female dorms. "But yeah, sure. Go right ahead. Raid the place for all the souls you can find~ Just stay out of the females side."
Ramza Beoulve Ramza would actually run the palm of his leather glove across his face. "M'lady, do me one favor. If anyone by the name of Marlowe ever comes within two hundred yards of this place, then use anything but lethal force to prevent him from coming into this hall."

The whole concept of a Female Dormitory would have the man doing everything in his power to get inside.
Priel Aylin "Marlowe?"

Priel blinked at that random tidbit for a moment before slowly nodding. "Aha, I get it~" Grinning mischievously, she nodded to accompany her words. "Well then, if a 'Marlowe' ever attempts to come into this side, I'll be sure to give him a..."

The redhead paused at that, tapping her cheek lightly in thought as she pondered which words to use.

"...A 'warm' welcome." That said, the young woman brought a hand to her mouth, giggling at the thought to 'warming' someone up. "Well, I don't know what you're here for, but if you're not some baby eating monster, then I guess it doesn't matter." She shrugged at that.

"We've had weirder guests before." It was true. Heck, one of their members was a demonic horn bearing baby eating abomination! ...Well, okay, only the first two points were true. But still!
Ramza Beoulve The young man would shrug his shoulders. "No, I'm certainly not some baby-eating soul-stealing monster, M'lady. I'm nobody important."

He'd actually wag a finger at her though. "Don't underestimate the man. Else the first time you encounter him, you'll be in the middle of a bath. I actually bailed him out of execution not long ago because he'd broken into the women's baths in Imperial China."

Wait, why exactly was he telling her all of this? He wanted to make a good impression. Oh right, because the impression that the Shard Seekers would have if the man did break into the female dorms, would be anything /but/ good.
Priel Aylin "Oh my, how kind of you. I would've just let him get executed~" Priel freely admitted, giggling to herself again. Ah, that was funny though. "...But on the other hand, I guess bravery like that deserves at least a little merit." Crossing her arms then she tilted her head slightly as she listened to him.

"Ohhhh, not to worry. Whoever this man is, we won't be catching me in a bath. The OTHER girls however..." Pause. "...Then again, Lily wouldn't care. Leida's appearance would scare him away. Shiki would blast him. Raiya would slice him to ribbons. ...Lenn is probably the only one who'd actually react like a girlish little maiden~"

Wait a minute, why was she telling him this now? It's like she was giving Ramza all the info he'd need to pass on to this lecherous friend to peruse.

But then again, letting it happen would be /hilarious/.

That seemed to be the motive for a lot of her actions.

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