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(2013-03-21 - 2013-04-06)
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Katyna Ever since she had revealed her true intentions to VALKYRI, Katyna had fled Traverse Town, fled VALKYRI, and had attempted to evade the heartless as much as she could. She had not said a word, and perhaps some of her belongings yet remained in VALKYRI hq as she feared what would happened if she showed her face there again. Although Katyna had grown quite fond of Maira and Avira, and the other VALKYRI, she had also been fearful of what would happen to her once things settled down.

No, perhaps it was better this way, perhaps she could start over afresh, travelling with Ramza, trying to right wrongs in the world. Perhaps..Perhaps someday she could face them again but for now, she was content to simply run away from all her failures.

She had been travelling with Ramza for a few days now, feeling as if she could trust the former student of her master, Ser Kasrillen, although even he did not know the truth about her..Yet.

After the visit from Count Valos and the subsequent warning that the people who were out for Ramza's blood were on their way to Fluorgis, Katyna had gone on a quick shopping trip to acquire some essentials from the market square. With Ramza's entourage waiting near the city gate, Katyna is anxious not to keep 'em waiting..
Ramza Beoulve He hated to admit it, but he was lingering in Fluorgis to spite the Church of Glabados. An ambuscade was forming outside of the City of Flowers as the Church had not the authority to arrest him within its boundaries. Furthermore, he was convinced that the Church was attempting to manipulate him as their pawn, using Valos' words as their means of control.

Ramza Beoulve had no intention of being anyone's pawn. Nevertheless, doubts still lingered, for what if his reaction had been anticipated?

He'd dismissed most of his company to range around Fluorgis, probing for any signs of something amiss, in particular the gates. He personally remained with Katyna as she shopped in the market, undisguised save for a cowled white cloak. He didn't fear any ambush that the Church might have in mind, but he knew that there were few places safe for her to trod any longer.

Tugging at one of the finger's of his leather gloves, he remained at a short distance from her. He was trying not to express his frustration with her, she was a figure from his past and he he truly wanted to help her escape pursuit from whatever harried her, and yet she had not yet entrusted him with the details. She generally spoke in nothings, only giving vague generalizations as to the terrible deeds she had wrought upon her friends. Several of his company were already suggesting to him, in /private/ mind you that she was not worth the trouble.

He'd warded off those suggestions tactfully. She'd come upon his camp half-dead from starvation, exposure, and exhaustion. She'd spoken of wanting redemption for what she'd done. And all he could remember of her when he considered her deeds was the spritely girl from Gariland, so quick to make mischief and japes. He wasn't going to abandon her.
Avira Following the relevation that Katyna had been a spy this entire time, Avira had quickly taken steps to remove her access (likely via TRON) to the VALKYRI frequencies. While in the Underworld, Katyna did admit to a change of heart and engage in the rescue, there was still much to answer for since then.

But right now, this issue is far from Avira's mind. Recovered at last, what she was really seeking to do was catch up with her best friend. With Maira on vacation in Fluorgis, Avira had returned to a very empty VALKYRI guild hall.

As she still hasn't caught up with the man who has her true weapon, Avira is sporting a longsword, held at the small of her back on the same spot the Spine would occupy. She travels into town upon rented chocobo, possessing no interest in crossing the desert by foot.

When the scarred woman passes through the gate, she finds herself drawing a stare or two, much to her dismay. Hopping off her chocobo, she quickly assails one of the onlookers to aid her in tracking down Maira.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr would be going on a sort of adventure with Maira. Maira wanted to get out and about, and Ang...really kinda felt the same. Valkyri wasn't going to be comfortable for him anymore, and it's something he doesn't want to deal with right now, not where his headspace is. He'd drop Maira off at the Inn to get a reservation, and then check the marks. The Arcadian mark causes his eyes to narrow, putting his mood even farther south than it was before. He'd become slightly famous in Arcadia, dealing with Marks on his own, often Marks above the typical ranking that people would even consider to Solo them. He's also a Dark Knight, something a little more rare, especially given his...ability to use the Coordidors.

However, a person of interest enters the Market Square. Ang decides that perhaps he'll just pack some supplies and check a exploration job, less likely to be ultra deadly, and more likely to be boring as hell. Ang considers this course of action...these jobs did pay pretty well, and food was provided for him.

However...he sniffs. The Darkness is hard to get rid of, and his eyes snap up, focusing right on Katyna.

And he starts advancing, he knew the secret, and his hand already was going for the mace. Ang wasn't full of forgiveness.
Maira Maira is finding Fluorgis to be nice and relaxing. The sunshine, the sound of running water, the flowers...yes, this was nice, even if her visit wasn't completely without incident. She was beginning to recharge and let go of some of the stress and anxiety that had formed a rock in her stomach during the Manhattan events. The shadow was beginning to pass. Still, there were many things that needed to be dealt with, but Maira was feeling just a little bit more able to deal with them.

Maira is roaming the city as she does often as of late, admiring the flowers and spending hours at a time beside the river just laying in the sun and letting her mind wander.

Of course, Angan would soon want to look for some marks, and that was alright with her once she had a chance to rest--plus, she was going to be meeting Avira here sometime in the near future!

Little does Maira know how awkward the day is going to be.

Those Avira asks would mention the places Maira can often be found. As of now, she's wandering back toward the Inn where she is staying, humming softly to herself, yet unaware of the trouble brewing.
Katyna Katyna smiles sheepishly at Ramza as she pauses by a particular stall full of shiny weapons! Of course she had her own precious weapon, the Fireheart, but being a particularly skilled swordswoman even at her young age (Shadow Lords are brutal trainers), she still found the craftmanship quite exquisite on these weapons.

"Aah, I wonder if I should get a shield...I've already got some money left over after buying some potions but..Bah..They're still so expensive!" She makes a face, but noticing how patiently Ramza waits for her, realizing that time is short, she pulls her gaze away from the tempting stand to follow him.

"Sorry, sorry! I think I got all we need! I promise you, I'll be loads more help now that I'm all rested up! You should see me with a sword!" Actually he might remember seeing her train once or twice with Ser Kasrillen and some of the other students back at the academy..Atlhoguh she'd been an impatient and rather reluctant student at the time..

She does not immediately spy Avira or Maira. Oh no, there's someone else, someone far more fearsome that is heading right FOR her, and her eyes widen in sudden fear and recognition at the sight of him. "Ang.....Angantyr..How..What...No!!" She shakes her head in disbelief. Were they tracking her down to kill her?!

Kat squeezes her eyes shut, shaking like a leaf as her hands clench at her sides, backing away. No, she couldn't run away any longer, but..She refused to drag Ramza into her problems either. "Ramza..I'm sorry..You should leave, I dont want you to get hurt because of me.."
Ramza Beoulve While his appearance made him seem feckless, the young heretic was quite observant, and Angantyr's advance didn't escape his scrutiny. He certainly didn't recognize the man at a glance, only knowing him from reputation, though he'd put out feelers to try and discover more about him, given his past with Arcadia. To Ramza Beoulve he was simply a menacing figure advancing upon Katyna, and yet all he did was take several steps to interpose himself between them.

There was no swagger in his stance, nor pride. He didn't place his hand upon either of his weapons, and after a moment simply lowered his cowl to better regard the man. Angantyr would almost certainly recognize him from the many wanted posters and handbills that the Church had peppered throughout the land.

Katyna's obvious fear of the figure allowed him to make certain assumptions, and then when she blurted out his name, it confirmed them.

He kept his wits about him, and simply raised a hand in a gesture of greeting. "Greetings to you, Ser Vespar. I don't suppose that you might consider put your vendetta with Lady Katyna aside for a brief time, while we discuss business? I think you'll find my pecuniary compensation for your services to be more than adequate, for that. I'd come to the City of Flowers to attempt to hire you, after all."

While he was a peacemaker, he also wasn't entirely foolish. If Angantyr continued his advance, he'd almost certainly react. As Katyna expresses her desire for him to leave, he'd just glance briefly over his shoulder, to shake his head, before his gaze fixated solely upon Angantyr.
Avira Avira succeeds on her Gather Information roll. Having visited Fluorgis several times before to help out with various marks, she's pretty familiar with this inn!

Sadly, at this time, she too is completely unaware of the full awkwardness what would amount to today's encounter. Thankfully, she doesn't have to go all the way to the inn before encountering her best friend. She spies the blonde before she finds Avira and grins.

Maira will hear the sudden shuffling of feet behind her before she is hugged by the short woman. "Maira." she says warmly, hugging her tight before letting her go. "Hi! Sorry it's taken me so long to catch up. Just had some stuff I wanted to get in order first."
Maira Luckily, Maira was warned by Uist that Avira was approaching, else the woman might have scared the light out of her!

Maira turns, her smile warm and welcoming as she returns Avira's embrace. "Avira! Its okay, don't worry about it! I am really glad to see you though. You look a lot better," she says, not letting go of her friend just yet. Nope, long hug time. They'd been through a lot lately. Maira needs some hugs and she bets Avira does too.

Maira takes a deep breath and pulls back, linking her arm with scarred warrior's. The scarred warrior princess! "Okay, so....yeah, how are you feeling? Good? How is Mercade? There are things I need to tell you before anything else happens again because every time I try something happens!"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr's body is litterally performing a strange Heat Haze effect as Ramza steps infront of him. His eyes look down at the young Heretic, which causes him a bit of pause.

Money is good, but his anger levels are pretty much Maximum right now, "I have no beef with you, friend, but the woman behind you I do. A considerable one." His gaze snaps right back to her, "Working for the heartless, Attempting to corrupt a friend of mine into subcoming to her inner darkness, nearly killing another friend of mine...trapping one of them in the /underworld/. I don't care WHAT they said, or what you TRIED to do, Ember, but we're going to settle this here, and now."

"Or didn't she tell you, friend? Her goals? Who she works for? She desires the destruction of /worlds/. Whatever reason it might be, I care not. I, however, do take exception to it..."
Avira "I feel a bit better too." Avira smiles weakly. "That ordeal really...uh...took a lot out of me, I guess you could say." At that moment she realizes she'll definitely need to share some details with her friend, but hopefully when they're not in a crowded marketplace. When they finally stop hugging, Avira finds her arm looped around Maira's and is clearly okay with this.

"Uh...Mercade's been pretty busy. All excited with Manhattan back and all. Same with the rest of the TDA which is to be expected." With her free hand, she reaches over and pokes Maira's side.

"Tell me some things? Liiiiiike what?" she drawls, apparently completely unaware that Angantyr is about to pick his daily fight. Well, not entirely unaware. There's a sinking feeling in her stomach she'd normally get when Heartless are around. A growing sense of paranoia prods at the back of her mind, triggered by a certain fount of darkness.
Katyna Katyna flinches visibly at every word that Angantyr says. Without her armour on, she looks even more like the scared, troubled, 16 year old kid she truly is, and less like the imposing, intimidating dark knight Ember that she once pretended to be. Or was that the reality?

Tears fall from her eyes as she tries to rapidly blink them away. And a tearing pain at her heart reminds her how she betrayed everyone, and perhaps even deceived Ramza in a way, even as he bravely attempts to protect her even now. No, she wont run away any longer!

She steps forward, resting a hand on Ramza's shoulder. "Please Ramza..I dont want you to get hurt! I'm sorry, this is the truth, this is my evil, ugly secret. I....I betrayed everyone, and you dont deserve to take the fall for me.." As she speaks, she steps in front of Ramza, glancing up shakily at Angantyr. "I dont deny any of what I did, Angantyr, and I know nothing I say now could change what happened..What nearly happened.."

Tears well down her eyes, and she's only vaguely aware of Maira and Avira out of the corner of her eye. What little crowds remain this late in the evening are starting to thin out, although a few people pause and stare at what looks to be a rather tense situation.

"Maira..Avira.." She murmurs, "They were my friends, and I let them down...I was blind until I met them, and now I dont know how to make it up to them except..." she hangs her head. This is it then, they really did come to kill her. Maybe she deserved this, afterall.

"If you came here to kill me, just do it quickly.."
Maira Maira has that creeping sensation too. Her trouble senses are tingling! But damn it if she wasn't going to get this out first! Whatever it was (and lets face it, its probably Angantyr related) it can wait another moment for her to inevitably throw herself into it.

Maira takes a deep breath and turns to look at Avira. "Okay. um. I uh...Well....Er....UGH. I have um, feeling, for Angan, okay? I only didn't tell you because I was worried that it would influence your decision--but I don't want there to be any secrets now okay? So I had to tell you," Maira finally manages to say. That was very difficult! Now, she looks as though she is waiting to be slapped.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza Beoulve would mull over Angantyr's words. He certainly hadn't known the specifics of the ills that Katyna had wrought upon others, though he'd suspected that she'd worked with the Shadow Lords and betrayed her friends given their previous conversation. For a time, he would seem slightly conflicted to Angantyr.

However, when he spoke, there was nothing in his voice to suggest that he was dubious of his course of action. "No, I hadn't known, though I'd certainly suspected from the generalities she chose to share with me. I'll admit that I know very little of what you speak, and do not doubt that you have significant quarrel with her. Nevertheless, when I found her, she had nearly expired in the desert. She did not attempt to hide what she had done to those she once called friend. She told me that she seeks redemption for what she has done, and while /intent/ alone is not enough for me to trust her..."

He'd gesture with a single hand behind her, at Katyna. "...My experiences with Kityana from her youth are enough that I'm willing to give her a chance. I don't expect for you to do the same, but there is perhaps one thing I can relate to you that might sway you..."

Ramza would lift his chin ever so slightly. "...the job potentially involves spiting the Archadian Empire significantly, and raising arms against Judges. If you were interested, that is."

It was perhaps a desperate gamble at this point to reveal that in public, but he still attempted not to shown any sign of offering any threat to the man.

As Katyna spoke up, he'd manage a very wan smile, but he would continue to position himself to be interposed between her and Angantyr. "Lady Katyna, I could die at any moment from an ambush from the Church, being a wanted man after all. I don't /care/ if he hurts me, but I'm not going to allow him to execute you, whether you are willing to let him do it or not. I doubt he would abandon his allies to a similar fate, if it were I that was holding the executioner's blade and had similar quarrel, so how can he expect any less from me?"
Avira Trouble is usually Angantyr-related. Maira will come to learn that the more she hangs around him. Usually the question is 'who did Angantyr fight today'? When he gets back from wherever mysterious place he ran off to. Just looking back to their trip with Jasmine was a good illustration of this phenomenon.

Maira turns to look at her and admits that she likes Angantyr, her teacher and clanmate. The scarred woman stops abruptly and turns to look at her for a long moment.

"Maira..." she says slowly, reaching over to take both of her hands in her own. She looks the mage in the eye, an unreadable expression on her face.

"...I know. I noticed it a while ago. It's nothing to be worried about. I mean, I do want you to find yourself a decent guy that'll treat you right and all..." she lowers her voice, "...and Angantyr's also pretty hot if you know what I mean. You shouldn't feel bad if it has influenced my decision, though."

She pointedly doesn't say whether or not this is actually the case.

"Sometimes you have to look out for yourself, and just between you and me, there are a lot of guys out there that'll go for a woman who can stand on their own two feet. Angantyr included." She half-smiles and lets go of Maira's hands.
Angantyr Vespar "...Pretty easy, you walk that way." Angantyr poitns right, "Or that way." he points left, "And generally stay out of the Arch of my mace." Angantyr says, smart-<GOOSEHONK>ed.

He doesn't seem impressed by Ember's bleeding heart, nor Ramza's mercy for her. His eyes blaze, with disgust and hatred, "Oh, reDEMPTION. Isn't that nice, you want it, that's cute. It is just so god<GOOSEHONK>ed cute that you think that everything is solved because you want absolution for your crimes." he says, but he doesn't miss the name dropped...

And then his counter offer, which causes him to reel on his heels a bit.

"...Dangerous words to say, especially from you." Angantyr seems to consider it... "But not with her. If you want me to spare her, fine, but I do not trust her. If I come on for these, she does not. I do not put my back to someone who I know is a snake, it goes against operation a successful buisness model."
Maira Maira is floored, almost literally. Seriously, she almost falls over from the surprise of it. She /knew!?/ She'd known for a while!? The blood momentary drains from Maira's face. Oh no. She'd already influenced the decision! "A-Avira...I....buh--" she begins, but sputters out like a stalling engine.

Deep breath Maira! "You know nothing will come of it...I just...I just had to tell you. It...nothing's going to happen or anything. I'm just a friend to him and it'll stay that way," Maira says with apparent surety.

" is wrong in that general direction," Maira says, gesturing, sure Avira couldn't have missed it. Girl talk over, time to go save some butts or at least make violence a little more awkward! Onward!
Katyna Katyna blinks in surprise as Ramza acknowledges her failings, and still stands at her side. "Ramza..Thank you.." She murmurs. But it seems that Ang still does not trust her, believe her, or really give a damn one way or the other about her honesty.

"So, what do you want then? The fact that I revealed myself to the Shadow Lords, knowing full well that they will never stop hunting me until I'm dead, choosing to go down to the underworld to help save Avira..Having never attacked either one of them before. Does that mean nothing at all? Do you really think after all of that, that I would STILL betray you all?"

She snorts, and shakes her head. Hopeless. Utterly hopeless. He's so full of blind rage and hate that he doesn't give a damn about redemption. But..When she hears that Ramza plans to assault Archadia, it causes her to frown, shaking her head.

"After you protected me, and believed in me Ramza, I cant just stand idly by while you attack Archades. I...Want to stand at your side too!" Of course that leaves the problem of Angantyr. Ick, she'd rather not see his face ever again, but she's not about to watch Ramza get hurt and not help him either.

This is getting complicated..
Ramza Beoulve The youngest son of the Beoulve family would only smile at him. He didn't even attempt to respond to the man's harsh words towards Katyna. Ramza was supportive of her, he was helping her...

But he knew that she deserved them.

He was willing to give her a chance, even call her an ally, but he certainly couldn't just instantly forgive her for what she'd done either. She'd have to work for it, and that is why he didn't even attempt to rebuke Angantyr for calling her out. It was a personal vendetta that he knew nothing about.

He'd only nod to Angantyr. "Quite dangerous indeed. That is why I require the best. Your reputation exceeds even Goffard's, if rumors are to be believed. And it is fair to suggest that Lady Katyna not be allowed to join us on that venture, if it occurs in the future, but that is dependent on your efficiency and personal initiative. When we discuss terms, it will be in private, without her listening in. When we're not on an operation together, she will travel with me unless she wishes to part ways, and not be privy to the details of what I'm hiring you for. Are these terms acceptable?"

Ramza would actually venture a smile at Katyna's initiative, but he'd shake his head. "Lady Katyna. I'll need you against a far more important foe than the Archadian Empire. If Ser Vespar chooses not to accept your presence against a foe he specializes against, I can't fault him. I'm not going to haphazardly attack the Archadian Empire, I promise you that. The job has a specific purpose to fulfill, in order to bridge a certain gap in this game I choose to play against them."
Avira Solemly, she nods. As a woman that has had many an unrequited crush in her younger years, she knows the signs of infatuation. "What kind of friend would I be if I couldn't tell these things?" An inattentive one!

As Maira goes into how nothing will come of it and she'll just be a friend, Avira shakes her head, "With an attitude like that, it certainly won't. In my case it has not been love at first sight with Angantyr. I think I...grew into worthiness for him. How much does he really know you anyway?"

She pauses, "You feel it too?" Seems she's also on board with the awkward topic change to DANGER. Away!

A few moments later, Maira and Avira wind up before the brewing confrontation between Ramza, Angantyr, and /Katyna/. "W..what..YOU! What are you doing here?!" Angantyr can easily be explained, as can his current position of wanting to take Katyna apart upon learning she was Ember.
Maira They'll just have to have more girl talk later, but Avira ought to know Maira isn't exactly Miss Self-Esteem or Confidence and she is /not/ infatuated!

Maira takes quick note of the scene before them and groans, her shoulder slumping. She looks up at the sky as if to ask a silent WTF!? Before she crosses to Angantyr to try to stop him from killing Katyna. Goodness, she might have to try to stop Avira from killing her too! Though at least she wasn't alone, apparently? She gives Ramza a look, a blink, and a shrug?

"Okay. Ooookay...lets not...get blood on the streets of this lovely city, okay?" she asks, looking to Angantyr and his giant mace. It hurts to be hit by that thing. A lot.
Angantyr Vespar "Fine." Angantyr says, finally, to Ramza, and the mace goes away. "...You think that's enough to repay for what you've done? You go on seeking redemption, but then you cry because it is not so easily won? Child, if you think this is going to be a short OR easy road, you have another thing coming. If you are the enemy to the Shadow Lords you say you are, then you're going to need to depend on the kindness of others to resist them...and YOU'VE done nothing to win their trust. Remember that. Don't demand forgiveness, and be happy IF you even get it."

"And yes, I do. The Shadow Lords play long complicated games, who is to say that while Manhattan's restoration wasn't in the plan, that you're betrayal won't serve a greater purpose? Trying to ingrane yourself with the others to try and backstab them more efficiently...or to draw those of weaker hearts to the Heartless?" Angantyr grunts, "Garland is a far better teacher than that arrogant pompus Elf you served."

Then there was an Avira and a Maira together. He doesn't turn to look at Avira, but he holds his gaze on Kat, and looks down at Maira trying to stop the fighting, "It's not going to happen, today." he assures her.
Katyna Katyna blinks at Ramza as he insists she stays out of it. "But..But...!" sigh.."Alright, if you say so. But. I still wanna travel with you. I..Dont have anywhere else to go now..I have no home to return to.." She's still quite a sorry sight as she sniffles and wipes away the tears. Honestly, she's just a kid afterall.

And then to make matters worse, Avira and Maira are finally drawn in, and she cant help but shrivel back at the sight of them - especially Avira. "Umm...I was..Just on my way..I didnt come here to cause trouble. I'm just..Just trying to put my life back together again.." She murmurs sheepishly, such a far cry from her former, confident, jubilant self.

"Sorry to bother you.." The girl glances towards the exit, but doesnt move until Ramza's ready to leave. And then Angantyr talks again and she grits her teeth, resisting the urge to STAB him for his cruel, unkind and unfair words, shaking her head fervently.

"That's not true at all! I'm through with them, and if you dont believe me, then fine..I think your friends should be more worried with your own alliance with the Shadow Lord, Garland!" But apparently it seems they're quite fine with that, which confuses her to no end.

At any rate, she looks exhausted and ready to leave. Obviously it's gonna take a lot more than words and a trip to hell to convince them that she's genuinely trying to change.
Ramza Beoulve He'd averted one crisis, at least. He knew that Katyna would be hurt, but he had to make some concessions to prevent the man from bashing in her skull. Ramza would pat her lightly on the shoulder, giving her a reassuring smile. "You aren't going anywhere, M'lady, unless you wish to. The job I'm hiring him for would be a solitary mission, unless he knows even more than I suspect. You will be travelling with me all the while, until we can resolve other matters that trouble you. Once he completes the job, then another would be forthcoming shortly after in which I would have to travel with him into the Archadian Empire."

As Avira and Maira would approach, he'd acknowledge them both by smiling graciously. "Lady Avira, it is good to see you again. I do apologize that my company was unable to assist in the restoration of your world, but we had some unexpected setbacks..."

Earlier in China: A foreign man in ostentatious attire was kneeling upon the ground in the middle of a village, winking and blowing kisses to the women in the mob that had gathered to witness it. A military official in the Imperial Army raised his sword. A tiny pellet rolled underneath the prisoner, smoke billowed and obscured the crowd's vision. The executioner's blade fell, striking only air.

Somewhat later: "For the last time Marlowe, it is not acceptable to break into the ladys' bath house! Ever! No, they were not /asking for it/!"

Back to the Present: As Ramza turned to Maira, he'd smile. "I don't believe we've yet been introduced, M'lady. My name is Ramza Beoulve, might I have the pleasure of your acquaintance?"
Avira "Redemption." Avira murmurs, slowly crossing her arms over her chest. "You're looking for my forgiveness, aren't you? After you came into VALKYRI, fought alongside us, yet spied on us the whole time? After you tried to force me to fall to the darkness after kidnapping my best friend and making it seem as if she was killed before my very eyes? After you delivered me into the hands of the Shadow Lords?"

There's a fierce look on her face now, far more fierce than anything anyone's ever seen her sport before. It almost seems out of character. "I will not give it to you. Not until you prove it to me. It's going to take more than just that little stunt you pulled in the Underworld to undo one of the mistakes you made. Because you stood there as I declared that VALKYRI would oppose the Shadow Lords and falsely accepted this. Well." She holds her arms out before her.

"Prove your change of heart to me. Regain my trust." Seems that Katyna's fears are true. It's going to take work to rebuild what was undermined.

Avira calms down just a little and looks over to Angantyr, noticing that he hasn't even acknowledged her presence yet. A sinking feeling occurs in her stomach, and not just because Katyna has pointed out that Garland was a Shadow Lord.

"...considering your situation, Ramza Beolve, that might be for the best." Avira points out quietly, rather bothered to be associating with Ramza the FOUL HERITIC so openly.
Maira Maira looks visibly relieved. She would prefer it not happen ever, but not today is really all she can hope for right now with Angantyr. His words though, she won't try to stop. He is entitled to his opinion, and indeed he may be wiser than she. Maira is distrustful still too, but...but she knew Katyna better than most, she thinks. Not everything she did was a deception. Maira simply can't believe anyone can be that two-faced. She wants to believe Katyna wants to change and make up for what she did.

So she will.

Maira is actually very much /not/ fine with Angantyr's alliance with Garland. Garland is seriously scary. But as fair as she knows, Angan is able to take care of himself and make his own decisions. She also holds out hope that Angantyr will eventually cut off ties with Garland. Naivety; it's kind of her thing. Naivety and faith in the goodness of others. She can only hope that faith pays off.

Maira looks toward Katyna, shaking her head a little. "I hope you're doing okay Katyna. Seems like you have someone to help you," she says, flashing Ramza a smile. "Oh! I'm Maira," she replies to him, giving a curtsy. It seemed like the right thing to do.

Uist kindly informs her that he has seen Ramza's face on wanted posters and that he is a very well known heretic--to which Maira shrugs. Despite her connections with Faruja, she's no fanatic. She's not even religious really. Maira sort of judges people on a person by person basis--which brings her no end of trouble!

The mage turns amber eyes toward Avira now, chewing her lip. Yeeeeup. Avira was much more harsh on this. Maira doesn't fault her for it, though she feels a little disappointed. Why does doing what she feels is right always so /difficult/!?

And Angantyr is not even acknowledging Avira. They need to talk, that is for sure. So. Incredibly. Awkward.

Also, what was that about fighting against Archades!?
Angantyr Vespar "They are, and I have told them I am not a Shadow Lord, nor do I have any intent on being. As I have said before, if not for that man, I'd be dead, consumed by the force you claim to understand. SOME of us don't get lucky, and throw their lives away. Some of us just have bad hands." Angantyr responds, bitterly, "Again, so easy to point fingers, but not to accept your own faults and your own crimes. You haven't changed a bit...but I'll honor my agreement with Ramza, just be forewarned, that if you ever lose his protection.." he lets the threat hang there.

"We'll discuss this then later, Ramza." he comments, and still does not turn to face Avira...this situation complicated.
Katyna Katyna glances back at Avira, frowning sadly as her many failures are laid bare before her, yet again. As if Angantyr had not already made that painfully obvious. But..But there is hope, just a small sliver of hope..Perhaps?

She nods to Avira. "I..I understand. I WILL prove to you that I'm a good person I know nothing can make up for what I did, but I WILL try. And...You should know, my reasons for deceiving you were not purely out of hatred of you of any kind. In the end..I just wanted to survive, and this was the only choice for me: To serve the Shadow Lords or to die. But.."

She bites her lip, glancing warily at Angantyr, knowing he'll butt in like always and tell her it's all a bunch of !(&@#(!&@#(. "But, in the end, I DID change my ways, because of you..Because of all of you. Because you showed me the truth, that what I was doing was wrong, even under fear of death, and for that I'm grateful.."

Katyna does not miss Maira's kind words, and she does smile faintly, albeit sadly towards her, nodding softly before turning away. It's only when Angantyr talks of how Garland had saved his life and she smirks.

"How ironic. Lord Fessner saved my life too, and I only wanted to repay the debt. I was never good enough to be a Shadow Lord myself, only their little errant girl.." But of course, whatever her reasons, they dont matter, no matter how much she was used and abused and manipulated by Shadow Lords..It seems no one here could possibly understand..

"Ramza. Let's go.."
Ramza Beoulve As Avira spoke her harsh words to him, he'd smile sheepishly. "I suppose so. However, since my name has been spoken repeatedly in this square, there is little point in me attempting to conceal who I am. I do hope that I have caused no offense or inconvenience to you, though I would question whether you believe my /situation/ was earned by any actual crimes on my part. I suspect that if one of your friends were falsely accused of murder and heresy, that you would not be so hesitant to accept their aid."

He'd nod to Angantyr, smiling in a congenial manner. "I look forward to the conversation, Ser. There's no rush either, as I might be lingering in Fluorgis for a while longer. You might find the circumstances comical if you have any history with a certain Elven Count that appears to be the newest errand boy for the Church of Glabados."

As Maira introduced herself, he would place his hand across his chest, bowing a fraction. "Always good to meet a friendly face, M'lady. Especially when you are a man like myself. It has been a distinct pleasure."

Ramza would look then to Katyna as she tries to urge them to leave, his expression neutral for a time, before he walks over to her, putting a hand upon her shoulder, perhaps for support. "Are you sure that you want to go so soon M'lady? If so, I can hardly fault you, and will certainly accompany you, but mayhaps you should consider this an oppurtunity to air out your feelings further. Not all of your former friends are slinging stones at you after all."
Avira "Excuses. I have excuses too for the contract I made with Hades and in spite of those, there are people out there that aren't going to forgive me for what I've done." Her eyes harden, "I've lost their trust."

Avira looks at Katyna, "So enough with the excuses, I want to see your action now." She does sound harsh. Cold, even, which is amplified by the way Angantyr is treating her right now. She can feel her chest aching as she speaks with each word.

She makes an awkward noise at Ramza, "It's your reputation I'm more worried about rather than your actual crimes. I know people in the Church that has declared you a heretic and I do not want to get between them and you. I've had my fill of peril lately."

Kat endeavors to leave though Ramza encourages her to stay, mentioning the act of slinging stones. Avira bristles, again growing much angrier than she usually appears. "More like boulders."

She looks over to Angantyr again. Still nothing.

She didn't want to deal with this. Not here, not now.

"I've said my piece. Katyna, I /eagerly/ look forward to seeing you earn my trust."

Stiffly, she turns away and heads back for the inn, murmuring something.
Maira Well, this is just a huge pile of terrible, isn't it? Maira feel awful. So much anger and pain, she can't help but feel it wash over her in a wave. She is a sensitive sort, one of the reasons she /had/ to get away for a while. It was all too much and she needed some time to filter out all the negativity. But problems don't just go away.

Maira sighs heavily and watches Avira turn to leave. She doesn't immediate follow, instead turning toward Angantyr and crossing her arms. "You should talk to her. Don't just...leave it like this," she says, waiting to see if he'll go after her or not.
Katyna Katyna grits her teeth as the stone slinging continues. It doesn't matter what she says at this point really..And the conversation is just making her feel worse. She shakes her head at Ramza. "There's nothing more to say..I just..Wanna get away from here. I need to get out of here.." And then, Katyna breaks into a run as she heads for the city gates, away from here..
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr feels similarly towards Avira...

He turns to leave, but Maira is in her way.

"What am I going to say, Maira?" he says, "Infact..I don't have anything to say." He finally says, and turns to walk, "Go have fun with her, I'll be in the inn to the south."

"Nice to meet you, Ramza. Just look out for daggers." And Angantyr walks off.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza would nod politely to Angantyr. "Trust me, Ser. I'm becoming intimately acquainted with the concept of being stabbed in the back that my company typically wagers on whom will be the next to do so."

And then he'd take off after Katyna before she got far enough away and made the mistake of going outside one of the city gates. Count Valos had already associated her with him, and if she were spotted, then she'd certainly be ambushed. "Katyna, wait up!"

At this rate, he was going to need to invest in a lot of haste potions, given how frequently he was having to run off after her.
Maira This is a very dangerous position in more ways than one. Really, how did this get so messy! WHY did it have to be so messy? Katyna is running one way, followed by Ramza, Avira walking off in another, Angantyr walking in the opposite direction as Avira....and Maira just stands there, torn in so many directions she doesn't know what to do.

Now she was alone, save Uist, who is shaking his head and muttering about stubborn people and cowards.

She can't do it. She's just....she's just not chasing any of them. She's always chasing someone. She's tired.

So, Maira simply sits where she was standing, despite the fact she will be in the way of pedestrian traffic. Oh well. It seems important suddenly that she doesn't budge.

"Staying right here."

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