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Goblet If You Please
(2013-03-20 - 2013-03-21)
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The Church of Glabados was seen as a holy place. A church in all its religious (coughcough) glory (ahem). Yet late into the night there was no services and things were very quiet in the late hour. People had gone to beds and the bells had tolled the hour of midnight.

None should be awake and those who are, are only the guards watching on the ground. Wings take glide high above the sky on current of wind, before the very creature swoops down and lands up on the roof of the church. Those red eyes gleam from the darkness, before it crawls around the side of the building as a guard comes around. Only for a moment does the guard catch a glimpse of something, but with a double take it is gone.

The creature opens a window and then crawls into the church before closing the window shut once more. The wings wrapped around the feminine figure as the creature ducking down low at times to get under the doors walks out onto the upper level of the church. Her eyes no longer glowing peer to be human like, but her irises a almost black color.

The red hair catching color against the blue skin as she walks by the small torches that light the place. Her three toed feet gently moving across the wood surface. Yet to her surprise where she suddenly comes to a stop is when a door opens from one of the room up on the floor she is on.

She leaps over for the ledge of the walkway over the main floor, before flipping herself over. Her claws dig into the floor board under as she hangs there with the gravity of the world wanting to pull her down. Her tail swinging side to side in some agitation. She can hear the steps above her, as her eyes follow the steps.

"Hello." Says the voice. "Is anyone there?"

Then while in wait for the person to go away, another door opens. One of the guards, comes into the church right under her. At first he notices nothing, until he spots the shadow. "..what the.."

However before he has time to draw the weapon or yell, the beast drops down on him. Her claws digging into his armor, cutting it almost like diamonds against steel, before she reaches up and snaps his neck. Letting his body fall to the floor. Her eyes then dart up as she hears those same feet now running. "..Perfect." She mutters with a growl of frustration.

There was no time now. Soon the city would become alert and those who protect both city and church would be here; including any of there allies. She would need to find her prize and find it soon. The female creature then quickly moves for the back of the church on all fours, before sliding into the back room, there with many books, goblets, and materials needed for services; from there she started to rummage through the things.

The only sound that could be heard for any who enter the main building was the sound of the movement in the back room, including with the door still wide open and maybe a shadow from time to time moving through whatever items the creature was looking for.
Percival The russet-skinned Gargoyle was not in Mullonde for worship. That is what he told himself at least. Faruja was certainly taking every oppurtunity to try and prod him in that direction.

He was only here to discover the disposition of the Vampire they'd captured, for her fate still weighed heavily upon his soul. He wasn't brooding per se, it was more like soul-searching as he sat perched upon one of the upper levels inside the Cathedral.

The commotion below alerted him that something was amiss, but he didn't know precisely what. While it wasn't his place to guard the Cathedral, it hardly mattered to him, it was in his nature to be a guardian wherever he went. It didn't take too long for him to descend to the main floor of the Cathedral, his glide a silent one, other than the brief clacking of talons upon the floor. Furling his wings, he set them over his shoulders so that they'd settle like some sort of cloak. he would begin to walk throughout the main floor of the Cathedal, trying to discover exactly what was amiss, but at first, he saw no signs.
Morrighan Alazne It was late.

Morrighan had been within the church, in one of the studies. Surrounded by books pertaining to dark lore, magical artifacts, and an open space on the floor nearby that bore a magical glyph, it would seem that the dark mistress was busy working on some sort of magical experimentation. Firmly nestled away, the elven woman did not seem to have any intention of entertaining nonsense this night.

But that was not to say that she was complately out of the way. The blue gargoyle was rapidly making her way to the vicinity of the study's closed door. And additionally, she will soon notice a pair of black, metal orbs independantly floating through the halls. Inset were azure crystals, gleaming in the darkened halls with blue light as they looked every which way.

Personalized Magecraft. Sentries that observed. Whatever fell into their line of sight, Morrighan could also see. They were like additional eyes to the dark elf. And so far, there was nothing to take note of. And so she continued on with her work...

...Wait a moment, one of her crafts just came by a fallen body. The sigh transmitted to Morrighan caused her to frown deeply. "...Just what is going on out there?" She mumbled to herself, looking up from her work and off towards the study's door.


After a moment of suspicious staring, Morrighan rose up, fixing up her rather fancy dress before stepping over to the door and opening it. She then poked her head out into the hall, the light of the study partly illuminating the darkness as she surveyed the hallway for anything out of the ordinary.
Deidra Deidra had only come to this city to explore she was curious about it. To see a city of this technological level that wasn't based on speculation was quite curious to her. She'd simply been keeping out of sight, keeping above and generally just watching. At least untill Demona chose to drop in and start causing problems. She's a bit suprised as she makes her way to check out what was going on. She couldn't just look past it, it become a part of her nature, she's started to realise it when Manhattan fall either way she's now poking about shortly after Percy.
So far things are very quiet. Only the rummaging in the distant backroom is probably the only knowledge that something may not be right, oh and that dead guard body on the ground now, that had rather deep claw marks in the armor.

Yet coming down the steps comes the only one who may have observed the attack. Yet as they see Percival, they quickly run the other way yelling something like: 'Help! Another beast!'

That can't be good.

Soon though who ever was in the back-room, makes their way out tieing a sash to their hip belt. The figure was indeed another gargoyle like that of Deidra and Percival. Actually in seeing them causes the feminine figure to stop in her steps, as her eyes stare at them both.

She stares at them both for a long time, before her eyes notice the orb moving in the room. She then slowly looks back at her two kin once more, before she lets out a slow growl. Then with a quick bolt, she goes to run right over to the main stage, before leaping up on the wall and starting to scale it quickly.
Percival Percival arched a horned protrusion on his head not unlike an eyebrow. /Another beast?/ That couldn't be good. He was considered a guest here, so what had spooked the guard that much? He quickened his pace to investigate, and it wasn't long before he came upon the lurking figure in the shadows. Her outline marked the figure as another of his kind, but he certainly didn't know the individual. Initially, he would call out in a diplomatic, but guarded tone. "Good evening M'lady. I'm not certain that we've yet been acquainted but..."

And then she bolted, and the Gargoyle found himself on all fours chasing after her, talons which could cut into stone did not find the wall much of a hindrance either, as he began to scale it, rushing after her.
Morrighan Alazne One of Morrighan's orbs caught sight of the intruder. ...Or well, multiple intruders by this point if you count Percival and Deidra. The sight was transmitted to Morrighan and she frowned. "What manner of devilry is this?" She mumbled quietly, stepping out into the hall fully and closing the study door.

"Did it become Gargoyle night at the church and I was not told?" The elven woman frowned as she casually walked through the hallway and into the main area of worship. As she went, several sets of golden blades formed themselves around her, revolving slowly in a defensive formation. "Nevertheless, it would seem that it is time to go hunting...Joy."

Raising a hand slightly then, palm upwards, a small illuminating ball of light was formed, providing light in place of a torch. With her preparations done, the dark elf moved into the main area just in time to see the gargoyle chase begin. "You things! What are you doing here?" She demanded loudly, cutting through the tension. ...Or just making it worse.
Deidra Deidra pauses for a moment and she seems suprisdd to see another gargyole she's not sure what to think but they might not be friendly she's not sure but she's tailing after them. "There she goes, just what the heck is gouing on here." She's not prone to doing the for limb run thing but she's keeping up only lagging a little behind her as she goes and she looks at Morrighan. She says not a thing...
The the female gargoyle in question, notices the male gargoyle chasing after her. She then leaps over to the side. Her claws dig down into the tapestry, which rips as she slides down it. Before she suddenly swings off it and then claws dig into the wooden rail of the second floor walkway above the main room. She doesn't even respond to Morrighan's question; perhaps no time yet.

However the wooden rail snaps under her weight, before her claws attempt to snag something on the way down, sadly, that part of the floor also gives away in a wooden chunk and the female gargoyle goes crashing down the ground.

As she lands, it comes with a heavy thud and a snarl in pain. The satchel tied to her belt become loose and one of the items within it rolls right out. It happens to be a gold goblet that is used to hold holy water, for church rituals, all that type of stuff. One of those things you probably shouldn't steal and looks like she may have a few more on her as well in that bag!

She slowly picks herself up, before her eyes stare at the elf. Her eyes narrow slightly. "Stay out of this, fae." She speaks! "And the rest of you as well! I do not wish to fight my own kind, but I will if you get in my way and what I must do for our freedom." Then her hand goes to quickly reach for the goblet that dropped on the ground.
Percival When the female Gargoyle took the plunge below a good chunk of the railway, Percival grimaces, stopping short. He'd descend to the ground once more, stopping a short distance from her, his posture entirely unthreatening. His wings remained furled, and his hands were off his weapons. The russet-skinned figure would approach a step at a time, but his poise showed that he was entirely relaxed.

He spoke calmly as he approached her. "Let's try this again. Be reasonable M'lady, you are the intruder here, not I. I don't have any desire to fight my kind either, but while I'm a guest here it falls within reason that I should attempt to prevent any thievery. My name is Percival, might I have the pleasure of your acquaintance, and perhaps a short explanation on why that relic will grant you your liberty?"
Deidra Deidra follows after Demon and keeps up with Percy thoguh she's not dropped to or legged running. She's able to leap and follow for the moment as she looks her over as she stares at her for a moment. Morri isn't ignored. "I'm not looking for a fight but calm dow yourt the one who busted in here."
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan's eyes narrowed at the sight of these gargoyles. It seemed like Pervical was at least being the reasonable one here. Deidra was a non-issue for now, but...The intruder. Watching her recover from the fall, the dark mage's eyes wandered over to the fallen goblet.

"...So this is why you were here."

Raising her other hand, Morrighan directed one of her floating orbs. The crystal core lit up brilliantly before a bright beam was fired forward, aiming not for Demona, but rather for the goblet. The ray struck the ceremonial implement, causing it to be sent hurtling out of the blue gargoyle's reach. Once done, the dark elf crossed her arms over her chest, looking quite unamused.

"While I do not particularly care about the fact that you are stealing from the church. ...The fact that you chose the night that I was present to do it irritates me." She smiled with a shade of ill intent then, eyes flashing. "Therefore, I must say that I will not be staying out of this."

That said, both metal orbs ambled through the air, coming to revolve around Morrighan along with the blades previously formed. She was not going to blatantly open an attack, but instead...she would watch, and wait for an ill advised action to be taken. Oh which she had no doubt there would be.
The female gargoyle picks up the goblet in her hands, or was about before the elf knocked it away with her magic. This caused the female gargoyle to growl, her eyes glowing red for only a moment, before they calmed.

Her blue skin light in color, but her red hair fiery, with the color closer to her scalp a much darker hue. "Not of my liberty, but our race as a whole." The female explains as her hand claps tightly. Her eyes peer then over at the elf once more as she goes to further explain herself.

"As these worlds merge and other worlds become devoured by darkness, our kind suffers. Mankind is vast and they stand by to do nothing to protect us or even help us, but they expect us to do the same for /them/." The female gargoyle narrows her eyes. "So I will do what I must to protect our kind."

It may be more noticeable now with the light that on her other hip is that of her mace and on her backside, is that of one of Xanatos' own laser rifles. Yet she does not reach for them, not yet. Also by the satchel still at her hip, it seems she may still possess a goblet or two still in her bag.

"Now stand aside!" The female gargoyle states. Still yet giving her name out or who she is. Not the most pleasant of people it would seem.
Percival The russet Gargoyle's eyes would narrow into slits as he regarded her. He felt something akin to pity for her, given her obvious bitterness. "Many humans have nothing but respect for our kind in this strange world we find ourselves living in. While I can't fault you for wanting to rescue our kin that have fallen into darkness, should we truly despise mankind in a world where we can walk upon the same streets as they, openly? Why do we need protecting, from the world of man? We can always work together to bring our kin out of the darkness. My entire /clan/ is lost to it."

An impatient flick of the tail would be the only sign of his displeasure, as he crossed his arms, tapping his talons idly upon the other arm. "How exactly will this safeguard our kin, M'lady?"
Deidra Deidra says "Everyone is suffering, human, Gargyole, demi human and more." She looks back at Demona not sure what to think of the redhead. She noties the energy weapon nd has seen them before. "You think i'm going to take a stranger runing about like a comon thief?" There is max but he's anything but common. Still she wants to know what's going on she doesn't move to make a hsotile action yet.

"Look the last time we had people running about after a seemingly harmless item we lost manhattan."
Morrighan Alazne Sigh.

She felt like an outsider to these ramblings. In fact, she was. Tapping a foot lightly against the ground in impatience, Morrighan's eyes remained narrowed as she listened to the gargoyles debate amongst themselves. "Hmph..." She huffed lightly, not seeming to be impressed with their plight.

"Protect your kind, you say? Do tell, how are a couple of goblets, which I assume you have several in that sack of yours, will do such a thing?" The dark elf asked with a bit of a mocking tone. "Are you perhaps preparing for some manner of pagan ritual now? Is that it? Will you melt these goblets down into their base form and then use it to perfom was unseemly deed?" Scoffing at that, Morrighan shrugged her shoulders, now clearly making fun of her.

"Or perhaps you will sell them and then use the money to pay the darkness to spare and release your kind? Ohohohoho~" And with that said, a hand was brought to the side of her face as she let out an irritating haughty laugh. Ah, it's been a while since she did that.
The female gargoyle narrows her eyes, a faint glow in them for a moment. "You.. sound... just.. like him." She hisses out, before she takes a step back. "Blinded by what they have done to us. What they will do to us when they find us no longer useful. I have no time for these childish games."

Then Demona's gaze cut right over to Morrighan. Her eyes then started to glow with bright red fire as her hands tighten into clenched fists. Her fanged teeth snarled at the elf, before a bitter smile twinged on her lips, yet those eyes did not stop glowing. "Actually. That is exactly what I plan to do, just as I have done many times before. Including a time I brought back one of my own clan brothers with the mix of science and magic who was wrongfully taken from us during a traitorous act, by the /humans/," her gaze cuts over to Percival for a moment, before it slips back to Morrighan, "While he /slept/."

She then takes a few steps to the side. Her eyes never leaving Morrighan now, as if she is now ignoring the other two gargoyles. Yet it was hard to say with those eyes glowing so bright. Yet the actions were clear as she pulled out the laser rifle and held it. The sound of it hum soon came from the high-tech weapon, as she continued to side step. "Now. One last time. Let me leave here or I will make this not pleasant for anyone."
Percival The Gargoyle would give her a bewildered look, his finned ears actually moving back a touch against his head. "I have no idea who you're talking about."

He tsks, but and while he has both a sword laying sheathed within a scabbard on his back, and an ornate rapier in another scabbard at his side, he draws neither. Instead he'd strap a shield upon his right arm in a relaxed manner. "I don't even know who you are, M'lady. I don't have any desire to fight my own kind, but you're not giving me much of a choice here. Maybe once you're restrained, you'll be a trifle more reasonable, but don't worry, as I wouldn't dream of handing you over to the Church."
Morrighan Alazne Ah. So that was it.

How wonderful.

Morrighan rolled her eyes after she had finished laughing it up, resuming her previous combat ready posture. "Hmph, so you choose to take the barbaric route after all. How very fitting." What she meant by that however, there would be no elaboration. Not changing her stance any, the dark elf simply began muttering to herself, her eyes beginning to take on a similar eerie red glow.

"You choose to threaten me. You know that I simply cannot lie down and allow this to go as you please now." Smirking wryly at that, the elven mage raised a hand, extending an index finger. Said finger began to glow with a sickly purple aura as she began to draw hex runes in the air. Those runes began to pulse, their target seeming to be Demona.

It was a minor curse.
Deidra Deidra says "Him? No idea who your talking about but your sounding like you yout head isn't on right."

Deidra pulls some sort of computer pad out and turns it on as she looks at the other Gargyole for a moment. "..." Deidra has always had that fear herseld but there's somehting going on here. She looks at Morrighan for a moment. Then back to Demona, she thinks about the TDA's job to look into the church this would get them some points and prehaps allow them some freedom to snoop about a bout. Still that was rather mercnary no that he thought about it. She has no idea about the murdered guard after all, so she sees no issue in letting a theif go but the mention of magic get her attention. This was going to be bad...
"I guess you are not part of his clan then. They made a home in Manhattan when I worked with a man named David Xanatos in order to get them back. His name is.." Demona goes to state, her eyes for just a moment may even soften, though that of sadness. Yet whatever she was about to say was quickly interrupted by the sudden cast of magic.

Her attention quickly turns that way, as her wing fingers let go of her other wing and attempts to turn herself away from the spell. Yet the curse effects impacts her, and she can feel it. Her other wing unfolds out, before she lets out a hiss of a snarl at Morrighan, before she suddenly crouches down and leaps right at the other woman.

It would seem play time is over and that may just been all this female gargoyle needed.

Her free hand makes a quick swipe at the elf, before she then attempts to use her tail, to try the elf right over, before making another swipe for her. Her other hand meantime was keeping the rifle aimed away, with her index finger ready to fire the weapon at any given notice.
Percival The Gargoyle would still sound quite bewildered. "The Wyvern Clan? I don't know anything of them M'lady, except for Brooklyn, whom I met only in passing."

As Demona began to lash out at Morrighan though, the Gargoyle would drop to all fours, his wings moving off his shoulders to expand to their full wing span as he moved to try to tackle Demona. Grappling with her, he'd slam her with his shield in-between strikes for good measure. There was no anger in his actions, it seemed more like resignation. Demona would sense that he was not using lethal force, and was definitely holding back, pulling his punches, and definitely not using his talons. Instead, he looked like he was trying to pin her, in some sort of mock wrestling match.

Given that his heart wasn't into it though, it seemed unlikely that he'd manage it. "Stop this foolishness!"
Deidra Deidra is not happy about Morri heck she may be plamnning to do something after it. "Eh the clock towere clan I know a few of them but I'm not a part of it." It's not a fun issue with Morri but she does respect Max enough at least to only enterain ideas not do anything she pulls the pad and starts chanting in Latin, the sort of chanting that Demona would know the blue hair gargyole is a mage of some sort herself. It's not a direct attack she's trying to weaken Demon slow her down so this can not end in carnage as the spell finishes.

"I know of Xanatos, and I know there's bad blood with him and the wyvern clan..." So Demona's from that clan at least once or knew it she'd have to ask Brooklyn about it later.

"You need to calm the heck down ma'me."
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan smirked at she could see her curse's effects taking hold, weakening the intruder. But that was not going to be taken sitting down. The pompous elf had the audacity to be surprised when Demona came right for her, claw and tail swinging. "Wha!" Scrambling back, the dark elf tried to defend herself, feeling a claw tear into her arm as well as the tail impact with her midsection.

Having been defending however, she managed to stay upright, though that still hurt! "Ugh! Do you know how much these clothes cost!? More than your life!" Perhaps she was exaggerating, but she was angry! Seeing Percival miss the mark on his attempt at stopping the angry female gargoyle would usually have gotten a laugh from her, but this was serious time now! "Hmph! Then it is time to teach you a lesson!"

That said, Morrighan raised a hand slightly, ordering the blades floating behind her to merge together. They did so, becoming a large golden sword that began to emanate a purple aura of darkness. Directing her hand forward, the blade then crashed down at Demona, aiming to overwhelm. At the same time, both floating orbs fired simple dark beams to cover the attack from differing angles, reducing the gargoyle's options.
Morrighan may be the cause of Demona's anger, but no one was exempt when this female gargoyle was enraged. As Percival finds out as he goes in to tackle her. She quickly leaps away from the elf, moving back with Percival's speed, to side step around and slash her free hand at him to move him aside before he can even get a chance to pin her. "I told you to stay out of this!"

Deidra's spell is spoken and Demona attempts to find the means to deflect the spell away with a mild spoken word, however no such luck it would seem, as the spell impacts the blue female gargoyle with red hair almost dropping her down to her knee. She growls as she forces her self back up, shaking her head slightly trying to clear her vision a bit.

Yet the suddenly flickering of more magic in the corner of her eye caused her to look in that direction. Morrighan's image was fuzzy at best, but the threat of what she was doing was not going unnoticed. Demona growled lowly, before she suddenly charged right at her, her wings wrapping around her body as she lept forward to avoid the energy blasts, and then drawing out her mace, to slam into the magical blade, before she then turns around and goes to slam it right into the elf.

Demona growls lowly, as her eyes dart over to Percival once more. "You wanted my name? It was given to me by the humans." She then aims her laser rifle at him. "My name is Demona." She then goes to fire, but actually aims for where his shield is located at, before she attempts to run for one of the doors to try and get out of the church. There her gate was a bit off thanks to the magical curses, she does aim back and take several more shots for the others as well.
Percival The Gargoyle overcompensated and missed handily, as he found himself dumped unceremoniously onto the floor. He would rise in short order, as he rolled his shoulders with a snarl of irritation. His posture was decidedly more threatening now, as he took in her measure, dropping to all fours in anticipation of her attack "Why do you take the name of my clan's founder? She died a thousand years ago."

He didn't even move his shield when the shot came, so he knew that she wasn't actually trying to kill him, yet at least. The shot burns a small hole through it, though the energy dissipates slightly upon the material behind the shield. He's still burned, and audibly grunts. He'd then charge her directly, attempting to bowl her over by bringing his shield upward, while his body slammed into her legs. He would then raise both his fists together, before trying to slam them down upon her. Even now, despite his attack having more conviction in it, it was still obvious that he wasn't trying to seriously hurt her.
Deidra Deidra pauses for a moment she'd not pressed for a name but she looks shocked like she's heard the name, "Wait a moment...your Demona?!" She remebers what that man had told them. This just became gery seriously at this point but she seems to have helped persy till the freaking laser and blam. She's hit she's burnt there's ahole in her cltohing from that but she's standing still. It's still a suprise to be durable as she is she chants again this time sending a powerful gust of wind full of shards of ice at Demona.
Morrighan Alazne "Augh!" Morrighan cried, feeling the mace swing right into her midsection again. A bit of blood escaped from her mouth as well, but she quickly wiped it away and scrambled back some in order to gain distance again. "Flitting around like a fly...beyond irritating!" She growled, regaining her bearings then.

The shots fired from the rifle were quickly avoided as the dark elf hid herself behind a nearby pillar. Once they passed, she clenched a fist, glowing with a purple aura as she prepared another round of spells. Not wasting anymore time complaining, Morrighan revealed herself, closing her eyes and chanting in a strange tongue before finally, they opened again with an intense look. "Shadow Star!"

With the spell complete, dark mist began to form in the air above, condensing and forming into spectral lances of dark energy that then fired downwards, aiming to strike at Demona. And again, her orbs accompanied this with additional fired rays and the magical sword that was deflected earlier whirls back to life, swinging at the thieving gargoyle from the side.
Percival's words catch Demona off guard, at least enough where she doesn't attempt to hurt him back as he charges in. Instead she moves with his blow, only to flip back, and then bring her made in as device to halt the fist impact into her. She holds his blow there, her eyes locked on his, the angry red glow in her eyes almost fade. "..founder of your clan.. then you come from Scotland? Macbeth?"

Yet that short moment was interrupted as she heard Deidra's casting. Demona swiftly broke away from Percival to not get him caught in the spell. As the ice came, Demona lept into the air and opened her wings. She then used the cold wind current to move herself upward, before reaching the balcony. However what short moment she may use this to escape with, Morrighan quickly interrupts with her own spell.

The female gargoyle quickly runs across the upper section as the lances start to fire down. Each one gets to close and it forces her to leap off. She attempts to land down feet first for the mage, however one of the lances gets her and dives right across her left leg, and two more through her wing flaps. Before she slams down to the ground.

Yet the female gargoyle rises, even with her leg bleeding and even some blood on her wings, which she hisses at in pain more then her legs. Her wings not even wanting to fold up due to the discomfort they were now in. Demona then places away the laser rifle, before she crouches down. Ignoring the pain on her leg, both hands take the mace as her eyes glow bright once more. "If that is the way this must be done. Then so be it."

She lets out a banshee like roar, before suddenly leaping right off the ground, unleashing the mace at Morrighan first, before she attempts to slam her clawed hands into part of her dress and throw her at the pillar.

Then Demona pounces across to Deidra moving to slam her body into her to knock the book free from her hands, before slashing her claws directly above her eyes, in hopes that the bleeding may blind her from reading her spells if the cuts make.

Then her attention turns to Percival who she charges right at and goes to tackle her complete shoulder into, hoping to slam him right into the pillar or the very ground.
Percival Percival was having to visibly restrain his anger now. That he was forced to attack one of his kind was bad enough, but she was making a mockery of him. Was it because she was taking advantage of his restraint, or because she really was this good?

Either way, he'd slowly remove a darksteel runed blade out of its scabbard, holding it easily in a low guard, turning it so that the flat of the blade was facing her, not the edge. "From Scotland? My clan originated from there, aye. King Macbeth /killed/ the founder after he betrayed us."

When Demona charged, the Gargoyle planted his feet, and fought back against her vicious onslaught, aiming to slam the flat of the blade against her several times, before trying to grapple his way out of her hold. And then he attempts to simply reverse her relentless momentum against her, by suddenly ducking as she slammed him against the pillar repeatedly, letting her momentum carry her forward into it before he slammed his shield into the back of her skull. "ENOUGH!"

And yet, despite his obvious anger, he was still pulling all of his blows. They must have felt like nothing but love taps to the enraged Gargoyle attacking him.
Deidra Deidra isn't sure then and pauses as she brings up the name Macbeth. So this could be the one he wpoke of , she sees the other get away from her casting and then comes a whole lot of pain. Then she's caught in close combt she loses the iTome as it goes skitting off as she's attacked being clawed up pretty badly and stagging back.

"Your totally wacked...I had just about ENOUGH!"

her own eyes are glowing read as she counter attacking attemping to grab and Rip into Demona with her own talons.
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan smiled gleefully at the damage that she had inflicted on the intruder, nodding to herself in satisfaction. "Hmph! Serves you right, you thieving..." She didn't get to finish her statement as Demona rose back to her feet, letting out an unsettling roar. That caused her to hesitate for a bit.

Just enough time for her to be greeted by a mace to the gut. Coughing up blood, the elf flew back, but was denied her flight as the angry gargoyle gripped her dress(and somehow avoiding causing a massive wardrobe malfunction!), and threw her the other way. Morrighan went flying again, crashing into the pillar.

Upon impact, there were several cracking sounds as she crumpled to the ground, laying in a slowly building pool of blood. Was she done? It almost looked like it, but slowly, surely, she pushed herself back up, suspending herself on her hands and knees. Her dress was torn up quite a bit now and it was a wonder it even still served it's purpose.

" be the likes of you barbaric creatures!" She growled angrily, not actually getting up because it hurt too much. Instead, she just stayed as she was, hands flat on the ground as a magic glyph began to draw itself. It started small and then began to grow and grow and grow...and then keep growing till it covered nearly the entire inner perimeter of the main area.

Closing her eyes then, she said no words, chanted nothing as dark energy began to emanate through the church. Objects like black feathers began to appear floating throughout before she suddenly opened her eyes, glaring intensely at Demona. "Begone!" And then all at once, dark magical energy erupted upwards, threatening to corrupt and burn away at the offending gargoyle.

Strangely enough, Percival and Deidra would not feel these effects despite being in the target area as well.
The two played tango, being Percival and Demona. The female gargoyle growling at him in anger as he attempted to get the better of her and did as the shield slams the back of her skull. The flat of the blades also didn't help either.

Demona then turns her body to slash her claws at Percival's face, perhaps what seemed to be in instinct more then anything. "He didn't kill me! Because I /am/ Demona. He named me and he still walks the earth as much as I!" There was honesty in her voice, even through the bitter anger. She goes to explain further, but here comes to the other female gargoyle.

Deidra slams her away from Percival, her claws ripping into her, even as Demona attempts to strike back. The much younger Gargoyle was far quicker in this moment and it problem, it really is because it sets her right up for the anger elf witch who suddenly yells begone.

Almost on instinct, Demona quickly yells out several words in latin, before the dark magic slams into her. The very darkness overlaps her body. It swirls around her to the point where it seems she is gone. Instead when it is over, she has been slammed into the very wall and is down on one knee. The hole in her wings almost mended, along with the cut on her leg. She looks tired, but not surprising why should would be. She just had to summon a spell to counter a spell from the top of her memory and thankfully /it/ was the right spell. Not a trick she like to attempt again.

"..and imagine.." she rumbles, "..we could have avoided all of if this.. if you just let me walk out.. yet no. Never. Never can those not of my kin give any respect." her full attention glares at the elf. "..Barbarian creatures were your words.." She then stands up, her eyes not glowing. Instead they were steely calm. "I guess even those perhaps related to fae are no better then man."

Demona the reaches for the laser rifle once more, the aim trained on Morrighan. "No. It is you that will Begone!" She then makes a run for the door once more, though the very weapon trained on her. The laser rifle charging up before it fires off several shots as she runs. While yes, attempting to avoid Percival and Deidra if they attempt to come for her again.
Deidra Deidra can sense sthere's a lot of honest but anger and bitteness in her voice she doesn't old back though she listens to the Elf. SHe really rather be punching Morri's face in if she had to fight today. Fate makes thing strange some time but she's not in a good word. She's managing to get Demona down for a moment and she' snot done yet again she growls and lunges at Demona tend to beat her to the point she passes out of need by. She's just in a very foul mood and her nature is getting the better of her today.
Percival The Gargoyle was breathing raspily now. Deidra had likely saved him from being pummeled to death, but he'd been holding back for too long. The wounds she'd inflicted unto him were starting to add up and his vision was starting to blur as he watched Deidra attack her.

Steeling himself, he'd actually watch Demona aim to take a bead upon Morrighan, as he attempted to actually jump in the way and intercept it. It didn't exactly go as planned though, even if it spared him further pain. Huddled in a defensive position, he'd speak with a biting edge to his words. "There was a time, when I thought that I was half a demon myself, M'lady. A monster worthy only of scorn. She may call me a barbaric creature, but she still spared me from her spell. And while you may consider it simple pragmatism on her part..."

He'd grimace, holding his side. "...I notice, that she's not the one that's attacking her own kind. This madness is your doing!"

Steeling himself, he would actually begin to circle Demona slowly, she was more agile than he, so he had to be deliberate, precise. He moved forward with his shield in front, and the sword held in a high guard. When he got close enough, he'd simply slam the shield forward at her, before trying to aim several strikes with the flat of his sword against her openings, trying not to give her an opening of her own.
Morrighan Alazne Somehow, by some god given miracle, the majority of the shots missed entirely, only a couple grazing by her arms and sides. "Nngh..." Wincing in pain even at that, Morrighan could do nothing more to defend herself now. She just sat there in her own blood, panting heavily and watching the gargoyles fight amongst themselves.

"Indeed, I could have allowed you to simply walk away..." The dark elf began to speak in a weak tone. "...But that simply would not do now. You are the one who broke into the church..." Another pause as she attempted to regain her stamina, to no avail. "...You are at fault for everything. Why...should you simply be allowed to...leave? That sense whatsoever!"

And that was all Morrighan could utter. From there, she just fell silent and watched.
Demona doesn't respond anymore, if anything her mind seems to be made up what she wants to do and she is going to do it. She just needs the leverage /to/ do it. That will come soon enough.

Deidra comes in and strikes at her again, the claws ripping in, and Demona just takes a defensive stance with it allowing the attacks to come in, though she does hiss at Percival, "I attacked her and only her, it was you two who went to her defense! You say you are that from my clan, but I see without my guidance you had all become /soft/." She doesn't even continue what she is thinking. The /idea/ that some of them had survived was actually delight in her heart, yet with this encounter, the coldness only found it once more.

Though Deidra knocks the satchel free, which she quickly snags a hold of one of the falling goblets about the time that Percival comes in. the female Gargoyle allowed his strikes to impact, including knocking her off balance, yet with a strong hop back up, she went to kick off his shoulder, before pushing herself right up for the upper section of the church where she went to quickly dart into one of the rooms. Two of the goblets saved, yet Demona still had the last one.

It also seemed she was indeed on the get away for that window and was making a move if anyone chased up there after her to rush herself right through it to get outside.
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan did not move from where she knelt, continuing to watch silently, panting with more effort as fierce attacks and words were thrown about. "...All of this talk of clans and gargoyles and the past...Hmph...!" She huffed to herself. It wasn't worth it to try and chase after Demona. Whatever she got away with, it no longer mattered.

Now just trying to stay conscious, Morrighan shakily raised her hands, emanating a healing light. A familiar sight after the all the dark magic she had been using this battle. Paying no more attention to anyone else, she began to channel healing energy into herself, closing her eyes as her wounds; mostly internal injuries and stressed bones were soothed somewhat.

It was imperative to stem any internal bleeding before it got much worse. And that was all she was worried about now. Gargoyles and goblets could wait.
Percival The Gargoyle was hurting. He felt the slick warmth at his side. He was seeing four different Demonas now.

And then everyone in the room would hear it. At first, it was so faint they would mistake it for something else, but then it began to quicken, thrumming in a cadence that would make it imperceptible from a heartbeat. As Demona leapt onto his shoulders, and away, it would quicken even more.

Lub-dub. Lub-dub.

The Shadows in the room would slowly slither, and lengthen, covering the room in total umbra The only light in the room, would be a faint purple aura upon Morrighan, Demona, and Deidra. Percival would no longer be visible to Demona as she fled towards the direction of window. At first, she might have thought that she had a clean getaway, but she'd then feel his warm breath on the back of her neck mere moments before she saw two glowing white orbs hanging in the air.

There was no reason in those eyes, no rational thought. Assuming she didn't react quickly enough, a hand would close over her throat, lifting her away from the window. The Gargoyle would snarl right in her face, before he would begin to mercilessly assault her with talons, tail, fist, and yes, even fangs.

All just within a hair's breadth from a window she knew was there, but couldn't quite reach.
Deidra Deidra may remeber later what Demona has aid but right now she's just too hacked off she wasn't even thinking about the damn elf. She'd likely have been brawling ith them if her job with the TDA wasn't an factor that and robbing a relgious instuation really that was kinda low to her but right now she's pretty much angry atht the moment and just cutting lose she's too out of it to make another attack that took a lot out of her she looks at Morri. God she hated that elf so damn much and then.... Percy just loses it!

It snape Dei out of her own. "PERCIVAL! CALM DOWN! THATS ENOUGH!"
Demona was indeed a breath away from the window. She was indeed so close. Then it was no longer there, only the male gargoyle who's own rage was unleashed. Those claws, those bites, the female gargoyle was thrown from one end to the next, then smashed into the very floor by the far bigger predator here now.

She let down her guard. She didn't want to come to this. Not to this, only thought in her mind as she laid there on the ground with blood stained floor and her body shivering was a simple one: 'I hope you are feeling /every/ damn bit of this, Macbeth.'

The female gargoyle then weakly attempted to pick herself up once the assault was done, her hand reaching for the goblet. Her bleeding, shaking, hand. Her voice horse, though a dark smile on her face. "...maybe.. you haven't grown soft at all.." She then rests her hand on the goblet, staring up at him.

Those eyes looking at him, as she just rolls over and then tries to get up, laughing softly. "Do it... kill me.." She almost purrs those words. "So easy now to just do it.... after all.. your Demona is dead.. isn't she..? I can't be that gargoyle.. so come on now.. kill me.." Her hand almost reaches out to him. "..kill me.. or will you... let me go?"
Percival And just as suddenly as it began, the shadows would all recoil, and retract, the heartbeat would become irregular, before fading away entirely. The glow in his eyes would melt away, leaving no hint of his former anger.

For a moment, he seemed like he was entirely dazed by the experience, but then as his vision adjusted to the scene of the bleeding Gargoyle in front of him, recognition would dawn.

And then all Demona would see in his eyes, is horror. His voice was suddenly piteous as he moved towards her. "N-No! Please let me help you!"

And it seemed actually like he'd be ripping strips off the plain tabard he wore across his chest, in order to make bandages. It seemed like he was utterly terrified at the thought of her dying as a result of what just occurred.
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan opened her eyes at the sounds of violence, briefly staring at Deidra in a manner that said 'What do you want!?', before moving her gaze over to Percival and Demona. ...It seemed like she was defeated. Not entirely, but...close enough.

But then this begged the question; why was he acting so panicked and worried? "Why such an about face?" Morrighan spoke louder now than her worst wounds were healed. "You very clearly did this. Why apologize now? I believe that it is just a tad too late for such things now."

No, she wasn't going to help. Nope!
Percival That got to him, the russet-skinned Gargoyle would actually howl out at the top of his lungs a response to Morrighan's goading. "ENOUGH YOU <GOOSEHONK>!"

And then he was taking many, many deep breaths to calm himself down, before he'd rip off a long strip from the tabard he was wearing to try and bandage the most serious of Demona's wounds.
Deidra Deidra looks over at Morri for a moment and has recovered her ipad at this point. "Don't you have a Garland to be running from last I recall he wanted you dead for what you pulled. I'd keep moving least he find you. Because dying is the last thing he'd do to you." She turns to PErcy and then back to Demona for a moment sighing this is one hell of a mess.
Demona eyes narrow slightly, but not in anger, perhaps minor confusion. He go from such rage, then to such calmness. She does fight with him, she just stares at him, studying him for a moment. Some of the more minor cuts start to heal on there own. No magic, nothing. Just slowly healing.

Her eyes dart down to where the Elf's voice speaks from, before she reaches out and goes to touch Percival's face. It was almost in a motherly way, which she does after he yells. Her voice is calm, quiet, almost a whisper as he tries to wrap up her worst wounds. "..The best you can do.. is let me go.. I will not die, because I can not die." She then leans in and whispers in his fin ear. "..that is why Macbeth seeks me out.. because he never did striked me down... but another striked him and in turn, that very blade, struck me by proxy. He and I are linked, Percival." Why she is sharing this with him is-- really anyone's guess. Perhaps if he did come from connection to the clan she once created, perhaps she feels there is some hope to reignite that lost flame. "..and when I awoken to return-- all was taken from me again... by now the very man only I can kill.. and he in turn me."

The female gargoyle then goes to stand up, her finger tips moving from his face. "..So before the elf strikes another tick of anyone's patience... let me leave and seek me out later in the world known as the Old Kingdom. Private conversation.. maybe be better suited from prying ears." Then she slowly starts to move away and back toward that window. He could stop her, but if he doesn't--

-- She is gone.
Percival Percival doesn't stop her. He seems too dejected to even try.
Percival The Templars would in fact be asking Percival respectfully what exactly happened here, before congratulating him on the capture of a dangerous Vampire the other day. He was Ser Faruja Senra's guest in Mullonde after all.

Despite their praise, the Gargoyle was too stunned to reply to them for quite some time.
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan watched this exchange quietly from there, crossing her arms in a huff at the insults. Deidra is given a glare then as the elf began to dismissively wave her off. "Oh, did you say something just now? Sorry, but I do not speak barbarian. Do vacate the premesis, if you are done here. I hardly need your presence corrupting the place now!"

And it would be in good time too, as the footsteps of many people could be heard coming from the back hallways. Likely templars come to look into the situation. Morrighan would be fine, as would Percival, but Deidra...well, there was no doubt that Percival would vouch for her.

Not willing to deal with the aftermath of this mess, the elven woman rose to her feet, testing her legs and such for stablity before moving to step out and leave the templars and gargoyles to be showered in praise as well as give the report on what happened. "Hmph, no matter where I go, it always turns out to be the same." She mumbled to herself, fixing her ruined dress a bit, intent to disappear and take care of her wounds further.
Deidra Deidra is just going to coperate and she'll claim that she's with Percy at this point she's doesn't give Morri another comment. She just ugg what's up with elves she didn't think real elves would actually play to fiction s much as they seemed to in the world beyond.

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