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A Benign Proposition
(2013-03-20 - 2013-03-21)
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Ramza Beoulve The Braves had entered Fluorgis without any sort of fanfare. Their would be herald, /Marlowe/ was sulking as a result. Each had arrived at the City of Flowers through different gates at various times.

Late in the day a blonde haired young man swathed in the brown and tan attire of a nomad would enter on Chocobo back. His hand upon the reins, he set his Chocobo at a slow walk throughout the streets, weaving through the throng for a time before he arrived at the agreed upon rendezvous point, a nondescript inn on the outskirts. Stabling his mount, he would check into the establishment. He noted that the half of the Braves that were staying at this inn had all arrived early. Doubtless the others would carouse for a time before checking into their own inn. He didn't fault them for that. In fact, he encouraged it, so long as they maintained some sort of discretion.

He'd purchased a room for himself that was plain, with only the most essential furnishings. The innkeeper had brought him a small basin of hot water to wipe off the trail dust and refresh himself. After he'd done so, he put his armor back on, before settling down in the room's lone chair. He'd set to spreading out out a myriad of maps made out of a variety of materials on the desk. Given how many different styles were represented, it was akin to some cartographer's nightmare. Some were so old that they looked like they were made out of papyrus. Others had a glossy sheen that marked them as being from a world that was more modern, for it looked more like a tourist map.

Taking a ballpoint pen to hand, he'd click the end of it, and begin to write.
Count Valos There were many people in the World of Ruin, some with weirder abilities than others, and some who were more capable in their penchant for tracking down desired folks. The Count had a knack for detecting vibrations, and possessed a sort of mastery over anything that resonated through the ground. Now, Gidarch Valos didn't sense the blonde from across an ocean, or an entire continent, mind you.... his prowess in the department of 'feeling' entities had a good number of limitations, and he'd been provided with some information as to the whereabouts of the heretical quarry; at the same time, he didn't need eyes to know in which room this blonde fellow was located, even if his optics worked quite dandily indeed.

Regardless of how he found him.... he did, and so the rather tall drow administered a knock on the door, before some words erupted from his mouth, "Mister Beouvle, I come on behalf of someone who is interested in providing you information that might be useful to you. I've heard tell you are inside this room, would you be willing to discuss these matters with me?" The dark one is using his indoor voice, so as not to make a spectacle of himself and to garner unnecessary attention, but he does speak with enough volume so that perhaps, just perhaps..... the occupant of the room will hear Gidarch's plea.
Ramza Beoulve The Youngest Beoulve would look up when the knocking began. At first he had the distinct impression that it would be one of his officers at the door, Agrias perhaps, come to report the antics of someone in the company. When an unfamiliar voice identified him, his initial thoughts were a mixture of annoyance and suspicion.

While other possibilities sprang to mind, the most likely were that someone in his company had wagged their tongue and had dropped his name in the wrong place, or he'd made a dire misstep and this was certainly an ambush. What disturbed him more, is that he hadn't heard the signal that someone was coming.

At first, the Count would hear booted footsteps upon the wooden floor drifting further away. This was because Ramza was peering out the window, checking to see if there was anything that indicated it was an ambush, and to select an appropriate point of egress if it wasn't. Shortly after, the footsteps would range closer to the door, before the bolt was thrown aside, and Ramza gave the exceptionally tall figure an appraising look. There was nothing threatening about him, in fact, Ramza had enough poise to indicate he was quite comfortable. He tended to be rather adaptable in the face of the unknown. "Do come in. I'm afraid you have me at something of a disadvantage, Ser. You obviously know whom I am, but I know naught of you."

He'd motion with a hand for Gidarch to come in, and if he accepted, he would close the door behind him, sliding the bolt back into place. He would then gesture towards the chair, for Gidarch to sit down, while he sat upon the bed closer to the window.
Count Valos Gidarch does hear that there are footsteps perusing the room's floorboards, quite well, in fact- his ability to detect sounds and vibrations were at times, a blessing, yet at others, a curse. With nobody seemingly waiting to ambush Ramza outside, and with the blonde opening the door, Count Valos bows his head, and steps in. "I don't think it's a fair statement to say that I know who you are. It would be a fair statement to say, that thus far, I have illuminated you to the fact that I know your name- who you are most likely encompasses a larger spectrum of your attributes in a holistic manner. However....."

He bows, as a gentleman might do(and partially so that he can get through the doorway, no less!), and remarks, "My name is Count Gidarch Valos.... and I am grateful that you've afforded me the opportunity to converse with you.... but I do trust you will take no offense if I refrain from sitting?" Unbeknownst to the Beoulve, the dark one is quite compact, and even as he enters the room, the floorboards chatter mildly, indicating that his weight is mayhap, not exactly as it seems. To the observant eye, it might also be noticed that his skin looks flaky, almost.... less like normal skin, and more like a mixture of cement, fused with sinew. "Shall I.... commence with the business at hand of which I spoke, Mister Beoulve?"
Ramza Beoulve The young man would put a hand up to his chin, stroking it for a moment, his other hand laying still upon his lap. After a time, he'd respond with a cordial tone of voice, though his features were neutral enough as to not display his true thoughts. "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance then, M'lord."

He'd lightly shrug his shoulders, which was perhaps a touch more casual than he'd intended. "If it pleases you. I'll remain seated, if you don't mind."

While his gaze was constantly trailing upon the figure, as if to perhaps identify exactly what manner of creature he was, he tried not to make it too obvious, as he felt it would be rude. "You went to the trouble of locating me, it would be ingracious of me if I didn't grant you leave to do that much."
Count Valos Gidarch is far from a mind-reader, and though he has some moderate insights into the nature of how people operate, he's far from capable of knowing what Ramza truly feels. He most likely suspects the shorter blonde is a little uneasy about his arrival, since Gidarch was virtually a total stranger, which Ramza himself admitted- on the other hand, the Beoulve was conducting himself rather well, if it was the case that he was not comfortable. As far as Ramza claiming that it's a pleasure to make Gidarch's acquaintance, he simply shrugs, "I'll have to take your word for it. I am not a psychic."

Personally, Count Valos feels that the younger man is behaving a bit prematurely to be glad to make his acquaintance, since Gidarch could very well be the harbinger of death, but he's not about to lecture the man on how easily he extends his trust to others.... either that, or it was just a comment that had very little meaning to it. "If you remain seated, stand, or do cartwheels is not my business to encourage or condemn- I merely wish to give you the information I came to provide.... as well as.... this...." Reaching into his pocket, Gidarch withdraws a small coinpurse, whose contents he immediately dumps onto the table. This might cause alarm, as Ramza may think he's reaching for a revolver, or releasing some kind of demon from a small pouch, but what exits the leather bag is plain old munny.

Not an extremely abundant amount, but still substantial enough to help with whatever expenses the Beoulve might have hanging over his head, for the moment. "There is a trap that has been set for you outside of this city, by the church of Glabados. They lie in wait in the neutral zones, but it is most likely the case that if you were to leave the city, as soon as you left the sight of the guards stationed at the front, they'd take the opportunity to try and seize you, because without many impartial witnesses, it might be difficult for you to assert that you were illegally apprehended on Flourgis' property." Promptly, Gidarch folds his arms over his chest, "These funds are to help you to ferry yourself to another land, when, and if you intend to leave this realm."
Ramza Beoulve The young man would just stare at him stoically. He certainly wasn't a mind reader either, and didn't know what to make of the figure that stood before him. Conversations such as these were often duels of words, complete with feints, thrusts and fluorishes. He despised wordplay of that sort, which is why he kept his expression and feelings so guarded. He thought perhaps that it would make the man more blunt in his approach. When he spoke, he would only do the bare minimum of what was expected of him, nodding at each statement.

When the man pulled out a pouch of munny and laid it upon the table, Ramza did not even flinch, much less interpret it as a threatening gesture, even in those critical moments where it was an unknown factor.

Once the Count finishes relaying his message, Ramza would remain silent for a short time, mulling over the situation, before responding. "Just what is your stake in this, M'lord? The Church of Glabados sets ambushes for me so frequently that it has become a macabre jape amongst my company to wager on which days we won't be beset. Do you think me feckless? It would be foolhardy of me to accept your aid, given my nescience of who exactly I am dealing with, and why he seeks to deal with me."
Count Valos The Count seemed fairly dispassionate as Ramza watched him drop the money onto the table, but what was more interesting was that Ramza apparently showed near just as much disinterest in what was offered.... was it bait? It's not long after the munny falls that Ramza goes into a miniature tirade as Gidarch stands there, with but a few blinks interrupting an otherwise catatonic state, as he listens patiently to what the Beoulve has to say. "My stake is irrelevant. What I think of you is irrelevant." He first says, totally invalidating the young blonde's suppository inquiries of the drow's motives, "I am performing a service, and I am performing it to the letter; no more, no less." He nods his head, breaking the stasis that he had underway for a half a minute, before proceeding, "There is an entity within Glabados who is trying to sabotage its infrastructure. He has assigned me to the task of providing you with this coinage. I have not been instructed to do more than what I have done thus far."

With that, Gidarch turns to face the door, questioning, "Shall I let myself out, or do you intend to open the door and grant me leave from this chamber? This is, of course, assuming that you have no further need of my services?" Apparently, the dark elf doesn't care if Ramza takes the money or not- or what Ramza chooses to believe; but it's certain that unless the Beoulve requests Count Valos remain, and continue to play twenty-questions, he'll be content to leave the man with as much indifference as he greeted him. So the question becomes..... does Ramza really have /that/ much of a personal interest in Gidarch, to request the dark one remain and chitchat, or not? Most would guess the negative to be true, but anything is possible!
Katyna Having reluctantly agreed to join Ramza after their encounter the previous night, Katyna had decided to explore the city a little and to search for Reize again..She considered Ramza's words, and how their situations seemed somewhat similar.

In the end, she chose to return to his inn room, finding comfort in knowing that he at least would not judge or distrust her like others. IT was always good to have allies.

And so she heads down the hallway towards Ramza's room, running really because she's a pretty impatient sort, and perhaps because she is also anxious that Ramza may have left with out her. Whatever the case, upon reaching the door, she raps on it enthusiastically, calling out his name.

"Heey, Ramza, are you in there? It's me, Kat!" Fortunately, there are not a lot of people in this arm of the hallway who might overhear her and suspect that a wanted man hides behind that door.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza Beoulve would actually chuckle, as the man spoke vaguely about his motivations. The hand would fall from his chin, and not long after he'd gradually stand. He'd take the pouch off the table, and dropped it back into Count Valos' hands. "I have no desire for any sort of pecuniary aid. We're not without means of our own. We'll leave the city in a manner that suits me once our business is concluded."

As he walked towards the door at a steady pace, he'd eventually speak up. "You speak in nothings, Sir. And while you offer much, it is of no consequence to me. That some faction within the Church wishes to throw it into disarray is entirely unsuprising. Whatever benefactor sent you, do give them my regards, but until they're willing to treat with me more candidly I think that it is for the best if I do nothing that implies that I'm within their debt."

As Katyna would speak at the door, the young man would smile. "And it seems that I have company, M'lord, so it would cause me no great distress to see you out as a gracious host."

Ramza would move back the bolt, opening the door for Katyna. "Ah, M'lady. I trust that all is well? My guest is in a hurry to depart it seems, are you acquainted with Count Valos?"

He'd gesture for her to come in, leaving the door open for Count Valos to leave if he so desired.
Count Valos As Katyna surges down the hallway, Gidarch can ideally sense it before Ramza, but with her vibrant outcry, it becomes all too obvious soon enough, that there is someone else who's eager to impose on the Beoulve, on this day. The Count may be familiar with Katyna, but shows no sign of recognition when he hears the voice, since he has no reason to announce his very weak relationship with Katyna- not unless it becomes pertinent, somehow. It's evident enough to the dark one that the female intends to enter, even so, and therefore, Gidarch stands aside to grant her admission first, before he'll inevitably make his departure, unless hindered. As Ramza collects the coins and places them back into the satchel, Gidarch has it dropped into his hands.

Normally, he'd just have let the munny drop to the floor, since he wasn't 'technically' responsible for returning it to its owner, as part of his contract(the owner didn't anticipate that munny would be rejected), but for Ramza's sake, he decides to do the courteous thing and return the cash from whence it came. "The entity who sent me here is not in the practice of loan-sharking, Mister Beoulve- this came with no strings attached. However, I will allow you to inconvenience me in forcing me to return these funds to him, just as I had inconvenienced you by preemptively knocking on your door and soliciting you. Your subsequent allowance of my entry was, of course, done of your own accord, thus you are liable for it, and I will not consider said time of yours spent by my person to qualify as an inconvenience, on my own end. You are free to think negatively or positively of this conference as you choose."

Again, a modest bow to show /some/ degree of respect to Ramza, even if Valos could care less whether Ramza lived or died(and it might be arguable that he cared very scantily whether he himself were to perish or not), before awaiting Katyna's penetration of the opening that would allow him to leave. "You may enter first, if you wish, Miss Redsraven, before I take my leave." After all, it was only professional to allow another in rather than try to force them to wait for himself- that'd've been quite selfish! This undoubtedly confirmed that he knew Katyna, by the same token, but he doesn't actually answer the question, since officially..... he was not addressed, Katyna was, and thus, it was not Gidarch's place to reply; the discussion did not include him, as far as he was concerned.
Katyna Katyna beams at Ramza as he opens the door. "Hi! Sorry about yesterday, I guess it might be better if we travelled together for a while...Err...."

And then she spots the unmistakable and imposing figure of Count Valos. Eyes narrow, reaching for her sword. "You! What were you doing, threatenning Ser Ramza? Do you think I've forgotten about how you summoned that evil...Thing from that weird tree thing? What are you up to?"

Although she doesnt actually draw her sword, she does rest a hand upon its hilt, stepping back into a defensive stance and not yet entering the room but standing in the door way to block his exit.

How strange, how her stance has shifted since they last met. While she was initially neutral upon the Valos front, lately, her stance has been more...Heroic. Afterall, she's trying to be *good* now..
Ramza Beoulve The Young Man was the very picture of a courteous and gracious host, as he even bowed a fraction in return to the Count's gesture of respect. While he got the sense that it wasn't genuine, sometimes the simple courtesies were all that prevented some men from acting savagely to some perceived slightly. Ramza personally couldn't care less such courtesies. "Whether there be strings attached, or not M'lord, I still won't accept it all the same. Not without some knowledge of whom my backer might be. Thank you all the same, and I apologize if you feel inconvenienced by my refusal, and for your wasted journey."

Ramza would then look at Kat's reaction, smiling. "Ah, it seems that you've already been acquainted."

He'd gesture for Kat to come into the room, before fold his hands together behind his back. "What exactly did he summon, M'lady, that raises your ire so? I think the tale would be a welcome diversion, but there's no reason to bar his egress. Let's allow cooler heads to prevail, for /now/."
Count Valos As Katyna reaches for her sword, but abstains from drawing it, Count Valos stares down at her hand, keeping a vigil of her actions, so that she doesn't slash him, even if she's been hesitant to, so far. "You have a very peculiar definition for 'threaten', Miss Redsraven. I also fail to see how you could remember /OR/ forget that I summoned an evil 'thing' from a tree, since conjuring life-forms hasn't been a skill appropriated by myself..... as of yet. Currently, I am up to approximately seven feet, three and a half inches, when not slouching, since your mind is curious. This has not altered since our last engagement, except for subtle readjustments on a microscopic level. Do you have anymore questions you need answered?"

As she bars his path, he stands there silently, waiting for her to relocate herself, in the hopes that he won't have to be detained for too much longer; despite the fact that she's preventing him from going about his business, he hasn't elected to show any hostility or aggression. But even if Gidarch is making a quiescent mental note that Katyna's attitude has made a dramatic shift, he doesn't attempt to point out her sudden change of heart. When Ramza suggests Gidarch be granted liberation from the chambers of the young Beoulve, the drow bows his head, "That is most generous of you, to intercede on my behalf, Mister Beoulve. I will commit this act of yours to memory."

With that, he looks back at Katyna, hoping that she'll let him through- alas.... even if she doesn't, he'll probably avoid behaving in an outright violent manner.... unless there is no other available retort, this is something Gidarch dislikes strongly, in spite of what his hulking appearance may insinuate!
Katyna Katyna shakes her head. "You were working with that evil girl, Morrighan, helping her to summon that fiend Lich, while preventing the rest of us from stopping her. I dunno magic well but, I'm pretty sure there was a lot of magic going on between the two of you..Do you deny that? You as good as summoned it yourself!"

When Ramza tells her to step down, she grits her teeth, looking back and forth between the two of them. Eventually, she gives up, nodding slowly, reluctantly to Ramza with a little sigh. She still doesn't trust this Count, but she's not really in a good condition to fight. After her incident in the desert, she's still pretty tired and weak from malnourishment. Besides, she's seen this guy in action, and he is quite the powerhouse.

Katyna steps aside, glaring quietly at the Count. "I dunno what you're up to, but I'll be keeping an eye on you!" For now however, she's more concerned about what he's been discussing with Ramza. Hopefully it's not some sort of threat, although he seems more or less disinterested in Kat.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza would tap a finger to his chin. His tone was hardly stoic now, in fact it seemed a bit flippant, although there was a distinct edge in his tone that implied that he wasn't exactly happy with Valos in regards to this revelation. "A lich? Gracious me, the blood curdles when I consider aught else that he might have done. Do give my regards to whomever sent you, M'lord, whether it be a gentleman, or a lady fair."

He'd offer a wave, and assuming Count Valos left, he'd shut the door and bolt it behind him. Once he was quite certain the Count was gone, he'd murmur to Katyna in a faint whisper. "We'll need to move again, soon. I normally wouldn't be in a hurry as the Church's ambushes are often hapless.. but.. "

He cuts his statement short, moving over to the opposite side of the room to stare out the window. "Can you tell me more of this Count Valos? He seems to be an ambivalent agent of some individual within the Church, but I know naught about him."
Count Valos Gidarch shakes his head, "Incorrect. I was working /for/ Miss Alazne. I was honor-bound to serve her cause; her interest in resurrecting Lich had no bearing on my personal interests one way or another. You are correct that I was using magic during the course of the skirmish; I had relinquished a disclaimer in advance denoting to all present that I would be attempting to stifle their efforts to bring cessation to her activities." He nods, waiting for Katyna to step aside so that he can move through freely, hoping that the Beoulve's insistence she give way holds water in the woman's mind, as far as being a viable course of action. When she does move, whilst simultaneously 'warning' him that she'd be watching his movements, he remarks, "As is your right to do, Miss Redsraven. I do not own your organs, and thus I do not have the right to dictate what you do with your eyes."

He ducks his head as he negotiates the doorframe, with every intent to convey the refused munny back to its former carrier, after which he turns to Ramza, "I shall do so, Mister Beoulve, but a word of advice; in the future, I recommend you factor into your equation, when making any requests in regard-issuance through the medium of a third party courier, that when given the diversity of the World of Ruin, and its inhabitants, that you consider one's employer may not be male -or- female." With that, he lumbers off, clearly unaffected one way or another about the deprecatory demeanors directed his way.
Katyna Katyna stares after Valos as he leaves, but she does not follow after him. Nor does she respond to his weird logical loops. Instead she just turns towards Ramza, scratching her head.

"Just like he said..He helped that girl to summon a Lich, or..Whatever he was trying to say in that bizarre manner of speech of his." seems she only followed a little of it however, but when Ramza mentions his affiliations with the church it causes her to frown a bit.

"Wait a minute..He's working with the Church? As in Glabados church? Soo...Why was he here? Was he..Threatenning you?" But in that case why did he just leave Ramza rather than arrest him? Kat rubs her temples, looking rather confused.

"Hmm, I dont know much about him, except that he seems to be quite a powerful magic user in battle, and he seems to have formed an alliance of sorts with a woman named Morrighan who once worked for Baron, and seemed to be associated with the heartless somehow, herself.." She sighs as she flops tiredly onto a nearby bed.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza would keep his gaze focused upon the various alleyways and rooftops outside the window, searching for any signs of an imminent ambush. After he'd convinced himself beyond a reasonable doubt, he'd turn back to Katyna, with his hands behind his back. "Not exactly. He is working for someone that wishes to throw the Church into disarray. He offered me pecuniary assistance, in order for me to buy safe passage out of the city. He also wanted to warn me that an ambush by the Church would be forthcoming while we're in Fluorgis. I'm not in the habit of trusting men who don't make their motivations plain, and even if he did, I'd suspect that he'd be speaking false."

He'd gesture for Katyna to sit in a nearby chair, or on the bed if she wanted to. "He didn't threaten me, but I don't think he needs to. The threat of being caught in an ambush is everpresent, and its possible that he might be the one planning it through a third party. It is just as likely that he truly come to warn me, and that someone who believes they can profit off of me continuing to be a thorn in the Church's side. I mislike both circumstances."

Ramza would smile at Katyna. "Either way, he now knows that you're in my company. If he does, then whomever he is working for does. I'll need to cut my business short in the City of Flowers so we can keep moving."

He'd raise a hand to preempt her. "There's no need to blame yourself, or suggest that we ought to part ways. I'll just need to juggle my timeline about for one of my plans, but its not an inconvenience. And if you left now..." He'd actually be grinning now. "Then we'd still be under the same threat of attack. I think it best if you continue to travel with us until we can find others who can help us mount a proper defense. Though I would appreciate it if you could tell me whom those friends are, and a little more about the looming threat, M'lady."
Katyna Katyna listens intently to Ramza's explanation, and shakes her head slowly. "Oh..Wow, that guy..Always causing mayhem, wherever he goes. I wonder if he's still working for Morrighan? But if he's telling the truth, then I guess for now at least your goals are the same as him.."

Darnit, but how'd she wind up caught in the middle of all of this? "Sooo..The church is on its way here? I suppose he wouldn't warn you unless there was something in it for him. Count Valos is a complicated guy from what I can tell of him. But at least, we've got a heads up.."

She smirks and shakes her head. "No worries about him though, I mean, he's an enemy of most of the people who would be after me so, I'm not really worried. But..I might have an ally or two, here in Fluorgis. Actually, probably only one, after what happened.."

Still, Kat is vague, uncertain if she can tell Ramza *everything*, even if he IS someone that her former master, Ser Kasrillen, trusted. "I...I hoped to see Reize at least once while we're here..When do you think we'll leave?" As for the looming threat, she just sighs and shakes her head. "Gimme some time. It's kinda..Complicated..." Again she goes to fiddling with her hands, staring down at them wistfully. This is becoming more complex than she expected, but at least amongst the heretics, she'll have some measure of protection..But by aligning herself with them, will she automatically become Faruja's enemy?
Ramza Beoulve Ramza would shrug his shoulders perceptibly. "I wouldn't know. I don't even know who Morrighan is. You mentioned her when you entered, so I thought it best to offer a little verbal thrust to suggest that he was here on behalf of someone distinctly female, despite referring to the individual as male. That he reacted tells me that its a possibility. Can you tell me more about her?"

He'd pace back across the room, closer to her. "They're probably already here. They don't frighten me, I just don't want any innocents caught up in the coming conflict. If they brought one of the Zodiac Stones, then it might be a particularly bloody affair, but that's unlikely."

Ramza would watch her for a time, as she spoke of what she wanted to do in Fluorgis, after a short time he'd walk closer, placing a hand upon her shoulder as a reassuring gesture. "I don't know who Reize is, but I'll be happy to see you to him safely."

He'd grin at her. "M'lady, last night I told you about a conspiracy within the Church headed by Archdemons who are deceiving the people they minister to, using good men as pawns, and are seeking to bring the whole world under the shadow of their rule. I think that I thrive on /complicated/. But I don't mean to put any pressure on you, take all the time you need."
Katyna Katyna nods. "Yeah, I dunno much more about her than what I already told you, but, I would be wary of her and any who are affiliated with her. They simply cannot be trusted!" she shrugs. "Sorry, wish I could be more help.."

When he mentions Reize, she lights up. "Aah, thanks Ser Ramza! I appreciate it. I suppose..I shouldn't drag him into this, he is afterall, leader of the Shard Seekers, so that keeps him pretty busy. I doubt he'll be able to house a couple of fugitives. And..Ahh..I guess VALKYRI will also not be helpful for now..."

Her story is slowly starting to unravel, and it seems Kat's not very good at keeping secrets afterall. Can he connect the dots just yet though?

"Hmmm, I suppose you're right, your own story is pretty complicated, but..At least you didn't do something bad that you later regretted...I wonder though, Ser Ramza, where do we go from here? Do we keep on running and they keep on chasing? Or do we try to reveal the truth about the church to the world?"
Ramza Beoulve Ramza would nod, as his hand slid away from her shoulder, he'd be pacing now. It wasn't exactly a nervous habit, it was more to keep him focused on his surroundings. Tunnel vision in conversation had nearly gotten him killed several times over. "No. No. You've told me plenty M'lady. I just need time to process all of it, and consider where they fit into my future plans."

The young man would shake his head though. "No, if you think he can aid you, then you should see him. I doubt he'll feel inconvenienced by the experience from what little I've heard of the Shard Seekers. I truly don't know aught of the Shard Seekers or VALKYRI except by reputation."

After a time, he'd glance over to her, his smile becoming a wan one. "I don't consider it running, M'lady. Merely a tactical retreat. While my company lives, they lose ground. And I'm not sure if revealing it to the world is the best course. I've told a few individuals in passing, to prove myself, but think of the average follower of the faith, M'lady. The commoners will trust the Church implicitly, and I doubt by simply revealing what the scriptures of Germonique say unto the world will sway them. And what if they did? What if they revolted against the Church? The Church would put them down without mercy, and more innocent blood would be spilled. The best way to cripple the Church's plot is to obtain the Zodiac Stones. Without the stones, then it is far easier to topple them without making those folk suffer. Do you remember the Corpse Brigade, M'lady? Their grand revolution ended only in a grand conflagration which brought only tears. It is my greatest regret, and I would not see it happen again by attempting a haphazard uprising."
Katyna Katyna nods slowly. "Huh..I hope it's enough. She'd make a powerful enemy." She smiles, "Reize is a good friend, even if he has his own responsibilities, I'd like to see him at least once before we leave.."

She bites her lip, listenning as he outlines his tactical plans and sighs. Ahh, this is gonna be dangerous and might damage her already fragile reputation, but..At least she'd be doing something good and maybe it'd be enough to redeem her soul in a weird sort of way.

"So, just look for zodiac stones. Where do we start?"
Ramza Beoulve Ramza would gesture to a mess of maps laying out upon the table. "I don't know yet, I have theories, but I need more information to act upon them. The stones must have been spread out across the land. The Church has at least two, but likely more than that. I cannot help but notice several coincidences throughout the land. For example, that there are other worlds named Ivalice as well, with rumors of stones of vast power as well. I'm thinking perhaps that I'll inquire about whether Archadia knows aught of the Auracite, while trying to see how Nethicite fits into the picture. There are likely to be other stones buried in the Machine City as well."

His smile would become a ghost of a frown shortly after. "Two stones are lost to us, and to them as well. Still, it was at a high cost."

He'd brush back a hand through his hair. "Anyhow, I came to Fluorgis to try and purchase information from a mercenary who is rumored to be on poor terms with Archadia, but would know much about their empire. That's not a priority at the moment, we can address that later."

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