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Return Home and Bath Gone Wrong
(2013-03-19 - 2013-04-09)
Reize returns home, Lily was not happy with Reize disappearing off. Later on, Reize takes a bath and a certain dragon girl gets her revenge.
Reize Seatlan It is approaching late night.

Guess who is home?!

Remember the talk with Reize along the bridge the other night? Well, unfortunately, Reize got lost heading back to the headquarters. After two days, Reize has made it back. That's right. He is back home.

He looks a bit tired.

"Buhhh..." The young adventurer rasies both hands into the air, looking worn from the weather and so forth. "...I'm back."
Violet Sitting at the table in the center of the lobby, the girl known as Violet brushes her fingertips along the edge of the journal page beneath her touch. As late as it was, she sat in comfortable silence, contemplating the journal entries that were previously written just before a weary-looking Reize enters.

Lifting her pale blonde head to look up at him, her expression warms with a smile before suddenly coming blank as Lily emerges from the corridor. The girl couldn't help but wince when Lily yells Reize's name, "Lily... can you please keep your voice down? Others are sleeping."

She glances over her shoulder at the hall just in case.
Reize Seatlan As soon as the boy comes in to greet the rest of the Shard Seekers, Lily is the first one to greet him. It is not a happy greeting. One can see the sweat forming on his head out of sheer nervousnss and terror.


He coughs, then he lowers his head, comical tears rolling along his cheeks.

"...I got lost."
Violet The fact that Reize got lost... is not very surprising. Violet may sigh to herself, but she would also smile faintly, "Well I hope you had an adventure in the process." she murmurs, though Lily just bolts and pounces at him the next moment.

Blinking her crystal blue eyes once, twice before she's finally noticed by Lily, Violet tries to smile. "Um, hi?"

Yup. Completely unnoticed. That's a new feeling.
Reize Seatlan And the moment Lily springs forward to snatch him up into a tight, panicked hug, the young man falls on his back and embrace Lily close. The young boy offers her a faint smile, reaching his hand over towards her head to gently stroke her hair.

"Sorry, Lily.." He sweatdrops, "I don't know! It was close by but.... I think I made a wrong turn somewhere."

here was a glance towards Violet, then he brightens, "Yeah! Actually, I did! I managed to run across a group of new travelers that were at a town called Fynn. A princess name Alexis and her knight named Sygg. Their homes were taken by the Heartless. Sygg is an adventurer like me and he is a blacksmith! How awesome is that?!"
Violet "I know. We were all worried." Violet says softly, trying to make Lily feel better. Or at least less awkward. She didn't need to apologize to her after all.

Her small hands move to gently close the journal on the table as she leans back in her chair, catching the quiet yawn from Lily. "Now that he's home, maybe you should get to bed. Catch up on your sleep. Being worried for two days with little sleep is bad for your health..."

Violet shifts her crystal blue eyes back to Reize as her expression softens with a smile. "You will have to tell me about that later. I think you might need a bath."
Reize Seatlan "Err..." Reize remains sheepish as Lily echoes his words with an unhappy tone. He does lean over to give her a soft kiss towards her cheek. A faint smile grows, keeping is arm wrapped around her waist. A sweatdrop remains around him, knowing that the girl would follow him to the end of the earth if he was to leave it, despite her complaints about her dress.

They really need to get that mended or a new one.

A sigh is given, his hand rests to her forehead.

....Then Reize decides to scoop her into his arms and lift her off of her feet. Now, she will be princess carried. A glance is given towards Violet, "...Yeah. I'll carry her to bed and then I'll go take a bath..." He muses, his eyes lifting up. "...It's been a long trip."
Violet Violet watches as Reize holds Lily against him, comforting the girl with a small kiss on her cheek, just before he moves to smoothly scoop her tired form into his arms. With his reply, the pale-headed girl smiles gently and lowers her chin with a small nod, giving Lily a concerned glance if but briefly.

Lily apologizes, and Violet smiles softly. "I am more concerned about waking up a grumpy Ivo to be honest." she murmurs, "Sleep well."

Before they have a chance to make it down the hallway too far, she lifts a hand with a small wave. "Oh, Reize its your turn with the book." she reminds him. "I will return it if you are still awake later."
Reize Seatlan While he has Lily up into his arms, Reize is now carrying her out towards the women's dorm room. He will have to set the young girl to bed. A smile grows over towards her, keeping an eye on her.

He turns towards Violet, offering her a smile. "Alright. I'll add my piece to the book once I get back." He laughs, then he brings his hands up a little higher, just enough to make the carry more comfortable for Lily.

Making his way into the girl's dorm room, he decides to place Lily down on the bed, then places the covers on her. "I'm here now, so you can relax and go to bed."
Reize Seatlan "Hrggnnkkk!!" Both eyes widen as he boy is given a desperate hug. It's tight. He is choking. Reize is pressed close to Lily's chest. Then, the boy dips his head down to give her a soft kiss towards her lips.

"Good night, Lily."

His eyes fall shut, then he offers her that smile as he ensures that she's asleep. Giving her one last pat on the head, the boy walks away and he turns to leave the dormitory, arriving back at the lobby.

"...Sorry that I made you all worry," Reize admits with a faint smile. He looks at Violet, "How have you been holding up while you've been here, Anna?"
Violet As she hears the footsteps from the hall, Annalise glances up from the book again to meet Reize's eyes. "Oh." she murmurs. "I did not think you did that on purpose, you have nothing to apologize for."

She tries to offer him a small smile and shrugs a slender shoulder at him. "I am doing well, but you should really take your bath first. Try to relax? I can not imagine what you could have been through, but I am sorry I missed it." Annalise chuckles.
Reize Seatlan "...Yeah, you're right." He laughs a bit more, then he starts to head outside towards the garden.

It has been about a hour or two. The night sky of the garden offers a glistening light. It's been a relaxing time out in the garden. Reize is here, just... relaxing out at the bath. His arms hang along the water, his eyes drifting towards the sky.

His attire--well, he is shirtless. His headband is removed and his hair is completely drenched. However, he is relaxed.
Priel Aylin As Reize enjoyed his wonderful, soothing, relaxing, and no doubt spiritually uplifting bath....the water's temperature began to rise....and rise...and rise...and rise some more. And then it kept rising. Rapidly going from relaxing to BOILING HOT.

Meanwhile sitting on top of a portion of the wall surrounding the gardens was a certain dragoness, tailing waving idly as she held out a hand, glowing red with currently active fire magic. And on her face was a gleefully evil grin. Ah, it figures she would show up at exactly the wrong moments.

It's like a curse.
Reize Seatlan "...Ahhh...." The boy relaxes against the warm, bubbling water. It is a relaxing day. And then, it becomes hotter as the temperture inside rises. Higher. Higher. ...BOILING HOT?! It is then that the boiling water sizzles against his skin and the boy's body becomes completely red.



The boy springs off of the bath, and he is running out streaking. Fully nude. "Arggghh it burns, it burns, it burns!!!"

And there Reize is, out in the garden, flailing around like an idiot. At least it's a nice full moon. ...Or two.
Violet The scream echoes off of the walls and the girl known as Violet snaps her bright crystal blue eyes up in the direction of the screams. Just who was that? And why were they screaming? Didn't they know they'll wake up the others? She frowns gently with confusion.

The next moment there's a blur of red flesh, and the pale-headed girl blinks her bright eyes with some surprise. Was that... Violet blinks again when she realizes that it was Reize. Red. And naked.

Yeah. Naked.

And it was quickly becoming apparent that he isn't the only one red, the deep blush burning hard.
Priel Aylin "Pffft--Ahahahahahahahaha!"

And then Priel immediately burst out laughing, obviously very entertained with Reize's reaction. She continued to laugh, holding her stomach with both hands now, feet kicking up and down as she leaned back in her mirth. "Oh wow! You should have heard yourself! 'Gaaaaaah!'...!" She called out to the currently almost-cooked boy in a teasing manner, wiping tears from her eyes.

"Oh man, this was the best thing I've done in a while! You guys are so stupid! Hahahahaha!" And then she burst out into a fresh fit of laughter again at Violet's reaction. "Phew! Okay...have to breathe...have to breathe! Whew!" The redhead spoke to herself in a mantra, willing herself to dial her laughter down enough to talk again.

Once she managed it, she just looked down at the others again, fluttering a hand cutely at Reize, Lily, and the newcomer. "Hiiii~ How'd you like my welcome gift~?" Priel asked the de facto leader of the Shard Seekers in a playful tone, grinning wide enough to reveal fangs among her teeth. Her tail meanwhile mimicked her hand, the tip 'waving' in greeting to them as well.
Reize Seatlan Reize is cooked. Cooked!

The boy continues to flail around, red and naked. This is the worst day ever! He finally calms down and cools off. A glare is given towards Priel, "Prrrriiiiieeeeellllll!!!!" He shakes a fist at her, then he looks back at Lily and the blushing Violet.



Reize springs ahead to the nearest set of bushes, likey a nearby tree.

"Some sort of clothes, please!" The boy then returns his glare at Priel. "You are up to your usual no good antics!" He puffs his cheeks, sticking his tongue out at her.
Violet Reize's realization that he's naked seems to make things worse, her blush beet red when he darts behind the closest bushes. Pushing herself to her feet, Violet knocks over her chair in her haste as she hurries for her cloaked draped on the back of her chair, now on the floor.

Gathering in a bundle in her hands she quickly approaches the bush that Reize hides behind from the opposite side, blushing profusely and eyes averted as she holds out the cloak for him.

There's no way that she could look hi in the eye. Not right now.
Priel Aylin "No good antics?" She asked, placing a hand against her cheek and trying to look innocent before adding "Whatever are you talking about? Hmm~?" Though if Reize thought hard enough, he might have been able to recall at least one good reason why Priel would have done this. The tail incident. Yes, the tail incident.

They say revenge is a dish best served cold. But perhaps boiling hot was also a good alternative!

Smiling to herself, the dragoness burst out into another fit of laughter, though it was less pronounced this time, turning out to be just a giggle, her hand covering her mouth. But then as she's laughing a freezing breeze washes over her, icing over the fur on her jacket and parts of her skin.


For a moment, she seemed to shiver, rubbing her arms before her entire form began to take on a red glow. A moment later, the redhead's body burst into flame, immediately expelling the cold. Her little freezing episode over, Priel's irritating grin returned as she stared down at Lily. "Aw, what's wrong? Little empty doll can't take her boyfriend getting cooked? How cute~" She cooed, raising a single finger idly, a plume of flame forming and then growing into a reasonably sized fire ball.

"Hmn, maybe I should have you join him? Then it'd be all fair~"

Her eyes meanwhile took a moment to glance at Violet. "And who's this? Another girl added to your growing harem? How many are there now? Lily, Lenn, Leida, Luso, Imi, Ivo, Skoll, Faruja...and now her~?"

...Did she just call Luso, Ivo, Faruja, and Skoll part of Reize's harem?

...She did.
Reize Seatlan Oh god. Reize is cooling off. He is finally able to cool off. And of course, there Lily goes, making the place colder for Priel. You know, there is a bit of satisfaction in seeing that. However, it al comes to an end when Priel lights up in flames, ridding of the cold. The boy sighs.


And then Violet hands him the cloak.

He is unable to face her now, his cheeks turning red, "Th--thank you, A--Violet." And then, when Priel questions his new friend, Reize blinks at the comment about the growing harem. "Wh--what?!"
Violet "Uh huh..." Violet whispers softly in reply, accepting Reize's thanks though she's still unable to look at him straight in the face. "You are not burned, are you? First degree burns can hurt but they are not as serious as second or third degree burns..."

Her crystal blue eyes focus on the 'exchange' between Lily and Priel, watching quietly. That is, until Priel says a comment of her joining Reize's supposed harem. Violet frowns for a full moment before she sighs and turns, her back towards him as she loosely crosses her arms over her chest. "There is no humor in burning someone all over. As for a harem, I am joining no such thing."
Priel Aylin "You heard me~" Priel teased, crossing her legs now, her tail resumed it's idle waving then as she leaned an elbow onto her lap, her chin in her hands. "Or did cooking you cause your hearing to die?" Asking that, she just smiled gleefully, looking down and watching the three of them in amusement.

Ah, Priel. Never change.

Lily's show of anger drew her attention after then, causing her to tilt her head a bit in wonder. "Apologize?" She reiterated, tapping her cheek and feigning deep thought. "Hmn, let me think about that for a moment..." And she did take a moment or two, just pretending to thing before suddenly smiling happily down at the girl in white.


As expected really.

The flames continued to surround Priel and the orb of flame revolved over her raised finger, going unused still as she met Lily's eyes evenly. Her gaze was drawn to Violet momentarily after, her smile taking on a mocking quality as if to say 'Yeah sure, I totally believe you....NOT.'
Reize Seatlan Growling, Reize points at Priel with a very angry look. "Grrrrrr!" He does calm for a moment when Violet asks him about his burn. He offers her a faint smile, "..N-no. I should be good. I think I got out before it got too bad." Ow. Ow. Ow. Reize is aching. As for Lily, well..

He can see that it's tensing up.

Reize, in his cloaked glory, is approaching Lily from behind. He places his arms around her shoulder, as if trying to calm her down. "..Okay, that's enough, Lily."

He sighs, looking up at Priel, "...Priel's not going to stop doing what she's doing and she'll just egg you on. Besides, all of your flowers and weeds are here." ... Maybe setting the weeds on fire would be a good idea, but... Oh well.
Violet Violet barely glances over her shoulder at Reize with a bit of concern when he reassures her that he's fine. It was likely that he was stretching the truth to make her feel better, but that's his choice. With a small breath she turns forward towards Lily, Priel, and Reize when he moves around her to give Lily a reassuring squeeze.

The pale-headed girl doesn't say a word, merely listening. Words were useless to people like Priel, who only saw things in their favor. As Lily speaks, Violet shifts her crystal blue eyes to the back of Lily's head. "A harem is when a man has multiple wives... or multiple concubines..."
Priel Aylin "Hehehe~" Giggling to herself, Priel didn't bother to defend the accusations to her character. Just laughing and watching them talk amonst themselves about her. Maybe some additional push would produce more amusing reactions. "Oh right. The flowers. It would be such a pretty sight to see all of them burning up into ash~"

Maybe now she's gone too far, hm?

"Why am I with you foolishly brave, good for nothings?" She mused afterwards, letting a leg swing slowly atop her other as she did. "Hmn...good question." Of course there WAS an answer. And Ivo, as well as Reize knew. But she was not making it easy to justify now.

"Well, in any case, your owner's telling you to calm down. Time to be a good little doggy and do as he says~" Priel thre one last jab down at Lily, Reize, and Violet, fluttering a hand cutely again as she remained unmoving from the upper wall.
Reize Seatlan Reize is glancing over towards the ongoing commotion. He can see that Lily is calming down. Then, Priel starts something as well. He sighs, already gritting his teeth. "Okay, that's enough!" He peers right at Priel, then he glances back towards Lily, who is trying to remain calm. Reize keeps his arms around her, then he sighs, "Violet, Lily.. let's go back in.

He smiles towards the group, "It's too nice of a night for it to be ruined with violence." His eyes narrow towards Priel. Well, she makes the day interesting.. Just not in a good way!
Lily Keeping calm is right, that's for sure. Priel's words incite another spark of anger. Several lightning bolts flash out from about the girl and slam into empty chunks of the ground by Priel's feet and her fists clench.

But she quickly about faces, dragging Reize with her and stomping out angrily, directly away from Priel. He might not have expected this but yes, DRAGGING. Unless he really pulls back harder!

"Yes... come on too,Violet!" She nods at the other woman!
Violet A small frown tugs at her delicate brow as Lily pretty much drags Reize with her when he suggests they depart. After a pause, her frown deepens when she turns to follow after the other two. "You do realize that we are not exactly disproving the whole 'harem' accusation by leaving together..."

That was her observation anyways.
Priel Aylin Not minding the lightning bolts striking a bit too close for comfort, Priel just smiled happily again and waved at their departing figures. "Ehehe, those kids are so amusing..." She mumbled after they were gone, resting her chin back into her palm and staring upwards at the sky.

"If one of those lightning bolts hit however...I guess I would have had to retaliate~" Giggling at the thought of fighting Lily, the dragoness shook her head lightly. "So pointless." After saying that though, the aura of flame that had been surrounding the young woman extinguished, the impending fireball going along with it.

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