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(2013-03-19 - Now)
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Alexis Belerang Another day in Fynn, another day of hard work in order to gain some spending money! Though dusk has come, and darkness is beginning to fall, Sygg is hard at work in the back of the Weapon Shop of Fynn - working the forge. On the other hand; the princess is otherwise busy.

To be precise, the princess is sewing! She's sitting inside of the actual weaponshop at the front, sewing on what looks to be her own dress. For as pampered as she'd been in her past - at least she knows how to take care of her clothing. The shopkeeper himself is dutifully standing behind his counter, tending the shop. Not like many people really shop here. Low level equipment and all!
Kyra Hyral Did somebody say...LOW LEVEL EQUIPMENT?

Kyra Hyral, in a rare instance of 'traveling alone', has journeyed to Fynn on a tip that there was actually someone in town that could provide her with some much needed plant expertise. She'd set out about a day ago with her backpack in tow, filled with notebooks and other school materials. In a way it felt a little like going to class! Only she didn't know where her teacher was and the journey here was fraught with dangerous creatures! On her own, Kyra wasn't entirely helpless but for the most part, she avoided getting into fights when she could.

Kyra rolls into the weapon shop, a bright grin on her face as she gives the keeper and the girl seated and sewing a cheerful wave. "Hello! How are you both today! I am in search of a certain someone in this town, I was told, bit of a specialist with plants? Plus, I need to replace some belts."
Alexis Belerang Though there may not be a plant specialist in this here particular room, there /is/ however a person who... no... wait no... Alexis probably isn't too good with belts either. But, they need the money!

The girl looks up when the bright and energetic girl rolls into the shop and makes her bright and exhuberant claim! "I am well, my lady." Alexis lays down her sewing kit and makes a princess like cutsey, before she sits back down and gives Kyra the happiest and brightest smile! Look at those perfect white teeth of hers!

The Weapon Smith looks Kyra up and down in the meantime, and then shakes his head. "Sorry, we only have, "

> Werebuster - 3000G
Trident - 5000G
Wing Sword - 5000G
Flame Bow - 5000G

"Will you be buying today?" He looks at Kyra most expectantly. Alexis tilts her head in the meantime. "What kind of belt?"
Kyra Hyral Fortunately, she doesn't need a /belt/ specialist. Someone that can make or hand her a belt will do just fine! Her cheerful reaction from the girl sitting there only increases her cheer and...makes her wonder. This girl was very beautiful, maybe even too beautiful to be a mere shopkeeper's daughter! Or maybe she's just thinking about this too hard. Beauty could be found in all places, according to Cosma!

(As long as those weren't places of Chaos at least.)

Kyra freezes completely as she hears their wares and their prices. Even if she was proficient in any of those weapons, she definitely did not have the gil to pony up for any of them. "Ohh...uh...I haven't had the class for any of those." she says awkwardly, "So I probably shouldn't. I'm sorry."

Turning from the shopkeeper, she regards Alexis again and grins, "The kind of belt with a lot of loops in it. You know, meant for holding stuff."
Alexis Belerang "Oh! So you are a jester!" Alexis concludes, clapping her hands together. Behind Kyra, the shopkeeper is still stuck in the shopping window, so he keeps repeating the equipment. Better not press A by accident - before Kyra buys something she can't really afford.

"I think the armor shop next door might have something." Alexis decides. "We can go see together! I've been getting sooooo bored here after all." She moves one hand to her hair and does one of those typical hair-toss-movements that 'pretty girls' often make.

The girl then stands up, starts packing her sewing kit away, and then bows her head while spreading out her skirt with her hands. "My name is Princess Alexis Belerang! But you may address me as Princess Belerang!"
Kyra Hyral "...a jester? Uhhh, noooo..." Kyra cancels out of that menu, which shouldn't allow her to purchase anything anyway because she doesn't have sufficient money! That's the way it worked, right? It'd just make honking noises at her if she tried.

She stuffs her hands into the front pocket of her hoodie, "Wellll, I mostly came in hoping to get some directions to this alleged plant expert. Seems I was lead astray then." she seems slightly annoyed at this. Travel wasn't cheap!

The girl is introduced as a princess. Shock settles on her face, "You're a princess!? Shouldn't you be in a castle? Guiding subjects and making speeches?"
Alexis Belerang "Not a Jester?" The princess seems disappointed. "Oh! An /alchemist/ then!" Those needed those loops for their many potions. "My mommy was an alchemist. She was good with plants." The girl nods his head a little in agreement with her own words.

The girl then shakes her head expressively. "No, sorry. Maybe somewhere else in this town. But not me." Not a plant expert. The girl then tilts her head a little, and smiles a pretty smile.

"Of course I am supposed to be doing so! But then some meany took away my daddy's kingdom! Set it on fire too, the /jerk/." She puffs up her cheeks and looks rather indignant. "And then me and my knight suddenly found ourselves in this weird town that never gets any sunlight."

She's complaining a little. "But it's all good! Because I have Sygg with me! He'll protect me!"
Kyra Hyral "No! Absolutely not." she clarifies, fiercely proud of not bein' no fool! Kyra stays in school! "An alchemist is much more in line with my particlar skillset. Why did you think jester, I must ask?"

'How old are you' is her next thought as this girl continues to talk. Probably younger than she was! And here Kyra thought she had a sheltered life! "That's terrible."

The other clues are put together thought. If she eded up in Traverse Town, then this girl's world was likely destroyed. "Sygg's your knight, right?" she says, stepping towards the door, eager to get moving to the armor shop next door.
Alexis Belerang Well, the Princess certainly looks old. But her behavior is partially because she's quite tired. There's the little red underneath her eyes that one would never expect to see with a princess. "Well, you see. Jesters wear these rediculous costumes and bring a lot of props with them. So in my kingdom, they'd use these belts to holds things and look silly!" Alexis explains, following Kyra to the door, and then ways there. Clearly, she wants Kyra to open the door for you.

"Of course. Sygg is my knight. Well, he was never knighted, but he's my knight anyway! He's the boy who helped me out of the kingdom after Misery came." She explains.
Kyra Hyral "Ohh. Hm, I don't think I look silly at all." Well maybe by ye olde World of Ruin standards, Kyra's more modern clothing looks awfully weird. But what she wears right now was standard Chocobo fashion, if a little risque. Just risque enough to be offensive to parents! "I need the belts to hold my supplies and tools. WShich is completely different from props, I assure you."

Kyra stops at the door, looking at Alexis awkwardly as she seems to have not exited the building yet. Confusion passes quickly and she steps ahead, pushing the door open and stepping through herself, expecting Alexis to follow.

Why no, Kyra has never been around honest-to-God royalty before.

"Why don't you knight him yourself, then? You've got that sort of political pull, rright?"
Alexis Belerang "I... I guess. I never thought about it like that before." Until Kyra actually opened that door, Alexis looked rather intently at the girl. When they're through, Kyra has a little duckling suddenly. Alexis following right behind her. "But he has to first become a proper knight! And get the armor, and a big sword - oh, and he has to do the Mark of the Knight quest." The then places her fingertips together. "Though I haven't found anyone yet who can give that quest. And I'm not qualified - not really."
Kyra Hyral Holding doors for people, what? In fact Kyra's usually the holdee, not the hold-er. "So you could knight him anytime you want, really." Kyra points out, looking over her shoulder to see the princess following along behind her. One ginger-hued eyebrow shoots up.

"Gosh, that sounds really complicated! But..if you need someone to give a test, well, I do know somebody. Maybe he could give a knight's test. His name is Professor Mister Greene. He gives tests and pop quizzes and all kinds of assignments all the time. He's also great at grading and..."

Her eyes become starry, "He's soooooo smart." she says, voice full of admiration.
Alexis Belerang Alexis is a proper princess. And so, she listens to what she considers could be one of her subjects. As spoiled as she might have been at some point - she was always known for being nice and kind. "Oh~ I think Sygg might like that. But first, I know he wants to become a proper blacksmith like his father. You see - this boy came to us last day with this old equipment. Sygg started working on it -- seems that much of it was something his dad once worked on..." The girl gives a confused look.

"But we've only been here for a short while. So he's worried about his pa~pa. Especially as the boy said they had found it in this dangerous place named 'Port Royal'".

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