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(2013-03-19 - Now)
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Percival The russet-skinned Gargoyle actually agreed in his heart.

It was a terrible plan, but he didn't let that sway him from his course.

He'd awakened shortly before sunrise, and while the novelty still gave him a feeling of uneasiness in how it upset the natural order, he had to admit that it had some advantages. He'd still required a triple shot of espresso in his coffee, plus several cups of tea to overcome the fatigue that the sunlight always drilled right into his bones.

He closed his eyes as twilight began. The setting sun sent a shiver through him, as if it were invigorating him in a way, triggering an awakening that would normally occur with the sun's passing.

They'd laid clues for for nearly a fortnight, trying to draw the vampire out of hiding. While he suspected that she might catch a whiff of the true motive behind such hints, he doubted that she'd be able to resist showing anyhow. With his arms crossed, he'd drum the talons of a single hand upon the opposite arm. His wings remained upon his shoulders, at complete rest.

Zia would kill him if she found out what he planned to do, and that brought both a smile to his lips. The two were becoming more than friends. It was not a romantic relationship though, for their comraderie had turned her into something akin to a rookery sister to him, and he a rookery brother to her. Yes, he decided, she'd kill him if she found out anything of this.

Despite Faruja's tension, he'd notice that the Gargoyle is entirely relaxed, even his rhythmic tapping of the talon upon his arm, and twitching of the tail don't seem to carry any sort of anxiety.
Percival If only she knew how kindred a spirit it made her to the Gargoyle, if only in the most superficial of ways.

When she yelled out in her fury, Percival felt the force of a compulsion in her words. He might have smiled, if the situation were so dire, she didn't need that to make him obey him. He planned to do just that. The Gargoyle would begin to trudge closer to her. The sand sifted and crunched through his talons as he approached but kept his distance from her after a certain point. Those were massive guns after all, and what he had planned wouldn't work if she decided to kill him from a distance.

Once he reached that position, he unbuckled the baldric of his scabbard, and tossed away the darkened runeblade that Zia had given him. He then did the same with his shield, tossing it away.

The Gargoyle would calmly kneel, with his head lowered. "Good evening M'lady. Before you execute this weary soul, would you mind indulging the requests of a penitent sinner?"

Last, he undid the ornate scabbard at his waist, which contained the rapier, and threw it a very short distance behind him. The Vampire might hear a thrumming of a heartbeat in the air, joining the pounding in the Gargoyle's chest in a sort of sickening symphony that only her kind would find exquisite.
Percival The Gargoyle would remain kneeling calmly. He could almost sense the heat from the Nezumi's gaze on the back of his neck. It was a wonder he hadn't already started to combust.

He would speak serenely, with his hands folded over his knees. "I wanted to know more about your brother and yourself. Whom you were, and what circumstances led you to the desert on that fateful day. I need to know the true depths of my sin, before I'm cast into perdition."

He would hold up a single talon. "And then I would ask that you end me with your own hands, or fangs. Is that not what you would prefer to do anyhow?"
Percival The Gargoyle would take it all in patiently, asking no questions. Many sprang to mind, but he didn't probe or pry. If he did, she'd be suspicious.

He calmly accepted her explanation, and with a serene nod. "I'm ready to face judgement. I've made my peace. For what its worth, I apologize.."

He then tilted his neck sideways, with his gaze downcast.
Percival As she runs closer, and closer, he'd just remain kneeling in the same position. Only when she was so close that he could nearly feel her breath on his neck, did he finally speak again. "....but this place will not be my grave."

And then he'd spring out of his kneeling position, tackling her. "My life isn't my own anymore. To relinquish it so easily?" He wouldn't focus on pinning her arms, instead he'd keep use a hand to keep her neck and head at bay, while attempting to pummel her into submission with the other. " would be a slap to the face of all who call me friend."

The rapier was already back at his side, he was so very tempted to use it, but he did not. Instead, he'd continue to grapple with the creature, wrapping his legs around its waist.

Faruja might have recognized the word /grave/ as the signal, assuming he could hear it from this distance.
Percival The Gargoyle would put up a hand. "Hold."

He'd bend over the Vampire, looking at the struggling, screaming woman. "Spare her for a time. I want to speak to her, now that the threat of imminent death does not hang over me, and I wish for it to be in private. Do you have a cell?"

He'd give all three a plaintive look. "Try to treat her gently. She doesn't deserve to suffer."

He'd seem to be pleading now. "There may be another way.
Faruja Senra The trio of Churchies turn almost at once to Percival, Faruja glancing to his fellows. After a quick linkshell conversation, Faruja nods. The pair leave the poor vampire skewered like some sort of insect on display, dragging out manacles and chains. Starting to get her rather tightly bound, they swiftly kick away her weapons. It takes all three to get the job done, but eventually there's a squirming abomination in their grasp.

"Fine. You have done well in allowing us to capture her, you may speak with her prior to our own interrogation. Come. The dear Squire there shall blindfold you...sensitive area, you understand. Agreed?"

One of the squires helpfully quiets the vampiress with a swift boot to the head. She falls limp, handily knocked out cold.

This scene contained 7 poses. The players who were present were: Faruja Senra, Percival