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(2013-03-19 - Now)
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Evja Finally Evja had managed to return to Fluorgis after having been wandering for some time. A spell in Luca, a large amount of time wandering... Evja quite literally just needed a vacation. Not to mention a break from the politics and issues of this World of Ruin in general. Damn the Heartless and the Darkness alike.

Since the events at Manhattan the Viera had been having slight vision issues due to having been flooded with so much darkness over the past several days/week. Hades twice forcibly flooding him with darkness to try and kill Mercade, Seith's nearly killing him and the events of Manhattan... those kind of things wear on a Viera after a while.

Which is why Evja was sitting on a fountain in the marketplace with his face buried in his hands tiredly, same robe he tended to wear these days. And naturally everything about Evja looked female including the robe, so who knows what reason would have to pick him out amongst others as unique. Perhaps they recognized the outfit? Or it may be the large familiar spear he had cradled in front of him between his arms.
Maira Maira also needed a vacation. The events around Manhattan had been trying on everyone involved, even Maira, who was generally a bubbly and optimistic type of person. She was in Flourgis to get away--a change of scenery, time and space to think and rediscover herself.

The sun feels so nice. Where she grew up there wasn't much sunlight, and now in Traverse there was no sunlight at all. Thus, Maira is really enjoying walking around the city in the sun, feeling the warmth on her skin. She just wants to lay down and take a nap in the sunshine. Which she may just do!

Spotting the fountain, Maira walks on over and takes a seat, tilting her head back and closing her eyes, a peaceful smile on her face. It appears she hasn't yet recognized Evja.
Evja There was about ten seconds of silence before someone steps out of a nearby cafe and looks around before spotting the Viera and wanders over to offer them a plate of something. "Here is your meal Evja." they said softly, "Sure you don't need some Eyedrops or something?" That got a chuckle out of the Viera as 'she' raised her head and looked towards the Gria. "I am fine. Besides, it is not that type of Darkness. Thank you."

And with that the meal was taken without really paying attention to anyone else nearby. The Gria walked away and Evja laid the spear down across her lap before picking up a fork with one hand and beginning to hungrily, /very/ hungrily, dig into the mean. It was a large plate of meat, steamed rice and carrots.

Even with the veil on the Viera seemed quite proficient at doing such, slipping the fork beneath it after loosening it just a little.
Maira Maira tensed as she heard the name Evja. Maybe it was a common Viera name....? No. Maira's luck, its /that/ Evja and things were about to get complicated again already. Ah well, such is the nature of life, apparently.

Maira sits up and scoots over toward Evja, smiling nervously. "Evja, hey...what are you doing here?" she asks, reaching up to smooth down her hair.
Evja Blink.


Evja turns to look towards Maira a moment before setting the fork on the plate and finishing the bite of food that was in 'her' mouth. As she does, Maira could now probably see the fact that there were flickers of darkness wisping about the corner of Evja's eyes, similar to how ones eyes might be clouded when hit with certain ailments.
Just not completely.

"Maira... you are well? I have not seen you since the ordeal at Manhattan." Then the fork is picked up and another large hunk of meat and rice is taken and chewed on.
Maira Maira nods, frowning lightly as she watches the darkness in Evja's eyes with concern and caution. "Yeah, I'm alright. You're not though. You should let me try to do something about that," she says, gesturing to her eyes. "After you've eaten of course. Food is important," she replies, a small smile appearing.
Evja "Let you do something?" The viera pauses there and sets her plate of food down beside her only to turn back, looking towards Maira a bit more closely. "This is... not a normal darkness. I believe it to be a symptom of having... having too much darkness forced into me in recent times. Being flooded with Hades darkness against my desires, that Shadow Lord... The Heartless in Manhattan."
Shaking her head slowly side to side, she does wait, though. Who knows if Maira /could/ do something about it. "I am not a creature of the darkness, I am not accustomed to it being in me like this."
Maira Maira frowns gently, watcing Evja's eyes thoughtfully. "Well....I might be able to help. I don't know, but I can give it a try. First though, I need to say a few things," she begins, taking a deep breath. No doubt Evja is expecting it!

"Right so, I'm not happy with the things you did, but I also know you are not either. That's still not an excuse for doing them. There's always a choice, right? That said, I also think everyone should get a second chance--and a chance to make things right. Everyone messes up, you know?" she says. No, Maira is not without sympathy. Indeed, she probably has way too much of it, especially according to some.

"So...there is that. Also, you probably saved me back in Manhattan when you grabbed me and did that....thing you, thank you for that," she says with a shy smile.

"Alright! There we go, that's all. So, do you want me to try to kinda of...get some of this darkness out of you?"
Evja "I... did not choose to do these things, thus I will not apologize for it. Especially since the man has... on two occasions tried to force me to kill him on his own. I have taken steps to... try and keep it from happening again, but until such plans come to fruition, it could happen. I do not blame any of you for trying to stop me or worse, but... it was not my choice to try and kill the man, it was Hades twisting the magic setupon me that forces me to uphold any oath sworn to the letter it was swore."

As Evja's eyes close she rubs a hand gently across them as if trying to wipe the darkness away. "Knowing that, if you still wish to help, I will not turn it away."
Maira "So...Hades took control of you like the string of a puppet? Is that what you are telling me? That you honestly had /no choice/ to obey?" she asks, non-judgmental, simply trying to figure it out so she knew where she should stand on this issue.
Evja "It is not... Hades contract that forces me to obey. When I became a Judge, I was forced to choose between magic being placed upon me that held me to my oaths, or jail. You see, even though I had not done anything wrong, my previous Clan that I was part of... had been doing numerous illegal activites. Upon noticing, I reported them. Because of that I was forced to take the magic upon myself, to uphold my oaths no matter what. Among them - I cannot break a law knowingly, I cannot break my oaths, I cannot attempt to remove the magic set upon me, and several others."

A tired sigh came as she finally opened her eyes again. "But few to none believe me, so it matters little. They would rather assume I am some vile horrible being set on destroying everyone or simply betraying them all to my own accords. Or in the case of the rabid Dark Knight... attacking any Judge, even though it is the Archades Judges he has issue with."
Maira Maira sighs. This is difficult for her. She knows just what rabid Dark Knight Evja is talking about. Maira frowns. "Don't say that of him...he's my friend," she admonishes. "He has his own problems just like everyone else."

Maira takes a deep breath again, looking up toward the sky as if the answer might be found floating in the clouds. Should she trust Evja? Angantyr would say she was a fool. Mercade would too. Avira probably would too, though she's say it a lot nicer...Really, she can't think of one of her friends who would approve of Maira helping Evja.

But that doesn't mean it isn't the right thing to do.

Maira heaves a sigh and squares her shoulders. "Alright. I'll try to help. Do you have a room somewhere? I'm kind of going to need to concentrate and don't want to draw a crowd.." she says, peering around.
Evja "I do." Evja admits, standing after picking up her plate. "And I will... not speak of him further around you, as thanks for you offering to help me." No matter how much the Viera detests the Dark Knight. She digs through her cloak and pulls out a whistle, blowing on it, no sound coming. A moment later a portal appears and a large, finely bred Chocobo steps out of it. "You may ride atop my Chocobo for the duration of the trip, it is about a minute away by Judges Travel. Unless you would rather walk?" A few more forkfulls of the rice plate are eaten before Evja wanders towards a table where several other plates are set upon nearby and places it there.
Maira A lot of people feel that way about Angantyr. He's kind of prickly. Apparently doesn't stop Maira from liking him.

When the chocobo walks out of the portal, Maira practically squee's with excitement. She moves over to the bird and reaches out to pet it gently, cooing gently to the creature before she hops on. Maira loves animals and things that move fast. Thus, chocobos are basically the best thing. "Ehehhe come on pretty one! What is your chocobos name? Is it a boy or girl? Lead the way!" she says with a renewed smile.
Evja "Heh."

Wandering over, Evja pats the Chocobo gently just as Maira goes to hop up top, ceasing what was about to be the Chocobo bucking her right off. "Male, and I have never truly given him a name. Though in recent times I have jokingly called him Senra. Perhaps I shall simply let it stick." It wasn't exactly a fast trip, since Evja was on foot, but it took them about a minute to make it to a place where another portal briefly opened as the Viera drew a sigil in the air.
Judges Transit. They had to have it in some fashion to get around so quickly.
Wandering across an ethereal bridge the suddenly were in the residential sector of Fluorgis in front of a large living complex. "And we are here." When she got down 'Senra' would lean over to bump his head against Evja's lightly before turning and trotting off into another portal, vanishing back towards the stables the Judges kept their Chocobos in.
Maira Maira would continue to coo and praise the chocobo, letting him lead her. She giggles at the name. "I guess you know Faruja then?" she asks.

In regard to the portals, Maira purses her lips. "Seems like everyone can get around quickly but me...that must be really handy," she comments, hopping down from Senra in order to follow Evja, her eyes roaming, taking it all in. She can't linger too long, Angantyr would probably assume she got into trouble and come looking for her if she was away /too/ long. Of course, according to him this probably was trouble.
Evja "Only within Jyllands lands. These were setup in past ages for the Judges to use as transit, so they could quickly get here and there to try and quell the violence. And yes, I know Faruja. It would seem, indeed, many do." The trip to the Viera's living quarters wasn't too long. A couple of minutes up a flight of stairs and down a passway to a little house all her own. Placing a bare hand on the door, it opens when a sigil appears, locked magically so none others can get in but her.
Inside it was rather spartan except a large assortment of womens clothing hung up here and there in orderly fashion. Seems this Judge takes attire seriously. "Please shut the door behind you. And know you are safe within these walls. I intend no harm to you and no others should be able to get within without me opening the door. And all the same if they did, I would protect you from harm."

Evja stretches a bit and goes to slip the large cloak off. Underneath she had on a long black dress of sorts, slit up the legs to mid-thigh on either side, otherwise rather loose. Not much to speak of in the way of chest either(It was actually a padded bra, but... well, he did a good job at keeping such from being obvious most of the time).
Maira Maira moves in, nodding to Evja. "Oh, I know you would," she says with a small smile, walking forward to examine the beautiful dresses. She reaches out to touch the fanciest of them, her eyes wide with wonder. She could never have afforded something like this! "Beautiful..." she whispers.

Maira turns back toward Evja then, and motions she should sit. "Okay, lets see what I can do then. I can assume people have tried potions and magical healing? I mean, I don't know if mine will be any different but I figure...I have a lot of fire, and fire is light, yeah? So I can maybe use that light to chase away the darkness!" she says, apparently optimistic.
Evja "That..."

Has to be the strangest logic the Viera had ever heard as to how to deal with the Darkness. "...yes, I have accepted others venturing to heal my body. Indeed, physically I am quite fine save this darkness lingering about me. It is strange, the feeling that comes about from it." Perhaps if the girl did manage to remove the darkness from the Viera she would offer her a dress. Though it likely wouldn't fit her... no matter, time will tell these things. For now Evja moves to sit on the edge of her bed, a large plush thing with lots of fluffy blankets. She seems to have kept the veil on, though. Vieran sense of decency perhaps.
Maira Well, maybe it would work! If there are too many shadows you just have to add more light. It looks like there are shadows in Evja's eyes, motes of darkness floating there that just need to be dispelled.

"Okay, don't be alarmed..." she says, then raises her hands and lets her magic free. Flames appears to sheath her hands, licking at her skin without burning. They are a brilliant white-blue, as the hottest flames are, but she manages to keep the majority of the heat inside of herself--somehow filtering out the heat while keeping the light.

It is no ordinary flame. This is a pure light, the power of Holy, filtered in such a way that it should not harm the viera, simply the darkness in her.


It still might hurt, but Maira is trying her best!

Maira closes her eyes, her brow furrowed in deep concentration as she begins to weave her hands together to form the light into something like ribbons that begin to reach out and into Evja's body, searching to chase out the darkness--not all of it. Everyone is light and dark--but at least to restore balance.
Evja If Maira was going to try and hurt her... well, Evja was hoping she could at least take care of herself. Though the sudden flare up of flames did catch her by surprise. That's right, she was a fire mage. Being a lot more used to dealing with the Light rather than the Dark, though, the holy didn't truly burn through Evja like worries might be there for. If anything, she seemed relaxed, graced perhaps by it. Until the darkness within began to burn and she curled up on the bed a bit, leaning forward and holding her face
Eventually it would be burned away, but until that point - hurt like hell!
Maira Maira can tell that it is working. She can feel the darkness being burned away through her connection with the spell. Of course, she can also tell that it hurts Evja. She can't let that distract her however. It was working, and she was sure Evja could handle a bit of pain. She's a warrior after all! A judge! Maira is sure she is no stranger to pain.

Maira keeps the ribbons of light searching through Evja, reaching the eyes to attack the darkness there and clear the shadows.

When finished, Maira stumbles back, the light dispersing into tiny motes that float through the air like seeing spots after a bright flash, eventually fading.

"I...I think it worked," she breaths. Maira hasn't actually ever done anything like that before.
Evja When the darkness is finally gone, Evja raises up and rubs at her eyes, slowly looking around the room then towards Maira. Even if it was still a bit blurry, it wasn't hard for the Viera to tell that it was gone, or seemed to be. "It... it worked." The surprise was obvious in her voice as she asked simply, "You... are alright?" The slight stumble was seen, but she wasn't coordinated enough at the moment to actually try and catch the woman, greaves on or otherwise.
Maira Luckily, Maira catches her balance before she falls over for once. Huzzah, progress.

Maira smiles brightly now, pleased and proud of herself. "That's wonderful! Yes, I'm alright! Little tired, but that will get better," she says, waving it off. She leans in close to peer into Evja's eyes, only a few inches away with the casual air of a healer who is use to poking and prodding people. She reaches to lift one of Evja's eye-lids, inspecting....."Yup! All clear!"
Evja With Maira getting that close, Evja did tense just a bit, uncertain what to expect. The Viera's eyes were at worst watery at the moment. She didn't seem embarrassed, though, so much as uncertain. "Do you humes normally get this close when inspecting others who might be injured?"

The tone was light, though, amused even as she reached up and attempted to tickle at Maira to see just how she would respond. The girl seemed at worst perky, so why not. Plus they /were/ at least on friendly terms at one point before.
Maira Maira is about to responde when she is suddenly tickled! At which point Maira lets out a yelping laugh and practically falls on Evja, her bones turned to jelly. Apparently, Maira is very ticklish!
Evja One thing about Viera is they have particularly long fingers. This one is no exception. She continued to tickle at Maira a few moments with a slight grin hidden beneath the veil before shifting her hands a tiny bit and using them instead to hold Maira up, keeping her from actually collapsing atop herself.

"Oh my, it would appear as if someone is a bit ticklish. I did not know that. I apologize for startling you so, I had only meant to surprise you a little. Thank you for managing to get rid of the darkness, at least, from what I can tell."
Maira Maira would squirm and giggle, trying to twist away from Evja as she was tickled. "Eeee!"

When the viera ceases her assault Maira takes a deep breath and tries to compose herself, blushing. "I-I guess that I am! I don't...I don't know that anyone has ever tried to tickle me before," she admits with a laugh.

"Heh, I'm glad I was able to do it too! Let me know though if you think its starting to come back...." she says, taking a seat and gazing around the room again. "You must be rich, huh? You have a lot of pretty things."
Evja At the remark of the Vieras wealth, Evja simply looks across the home at the various things there. The clothing, a rack that looks like it might house armor... something some might consider a billard stick rack, but in fact it was where the Viera housed her spears. There were various little knicknacks here and there, trinkets, items... and quite a collection of books and stories and the likes on a shelf on the far side.
Perhaps it was a bit Lavish, Evja thought to herself as Maira pointed it out.

"I will... and no, I do not think I am particularly wealthy. This is a collection of things I have come to own, and treasure, from all the years I traveled with my old clan, after I left the Viera village in the Rupee Mountains. Perhaps I should rid myself of it instead of clinging to the past. ... I just abhor the thought of having an empty home, with nothing, or no one there."

Evja's voice was rather soft as she walked verbally through her thoughts. "Plus it is harder to hide from others... if the world around you is bare and open."
Maira Maira smiles a little, shaking her heard. Well, it was wealthy to Maira, who owned little more than the clothes on her back and a few others. Certainly no fancy dresses or weapons. No books. No jewels. Maira had grown up on the streets of a slum, orphaned for most of her years. Evja seems pretty wealthy!

"You shouldn't get rid of them...I would save these things too! They are lovely," she says, running her fingers across the spines of a few books. "Memories are good to keep. I think anything that would remind me of my home is pretty much gone. I fled with nothing, because I didn't really have much anyway," she says with a shrug.
Evja "Perhaps."

And for a moment, the Viera was simply silent as she sat on the bed, hands flat on it on either side of her and her gaze left to look at the ceiling above. "Would you like some of my things? I have more than I can ever truly treasure properly and if someone else would find more use from them, or like them more... I would not mind. Plus I still need to thank you somehow for your help."

Holding out a hand, Evja gives it a little wave, as if offering to let Maira have anything she wanted.
Maira Maira shakes her head, waving her hands emphatically. "Oh no no, I couldn't do that! I didn't mean to imply that I wanted your things!" she objects, feeling guilty now for apparently coming off as needy and envious!
Evja "It is fine, truly. I wanted to thank you somehow anyways." Evja stands and turns to offer a hand towards Maira, "Are you sure I cannot offer you something? If such is the case, perhaps instead I could take you on a day flight to Archades. They actually offer quite an assortment of attire there that is quite nice and comfortable, and you will find it is actually quite peaceful."
Maira Maira looks toward one of the dresses again, but there is no way it would fit her. Evja is rather slender, while Maira is busty and curvy in the hips.

At the offer though, Maira thinks about it for a few moments. Archades huh? She did want to see more of the world.... "Alright, I'll think about it," she says finally, smiling.
Evja Maira is watched a few moments more by Evja before the Viera nods, hand falling to her hip briefly before she states rather simply, "Very well."

And then she turns to wander over towards a rack of clothing as if thinking about something. "What brings you to Fluorgis?" Thumbing through the outfits, Evja plucks one off the rack before looking at it. A big black dress that looked quite fancy, almost like something one would wear to a formal event. Frills and lace and such.
Maira Maira admires the dress, her eyes wide. THE FRILLS! THE LACE! It's even better than the maid dress...but where would she /ever/ where such a thing? Maira didn't think anyone would ever take her someplace fancy.

"Oh, I'm on vacation I guess. I just...wanted to see more of the world. Get away from VALKYRI HQ and Traverse Town for a while. There is never any sun there, and I do love the sun. Angan happened to be coming this way, so I tagged alone. I like it here, and some of the people know me because I helped when they were having problems with the fire crystal...How about you? Why are you here?"
Evja "..."

So that crazed Dark Knight was within these lands? For a brief moment the Viera tensed as if she was about to say something, or do something, but she stopped right after and said simply, "I live here. This... used to be my home when I had my clan. I gave it up when I became a Judge, but since returning to Fluorgis after the collapse of the worlds and the darkness, I have taken residence in it once again."
As she spoke, her voice became soft, tinged with a bit of sadness to it, looking at the dress as if some memory had crept into her mind that she couldn't simply rid herself of now. "I think I shall change into something a bit prettier, if you do not mind."
Maira Maira silently reprimands herself. She shouldn't have mentioned Angantyr. Many people are none to fond of him and he is openly wanted in Archades. Why does he have to get himself into so much trouble!

Maira nods then, smiling "O-oh, sure! Go right ahead!" she says, waving Evja on.

"I probably shouldn't stay too much longer....but you know? You are actually really nice Evja. If I told some people they wouldn't believe me, heh...but I'm kinda getting used to that."
Evja "Heh."

Stepping away, Evja looks around a moment as if she missed something, then realized - there really isn't anywhere to /change/ in her home. A place without windows, simply magical lighting above. The Viera /was/ quite reclusive in some manners. "I try."

And really, she /does/ try to be nice. In fact, she'd like to think she was just that, quite nice, despite the villain and crazy horrible rat bastard people make her out to be. Finally Evja simply tugs a rack of dresses and clothing between the two of them that would completely block off any sight of the Viera as she changed, though it hadn't really occured to her that the mirror on the side of the room still left her in plain sight as she started to take off the cloak and such.

"You are welcome to think of me however you like though, or believe whoever you like... but I am not all bad. In fact I go out of my way to try and do right by others."
Maira Maira blinks as Evja pulls a rack of clothes between herself and Maira, confused. Modesty is still a little foreign to her, especially when it is just two girls together!

Of course, Maira can still see in the mirror, but she won't bring attention to it, not wanting to embarrass Evja further. Perhaps where she comes from people are just my shy about that kind of thing. Maira grew up in one room with a bunch of other kids, and even now living at VALK HQ there was little in the way of privacy and none of the girls really cared (TRON had his own space though, as a guy).

Maira watches, curious as to why Evja would want to hide what Maira assumes is a pretty form, wondering if Evja would let Maira try on her clothes...heheh that would be fun. But would asking be creepy!?
Evja As Evja goes about removing the cloak, she stretches and pops a spot in her back before relaxing again and turning to look at the dress that she had hung over the rack. Just the tops of Evja's ears could be seen, about halfway up and above. Still with that thinner outfit on beneath it, it was only after a moments thought that she reached up to her shoulders and slipped it off. Beneath she had on a simple, albeit likely padded, bra. One familiar with such could tell, but other than that, just looked like a normal enough female from the waist up. She was thin, shapely...

If anything, nothing was really odd.

"I have meant to apologize to you for a bit now. When we went to that place near Vector... I know I must have come off as a bit angry, or mean." As she speaks, the dress is taken off the remainder of the way, leaving the Viera fully visible in the mirror now. Ladies undergarments too, though... well, it might be a bit obvious that she was rather... not female, given the garments were rather snug.

"Viera do not well in areas with heated amounts of Mist. It... makes us anger fast. Though that was no excuse for getting snappy with you."
Maira Maira wouldn't comment about the padded bra. Some were not as blessed in that area as Maira but didn't want others to know it.

"Oh, don't worry about it! You were not mean or--" then Maira chokes. She was simply admiring her underthings as a girl who appreciates fancy things when--when--when--Maira's face grows very, very red. "Th-thingy..." she mumbles, then faints!
Evja "...wh..." Evja stands on his toes to look over the rack before seeing Maira suddenly faint, looking a bit flushed. Oh geeze, she must be injured, or perhaps exhausted from trying to heal him! Or perhaps it was something else...
But, not knowing... Evja did the proper thing in his mind and quite literally leapt right over the rack to scoop her up and place her on the bed before asking while kneeling nearby, "Maira... what is wrong?" Of course, Evja was still speaking softly as he had ever been, even as he reached a hand up to place on her head while barely dressed, not even thinking about his lack of clothes as he tried to ascertain just why...

she had fainted.
Maira Maira had fainted from shock. She is a little pale, her heartbeat a little quick, but otherwise just fine.

She begins to stir quickly, her vision returning. Her eyes flutter open to see Evja hovering above her. She blinks. "Oh, I thought I--" then Maira glances downward, and her eyes go very round. She sits up rapidly and scoots back. "YOU--YOU'RE A BOY!"
Evja "..."


"No, I am not!" Evja quickly remarks before turning around, one arm coming to(strangely enough) cover his fake padded chest while the other quickly moved down to cover elsewhere, back and bunny tail visible above the undergarments. Really... even from the back, Evja didn't look anything but female. Long hair, slender form, just... very shapely even, hips included! Though despite the heavy blush on the Viera's cheeks, when he came to try and figure out how she saw, his eyes come to rest on the mirror and he just wilts a bit, though still covers himself. Well, he /could/ try to lie, but... he didn't like lying past what he had to while crossdressing.

"Please... please do not tell anyone."
Maira Maira grabs a pillow and just places it over her face. Then she screams into it.


....Really? This is what she is upset about!?

Maira groans and motions for Evja to get dressed. "Put on some clothes, I can see your--your thingy!" she complains.

Once it is safe, Maira will lower the pillow and peer at Evja, her cheeks still red. "I...I won't tell anyone...but I don't...I don't understand? Do you want to be a woman, or something?"
Evja "..."



Trotting very quickly, Evja quickly moved to toss her cloak over the mirror before moving back behind the dress rack, practically shrinking behind it, not sure what to do at the moment, or how to handle the situation. Really, he'd only had to explain this to Hati before and she didn't even seem to care, or Pixi who kind of... had Viera methods of telling, much to his displeasure.
Well, besides Gabranth, but that was work. Plus that was Evja telling someone else on /his/ terms, not being outted like this.

It was only when the Viera finally came back out from behind the rack that he was seen again. He'd put that dress on and actually looked rather nervous, nervous like a cat trying to tiptoe through a yard full of hungry dogs who didn't like cats. "No... it is a cultural thing. Male Viera are... are rare, I think to liken it to something a hume would understand, albinism amongst humes. As such, it is our culture to... protect males, hide them away so they cannot be harmed or killed, to ensure that the Viera do not wither away."
As he speaks Evja comes to sit on the edge of the bed, hands together, clasped a bit and fidgety. "If it became known to another Viera that I... I was male, then I would be placed at odds with most all of my kin who are traditionalists, so I hide it... myself. So I can live freely, without having to hurt anyone to keep that freedom."
Maira Maira listens with obvious interest, though her eyes are still wide and her look of surprise remains. So she--HE, didn't want to be a woman, just pretended to be one because it was too dangerous to be obviously male? "That's...that's I--wow. I never knew that about viera. That's really--I mean, I get it, you don't want to be a woman? Do you um--do you not like men then?" she asks, just trying to make sense of this all. Trying to decide how she should treat Evja from now on--as a girlfriend or a guy who was just seriously pretty!
Evja That... was something the Viera hadn't heard in years.

Truly, since he first joined his clan, and the others came to inquire about his tastes given he chose to hide how he did.

"I... have no interest in those who are not Viera. I do not mean it to sound offensive, but... at least for me, it is simply not something I have a taste for. Even though I do ... occasionally flirt with others to get my way on something if I think it can work, since almost all races seem to have interest in Vieran females." Though as far as his preferences go, that's never really crossed his mind. Which does now, given the topic, leaving him feeling rather puzzled.

"I suppose I have never truly thought about such. Given I have always had to live in hiding to live free... I have never found an opportunity to think about such things. But as far as being female... what I would not give just to be able to walk freely anywhere I pleased without having to hide right in front of everyone else. The only place I could ever do such is Archades, and only because no Viera roam there. Viera... stay away from Archades because of the lingering magic in the air from the magicite, it is like the mist. Only... it is not angry, simply... ... it bothers Viera. I put up with it, however, simply for the sanctuary."
Maira Maira nods some, blinking several times. Well, alright. That answered something at least. If Evja had no interest in non-viera than Maira didn't have to be shy or anything, right?

"O-okay. I won't tell anyone. I'm sorry to have freaked out like that--I just really didn't expect that at all," she says with a nervous laugh.

Maira stands then, chewing her lip. "I should really go though or--well someone will come looking for me," she says, heading for the door. She tries to give Evja a reassuring smile. Once the shock is gone, really, Maira would be totally alright with it. She'd continue to effectively think of Evja as a woman.
Evja Well, he did have moments of considering those who aren't, but only recently, so it wasn't like it was even on his mind.

Stupid wolves and making him think about things like that.

Though with how suddenly she declares she needs to leave, Evja looks just a bit uncertain. "No one could find you Maira. I mean... not by following I mean. We came to this area through Judges Portal and only another Judge could open that shortcut, or know where it went. I can take you back to the other side of the city if you wish though. I thought, though... you wished to go to Archades? So I could try and find you something there that you can wear and call your own as thanks? Or... does my sex truly unsettle you that much?"
Maira Maira turns, blushing again at how casually Evja says sex! "N-no! I mean, I won't lie it was pretty shocking I think I need a little time to calm down...but really, Evja, it won't change anything. We're still friends, yeah?" she asks, her smile a little more certain.

"Well even if we can't be found, my friend will be looking for me and he'll be worried if I am gone too long. I don't want him to worry. I totally want to go to Archades and go shopping! But can we plan it for a little later on?" she asks.
Evja "...okay."

Evja did look visibly worried, but didn't do anything to try and make sure she wouldn't tell. "I shall... have to trust you on that. Though if you are happy to remain as such, friends I mean, I am happy as well." He then stands and walks over to the door to touch the handle, glyph reappearing as he released the magics on it that kept it such. "You can go whenever you like though. And the offer still stands, I can take you back to where we met today if you wish, or you can wander on your own. But... I feel I must remind you that if your companion Dark Knight does something within this city to draw my attention, or hurts anyone, especially a Judge... please do not interfere when I move to take him in. It is not personal, it is business, no matter how much I may dislike him."
Maira Maira nods some, her smile slipping. "I'll try to make sure he doesn't get in any trouble..." she says, moving toward the door. "I'll just wander back, see this part of the city. No worries! And...and I know you don't like Angantyr and I know he has done things that require you try to arrest him but...he's a dear friend to me and I will defend him if I have to. I hope it won't come to that," she says.

Maira leans over then and gives Evja a quick hug. The poor viera seemed so lonely, he probably needed a good hug.

Maira turns then, waves, and makes her exit!
Evja A hug! Rather stiff in response to the hug, it was only after Maira left and the door shut that Evja mumbled, "That... is what I was afraid of." softly, sadly. He didn't want to get into any confrontation where he would have to fight against Maira, especially concerning that damned knight.

He was lonely, actually, and had few friends to count. Fighting them was something he would almost rather end himself than do.

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