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An early morning in Fynn
(2013-03-18 - 2013-03-18)
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Alexis Belerang For many adventurers, places like Fluorgis and the like have become mainstay. But for two who have only just come into this world, it is important to stay in the lower level areas. And as such, Alexis and her cohort, Sygg, have sailed to Flynn.

The skies above are blue, and the few clouds that do show are a serene and clean white. There's bird-chirping in the air, and the scent of an early morning has befallen upon the town. nearby, a bakery lets the scent of fresh baked bread spread out into the air, and nearby there's the sound of metal cleaving wood.

Chop! Chop!

Standing outside one of the many houses that litter the town of Flynn, the weapon shop to be exact, Sygg is chopping wood with much gusto! After breaking yet another block in twain, he lowers the large woodcutting axe and leans on it.

Besides him stands a young girl in a white dress. She's rather obvious royalty of some sorts. Tiara, the pretty pretty dress, the general 'stature' of her. It all screams of someone who is used to being coddled.

The girl draws a little napkin from a small pocket at the front of her dress and offers it to Sygg, so he might wipe away his persperation. "I'm sorry, I really thought we had enough money to pay the inn." She mumbles with a far too cute voice. She even smiles at the youth in that typical 'love me, I'm cute' kind of way young princesses are known for.

Sygg just smiles at the girl. "My dad had me chopping wood at a young age for his forge. No need to worry, Princess."
Reize Seatlan It feels good to be an actual adventure again. To be able to explore the world without a care is a good feeling. It is freedom. It is that great comfort that allows those who wish to see more of the wold to do so at their own leisure. And for some people like Reize, finding new places is pretty important.

This is what brings him to the formerly prosperous kingdom, Fynn. While this place is still a beautiful area, it has seen so much destruction. And yet, the town a ways ways from the kingdom has its peace. This is where the boy's next journey takes him to.

When he looks around the town, the young adventurer cannot help but feel that this is similar to home. "...Wow.." Reize looks up and around. A smile is given, "It's been a while since I been to a place like this." He looks bemused, then he looks ahead.

What catches his attention are two individuals; in particular, the royalty figure and the axe-wielder. The former somewhat reminds him of Anna. Nevertheless, the young boy waves to the two, "Oooooiiii!" He calls out in cheer.
Alexis Belerang The princess is the first to notice someone running on over towards them. The girl blinks a few times, then looks towards Sygg. "Know him?" She asks. The young blacksmith's apprentice shakes his head. "No." He whispers back. "He must be friendly though! Just hear how excited he is!" The girl brings her both hands to her chest, batting her eyebrows.

The young youth takes a step out towards Reize and raises his hand. "Greetings, stranger. Can we help you per-chance?" Sygg inquires, moving his hand through his short hair to slick it back. No ahoge there. But if one squinted a little, one might realize that Reize and Sygg are somewhat similar. At least in age, and for the fact that they both dress up as 'adventurers'.
Reize Seatlan "Well, I am just exploring around and this is the first time that I've traveled this way," Reize admits towards the group. However, when the inquiring youth moves closer, the young man tilts his head over at the adventurer. He blinks a couple of times, then he brightens a smile. "It looks like you're an adventurer as well!"

Then, he gives a thoughtful look, "Or are you both residents of this place as well? Do you guys happen to know where I can find a blacksmith?" ...Which would be odd, considering what he heard about the events last time. Furrowing his eyebrows, Reize considers the stories he heard and his previous encounter.

"Oh! Right!" The boy gives a sheepish laugh, "I'm Reize Seatlan!"
Alexis Belerang "Of course! Adventuring is my life and dream!" Sygg brightens, that youthly exhuberance quickly bubbling up upon meeting a fellow adventurer! The youth immediately steps forwards, grabs Reize's hand, and pulls him close with that one hand and pats his back with the other. One can truly see the light in Sygg's eyes.

He then steps away from him and turns around to point at the Princess with the flat of his hand. "This is her highness, Princess Alexis Belerang." To which the girl immediately reacts by placing her both hands at the edges of her dress, and 'stretches it outwards' while doing a curtsey. "How do you do?" She asks, before approaching. If Sygg likes this guy, then she likes this guy!

"That boy is my loyal Knight, Sygg Zheitim!" The girl raises her head a little, trying to look proud, before smiling a cute princessy smile at the boy. "And he just /happens/ to be a Master Blacksmith!" Sygg's eyes widen, and he quickly waves his hands in rejection of his idea.

"P... Princess! I am only an apprentice!"
Reize Seatlan There is a bit of an adventurer-kinship in a way. Then again, all adventurers share some sort of bond. Perhaps it is the freedom or the thrill of finding new things. Nevertheless, that bond that forges from a passion of exploration is one that is felt by many. As Sygg takes the boy's hand and pulls him close to an embrace, the boy grins and he returns that man-hug.

As the two step away, Reize finds his glance over towards the princess. A smile grows and he gives a bow, "Greetings, Princess!" He then muses, "I have a couple of friends that are about, but... I decided to do some traveling by myself for a bit. The others are likely resting at Fluorgis." Truth be told, he got lost heading back to the headquarters last night. Oops. Hopefully Lily and Violet aren't /too/ worried.


"Oh!" He looks over at Sygg, "A blacksmith?!" He grins, "That's great!" He rummages his hands over to the pouch to procure some items that he stored. Many of them are pieces of the weaponry. Others are useless, rusted items. "Well, you see, I found these in my latest travel. I was near a cavern from around Port Royal." He rubs the back of his head sheepishly, "...I figured maybe they can be restored to their former look.
Alexis Belerang "Oh? All the way at Fluorgis? I heard about that place. I don't think we're quite ready to go there yet." The Princess claims. "The monsters around here are really mean, and I hear they're even meaner there." She whines, pouting a little.

"It doesn't help that we're basically out of funds right now." Sygg adds to this. "So, we might need to~." He's about to ask for money, when Alexis quickly runs up to Reize and grabs his hand, shaking it. "Oh, he'd love to work on that gear! Won't you, Sygg?" She turns his way.

*sweatdrop* "Sure. Yeah." Sygg answers, smiling equally sheepishly as Reize had not moments ago.

The princess then lets go of Reize's hand and points at him. "But you have to tell us about this Port Royal place. I've never heard of it. But a port for royals!? That must be a fantastic and pretty place! Wait, do they have noble steeds there? My feet have been /killing/ me."
Reize Seatlan Chinrub. "Well, Fluorgis is a pretty good place for travelers to be at. If you need a hand getting there, I can take you there!" As for the tale of the monsters, Reize is lifting his head over to the sky, thinking over the sitution. Yeah, the monsters are pretty tough. It is fascinating how far he's come so far. But that reflection ends when Sygg mentions about funds.

"Well, then-- Hrg?" He blinks when Alexis runs to his hand, shaking it repeatedly. It looks like the princess already rein Sygg in to take the task. "Great! Consider yourself hired, Sygg!" He offers a grin once the princess lets go of the hand.

Now, the mention of Port Royal, Reize sweatdrops at the princess, "Well..." He sighs, then he turns to face Sygg, handing him the weapons and the other item that have become rusted in their course while in captivity of the place.

"..It's actually a strange city. Mist and darkness go hand-to-hand in the area. It seems like the place is cursed, given the vines and the plantlife that are carnivorous..." His eyes fall shut, "Those who explore it are best to be careful, for the tales of wild-creatures and darkness reign. It is said that the undead lurk there..." He furrows his eyebrows, "However, some friends and I traveled there due to the stories of the pirate's treasure."
Alexis Belerang Sygg ends up holding the whole bunch of weapons, and stares down at them. He's fairly sure he could convince the weapon-shop owner to let him use the forge for free. But this is going to be a lot of work. At least he has his own blacksmithing tools by now. Some rat dropped a hammer, and a bunny had dropped an anvil and ten gil.

Sygg has learned not to ask questions.

In the meantime, the princess is /pouting/ at Reize as he mentions what a place called 'Port Royal' is really like. "Stupid monsters, ruining everything. They should send some guards in to clean the place up! My father would never let some stupid undead and plants let his kingdom be dirtied!" There's that slight haugtiness one might expect from a princess. But she quickly puts on a smile again.

"Thank you for your offer though. But I think we must make that journey on our own. In regards to Fluorgis that is." The princess adds, making another little curtsey towards Reize.
Reize Seatlan Sweatdrop.

"...I think it would take more than that to clean up the place." Reize notes to the princess. "The place is swarming with Heartless as well. I haven't had a chance to explore the place completely, but... I don't think the name is anywhere near its namesake anymore." Inwardly, he is actually glad that Anna and Leida didn't have this nature about them. He isn't sure where to about this.


That is when an admirable smile forms. "Understood. It looks like you two will have a great journey ahead of you." The boy shuts his eyes, "...I was in a similar position when I got here. Though, I traveled with just a friend for a while before I finally met with my friends at Fluorgis." And then it became a home for them.

"I hope your journey ends up as prosperous as mine."

He glances back towards Sygg, "...It will take a while, I'm certain. However, I'll be here for a while anyway! I have some more exploring to do!"
Alexis Belerang "Come back in two days, and I should have this done." Sygg explains to Reize, while the princess pouts at the boy. "They're just monsters! Strong knights could surely take them on!" Yes, she has learned what heartless are. But she's certain that the power of Knights and a royal decree would do just fine in rooting the problem out.

All these kingdoms that are having problems are clearly just doing it wrong. Her daddy would have solved this a long time ago! If only that mean kingdom had not decided to invade their country. She could still be having a happy time riding through the valleys of her kingdom.

In a ways, she hasn't quite accepted everything that has happened yet.

"So who are your friends? Maybe we'll meet them!" The princess brightens.
Reize Seatlan "Alright, sounds good," Reize replies to Sygg. "I'll be sure to come by in two days, then." And then, the young adventurer winces at the princess. Unfortunately, he lacks the edge to be completely frank with her. As such, he exhales a sigh and rubs the back of his head. "Mada mada..." He laughs sheepishly, then an eye opens to look at the princess. "Nevertheless, I'll be doing a little more exploration."

And then, he pauses at the princess's question. "Well... there are lots of them. One is a girl with a jewel on her forehead, another is a blond with a shorter skirt and a sword---You may see a few people in more unfamiliar attire." He muses, "...Err, just mention Reize. If it's a positive reaction, then they're friends of mine!" He laughs sheepishly. "There are a lot of people in this world. ...Many of us came together to restore a world. It has given us hope that we'll be able to restore other worlds."
Alexis Belerang "Good luck." The princess wishes to Reize, "And we'll keep an eye out for your friends." Sygg just keeps staring at the old looking equipment. He wonders if some of this will even survive his touch. But either way, it'll be good practice!

The girl then looks back to Sygg when Reize mentions he managed to restore a world. "Did you hear that Sygg! We might be able to go home if we do that too!"

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