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Confessions of an Adventurer
(2013-03-17 - 2013-03-18)
Reize and Lily are at the bridge at Fluorgis, relaxing. Annalise comes in to join the two in their chat.
Reize Seatlan Fluorgis... It is a peaceful time to enjoy the night. The city of Fluorgis is the stop where people have gathered to enjoy the day. Adventurers from all over the world has heard of the Shard Seekers and their leader in question. Often the talk of the town, it is also the moment where they seek solitude.

In the night fall, Reize is high on the bridge, leaning against it with a thoughtful smile on his face. He listens to the night air, idly watching people pass by and returning the waves directed towards him.

He relaxes at the bridge, just listening in and soaking in the peaceful air.
Lily Finally, rest! Or at least a time for some breathing and contemplation. Lily's on the same bridge, lying down on the stone railing. She's been quiet for an awful while now.

But quite suddenly, bringing a hand up to her chin, Lily starts giggling merrily!
Violet Florgis is a rather big city. The girl named Violet was still struggling to locate what she could but at least she's doing some exploring on her own. Arms held behind the curve of her back, she wanders on her own through the streets, the pale blonde locks gently swaying back and forth with her steps.

It wasn't long until she comes across the bridge and Reize leaning against the railing at its peek, smiling to himself while watching people of all kinds pass by as Lily, laying on the railing itself, giggles. They looked happy. And it brought a bit of happiness to Violet as well.

Pausing for a moment in consideration, she turns her path towards the bridge to approach the pair, quietly slipping into the space next to Reize and Lily as she undoes her arms to leans forward as well. "I wonder how far up we are."
Reize Seatlan Turning his head to face Lily, Reize tilts his head over with a curious glance. He pushes his arms away from the railing of the bridge, now focusing his attention on Lily completely. "Hrm? What's so funny, Lily?"

He tilts his head over, then he blinks. Hrm? THere is somone else nearby! The young adventurer turns t faec Violet when she approachesthe group, "Ooii! Violet!" The young boy brings both hands to the back of his head with a bemused look. "We're not too high up. I am not sure exactly, but it's enough for us to get a good view of the folks below! However, I can still jump off of it and land without hurting myself much!"
Lily "Don't try that, Reize. No hurting yourself." Lily chides himthe boy harshly as she swings about to sit instead of lay down. Violet is offered a smile of acknowledgement, but she'll speak hbefore getting too distracted by her. "I was thinking. When I joined I had no idea what worlds or shards weere... then I wondered if what we wanted was possible... but we did it, and look at how amazing it was!"

ONly then does she give Violet a more proper examinatory look as her legs swing about back and forth restlessly. "You're about!"
Violet Violet smiles instinctively when Reize practically beams. "'Much' being the key word?" Her crystal blue eyes shift from him to Lily while she chastises the boy, just before she focuses her attention back to Violet. Her smile grows bright and she brushes her hands on her skirt. "Up and about, and with some practical clothes."
Reize Seatlan A sigh is given towards Lily, "Mada mada... It's not like I am going to jump down from this bridge for no reason." He grumbles at his girlfriend, who is just chiding him. Good Faram, it's like Lily has been seeing him do stupid things lately. ...Oh, right, she has.


Reize tilts his head over at her, "Yeah." He grins, "We helped restore two worlds. We will have one of the other shards opened up soon." He considers, "Then... we'll find everyone else's worlds." And when Violet notes about her more practical clothes. "Looks good on you!" The boy beams, then he looks up towards the sky, "...Lily and I finished doing a bit of treasure hunting. It turned out quite well."
Lily Lily agrees enthusiastically with a very energetic nod about the clothes. At least the nod's probably abou the clothes. The giggle does become a content and triumphant 'heeeeeeh' though as she leans over to grab Reize and hug him sondly from the side. "Yes! More worlds .. everyone's." She quickly releases him at least, hoping down from the railing and letting her arms dangle.

"I see. I still.. need new ones," Lily points out, voice tinging with regret. Her outfit is becoming increasingly torn, damaged, and ragged with every sighting. It's covered in patches, stitches, stains, and scorch marks... that's what happens when you get in the middle of fights with Heartless.
Violet Violet gently tilts her head as shse listens, her expression warming. "Sounds like you need to celebrate. Without the ale of course." Like Reize needs to get drunk... ever again. "Two worlds is quite an accomplishment. Maybe next time... I can be there too. I would hate that someone to get hurt because there is no one there to defend them."

Lily giggles and happily hugs at Reize, embracing him before releasing her hold and hoping off of the railing. That in itself was something of a surprise to the pale headed girl, as public displays of affection were something she's not used to. Violet gives the boy a small look to gauge his reaction before returning her crystal blue eyes to Lily. Her warm smile grows again. "Then it sounds like we need to go shopping."
Reize Seatlan Reize, drunk. Well, unless the two want a very grabby Reize, never again! "Hopefully you will continue to travel with us, then!"

A glance is given towards Lily. When she leaps over towards him from the side, "Ack!" He scoops his arm around her, embracing her with the single arm. He cannot help but smile at her. She is his girlfriend. He looks at her closely realizing that Lily still needs new clothes.

He tilts his head over towards Violet.

"Hey, Violet..." A smile is given towards the two, "Why don't you take Lily shopping?" He laughs a bit, grinning a little more. "It may give you two a chance to bond!" Reize is happy for the interactions.
Lily "mmm... maybe!" LIly agrees, but there's some hesitation in her voice. She is attached to these clothes after all. But with that said, she shows a slightly guarded smile, and.... well, grbs parts of her clothes with her arms. "I.. I like these. They're just..." There's quite a pause as she shunts for a word, forehead furrowing all the while. "...Broken." She finally settles on.

"Yours will get that way too if you follow Reize around all the time," She adds depressingly a moment later towards Violet, shoulders dropping. "... but they look so nice..."
Violet Her pale eyes can see the hesitation in Lily as the other girl looks down at her clothes with fondness and some sorrow, hidden behind a smile of a mask. She even looks depressed as her shoulders droop a little bit. "Hm."

Violet takes a bit closer to Lily and reaches out to touch some of the patches thoughtfully. "How about this." she murmurs. "We can find a seamstress that can take your clothes and make a pattern from it, so that we can make an exact copy of your dress. Right down to the color and the thread used. Would that work?"
Reize Seatlan "Uh..."

Reize sighs a bit, then he offers Lily a smile, "Well, we'll just have to wash them really good and have Shiki stitch them up really good." He considers his Partner's skills. Then, he laughs, eyeing Lily the moment she adds about following him all of the time.

"Oooi, you should had known the risks of following me into danger." Reize gives Lily a leveled eye. "The way of an adventurer's life is a long and painful road." The boy gazes out towards the night sky.

"Clothes will be ruined, physical labor will be required. Lots of walking. That is part of the downsides of being an adventurer.." He brightens, and then he shoots both hands into the sky.

"I LOVE BEING AN ADVENTURER!" He beams, then he turns to face Violet and Lily, "Shiki is our seamstress, actually. Once we get a hold of her, maybe she can arrange a new outfit for Lily."
Lily "Oooh... I like that idea--" BOOOOM. And reize yells out to the world his love of something that is so very, very abstract. Lily blinks, glances over her shoulder at him... then frowns. Frowns rather heavily. "The bad part is getting hurt all the time. You're lucky Lenn and I can heal wounds! ... ah..." She turns to Violet now, looking her over again. "Do you have magic too?"
Violet Violet blinks her pale crystal blue eyes at Reize when he shouts out through the street below, a few people there pausing to look at him confused for a long moment before continuing on their way. "Shiki." she repeats the name that he gives her. "Yes, we will have to talk to her. I am sure we can do something to make and preserve more dresses for Lily." she smiles.

As the other girl redirects her attention towards Violet, she almost feels strange when she's looked over from head to toe. "Magic? Oh." she frowns gently. "I have a little bit of magic, but I can not heal if that is what you are asking."
Reize Seatlan Nnggh...

Reize rubs his forehead, glancing at Lily, "That's also the flipside of being an adventurer!" He frowns, "It is one of the things that those who choose the path faces." Reize folds his arms, the he sighs. Okay, so Lily is right. Reize /is/ lucky that both healers are able to save him.

The boy rubs the back of his head, "Sorry, you're right... You two have been there to heal me, but..." It's not like they need to follow him on his journey. The boy rubs the frehead a bit, giving a sheepish smile.

"Nevertheless, I chose the path that I have chosen. It's a dangerous one, but it is what allows me to see things that would forever be left a mystery otherwise."
Lily "Oh... dresses!" Lily's face lights up at this. She's just recently come ionto the idea of clothes as expression, and that probably due to Violet. Maybe. Becaues she's who the little mage girl's focusing a very tight and examining gaze on. "... People seem different with different clothes even if they're the same person." Quite suddenly she frowns, and regards her own garment with an increasingly forlorn expression until she finally sighs.

"Why did you change your clothes, Violet?" She finally asks, her tone thoroughly innocent, after several moments of pondering. Then she reaches over to grip Reize's shoulder. "Yes... i-it can be fun. But you go at it so fast, I can never follow what's happening..."
Violet Violet blinks her pale eyes with evident surprise at Lily's observation on clothes. "Well, yes, in a way." she answers. "People feel different in different kinds of clothes, especially girls. I am sure that you could tell a difference between your everyday clothes and a ball gown." Her expression softens with a smile.

"My clothes? Oh." she chuckles. "Well the dress I had when I came here was not very practical for travel or combat, so I wanted something more suitable. And to be honest," Violet leans a bit closer as she grins, as if sharing a secret, "This is the shortest dress I have ever worn. You can see my knees!"
Reize Seatlan Blink.

As Lily grips over towards his shoulder. The boy offers Lily a smile, and then he pats her shoulder with a bright smile. Unfortunately, the young traveler is growing a bit tired. In fact, he gives off a loud yawn. "...I think I should sleep for now." He looks over both Lily and Violet, "But, you two should walk around an explore your surroundings a little more here. Violet may be able to show you something that you might like."

Reize is musing. However, the conversation about clothes.... Bore him. Not just that, but he is growing tired, given the wild adventures that he had as of late.
Lily That comment leaves Lily looking... troubled. The secretive aside-like mention of shortness. How... is it significant? She blinks a few times, growing frustration furrowing her brow but finally she says, "is... that not normal?" Would it make Shiki a weird? Granted, that hat..

Lily once again bounds across the small distancce to deliver a fierce and happy HUG, leeeaaaaning over and standing on one foot even for most of it before settling back down. "I'll head back later too! Don't get lost."

Of course. Only Reize could get lost in his current home city.

"Hmm... it was nice though. I... woke up in this outfit, so..."
Violet "Not normal for me, no. I was always dressed in long dresses, and any man that gave me even so much of a glance was not so lucky after that." The small smile she held was a bit embarrassed, but Violet also wasn't going to lie either.

As Reize excuses himself, she watches as Lily practically vaults and leaps at him with a fierce hug, holding onto him while standing on one foot. The pale-haired girl felt a stone settle in her stomach.

With a breath she turns her crystal blue eyes turns back to Lily when the other girl also returns her attention towards her. "You can always keep your original dress, even keep a small swatch with you if you like, while wearing a new dress made exactly like this one." Violet smiles warmly. "If you want to I mean."
Lily Lily does nod after a few moments to thinki about it. Her mood does seem very volatile, but for now it's upbeat! The smiles have returned-- they are practically childish, infectious grins now. "Mmmhm! ... but what do you mean by bad luck?" As if this is simply an afternote rather than something important, she wanders over to Violet and reaches out to take her hands-- then looks around, realizing...

"And um... I guess we'd need the material for shiki... where would we get it?"
Violet Violet pauses as s he frowns gently, "Well... my father was very protective. So I guess you could say their misfortunate was purposeful accidents. I do not know much about that though, as he shielded me from the details. He was quite good at that..."

As Lily asks about fabric, her expression softens with a growing smile. "The Marketplace probably. I am sure they have colors of all kinds."
Lily The frown spreads to Lily as she poners this answer. "Protect...?" It sounds mean to her, whatever this all is about, and it shows in hthat frown. But she's eager enough to change subject. "Mmhm... right! I should have thought of that. But... it's kind of late... wouldn't everyone be asleep right now?" An impish sort of grin shows on Lily's face as she once again leans against the railings, letting go of Violet's hands... "So... tomorrow afternoon, material. I guess that means we can talk to Shiki first too!"
Violet She smiles, giving her hands a squeeze before Lily releases them. One of her first, real friends. "Tomorrow. Shopping for material and Shiki. That sounds like it should be fun." This was promising even! With a small breath Violet turns her eyes over the bridge, at the road beyond as fewer and fewer people travel it. "Yeah, we should get to Headquarters."

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