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(2013-03-17 - 2013-03-18)
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Emi Dennou Imi Dennou ended up in a date with Sora somehow, the 'somehow' being pretty important since really Sora didn't exactly ask her out so much as Percival told him to and they were like 'okay sure'. So it's a pretty casual thing all told. She is excited nonetheless because she has never been in a date before and also has never received a gift of flowers before. Should be fun!
She is presently sitting at one of the recently restored restaurants--a burger joint, in fact, that DOES serve st patty's drinks but also, FOR THE KIDS (that's you Sora!)--has GREEN FLAVORED PUNCH, in other words lime flavored punch. But it's green. Imi arrived early because she was so gosh darn excited, and has found herself a seat near the window.

A poorly disguised gang of Dennous are sitting a few tables away, wearing trenchcoats and sunglasses and fedoras. They peer over their menus at her.
Sora The Destiny Islands did not have a St. Patricks' day. As such, Sora shows up in his normal outfit, which is pretty much not green at all. He'll realize the issue with this shortly.

So. Lilies. Sora has briefly dipped into Traverse Town on his way over, and as such has a small bouquet of them in one hand when he eventually makes it to the burger joints.

Sora finds Imi pretty easily, his face slightly red as he offers her the flowers. "Hello, Imi! You said you wanted lilies, so, um..."

Oh god help.
Emi Dennou Imi spots Sora as he arrives, hard not to notice him! And you know what they say about big shoes, Imi thinks, it means...that their feet might be pretty big too! Otherwise those shoes might be uncomfortable? She looks the young man over and notices that he's not wearing green. Well, this is obviously a potential problem now innit?

She stands up and accepts the flowers gracefully, even sniffing them lightly. "Oh Sora, that's really sweet of you. They look very beautiful." She says, managing so far to avoid any Network allusions.

FOR A PURPOSE. And that purpose is to reach forward and--

--lightly pinch him on the cheek. Not painfully or anything, she's taking care not to be rough. "The Network informs that it is tradition that one wears green on St. Patrick's Day, failure to comply results in pinching, apparently."
Sora Sora can't help his clown feet. He gets taller and more muscular as time goes on, just look into the future, towards Final Kingdom 2: Kingdom Hearts Is Light! He does have a potential problem, one that Imi promptly takes care of when she reaches up to pinch his cheek.

"Really? That seems sort of a strange tradition, but I suppose I must get something green to wear so I won't get pinched all day!" He then reaches up, gesturing to her hair. "Not that it ever matters for you." He notes.

Green haired networks are the best friends to have during St. Patrick's Day, really. He gives her his big, dopey smile.
Emi Dennou Imi knows now more than ever that she doesn't actually know about the construct known as Kingdom Hearts and can't really comment on whether it's light or what, but if she did she'd say that Kingdom Hearts... Is Lightning!

Imi says, "It's not actually uncommon for things like haircolor to be genetically manipulated to an unusual color for the help of marking and tracking experiments," She tugs lightly on a strand of hair, pulling it back behind her ear. "Of course we cannot say whether there was an original or whether we were properly vatgrown, but--do you like it? The Network inquires while remembering that this one came prepared."

She reaches into her pocket and withdraws another clover pin, which she offers to Sora. "This should protect you until next year." She promises.

One of the Dennous at the other table stands up, is pushed back down, tries to stand up again, pushed down--then they all duck under the table to have some private commisseration.
Sora Sora can't argue with that one.

Sora blinks at Imi as she goes on about the haircolor for a few moments, before he gives a small shrug. He doesn't understand quite what the vatgrown thing means, but he suspects it's probably a topic he doesn't want to get into tonight. Today. Whichever.

Sora takes the clover pin, and promptly attaches it to one of the lapels on his shirt, making sure it's visible. He doesn't need cheek-pinched by any more Dennous' today! That'd just be terrible.

Sora does notice the scuffle nearby as the other Dennous hide under the table. Sora ... well... he wisely decides not to ask.
Emi Dennou A wise choice, Sora. Of course, Imi blabs on about very unromantic stuff for a while--The Network has a tendency to focus on strange things--but nonetheless, she /is/ trying to be a good date. And as such, she ignores the stalking Dennous. She can't quite imagine /why/ though, they would know what's going on either way!

She does continue chatting though, "A-anyway," She is saying. "You probably know more about me than I you, where are you from? It must be quite a burden on your shoulders...still, saving this world made us rather happy, you know."
Sora Sora is a very good listener. This may come as a surprise, all things considered, but he does make sure to listen to people when they are telling him things, even if they are nothing of consequence. You can pretty much blame Kairi for that sort of thing.

Always Kairi, never Riku.

Sora keeps the smile on his face as she asks a very important question. "The world I was called was known as the Destiny Islands." He explains. "Most of us lived on this one island, but the teenagers - like Riku, and I, we'd go to another one, nearby to play."

Sora looks slightly embarassed. "I'm glad you're - everyone - is happy."
Percival St. Patrick's Day.

It wasn't Remembrance Day, but it was amongst his least favorite holidays. Anything relating to Ireland tended to only dredge up memories he'd prefer to forget, and yet he knew he never would.

It hadn't taken him overly long to come back from Zia's treasure hunting expedition, but he still didn't want to make his presence known.

First, he just didn't want to join in on the celebration, especially the drinking. He knew what he was like when he was drunk. And second, he didn't want to get pinched, given that he had nothing green to pin on what little clothing he wore. Finally, he had little experience living in Manhatten, except for the time he was shot in the back by a scared woman, thus he suspected they wouldn't be very inviting to a demon in any business. Whether that was true or not was only speculation in his mind.

Knowing that Imi's date was in progress, he'd try to track her and Sora down around Southern Manhatten. Perhaps as an unsuprising twist of fate, they were at the first burger joint he peered in.

He set himself up the rooftop opposite to the cafe, seating himself right beside the ledge, but not upon it. He was trying to be somewhat clandestine after all about his chaperoning.

At first, he watched with a smile, but eventually he tore his gaze away and give the pair some privacy. He didn't really expect that this date would go anywhere, but he thought it would be good for the pair. Above all else, he wanted Legion to be happy, and Sora was a fine enough young man to give the Network their first dating experience.
Emi Dennou "Destiny Islands!" Imi exclaims. "What a name!" Imi is a good listener too, though sometimes she hears what she wants to. "We've known Riku for some time, he is pretty mysterious in a way." Imi says. "But he really is a nice guy, you must be pretty great friends..." She couldn't say they were the same, of course, but they don't seem totally different either...if perhaps their similarities can be a bit subtle.

"We'll help your home, too." Imi promises. "What sortsa games did you play...? Ahh--that reminds me..." She sets the flowers aside. "Are you hungry?" She glances out a window--did she see...???? Probably not, actually.
Sora "I know, I always thought it was a really weird name, but then when the three of us - me, Riku, and Kairi - tried to make our own destiny, well..." Sora gives a sort of shrug. "You see what happened. Riku gained something, and I now wield a Keyblade, so..."

"It's sort of funny, leaving the Islands by having it getting swarmed by the Darkness led us to ours." Sora then blinks.

"Oh, we mostly just raced and swam and fought against each other, each of us had a unique way of fighting. Kairi hung out with Selphie a lot, Riku and I would fight Tidus and Wakka." He explains. "Just... ordinary kid stuff."

Go away, Percy. "Oh, I'm not that hungry, thank you." Blink, blink.
Emi Dennou "It is naturally true," Imi says. "That without you we wouldn't have been able to save Manhattan." at least they would have had to call in some mousey help but who knows where that mouse is--he's as a mouse!

Imi turns her attention back to Sora after not seeing anybody outside, maybe she was just imagining it. "What happened to Kairi?" Imi asks innocently enough, she's never seen her of course. Maybe she gained the ability to summon robots at will, Imi indulges the fantasy and--

"...Oh? Really? Then I won't have anything either." Imi smiles agia.


"These worlds must seem very strange to you."
Sora "If you're hungry, you should get something." Sora promptly protests. "Don't just pass on food because /I'm/ not hungry, that would be bad." Sora doesn't know what he's doing, but the objective is to 'be nice to Imi'.

His smile fades a little bit. "They are very wierd, and..."

"The night our world fell. We had been making a raft to try to leave our world. I saw this dark storm - and went over to the island. There I found Riku, drowning - or I don't know, he was surrounded by darkness, and disappeareed. Some stuff happened, and I got the keyblade."

"I went to try to find Kairi, and I found her in the Secret Place - and she just looked really weird. And out of it. Then, there was a door, and the door opened, and she disappeared, and I sort of blacked out..."

"And then woke up in Traverse Town."
Emi Dennou Imi laughs. "But I couldn't just eat right in front of you! It would be rude." Imi says, looking to the right, smiling to herself. She listens to the story, a wry look in her eyes--before she suddenly turns her head to face the hidden Dennous.

One sits up suddenly and bonks their head agianst the table.

"Heh." Imi chuckles. "We sort of missed the specifics of our world falling, but--it's strange, the day you decide to leave, is the day you are forced to leav.e" She frowns faintly. "I hope your friend is okay. We haven't seen any Kairis."
Sora "If we know they're all under there, why are they still hiding under the table?" Sora asks Imi, raising an eyebrow as one hiding Dennou gets her head bonked against the table. Yes, they both know you're down there, Dennous, you might as well just stop hiding.

Sora just sort of --

Leans over and 'boops' Imi on her nose, gently.

He gives her a smile. "Thank you, Imi."
Emi Dennou "It's their way, The Network enjoys these little 'plays'. Of course," Imi admits awkwardly. "They sometimes do things that are a bit illogical. They could just see what was happening through my eyes. We are a Network after all, but going through the motions as if we do not share sensory input--well, this one supposes we feel it puts others at ease...and allows us to learn about what makes us individuals, and what makes us a Network."

She smiles. "Perhaps that was--"


Imi squeaks in surprise, eyes wide. She blushes terribly shortly after.

There is a gasp from underneath the table too!

"'re welcome." She murmurs. *BLUUUSHU*
Sora Sora can't help but tilt his head as he listens to Imi explain more about the Network, and Imi and her sisters, than he did before. He is fascinated - it is not like anything he has run into before."

He watches her squeak, then blush terribly red. He looks over at the table at the gasp, raising one eyebrow, his blue eyes merry with amusement...

And mischief.

"I'm sorry."

Then, as if he is unable to resist, Sora adds on this comment: "Red cheeks go very well with green hair." Whoops.
Emi Dennou Is Imi going to call down THE WRATH OF THE TDA DOWN?! Of course not, she's not insane. If it was truly something worth calling down WRATH upon, the TDA would probably do that without any prodding. She can just behave normally, which is refreshing, though Imi has to admit to herself that 'be yourself' is a strange idea that she really needs to contemplate on further.

But she does look over to the flowers, shaking her head. "Oh no, you just surprised me. There is nothing to--"

GHNN DOUBLE TECH, she fell for it!

"Haha--" Imi laughs. "Maybe I underestimated you." She neeldes her fingers together. "I worry it makes us look like Christmas Trees."
Sora "There's nothing to be sorry about? I know, I just thought it was the right thing to say. AFter all, it was just a nose boop!" Sora reaches up and boops his own nose. "There is nothing inappropriate about that, it is even less contact-type than a hug is!"

Sora raises an eyebrow as Imi admits they worry about looking like Christmas Trees. Does he do the terrible thing here? Does he?

<COIN> Sora flips a coin, and it lands on heads!

"I wouldn't think it's that bad to look like that, I mean, Christmas is a really widely celebrated holiday of family and friendship, isn't it?" Sora asks, raising an eyebrow at Imi.

"Plus you get presents and stuff."
Emi Dennou While Imi is pretty sure that nose bops make perfect sense as a less intimate form of affection than a hug, she is also equally certain that still doesn't actually make it true. She studies Sora for a moment, as if perhaps to ascertain if Sora is trolling her or not, but ultimately sets it aside.

"Well, we did sing a song to Cirra Constantine about Christmas, and it does seems fun, but--"

Plus you get presents and stuff.

"Haha, I guess that's true! Actually truth be told, it was around Christmas when we first met the TDA. It's hard to think it's only been a few months," Imi leans back wistfully. "I suppose that could be said to have been our present. What would you like for next Christmas, Sora? I know it's some time off, of course, but let's pretend it's a bit sooner."
Sora Nose boops are a strange and complex thing. They require a full on discussion with example noseboops between various people at a later date.

Sora is not trolling Imi. Deliberately.

"Why does everyone sing, lately..."

At Imi's question, Sora frowns, then he looks up at her, his blue eyes direct. "I'd like Kairi back. What's more, though, is I'd like to try to have everyones' worlds restored... not just my Islands.."
Emi Dennou "Lately?" Imi asks. "What do you mean by lately?"

She scratches at her ear faintly but then adds, "That's nice of you to think of your own world, even as you were intending to leavei t." She rubs her neck, drums her fingers on the table, and then adds, "That's a good dream... but I wonder if Riku would go back, or rather The NEtwork is wondering that." She frowns a bit. "and we haven't ever seen Kairi... but we've seen the two of you."

She drums her fingers along her cheek after and adds, "Perhaps she ended up in an unconnected world and is even now looking for a way to reconnect too. Wouldn't that be something! But I'm sure she's okay." Why is she sure? Because it'd be SAD if she wasn't! Okay it's not really the best reasoning.

"Anyway, I know that it was a bit--perhaps--forced upon you that you came, but I've enjoyed it. I'm not very good at this as much as I'd like to pretend, so this one apologizes if you were a bit put on the spot. But if you do wish to pick up and try another 'date', this one will let you do so on your own initiative, rather than Percival applying the 'peer pressure'." She laughs. "This one in truth cannot tell you too much about our own world, it was not especially unlike this Manhattan, though I imagine that which was hidden was quite different."

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