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Welcome Back, Manhattan!
(2013-03-17 - 2013-03-17)
Nothing says welcome back to a world that just got restored like a bank robbery. Not even 24 hours into its restoration and Negaduck is committing crimes there! Watch the heroes take down this heartless villain.
Negaduck Hey Hey, Welcome back Manhattan!

The sun is shining and the atmosphere is pretty calm. It's sunny and bright for spring time! This city has not been restored for even 24 hours and they get their first greeter to welcome them back...

Within the bank at Northern Manhattan...

"WELCOME BACK, MANHATTAN! It is a season of giving. As a present, you are to give me all of your money!"

Manhattan is in the middle of being robbed. There are a bunch of goons around. Big, burley men that escaped prison. At the center is a four foot tall duck, who is wearing a red fedora and yellow jacket. In his hand is a tommy-gun while the other has a bag.

Extending his bag out, he motions for the cashier to hand the money into the bag.

"Yeah yeah, feel free to hit the alarm, I am sure the police will do something." Negaduck's rolling his eyes.

Already, the police have set their positions outside of the bank. Police vehicles everywhere.

On-scene commander rubs his forehead, "....It has not been 24 hours... are you serious?!"
Ramza Beoulve Ramza Beoulve was taking a walk along the city streets of Manhatten. It was a wondrous feeling, to have the knowledge that worlds could indeed be restored by the gallantry of heroic souls. He certainly had wanted to aid them himself, but circumstances had not permitted it and he'd arrived late.

Earlier in China: A foreign man in ostentatious attire was kneeling upon the ground in the middle of a village, winking and blowing kisses to the women in the mob that had gathered to witness it. A military official in the Imperial Army raised his sword. A tiny pellet rolled underneath the prisoner, smoke billowed and obscured the crowd's vision. The executioner's blade fell, striking only air.

Somewhat later: "For the last time Marlowe, it is not acceptable to break into the ladys' bath house! Ever! No, they were not /asking for it/!"

And so the Braves were in Manhatten for the celebration in the aftermath. Ramza wasn't at the celebration right now, for he'd been walking quietly through the park, marvelling at the sights.

What was that alarm? Was that what local law enforcement looked like? The young man ranged closer to take a look, before striding up to the policeman who looked to be in charge. He'd seem strangely out of place in this modern world in his modern armor, carrying two swords, but that didn't stop him. He began to speak to him respectfully. "Ser, are you in need of assistance?"
Tifa Lockhart Finally, Manhattan is back. The barmaid was quite happy with the work accomplished. She still had ownership of a building for a new bar, so she aws checking on it, a large box in her hands that she was carrying toward it, filled with various drinks and trinkets to furnish the place up.

Life was good.

Until Negaduck at least. Tifa blinks at the trouping of police officers, and she sighs. Trouble already?

She moves the box under an arm as she walks over to the officers to check what's going on "Is there a robbery? Do we know who's the heartless soul that decided it was a good time to rob people when they barely made it back to their homes?
The Chauffeur This City has changed. It is not the same as it was before it feel and was restored. The light casts new shadows amongst the tall buildings and narrow streets. It's not only the heartless that hide in the shadows, agents of another type lay in wait, unwilling to let the city fall into darkness again. They are vigilant and they are ready. They are agents of...


Ramza, as he surveys the scene, may notice a shadow creeping toward the bank, slipping from shadow to shadow, padding silently. This shadow quickly scales to the second floor of the bank building and uses its elbow to break a window before slipping inside.
Brooklyn It's hard to believe that something is going down already. Brooklyn had assumed that things would take some time to get back to normal, but no. There is a line of police cars racing towards the Diamond District already. Brooklyn, perched on a rooftop not far from his clocktower, shakes his head and sighs, ever so faintly, before he opens his wings and dives off of the roof.

He feels the heat of the city air catch his wings and haul him aloft, as he follows after the speeding emergency vehicles, intent on putting a stop to this new threat himself.
Negaduck Who is Heartless enough to attack Manhattan just before it has time to process its return?The door of the bank is kicked open, revealing to be none other than.

"I'm baaa~aaaaaacckkkk! Missed me?"

Negaduck. (DUN DUN! DUN DUN DUN!)

This masked mallard of dastardly deed is here before everyone, standing out in the open where the lights shine on him. Negaduck is baskin in the light, taking a deep breath. "Ahhhhh.. to finally make myself Public Enemy #1."

The police sigh, lowering their heads. "Hhgggghh...." However, they are all in position to fire at Negaduck.

"Heh, you call those guns?" As Negaduck has the group of thugs behind him, they whip out the tommy-guns and begin spraying their bullets at the officers, providing Negaduck a chance to escape before they follow after him.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza would offer a cordial smile to Tifa. "Lady Lockhart! Its good to see you again." Listening to her speak to the officers, he'd consider the situation. "A robbery? Well whomever is responsible must be some sort of lackwit, like that loudmouth duck I fought in Traverse Town. The building is surrounded. How do they expect to get away with it?"

Ramza would notice the shadowy figure creeping towards the bank, and watched it scale the building to the second floor. He peered at it in confusion. "Hrmm. Lady Lockhart, gentlemen. Some rogue just snuck into the building. Do you think they mean to do ill?"

And then Negaduck bursts out of the bank. The youngest Beoulve would groan. "Not Darkwing Duck again!"

Without missing a beat, Ramza would take cover and chant two spells over him and Tifa to ward off the bulletstorm. "Precious Light, be our shield! Silent Light, protect us from all Iniquity!" And then he'd chase right after the Duck mastermind and his thugs.
Negaduck "NEGADUCK, YOU TWIT!" Negaduck snaps out in annoyance while fleeing.
Ramza Beoulve "Speak false all you want, you craven! I trust the word of Ser Clemens over you." As he continued to run after /Darkwing Duck/.
The Chauffeur The shadowy gentleman peeks out of the broken window he just snuck into.

"Oh shoot, is he already escaping...?"

Abandoning his sneaky bank entrance, the man-in-black leaps down from his position and ducks (har har) into an alley-way to avoid the attention of the gaggle (rimshot) of officers outside the bank. Quick on his feet, he sprints to cut off Negaduck at the pass.
Brooklyn A hail of gunfire? Well it's directed at the cops, so they won't expect an attack from above. Lead pipe from the night before securely fastened to a belt loop, Brooklyn folds his wings up and dives from above the cops, aiming for one of the now shot out plate glass windows of the bank.

He shifts his position as he nears the window, and hits one of the thugs full on, talons first, riding him like a skateboard across the bank's floor before he dives off and rolls behind cover in case they decide to start shooting at him instead of the cops.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart looks between Ramza and Negaduck. She hrms, and leans down to Ramza "That's Negaduck. I know, because I fought him in the tournament, and I also fought alongside the real Darkwing Duck." She's just precising. "Maybe Luso didn't know about that part yet."

Either way, she nods a thanks for the shielding, as she moves for cover for the bullet rain. Then she moves into action. Jumping over the police car, she runs straight toward the building, where the evil duck is "Absolutely no shame huh? We thrashed you at the tournament, we can do it again here! No rules this time!" Yup, nothing from a feathery death here. Well, if she was that violent at least.
Negaduck Negaduck is bravely running away. Running away to never return. Negaduck is skipping free along with the crooks behind him. At least, until Brooklyn swoops down at one of his thugs. The thug notices the gargoyle's descent.

"AHH! MOMMY!" It dives into the ground, turning away and bending over to avoid getting slammed into.

This is just in time for the other thug to come out with the tommy gun to collide with the descent and to push the gargoyle back.


And then, Tifa comes down at him.

"What the---"


Negaduck is promptly beaten by Tifa, but he stumbles and growls. "Grrrrrr..." Negaduck grunts and he shakes a fist. He runs into the alley... And emerges on a motorcycle. Negaduck puts on a pair of sunglasses.

"Deal with it. I will see you idiots later! Take care of them, boys!"

The thugs look back at Negaduck. "But boss, what about us?"

"You make it back here and when they are taken care of, you will get raises on your loot." As /if/ they have a chance on holding the heroes down. Tsch. Negaduck is already driving off.

"OKAY!" The thugs with their tommy guns are opening fire on everyone. Everywhere. They are not even aiming.
The Chauffeur A voice, not unlike Darkwing Duck's calls out from the shadows of a nearby alleyway, though Negaduck and his thugs are unlikely to hear it as the melee has already begun.

"You have picked the wrong day to torment the citizens of this City, Negaduck. I'll be delivering you a one-way trip to lock up, for I am the Tail that cannot be Shaken. I am the Image in your Mirror that is Closer than it Appears."

Dramatic Pause.

"I am The Chauffeur!"

And now the shadowy gentleman reveals himself on a fire-escape above the heads of several goons. Their bullets spray up at him but despite any danger to himself, he leaps down to dispense...

Ramza Beoulve When Tifa explains, he acknowledges with a nod, taking cover shortly thereafter as the storm of bullets from the minions with aim akin to Stormtroopers began. "I see! Thank you for clarifying M'lady"

As Negaduck began to drive away, Ramza would pick up a large stone off the ground, hefting it with a grin, he'd pull out a small blue orb at the same time before the duck made it out of the alleyway. Simultaneously he'd throw both at Negaduck's bike, aiming the rock at the spokes, while the orb was thrown at the duck himself. Assuming the orb was on target, it'd burst into a layer of superchilled air, coating him with rime.

Raising a hand, he'd wave at Negaduck cordial smile, at the same time using a Geomancer's trick to coax the winds into ripping into and battering Negaduck's ridiculous sunglasses. "Now, since Lady Lockhart insists you truly are Negaduck, strike the ground with glittering blades!" Electricity would arc from his hand, and move straight towards the duck on his bike.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart has a beef with that duck after all. She still hasn't swallowed the whole black firday ordeal, trampled by angry crowd was not the crowning moment of her life, indeed. But she can't run after a motorcycle either. "Someone has to chase that duck down!" He has all of the money after all. Meanwhile...

She sweatdrops as the 'boys' seem to be able to shoot at about everything except for her, that is like, right there. On the ground. Not even 10 feet away. This is rather distressing for those thugs.

Unfortunatly for them, Tifa is able to aim with her punches and kicks, and she decides to take them down first, since they are likely to hit some innocent bystander... well.. instead of them, the actual threat.
Brooklyn The gargoyle misses his first target, and then barely rolls out of the way of the one who moves to intercept him. His momentum continues him through behind cover, a large wooden sign in the lobby, thankfully enough to evade the bullets that are raining down in his general direction.

He grabs the pipe off of his lower back, and then shifts his position and then kicks the sign away from him, intending to break it off of it's mooring and send it crashing down from the ceiling into the thugs below. He'll follow the sign down, lead pipe leading the way as he intends to strike at several of the thugs, in an attempt to disarm them. Thugs with fists are a lot less of a threat to a gargoyle than thugs with fully automatic Tommy Guns.

And now... Oh god. A heroic speech.

As Negaduck starts his vehcile, Negaduck is rubbing his forehead. "Ugghhh..." He sighs, "Yet another costumed do-gooder." He growls, then he reaches into his pocket to produce a bomb. "You know what? Here, knock yourself out, kiddo."

As the Chauffeur manages to avoid the bullet spray and take down one of his minions, Negaduck tosses the bomb towards the costumed hero.

Annnnd Ramza tosses that large stone. It nails the spokes. And then, his glasses. HIS SHADES They shatter before his very eyes. "...." Negaduck's seeing red. For a moment, then he's just seeing icy blue. The superchilled rhine covers his entire body. "Ngggghhhh!"

Next, Tifa manages to take down a few of the thugs with those punches and kicks. One of the thugs go down pretty hard. However, as Brooklyn starts moving down to disarm the thugs---- the lead pipe is successful in getting the thug to disam them, but... it doesn't actually hurt them.

However, one of those thugs are attempting to tackle Brooklyn down.


Negaduck growls as his bike is RUINED!

"PLAN B!" He whips out a jet pack, "So long, suckers!" He starts dropping heavy anvils at everyone below. "Mwahahahahhaahaahaha!"
Ramza Beoulve As Negaduck starts to take off, Ramza would begin to jump on a line of cars, and with suprising agility, manage to leap at Negaduck before he gets completely off the ground. He was in part, aided by an explosion, which just /barely/ missed him, however the force of it did buffet him right at the duck in the ridiculous jetpack. As he was flying, he'd pull out a Cinqueda from its sheath, trying to slash at the straps holding the device to him. "Now then, Negaduck..."

He'd then try to puncture the tip of it into the fuel tank of the jet pack, so that he could better hold on if the Duck actually did manage to get off the ground. With his offhand, he just started to pummel the Duck, repeatedly. For some reason he had the odd temptation to shout: /FISTS OF FURY, FIGHT FOR JUSTICE/. But that would just be silly, wouldn't it?

"....I hope you have a plan C."
Brooklyn So far, well, this isn't working quite the way Brooklyn would want. These thugs are a bit tougher than the usual guys who run around Manhattan. Might be from Negaduck's world, which would explain a lot. Regardless of where they're from, however, one of them manages to tackle him to the ground, while another lays into his face with a series of blows.

Eventually, Brooklyn does tire of being punched repeatedly in the face. He shifts his weight and plants his feet in the one thug's gut, trying to roll backwards and monkey flip him away. Continuing with his momentum, Brooklyn whips out with his tail to take out a thug's leg, and a wing to smack a third in the face. The plan is to keep them all occupied on him, while the others take care of the leader outside.
The Chauffeur The Chauffeur gets thrown to the ground by the blast and for a moment it looks like it's lights out for him. Flames and shrapnel are everywhere and he's laid out on his back. Amidst all the chaos, though, a small red serpent scurries out of the shadows and hops up on The Chauffeur's chin. It looks down into the masked man's eyes and slaps him several times.

"I told you this was a bad idea. But do you listen to me, noooo, no-one listens to me. Well, you should listen to me and get out of here!" the little serpent lectures to the masked man.

"This is harder than I thought... How does Darkwing do it?"

Roused, though, the masked man brushes off the little serpent and leaps back onto his feet with a move that would make Kato proud. Shaking his head, he clears his vision and sets his sights on Negaduck. Sprinting all full speed, he leaps up into the air and aims a dropkick at Negaduck's bill.
Mercade Alexander Negaduck unleashes his terrible plan to escape! He begins jetting between the tall buildings of Manhattan. Can anyone stop him?

A shadow looms on the top of a building, looking down at the ruckus below. Quietly, he nods, as if timing something.


Negaduck taunts, laughing all the way.

Two. He moves, something creaking next to him as he blasts off, leaving a contrail.


Negaduck is harried by the heroic forces, and he strays just a little too close to a building.


Just as Negaduck inevitably gloats, there is a creaking noise, and a growing shadow...

Moments before a building HVAC unit (in its crate, it was totally just going to be installed) drops right for Negaduck's head.

"Hey there." Mercade Alexander says, leaning over the side of the building. He tips his hat jauntily with a smile. "Miss me?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart acks as its raining anvils >_<# Okay, no more Miss nice barmaid. She's taken care of most of the thugs, and Negaduck's bike was stopped, so now she can kick some feathery ass again. Well, more than before, since he ran away.

She rushes over to the duckling, sliding down with her legs first, doing a large leg sweep to bring the duck off his webbed feet. The second leg goes up, sending the duck flying upward. And before it can regain any control, a tight bear hug from the barmaid, suddenly at his level after jumping up. You know what's coming next right!


She took out greater monsters than a duck, honestly. This won't go on any hall of fame. Except, for the fact he's a vilain of course.
Negaduck You know. Ramza is getting up there. Negaduck dislikes Ramza a lot already! So much! So much! Negaduck growls when the young teenager comes up towards his direction, "What?!" An... a puncture strikes his jet pack.

This is where the Boulve assaults him with his fists, pummeling against the duck repeatedly. His head is bouncing back and forth, over and over. "I-*POW*-don't-*POW*-need-*POW*-a-*POW*-Plan-*POW*-*POW*"

Brooklyn is doing a good job on providing distraction for the crew. While the thugs are kept agrro'd, the gargoyle knocks one of the thugs off of his feet and high into a trash can. Another one is smacked against the tail, knocked hard on his feet. And then, the third one is beaten back with a wing. All of those three groan in pain.

Negaduck is airborne....!!!

Only to get a drop kick from The Chauffeur right in the bill. Ow. Ow. Ow. Negauck's head is reeeling from the impact, flying aross the air. "Nggggghhhh!!"

"Why you..." Negaduck then takes out a rocket launcher.

---Until a HVAC unite drops right onto his head, knocking him into the ground pretty hard. What is left is a Negaduck imprint into the ground. Negaduck is peeling himself up, his eyes blurry as he looks up at Mercade.



And then, Tifa steps in while he is distracted. She comes in with her legs first for a slide to knock him off of his feet. "OOF!" Then, he is sent flying upward, right into a bearhug. "You...."


The Meteor Drive.

Negaduck is wobbling to his feet, getting himself up and he growls. He pulls out a remote controller, revealing a detonator. "Mwahahaha... haaahahhaa.... AHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH! YOU FOOLS! I WILL MAKE YOU PAY! YOU SHALL MEET IVAN! FEAR AND TREMBLE!"


*Fzzzzzzz* Remember that puncture from Ramza's sword? Yeah.

"...Uh oh..."



And thus, Negaduck is airborne. ...He groans, his face getting smacked with a news paper. Negaduck grumbles, looking at the news article. "Oh hey, the Public Enemy listing is updated." As he continues to soar into the air, "Excellent, Darkwing Duck is no longer Public Enemy #1. I wonder who---..."




'#1: LEXUS'


Fireworks are formed. All of the sparkles of the fireworks form into the image of Negaduck screaming in rage and flipping over a table.
Ramza Beoulve For his part, Ramza would hear Mercade's voice, grip his sword with both hands, plant his feet against the Duck's side, and kick backwards. This allowed him to barely escape being a victim of his particular brand of comedy. Seeing as they were so close to the building, he'd drive the Cinqueda into the brick wall, using it not unlike a mountain climber's piton, and hang on for dear life. As Negaduck fell, he'd take his offhand, saluting him casually, as he called up to Mercade. "Good to see you again, Ser Alexander! It would seem that this city's residents venge themselves quite well against cretins like this one!"

He'd then sit back and watch the spectacle of Negaduck's backpack exploding, launching him an array of fireworks.

The young man would whistle. "You Manhattenites certainly know how to put on a celebration!"

He'd squint at the display, making an idle remark to himself. "How do they always set up fireworks so quickly? Its as if they anticipate this lackwits defeat every time he shows!"
Mercade Alexander Mercade watches as Negaduck blasts off again, and he pulls out a camera and takes a picture of the Negaduck flipping a table fireworks. Those deserve to be remembered.

He looks back to Ramza after he hops down the fire escapes to get to the ground, givine Ramza a hand so they can both reach the safety of solid ground.

Once they get there, he laughs. "Well, welcome to Saint Patrick's Day in Manhattan. Never a dull moment, right?"

He squints back in the air. "I think... he somehow made them himself." Mercade says offhand.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart scratches her head at the fireworks "... Maybe they are celebrating the return of Manhattan?" She doesn't know of Negaduck's plight right now. "Did he manage to get away again?" She sighs, looking around for any trace of him now. "Did we get the money back?"

Lots of questionning here. She's getting sadly used to Negaduck's antics by now. At least she wasn't trampled.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza would grip Mercade's hand, slipping his sword out of the brick wall as he climbed up onto the fire escape. He'd give Mercade a bewildered look, and then he began to laugh uproariously. "So you're telling me that he anticipates his own defeat, /every time/? What I would not give for all the villains from my world to have such foresight!"
Negaduck Right beside Tifa, all of the bags of money that Tifa had talked about manage to fall beside her.
The Chauffeur The Chauffeur, he's got kicks, he's got punches. He's got fancy moves that flip, tumble, and stumble (he's working on the fancy moves, still.) But he does not have HVAC units tumbling off of buildings or Meteor Drives. He mentally makes notes of all of these things, perhaps to incorporate them into his crime-fighting arsenal in the future. Ricochetting off of Negaduck's bill, he tumbles back to his feet and finds himself standing near Tifa, Mercade, and Ramza, looking up at the beautiful fireworks overhead.

After a moment of admiring them, he realizes that he's met all these people before and if he's to keep his secret identity secret, he needs to skeedaddle before they start asking questions.

"What would Darkwing do...?" he asks himself. "Smoke bombs... I need to get some smokebombs..."

As the money falls from the sky and Negaduck's frustrated table-flipping plays out in fireworks overhead, The Chauffeur returns to the shadows from whence he came.

"Let evil know that wherever they do... evil..." He clears his throat, "The Chauffeur will be there, driving Miss Justice."

He vanishes into an alleyway.
Brooklyn Having finished off the thugs inside of the bank, Brooklyn steps out of the front door and motions to the cops that the path is clear, and that they should go on and arrest those thugs. Then he heads back to check and see if he can't find the others who were helping out with stopping this robbery. He thought for a second he had seen Tifa.
Mercade Alexander The Detective squints at the vanishing Chauffeur. Who was that mysterious masked driver?

Mercade chuckles as well. "If all of our foes were so easy, Ramza." He grins, and then looks over at Tifa. "Money?" He pauses, and then looks around to see if any money bags fell out of the rampant pounding the evil duck had taken. "Uhhhh."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods, sighing "He was robbing the bank, I don't suppose he dropped it anywhere convenient, did he?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart moves over to grab her box of stuff for the bar "Well I might as well go back to my... what's this?" She fetches a bag from inside of the large box, with a $$ sign on the side c.c "Uhm... I don't think I should be keeping this, even if it's in my stuff, right?"
Brooklyn From around the corner, Brooklyn steps and smiles, "Oh, I thought I caught sight of you." Brooklyn says, as he smiles at Tifa, "And no, I don't think you can keep the stolen money."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods as she looks over to Brooklyn "That was a rhetorical question." She smiles, moving over to hand it to the nearest police officer, explaining how it fell into her box somehow. She returns to Brooklyn and Mercade "Well, nice to see you, and yes I was here from the begning prett much. Before they started shooting at anything but me at least.
Brooklyn "I followed the cops, as I'm prone to do...It's kinda nice to not have to move around in the dark and slink away from scenes. I mean yeah, I felt like a superhero doing that kinda stuff, but it's good to see people not freak out when they see me now." Brooklyn hmms a bit, "I should get back up to the roofs, though. Got a lot of city to patrol, and clearly things are getting back to normal a lot faster than I expected."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods, looking around "Yeah, its nice to see people getting back to their lives, after being tossed around so much." She smiles to the gargoyle "But yes, must be nice not having to hide. I think people are a little jaded now. Its more a matter of what kind of actions you do. But there'll always be racism I guess.
Brooklyn "I suppose that's true. But the cops definitely don't seem to mind." Brooklyn says, "I think it'll be good for the city to see us around. To know that we're watching over them." He smiles, "Do let me know when you re-open your bar, Tifa. I'd like to come check it out."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart grins "Its more like opening it for the first time actually, but since its the third bar I own, not sure how you can all that." She smiles and nods "Its near here actually, if you want a spot to perch on top of.
Brooklyn "I may check it out, but I feel that I have to return to my clan's home each day. In case any of them show up, there will be a friendly face there waiting for them."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles and nods "That's a good idea. Its a beacon of some sort, for your people at least. Its the castle atop of the Xanatos tower building right?
Brooklyn "Not anymore...Not for a while now." Brooklyn says, looking a little bitter at the thought, "Xanatos betrayed our clan. Used us to forward his own schemes. So we left. Elisa found us a nice place to roost where we're safe."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart ohs, hmming "I wouldn't think that Xanatos to be bad, I'm sorry. He protected the town and helped out alot of people too.
Brooklyn "I know." Brooklyn replies, "And while his actions were good, it's a public face that he puts on. Show the world that you're a good guy, while you manipulate things behind the scenes. Well, that or he has legitimately changed."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods "Wouldn't be hard to believe either, he was quite the charmer. But I can't say I've seen any actions that were reprehsnible from it yet at least. I guess we'll see one day hm?

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