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(2013-03-17 - 2013-03-17)
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Riku A great thick forerst in the middle of the Old Kingdom. For all the majesty of the surrounding forest though, Riku is beyond caring at this point.

He sits up against the base of a tree, black tendrils of mist leaking from his silohuette as he sits there with his knees up against his chest, blank yellow eyes staring into the middle distance.

The teenager shakes so hard with one hand wrapped around his knees, hands and face mottled with dark and discolored patches that he practically vibrates in place with barely, barely contained tension. One hand is pressed to his chest hard enough to leave bloody marks.
It is a long distance to get to where Riku is. Long yet when it means leaving the World of Ruin. Not something Gabranth really cares much to do, yet by using some magic, he was able to get a general idea of where Riku's location was across worlds.

The other problem was a mode of transportation. Chocobos don't really thrive outside of the World of Ruin, at least by not what he is aware of. This meant borrowing a horse and people just don't 'rent' horses. So that too took a bit a work on Gabranth's part.

Delay and delays really, not something the Judge Magister cares for when there is a dire problem to be handled.

Yet on the back of a horse the Judge Magister travels and travels over the land swiftly. The leather cape barely moving in the wind as the horse tromps across the open plains until they hit the forest, where things slow down a bit. The clomping of hooves though would be easy to make out in the quiet forest. The fog gently being disturbed in the early morning hours.

Soon the sounds of the hooves slow down, before something with more of a boot sound impacts the ground. This was shortly followed by the brush being moved with mild ease and a few snapping of twigs. Not to shortly the man in dark armor arrives. The runes on his armor glistening slightly in this much darker environment, instead of where in the sun it be much dimmer. As he approaches the boy, those blue eyes hidden by the helm stare down at the youth before his voice gently speaks up, "Riku?"
Riku Perhaps one delay too long. Riku slowly looks up at Gabranth from where he is sitting up against the base of a tree and his face twitches into the semblance of a smile.

"ah... there you are.." his fingers spasm, fresh blood trickling down his chest as he nicks himself again. "..I was beginning to think there was some sort of delay." he slowly lowers his head onto his knees. "..I stayed right here." he chuckles very quietly.

"Unlike some people I know. I'm very patient when it comes to some things.."
The Judge Magister had a satchel at his belt, which was not really typically something he carried, yet as he approached Riku, he reached around to remove it from the belt. He did note the strange behavior, along with the fact Riku was nailing his fingers into his own skin. Which was-- odd really.

Gabranth though made no steps though he if was concerned for his safety though, instead he stride was calm as always. "I thank you for doing so. You do not particular look like your in good health. As such, we are going to patch up your cuts, then get you back to Archades for proper care." He could perhaps go to somewhere closer, but he didn't know these lands.

They were not home.

They were not places he trusted.

Yet this could ball down into little choice if things were far worse then what he was anticipating.

The Judge Magister then went to go knee down before Riku, opening the satchel to look within it.
Riku Riku whispers " don't.." with a small shake of his head as Gabranth approaches but perhaps it is too quiet because the judge magister has gotten within melee range and the pain is no longer enough to focus him.

The teenager lunges at Gabranth, slamming himself straight into the armor at close range with no regard for his own safety.

After that initial charge however Riku backs off again immediately, almost cowering against the base of the tree with his face turned towards the bark.
The Judge Magister was reaching into the satchel just as suddenly Riku lunges. The helm rises quickly to the sudden movement. As such, the impact was made into the heavy armor. The satchel bag quickly drops to the ground and no sooner then Riku pulls away, the Judge Magister has already had his sword half unsheathed.

He stays there knelt with the blade half out. The long carving on the Highway star glowing a gentle gold as dark magic was starting to be infused into the blade. Natural instinct almost taking hold, yet Gabranth holds the blade there. Half unsheathed. Half ready to be drawn for combat.

There the Judge of Ambition stares at Riku. His blue eyes stares intensely at the youth, with only fringes of gold at the edges. His hand loose on the hilt, tightens for a moment, before there was a soft click sound. The sword placed back within the scabbard.

The silence though remained as Gabranth, never taking his eyes off the youth, reaches to the ground for the satchel. He pulls out a potion, before rolling it across the ground to Riku, then rising up to his feet. Then his voice, though calm, it was also soft. "... If I had not come to know you, like I have, I would have struck you just then. I believe now would be a good time to speak of this condition you are suffering." As he stood there and the satchel open. Several cloth wrappings, even some cloth folds protecting something within them, a few more elixirs, and a gentle soft glow of light somewhere within the bag itself.
Riku "WHAT DO YOU THINK!?" Riku snarls into the tree, slamming a fist into the trunk. "No. Of course you.. because I don't tell anyone anything!" he laughs acidly in self-depreciation.

"Of course not." he slams a hand into his face hard enough to bruise. The mottled black shifts underneath the skin like the shadows of passing clouds. "..A story.." he nods to himself quietly. "..right.. a story.."

He stood there and paced once back and forth like a caged animal. "Focus. I can't.." he rubs at his eyes and peers. "..What? How.." he shakes his head.

"Short version. NOT KIDDING when I said I'm going to eat someone. Heartless eat people. The price I paid for surviving the death of my home. Tried.. too hard.. to hold them back." he shakes his head, eyes fixed on the satchel intently.

"What.. what's in there? How can you have.." he shakes his head again.
Gabranth stands there, still remaining very calm. Even if behind the helm he does a minor facial tick of a whence as Riku bruises himself. In some ways, as Riku explains that this is the result of his home. That his darkness is based on that of the Heartless, because of his home. Gabranth-- honestly can relate with that and such a thought causes him to flex his hand slight as a bit of dark magic moves across his fingers tips for only a moment.

Yet he remains quiet, not relaying his own thoughts on the matter. Now was not he time to really ask more depth questions. Not in the youth's state of mind, he reminds himself. He then takes notice that Riku is looking into the satchel, before his own eyes are drawn to it for a moment.

"Hm?" He is not sure what has caught Riku's attention. Though he does know a little bit about Heartless. He watched them be used by Lord Vayne in the agreements made with the Lords of Gaudium. Perhaps one of the few Judge Magisters who stood by and watched. Watched as the darkness started to break apart their world which tied into the world it is not mixed with.

Gabranth holds up the satchel a bit, before he tosses it to Riku for the youth to either catch or let it fall at his feet.
Riku Riku snagged the satchel from the air but it slipped out of his fingers almost immediately afterwards. He curses faintly as he rips into the container without concern.

He draws out a palm sized crystal used for healing. Riku frowned at it in disappointment, slumping to the ground in a heap. "..Right. Just like the rest." he laughs bitterly. He presses the hand with the crystal to his forehead and just continues to chuckle bitterly.

"Right there and I can't have it." He smashes the stone against the tree. He smashes it against the tree a second time, bark splinters flying and there is an audible crunch from his hand that he doesn't even feel anymore. "Focus, Riku."

SLAM. "Control yourself. Hold on just a little longer." SLAM. SLAM. "..Right."

The crystal shatters in his hand on the last strike, turning to grey powder as Riku gasps and coughs in reflexive reaction to a burning surge of magic leaping up his arm. Riku holds his injured arm to his chest, gasping in pain as if breath seared his lungs.

He starts to chuckle in bemused pain, smiling with the satisfied air of a starved animal having finally found something it can take for itself. "Huh. That's a new trick.."
Gabranth observes as Riku finds the magicite shard, then curses at it, before his body seems to be content to destroy it. Though once it is destroyed and his body seems to absorb the mist, the Judge Magister cants his head just slightly.


"That is..was magicite. Found within the mines Archades has claim too. Magicite are crystals formed by pulling in mist from the caves they are in and imbuing themselves with the power of. Some caves have different types of mist, which can make many forms of magicite. Other caves focus on one form of magick." Gabranth pauses in his explanation. His brows furrowing gently. "I have not another on me, that was the only one as small shards hold great power, but are also far rarer to find."

Aka - Thanks Riku. You just broke a very expensive item.

The Judge Magister then shifted his weight to rest his hands idly on the hilt of his swords. Studying the youth a bit more before he spoke. "So I expect, like using dark magick such as myself, you using your form of dark arts, which mimics that of the Heartless, also comes with a grave price. This price being the more power you use.. the greater the hunger of magick becomes?"
Riku Riku seems to compose himself. "I break it, I bought it huh?" he snorts faintly. "I don't know.." his voice cants down into a low moan as he presses his face into his knees.

"Everybody has a light that drives them. I can see it." he laughs again tiredly, exhaustion now creeping into his force. "..with my eyes closed I can see it." he sighs out a shuddering breath. "..and if I use magic or.. whatever it is I have or I am, I have the distinctly unpleasant sensation of wanting to take it for MYSELF." he coughs and shudders.

"And you.. being right there.. " he shakes his head and trails off.
"Good to know even with all I have done.." Gabranth rumbles to himself as Riku explains that he can see light in others. The Judge Magister then walks up to Riku once more, this time with more careful steps unsure of the youth's true mental state this time.

"Riku," The Judge of Ambition starts out as he waits a bit before he kneels down. ".. what makes you different from the heartless, is that you have the power to tell yourself no. That you have the will to control the darkness that you use and you, by your choice, use it for the right reasons." Gabranth then reaches up and takes his helm off. He then rests it on his knee, before resting his arm over it.

"Your abilities, either given to you by the fall of your world, or given to you by birth, is your choice at what you do with them. You can either learn to harness them within the realm of control, or eventually, fall to its control. Darkness, no matter the form, is a battle of will. Will over it to keep it in line."

He then goes to place his hand on Riku's shoulder. "You did good.. we will just need to find you more holy magicite to carry on you until you can learn to fully control it." Then Gabranth went to remove his hand from Riku.
Riku Riku slams a hand over Gabranth's, trying to pin the hand on his shoulder. He looks startled, as if he didn't know he was going to do that until he had. He groaned faintly and murmured.

"..Help me up.. please, your honor." he lets out a tired sigh. "It's been a long day." he doesn't say anything in regards to what Gabranth had said. Maybe he's beyond thinking about it right now.

All that is visible is the palpable relief on his face, and the release of so much pent up tension leaves him literally almost asleep on his feet even as he finishes speaking. "I'll.. think.. about what you said."
Once Riku's hand pins down Gabranth's, the Judge Magister doesn't force his hand away. "Aye. Tis been a long day for you, honor." The Judge of Ambition agrees, not knowing fully what Riku may have been through, but for now, it didn't matter much.

He could ask after the young judge had some rest.

Once Riku starts to doze off. Gabranth places his helm back on his head, before picking up the youth into his arms, with a mild grunt. The Judge Magister then looks about the area, before he looks down to Riku in his arms.

"...all will be well in time.." Gabranth whispers softly before he starts to make his way back for the horse. It looks like he will be walking for the rest of the trip back, while Riku gets to sleep saddle back.

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