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The Beast Amidst the Canyon
(2013-03-17 - 2013-04-09)
Avira, in her mutate state, sought to avoid people. This lead her to the Cosmo Canyon. However, she encounters the boy who was crazy enough to try to claim Hydra as a pet.
Sanel ~ Cosmo Canyon ~

The great canyon from the western mountain range offers a small village that undergoes the same name. It is a place that is coveted by scholars and those who wish to learn about the planet. The village itself is rather simplistic, overal. Almost tribal.

The Cosmo Candle, the massive bonfire, burns the brightest. Few shops are here and there...

Meanwhile, the inhabitants are rather peaceful, soaking in the warmth and otherwise relaxing.

The little boy with the blue-oversized coat looks a little dizzy. "Bwaaaaahh.... Sanel hot..." He whimpers, not really fond of the heat. Nevertheless, he looks about, "Pretty~."
Avira Monday morning, 11 March.

Avira has long since departed from Halloween Town, setting out to evade the Heartless and others in search of her. In spite of her conversations with both Maira and Faruja, she was still reluctant to seek out the friends she had betrayed so thoroughly over her own vanity.

At least Riku had understood.

She had avoided civillizations fairly well. Cosmo Canyon was the closest she had come to during her hours of fleeing, mostly through the skies. Even then, the open skies had seemed unsafe. More than a few occasions she had spotted dark shapes off in the distance. They were not airships.

For the purpose of moving through what few people there were here, Avira has clothed herself in the largest cloak she can find. does little to help. She looks lumpy, large, and suspicious.
Sanel The boy slowly calms down from the heat, just enough to get a better feel of his surroundings. Nevertheless, something feels a little more cool about the area. Perhaps its his body finally fighting against the heat with the chilly aura, but he recovers enough to look around.

The person with the large cloak catches his attention. Why? Who wears something so heavy in a hot place? Okay, nevermind Sanel and his oversized coat.

The boy waddles over towards the figure, peeking up to the cloaked figure.

"Is Cloak Man hot in there? Sanel thinks it is hot underneath that cloak."
Avira Truth be told, Avira is sweating so much in this get-up that her fur is damp. Her new pelt was hot enough to her. Adding this heavy and concealing cloak?

Torture. She doesn't get too close to the fire at all but even this far away, she can still feel its heat. As she gazes upwards, her mind starts to drift, desperately clawing for what she should do next.

A child approaches her and despite his appearance, Avira remains on her guard. Surely they wouldn't send a child after her? Maybe that's a little too paranoid.

"'s very hot." she says quietly, her voice rough.
Sanel Puffing both cheks, Sanel furrows his eyebrows.

"Sanel thinks Cloak Man should find some place cool." He scratches the back of his head. "Cloak Man will---" Pause. Blink.

"Cloaked Lady will likely fall out before too long." Then, the boy gets an idea. "Oh! Oh! Sanel has an idea, wait here!" The boy is quickly running off, disappearing into the crowd. And then, it is about a few moments later that the boy is carrying a large pail of water with a single hand.

"Sanel is back! Sanel is back! Sanel is---"

Annnd... the boy trips.

And off goes the pail from his hand.

The good thing? Avira may not be too hot.

The bad thing? The water is pretty freezing cold, and far from freezing point. And that water is coming down on her.
Avira Inwardly, Avira hfufs at the thought of being called a man-but in this case, that was a minor inconvenience. This child seems to understand her true gender, however, shortly after she speaks. Strange child-his speech patterns reminded her tremendously of the Dennous.

"'s a good point.." she laughs quietly, "Perhaps I should move away-"

Too late. He's run off. Sanel comes rushing back shortly and Avira's eyes widen when she sees the bucket of water. A drink? She could sure use a drink.

He trips.

"Nooooo!" she exclaims seconds before the water soaks her thoroughly. Her cloak drips, her fur following.

With a groan, she removes the wet garment from her body and edges backwards as her mutate body is revealed. "...great, now I'm going to smell.."
Sanel Blink. Blink.

"Oopsie. Sanel is sorr--..."

He finds himself staring towards the soaked mutate as she is revealed. With the cloak removed, Sanel is now able to get a better look. Ooooh.


"Oooohhh! Sanel meets a new Wingy! Wingy Woman!"

Sanel is quick to move towards Avira and he gives her a hug. ...She will find that the hug is a bit /too/ strong and may crush ribs if she doesn't give indications of it. "Sanel loves meeting new creatures! Sanel will introduce her to BunBun and Snow Mouse King! New friends makes Sanel happy!"
Avira Wings! Big, black feathered wings! They are not the traditional wings of a gargoyle and while they do provide a different sort of flight, their shape make them much more unwieldly.

"...what?" Avira looks over her shoulder and finds Sanel attaching to her from behind. At first it's startling but due to the size difference, she remains upright. Then that hug slowly becomes crushing.

Recognition dawns. She remembers this kid from the coliseum now! The one that was hugging the hydra. Right away, she starts to struggle.

"I can't! Let me go!"
Sanel <3 <3 <3

Sanel is content. He has made a new friend, even if she does not agree with that idea. Sanel's crushing hug is a bit of a reminder of his presence during the Coliseum. This was definitely the boy who was hugging and trying to claim the Hydra as his own pet.

Probably best to get the boy off of her.

As Avira calls for him to let him go, the boy complies and loosens his grip. "Okay!" Then, he looks up at her, "...Why can't Sanel introduce Wingy Woman to Snow Mouse King and BunBun? Sanel thinks she would get along with them well."
Avira Enhanced strength in this form or not. This was crushing her! A small rumble of alarm escapes her and she squirms a little more until he loosens up. Taking a breath, she turns to face the child.

"Because I must run. I am a danger and I need to keep moving. I shouldn't even stay here for very long." she tries to explain.
Sanel "In... danger?" The boy furrows his eyebrows, then he tilts his head over. If someone in danger was to go somewhere, where would they go through? The boy generally wanders, but if she is trying to keep moving and wander away..

"Sanel thinks he knows a way." He thinks over the ordeal, "Sanel has wandered around. Through the mountain range, Winged Lady should take way to plains and be fast. South is a bad idea. City south."

However, his memory falls short, "...Sanel doesn't remember past that." Then, he offers a bright smile. "Sanel can help Winged Lady until she no longer needs Sanel."
Avira In danger, are danger, it was all the same in this case. Right now, Avira didn't feel like much of a positive force in the universe right now. "Yes." she says, "It won't be long until I'm noticed here and people come after me." He seems like a simple kid, so she tries to keep her explanations as simple as possible.

"Do you? I see." she didn't know the area well, so any advice Sanel could provide Avira would only help. He offers to accompany her and she looks contemplative.

This simple child fought a hydra. He could hold his own against Heartless, she was sure. Gathering up her cloak, she begins wringing the water out of it. "Alright, Sanel. But we'll have to leave right away, if that's alright with you."
Sanel People going after her. That would be bad. Sanel does not like seeing potential pets---err friends suffer! Sanel will protect all woodland creatures! Or whatever Avira likely is.

The little boy giggles, then he brightens his smile at Avira. "Sanel will take Winged Lady where she needs to go." He taps his chin, then he starts to look around.

While she wrings the water out of the cloak, Sanel brightens he smile. "Sanel is ready to go." He looks around the area, "Sanel was getting bored here anyway." He frowns, "There are no furry friends to play with." He sighs, then he happily leads Avira out of the canyon, "This way, Winged Lady!"
Avira Sanel's not the only one who thinks that Avira is good pet material. Hades might have something to say about it too. Doesn't he have enough hellhounds already though?

She's about to correct him, tell him to call her Avira, but decides against it. Her name would just attract attention she doesn't want. "You're ready to go? Already?" There's a look of concern upon her face-did this guy just wander around as he pleases?

"Isn't anyone here with you?" she asks as she follows, pausing for a second to shake herself out like a wet dog.
Sanel "There is no one with Sanel," Sanel replies. He is ready to move as always. There is nothing to stop him. Nothing to hold him back. In a way, that is true freedom. Or is it? Just to wander around?

He adds, "Sanel has wandered for a long while." He furrows his eyebrows, "...Sanel doesn't remember anything. Only his name." Then, the boy brightens a smile towards Avira, "That is all Sanel needs." Pause, "He thinks." He muses, "Sanel has made friends like BunBun and Snow Mouse King."
Avira "No one? Don't you have any adult supervision or anything?" Sure, she's no stranger to seeing plucky teenagers adventuring across the worlds, but even they had companions with them. And in this case, this boy really should have someone with him. "No one to take care of you?"

Avira follows, her furry brows furrowed. "Huh." But this kid didn't seem too upset about his lot in life. If she didn't know any better, he seemed to enjoy the freedom. "That's all, huh. Well.."

A chill travels down Avira's spine and she looks over her shoulder.
Sanel Any adults? Sanel turns to face Avira, a look of confusion spreading on his face. "Sanel does not. Sanel has wandered alone for as far as he remembers." He rubs the forehead, "...Sanel remembers back... 2 months!" The boy brightens, able to recall it.

"...Sanel woke up to snowflakes falling on his nose. Sanel was at a beach near the town where it's always night." The boy muses, "Then, Sanel met Snow Mouse King, who always talk about Faram."

It is liberation, freedom. But while the boy continues down to the rocky plain, he stops and looks at Avira, "...Is Winged Lady alright?"
Avira "..." She would stop, but Avira does not, forcing herself to move through the shock of what Sanel is telling her. Her heart breaks a little at the sheer cruelty of this boy's circumstances-and she barely knows anything about what it was really like!

" you've met Faruja. Faruja is also my friend." she says gently. "You take the loss of your memory very well."

He stops, but she keep walking, stepping ahead of him. "I'm getting the feeling that we're being watched." Avira murmurs, "With my luck, we probably are."
Sanel "Faruja?" Sanel states his name slowly. He thinks over his situation and nods, "Sanel does not like to think about the memory." For a brief moment, Sanel shakes his head, "It feels scary. Sanel does not know why. So, Sanel makes good memories here."

"Snow Mouse King is Sanel's first friend."

However, the boy then looks towards Avira with the tilt of his head, "Don't worry, Sanel will keep his new friend safe."

It is though the travels of the Red Canyon and the mountain range. From the range, the group will be lead to the Dias Plains. In this travel, the hills have flatten considerably and the area is not as rocky. Baron is likely southward, but the village of Mysidia is northward.
Avira "That's your Snow Mouse King. I know him as Faruja." Avira explains, not hinting that she has a similar situation of a real name. But she quiets as he explains that his memory was scary-too traumatic to remember? He must've repressed them.

It becomes clear that he certainly will not need to remember anything. He may be happier if he doesn't.

The feeling persists. Avira looks at every shadow and every shape in the sky with suspicion. Something was watching.

The flattened area is a bit of a blessing since there were less places for things to hide-but that meant the same thing for the pair. Dark shapes occasionally flicker across the horizon where they came from.

"..somehow this place seems familiar out here."
Sanel "Faruja." Sanel tries to mentally process his name. It is probably the first time that Sanel has -heard- his real name being called. Nevertheless, Sanel brightens. "Ahhh...!" He nods repeatedly. "Faruja is Snow Mouse King. Sanel will remember."

As Avira continues to scan around, feeling around for anything suspicious, Sanel does turn his head over to see the presence around.

As the dark presence seems to build up, Avira will find one of the odditis about the boy; beneath the mass of the blue hair that overs part of his face, a red radiation emits. The light is scanning around, as if trying to keep a gaze out towards the sources.

From the way his head creens around, it is almost unsettling. But soon, that red light emitting from beneat the covering hair dims.

"Familiar? What is familiar, Winged Lady?"
Avira "Next time you see him, you should surprise him with your name." Avira gently suggests with a grin. While she has no ill will harbored towards Faruja, seeing him interact with this boy was always pretty funny. Hey, at least it won't be her getting her ribs crushed!

Something feels off. She looks over at Sanel and frowns at that light. She doesn't know what to make of it at all-for some reason, it reminded her of the bar code scanner at stores in Manhattan. When was the last time she saw one of those?

Shuddering, Avira presses onwards, a significant amount of urgency in her step now. "This area. I can't explain why. It feels like I've been here before."
Sanel "Sanel will! Sanel will surprise Snow Mouse King with his name!" Sanel always liked seeing the templar, even if the older mouse seems to crawl away from him at times. Sanel always wondered why is that. Maybe it's a game that Faruja likes to play~!

As the boy's crimson eye finally shuts off, Sanel's smile grows. When he looks at Avira, he notices that her movements become urgent.

"Sanel thinks we should move then."

To prevent the darkness from becoming more apparent, Sanel is walking along at a fast pace with Avira. "Sanel is not sure who is going after Winged Lady, but Sanel won't let them have her."
Avira Play indeed. Poor Faruja (even if he did yell at her yesterday).

Undeniably, there was something really odd about this boy. She couldn't place specifically what that was, but he definitely didn't seem all that human. Maybe he was a networked person, disconnected from his clones, like Emi was? Maybe one day, she'd ask Emi about that-if there were any others like her.

"It's the Heartless." she tries to explain, looking over her shoulder. The shapes seem to have disappeared, but the feeling is still there. "The Heartless are looking for me. They can't catch up."
Sanel Human? Of course he's human. What would give that off?! Nevermindtheglowingeyedeal. Totally normal.

While the boy continues to move around, he looks back towards Avira. "...Sanel will hold them off." He brightens a smile. By now, Avira may notice that the area is becoming noticably colder. It is to the point of it becoming below zero.

Oddly enough, there isn't snow for miles out. However, that frosty atmosphere feels remarkably close.

"Winged Lady should go north. Small village Mysidia there." Sanel tilts his head over, "Sanel will be fine. If Winged Lady is on the run, Sanel can deal with bad creatures."
Avira Even with this fur, Avira can feel the coldness in the air. It freaks her out immediately since this particular biome did not have these sorts of temperatures. There should be dry heat out here, not bitter cold.

Looking around, her gaze quickly falls on Sanel himself. Just what other tricks did this boy have under his sleeve? "..thank you.." she says quietly, taking a few steps away, then pausing.

She turns to him and wraps her arms around him, pulling him into a tight hug. " stay safe, alright Sanel?"

She pulls away, a smile upon her lupine face, then rushes past him.

The dark shapes reappear now, closer. Sanel can make out yellow eyes.
Sanel The Snow Sprite can sense that something's getting closer. He knows that Avira wll have to escape. He will cover her escape. The Heartless may come, but they will have to get past him in order to get to her.

It is then that the boy is given a tight hug.


The boy smiles up towards Avira.

"Sanel will be safe, Winged Lady. Sanel is sure to see Winged Lady again!"

And when she pulls away, Sanel waves, "Bye bye~!"

And then...

Sanel stares at all of those yellow eyes before him. As a bright blue aura manifests around him, ice trinkles along his hands.

"Yay~! More friends~!" As the boy spins around, the Snow Sprite giggles. "Let's play Freeze Tag."

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