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Let Mysterious Dogs Lie
(2013-03-17 - 2013-03-17)
After upgrading his boomerangs at Alexandria, the Shard Seekers, Luso, and Yurita encounter a myterious mercenary. Reize also learns to remember one of his knight's vows the hard way.
Reize Seatlan Alexandria, the large castle that has is full of rich and wonder. People gather from afar to watch the theatres that often crop up. The place of arts is one that is lavished by all who journey to the city.

But that's not why a certain group are here.

As Reize emerges from the Synthesis Shop, he holds up his boomerangs with a beaming smile. Now, those boomerangs are glowing with a pristine shine. The material are made of mythril.

He is meeting with the others at the Town Square center, likely near the ticket booth. "Oooooiii! I finally got my boomerangs."
Yurita Yurita looks over at Reize, as she hears him, she wasn't with his group, rather, she'd been exploring this world lately, as she sees him she quickly jogs over to him, and his group, as she nears she same "your boomerangs?" she then smiles at Reize kindly "Hey Reize."
Luso Clemens Luso is at the town square in Alexandria, seated on a nearby bench with the Kwigon Blade unsheathed and laying in his lap. He seemed to be polishing the blade in the meantime. He wasn't all that interested in the theatres and arts that made this city so famous though.

Or rather, not today. Today, he was winding down! Clan Gully was busy helping with the Manhattan Restoration as well as other minor quests throughout the worlds, and the former was finally taken care of.

With that in mind, Luso wanted to catch a nice break! It was then that Reize returned. "Oh hey! Finally got them fixed up, huh?" He asked, grinning his his friend's good cheer.

"At least they don't look like they'll break as easily as your last ones!" He does spot Yurita and raises an eyebrow at her sudden approach, but smiles all the same.
Lenn Lenn smiles at Reize. "Wonderful, Reize... I know the tool can sometimes be almost as important as the user..." She takes his arm. "And this user is a wonderful one..."
Lily Lily's with the others, and she's once again mending her outfit and still trying to get her nerves back from that crazy, crazy escapade. They did it. It took toil, and blood, and pain, and courage and guts, but they did it. A world was restored. Somehow. SOMEHOW.

And when Reize joins the party... she springs up, eyes twinkling with glee. "Reize! ... ah, you're back!"
Shadow In a place with rich color and vibrant life, a figure in black stands out like a blot of ink on canvas. Shadow has been drifting to many new places in the recent days. Today drifts him here.
The dark-clad ninja-lookin' fella walks past the ticket booth when the large dog next to him gives a whine. Shadow looks down to his traveling companion-- fetching some dry jerky from a pouch and kneeling to feed it to the pooch as he looks to what seems to be an energetic meeting of friends. The empty gaze watches them-- close yet also distant.
Reize Seatlan As Reize emerges, he takes a look at the surrounding area. Sure, there are a lot of citizens doing their own thing and tending to the business. However, what catches his attention are his crew. Of the other folks, Reize blinks and he sweatdrops at Yurita.

"Oh, hey Yurita! It's been a while!"

Of course, once Luso notes about the boomrangs, the antenna hair twitches a bit, "Hopefully not! These should be more durable than the last one. It's a bit heftier, though." He swings them around, mostly testing them out.

Lenn's comment and her taking his arm earns a smile. "Eh heh heh..." He beams at his fiancee, "Thanks, Lenn." And of course, Lily beams his way. Reize gives her a glance, noting her outfit. "You know, Lily..." He gives a thoughtful smile, "We should get you some new clothes while we're here."

Then, Reize blinks, eyeing the stranger and his dog. You know, there is something quite tense about the atmosphere around them. It's hard to say why. The boy approaches the figure and his dog, "Heeey, nice dog!" The boy is friendly enough!

Maybe the dog is too, right?
Yurita Yurita blinks, watching Lenn and Lily and Luso get better reactions from Reize, sighing quietly a moment, before watching Reize go over to the dog, before shrugging, and looking at everyone "so, anything new happen lately?" she asks curiously, after all, she hasn't been around for quite a while.
Luso Clemens Luso chuckled at Reize's response and shook his head a bit. "Right! Can't have you breaking your weapons in the middle of a fight now!" He grinned, clearly making fun of him. "I can't always cover your back now! And having Lily and Lenn do it would just be embarrassing! Ahahahaha!"

Breaking out into laughter, the boy's eyes slowly drifted over to Shadow and his dog. They stuck out like sore thumbs around here, it was hard not to see them. And then Reize approached the dog. "Er...not sure if that's a good idea..." He mumbled, returning the Kwigon Blade to it's sheath before getting up and following along.

Oh well! Benefit of the doubt! It never hurt!

Luso approached after Reize, waving a hand towards Shadow. "Hey! I haven't seen you around before. And you totally stick out around here. Are you a traveler?"
Reize Seatlan "Pfft, the dog looks friendly, what's the worst that can happen?" responds Reize.
Lenn Lenn nods, "Those definitely need to be replaced, for certain. Maybe a few other things, too, soon." She blinks, "That guy... kind of feels dangerous, Reize, be careful?"
Lily "What does embarassing mean?" Lily suddenly asks of Luso, puzzlement obvious on her face. But those eyes that fall across him soon notice Shadow and his dog, and widen considerably. "H-hmmm?" Who in the world dresses like that? It's sure different, and it gets her blinking and leaning orward a little, then looking at the outfit she's currently trying to mend with a very homegrown sort of needlework that probably won't hold forever.

"... All black." But then, she dresses in all white.

But then she leans away, setting her needle down carefully, and tilts her head to look over at Reize. "New clothes?" Now she's glancing between him and Reize, scratching a cheek. "... Maybe!"
Shadow The amber eyes of the shady man looks stoicly as Reize approaches him and his dog. Shadow is expecting a defensive reaction from Interceptor, the large canine he is feeding. He does nothing to stop what would be a new chew toy interaction. However, the dog just barks once at the friendly boy. It isn't even an angry bark. Just a bark of 'Heya' followed by panting.
Confused by his dog's mild response, Shadow slowly stands back up to his feet. "Strange," he says as he looks to Interceptor. Shifting his gaze to the dark-haired youth and his friend he continues, "The dog typically does not like strangers. At all." That is likely Shadow-ese for 'Hi. Thanks. I'm glad my dog didn't make you a chew toy.'
There is a brief pause as the conversation steers to a different topic. Shadow shifts his gaze towards Luso. His head cants in a brief nod to the question, "I travel and I look for paying work." Then travel again. Rinse wash repeat.
Reize Seatlan Twitch.

Twitch. The Lenn and Lily defending him part does hit home, "Ooiii! That's not fair! That thing would had left me a goner!" Two of the women in his life were there to save him in the nick of time. The boy does give a grunt, "I can handle myself, even without my boomerangs!" He sticks his tongue out at Luso.

As for his interaction with Interceptor, surely, fate won't bring ill-fortune to the boy, right?

Looks like it doesn't! Reize is looking at the dog when it gives the boy a more friendly bark. "Hee!" The boy lifts his head up to greet the dark and mysterious fellow. "Oh! I guess I lucked out this time!" He brightens happily, "I'm Reize!" He moves to pet the dog before he gestures a free hand towards the others, "These are my companions, Luso of Clan Gully, Lenn, Lily, and Yurita!" Well, while the latter isn't that close, Reize still considers her a companion.

Speaking of which, "We restored a world, Yurita."
Luso Clemens Well, looks like Reize's dismal luck managed to serve him well at least once in his lifetime.

But Luso was glad he didn't have to deal with a flailing idiot, running around with a dog still attached to his arm. ...But that WOULD be funny.... Shame, now he was curious. He nodded in return to shadow, crossing his arms. "Ah, so you're a mercenary then? And you're not in a clan? That's...kinda cool actually!"

Luso seemed a bit more enthusiastic at this point. "You must have some hardcore skills then!" And Luso went on to build up unrealistic fantasies in his mind about Shadow's MAD SKILLZ. Dodging a rain of bullets, taking down a ten story tall golem, sneaking into a heavily guarded fortress without being seen once!

"Yep, my name's Luso! Luso Clemens!" The boy greeted then, giving Shadow a comical salute. "I guess you could say I'm in the same line of work as you, but I work with a Clan like Reize said. Clan Gully!" In the meantime, he nodded towards Yurita along with Reize. "Yeah, we totally restored Manhattan! It was a long time incoming but we did it!"

Luso then turned his attention back to Lily, recalling that she had asked a question. "Embarrassing? Well...." Pause. How to explain embarrassing? "Uh...huh....let me think..." Wow, this was hard. "Well, if you were in the middle of taking a bath and say...Ivo burst into the bathroom, you'd get a feeling like you were...uh...hmn....Crap! Lenn! Help!"
Yurita Yurita mms curiously at Reize, being as he's the only one that really noticed her question it appears "what world?" she asks, as she moves a little closer to look at the dog curiously "and... what's this creature called, I haven't come across one of these yet..." and then she looks at Luso as he adds to Reize's answers, blinking, before standing and stepping back a moment "Manhattan? doesn't that mean..." she shakes her head "nevermind..." she steps forwards again, crouching slowly, and looking at the dog without getting too close.
Lenn Lenn shakes her head. "I couldn't explain it to you any better than Reize, I'm afraid..." She smiles, and rubs Lily's head. "Not that I think that's entirely a bad thing. Kind of part of your charm..."
Lily Wuh? Why is Lenn touching her suddenly? Lily squirms, sprouting a playfuls mile, and reaches a hand up to straighten her hair!

"... I don't think I would feel anything if that happened." She answers, still puzzled by the idea. Eventually she shrugs her shoulders, while watching Reize's antics with INterceptor and Shadow!
Shadow Of course it is safe to pet a dog that has his tongue out the side of his snout-- panting and wagging his tail, right? Unfortunately the luck runs dry when Reize goes to actually /pet/ the large dog. Hidden Dogjitsu technique #5: Happy Puppy, Hidden Fang. When the hand gets too close, the slobbering dog reaches forward to (try to) 'nom' right onto Reize's forearm in a single unprovoked bite.

Unphased by Interceptor's omnom, Shadow continues on the conversation of introductions. "Shadow," he introduces himself first to Reize-- then nods his head to Luso, Lenn, Lilly, and Yurita in order. His body language is very structured-- not quite rigid, but as if he wastes very little energy in his movements.

"Does Clan Gully hire... mercenaries... then?" Shadow asks-- using the term loosely when it defines himself. There is a pause. He looks to Yurita to address her question, "That is Interceptor. He is a trained war dog and my traveling companion." War dog indeed.
Reize Seatlan "Hee, see guys, told you that he's friend---"



Blink. Blink. As Interceptor has his arm, silence falls on Reize.


Suddenly, a very powerful aura manifests from around the boy and he rears his head back. Next, LASERS breathe out of his mouth into the sky like a beacon.


Now, we face a very chibified Reize, who has a chibified Interceptor on his arm. The chibified Reize is hopping around, swinging his arm around to try to dislodge Interceptor from his arm.

"Ow ow get him off ow ow gethim off my arm! Why?! My arm?!" The boy is flailing with the other arm, comical tears rolling along his cheeks like flooding rivers.
Luso Clemens Luso threw his hands up into the air then, unable to think of a way to explain the concept of 'embarrassing' to Lily! "Gah! If Adelle were here, she'd probably be able to figure out some way to explain it in a horrible way that would totally make sense somehow!" But for now...he was going to have it be his loss!

Lily was a fearsome opponent.

Luso sighed and turned back to Shadow then, crossing his arms behind his head in lazy fashion. "Hm? Yeah, Clan Gully always welcomes new faces. Actually, I'm the leader right now, haha..." Technically anyway. Cid was doing an epic job of not being around. Like a true Revgaji Ninja. ...Wait a second, Revs couldn't class change to Ninja!

"But yeah, joining a Clan is pretty beneficial as you'll get access to lots of established clients and other networks for jobs and quests. They literally come to you instead of having to do much searching! And having backup at any time possible is a good thing too!" And Luso went on to explain other facets of clans, totally ignoring Reize's despair.

But he cracked a smile and muttered. "Totally called it."
Yurita Yurita goes to try and help Reize get Interceptor off Reize "bad dog, he's not a chew toy, at the least, not yours!" in the commotion she gets chibi-ized as well, eventually using her feet on Reize's side to try and help her pull the dog off.
Lily A-ack, the dog bite Reize! :(

Somewhere in the background of that chibified mess, Lily's still seated, except she's palefaced, boggly-eyed, and sweatdropping.

"Y-your dog!" She squeaks over to Shadow, while gesticulating wildly at at the assassin with her arms!
Lenn Lenn chibifies, as well, as she starts trying to use her staff like a crowbar, trying to pry the beasts jaws from her beloved's arm. "No, bad puppy. No eating Reize!"
Shadow Shadow gives Luso's words some great consideration. He is a figure of solemn thought and ninja-like seriousness as a chibi-Reize erupts beside him from the Interceptor-chomping. Then the flailing comes. Interceptor has a jaw like a behemoth. What does Shadow feed this thing?!

"Do you employ work for those that do not join your clan," the ninja-assassin-dogowner asks Luso with a simple, somber tone of voice. He comes and goes like the wind... something something allegience something something ninja.

After a good deal of flailing from the crowd, Shadow tells Reize how to remove the dog from his arm, "Pay him." His eyes close as the man in black explains it briefly, "Dried meats." Like owner like pet. Or is it the other way around? Opening them again he has his gaze leveled at Lily as if expecting that to be enough to calm the chaos around them.

Meanwhile... Interceptor seems to find this to be a game of tug-of-war. In this case, Reize is the rope. He bears down and tries to drag him backwards against the hero's efforts. Cloud of dust kick up around the chibis as they 'play'.
Reize Seatlan The Good: Lenn and Yurita are on their way to save him!
The Bad: ...It's likely not going to be effective.

The chibified Yurita comes in to his rescue, using his side as leverage to pull him off while Lenn uses her staff as a crowbar to tug the creature off of Reize. Unfortunatey, Interceptor is hax. So, instead, Reize is now in the middle of tug-and-war.

"Accccckkkk!!!" Reize is dragged... And the chibified battle ensues.

...Which may likely have Interceptor as the winner, given the combatants.

Reize's state: @_@

Somewhere, Reize HEARD what could had saved him, but... it is far too late now!
Lenn Dried meat?

Lenn hops back from the fight starts searching through her pouches, still chibified.

Spell jewels? No.

Bandages? Better save that, Reize's gonna need it. (Why do you think she CARRIES THEM?)

Golden ring, with a dark feeling and weird script all around the outside? "Nope... but probably better hold on to this one..."

A small pouch of dried tropical fruits, mostly papaya, for late-night snacking while working on jewelry. "Will this do?"
Luso Clemens Luso remains to be the only one in the group other than Shadow who hasn't somehow magically chibified and just glanced off at the others antics with an amused smile. "Heh heh, you guys..." He rolled his eyes and glanced back at Shadow and nodded. "Work for those outside the clan? Well yeah, if there's something we in the clan can't do, we'll look for additional help to complete the request." He answered simply, nodding in a rather business-like fashion.

"We've worked with Reize and his group a bunch of times, as well as people unaffiliated with the clan in order to complete given tasks. And the pay is distributed fairly to outsiders as well. I think it's a good deal myself!"

Glancing back at the Interceptor struggle, Luso inclined his head slightly as he watch it continue. "...He can beat giant heartless, shadow lords, and evil monsters, but a single dog has him down. ...That's gotta be one hell of a dog!"
Lily "W-well we're not trying to HURT the dog!" A very confounded Lily stammers out to Luso, drawing her arms in and shrinking away from Shadow for some reason. This guy is intense!
Yurita Yurita tugs more on the dog, lightly pounding on him, until the answer is given, then she digs around in her pockets, before taking out some beef jerky "thank the uses I bought some recently..." she moves it infront of Interceptor's nose a moment. before jumping off Reize and crouching down "want some jerky?" her still chibi face saying 'pleasegodwork pleasegodwork'.
Shadow Offer fruit to that which is Interceptor? A most insulting offering! Punishable by omnoming by haxed dogs everywhere. This dog has a strict diet of meat, meat, and more meat. To upset such a balance-- might actually unhax him. Shadow simply shakes his head at the notion of offering Interceptor a form of fruit, "Not if you value your arm as well," he quietly informs Lenn as Reize's is tugged for dear life.

However... whats that? Is it... is it really? A line shines down on the beef jerkey as a choir of angels from somewhere are singing. His eyes get big, like a puppy dog's should, as he looks to the delicious meat. The jaws of life weaken to this most holy of power until-- like a slingshot-- Reize is released from custody of the animal's maw. Instead his head follows the motions of the presented jerky right before he goes to omnom it as well.

Back to Shadow, he continues to speak business to Luso, "He is an invaluable ally." There is a small silence of respect for the animal-- who he never calls as his 'pet', but more a comrade. "Then if you ever have paying work that requires a blade and discretion-- I do not ask questions," he explains to Luso as he suspects a Clan Leader knows what that means.
Reize Seatlan Worst. Day. Ever.

Reize's arm, still under the dog's control, never leaves the mouh. Reize is down for the count. Yurita, however, brings the light of hope. Beef jerky! That has the creature unlodge its maw from his arm.

Freed, Reize's comical river of tears flood his eyes as he smiles. "Ahhhh, freedom..."

Lenn may have to make use of that bandage for the Shard Seeker leader.
Luso Clemens "Reize, never change." Luso said rather plainly, rolling his eyes as Interceptor finally let go at the offer of beef jerky. Note to self; Don't try to pet Interceptor. It's a trap! "You'd better get that bandaged up. It looked like he did a number on that arm!" Totally not worried about his friend's well being, Luso shrugged towards Lily. "Well yeah, I figured, but..."

He doesn't finish, instead just leaving it there as he looked back towards Shadow and nodded. "You've got it." Pause. "Actually, I do think I could use a guy like you. Considering some problems our Clan's been having with a group that used a set of skills similar to your own, I think you'll be finding work with us soon enough." He had to have been talking about Khamja now. Those dirty ninjas!
Lenn Lenn eeps, and puts the fruit away, pulling the bandage out once again... This time unchibified, as she starts to bandage up the wounds, before producing a jewel from the pouch, and releasing energy from it into that wounded arm...
Yurita Yurita mms gently, smiling and petting the dog as she feeds him the jerky "you enjoy the treat Interceptor?" she smile, still chibi as she gently pets the dog "good puppy.~ we don't eat the cute Reize.~" and then she blushes, leaving chibi mode, she really just said that didn't she? she then looks at Reize, hoping he didn't hear as she asks "are you okay Reize? he didn't break anything right?"
Lily Lily relaxes now that Reize has been freed, and she gets up, hops over to him and delivers a sound, comforting HUG right then and there. Rather forcefully honestly. He better keep his balancc e. "I don't think that dog likes you much!" Lenn, Yurita, and Luso all get quick looks of gratitude fromher before she peers quizzically at Shadow. "... what land do you come from where people dress like that?" She asks him innocently!
Shadow It looks like the beef jerky has deagro'd Interceptor and put him back into being a normal looking dog. He munches happily on the jerky-- although there is a tense pause when he is petted again. Fortunately it fades... this time.

The shadowy figure called Shadow cants his head in a brief nod to Luso. "If you ask for me in a tavern-- I'll find you," he explains. Its part of the ninja-assassin network. Need a ninja in a hurry? Dial 'Ninja' into your local bar phone and poof-- they are there in thirty minutes or less or your next assassination is free. The somber man looks over towards the group recovering from Interceptor's interception. Silly times. "Actually, I think he likes him quite a bit," the man explains to Lily as he watches the group. There is a pause to her question, though. The pause continues. It lingers. It becomes a, "..."
Reize Seatlan Thankfully, Lenn is here to the rescue for the arm! With his fiancee moving in to wrap he bandage up the wound and healing it, the energy does soothe the pain away. "Ahh..." Reize is happy, no longer in pain.

"I'm... I'm okay~"

He's still alive, right? That counts as okay!

After Lily gives Reize a hug, the boy smiles at the other woman of his life. "Eh heh." He blinks at Shadow's retort towards Lily, "...Eh?" His antenna hair turns into a (?). Nevertheless, the boy brightens and then he gets back up completely!

"Nevertheless, we will hire you whenever we can! The Shard Seekers and Clan Gully could always use a hand or two when things get rough!"
Luso Clemens Ask for him in a bar? Well...that wasn't the most orthodox way of finding someone, but hey if it worked! "Gotcha, I'll keep that in mind then!" Luso nodded committed the details to memory before turning away. "Anyway, I'm gonna head out first, you guys. Need to check on some things for myself. Don't wait up for me."

Having said that, he grinned in a teasing manner and added on. "Lily, Lenn, try to make sure Reize here doesn't end up getting creamed by someone or something while I'm not looking huh? Ahahaha!" Laughing at that, the boy gave a silly salute.

"Alright, I'm off! Catch you guys on the flipside!" With that said, he began to walk off on his own.
Yurita Yurita watches as the two girls go to Reize, and sighs slightly, looking at Reize she smiles "good..." before offering up the last of her beef jerky to Interceptor, and then standing up "so, um.. who are these two, can I ask? I'm sorry if I already know you two, but..." she rubs the back of her head lightly in embarrassment "I can't remember, probably I've only met you once if so."
Lily "My name's Lily!" The girlw ith the gem in her forehead answers yurita cheerfully, but she still has half of her attention focused on Shadow. As if she's still expecting an answer!
Shadow To Luso's departure, Shadow gives a single nod. The business there is settled. Much ninja action shall ninja its way into the hearts of many before too long!

For Reize's commentary, Shadow turns to face him. Its easy to tell what catches his attention and gets filtered by the intense black-clad man. "Same terms," he explains soberly. It is a dangerous world-- or maybe he just believe that every world has its share of danger.

Interceptor happily munches on the rest of the beef. Happy puppy. Shadow isn't certain if the introductions refer to him, directly, so lets Reize speak to that if it ends up being the case.
Reize Seatlan Reize shakes a fist at Luso.

That's right.

"LUUUUSOOOOOO!!!" His antenna hair points daggers at his friend. Reize shake a fist at Luso hardcore for his insult!!! Nevertheless, Reize is relaxing as he finally gets up. Then, as Yurita asks him about the other two, Reize glances back to Lenn and then Lily, "This is Lenn, a crystal mage from Elfheim and my fiancee, and this is Lily, my..." Well, Reize considers, "...My girlfriend."

Thoughtfully, "And this is Shadow, the mercenary.---" And with that, Reize regards Shadow, "I will agree to those terms." He grins.
Then, he looks to the Lily and Lenn, "We should get back to the headquarters now."
Lenn Lenn nods, and blinks, as a young boy often seen as a message-runner around Fluorgis dashes up to Lenn, to whisper into a pointed ear. "Oh, dear. And she sent you all the way? Wow, it MUST be important to her." She looks to Reize and Lily. "Apparently one of my customers got a locket caught in the gears of a machine she made, and it's broken... I need to see if I can repair it. Sorry..." She hugs Reize, fuzzes Lily's hair, then hurries back...
Yurita Yurita mms gently a moment, looking at shadow.. before shivering, then she looks at Lenn, and Lily, then Reize "wait... fiancee... and girlfriend? don't... don't humans usually only take... one to love?" she seems confused, but at the same time, her voice has shifted a bit, some kind of gloom being lifted? well, probably not, but thats how her tone makes it sound.
Lily Lily blinks at this news, now just as quizzically peering at Yurita as she was at Shadow earlier. This phrase it does not compute. "... um... maybe?"
Shadow A simple nod comes from Shadow to Reize. What he said is true. Since the masses are dispersing, it is time for the ninja to do so as well. His departure is not announced in any way. He simply turns and walks into the crowds. The dog follows. After a few passing citizens block the view he is just gone. Ninja Vanish!
Reize Seatlan Only one person to love. Reize lifts a finger up to comment, but instead. "...It's complicated." Reize just adds to Yurita. Then, he offers a faint smile, "Anyway, we should go." And when it looks like Lenn runs off quickly, but not without hugging her fiancee. Reize hugs her once.

..And he takes Lily and departs, "Take care, we'll hopefully run into each other again!"

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