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(2013-03-16 - 2013-03-16)
A new mystery begins and Riku explains things to a Wild Yurita. Maybe.
Riku If you have not been here before, then the WildKat Cafe gives out an atmosphere of chill, almost trendy comfort. The music in the corner comes from an old school jukebox from which is pouring a soothing blend of instrumental music and slightly edgy remixes of old songs.

The perpetually absent owner always is staffed by baristas and staff who favor the same slightly hip atmosphere and tonight the Cafe is relatively quiet. The music murmurs into the hush of fans and the hiss of cooking surfaces for this place isn't just a place to be served somewhat excellent coffee, but any number of somewhat esoteric dishes, most of them involving noodles and meat of some sort.

A silver haired teenager in adventuring garb that involves an armored vambrace and a grey leather jacket sits at one of the booths on the far left side of the Cafe, picking at a black mass of noodles without appetite.

Livid bruises on his wrists stand out in black, purples and healing yellowish green rings all the way around that he gingerly tries to navigate around as he eats.
Yurita Yurita stretches slightly as she walks into the cafe, looking around slowly and curiously, sniffing the air quietly. She quickly moves to find somewhere to sit, seeing Riku in his booth right before she sits, stopping a moment, before slowly walking over, blushing slightly "hello? you're... Riku right? you suddenly appeared in a fight me Reize and Luso were in the middle of, while you fought someone else, remember? Reize seemed to know you... mind if I sit with you? I'd prefer a little company, if you don't mind... I've never really been in a place like this."
Raine Arland In another part of the cafe, another young man sits at a booth. Decked out in nearly full black with some reds and golds on top of a green sweater, he also seems to have to bowl of noodles in front of him. But he hasn't begun eating just yet. Instead, he just stared off into space, his chin resting in a palm.

It seemed like he was lost in thought somewhere. Additionally, a mess of papers, bulletin board postings, and newspaper cutouts could be seen spread out onto the table along with the bowl of noodles that he had yet to consume. "...There's just no leads." He grumbled to himself as he pored over the information before him.

And sigh was given and he just shook his head, taking up his chopsticks as he slurped up a bundle of noodles and broth. "Huh, this is actually pretty good..."
Deelel Deelel is frustated with said Juxbox like you wouldn't know, she can't well? Access it directly it's too low tech and she can't sneak new songs into it either. She has learned to live with it but she wishes somedays the owner might update it a little bit. She doesn't need to recover fuel as oftena s a human would but she's come to enjoy getting out and being social. She's notices users are even more social about refuling than users happen to be. She does kinda of stand out though the hair, the tattoos and how she's dressed also the disc on her back as she finfs her way in and notices one the long missing Yurita and two Riku but as she told him the last time she's not looking for his head. She doesn't see the point to it given he shows no signs of seeking to repeat past actions. So tonight should be a good night.

Mercade Alexander Hell is over.


Mercade is happy about this. And when he's happy, it's time ot celebrate with the best damn coffee in town. And maybe some noodles. Mercade likes noodles. He stops in at the WildKat Cafe. Where all the hip cats go, because everybody wants to be a cat.

Mercade is basically the prototype detective right now, especially since he is now wearing his hat once again. He orders at the counter, looking around, and peers at the people present, stepping over to Raine and leaning over, looking over the kid's shoulder. "No leads on what? Looking for something?" He asks, though his gaze does go back over to Riku, his eyes narrowing slightly at the look of those bruises. Riku being Riku, however, Mercade doesn't immediately go over there and pester him.
Riku Riku looks up slowly from his noodles. He frowns vaguely as he tries (and fails) to place Yurita. He stalls his response by taking a drink from the glass of water at his elbow, not really in the mood for company right now.

He glances over towards where Raine sits and takes a moment to eye the bundles of papers spilling around them before looking back to Yurita. "What brings you out here then? On your way somewhere else?" Riku asks this without giving her permission to sit or denying her either. "What.. you're.. usually from Fluorgis? Are you with the Shard Seekers?" his voice is slightly deadened and although he doesn't exactly frown, he doesn't exactly smile at her either. The expression is wary, but not suspicious yet. "I'm sorry, I don't know your name." Or don't remember it. The Shard Seekers seemed like a long, long time ago.

A bit of errant wind blows into the cafe, the draft tugging slightly at Raine's papers before dying away. The jukebox remains recalcitrant in it's musical selection. A smooth piece of jazz comes on, remixed into an archaic style. If the 4th wall could sustain it, it would have picked something electronic and slightly edgy.

As it is, it remains smooth and jazzy, with a faint crackling sound like rain. Riku looks up from his noodles because he's avoiding looking at Yurita and spots Mercade. He raises his eyebrows slightly, pausing a beat to look over the detective. He does notice the lack of no hat, and perhaps because of the power of hat, or because of something else he relaxes back into his booth with a look of obvious relief.

"Yeah. You can sit down, I guess. It's alright."
Raine Arland "Hmn?" Raine blinked at the sound of a voice seemingly addressing him. Unless there was someone else around here mumbling about leads now. He glanced aside slightly, catching sight of Mercade. ...He had no idea who this was. As expected of course. "Heh, do you always go poking around over other people's shoulders?" He asked, cracking a smirk in what seemed to be good nature. Though that left eye certainly made him look a whole lot more suspicious.

The black haired youth wound up shaking his head and glancing back down at the plethora of papers and postings on his table. Most of them seemed to pertain to events regarding the darkness in traverse town, the tournament that ended recently, Negaduck's attack, Fluorgis' liberation some time back. There didn't seem to be a solid theme here.

"Well, I guess it doesn't hurt to ask." Raine chuckled, leaning back in his seat and glancing at the detective a bit more openly. "I don''t know if you travel, but you wouldn't happen to have seen any beings calling themselves 'Apostles', have you?" He then raised a hand as high as it could go to indicate height.

"They're about yeh high, and then multiply that by five or ten. Some are decked out in full armor, some have animal features, others totally buck the height trend and just look like know." It seemed like he wasn't taking his own explanation very seriously, judging by the amused smile he was wearing, but that actually was what he was looking for.

'Kid, take this more seriously! You think I want to be stuck in the form of a damn sword? What about your 'precious goal', huh? Stoping screwing around!' A voice then echoed in his mind. While his happened, his left eye glowed slightly at the involuntary mental activity. Of course Raine pointedly ignored the voice for now. He was getting better at that lately.
Yurita Yurita nods smiling "thank you." is said as she sits across from him, getting comfortable a moment "I'm Yurita... I'm not... with the shard seekers, no, just... a recent acquaintance of Reize's, and he seemed to know you..." she leans back a little, looking over at Deelel a moment, smiling at her a moment, before looking back to Riku "I just thought getting to know you a little might... make it easier to become friends with Reize." she sighs lightly "though, if you'd rather not, I can sit elsewhere, if you'd prefer."
Ramza Beoulve In one of the booths near the back of the cafe would be an armored young man. His white cloak would be hanging upon the rack near the threshold entering the cafe, while two blades in their scabbards would lay propped against the wall of the booth beside him. Nearby at another table sat a man in black mages robes complete with the traditional conical straw hat making small talk with a fair haired woman in a white mage's habit.

Spread out on the table near him would be a cartographer's nightmare, a half-dozen maps that were obviously all drawn by different hands. Some were written on a substance akin to papyrus, others upon parchment, with one that looked more like a tourist map.

Mastering a ballpoint pen was well within his grasp, and every now and then there would be a punctuated click before he wrote something in shorthand upon on what looked to be Rabanastre to the casual onlooker.

Let it not be said that he wasn't a paying customer though, for the youngest Son of the Beoulve family was eating plate of waffles. Maple syrup had already soaked through them, while the butter had begun to melt leaving them a soggy but delicious mess. A half-full glass of milk was also sitting in front of him. Every so often he'd stab a fork into a good sized bite, before tearing that away and chewing upon it.

So absorbed was he in his work and his food, that he didn't notice when the others entered. The two mages a few tables down from him would discuss the finer points of Chocobo breeding for the sixth time before Ramza would finally comprehend the signal. When he looked up, he would spy that Riku was already here, eating noodles. When did he get here? From the irritated looks that Sheryl and Gared gave him, he'd probably been there for some time. And Mercade was speaking to Riku, sans hat. The others he didn't know.

Eventually he'd wave at the pair. "Ser Alexander, Ser Riku. Its good to see you both treat at the same table."

He made no move to join them, yet. Until they said something else he'd enjoy his plate of scrumptious waffles.
Mercade Alexander Mercade peers at Raine for a moment, considering his question, and shakes his head. "Finding people is something I do, but you're going to be a little more specific if you want me to be able to narrow it down at all." He rubs his chin. "You called them an Apostle? Sounds religious. Do you know if that's the case of if it's something else?" He asks.

He's addressed by Ramza, and he grins. "Hey there. Good to see you." He's not at Riku's table, in fact over pestering Raine at their booth, but he'll probably be poking Riku presently. However, MYSTERIES DEMAND HIS ATTENTION. He doesn't identify Ramza by name, however. He's talking to a dude who might be related to Glabados and he doesn't need to go accidentally IDing heretics. That is /inconvenient/ to a continued mutually profitable relationship!

Mercade taps his foot, almost unconsciously to the music produced by the jukebox, and he shrugs to Raine. "So what's your story?" Mercade flicks his gaze, looking at that left eye for a few moments, before shifting back to normal.
Deelel Deelel is just making her way in she turns Yuri and honestly it's bizzarly comforting to know she's not the only basic here. Raine gets a bit of a look over from her however as she's got no idea." She looks "It's for refuling Yurita. Users need to do so a lot more often than we do and they tend to be social about it." Can't blame them they need to do it about three times a day." She loo back over at the Juxbox like it's her nemesis here again but Mercad distracts her. "Mercade, I heard your people have been busy."

She looks back to Riku as she moves to take a seat while she listens a bit to the convestation as she places an order. She does however spot Razma again.

"Greetings! Good to see you again Just what are you working on there?" she senses images she might be able to help with the map attack.
Riku Riku gingery rubs his wrists again and sets into the shadow noodles with a better appetite than before. He pushes a piece of meat laid on top of the noodles from side to side within the bowl before consuming it, chewing thoughtfully as he glances up and over at Deelel. He looks momentarily suspicious, then inclines his head enough to be polite as he takes another bite of noodles.

Riku then starts to cough as Yurita talks, because the teenager for a moment tries to master the art of breathing noodles. As this is a difficult and costly ability to master, he ends up performing rather poorly. He does execute a rather pained coughing fit, choking out bits of noodles as he looks at Yurita in pure disbelief.

"Ex..excuse me?" he eventually manages to cough out. He looks at her incredulously, raising an eyebrow so high it's practically lost in his hair. "uhh.." he shakes his head slightly, glancing at Deelel and then at Mercade as if trying to check local reality for flaws, because he couldn't have just heard what he thought he just heard. Riku looks somewhat uncomfortable as he returns his attention to Yurita. He leaves Ramza to his consumption of complex starches except for a semi-poleaxed wave.

"I.. think you might.. have gotten the wrong idea, Yurita." he chuckles slightly in chagrin as he rubs the back of his neck, kneading the muscles carefully. "It's..really not that hard to be friends with Reize. He just--" he makes a waiving motion. "does it, whether you want to or not."

Riku keeps an eye on Deelel but otherwise goes back to enjoying his noodles. One of the trendy barista/waitresses with her cap turned slightly sidelong wanders to the mage table, then to Ramza himself asking if they would like anything else with a slightly 'I'm slightly too cool for even me to believe' arrogance that lays over their friendliness like a slight patina of rust.
Raine Arland "Heh heh, really now? Are you some kind of detective?" Raine asked, crossing his arms. Well, Mercade looked the part anyway. Complete with silly hat! "Finding people though...I guess it wouldn't hurt to tell you." Glancing about at the others; Riku, Yurita, Deelel, and Ramza, he then shook his head, slurping up another bundle of noodles before pressing on.

"Well, in the world I came from, there were a group of five entities known as 'The Five Apostles'." The young man explained casually, clearing up the mess on the table and ordering the papers into several completely themeless stacks. "They were called that because when they first appeared, they claimed to be there to liberate the world and humanity. Turns out their brand of liberation is destruction. Funny, huh?"

Finished organizing, Raine resumed leaning back and crossing his arms as he explained. "Well, they were defeated and sealed away for a couple years before those Heartless things showed up and made a huge mess. Because of them, those 'Five Apostles' were unsealed, and I'm pretty sure they crossed over to this side." Shrugging at that, the black haired youth added one final statement to the story.

"I'm trying to find and get rid of them now, for the last time. But those bastards are doing a pretty damn good jo of /not/ being found." He sighed then. "You'd think entities as powerful as them would be making moves, especially with everything that's been going on these days, but...not a peep. Yet, I know they're out there."
Yurita Yurita blushes slightly, looking at a menu as she waits for the blush to die a little, before hurting it back down "I-I guess, I just... I'm not really... used to this world, to be honest..." she looks at Riku again "and, I've no idea how to make any friends here... Deelel, over there" she indicates Deelel "is currently my only friend, and I met her back in my own land, so...." she smiles nervously "where I'm from its more goal oriented than friendly .... honestly Reize's friendliness kind of throws me quite a bit..." she then looks at one of the waiters "a-also, so for what's probably a dumb question, but... how do I order some food?"
Deelel Deelel laughs at Riku staring a major truth about Reize. "He does do that doesn't he." She's totally not looking for trouble but leaves Ramza to his work given hos busy he looks. She knows Raine is the only one who does not know her to some degree so she speaks up "Greetings, I'm Deelel." She listens ass the tale is told and thinks for a moment "It can be hard dealing with something from your world...haunting others." there's some signs of guilt here. MCP and likely LEXUS are lose. She knows she had no way to know and she couldn't have just waited to be derezzed. She does however place her order, for a small plate of natchos...
Mercade Alexander "As a matter of fact, I am." Mercade replies. He flicks a hand, producing a business card (it was up his sleeve) and he offers it to Raine. "Mercade Alexander, of the Twilight Detective Agency." The card gives contact and location information. Apparently, the office is here in town!

He produces a notepad from his coat and begins scribbling as Raine speaks, writing in a nearly incomprehensible (for people not trained in it) shorthand. "This sounds like an interesting problem. So there's these Five Apostles that are running around and potentially destroying things. Given how much bigger these worlds are than most worlds I know of, I can understand how someone can hide more easily." Mercade pauses. "So how are these things identifiable? Any common markings, names, traits? What is the general plan if someone runs into them?"
Riku Riku picks several long strings of noodles, eying the curtain of pasta speculatively between chopsticks as his shoulders relax slightly and he rolls his eyes. He puts the noodles down as well as the chopsticks.

He trades a cynical glance with the barista, and once they have swapped Ironic Jaded Teenager Trading Cards and updated their collections the barista comes over and Riku explains the process of ordering food.

The snark is strong with this one, but the barista's expression isn't unfriendly. You tend to see a lot of strange things and strange people in Traverse Town, and her general unaffectedness by someone unable to order food is shrugged off like water off the proverbial ducks back (That duck hopefully not possessing a chainsaw)

"Well. I guess the goal here, is to get some food. So you look at the choices, you make a selection which you tell to someone when they ask for it. They then bring you that food, and you usually pay them afterwards."

He listens to the detective do what he does best and snoops with intent to peer at Raine and the talk about Apostles.
Yurita Yurita nods as Riku explains all this, becoming ordering a random dish, being as she doesn't really know what any of this is, before looking at Riku "thanks... so... how do you know Reize?" is asked, as she glances in the direction Riku was 'peering' before looking back at him, before taking a couple of small bites of food quietly.
Raine Arland Raine took the business card, holding it between his index and middle finger as he looked it over briefly. Huh, they were right here in Traverse Town? Well that was convenient. "Well, how about that." He mumbled out loud, tucking the card away into his jacket pocket. "Anyway, Mercade was it? I'm Raine. Raine Arland. No particular affiliation."

Briefly introducing himself, he was about to launch back into explanations when Deelel happened. "Huh? Oh, hey." He greeted the program, giving her a two fingered salute. "Deelel then. Yeah, I guess you can say this is something haunting me from my world..." He shook his head then and turned back to Mercade. "Anyway, I've got details on all but one of them..." The teen crossed his arms and closed his eyes as he recalled the details.

"First up is Felice, Apostle of Solitude. She's...weird. She stands at ten feet tall, long black hair, pale blue skin, red eyes, white armor, and the most important thing is that her lower half is that of a mermaid, or a fish or some sort. She might be taller if she actually raised herself up higher." (ooc visual: Raine sighed and stared upwards in thought, trying to find more details to give. "...She controls water and ice magic, and as her title might suggest, she's not much of a team player. She's likely to reside in a sanctuary that would provide her the solitude she wants. Though that could be anywhere still."

Raine paused then, finishing the explanation for the first one. He took the time to think of a course of action and then...just shrugged. "Plan? That's easy. Find them, take them out. Slash first, accept no questions." And with that, he smirked. As if it were that simple.
Deelel Deelel is waiting on her natchos now while she makes herself comfortable in her chair. She now waits on her food and seems intereted in the converstation as Raine tells her tale and Mercade proves his skills. She'll leave him to his business for now. She doe showever look over at Riku and Yurita "So Yurita have you been adepting well here?"
Mercade Alexander Mercade continues writing, noting down the information thar Raine is giving to him. He looks up over the notepad and frowns faintly. After a moment, he looks up. "A giant evil mermaid, water elemental alignment, antisocial, member of a group of five."

Mercade pauses again. He has a feeling. He wants to say it. Should he say it? "Let me guess, there's ones that use fire, air, and earth, and then there's the spoiler fifth because no one will settle for just sticking to the classic elements."
Riku Riku shakes his head. "Well. I met him while he was adventuring through the Targ Woods, I think. He reminds me a lot of someone I know, and we hit it off well." he pauses for a moment, blinking once or twice. He looks down at the table. "However our.. paths diverged eventually."

Riku falls quiet for a few moments and simply listens to what is going on around him, pulling out a journal from a large pocket of his coat that he opens to a page. He writes something down in it before returning to his noodles, draining the water from the glass and looking down into the container.

He turns the glass around and around on the table idly, balancing it on an edge. While he is doing this, her nemesis starts to pipe through a slightly tinny 8 bit rendition of a stirring instrumental, -BGM CHANGE (4th wall Limit Break: Ironic Music Attack -
Yurita Yurita blinks, looking over at Deelel, swallowing a note of food, before nodding to her "as well as can be expected... though seems to be better than you, you keep looking at the music generator like it derezzed someone you liked." then she looks at Riku, nodding... "would it... be too much as to ask who he reminded you of? or why your paths diverted?"
Sora Sora has been summoned by the noise of a wild Ri--

No, wait, hold on.

Nevermind, he got directions from Reize.
Raine Arland Raine just chuckled at Mercade's snark and shook his head. "Close, but no banana." he wagged a finger in mock admonishment before correcting him. "It's Water, Earth, Air, Light, and then Darkness. As far as I know anyhow." That said, he launched into the next explanation. "Right then, next up with Hecate, Apostle of Creation. Don't be fooled by her title, she's not a goddess or anything. She just has absolute control over the earth as well as the ability to create it. Thus, 'Creation'."

He rolled his eyes then, taking a moment to slurp up some more noodles before continuing. "Standing at about five feet tall, She also has long black hair, her skin is dark gray, her eyes are blue, and she's got strange markings all over her face, shoulders, and likely the rest of her body too. But I can't check now. She looks like a child, but she's got the attitude more mature than most full grown adults. She's an oddity in that her power isn't inherently bad, but she still has to pay for her crimes." With a chuckle, he leaned back down to continue his noodles, letting Mercade note it all down.
Mercade Alexander "Look, I had to try." Mercade chuckles, and then dutifully writes some more. "Sounds like she likely has a nasty habit of dropping large rocks on people who annoy her." He says.

Mercade's stuff is finally ready, and he enjoys his own noodles for a minute, slurping some up before he points with a fork (he never did get a handle on chopsticks) at Raine. "So you're saying these guys tried to destroy everything? Why?"
Raine Arland "You made a valiant effort." Raine replied with a grin, glacing at the detective from his bowl of noodles. Leaning back up he shook his head and answered the inquiry. "I wasn't there personally. Their attempt started twenty years ago in my world. But from what I understand, yes, they tried to destroy everything, but I think it might just have been humanity in particular."

The black haired teen tilted his head slightly as he half recalled, half speculated. "Based on what I've been told, they say that they waged war against humanity specifically. It would have been much easier for them to just blow everything up without regard I bet. But instead, they tried to wipe out humans, considering them a plague on the planet."
Riku Riku sighs slightly at Yurita, but there is nothing in "Yes, Yurita. It would be." that is inherantly mean, he simply shuts down that avenue of conversation.

He pokes around for another piece of meat in the noodles, gesturing with the protein as he says. "May I ask a little about you? How did you end up coming here from your homeland?"

He looks back at Ramza but the knight has been completely entranced by the power of waffle so there is no escape there. He takes another sip of water feeling a little uncomfortable with this conversation that seems so completely out of nowhere. He's even be thankful for a spiky haired klutz to waltz in RIGHT NOW.. but they apparantly got bad directions.

Oh well.
Yurita Yurita mms gently, thinking a moment, before sighing "actually, I don't fully know, last thing I recall is riding into a cityscape with Deelel, and then something knocked me out... I woke up in the dessert... apparently a while after that from what I've gathered. If I concentrate, I get foggy images, but I can't get anything defined enough to go off of... best I can tell, I was running from something and went through a portal to this world..." she shrugs then, before looking at Riku a moment... "I'm making you uncomfortable aren't I? I can... probably go sit with Deelel, if you'd rather."
Mercade Alexander Mercade scribblescribbles. There's a lot of exposition on this one. "So all you have to work with are recordings from the situation. I see." He thinks. "They wanted to wipe out humanity. That's a pretty crazy situation... Why do entities like these want to wipe out humans, anyway?" Mercade asks mostly rhetorically. "But anyway, do continue."
Deelel Deelel says "Destroy humanity that seems to be a disturbing trend." She'll have to make notes of these one and she looks over at Riku. "She was the one who sprung me from the gaming pits. As for how I'm not sure we parted ways and didn't encounte eachother again till she was here." She grimaces. "Memory gapes like that means you could have been tampered with by someone Yurita we may want to get CAD to take a look at you."

Raine's warnings also seem to be pretty dire.
Raine Arland "Lemme give you short version actually. Nepthys; Apostle of Lamentation. Stands at about twelve feet, dark skin, almost completely encased in golden armor, controls air. Lamentation because she laments the existence of man more than anyone else."

Pause, deep breath, continue.

"Adonis, Apostle of Justice. Stands at twenty feet. Decked out in full white armor, wields a massive white sword shaped like a lightning bolt, controls light magic, has a habit of never speaking. Ever. Justice because he is an entity that exists only to exact justice upon the wicked. And that judgment was turned onto humanity..."

That said, Raine took a break to finish up the rest of his bowl, drinking down the remaining broth before moving on to the last one. "And finally, Laevateiin, Apostle of Destruction. No details on appearance. All I know is that he's apparently the leader, and controls Darkness. ...In retrospect, that probably makes him the hardest to find. There's a ton of darkness out there after all."
Riku Riku frowns in quiet exasperation as if trying to figure Yurita out. He opens and closes his mouth very slightly and each time he looks mildly curious but at the same time even more confused.

"uhh.." he listens to Yurita's story and then nods ruefully. "You just.. caught me off guard is all." he doesn't know what else to say so he just leaves it at that, finishing off his noodles and pushing the last few bits around in the bowl with the chopsticks.

"How did you end up meeting Reize?" Yeah. It's one of those nights were the stars are shining, the sand is shimmering with moonlight and the Jukebox periodically plays edgy tunes. "..Just a minute." Riku gets up from the booth to change the jukebox to one he's heard before. Until the deep breath, he was sort of wondering how Raine got that all into one breath. He looks out of the cafe windows at the outside street, putting his hands in his pockets for a moment or so before walking back to his seat. He doesn't sit down again though, leaning against the side of the booth and crossing his arms.

Semi-Arbitrary BGM CHANGE:
Yurita Yurita mms gently, looking at Riku... "actually, I can't remember perfectly, but it was just after I woke in the dessert and had wondered a bit, we ended up fighting something together with a few others... a Luso Clemens, Deelel, and a couple others I never got the name of, and I ended up visiting the shards seekers hq right after..." she taps her chin thinking a moment "we... never really spent that much time together, but his... 'knight's code' is... something I really like about him."
Mercade Alexander Mercade dutifully writes all of this down, looking appreciative that Raine moves into speed-text mode. Damn these investigation puzzles and their huge info drops. "All right, looks like you've covered the whole set. And yeah, you've got a problem with that Darkness thing. There's a huge number of entities who use..." Mercade pauses, and looks from side to side.

"The DAAAAAAAAAAAARKNESSSSSS." He gives the jazzhands as he elongates it in a faux-spooky and absurd manner. He then leans back and picks up the pad and pencil like he didn't just do that. "All right. I'll keep an eye on these guys and see if any of them come up." He nods. "So how can I contact you if they are found?"
Raine Arland "I know, THE DAAAAAAAAAARKNESSSSSSSSSS-- is everywhere these days." Raine responded, pulling off his own jazz hands as well. "...Yeah, thanks anyway. I'll keep up my own investigation too. I don't want these guys causing any problems. And I just know they will, or are somewhere."

That said, he nodded and leaned back in his seat, pulling out a cell phone device. "This is the thing everyone's using these days, right? Gotta keep up with the times." The teen pulled up his number onto the screen before sliding it over to Mercade to observe and record.
Riku Riku snorts very faintly. "Oh yeah.. " he smiles lopsidedly. "I remember that." he refrains, just, from rolling his eyes. "Well um.. Deelel can probably keep an eye on you while you're here. It's not too dangerous." he pauses and adds. "Most of the time." he looks at Deelel.

He snorts, starting of laugh slightly at the 'jazzhands' aspect of this conversation reminds him.. yes. Manhattanities are indeed quite insane. "Detective." he says quietly when he can control his voice again.

"When you are done fighting the new business, I need to speak with you if possible." he snorts. "As long as you don't break out into song."
Mercade Alexander Mercade records the phone number. "All right. Thank you, Raine. I'll be in touch." Mercade tips his hat, and then takes his stuff and heads over to Riku's table, sitting down with the teen and the programs. "Well then. Looks like this is the Cool Kid's Table." Mercade says, smiling. There's something a little different about him. Maybe it's not just the hat. "So Riku. Long time no see. How's it going? Everything all right?" He glances significantly at those wrists.
Raine Arland Raine gave Mercade a two fingered salute as he left the table and then went about gathering up his own fruitless stacks of information, tucking them under one arm as he then stood and made his way out. "Well, that was interesting..."

'Kid, are you sure about this? If it gets out, you know what's going to happen, right?' Raine just shook his head, mumbling to himself in response. "You worry too much. Our own investigation is getting us nowhere. May as well find some outside help."

And then they were out the doors and gone.
Deelel Deelel looks at Mercade for a moment like he's just being so strange. Yet it's infectiouys as she mimic both Raine and Mercade. "THE DAAAAAAAAAARKNESSSSSSSSSS." She mimics the hand movements and then just starts laughing out loud she can't help it. She's been infected by the meme and she looks over at Riku. She gives a nod for a moment in reply. "It normally is not not and what no songs?" She looks a bit crest fallen she is a media program it's like asking Sora to not be happy faces most of the time.

Then Raine is gone jsut like that.
Riku Riku raises a finger. "Uh.. just a minute. I have to pack up the table so I can take the cool with me when I leave." he smiles, a little unsteadily, but he seems to be pulling out of Jaded Teenager Avatar of Sarcasm mode. This puts him straight into Socially Awkward territory, but it seems to be a better place to be in even temporarily.

"It was nice to meet you Yurita." he gets up from the booth, looking at Mercade with a definite slight wince and a small head shake of 'uhhhh... no comment' when he catches the glance at his bruised wrists. He pays for the meal absently as he prepares to leave.

"No. No songs." he says to Deelel, shaking his head. "No singing ever." after wincing slightly from bruises and sore muscles, he makes his way towards the doors to step outside.
Yurita Yurita looks confusedly at Riku "what are you snorting at?" is all she asks, before looking over at who he's talking to, then back to Riku, as she finishes her meal. she looks at Deelel and smiles, giggling "I'll sing you a song if you want, later." he then looks at Riku "same to you Riku."
Mercade Alexander Mercade waves to Raine as he heads out. A curious person with a curious background. He looks back to Riku, and chuckles at the joke. He waits for Riku to get his stuff done, and nods at the headshake. No problem. "Nope. No singing. Just don't ask what Saint Patrick's Day is." Mercade says. Dare Riku take the bait?

Deelel Deelel looks like she's been punech for a moment at no singing ever and no songs. "but ... that was one of my two main functions is the crtetion of such!" Sigh she looks a bit down but heer natchos arrive so she starts to nom on them pauing at Yurita wait singing? She's never heard another basic sing she's not sure if they /can/ sing in that fashion. Seriously hatsuke miku and her kin have not existed yet back in the 80s...
Riku Riku knows better than that. He was present for the horror that was a Cirra Constantine Christmas after all, in one way or another.

So he just smirks and shakes his head, he leaves the cafe and logs away a.. random program encounter away for later where he can take it out and shake his head in faint bemusement.

"No." is all he says to the detective. Just say No to Saint Patrick's Day.
Yurita Yurita isn't a regular basic, all things considered, she did adapt to this world easier than the grid... she looks at Mercade "what's saint Patrick's day?" she asks curiously, as she sets her dishes up for the waiter or waitress to take them.
Mercade Alexander Mercade chuckles and waves a hand. "I'll explain later." Perhaps with a full musical production. He leans back in his chair and drinks coffee and finishes off his noodles. Nom.

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