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A Crushing Bore
(2013-03-15 - 2013-03-17)
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Evja It had taken quite a lot of effort and tracking to get down to just where poor Avira had been seen last, and really, it had really been doing a number on Evja. It was simply a long, long journey for one who couldn't use the pathways of darkness, simply the natural ones that allowed one to get from here to there if they were willing to risk it.

He was, though, even if at the moment the Viera wandered along at a moderately slow pace with the aid of his faerie boots. Even fully armored it took much less effort to simply travel along a burst at a time. It was only when Evja finally made it to the top of a particularly large hill that the cloaked Judge took a seat to stare through the eternal night of this land. Such a strange place. So many Heartless.
Which just left the question of 'What was it they were attracted to /out here/'? Evja had always assumed they had to feed off people, thus needed to be around life, but in places such as this, it made him wonder if they didn't simply spawn from these places and go elsewhere. It would make sense in a fashion after all.
Seith Seith is very much aware of the fact that Avira had escaped, and that Hades had failed to keep her in his own Underworld. To think he and Ember had been the ones to deliver her to the God of the Underworld. Of course, he'd let Morrighan take the credit. It was a good reason not to step into the Underworld himself, and a way to let the girl redeem herself a little in the eyes of the Shadow Lords.

Right now though, the man is looking into the rumors of Avira having been spotted west of the Crossroads. As such, he ventures out in that direction. Unlike what one might expect however, he comes from a place 'behind' Evja. From the crossroads itself. Wearing a new set of armor, the man slowly steps out into the open and looks around at nothing in particular, before setting his gaze onto Evja.

"You. Viera. Tell me - where is the former Mutate?"
Evja With the sudden presence of someone behind her, Evja didn't quite jump and spin so much as listened to their footsteps, listened to try and see just how they were moving. That's one benefit of being a Viera - good ears, good hearing. Big ears, really. The armor and even steps, metered, gave away it was at least sentient. And it did approach simply enough, so likely they weren't going to just outright attack.
But the voice - that caught Evja by surprise.

"I am not going to reveal what I know of such." Comes the answer after a moment, Evja standing and turning to look towards Seith proper. She had no weapons drawn and interestingly enough no visible armor, what with that cloak wrapped around her as it was. She didn't actually know a thing as to where she was, but if the Viera revealed that, this fellow would likely just poof off and go back to looking elsewhere.
Seith "Pity." Seith answers Evja, looking up at the Viera and those big ears. "There's quite the warrant out for her. And I am sure that Hades might reconsider your current 'task' if you delivered the girl to him once again." Seith moves one hand over his shoulder and draws his cloak closer around himself. He's always been the one to try and put ideas into other peoples' minds. But never does he force them to do a thing. Free will and all that.

Or at least, that's the intent.

"Do you think it be prudent of me to just beat the answer out of you instead?" Seith then suggests. "You know very well of me, as well as my power. If you and your friends were barely a match for me 'together' - you know what the end result will be." The elf points out.
Evja Evja draws in a slow breath at that before looking to the side, towards the darkness waterfall in the far, far distance. "Indeed, I am aware of such. For as much as I speak ill of Hades, he kept to his bargain and I, thus, have to keep to mine no matter the taste of it. I /have/ considered this, for if one cannot trust the gods, who can one trust?"
Besides... being the servant of a God didn't sound like such a bad position in life. But to think he would have to give up everything he knew for something like that, and somehow break the oaths on himself to do it...

"But that the time comes I can decide such a thing for myself, until that point, I think I will choose to aid the worlds instead of destroy them. After all, what is left to live in if they are all consumed? So do as you wish - if you want to try and beat the answer out of me, go right ahead. Until I find the limit of my ability to fight the darkness with my own light, I shall continue to do so. Because, from what I hear, there are two answers. A heart strong enough with light to fight it, and a heart strong enough with dark to control it. Any less and you are consumed, or must flee."

That last bit was posed more as a question, as if the Viera was trying to actually weasel an answer out of Seith in some fashion, if the elf even knew.
Seith Seith remains standing strong as Evja speaks, not showing a shred of emotion as he talks of Hades. He has his own opinion on the matter after all, but not one he will ever share to an outsider like this. When Evja finishes talking, is when Seith finally speaks up himself. "What I see, are new worlds after it has all been consumed. A new world, new people. Able to wield darkness against whatever forces might seek harm." He explains.

"Is such a world not a better place?" He asks. "Why fight the darkness with your light, if you can fight the light with darkness? But you are right, you must be strong to control darkness. Those who are not strong enough have no place in this world. They are the weak that hold back the others." He explains.
Evja "All much choose a side. And to waver in the middle, to waver between, is to invite doom onto ones self. Thus, I shall simply take the stance I can and until I have reason to choose otherwise, so be it. You may be right, you may be wrong, but in the end time or power will tell and to the victor shall history go. Or so I imagine."
And that said Evja turns away from Seith to look out over the hills again. "Who are you anyways?" comes another question. "Who are you that would seek to use the darkness to fight against the light? Why... hurt so many others when you could probably work to restore the worlds?"
Seith "It's simple really. As you said - to the victor history will go." Seith answers Evja. He's good at this whole monologueing thing. Okay, so it's a dialogue... so sue me.

"I am a Shadow Lord. It's that simple. The Light represents weakness. A useless struggle. The Darkness is power, the ability to work towards what you want. In the end, the Light will invoke nothing but tragedy, over and over again, as long as it exists."
Evja So it was truly as simple as that? One needed power to get whatever they wanted? Here Evja actually closed his eyes, completely vulnerable if Seith was going to attack, or try and get revenge for the Viera attacking him during the fight. "Without light, all is Darkness... but there cannot be light without darkness, as even in the purest of light there will be shadow. What possible power could darkness provide that you could not instead find by seeking out a path towards your goal with light? Or... am I wrong?"
Seith claimed standing by the light led to repeated tragedy, but... well, how was that possible? That will happen ad nauseum when there is two conflicting sources. There will always be such. Or at least that was what the Viera understood.
Seith "Who says that's true? I've been in rooms without light. There is only darkness. No shadow. Just... darkness. However, seeking the path to light will blind. Look around you. Peasants look towards the light, whilst warlords look towards darkness. Tragedy is suffered, because the peasants dare not grasp for the power of the light. Churchgoers hope for some miracle that will never come. They are weak. The light is there, but it is a power few dare to take up. Where-as the light promises power. And man takes that power with both hands. That is why." Seith explains, slowly starting to step forwards to the Viera.
Evja The power of the light... Evja's eyes opened as he watched the distance, and when Seith started to walk towards him, Evja held out a hand palm towards Seith. "Very well then. I would test your words, your convinction. Your Darkness, against my Light. Or, at least... what I would like to claim is my Light. I do agree that those who have not power look towards it for hope, for protection. But I know that those within Jylland, whence I hail, look towards the Law and Judges for protection. Stability. We are the light that guides them and without it, chaos would reign."
Or, yet again, so he is wont to believe, hope really.
Turning, out comes a single spear pointed towards the ground. "To accomplish the things I wish, I need power, to be able to fight, keep others free. Show me this power of Darkness by one who wields it, truly wields it, unlike what I was thrust into with Hades flooding me with his darkness. I flailed and flopped. Show me the power of a Shadow Lord compared to one who trusts in the light."
Seith "You've felt my power before, Viera." Seith speaks calmly. "You know the power of my darkness. Yet, you wish to struggle anyway?" He asks, giving the female(?) viera a curious look. When those spears have properly appeared however, the man answers this show of force by reaching back and grabbing the long metalic pole attached there, and holds it out along the longside towards Evja.

"But I bet you this. As someone who tries to live in the light. Even if I best you, you will be just like the others. You will not learn. Will you?" Still, being the 'teacher', he will give the 'Judge' this chance.

And so, without hesitation, he closes his free hand and then pushes it up, bringing gravity under his control and attempting to push Evja straight into the air, before letting a field of darkness appear point blank in the air where he intends to lift Evja to, in order to let dark energies tear away at them.
Evja What Evja didn't realize was that the man planned to throw the dragoon into the air for the attack. Despite leaping straight up and pulling out a large translucent sword to through straight towards Seith, Evja was left wide open for the attack. And without his armor on, he couldn't exactly try to tank it. Not that the Viera was exactly able to stand up to magic in any form.

"Nn.... I plan to use this to learn indeed! Just how strong the darkness truly is when I am not floundering with anothers inside me!"

There was no hesitance, though, even with that whimper the Judge kicked off the air and a magic circle appeared beneath their feet, flashing out of sight and reappearing behind Seith before attempting to hit the Shadow Lord as hard as they could. Yes, that was an attack that could be lethal if not defended against properly - Evja did have a healthy respect(for his powers at least) for the fellow and not taking him seriously? That would be insulting.
The spear lashed out and whereas the sword would simply pass through cutting away the feeling of defenses, the spear itself was fully tangible and would indeed aim to knock Seith over only to pounce up and down onto the Dark Lord, spear glowing faintly as he spun downwards after the bounce to try and knock him around further.
Seith The man turns around immediately when he notices the feeling of magic behind himself - sweeping the pole around and slamming the metal body into the spear, forcing it out of alignment and causing it to merely cut into the side of his arm, shattering some of the armor. It's obvious that the new armor isn't as nice as his last one. It's probably a temporary one in between the 'true thing'.

"An attack from behind? And you said you abided by the light and the law." Seith muses, one end of the staff suddenly forming a blade of dark energy and sweeping it in a diagonal line up along Evja - in an attempt to force him towards the ground by weakening his very body! To poison it with the power of darkness he is trying to resist so much. This is immediately followed by an arrow of darkness being summoned into his free hand and thrown at the Viera's chest!
Evja "Being of the light does not go hand in hand with being ignorant of how to fight!"

SMACK! If there's one thing Evja had learned of mage types in his time in clans... it was get up close, personal, and for the love of god try to force them defend and take as much damage as possible if you have no backup.

This was indeed what he was doing, the Viera's eyes scrunching up briefly in pain as he tried to force himself through the worst of it, the arrow seemingly piercing straight through where 'her' breasts would be as she turned partially to the side, the darkness piercing through without registering on her face.
Who knows if Seith would be perceptive enough to pick up on -- WHACK, Evja jumps away and leaps up into the air as he gathers himself, but not before throwing down a single spear to try and put some distance between the two. Even if it goes against the principals of fighting a mage, well... sometimes, you just have to gather your strength!
Seith Seith isn't your typical mage. He's a heavily armored mage. And he's also not incapable of physical combat either. In fact, when Evja jumps away into the air, Seith pushes off and uses his Gravity magic in order to launch himself straight after the Viera with the massive dark-energy scythe out and brings it straight up in an attempt to cut into the Judge - ignoring the single spear even as it glances along his left leg, bouncing off of his armor.

"Here I come!" Seith warns, before he launches a little further and then suddenly tries to press a spell of magic straight for Evja's chest in order to launch the bunny down to the ground once again - and make it bounce. The bad way.

Not waiting one second longer, he immediately draws his hand back and gathers a spell into his other hand - another one of the dark arrows aimed straight for the ground where he intends Evja to land, and fires it away - the dark magic bolt certain to explode with quite some force on impact.
Evja That Scythe cut into the Judges side, cloak hanging half cut on one side and leaving the Viera to cry out in pain. Not to mention suddenly magic poured into his chest and shot towards the ground. That might have done him in! In fact, BOOM, the arrow hits and explodes! But Seith would sense that magic again, that sudden burst from the Judge when he was teleporting briefly here and there. And again, he was behind Seith with two spears drawin to pounce right atop him and force him to the ground just like the mage tried to do to him.

"I believe in my light! In the power I have worked to gain since I was a child! And until it fails me, I will use it!" Those spears are flipped into the air and vanish before Evja begins to summon several more. He didn't have his full ten spears at the moment, and in fact only had 8. One was filched by DRAGOON MAN while the other remained stoned thanks to the Gorgon and Cronus and somewhere in his possession when Hades yanked him out of the TDA. However, they all vanished and a bright light began to illuminate the eternal night as he began to radiate it, pulling it into the shape of a giant spear. Then BAM, Evja slammed down straight towards the ground with his 'light' backing him up, fully planning to test just how much darkness could stand up to all the light, courage and 'heart' he could muster, if Sora's remarks were anything to believe. Then zip zam zoom, Evja begin to dart back and forth through the area on the ground while pulling out spear after spear after spear, slashing and stabbing and slowly impaling them into the ground to form a prison before leaping high into the air and summoning another spear lanced with energy, made to look huge.

That one, too, was thrown straight for the ground where it would explode in a brilliant light.
Seith "THEN THAT DAY IS NOW!" Seith calls back to Evja, suddenly bringing his scythe back and letting the second blade extend from the opposite end, blocking the first spear that comes his way, and then turns around whilst whirling the actual thing around, creating a massive 'puddle' of darkness before him like a shield. The spears shoot towards the man and... go right through the 'portal' and come out the other side!?

"Now!" The mann points at Evja with a single hand, glaring at him as that giant spear comes his way. "TASTE DISPAIR!" And as he says this, the giant spear begins to dissipate... shifting... and then suddenly turns into a sheer dark spear that comes to hang in the air.

Yet there's something strange. On the ground behind him, there's a sudden explosion - like something heavy just hit the ground. Something isn't right here! But whatever it is, Evja has little time to be thinking about it. The gigantic spear twists around and turns towards Evja. Seith then draws a magic sigil in the air, sending a massive cast of dark orbs his way, flitting around in attempts to grab onto him! To pin down his legs and arms in the air and spread him out like some prisoner on a torture device.

"SPIRITUAL LANCER!" He calls out, and with that, he thrusts the spear into the air, piercing the atmosphere... and then pushes his hand down in order to send the spear down again - to descend straight upon Evja's possibly held down body!
Evja o.o

"Oh n--HURK!"

Indeed, the Viera didn't have a chance to respond as all of 'her' limbs were suddenly pinned into the air, leaving her wide open for the spear to pierce right through her! There was no struggling, no fighting, nothing of the sort. Evja's expression stared rather blankly towards Seith before she simply went limp, unconscious.
And, in fact, quite badly, badly injured. The wound fizzled with the lingering darkness, bits and pieces floating away like the Viera's body was simply crumbling right around the wound. Left untreated...

Who knows. Seems this bunny doesn't do good with magic.
Seith "Pitiful." Seith mutters, slowly lowering himself down towards Evja. When his armored feet finally touch the ground, he brings the energy blades on his staff disappate, leaving behind nothing but a metalic pole which gets attached to the back of his armor. "Still, there's no point in letting you learn this lesson and just bleed to death, now is there?" He's mostly talking to himself, not really expecting Evja to respond.

The Shadow Lord motions once with his hand, creating a Dark Portal right besides Evja - aimed straight for Traverse Town. There's plenty of people there who are suckers for helping others in need. Then, using his gravity magic, he 'picks up' Evja... and... basically catapults him through the portal before closing it - like taking out the trash.

"Now..." He looks around himself. "Where is that rumored former mutate? I don't believe they could possibly be hiding here... could they?"

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