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(2013-03-14 - 2013-04-06)
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Ember The last few days had left a scar on Ember's twisted, tormented mind. The memory of Maira's crying face was still clear in her mind, and it wouldn't go away. Neither would Avira's sadness. Why did these memories suddenly disturb her so much? Why did she even care? Afterall, all the people she loved had died, sooo....

Ember grits her teeth as she walks slowly down the path towards VALKYRIE headquarters. VALKYRIE. The so-called enemy. The ones she had been assigned to spy on and eventually betray. The ones she had learned to call 'friends'...No..This was too messed up, and she couldn't do it anymore. It was time to tell them all the truth, time to come clean..

Time to learn what a true hero was all about..
Maira Maira had been draining herself to the point of exhaustion. Finally, sleep had claimed her and not let go until she was truly ready to move. The attack by the Shadow Lords had done a lot of damage, both physically and emotionally. Maira had suffered too many shocks. She was still reeling.

As of yet, she hasn't told anyone about Ember. The secret is a heavy burden, weighing on her, evident in ever step she takes. Maira is out for a short walk now, needing some fresh air before she gets ready to travel to the Underworld.

Uist is by her side, her invisible and loyal companion. Her observant and very angry companion. He spots Ember first and lets out a low growl. Maira looks toward him, then at the path before her.

On instinct she takes a step back, her eyes widening. She looks ready to bolt.
Ember Ember is quick to notice Maira's arrival, and the possible fear in her eyes. Of course, she's Ember now and not the friendly, kind, ally-Katyna. But after the last time, she was certain that Maira knew who she really was. But had she told the others..?

Ember frowns, slowing down and doesnt even reach or look at her sword when Maira backs away. "Maira..?" She calls out as she comes to a stop. No, she wont advance upon her, wont try and force her, but with any luck she'll hear her out.

"Maira, please dont go. I'm not looking for a fight, and I know I dont deserve your friendship any longer but..." She draws a deep breath. "I...I wanted to apologize. For everything. What I did, was...Was unforgivable. I wouldn't be surprised if you wanted to kill me now, and I wouldnt even try and stop you..But....But I want to help. I want to help get Avira back. Even if it will most certainly cost my life, I just..."

She sighs, hanging her head, "I just want to make amends.."
Maira Uist is swearing up a storm, but Maira holds out a hand, signaling for him to stop.

Maira looks toward Ember, her expression unreadable. She's asking for /forgiveness/?

Anger boils from her, the fire within lighting her up like a torch. "You took Avira! You tried to kill Angantyr! You kidnapped me! pretended to be my friend! You gained our trust, our were a Shadow Lord this whole time. There are a lot of things that make sense now. I didn't want to believe," she says, anger mixing with her sadness and feelings of betrayal. She'd be crying again, but the tears turn almost instantly to steam upon her cheeks.

"How could you do this...don't deserve my friendship anymore? Did you ever!?" she yells, clenching her hands into fists.

"You want to get Avira back? Go to the Underworld and do it then. I...I...we're all ready to throw our lives away. I can't..." she shakes her head, backing away again. "I don't think I can forgive you..."
Ember Ember squeezes her eyes shut, feeling a terrible pain in her heart that she never knew existed. Was this how it felt to be..To be rejected by those she had started to consider friend? She swallows, looking away, shivering a bit as a cool breeze ruffles her hood, pulling it all the way off.

Somehow she doesn't seem quite as intimidating when she's no longer hidden in shadows. "It's true. I did all those things. Since the beginning, when they spared me, it was for this purpose, to spy on you all. It was either that, serve them, or die. Like all the others..All those I cared about..Gone.."

She chances a glance back at Maira, nodding slowly at her words.."But..When I got to know you all, when you were my friends, I...I realized it was wrong. I started to care about you all, I...I want to stop, Maira! I wanted to run away, to turn my back on them for good. And then Hades ordered me to bring in Avira. Do you know what it's like, to stare death in the face and say no? Do you know what it's like, to choose between death and a lie? I was...I was scared, Maira! If I refused, he would have killed me, even now, I am taking a big chance. I am throwing everything away to make things right. Does that not count for anything?"

She nods again, "I'll go. I'll bring her back, I promise. Even if it costs me my life, at least for a little while, it was nice to feel like I had a purpose.."
Maira Wether or not Maira wants Uist to remain silent, he will not. He pulls on Maira's mana to manifest himself enough to reprimand Ember. "How DARE you come here and try to make Maira feel badly about what you've done!" he hisses. "If any of them dies it is on YOUR head. You always have a choice, even if it isn't a very good one."

Maira turns toward Uist, frowning deeply. "Uist..." she says, then looks back toward Ember, able to see her face now. It is hard, so very hard. Maira is battling herself. She wants to forgive. She wants to pretend that everything will be alright. She forgave Ivo for hurting her, Avira for lying...forgive forgive. Uist says she is too soft. That the world will take advantage of her. Katyna herself once said something very similar.

The world is doing a good job of trying to harden her heart.

"I...I want to believe you Katyna...I really do. How can I trust? How do I know this isn't just...part of the plan? Make me trust you even more so you can just...come in and tear us asunder?" she asks, dropping to her knees. Her legs just refuse to hold her up anymore, too weighted down by despair. Maira begins to sob. "Everyone is scared! Do you think I'm not scared!? Have I stared death in the face? YES! A dozen times now, yes! It doesn't even scare me...not like being alone, not like living how I did before! Avira and you were my first two BOTH lied to me!" she yells, letting all it all out now. The flood gates are open and there is no stopping the flow now.
Ember Ember cringes a bit when Maira yells at her. And for a moment she wonders if it's Maira's own words or Uist's..She draws in a deep breath, finding it hard to keep her own composure.

"You're right..He's right. I deserved all of that. You...And Avira..Were so kind towards me, and...And...." She squeezes her eyes shut, tears willowing inside of her. When Maira falls to her knees, Ember kneels next to her, but doesnt dare touch her, knowing she'll likely slap her away.

"Yes..You have no reason to trust me, but I WILL find a way to earn it. I think I know now, what a true knight..No, a true hero would do. Even if it's scary, even if it might cost my life, doing the right thing is more important than the easy thing, right?"

She closes her eyes, hanging her head as she tries to compose herself. Why is SHE crying? What right does Ember have to cry, anyways? "I suppose..It would be so much easier if you just hit me with everything you've got, but you're so kind and gentle..When I saw you cry..That's when I knew this was all wrong, so...."

She hesitates for a long moment before continuing. "Maira..I know where they're keeping Avira. And I know how to get there." Finally, Ember rises to her feet, taking a few steps away from Maira. "Hades took her to the underworld, but he wont kill her. He wants her as his minion, to corrupt her heart as per the contract. But, there are certain points where you can enter into the underworld. Through the farplane at Guadosalam, and...On the phantom train in the phantom forest. Here..."

Searching through her pockets, Ember produces a map to the Phantom Forest and the Phantom Train. "I suppose I could open a corridor there easily enough, but I'd understand if you wouldn't trust me to take you to the right place. But, maybe this will help you and the others."
Maira Maira can't look at Katyna. She's afraid she will lose all her resolve. She feels like she needs to cling to her anger, if only for a little while. She needs to use it as armor.

Maira takes a deep breath, trying to calm herself. Uist has faded again from view, but Maira feels his cold arms around her, trying to hold her.

Maira reaches out to take the map, nodding some. "I....we know where we need to go, at least to get there. Once in the Underworld...I don't know. I have to tell them Katyna. I can't hide this anymore. I don't know how the others will react," she replies. Not entirely true, she knows exactly how Angantyr will react.

"I can't leave now. I have do some things. I have to gather with everyone else who is going. We're...we're going to the Phantom Forest," she says, hoping the risk of telling Katyna their entry point will not come back and bite her.

Maira gets to her feet, trying to focus on her breathing, forcing the flames to retreat back into her, her skin unmarred as it always is. "I have to go..." she says, starting to walk away.

She stops though, long enough to say. "I don't want you to careful, Katyna." Then, she runs back toward VALKYRI HQ.
Ember Ember..Or rather Katyna, nods. "Even I dont know much about the Underworld, but...I swear I'll protect you, and I'll help rescue Avira too." She manages a small smile. "You..You be careful too, Maira.."

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