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(2013-03-14 - 2013-03-17)
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Evja It'd been about a day since the ordeal and events that had happened here had taken place. And in fact, there wasn't anyone here at the moment with the exception of a single figure who can be seen standing out in the center of the torn-up field on the outskirts. Had Riku seen Evja before? A tall figure in Judges Armor, fully armored and cloaked and everything.
Well, if nothing else, the figure /is/ visibly a Judge, especially with the symbol on the back of their cloak.

They were currently staring off at the field, likely lost in thought about it or something of the sort. And had in fact been standing here for some time, not that there was anyone else around the area. No heartless, no people, no signs of life, just... everything was staying away except this one.
Riku There was a tipoff in the no signs of life there, but if he got it Riku didn't immediately catch on. He moved up the hill with dogged persistantly, moving towards the outskirts of Traverse Town from further down the road.

He is still picking bits and pieces of twigs and branches out of his hair and grumbling in a menacing fashion. He has not in fact met the bunny Judge, although he does recognize the armor as such. He smiles grimly and reshifts the satchel on his shoulder.

"..Munny for your thoughts, your honor?" He's pretty sure that they aren't an Archadian Judge, but he might as well be polite anyways until they give him some other form of address to use. If he also knows about the events of this week, then he doesn't reveal that either. He keeps his expression mildly curious and neutral.
Evja Evja looks towards the sound when someone speaks and stares for a relatively long moment as if trying to put two and two together. Well, likely a boy of Archades or Fluorgis to know the title, or perhaps he has been involved with them in some fashion before. Probably the latter as he didn't seem uneasy or antsy or in awe, like a nervous person might, or one who was looking up to the figure.
"I am simply recounting the ordeal that took place here."
As he spoke it became obvious that much like other Judges, there was some amount of vocal echoing through the helmet. Though in this case, Evja's had quite a bit - enough to make him sound a bit ominous and thus, male, through the voice. ... he was, but that's getting onto a different tangent.

"Did you witness it?"
Riku Riku holds his own counsel for a few moments, the teenager slowly walking up the hill to stand and look out at the scenery for himself.

"That sounds like quite the story." is his response as he turns to look back at the judge. "..Would you care to recount it, your honor?" he smirks cheerfully although there is an edge of venom to the goodwill.

He looks away towards Traverse Town again and crosses his arms across his chest. "I try to be a good listener. I don't always succeed."
Evja "You did not answer my question."

It is a simple enough statement, "And I believe it is proper protocol to answer a Judges question when directly asked before asking them one, instead of avoiding it." Instead of walking to fllow Riku, Evja quite simply took three steps, vanishing and reappearing twice before he was standing next to Riku again, looking down at him.
Riku Riku's smile becomes slightly wider and more venomous for a moment before it blanks out. It does so before Evja reaches him inbetween one blink and the next. He coughs, taking a small and seemingly involuntary step backwards.

He looks down at the ground and inclines his head towards Evja. "I'm sorry, your honor. No. I don't know what you are talking about. Whatever took place here, I did not see it."
Evja "Then, in that case..."

The armored Viera stared down at Riku a moment before sighing and looking towards where the portal opened that Avira was pulled into. "A woman was taken by the agents of those who would seek to use the Heartless for their own gain. Throughout the process, another was charged with the slaying of a man, and a third party showed up seemingly to entertain himself by attacking everyone. It was quite chaotic. I had been hoping to come to some realization as to where this woman might have been taken, yet I have no ability to open those portals, nor track where they went off to." a pause, then a sigh, "Nor seemingly the ability to even determine one was even used here."
Riku Riku has not heard of such a whitewash job since he started reading a book on Archadian politics. He keeps his face completely neutral however and listens to the armored Viera recount the ordeal that took place.

He nods. "..I've heard a few things about a kidnapping, your honor. And the heartless attacking Traverse Town. Everything is a little jumbled together though. Does what you are talking about have anything to do with this?" he draws out a folded piece of paper. It's a wanted poster that he hands towards the Viera.

It says. WANTED: LOST DOG with a picture of Avira's Mutate form displayed prominently.
Evja "..."

Indeed, this boy knows quite a bit more than he's letting on, or at least so Evja imagines. Mostly because he was actually looking into it while at his age. "You already know the answer to that I am quite sure. Though I do wonder why one your age is so interested in discovering this. Since you are not spouting accusations or insults at me, I imagine you are not with the TDA or Valkyrie... and surely a boy your age cannot hope to take on the world by himself to either help someone, or obtain their agenda."

Evja stops here and physically turns to face Riku whereas before he had simply had his head turned towards him, "So what is it you are really after?"
Riku "I'll take that as yes." Riku says to himself offhandedly as he folds the poser back up calmly and puts it back away in his pocket.

"And from what you are saying, you had something to do with this?" he frowns a little. "As to what I am doing, I'm just trying to put together the little that I know. Rumors are never how they first appear, your honor." he shrugs. "Maybe I am here for the reward."
Evja "And perhaps you are going to sprout wings and fly away." Evja responds rather sharply after that last remark. "You already know she was taken and thus your reward is not obtainable. And yet, here you are. If you sought your reward yet, you would have to be able to track her down, and have the power to take her from those who are already delivering her to Hades. Then do it yourself."

Maybe Riku could tell that the eyes beneath that mask were glaring at him. Though they did waver after a moment and the armored figure gave a sigh. "I cannot speak out against that, though, as I actually planned to try and do that myself, steal her away from those who are taking her to the Lord of the Dead, then back to her world before she can be harmed. Yet I have no way to do such, nor do I know how to even begin getting there. The only thing I could think of is to kill myself, and yet... did I such, Hades would no doubt simply destroy me upon trying."
Riku "" Riku says mildly. "You have screwed up almost as badly as I do." he nods slowly, crossing his arms. "That takes some doing." he looks at Evja for a long moment.

"So.. at least I know who took her now. There has to be someone in the TDA or VALKRYI that knows how to get there. Hades, huh?" he raises an eyebrow at Evja. " made a deal, didn't you? They like doing that. Usually though.. there's always a price. If you are out here considering your options on saving Avira, then I'm guessing that price means you were the one in your story slated to be the one doing the slaying."

He looks at Evja for a long time. "Did he bind you to him? Because that's going to get in the way of any plan you've got to help Avira."
Evja The Judge took a deep breath at the question, then finally sighed it all out. Luso turned out to be a decent kid... might as well trust this one too, if he's going out of his way to try and seemingly help. "Yes, and no. The bindings that... still force me to try and kill the man named Mercade Alexander are bindings of my own. That is to say... a magic was set upon me when I became a Judge that prevents me from breaking an oath I have made, no matter what it was, as well as making any oath fully open-ended to prevent such a situation as I am in now. I... was a fool for not realizing that Hades blessing a killing, as a favor for a god, was seemingly able to bypass this stipulation. And, thus... the magics set upon me bind me to this oath. Though as far as if it is like Avira's... I do not know to what extent Hades could force me to do such on his own since that has never been what I have fought against."
Reaching up, Evja clicks a lock on his helm and pulls it off, the Viera's veiled face coming into view, looking down towards Riku. "The deal I made was to enter the Hades Cup guaranteed, so I could do whatever I could to try and guarantee that shard of Manhattan went to someone who would use it to restore the world. At the time of making it, I knew none from the world, nor any who were trying to do as I did. So... I had to ensure that someone who meant good took it, and thus, myself. Even though I failed in the end, coming in second."
Evja Of note, Evja's voice, without the reverberation - was quite feminine.

"So in full, I get a pass into the tournament, in exchange for a single favor that Hades could redeem at a later point, so long as it was lawful upon the ground I stand and where I am asked to carry it out, as well as attempting to take out as many others as I could during qualifying from the tournament, which admittedly worked to my benefit in reducing the competition. His favor, as stated by him, 'Your contract ends when that man, being Mercade, is dead.' So as far as my oaths go, now that I have realized it, I can put off killing Mercade since he never stated when. I simply must do it at some point, and cannot actively try to get out of the oath."
Riku Riku takes this in and shakes his head. He crosses his arms and thinks about this for awhile. He inquires finally after a long silence.

"That.. is a thing. Wow." he takes a few pacing steps back and forth and rubs the back of his head with one hand. "Well. I can see why you did it. You wanted to keep the shard out of evil hands, no matter the cost." he snorts faintly. "That turns around and bites you. Now uh.. this is going to seem like a stupid question your honor but.." he pauses and then inquires.

"Does he have to /stay/ dead?"
Evja "...I do not know."

The response is quite honest, Evja looking up. "Though all considered, thank you for coming to such a conclusion. I have heard many times people claiming I was doing it for selfish reasons despite them having been told the very same. Some claiming I did it so I could be a hero, others claiming I was all along working for Hades. It is... strange, to think those so young seem to be the ones who are truly able to take something at face value and not twist it."
"I have actually considered that myself, though I cannot bring one back from the dead, nor do I truly know of a way to do such. I am not... I would not dabble in such things myself. Nor do I think they would be willing to test that just for my sake.
Riku "Well. From what I've heard you've pretty much blown whatever credibility you have right now. Anybody you have wronged may forgive you, with time and with good behavior, so to speak." Riku smirks very softly and the venom has gone out of the expression, the teenager no longer riled. "And.. it's not strange at all really. I've had a.. long time to think about things like this, so I try to take people at their word and not judge them." he shakes his head.

"I can't say I'm happy with what I've heard of your actions, but you've got enough people angry with you that I'm not going to add one more to the pile." he paces a few moments, reaching up to an ivory token at his chest before stuffing it back underneath his shirt.

"You seem to compiling one bad choice on another one, but would you be willing to allow me to try and help you? I don't know much about Hades, but he might try to pull your strings again at some point." he thinks about this a moment, as if trying to remember something.

"..Would you be willing to allow me to mark you? If I do this bit of magic, then the next time he does so, I will know where you are. And I will come to help you, and after Avira is safe, we can see about fufilling your oath in a way that isn't so.. permanent."

Riku smiles. "I don't mean to say I'll pull my punches if you try to kill me your honor but I'm slightly notorious for being somewhat stubborn so I hope it doesn't come to that."
Evja Evja simply stared towards Riku.

"Truly, you claim to have 'heard' of my actions, and yet here you still speak to me. I must admit I am quite curious what it is you seem to have heard of me, and that considered, why I should trust a boy I just met to seemingly do something to me that will make me trackable for the unforseen forever. Humor me while I consider your offer, given we just met and I do not yet even know your name."
Riku Riku smiles at Evja. "You have no idea how much I am relieved, your honor. I have met some.. very foolish people." He laughs softly. "Forgive me, No, I haven't really given you any reason to trust me at all. So why don't we back to the beginning of this conversation and introduce ourselves." he inclines his head to Evja, trying to contain a slightly angry but mostly mischievious smile. "My name is Riku, and as you may have already guessed, I've heard your story before because I have lived similar.. mistakes."
Evja "And if I have no yet said such, I am Evja, though you seem to know of me somehow. ... many do, which bothers me. I am unsure how so many claim to know so much, yet still seem to hate me as they do. In my world... if one is charmed, or forced to attack another against their will... people do not tend to demand apologies or treat them as I am treated here. It is... accepted that such things happen occasionally, no matter how much everyone dislikes such things."

Which is why Evja really would be completely understanding if anyone ever gave him that kind of excuse. 'I was forced to.' 'Oh... sorry to hear that happened to you, but that's fine. Not your fault.' and live goes on.

Despite talking, it may be obvious Evja was thinking about various things. Probably about the offer, using the conversation as a way to draw out how long he has to cosider things.
Riku Riku chuckles, rubbing the back of his head. "I don't have an answer for that, your honor. People are quick to judge and.. actions for many are often the only currency people work with." he takes a few quick steps and then sits down on the grassy hill looking out at the Crossroad, away from Traverse Town into the distance he already came from.

He's still trying to determine if Evja is as foolish as perhaps Katyna, in which case he may be unsalvagable, or if he is simply one of those who makes a mistake and then is unable to unmire themselves from it.

"When you deal with people, often they are dealing with those that they have known in the past and.. not really you as much as you would like. As for seeming to know you, your honor. I've heard the story from Avira and again here and there from other places." he shrugs. "I decided to make my own decisions."
Evja Then he mentioned Avira once more.

Just who was that girl that Hades was so after? Even with all the recent things that had been going on, Evja had no idea as of even this moment. Only that Hades had some contract with her, and that apparently /everyone else/ was perfectly fine with Avira being forced to attack them.
Grumble grumble.

Yes, Evja made a little grumbling sound out of nowhere as she looked towards Riku. "I admit my interaction with others has been limited in the past many years. Likely as many years as you have been alive I have only had a handful of others I have had to associate with and they were all nearly family. It was only recently that I have had to... deal with others. I truly should take the time to try and learn these things. But, as for your offer... no, I do not know you, and even if you seem to have heard this from Avira... I will not let something like that be placed upon me willingly."

And thus Evja turns seemingly to walk away. He stops, though, and adds, "But thank you, if it was an earnest attempt to help."
Riku Riku continues to watch the horizon. He opens his hand, very idly summoning a small flame into his hand and regarding the cold blue flame for a moment before extuinguishing it.

He smiles, keeping the smile hidden from Evja as he responds. "It's an offer I'm glad you didn't take, your honor. Perhaps another time we can speak again. And when you wish, maybe I can help you in earnest." he draws one knee up to his chest, balancing an elbow on it and looking out into the distance with seemingly apparant unconcern.
Evja "And... just why are you glad I did not take the offer?" To that the Viera turns and stares towards Riku, catching sight of the flame briefly only to frown. She doesn't pull out a weapon or any such, though her eyes were on it. Had he intended to attack her? Or was there some amount of simply self amusement in his actions?

Leaving was put off for the moment before suddenly Evja caught something out of the corner of his eyes. A Heartless, one of the searching types, suddenly shot off towards somewhere. And it had just appeared too. "I do believe our conversation just got cut short. That one is in a hurry and I intend to find out why." ~Fwip fwip~
Evja vanishes and appears a bit away before doing such again and suddenly the Viera Judge was hot on the trail of the search Heartless. It was heading vaguely towards the portals that lead travelers to various areas of this world of ruin.
Riku "because it tells me your not as big of a fool as I thought you were." Riku says quietly to himself after Evja was out of range.

He gets up to his feet, making his way towards the Traverse Town outskirts and the city proper.

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