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A.A.R. - Walter Tango Foxtrot
(2013-03-13 - 2013-03-14)
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Zargabaath The efficiency of the 12th Archadian Imperial Fleet is usually a sight to behold, but this time matters were kept so quiet few even noticed.

Due to the extent of injuries sustained in a 'training accident' on board the Alexander, the 12th Fleet had requested medical assistance from Flurogis, the closest city to their location at the time. Fortunately, due to a suprisingly amicable relationship between the city and the fleet that had helped defend its skies from the Darkness, no mention had to be made concerning Flurogis 'owing a favor' to anyone.

Hours have passed since they arrived, and it seems that they have made the right call in coming to the best hospital in Flurogis. Judge Magister Zargabaath's condition has stabilized through use of potions, magic, and conventional medicine, and anyone else injured have also been treated accordingly.

Only Archadian channels even hint at what has occurred, information being completely locked down due to the nature of the accident and who is badly injured. But information of itself is lacking, as only two people really know what happened and at least one is still unconscious.
The Judge of Ambition heard that something went down, yet know one knew /WHAT/. That is something that Gabranth doesn't like. He doesn't like lack of information. He doesn't like when he can't get answers from anyone. Just that something happened and now...

Zargabaath and Riku were in hospital care!

This means with out any hesitation, the Judge of Ambition is on the move from the neighboring city of Rabanastre to Fluorgis. He isn't hard to miss either as he moves down the hall. His boots gently echoing in the hall at his quick, yet calm clip of steps. His leather cape barely moving as he steps and the scabbards at his hip gently clanking with each step against the side leg guard.

He was instructed what room they were in, including that really it was no time for visitation; yet how to do you argue with a man like Gabranth, along with the helm that reminded some of a demon at best. A monster at worse.

Soon the door opened and the Judge Magister entered the room, he closed the door quietly behind him, and now his steps were far more softer. His gaze behind the shadows of the helm looking over where the two were. He was trying to judge the damage done and perhaps by what.

No information was something Gabranth never liked; even more when it dealt with his own.
Riku Riku had little trouble seeing in the dark. His golden eyes were very faintly luminous as he stared at the ceiling from the hospital bed. There was simply a point in which unconsciousness ebbed and he was staring up at the ceiling but he simply had no interest in his surroundings. He did not look particularly injured save for a few nasty bruises, particularly around his wrists.

He wasn't even sure if this was real or another recursive part of a nightmare, though there wasn't any that he could remember. Sunk into his own thoughts, Riku had not moved so much as a finger since he had been awake, only occasionally closing his eyes and drifting back into unconsciousness.

This was the second or third time he had woken up here and so he was ready at this point to cautiously discard the nightmare angle. That he couldn't exactly remember how he had gotten here was troubling, but that all seemed distant. As if the worries and the constant doubts and fear belonged to someone else and he floated, face barely breaking the surface on a warm tide in the middle of a great ocean.

One hand lay on his chest, fingers covering the ivory token around his neck. He occasionally blinked as he lay staring up at the ceiling, running the memory over and over again in his head, searching for the weak spots he couldn't find. Listening for the approach of footsteps that he knew only came from the inside of his head. Waiting for the switch to be turned off again. Not fearing. Not hoping.

Just.. drained, as if emotion too was something that happened to other people. He couldn't remember. There was the summons by the Judge Magister, and the warm up that followed in the training hall of the Alexander. His mind drifted into silence then. A blank smear of hunger and frustration and then.. a tangle of mixed emotions. A knot so thick he couldn't possibly hope to untangle it. He picked at it fitfully, remembering.. what? The feeling of movement? Falling towards the deck?

Bits and pieces. Riku picked at the knot of tangled emotions in his mind and drifted on a warm tide of detachment as he stared up at the ceiling.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Gabranth would find that there are two beds in the sparcely-furnished and darkened room, the occupants of which seperated by a simple curtain. Riku seems to be in the one closest to the outside wall, complete with a window overlooking Flurogis, and Judge Magister Zargabaath is in the one closest to the only door leading in or out of the room.

Judge Magister Zargabaath is clearly the far worse injured, his form mostly covered by a blanket but bandages wrapping most of what little of his body could be seen. In fact, the vast majority of his face has been bandaged save his lower jaw, mouth, nose, and one eye--which is closed in his unconscious/sleeping state.

Or so one would be forgiven to assume due to his condition when he was brought here.
Gabranth studies the two in silence. His head gently moves to look at Riku, then in the same slow, gentle motion to look at Zargabaath. He does this a second time with that very slow motion as he mind tries to analyze this all in silence.

Riku was fine, beyond seeming lost in his own thoughts. Zargabaath might be sleeping; most likely not. Probably doing one of those warrior meditations to keep himself center and not focused on his pain. Though, did the Judge of Reason really do such things?

Slowly the answer was starting to become clear. His request to Zargabaath was most likely heard and this was the result of that request; or something decided to really take a bit of the other Judge Magister while it ignored Riku.

Yet he was sure someone would know about the latter.

Gabranth then just shook his head slowly as his gaze went to the grown. He then walked over to where the papers were being kept on the condition of the two and started to browse the paper work. His eyes skimming over the chicken scratch doctors were so known for.

At last the Judge of Ambition spoke up as he continued to skim back over the papers a second time, looking more closely this time at the details. "Well, it would seem I was late to a celebration." Gabranth said with little emotion to his voice, yet if only would could see the crude smirk behind the plate; even though that faded quickly. "Though hopefully next time it be one of sweets and tea, instead of new forms of decor.
Riku Riku takes about two or thee minutes to respond, as though he has to string his thoughts together from wherever they have been cast. The teenager never stops looking at the ceiling, but his mouth moves and he murmurs quietly. "Mmph. Breakfast." another long pause followes.

"I.. would like to be summoned to breakfast next time. Or.. sandwiches. I can handle sandwiches." his voice is distracted and hollow, slowly closing his eyes so that the study of the ceiling continues through half lidded eyes. "Sparring.." the barest edge of a smile begins to light his face, but only for a moment for he slips sideways into langorious torpor.

"..tends to be slightly harder on my fragile constitution, as.. your honor over there.... can attest."
The head of the Judge Magisters looks over at Riku as he speaks up at last. At least /someone/ responded, he was wondering how long that would take and he places the papers back down, before leaning against the table with his arms crossed over his chest. The position he stands at giving him the ability to study them both at any given time.

"Mm. We will need to work on that constitution then. We can not have one of our young Judges falling asleep on the back of his chocobo." Gabranth stated, his voice still carrying a calm manner to it, even though it is somewhat easy to tell it was a playful tease.

He then looks toward Zargabaath. "He will only push you harder, you do realize, yet in probably other ways. That is how he learns a soldier. He pushes them to their breaking point, then he places his focus on your weaknesses, before moving to your strengths." Gabranth then pauses for a moment. "Then pushes you again to see if you had learned anything or learned not at all."

The Judge Magister then turns his gaze back to Riku. "I would ask you both, but I believe Zargabaath is focusing on his mending," He then tilts his head slightly. "How are you feeling?" He probably should have asked that first, then gone into the pusher harder bit, yet this was Gabranth. He would not be himself if he was any other way.
Riku Riku slowly closes his eyes and his head tilts slightly away from Gabranth. He breathes in and out very slowly, the only sign of life for several minutes. Finally, he speaks without opening his eyes. "Understood, your honor." he waits another small while before continuing. "I... will keep that in mind... " His fingers twitch on his chest and he lets in a small pained breath as the sharp edge of memory breaks through the unnatural stillness. Riku opens his eyes and his eyes roam as is suddenly agitated.

He looks at Judge Magister Zargabaath and.. a tangled knot of guilt, concern, anger, suspicion and awe passes over his face as he slowly sits up in bed. Riku winces slighly as if only now starting to feel the bruising, gingerly rubbing his wrists and stretching sore muscles.

He glances at the Judge of Ambition and then hangs his head, pulling up his knees to that he could dig his fingers into his scalp and rest his elbows on his painfully drawn up knees shrouded by blanket. ".. I will definitely... keep that in mind."
Zargabaath "Judge Riku..."

Judge Magister Zargabaath's voice, quiet and far too raspy to be considered 'healthy', hisses from the other bed.

"...Your Honor..."

His eye opens, staring balefully at the two of them but with no ill-will at all.

"...Both... So loud..."

He carefully slips bandaged arms out from under the blanket, his gaze canting towards his left arm for a moment before he folds his hands and rests his arms over his stomach. His breathing sounds relatively forced into a slow rhythm, clearly regulating how he is inhaling and exhaling. How much pain he is in (as it should be obvious that he /would/ be in pain all things considered) is very much so unclear.
Gabranth studies Riku for a moment. He frowns behind the helm. Seeing that Riku did not answer the more important question. The state of his being. The Judge of Ambition looks to the ground now, before closing his eyes softly behind the helm.

Then Zargabaath comes to life and he states 'they are both so loud'. There is this sudden desire for Gabranth to want to walk over and say something in his normal voice right in Zargabaath's ear. Just to, well, spite him. Just to walk over there and torment him in good fun.

Yet, that was not something Judge Magisters do. Not only that, Gabranth would not want the favor returned if he was in such a position. So Gabranth takes the-- nicer direction. "Good Evening, your honor. I am sorry that your ears have yet to adjust to normal vocal levels. I will attempt to speak softer."

Not really.

Gabranth then looked to Riku once more. "I am glad you are well," There was a pause. He was finding himself having trouble saying 'Judge Riku'. It didn't want to really flow off his tongue. Though he knew that was the boy's title, even if he was in training, yet... nooomph.

"Judge Riku and do not concern yourself over the shape Zargabaath is in." Gabranth then looks to the other Judge. "..He has been in far worse conditions. He seems to have a plan in life to get himself killed, yet to seems life continues to favor him. Trust me, he has come far closer to it since I have known him."

He then looks back to Riku once more. Gabranth was being so uptight really. Serious. Not relaxed at all. He was holding his commanding air here. His position, for whatever the reason. You would think around friends, he would lower his guard, but no. No, he was on duty even here and he due to the fact of needed to deal with Vayne when he got back to Rabanastre, he rather stay ready. "Though I do fear I need to keep my visit short. Lord Vayne Solidor is expecting me to return by morn for some important matters." His voice became just a tad softer now. "..yet as of lack of information was not really forth coming on what happened, I wanted to make sure I didn't need to go find someone.. and.." His voice trailed and he didn't finish whatever he was thinking. Though whatever it was he only bowed his head slightly.
Riku Riku smiles sheepishly at the Judge of Reason, snorting faintly as he lays back against the wall and pulls the blanket up to his waist with his arms pooled in his lap. He looks up at the ceiling again, eyes starting to defocus as his muscles relax and he turns his face towards the city of Fluorgis outside for the first time since he has been here.

He slowly looks over at Judge Magister Gabranth and studies him. He looks at the Judge Magister and continues. It was a stare past him and beyond him... or perhaps that distant stare was trying to pick it's way through into him as the teenager continued to hold that gaze while Gabranth talked. He did so until far after they had stopped talking.
% Then... ever so slightly... he begins to smile. "YOUR HONOR." He yelps in a slightly louder than conversational voice. "My apologies. I think I have been gravely injured. I have damaged my capacity to speak softly, INSTEAD.. I will try not to speak at all."

His voice drops to a much softer voice towards the end as his shoulders shake with silent laughter. He rests his head on his chest and just starts chuckling very softly to himself.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath rumbles, his mouth twitching as if torn between scowling and smiling. It doesn't help that the rumble itself sounds suspiciously like a chuckle.

"...Brats... the both of you..." His voice even sounds like a mix of resignation, annoyance, and amusement. That completely undermines any hope of intimidation he might otherwise have.

He does noticeably relax as Riku descends into a chuckling fit, letting the boy get it out of his system while his gaze focuses solely on Gabranth. "...Your Honor..." Even when raspy and not nearly having the strength it usually has, there is that undeniable calmness underneath the pain. "...It is fine..." He waves his right hand dismissively. "...I shall be fine..."


He pauses for a moment, breath hitching almost silently with his jaw locking and lips pressing together far tighter than before. It lasts only for a split moment, but it is a stern reminder to the Judge of Reason that he is far from healed. "...What happened... is similar... to you and I... once..." His gaze pins on Gabranth, as if to ask 'must I elaborate further?'
As Riku studies Gabranth he probably notice that where his eyes are is hard to find, unless you have been trained to locate them; perhaps Riku can locate them however and as such, he may find Gabranth looking back from time to time.

It was easy to tell his shoulders were stiff, his body was tense, and he was a bit beside himself in a place like this. This was a place Gabranth rather not be. This was not in his place of comfort, but outside of it. Yet. He was here. He was here trying to be a good comrade in arms for the both of them.

The Judge of Ambition almost though laughs with Riku a bit, yet he is very quick to stop himself and just clear his throat. Acting as if he never was going to break into a laugh with the youth. Must keep a straight face. It was an art form.

Yes, even with the helm on.

Though the laugher did cause him to relax a tad, and so did Zargabaath's words. Yes. Everything would be fine here. Everyone would be fine. Gabranth only stares back at Zargabaath for a moment at the reminder remark. He grunts softly, before he speaks. "Well, I hope they don't keep either of you here long." He then stands up straight at last, fixing his armor over his lower arm and the part that covers over the top of his hand as he stands there. "As I know some members of the Imperial military will start getting rather ground tired and wish for the air legs again. After all, like the sea, those of the air do hate being grounded." He then looks directly at Zargabaath. "So get better soon, your honor, before your crew finds away to lift you out of that bed and force you to take charge of your mighty ship."

He then turns to Riku, "..and Judge Riku-- make sure Zargabaath doesn't get over his head for a few days after he recovers, hm? He can be a stubborn old goat. There are reasons for that helm's design of his... and it isn't always about looks."

The Judge Magister then started to make his way for the door once more before he paused. "I hope you both recover well, I will check back in again once I am free from Lord Vayne's desires." There was almost a mild rumble to his voice. Yet for whatever reason, was perhaps only to his own knowledge. "Good night to you both."
Riku Riku glances at the Judge of Reason, then at the Judge of Ambition and pointedly looks out the window again as if putting his hands up in the air and pointedly disavowing consciousness at this point.

He turns, nodding at the Judge Magister as he leaves. "He'll be here, your honor." he glances sidelong at Zargabaath. "..I think." He coughs faintly, worry etching his face as the apathy recedes from his posture.

Riku continues to rub his wrists quietly as he lays back against the wall again. He waits until after Gabranth was gone to pull himself out of bed, his body complaining faintly as he looks around in his jacket for something.

It was a WANTED: LOST DOG poster that he has stuffed into his pocket several times. He looks down at it while it lays stretched out on the bed. He raises his eyes towards the Judge of Reason, and then lowers his eyes to the paper.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath only emits a low snort at Gabranth's comments at his expense, especially at being called an 'old goat'. "Thank you... Your Honor..." Ribbing aside, the Judge of Reason gives Gabranth a somewhat less-than-perfect salute. He could be forgiven, considering his condition. "...Safe travels... to you..."

He emits a long sigh as Gabranth heads out, the Judge of Ambition probably overhearing as he leaves, "...Aye... I'll be here..." He won't fight the doctors this time, he knows better with his current state and all. Besides, Flurogis' hospitality should never be squandered.

He turns his head to fully look at Riku with his good eye, not quite able to see what the boy has from where he lies. Plus, y'know, compromised vision and all. "...What do you... have there, Riku...?"
Riku "..I'm not exactly adept... at ..certain things, your honor." Riku looks down at the paper and smoothes it down again. "And people who have shown me kindness have.. often suffered for it." he glances up at looks straight at the Judge of Reason at this. He frowns as he then picks up the paper and brings it over to the Judge Magister.

"I can never make it right but.." he looks down at the paper and then slowly hands it over. "This lady is an adventurer whom I met, and have wronged. She's being chased by the heartless. I'm.. not exactly sure why but.. I have a few nasty suspicions." And one of them involved a dark faery and an ominous castle he was familiar with. "

I.. have to go. I have to help them somehow." he pauses and frowns, thinking of being always one step behind. "..I have to try."
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath lifts one hand to accept the paper as it is offered, thus getting a better view of the picture printed on its surface. He heard what caused this form, knows who it is. They have met before, and word has certainly spread quickly about what occured in Traverse Town less than a week ago.

"...Avira... correct...?"

His jaw shifts in thought, his gaze canting from the paper back to Riku. His eye narrows just slightly as that familiar calm, evaluating glint graces the eyeball for a moment. "...Do not focus... on what has been..." He hands the paper back to Riku, an understanding smile touching the corners of his mouth. "...If you feel... you must help her..."

He lifts his other hand, resting it on Riku's shoulder as gently as he can manage. "...Then go... and do... what is /right/..."
Riku "I am.." he pauses as if trying to find the words, and then shaking his head to clear it. ".. I am looking /forwards/ to our next session, your honor." He says it with a smirk but the expression is somewhat forced. The knot is still tangled up and evident every time he looks at the Judge of Reason and so the words quaver for a moment.

Concern and anger and still a little guilt. Instead of face the fact of his contricting throat and the burn of chagrin and absolute discomfort which was starting to embarrass him slightly he takes a step backwards.

As he does so, he turns away from Fluorgis and the healing facility, disappearing in a brief smear of darkness that leaves the room empty except for the Judge Magister.

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